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    Muscle growth, bodybuilding, nutrition, food, gourmet, cooking, web development, movies, videogames, anime, geeky things and stories
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    5'6, 150lbs
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    chat, advice, fun, friends, supporters, sponsor? haha. I just like muscle-minded people and meeting friends and encouragement is great
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    Very big muscles, you know ;P
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    muscles, pecs, nipples, domination, muscle growth, more I guess..

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  1. That new (to me, anyway) profile pic is HOT ThickRick, grr!

  2. I just found well-exercised meat has more flavor. So I guess offseason bodybuilders must be delicious lol

    1. Mdlftr


      So Pecs = breast meat; thighs=thighs ; drumsticks =biceps/triceps = badda bum!

    2. tigerbeef


      Yeah! but unlike turkey and chicken, ducks have big flavorful pecs haha. Pretty interesting article talking about slow/fast twitching fibers, science and food https://scienceandfooducla.wordpress.com/2015/09/23/physiology-meats-flavor/

  3. I got shingles, hurts a lot, and I'm half into cycle :(

    1. SeaMusc


      Shingles are one of the most painful things out there. Hopefully your doing alright. :-(

    2. ThatWeremuscleGuy


      I hope you are healing from them now tiger. You are quite young to get them.

    3. tigerbeef


      Hey ravenweremuscle, thank you! It's been 3 weeks,I'm a lot better now. My modeling career is over, but I can always be an scarred warrior LOL

  4. Motivation is getting low and it shouldn't. Gym has been priority and the most important thing in the year, with good results, but I need to get better at balancing things out. It shouldn't be hindered just because I have to let go of gym as a priority...I have to get my shit togheter :/

    1. jojo9


      Hey we all have set backs and down times. You will get through this!

    2. cutlerfan


      Life has twists and turns..you'll find your way back to the gym soon.

    3. tigerbeef


      I need to be...more mature I guess. I always take the slippery slope of skipping abs, cardio, a meal, pigging out, gym days, etc..because I get passionate about something else. I love my gains and progress, but sadly, I need to get passionate about something else right now, and I'll try not to lose control. Thanks guys.

  5. Motivation has flown out the window, hope I can catch it, at least by the tail. I realized I don´t have the resources to sustain this muscle growth obsession at this current moment *sighs*...

    1. ThickRick


      Thank you very much for sharing your pain and frustration, for being vulnerable that way. I too have been struggling, but what most of the guys here do is talk about only what they are proud of. Building our bodies is a very slow long process for almost all of us, certainly including me.

  6. I love when the big guys at the gym grab the heavy dumbbells from the bottom row. It's so inspiring and arousing...

    1. GymWolf


      Mmmm... it would be quite an arousal no doubt.

    2. jojo9


      Something about a display of strength that makes me melt.

  7. My trainer says "everything's fine" about by lab test, but I'm still waiting for an explanation. In the meantime, I'm a lot less worried and lifting HEAVIER

    1. ThickRick


      Thrilled to hear it, man.

    2. tigerbeef


      Thanks Rick, going forward, but carefully

    3. Augment


      Be safe man!

  8. Finally had time to check the lab test...many things are off the charts. I little worried, honestly. Let's see what my trainer says :(

  9. It's amusing how guy's eyes wander to my growing left bicep, that's usually pressed over my gym bag. It makes me smile, and good for my ego haha :P

  10. So my very loving but sometimes alarmist mom (MD) got me to take some analysis and says my kidneys are resenting my high protein diet. I need to verify that. Kind of worried, for my kidneys and my huge muscle dreams!

    1. shadowlost25


      Just drink more than ample water and it should flush out the end products of protein that are causing issue. Youre fine, just drink more water. Youre gonna piss like a race horse but itll be needed

    2. cutlerfan


      It depends on how much is in processed form too. Lots of protein shakes give lots of protein but not the natural bulk that would slow down digestion and let the kidneys process more easily.

    3. tigerbeef


      Thank you guys. I find it hard to believe that the amount of protein stuff would be enough for problem. Either I am very weak, or all the buff guys have worse kidneys than me. I'll drink plenty of water (as adviced here by shadow and by my trainer, and I'll check the values of the test online, and talk of them with my trainer. I know my mom would love me to stop weightlifting, she doesn't understand!! *slam doors like a teenager*

  11. 2kg up, 70% muscle! :D

    1. ThickRick


      Grrrrr. And is that a new profile pic, stud? Grrrr

    2. tigerbeef


      Yes it is, need to show off the bigger shoulders, bear hug, rick

  12. So I just quit my job and will focus on my muscles all day. I wish! haha, but I did quit my job and have lots of things to do :)

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Mdlftr


      Been there, did that. It all worked out for the better in the end - I'm doing something I really really love, for a lot more money and MUCH more satisfaction!

      You keep on and follow your dream! I followed mine and it worked out!Yours will also!

    3. tigerbeef


      I'm looking forward to that, thanks Mdlftr, I'm glad for you!

    4. Augment


      Looking to follow suit and finding some better, more engaging and rewarding.

  13. Haven't been around much lately, but I hope everyone is getting bigger!!

    1. Ozdan73


      Im trying too :P

  14. Hmm. All these muscles and strength mean shittier if I can't defend myself and protect the people I love. I need to learn to fight :/

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. tigerbeef


      Yeah, my brother wanted to beat me up. He's a jerk, I'm not afraid of him, but I really don't know how to fight haha. I'm OK, but I'd prefer to be prepared.

    3. flamedelft


      Sorry to hear that, having a shitty family member sucks :/

    4. Mdlftr


      You can learn to fight. It's about protecting yourself while you strategically hit the other guy! Lots more to it than that. What about a boxing gym? They would have classes.

  15. Ready for vacations!! :D

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