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  1. whatizit

    Tumblr is removing all porn on December 17th

    Going to archive my stuff at http://turningalpha.tumblr.com in the next day. I'm thinking of just self hosting it somewhere, but right now just focusing on backing up my content.
  2. whatizit

    Site of stories wiht 1 image

    That fits the description of literally dozens of websites. You will need to be more specific. Are you talking about artwork or photos? Can you remember any of the stories? Author names? Illustrated and photo caption story blogs are really popular, especially on Tumblr.
  3. whatizit

    Visual Novel Maker

    This piece of news seems to have sneaked up quietly on us. The makers of RPG Maker will be releasing Visual Novel Maker on November 16 http://www.pcgamer.com/visual-novel-maker-is-coming-to-steam-on-november-16/ This tool allows anyone to create their own Japanese-style Visual Novel and publish it on PC, Mac, Android and iOS. What are visual novels? Think of those dating simulator games that are cropping up all over Steam, though the genre and content of visual novels can be anything you like - it's just dating sims are insanely popular. I think that this could be a great tool for muscle-loving writers and artists to team up and create something a little more interactive than just static stories and images.
  4. whatizit

    "My body is cumming"

    The Year We Were Lab Rats https://archive.muscle-growth.org/threads/40998-p1.html
  5. whatizit

    Setting Things Right

    Without intending to put @goggletan under huge pressure to complete this - this was definitely one of my favorite and most reread stories from the old forum. I would love to see a continuation.
  6. whatizit

    Cris Kane Stories

    I've been a fan of your work for a while, Cris. Glad to see you on the forums.
  7. whatizit

    Forum Mission, Purpose and History

    To clarify - I'm happy as pig in mud that the site has expanded to other media. The site feels much more inclusive and more active.
  8. whatizit

    Forum Mission, Purpose and History

    I discovered the Evolution Forum back in 1999. If I remember right, from searching for muscle growth stories in various search engines. I wasn't involved with the muscle growth community before I stumbled onto the site, so it was all new to me. First male muscle growth story I can remember reading was "Matt Grows Up" - http://archive2007.muscle-growth.org/stories/479.html . The layout of the site was different back then, the main page was not a forum - but an organized list of stories. The forum was a subsection of the site and mostly focused on supporting fans of muscle growth stories (the forum may not have appeared until a little later - my memory is fuzzy). It was definitely all about the stories back then - probably because of lack of bandwidth and server disk space for multimedia in those days. This was before blogs took off - a fan site for anything was usually hosted by Geocities or Lycos, with the most rudimentary HTML and graphic design. Morphs and photo captions began to get popular in the early 2000s - not really in the Evolution Forums, but in Yahoo Groups where user groups were given free disk space to host their photos. Video stuff only properly took off after the success of Youtube, but even then it took a few years to build momentum. I think it's only really this latest incarnation of the forum where I'm questioning whether this is primarily a story site anymore - up until the closure of the last forum, you had years upon years of stories listed in the main story forum of the boards. You could spend hours just clicking random pages in the forum index and finding gems. Now that these stories have all been quietly archived in subsections of the site, the current story forum is not overshadowing ever other section of the site.
  9. Blood-engorged, bulging, throbbing, brute, masculine, brick shithouse, hulking, rock-hard, pulsating, sweat-stained, herculean, blood-pumped, square-jawed, roided, glistening, king-sized, overpowering, towering, demigod, hardening flesh, narcissistic, pulverizing, unyielding, superhuman.
  10. whatizit

    Abusive muscle monster little brother

    Sounds like Goggletan's "Setting Things Right" https://archive.muscle-growth.org/threads/25531-p1.html
  11. whatizit

    High school muscle growth?

    You're looking for "The Change" by rmudge17 Part 1: https://archive.muscle-growth.org/threads/20546-p1.html Part 2: https://archive.muscle-growth.org/threads/20561-p1.html Part 3: https://archive.muscle-growth.org/threads/20575-p1.html Part 4: https://archive.muscle-growth.org/threads/20620-p1.html Part 5: https://archive.muscle-growth.org/threads/20650-p1.html Part 6: https://archive.muscle-growth.org/threads/20681-p1.html Part 7: https://archive.muscle-growth.org/threads/23097-p1.html
  12. whatizit

    Black Stories

    The largest collection of black muscle growth stories I've seen is Stormbringer's E and I series. May not be to everyone's tastes here as all the stories involve straight sex - with lots of emphasis on enhanced black men stealing the wives and daughters of racist white men. See: http://www.asstr.org/files/Authors/Stormbringer/E and I Stories/
  13. whatizit

    The Amazons Next Door

    I managed to track down a page on wayback machine with working links to the other parts of the story: https://web.archive.org/web/20150211010725/http://www.amazonlove.org/stories.html
  14. whatizit

    drain muscle

    There are a lot of stories that fit that description. Probably my favorite of the bunch is "The Gym Bully" in the Gay Spiral Mind Control Collection (once the NCMC). http://www.gayspiralstories.com/newStory/show/1726
  15. whatizit

    Demon Muscle Theft Story

    Same for me. Turns out the "Story Filter and Options" on the left sidebar was set to filter out "incest" and "scat" stories. Clicking on "Clear Story Default Filters" removed the exclusions.

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