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    Working out and West coast swing are my passions.
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    Way to low.
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    Chat buddies, work out buddies...
    I''d like to meet people near central PA, or around NYC who share the same passion for the gym and for muscles.
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    So much higher!
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    Lorenzo Becker, Nathan Mozango

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  1. What's missing in my life ? A muscle daddy who would enjoy coaching me and watching me grow with time.

  2. I've been dating this skinny 19 yo boy for a week now, and he's so obsessed with my biceps. Everytime we hug, he touches, squeezes them and he loves when i flex them. I never thought i would be worshipped so soon ! It's a great feeling !

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. tigerbeef
    3. warrior123


      Your boyfriend is really proud of your physique. He must love you a lot. You should invite him to your place, strip yourself and wrestle him testing your muscles. He'll love that.

    4. warrior123


      Don't even tell him what you're going to do, just surprise him.

  3. Finally back at the gym after a whole week. It felt like being home again.

  4. today I was like "uh i'm so tired, i don't wanna go to the gym... But fuck it I have to go ! No excuse !" And on the way to the gym, i found a 10€ bill on the ground. I'm sure it's the universerewarding me for not giving up !

    1. Mdlftr


      "it's a 'SIGN'!!"

      Good for going and working out! Use the money to buy yourself a protein drink! God wants you to get BIG! ;)

  5. Just measured my biceps : 35.5 cm ! I know that's not huge, but a few months ago, they were 33 cm !

    1. NerdJock


      Congrats! For those US people that's just under a full inch of growth!

  6. Today i forgot my shaker at home when i left to the gym. NEVER AGAIN !

  7. I dreamt that i lost The 10kg of muscles i struggled to gain in the last 3 years, and that i had to start from scratch again... What a nightmare !

  8. Question for you guys : Do you think a gym without a squat rack is a viable gym ?

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Rigel126


      Depends on your relationship with squats. But a big guy like you definitely needs to squat.

    3. n2Hoss


      NOT if you want legs and an ass!

    4. NerdJock


      Hack squat? Smith Machine? Decent Leg Press? There are alternatives but squats would be the best.

  9. Great chest session today ! I feel so pumped !

  10. Just measured my biceps, 35 cm ! When they were only 33 cm a few months ago :D

    1. ThickRick


      Great work, man.

    2. SeaMusc


      YESSSS! GROW BIGGER! ;-) Good work, bud. Grrrrr!

    3. ShortMusclStud


      Congrats bud! Keep up the growth

  11. As if growing was not hard enough, i just got sick and threw up my two last meals :(

    1. ThickRick


      On most boards, some bozo would say "TMI," but here, we encourage and support each other. So I'm sorry to hear you ralphed your meals. According to some of my fellow meatheads, you ain't a bodybuilder until youve barfed in the gym. Maybe we could count this as one of those incidents.

  12. 5 month ago i could only push 55kg MAXIMUM on the bench press. Today I did 65kg MINIMUM. I feel so proud and strong :D

    1. ThickRick


      And in your profile pic you LOOK so strong too. GRRR. Congrats, mate. More power! More reps! More mmmmmassive mmmmuscle!

    2. muscledoz


      Congrats. I think you should work up to benching Think!

  13. Chest day was almost disappointed... I barely lifted my maximum weight :( my body was not as motivanted as my mind !

  14. I saw the hottest guy wearing underarmour today at the gym. God i wanna look hot in those shirts.

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. lifterwv


      @blowingupmassive, dude, post some picsof that!

    3. ThickRick


      ALL of us should post pics in compression gear.

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