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  1. hidden agenda?

    You are too kind...
  2. hidden agenda?

    Hell, I admit this all the time. There are plenty of physical, mental, and emotional benefits to exercising and workout out, but I enjoy the social benefits the most. I love knowing guys around the world are looking at my pics and vids online and enjoying themselves, I love noticing that people at work and out and about are looking at me (of course, maybe because I have some spinach stuck in my teeth, but that doesn't happen every day) and I enjoy people naturally respeciing me and calling me "Sir" because I look masculine and powerful. But I REALLY love it when guys tell me I'm their sexual fantasy...
  3. Does this sound true?

    Some people can bring themselves to orgasm easily just by visual stimulation. It has happened to me (note I don't say I caused it) maybe once or twice in my life under some pretty extraordinary circumstances, and I wouldn't doubt that the situation described in the excerpt is true, but that jacked guy isn't going to cause everybody to orgasm, and not everybody how looks at him is going to react that way. Not by a long shot.
  4. Recent flexing

    Finally maintaining 190, so thought I'd show the progress
  5. Pec bouncing

    So I always preface my comment by saying that I'm not the biggest guy on here by far, but I have quite a bit of experience with pec bouncing. I think I was able to bounce my pecs before I really got into bodybuilding. Had some dance training in my younger days, so had pretty decent muscle control, and dance is all about maintaining control over your core. When I started seriously lifting, my pecs grew very easily (don't hate me for that!) and so when I bounced them (mostly for my own amusement) there was some major motion going on. Then the internet came into existence, and I discovered there was a real demand for pec bouncing. I love to show off my pec development and bounce them for guys on cam. And when I'm with an admirer, I can't tell you how hot it is to have a guy rub his hands all over my pecs, grab them as I bounce them, and haul off and pound the hell out of them! And I'll say this without trying to sound cocky...plenty of guys have blown their loads watching me bounce these bad boys I have a YouTube channel with some pec bouncing vids. I don't make a big deal out of it, but if you're interested, you can see me here: https://www.youtube.com/user/mustardman96
  6. Relationship vs. muscle fetish

    I think that Ravenweremuscle is giving you very good advice. I just want to add that you're still young. You're certainly old (and I'm guessing mature) enough to have a good solid relationship, but I know many young people who are afraid to end a relationship (even after it has really ended) because they think they're never going to find someone else. It seems to me that you two could be good friends, but the depth for a relationship is no longer there. And now for some truly unsolicited advice: If/when you start a relationship with someone else, mention your muscle fetish relatively early on and encourage them to reveal their fetishes to you. (OK, not on the first few dates, but when you're feeling sexually comfortable--which might be on the first date, who knows!) Don't ask him to enjoy your fetish with you, but let him know you get off on muscle. It's a form of honesty that a true partner will accept. Trust me on this...I know from negative experience!
  7. Cock Pumping to match Muscle Growth - NSFW

    Congrats, stud. It's so damn hot that you build those hot muscles AND pump that hot cock so you'll be BIG all over!
  8. I'm right there with you, jojo...at least I'm In a big city, where there are quite a few people with brains.
  9. Daddy Muscle!

    Some pics--all taken by me. I love showing off my muscle and continue to grow every day!
  10. Damn, you are sexy!

  11. Comedian Trae Crowder

    Makes me wish I was a redneck so I could talk and think just like him. Well, I already think just like him, but I've got a real LA accent, so it just doesn't sound the same when I say what he's saying...
  12. Tips on Muscle Worship

    Jocaflo is very right here, but I would like to add that some worshipers get off on humilliation or being ignored. That can be very hot too, where I just pay attention to myself as I flex in the mirror and completely ignore the worshiper as he touches, caresses, licks, gropes, etc. my muscles. With other worshipers, they LIKE to be belittled and humiliated and told by a muscle man how inferior they are. And as Jocaflo states, others are into being credited for the hard and very satisfying work they do as a worshipee. It's all about communicating desires and boundaries before the session starts, and continuing the communication during the session so that EVERYBODY has a great time!
  13. Tips on Muscle Worship

    This is a fantastic thread. Any potential muscle worshipers who are a bit reticent about engaging should read what we've written here and take it to heart. Excellent advice!
  14. Tips on Muscle Worship

    and one more thing...EVERY muscle guy likes interaction. I hate to be flexing on cam for a guy who just sits there and looks. You got a mouth...USE IT! Tell me how turned on you are. In person, I'm extremely verbal, and I want my worshiper to be too. Silent worship is just like silent sex...what's the point?
  15. Tips on Muscle Worship

    If I may chime in here. I'm NOT the biggest guy on this site, but I'd put my ALPHA attitude up against anyone. I've been the object of online and in person worship for many years now. Jocaflo has a lot of it right...the worshipee will let you know what he wants, and you should do everything he says. As an example, I love to have guys punch my pecs while I flex them. Lots of guys kind of slap them, worrying about hurting me, so I tell them FORCEFULLY to haul back and punch my pecs. It's not me who's going to get hurt Once they realize I know what I'm talking about, things generally progress from there. As for blowing a load, I consider it a compliment, particularly of my worshiper shoots without touching himself. And that's hardly a reason to stop worshiping...