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    Muscles on me (mostly hypothetical at this point) and on other dudes. I love muscle art and writing--and superheros! I hope to contribute a story or two of my own now and then.
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    6'2" inches tall, Now down to 459 lbs and dropping steadily. From a maximum of 570 in March 2016, Psyche!
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    Friendship, support, muscles, pride, self respect,...
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    Not really picky at this point...much less fat, and much more muscle would be great!
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    The Transform series, Anthing by Arpeejay, AKA, or Absman420, lots of others. Oh and definitely Josef Howard.
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    Dave Draper, Chris Dickerson, Steve Reeves, Matt Mendenhall, Bob Paris, Jay Cutler, Welshy, Achillies, many others.
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    Just the usual muscle junkie stuff., and superheroes!

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  1. This hits all my muscle mentor fantasy buttons! Well done and keep going!!!
  2. Ah the course of true love never did run smooth!
  3. C’mon Woody, just kiss him already for fucks sake!!! We can’t take much more of this!!!
  4. Woohoo! This story makes it officially Christmas in July!!! Tease away amigo
  5. Thanks and that is definitely in the cards!
  6. Many thanks! Very glad you found it stimulating!!!
  7. I LOVE everything about this story arc. Great writing and character development! It very much blew me away. Saaaaaaalute!!!
  8. The Moons of Change Second Moon By Bjort For my Musclecub with gratitude and great affection. He had felt something coming all day. He had been agitated, restless, pacing around the office, unable to focus. He had been moody and slightly depressed since he had returned from the trip north nearly a month ago. His friends and co workers had all chalked it up to the break up, but he knew there was more to it than just the end of a relationship that he had seen ending for months. No, something had happened after the break up. Something else from when he was alone and torn apart emotionally up on that butte. He could only remember vague images, generally when he was in that limbo between awake and asleep. Whispers came in his dreams that he could not remember in the light of day. Today for the first time it was different. He had indeed been in the doldrums since returning home alone weeks ago. He had had no energy, just going through the motions of a minimal daily existence. He had stopped going to the gym and socializing with friends. He had lost all interest in sex or companionship since the break up. This morning for the first time in weeks he had not been listless and unfocused. Something was coming toward him, slowly growing inside him. It had been from the time he had gotten up. Unlike any morning since his return, he woke before his alarm and he did not immediately go back to sleep. He felt a morning energy that had eluded him for a long time and he was pleased, and somewhat surprised, to find morning wood waiting for him as he rose to full consciousness and drew back the covers. Damn it felt good to be hard! He stretched, luxuriating in the feeling of his stiffening cock as he stretched to meet the day. He almost leapt out of bed he felt so good and was surprised to see that his hard on did not disappear after answering the call of nature in the bathroom. Come to think of it he had not even had a wank since the break up and he relished the thought of stroking off as he cranked up the shower. Even soaping himself up felt extra good this morning. He reveled in a renewed feeling of erotic pleasure as he washed. He smiled and thought as he scrubbed his hairless but defined chest "Well, say one thing for dating that bastard bodybuilder for so long, I ain't a 130 pound bean pole anymore." His manhood jerked to full erection at this thought and he moved his hands down to stroke it, pleased with its hardness. He slowly worked his cock as primal thoughts entered his still slightly dreamy mind--thoughts of muscle and lust and powerful animal sex! He massaged his hard member with one hand and caressed his left pec and nipple with the other, which seemed particularly sensitive. He had received what he thought was a peculiar bruise around his left nipple that night up on the butte and it now seemed to make fondling and squeezing his pec very pleasurable indeed. He worked both his cock and his nip for a good long time slowly building to a climax, letting out a loud roar like a grizzly bear as he came with a force and a pleasure he could not ever remember achieving! "Grrrrrr!" He thought to himself as he rinsed off and stepped out of the shower to towel himself dry, "That was almost worth nearly a month of nothing!" For the first time in nearly a month he took extra care and time to dress. He chose a skimpy black thong rather than his usual boxers this morning and actually took time to look at himself in the mirror. He jokingly struck a few poses and was pleased to see that his recent lack of attention to his body had not done too much damage. He sucked in a bit of a gut and popped a double bi, gratified to see his belly recede and his arms bulge. He relaxed and gave an idle caress to his left nip, receiving a jolt of pleasure that went straight to his cock and balls and making his thong twitch deliciously. As he turned away the bruise around his nipple caught the morning light and seemed to look more distinct for just a second, but he could not tell what it reminded him of. Feeling energetic and sexy he dressed in his hottest and tightest work acceptable pants and shirt. He felt, well, frisky was the only way to describe it. For the first time in weeks he flirted with the cute guy at his usual coffee place on his way to the office. He was cheery during the usual dreary staff meeting as well. Come lunch time he actually decided to eat healthy and take a walk around the nearby park, taking time to admire the male scenery. By the end of the day this feeling of energy and sexy well being had not really dissipated, so he headed to the gym on his way home. Fortunately, he had put his gym bag in the car that morning. He had resolved to try a new gym that had just opened near work, both for convenience, and to minimize the chances of running into his ex or any of their old bodybuilding associates. The place was not very crowded and not at all social or cruisey. It was populated mostly with people just like him stopping in to get in their work outs after work. He put on his best ass kicking tunes and after a good cardio warm up began to hit chest and back. Holy shit! If he had felt good before, it was nothing to how he felt getting back into lifting weights! He had been afraid he would have to ease back into it after so long a lay off. Instead he felt surprisingly good. He quickly worked his way up and beyond his previous maximums on all exercises and found it no trouble to keep strict form and concentration and he went through successive sets. He was on fire as the weight piled on and his muscles reacted as they had never before, filling with blood and a feeling of power rather than fatigue. His pecs, biceps and triceps ballooned and pumped to the point of him giving any onlookers a bit of a show, his tank staining to contain his pumped torso. He had never had a pump this great or tight! For the first time he understood what Arnold had meant when he said the pump was as good a cumming. In fact his cock was also pumping up in his now tightening thong and he hastened to finish his final set and make a quick exit before he sprang a full on stiffy for all and sundry to remark on. God it was all he could do to not pull over and jerk himself off in some side street on the way home! His muscles felt incredible, again with his left pec and nipple leading the band. He managed to resist the urge toward public lewdness as his increased horniness gave way to another sensation. He was really hungry! He had been "off his feed" since the break up--eating at odd times, snacking too much and snarfing way too much crappy food. His appetite was back with a vengeance and he was craving protein above all else. By the time he got home it was nearly dark. Wasting no time, he made straight for the kitchen--not even taking time to change out of his workout clothes or shower. There was a large package of steaks in the fridge, something he was supposed to take to a BBQ the following day. He tore into the package and tossed two thick slabs of beef into a skillet. He then grabbed a gallon of milk and started guzzling it straight from the jug. Half a gallon later the steaks were barely brown when he returned to turn them. He took only another minute or two, searing them lightly on the other side. "Grrrrrrr" he thought as he sat down and proceeded to inhale the barely cooked meat. In what seemed like seconds there were nothing but two steak bones left and his gut still rumbled for more! He pulled another two steaks from the package, cooking them in even less time than before. "Goddam rare steaks taste good!!!" he thought as he wolfed down the still cold meat along with the rest of the milk! He sat in stunned silence for a moment, finally feeling sated, and patted his now distended belly. He erupted with a great belch and was overcome with a feeling of total animal satisfaction. He stood and realized that his expanded gut was now making his tank ride up and his waistband feel uncomfortable. He peeled off his shirt and stretched giving a very satisfied rumble. His shorts soon followed and his let gut hang free, protruding a bit over his waistline and his black thong. Damn it felt good to be nearly naked! Again he felt a twinge of pleasure emanate from his left pec as he stroked it absently. "Yeah, better than in a long time!" It was warm and stuffy in the house and the evening looked beautiful, so he cracked a beer and wandered out to the patio. He eased himself into his favorite lounger and sipped his beer for a few minutes, feeling more contented and at peace that he had felt in a month. As he set his beer down he noticed about half a joint in the ash tray on the table next to the lounger. A friend had come by a few nights ago and tried to get him out of his funk, with no luck. He grabbed the lighter and fired it up now, taking several large hits. "Well, here is to feeling better" he thought as the very stony weed began to kick in. After all it was Friday night and he had no particular place to go. He lay back in the lounger, sipping his beer and letting his mind wander. There was a slight breeze that tempered the warm summer night and it played teasingly across his nearly naked body. As the weed kicked into full gear he began to focus on how great he felt, again absently caressing his left pec and receiving a twang of erotic pleasure each time he touched his now rock hard nipple. His mind wandered to thoughts of muscle and sex and once again his cock stirred, pulsing deliciously against the fabric of his thong. As he lay with his eyes closed enjoying these sensations of manly pleasure, he began to imagine he could hear a faint pulsing in his ears. It was as if a drum was beating slowly somewhere far away. He slowly shook his head, thinking he was hearing his own blood circulating. But the beating persisted and a check of his wrist revealed a decidedly different rhythm to his pulse. The beat grew more distinct and he thought he could make out a faint chanting sound keeping time to the beat. He decided he was just stoned and lay back accepting the slow drumbeat and feeling it now not just in his head but across his body. Again it was his left pec with seemed to react most intensely, sending little jolts of pleasure skittering across his body with each beat. "This is some seriously good weed!" He thought as he lay there enjoying the effect. He was not sure how long he remained still, feeling the pulsing and the erotic jolts it seemed to bring grow louder and more intense. His whole body seemed to synchronize with the beat and he imagined his heart rate slowed to join the rhythm. His cock began to twitch in time and he began to get hard, making the thong increasingly tight and uncomfortable. He quickly pushed it down his throbbing thighs and worked it down to his feet and off, flicking it on to the patio with his left foot. His dick, caressed by the warm night air, immediately hardened and stood up in salute to the night--the slight breeze feeling glorious on his balls. The drum beat increased in volume steadily and his now naked body continued to pulse along with it. The chanting grew louder as well and began to sound like song, although in a language he did not know. He seemed to be embraced by the erotic rhythms moving across his body and after a while it felt that he was no longer even touching the lounger. He was consumed by waves of intense feeling coursing across his body--feelings of power and masculine sexuality. As he lay there a new sound joined the drum and chanting--a very low rumble or growl that was felt rather than actually heard. It was faint at first, but grew steadily getting louder and more intense. He could feel it like a steady sub woofer bass note resonating through him, magnifying the feelings he was already experiencing as it grew. His entire body was vibrating with this new sound and his cock grew intensely hard. Just as he was thinking that he could stand the feeling no longer and was about to reach for his shaft to provide some relief, the moon emerged from behind the shadow of the house. The entire patio was bathed in shimmering silver moonlight. His body gave a shudder as the moonlight engulfed him. Ohhh shit it felt good! He tried to sit up as the beating, chanting, and deep growling suddenly doubled in intensity. All he could manage was to raise his head slightly as the moonlight coalesced around him, filling him with ecstatic feelings of power and sexiness. He glimpsed the strange bruise around his left nip as it suddenly began to glow in the moon light, clearly forming the shape of a bear's claw. It glowed and pulsed to the increasingly strong beat of the non-existent drum, each pulse sending shock waves of sensation through his almost paralyzed body. Louder and faster, pulse after pulse and the bruise grew brighter, sending of shimmering sparks into the night. His body was rigid and his cock was hard as steel, reaching toward the moon. He moaned and was shocked to hear how low and deep his voice sounded, very like the deep growling sound that seemed to surround him. Waves of pure erotic pleasure washed over him as the sounds swirling him grew louder and the moonlight grew brighter. His skin seemed to glow with silver light and the bear claw surrounding his nipple glowed brightest of all, pulsing with the beat now roaring through his head and body. They reached a climax in a deafening roar of sound and an explosion of intense silver light! His body gave a massive shudder, and he thought surely he must be on the brink of a mighty orgasm when he went completely rigid and started to convulse violently and…grow! With sparks of silver shooting out from his left nipple, his pecs were quickly covered in shimmering pulsing pleasure. They rippled and swelled, jutting up and out, arcing up with a deepening gap between. The sparks intensified and an erotic prickling sensation swept over his chest and he realized that what were now mammoth mountains of muscle were rapidly being covered with thick hair. The sparks spread, moving up to his shoulders which began widening and bulging. He felt the delicious prickling chase out to envelop his arm pits as his back exploded with muscle and his lats spread out like wings. Fur thickened in each pit and he was taken by a wonderful musky man scent that wafted out from each one. God what an erotic scent! It made his cock twich just to smell himself. The twitching focused his attention on his gut which was now also covered in dancing sparks and beautiful fur. He felt, but could not see as his pecs blocked his view, his stomach flab melt and be replaced with deeply etched solid bricks of muscle, which he delighted in flexing. By now his shoulders and back had mushroomed in to hugeness and he could see the sparks working down each arm, ballooning his biceps and triceps out to monster proportions and blowing up his forearms, now also being covered with hair. God he could not wait for flex his new massive cannons! But he could not raise them!!! His transformation continued and he found himself nearly paralyzed with pleasure and the amazing sensation of burgeoning muscle. Sparks and hair raced down each leg, blowing out his quads and calves to super thick and dense proportions. Even his feet seemed to grow, as if his size 9's would never be up to supporting his massive musculature. Lastly, silver energy began to chase across his entire body, racing for his crotch. He felt sparks zing up his hard cock and blossoming balls as thick fur caressed his thighs and replaced his formerly wispy pubes. He felt another increase in erotic pleasure as the light seemed to force his balls to expand, growing into full plump oranges. He felt incredible joy as light whirled around his cock, thickening it to beer can size and then rocketing it up toward the moonlit sky, arching higher and higher until it felt as if it would reach the stratosphere. With a mighty jerk his now giant cock shuddered in a massive orgasm of silver sparks and jizz coating his thick abs, chest and thighs with wondrous musky silver cum. He lay still in the warm quiet night air--reveling in the incredible sensations that, while subsiding, were still playing over his semen soaked body. His mind could not really comprehend what had just happened to him. Was it a dream, a psychotic hallucination, too much weed? He had to see and know. He stood, feeling light and agile and very powerful as he rose to his new larger feet. He was confused by the perspective he gained as he stood, realizing after a moment that he must have grown taller as well and much much larger. The moon had disappeared behind a passing cloud now and the patio was in near complete darkness. He gingerly began to walk toward the house, startled by the feeling of his huge thighs rolling around each other and his now massive dick and balls swaying back and forth as he moved. He made his way into the house, ducking and turning sideways to get through doors that were suddenly too small. Entering his bed room he flicked on the light and turned to face the full length mirror on the closet door. He was stunned! His face was not visible as his new body filled the large mirror. He was an absolute monster of bulging muscle and dense bearish fur. He stroked his chest and was surprised at the hardness of his gigantic jutting pecs contrasting with the silky smoothness of the shimmering luxurious pelt of hair the covered them. He brushed his nipples and was rewarded by an intense jolt of pleasure that shot through him. He bounced his pecs and was amazed at how high they jumped. Ba-boom! Ba-boom! He smiled and raised his arms to flex his newly engorged biceps. He tensed and glorious peaks erupted, bracketed by tremendous forearms and high bulging striated shoulders and underlined by huge triceps. Damn! He was now a super heavyweight muscleman beyond Olympia caliber in size and density! He drew in a deep breath and threw a most muscular pose at the mirror, shocked to see the incredible sight of a musclegod looking back at him. He placed his hands on his hips and relaxed, turning from side to side to catch his muscles from as many angles as he could. He stepped as far back as he could and for the first time noticed his face. It was different, thicker, more masculine with high cheek bones and a square jaw covered in a beautiful sexy beard. He smiled and was treated to dazzling white teeth and saw silver flash in his eyes. "Fuuuuuuuuuck!" he growled in his newly deepened voice as he viewed himself. He had become the ultimate muscle bear--huge, furry and sexy as hell! As he hit a another double bicep pose erotic sensations raced through his body again and he drew a deep breath. He let out a rumbling deep roar as his muscles swelled in the mirror "Rrrrraaaaaawwwwrrr"!!! Motion lower down in the mirror got his attention as his cock twitched from the sensation. But how could that monster moving against his bulging thighs be his formerly modest package? It was huge! It reached down and down toward his knees and was tremendously thick. It thrust out provocatively from his furry crotch as well, thanks to the massive balls nestled in at its base. He reached down with his right hand and hefted his monster, receiving another jolt of pleasure, focused on his left nipple again. He stroked his pec with his left hand as his cock hardened and lengthened, all the while intense and sexy feelings radiated out from his pec. The bear claw mark there was clearly visible beneath the fur on his chest and it sent waves of pleasure directly to his cock as he touched it again and again! His dick quickly rose to full height, touching the underside of his massive pecs. He was a huge super charged and hung bear! His cock reached steel pole hardness and thickness, tapping on his massive chest. Instinctively he guided it toward the bear claw mark and his left nipple. With the suddenness of a circuit closing he was flooded with erotic pleasure a thousand times more intense yet. He rubbed his cock head over the mark and was overcome with a feeling of power and masculinity that was beyond imagining. He exploded in a violent thrusting orgasm, spraying silvery cum as he bellowed with a primal animal roar. The last thing he remembered before slipping into darkness, was the glorious taste of his super bear jizz on his tongue as he fell to the floor in ecstasy, overcome with the feeling of power and pleasure his miraculous transformation had brought him.
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    Yes yes yes bloody hell YES!!! And a Merry Muscle Christmas to All!!! ????
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    Damn...just...oh damn damn blast and damn... ?
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    Ohhhhh daaaaaaamn!!!! I am pounding my fists on the desk wanting the big make up scene you teasing bastard!!! God I love this story and check for the next chapter about eleventy jillion (yes that is a real number well in excess of the proverbial Imperial shit tonne!) times a day! Go on muscleaddict, revel in our delight and agony!!! ARRRRRGH!!!!!
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    Ohhhhhhh yeeeeaaaaah!!! What a wonderous payoff mate! ??? And who knew that "pretty please with a most muscular on top" would have such a stunning result!? ? 'Spose a big side chest might get us some AJ nude posing and Noah worship action? ?
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    Teasing bastard! ? Definitely tonight...pretty please with a most muscular on top!!! ??
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