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    Muscle Growth, Muscle Theft, Muscle Worship, MUSCLE
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    6'10", 350 lbs, 13 inches x 10 inches u/c, size 18 feet
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    Guys to RP with and/be worshiped by
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    Never too big, just keep growing and growing with more and more muscle and cock
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    The Box, The Symbiote War, The Flexorcist, Naked
  • Favorite Bodybuilders
    Jeff Seid, Zeb Atlas, Nathan Green, Big Connor, Adam Charlton, Anthony Green, Joey Sullivan, Jamie Tyler, Patrick Leblanc
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    Tons- but we'll get to those later

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  1. Me as well if you'd be so kind
  2. Agreed, a sequel would be awesome.
  3. GREAT new pic.  Total musclestud!  strong and huge!

  4. Just like Chuck, I want more! (of this story)
  5. Misa

    A Sinister Change

    Sad this never got an ending.
  6. Hey guys, looking for particular a story in which a guy's childhood bully comes back into his life, huge and big, only to bully him and get bigger. I remember that the bully knew he could do this and that it was most potent with the main character. Any help would be appreciated.
  7. Hey man.  If you're up for some roleplay with you being massive and freaky strong...and wanna get rough with me and my muscles...find me on Skype at [email protected] or in the chat room here. 


  8. Are you up for Muscle theft role play? I'm new.

  9. Hey stud how are those muscles doing?

    1. Misa


      Always growing bigger better and stronger ;)


  10. Misa

    A Sinister Change

    One of the best stories I've read, hope there'll be more in the near future.
  11. I feel bad for the guys won don't get to fuck three guys a day. How do y'all survive?

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