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  1. Hi guy, 

    I m New, and i w ould see some intresting sites of super strength.

    Can Simeone help me?

  2. Hi Guys. I'm also looking for a couple of YouTube clips by the same author. In the first, the guy is wearing a loose white button-down shirt, starts to do some curls (you can hear him counting to himself while he does them), and then proceeds to tear his shirt apart, revealing a damned hot lean muscle body. It's not his muscles that tear the shirt, he pulls it apart himself, but the ripping sound and his strutting and flexing while he does it is hot. There was another clip by the same guy, this time dressed loosely in a white shirt and black suit jacket. He addresses the camera and says "I call this one 'F*ck You Corporate America'," and then proceeds basically to do the same thing. There might even have been another one by him, I'm not sure. The clips were fairly common on YouTube until maybe about a year or so ago, and then I assume the author did a pretty good job of scrubbing all vestiges of them. Anyone know who the guy was, or maybe where the clips might still reside? Thanks! --C
  3. Hey CF — the first one you mentioned might be the one. And Lury's MuscleMag sounds just like the kind of mag I would have found it in way back when. Thanks for the response; I'll keep lookin'! C
  4. Hey guys: For years now I've been looking for an old muscle-growth story published in an '80s magazine, way-way back when magazines were the best (only?) muscle pic and muscle story delivery system! Probably from maybe 1986 or '87 or so. The story was published in an off-brand, probably neo-softcore "weightlifting" magazine (i.e. not "Muscular Development" or "Muscle & Fitness"). It involved a geeky young male librarian who somehow was chosen for a serum injection experiment. A few days or weeks later, his original self simply "ceased to exist," now replaced by a slowly-growing Adonis. I don't remember many of the details, except the ending. He continues to inject himself with the serum, grows to monstrous and orgasm-worthy proportions, and of course takes to the bodybuilding stage and blows everybody away. The very end talks about something like "he was growing again. His posing trunks stretched and tore at the seams...". But then he grows too much, sprouts an extra finger, and eventually his head literally explodes. I know, right? Ridiculous story, but it was the first time I'd ever seen anything even suggesting what I came to know as a Muscle Growth Fantasy. I'd been accustomed to making the pages of those magazines sticky from looking (and re-looking) at the pictures, but here was an actual piece of fiction. Years went by, they invented the Internet, and the rest is history. But I've always wondered who wrote that story, and if any young muscle addicts ever read the same story. If this rings any kinds of bells, please chime in and let me know. Thanks guys! Love the Forums!
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