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  1. whatizit

    Impostor Stud

    Great stuff as usual @goggletan
  2. Sounds like Alpha Dog by Blackbird. https://archive2007.muscle-growth.org/stories/4238.html https://archive2007.muscle-growth.org/stories/4239.html
  3. whatizit

    Jock Sale

    Hi @goggletan I'm a 5' 4" scrawny shrimp but I've been trying my best to bulk myself up during this last year. But I seem to be battling some really stubborn ectomorph genetics as I'm not getting far! I'm 28 though I look a lot younger - I try to grow a beard to make myself look like my age, but it's all patchy and scraggly. And being pale blonde doesn't seem to help! I've got a larger than average dick (7 inches of thick meat), but it doesn't help to be hung when I'm too embarrassed about the rest of my body to use it. To top it off, it's best to describe my face as looking like I could be cast as a pimple-faced science geek for any 80s sitcom. As it happens, Logan is one of the people who I follow on Instagram - as one of my main "inspirations" for me to keep heading to the gym. In fact, I regularly post some of his photos on my personal Tumblr, um... "Face Fuck Fantasies". I did pluck up the courage to message him and he did seem to be very pleasant and genuinely want to help me improve my workouts (I kept mum about my blog during our interactions!). But the exercise guides he was sending me were crazy - amounting to 2 hours of heavy weight training every day! I distinctly got the impression his mentoring was less about improving me and more about boasting what he could lift. Of course, he charged me big bucks for his "training" and when he found out I wasn't able to do it, he started sending me emails calling me a "scrawny-assed wimp". But later he laughed his comments off as a joke and offered to do a Skype with me so he could see what he was working with. I knew in the back of my mind that this video call was going to be humiliating, but I willed myself to do it just to see his magnificent body up and close. The call itself was a disaster - just an excuse for him to belittle me and laugh at my pathetic excuse of a body. He also knew straight away I was having a hard-on for him and browbeat me into buying a pair of his used jockstraps at $250 dollars a pop. I suspect that financial exchange was his real reason for getting in contact with me. I know I shouldn't let him get to me, but I'm spending my spare time these days photoshopping his smirking face onto the bodies of hot, tied up twinks and crudely shopping my throbbing cock in front of him. Please let me finally bring down this asshole and show him how a proper alpha male mentors his followers.
  4. That fits the description of literally dozens of websites. You will need to be more specific. Are you talking about artwork or photos? Can you remember any of the stories? Author names? Illustrated and photo caption story blogs are really popular, especially on Tumblr.
  5. The Year We Were Lab Rats https://archive.muscle-growth.org/threads/40998-p1.html
  6. Which also explains why my 5-year-old thread of the twins' photo timeline has suddenly disappeared from the forums. It was very popular too.
  7. Interesting. So the "retroactive changes" must suffer the same limitation of physical distance as other changes do. Hence this thread has kept a record of my postings from my original timeline, because the servers hosting this forum are not within the local vicinity of the twins' Chronivac. There must be a border around town where you can step in and out of the different timelines.
  8. Sorry... I just realized I can't help thinking of the twins as not being Chronivaced, even with all the proof you sent me. I mean, to me, they've been like this for years. Two titans of terror making this town their personal sandbox. I've deep memories of their sneering faces sitting atop of their mountainous bodies as they played with their mortal neighbors like dolls. Memories like Derek setting some cute twink precariously on top of a tall locker so their faces were even, his massive back flaring into mountain ridges as he roughly tongued the insides of the overwhelmed boy's mouth while casually rubbing his super strong thumb across the outline of his prey's straining crotch bulge. The boy wasn't able to last long. But I think Derek found the experience hot as fuck, despite his little lover's lack of stamina. Or Jake dangling a well-muscled jock helplessly in the air with one massive hand as he strode to the toilets - the only indication of any strain of effort, the network of bulbous veins that had exploded over his arm. The only indication of what he was planning to do with the jock, a twisted grin. I can still remember the poor guy's screams echoing through the hallway. He was hospitalized for weeks. So it's hard for me to think of all this only happening in a span of a few days. And history not being what I remember of it. In fact, to me, the only reason I ever joined these boards was because of the twins. Simple fear, jealousy, and lust of these boy gods - that's what sent me to the internet to find out more about muscle growth and worship. So the idea that there was a version of me that joined these forums and got involved with making my own Chronivac without there being a Jake and Derek simply beggars belief. I know it's all true, but I simply have no memory of this world.
  9. So that explains why I haven’t seen Jake lately! Not that things have improved now that Derek is without his wingman. In fact, I think Derek has been reveling in being the only demigod-like being in town right now. I saw Derek the other day in the town park, grunting loudly in his high-pitched nasal voice as one-by-one, he penetrated the dripping pussies of Helen Gray and her friends. The park air was wafting of a pungent, masculine scent as he raised each squealing girl onto his massive, marble-like embrace and slowly impaled her trembling body on his bollard-sized cock, his dorky head reaching down to fill her moaning mouth with hot geek tongue. The nipples on their pert breasts thickening under his thick and heavily calloused thumb. It was kind of shocking. I mean, not at the actual sight of a naked pimply-skinned hulk publicly plowing his way through a legion of hot girls with an impossibly-sized spunk-cannon and a boastful, buck-toothed grin on his face. We’re used to seeing shows of power like that ever since the twins hit puberty. Hell, families were picnicking nearby - idling watching the ducks play in the pond, or watching some kids practicing baseball, while they also took in the sight of their local muscle lord impregnating half the cheer squad by the fountain. You get used to it. What’s shocking it that the whole town knows those specific girls are completely off-limits to everyone but Jake. Jake and Derek divvied up all the hot chicks between them ages ago and Jake got the lion's share of the arrangement since Derek also likes to fool about with men. Jake is very, very possessive of his girls and when Jake gets mad… well, there is a good reason why the Cherry Hills Mall is now in ruins. And if having to queue for hours during an MMORPG expansion pack launch enraged Jake into doing that much real-estate damage, who knows what will happen if both twins suddenly come to blows with each other?
  10. If I showed you a passport photo of each twin - you would just laugh at me. They are literally living, breathing examples of every dorky stereotype you can think of - greasy hair, terrible skin complexions, the most unstylish glasses imaginable and goofy overbites adorned with rail track braces. Both look identical save for differing acne patterns and an odd genetic discrepancy that has given them vastly different hair colors. Jake is a sandy blond, and Derek is a deep chestnut brown. If I handed you such a photo now you would think, "Why are you scared of these pathetic-looking dweebs?". Then I'll say, "Look closely at the bottom border of the photos. They're a bit obscured by the shadows, but do you notice those odd-looking thickly corded stumps? They are about twice the size of their heads. Those are the geeks' necks". And then your eyes will widen as you finally follow the outlines of their muscle-bulging necks and see for the first time the barest hints of their thick, ultra-wide shoulders. That's when I'll point out that those masses are not shoulders, but the very tips of their impossibly-sized traps. Both stand 6' 10" - two behemoths of awe-inspiring, powerful muscle. Their bare arms pasty-white and heavily freckled, but bulging with football-sized triceps, shot-put biceps, and volleyball delts. Their thickly-ridged neckline tearing apart at their dorky t-shirts, revealing a cleavage as thick and as durable as gravestones and striated, freckled skin peppered with bright red acne and white stretch marks. These "dorks" are in the habit of occasionally sending a member of the local University football team on a one-way trip to intensive care. And they find terrorizing other nerds just as fun. Jake and Derek are the younger cousins of Dean and they have been making life for us hell since they discovered the wonders of puberty, weight training, and steroids. They are also in a habit of siphoning off our bank balances to pay for their ever-growing budget of roids, food, supplements and workout equipment. They really don't like it when one of their little serfs suddenly can't afford to pay them. Then the smooth skin of their arms explode into a grotesque map of blue, writhing veins and their bear-paw hands reach out and start crumbling the walls and upholstery as they approach the little upstart with their dorky grins. We're so dead.
  11. Shit. I’ve just confirmed with Dean that he's completely skint too - he had been doing similar purchases. I can’t believe how reckless we were - we must have really thought we were close to a breakthrough. Now we don’t have the cash to pay off the twins. We’re basically dead men walking.
  12. Hmmm. I live by myself and the only person nearby I would trust sharing information about such a thing would be my best friend, Dean. He's like me - a complete tech geek and a bit of a social misfit. I messaged him for his opinion on Raspberry Pis earlier and he too hadn't heard of such a thing. And he's much more of a nerd than I am with computers! It's beginning to sound like that what's affecting me, may have affected him too. Come to think of it, it's very likely Dean and I may have been teaming up on this. I better ask him to check if he has a history of mysterious purchases within the last few weeks. It looks like I've spent about $480 dollars on various components and tech books. Oh god! I just remembered something!!! Damn it, I really hope I'm wrong or else Dean and I are in deep, deep shit. I'll talk to you later guys - I really need to check up on something.
  13. I swear to you, I haven't even heard of a raspberry pi until 12 hours ago!!! It's very weird - I've just spent a lot of hours reading up on it and it sounds like something I would be very into, being a tech geek and all. I'm astonished how many books there are on about it for something I've never even heard of. Even more astonished when I found the ebooks about it already downloaded to my laptop. I thought someone may have hacked into my account at first. However, I have found the receipts for what looks to be raspberry pi components buried in my emails. And there are some packaging lying in my recyclables. They are dated within the last few weeks - I have no recollection of receiving them! But there is no sign of a raspberry pi in my apartment.
  14. This is odd. I don't remember creating this thread or posting to it. But it seems like I had set up an alert to let me know if anyone posted to it, so @ABSQRST's recent update suddenly brought this thread to my attention. I have definitely never heard of this Chronivac thing but what's freaking me out is that I just started looking up some web links on the project and the URLs are showing up in my address bar as having been already previously visited by me!
  15. Simply search for "A dork and his tech blog" on Blogger. I recommend starting off with "How to circumvent the Chroninet authentication layer". He demonstrates how to capture an existing authentication token by masquerading as a Mark IV Chronipad client from the early 2000s. It seems there are a lot of Mark IVs still operational today and heavily reliant on a dated and insecure peer-to-peer communications system. Oh, I also recommend that you save a copy of each post. Rumors are that he's ready to scrap the blog and promote his new site www.getdownonyourkneeswimps.com
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