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    Muscle growth, wrestling, Size difference, alpha studs, big/tall muscle, rugby, football, powerlifters, strongmen contests, tests of strength, Extreme and obscene vascularity on bulging pumped-up musclemen. Skimpy micro posers ready to shred from intense erections. Enormous pecs and erect nipples. Gigantic quads flexed and covered with veins. Jacking off another muscleman and getting jacked off by a muscleman. Sucking aroused cocks and getting sucked. Bodybuilders covered with mineral oil and wrestling together. Me putting a wrestling hold on huge bodybuilder to see if he can flex out of the hold. Posing and flexing to see who can make a room full of bodybuilders cum first. Watching bodybuilders grow as they flex and pose for each other. Orgies too.
  • What are your stats?
    6'8.5", 367 lbs, 26.5" arms, 61.9" chest, 35" quads, 25" calves, 26.5" neck.

    Avatar is me
  • What are you seeking?
    Stories, chat, training, RP. I would love to find guys with similar interests for RP in chat or voice if chemistry is right. Want to see if we can turn each other on and get each other off with some dirty muscle talk.
  • What are your dream stats?
    Much, much bigger
  • Got Any Fetishes?
    Size Strength difference comparisons. Really like when a big man shows off and compares with a small man. Can get into bigger dominating smaller, too, especially physically. Me AS A HUGE ROIDED MUSCLEFREAK, BIGGER THAN THEM ALL, WHILE USEING MY SUPER STRENGTH FOR THEM TO FEEL, CHEWING AND SUCKING ON MY HUGE MUSCLEMAN'S BIG NIPS AND PITS

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  1. damn, I'd love to rp with you, big man.  Totally into size difference and extreme strength stuff...one on one, of course!  on Skype at [email protected]