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  1. This is my favorite story on forum, really love the characters you've created! Still hoping for more but wish you the best
  2. Love this story, really hoping for another addition soon!
  3. Finals this week, can write the next chapter sometime next week!
  4. Been lurking on the site for a while but never posted. Had this idea a while ago but only just tried writing it and honestly had a really hard time with it. I think it came out well but took longer then I wanted, so might not have time to write any more. I plan on this becoming a growth story, with Hunter's cum causing Chris to grow and Chris becoming a dominant beast. Not reinventing the wheel but should be fun. Ch 1 Chris and I first met in a chem class our freshman year. We didn’t talk much, mostly just shared notes with each other before tests, but as our second year came around we both needed roommates so we decided to live with one another. To be honest I had a little crush on him the whole time haha. He wasn’t really my type since I normally like pretty built guys, but he’s over 6 foot and a really nice guy. Plus he’s a huge rock climber and wow that back… I was walking through our door after fall break, and immediately see Chris pacing in our living room. He turns to me and says, “Hunter I have got to start working out more. Over the break I made a bet with my cousin, first to gain 20 lbs in muscle wins. I’ve got a $100 dollars on this, you’ve gotta help me dude.” This type of conversation is nothing new since Chris is one of the most competitive people I’ve ever met. The second something becomes a competition, it’s life or death with him. But fitness? He’s never been interested in size before, always wanting to stay lean instead. “Sure man, I would love to!” So for the next 2 hours we scour the internet, researching what exercises and diet would help him the most. We quickly figure out that the biggest change is just adding calories. Seth had a bad habit of skipping meals which wouldn’t do if he was wanting to grow some size. Increasing calories and taking creatine will already help a ton. Starting that day we started going the gym every day. 2 weeks later I’m sitting on the couch watching TV when Chris comes in obviously exhausted. He moans even just opening the door. As he enters I can’t help but notice how much mass he’s already put on, all that extra food was really paying off. Most of it was going straight to his arms and chest, and he was starting to get a nice valley in the middle of his shirts. “Wow man, you’re looking huge lately” I say as collapses onto the couch. “I feel it man. Just finished a killer arm workout, never felt this big before” Chris says while looking down at his biceps. He rolls up his sleeve past his shoulder and I see his huge toned bicep. Chris starts twisting his hand back and forth, watching the muscles bunch and stretch. He’s staring hungrily at his arm, demanding it to grow larger and larger with a ferociousness almost terrifying. He looks up to see me staring longingly at his arm and raises one eyebrow, “Want to feel?” Chris knows I’m gay and has always been cool about it, but he’s always kept a firm line between us to be just friends. It’s never been a source of tension, but I have always wondered what if we could ever be more. Now his huge arm right in front of me and a cocky smirk on his face, I wasn’t about to miss my chance. I lean over to Chris as he shoves his arm into my face. Reaching my hands up already I can’t make a dent in the muscle and can barely get my hands around it. As I have both of my hands on his arm Chris reaches around behind me and presses his hand gently against the small of my back. It’s a light friendly gesture but also somewhat possessive, wrapping me in to himself to protect me. Chris looks me dead in the eyes and says, “It only gets bigger from here too. I haven’t even started taking the creatine yet.” I look down and see Chris has started visibly tenting his athletic shorts at the thought of his own growth. This is going to be a great year.
  5. This is one of my favorite stories, hope to read more!:D
  6. Can't wait to see what happens with Mark! And how big his roommate becomes....
  7. Great story dude, one of my new favorites! Can't wait for the next chapter
  8. By far my favorite story I've ever read. I found your story when I first joined this site and have followed it eagerly ever since. Great job man, really well written
  9. Dang thats hot dude, great work! Would love to read more of these two
  10. Well done! Can't wait to read more
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