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  1. marmel

    Worship session, beach adventure, part 2

    Excellent story, love the realism and we'll written. Would love to see much more in the series 💪💪💪
  2. marmel

    Muscle Worship University - Multi-Media Story Project

    Great idea...I look forward to you pursuing and developing this innovation!
  3. Thanks for the follow mate.

  4. Hell yeah man!  You are a muscle STUD!

  5. marmel

    Jeff roommate part 5

    Wow...great addition to the story...yes please add more feats of strength
  6. marmel

    An Appointment with Muscle

    Jack needs to return and quickly ?
  7. marmel

    Jeff part 3

    Great chapter...hope there are many more ?
  8. marmel

    Jeff the college roommate

    Everyone needs a Jeff ?
  9. Hi, thanks for the likes!

  10. marmel

    Machu Man - Part 4: The Special Gift

    This is great story and you have wonderful gift for writing!

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