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    Muscles on me (mostly hypothetical at this point) and on other dudes. I love muscle art and writing--and superheros! I hope to contribute a story or two of my own now and then.
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    6'2" inches tall, Now down to 459 lbs and dropping steadily. From a maximum of 570 in March 2016, Psyche!
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    Friendship, support, muscles, pride, self respect,...
  • What are your dream stats?
    Not really picky at this point...much less fat, and much more muscle would be great!
  • Favorite Stories
    The Transform series, Anthing by Arpeejay, AKA, or Absman420, lots of others. Oh and definitely Josef Howard.
  • Favorite Bodybuilders
    Dave Draper, Chris Dickerson, Steve Reeves, Matt Mendenhall, Bob Paris, Jay Cutler, Welshy, Achillies, many others.
  • Got Any Fetishes?
    Just the usual muscle junkie stuff., and superheroes!

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  1. Bjort

    AJ & Noah

    Yes yes yes bloody hell YES!!! And a Merry Muscle Christmas to All!!! 🎉💥💪🎅❤️
  2. Bjort

    AJ & Noah

    Damn...just...oh damn damn blast and damn... 😥
  3. Bjort

    AJ & Noah

    Ohhhhh daaaaaaamn!!!! I am pounding my fists on the desk wanting the big make up scene you teasing bastard!!! God I love this story and check for the next chapter about eleventy jillion (yes that is a real number well in excess of the proverbial Imperial shit tonne!) times a day! Go on muscleaddict, revel in our delight and agony!!! ARRRRRGH!!!!!
  4. The color thing used to be the other way around in the US as well. Red for Democrats and Blue for Republicans as was typical for right and left elsewhere. Democrats were traditionally baited by Republicans as Communist sympathisers for political gain so at some point someone decided to switch the colors to remove any implications that Democrats were Communists. ‘Murika! 🇺🇸
  5. Now go punch a nazi in memory of Stan. Excelsior!!!
  6. ‘Nuff said. RIP Stan. 😢
  7. Bjort

    AJ & Noah

    Ohhhhhhh yeeeeaaaaah!!! What a wonderous payoff mate! 😍😍😍 And who knew that "pretty please with a most muscular on top" would have such a stunning result!? 😊 'Spose a big side chest might get us some AJ nude posing and Noah worship action? 🤗
  8. Bjort

    AJ & Noah

    Teasing bastard! 😜 Definitely tonight...pretty please with a most muscular on top!!! 💪🏻
  9. Bjort

    AJ & Noah

  10. Bjort

    AJ & Noah

    Excited. Can you see me shiver with antici...say it!...PATION?! 🤪
  11. Bjort

    AJ & Noah

    Shhhhhh...don't encourage our author to go all George Martin on us! Next thing you know someone's head will be on a spike!!!
  12. Bjort

    AJ & Noah

    Oh daaaaaaamn!!! I am so hooked on your muscle page turner! Checking multiple times a day for more. For pity’s sake take care to keep on muscle trucking dude! 😍
  13. Bjort

    AJ & Noah

    There is so much to love and admire about this story! The fact that you are taking it slow and yet manage to keep it interesting and sexually...er...stimulating (without any hardcore sex yet!) is a major accomplishment. I love that we have only Noah's perspective on things for reference and live through his huge (if you will pardon the word) desires and the equivalent doubts and uncertainties in his relationships. AJ is absolutely adorable and I wanna take him home with me! (swoon) A size 7 5/8 tip of the hat to you mate from a would be musclebear and (in a small way) fellow author. This is Class AAA stuff!!!
  14. OMG it's true! Stan Lee and Jack Kirby made me queer!!!
  15. OK campers. Bear with me because this thread has me getting all reminiscent for my youth in the musclejunkie closet (which ended btw at the ripe old age of 54!) If you have no tolerance for a semi-old man going on about the muscle obsessions of his early days then skip down now. 'Nuff Sed! I can clearly remember being intrigued and excited about muscles and particularly muscle transformation from a really early age. And American popular culture of the 60s and 70s was crawling with muscle! All it took was one Mighty Hercules flex on Saturday morning and I was hooked! As early as the age of three I told my mother I wanted canned spinach and Cheerios to eat. I did not tell her that my three year old brain was convinced that if that was how Popeye and the Cheerios Kid got big bulging biceps that I was all for it too. She must have thought I was nuts! I was constantly looking for the magic muscle talisman that would make me a true muscleman. I received a Superman valentine in the first grade that I loved so much I secretly slept with it under my pillow for ages! And then came comic books! Oh for the love of Aunt Petunia was there muscle on the hoof! Seems like every book had someone transforming into a supermuscledude in a tight outfit!. I remember the first vaguely erotic dream I ever had was at about the age of six after consuming a comic where Archie (fucking ARCHIE of all people!!!, I ask you?) transforms into a superdude called Pureheart (I seem to recall there being a discussion about the suitability of other comics for young minds, otherwise I would not have touched Archie Comics!) And as if the superheros were not enough to fuel my muscle obsessed little noggin, there were the bodybuilding ads. I think one of the first times I ever actually drooled over a man was looking at Dave Draper flexing a huge bicep in a comic book ad. Sigh... Ahhhh youth...
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