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  1. MuscleDaddyMark

    Tips on Muscle Worship

    Objectify away! I love it when I'm with a worshiper and we "cross over" to a place where I'm just a mass of muscle to be admired and they are just a pair of hands and a mouth for worshiping. It's almost like being high. Actually, it is EXACTLY like being high!
  2. MuscleDaddyMark

    Tips on Muscle Worship

    CANNONSboy, you hit the nail on the head! Very well said. I try to project a very "nice guy" attitude online, so that guys won't be scared to offer their worship, and I've been pretty successful in finding plenty of worshipers, but so many express an interest, but say they just can't follow through. I even offer to guide them! Yeah, I love being a muscle guy, and I LOVE guys who are into my body, no matter what they look like. I wish I could get more guys to understand that.
  3. MuscleDaddyMark

    Tips on Muscle Worship

    "Done" as in being the worshipper or the worshippee?
  4. MuscleDaddyMark

    Tips on Muscle Worship

    I think the issue is with a big, roided bber, they are pretty much forced to use their bodies to earn cash to support their bodybuilding hobby/career. Once they go pro (if they are able) they can get sponsorships and prize money, but roids, supps, and food are expensive, and achieving a level of bodybuilding success often involves making money off the body that they are building. As for me, I enjoy bodybuilding, but I've never juiced and I have a full time job I enjoy that makes adhering to a true bb diet almost impossible. I've also raised three children (all of them married and off the family dole now!) so pursuing a true roid monster life just wasn't an option. However, I do make some nice side money by making custom vids for admirers, and doing flexing shows, in person and on line, for cash. But I am worshiped MUCH more often purely because there is NOTHING that gets me harder and hotter than feeling another man's hands and mouth on my muscles and seeing how my mass and strength is exciting him. My advice...look for someone like me: nice body, nice muscles, NOT a roid monster. I think you'll find the mutual excitement you want! Of course, you could also come to Texas 😉
  5. MuscleDaddyMark

    Cock Pumping to match Muscle Growth - NSFW

    Now THAT'S an ALPHA attitude!
  6. MuscleDaddyMark

    How has gaining bigger muscles helped your sex life?

    Bigger muscles has changed my sex life in two ways. As far as M2M sex goes, being a mature, hairy, well-built, aggressive top, there is no shortage of bottoms out there for me to fuck, and I love to fuck. Of course, work, family, hobbies, etc. cut into play time, but over the past 20 years since I started seriously lifting, I've had an active and fun sex life. On the other hand, I'm bi and married (to a woman) and bigger muscles has changed how I related sexually to my wife. The last thing I want to do is hurt her, and the increased muscle size and strength means that my sexual and physical power has increased a whole hell of a lot. Sex with my wife has become much more infrequent because I have to hold back so much to avoid hurting her, and that's a bummer. Also, there are lots of guys who dream about getting fucked by a muscle top, but i've hooked up with plenty of them who chicken out when I take off my shirt. I don't mind it...I love the thought that I'm physically intimidating! And as I said, there are plenty of guys who want me to fuck them.
  7. MuscleDaddyMark

    What started this for you?

    Benfatto was probably the most beautiful man to ever become a successful bodybuilder. You have excellent taste!
  8. MuscleDaddyMark

    What started this for you?

    Tom, this brought back memories! I used to steal muscle mags too, but that was back in the 70s and I was a teen (and into my early 20s). It was a revelation the day I got brave enough to just BUY one of those boner inducing mags! Yeah...good times 😁
  9. MuscleDaddyMark

    Muscle Fetish Con/Convention?

    If this were organized and planned and could be shown that it would generate substantial commerce (travel, lodging, food, merchandise), it would not be hard to find a suitable and willing venue. Just think of IML. Every Memorial Day weekend, the ENTIRE Hilton in downtown Chicago is taken over by men in leather who basically devote an entire weekend to sexual pleasure. The hotel puts signs out in front that say "The hotel is closed for the weekend for a private event." The Hilton is happy to do this because they know they will make tons of money by doing this. It's a business decision, not a moral one. True story: I'm not into leather and IML doesn't much interest me, but 10 years ago, a cousin got married in Chicago on Memorial Day weekend and guests stayed int he Blackstone Hotel, which is across the street from the Hilton. Some guys at IML were also staying in the Blackstone, which made for some entertaining rides in the elevator. I was sharing a room with my brother, who fancies himself an uber-traveler, and he was pissed about something at our hotel and said he had a mind to walk across to the Hilton and get a room there. (He travels a lot for business and gets all kinds of perks at Hilton.) I encouraged him to try it, but he didn't. One evening, my brother, my parents and I walked down Michigan Ave. to our cousin's apartment for the rehearsal dinner, and there were a number of IML attendees out on the sidewalk enjoying the warm evening in full leather/camp/you-name-it regalia. My parents live in LA (and they are neither unsophisticated, sheltered nor dumb), and my mom looked around and said, "They must be filming a movie!" (SO typical of an Angeleno!) I said, "That must be it!" and then a guy, dressed in tight jeans and a tank and a variety of tattoos, who was chatting with some friends, started laughing and took a few steps backwards, and bumped into my dad (who was in his early 80s at the time.) He was so horrified at what he had done, he grabbed my dad (who had hardly even bobbled--it wasn't a very hard bump) and kept asking if he was OK and apologizing over and over. The whole thing was so SWEET! The hotel won't care what you do in their rooms or meeting rooms. They'll take your money and wash the sheets after you leave.
  10. MuscleDaddyMark

    What’s like to be a real life muscle god

    Yeah, I read the post very skeptically. Sounded too glib to be true. Thanks, Catchit, for doing the work for us! I think every guy should be proud of his body, no matter what it looks like. And if you seriously want to be a muscle god, turn yourself into one! And if that's beyond your ability, accept what you've got and make the best of it. But a good laugh like this is always appreciated!
  11. MuscleDaddyMark

    What’s like to be a real life muscle god

    No, but you can easily access them at https://www.youtube.com/user/mustardman96
  12. I love looking at hot guys in the gym. I don't care that much what body type a sex partner has. It's much more important how he relates to me sexually. As for friends or a relationship, body type isn't important at all. Many years ago, I got a message online (don't remember the site) from a local guy and it said, "I know I don't have a chance with a guy who looks like you, but no harm in trying. Would you ever fuck me?" He was OK looking, not out of shape, but nothing to write home about, and later that afternoon, I'd fucked him, and we fucked more or less regularly for a few years. Physical appearance is important for that first impression, but really...isn't it really all about attitude?
  13. MuscleDaddyMark

    What’s like to be a real life muscle god

    Well, first define "muscle god." It can mean different things to different guys. Seems like I start all my posts with "I'm not the biggest guy on here, but..." but I have a very definite online persona as a muscle god, and it's a lot of fun. I'm currently 6' and between 193 and 197 lbs. Chest is 45", pumped bis can measure 17.5 and waist is 33-34. I'm also 61 years old, which few people believe. I am naturally aggressive in a sexual encounter and also a big exhibitionist. Even when I was 30 lbs lighter, I was usually worshiped during sex because I demanded it. Now that I have a bit more muscle mass, many guys are intimidated by me when i take off my shirt and tell them to worship me as I flex. I have had plenty of encounters with guys who have BEGGED to be with me and then chicken out when they see me shirtless in person. (it doesn't bother me...I consider it a HUGE compliment that I can intimidate someone just by standing there!) I generally keep to myself in the gym, but I'm friendly when someone talks to me, and it's almost always to tell me that I look great for a mature guy, but I also pay compliments when they are earned. As for bars and clubs, it's not my thing, but I know who's looking at me when I'm out and about at work, at the theater, etc. And quite a few times a year, I can tell that someone who has seen me online has just noticed me in real life. I know that stare 😉 But here's what's cool about being a muscle god. I started YouTube channel a few years ago, and periodically post flexing and growth updates there. Since it's YT, they are totally PG rated, but i started getting requests to do flexing shows on cam and inquiries about custom vids. I don't really think of myself as entrepreneurial, but I now pay for my bodybuilding (gym fees, workout clothes & supplies, supplements, etc.) completely with the cash I earn from guys who PAY me to flex for them on cam and to make custom vids for them. i'm not going to quit my day job, but it's some pretty decent cash! So that's what it feels like to be a muscle god...guys pay me to kee buliding muscles!
  14. MuscleDaddyMark

    Question about steel rods in arms

    I've have two steel plates, two long screws (like short rods) and four short screws holding my elbow together from when I shattered my humerus into four pieces about 31 years ago. I got almost full extension back due to hard work at physical therapy, which led to taking up the weights, and there has been no limitation on strength increase or muscle growth.
  15. MuscleDaddyMark

    Muscle guys into twinks or average guys?

    I think we've discussed this before. Yes, indeed, there are plenty of muscle guys who greatly enjoy the attention and worship of twinks, average dudes, chubs, etc. I love muscle and I love building muscle...and I do it because I LOVE being worshiped!

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