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    Muscles on me (mostly hypothetical at this point) and on other dudes. I love muscle art and writing--and superheros! I hope to contribute a story or two of my own now and then.
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    6'2" inches tall, Now down to 459 lbs and dropping steadily. From a maximum of 570 in March 2016, Psyche!
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    Friendship, support, muscles, pride, self respect,...
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    Not really picky at this point...much less fat, and much more muscle would be great!
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    The Transform series, Anthing by Arpeejay, AKA, or Absman420, lots of others. Oh and definitely Josef Howard.
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    Dave Draper, Chris Dickerson, Steve Reeves, Matt Mendenhall, Bob Paris, Jay Cutler, Welshy, Achillies, many others.
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    Just the usual muscle junkie stuff., and superheroes!

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  1. Bjort


    Looking forward to more! 👍
  2. Bjort

    2nd Storiversary A Success!

    Thanks again for putting it together. Just the motivation I needed to get something in good enough shape to be viewed and enjoyed. Now I just gotta pull that same trick with the bod! ;)
  3. Hulk love wins!!! Thanks for this wonderful story! 💖
  4. With luck I am gonna have a very hot play date (and hopefully much more than that) with a serious muscleman!!!
  5. Bingo!!! So much to like here! Love wins!!! Many thanks Frank! ☺️
  6. Bjort

    Enhanced Carbon

    An outstanding story Mr. Bull! Just discovered Morgan. Great stuff! This begs for more chapters Sir! Please? 👍🔥💪
  7. Bjort


    So very much to like here! Please keep it going!!! 💥
  8. Bjort

    Wild Love

    Excellent first story amigo! Very hot and love the bottom rail on top, if you will pardon the phrase! Definitely keep writing!!!
  9. Bjort

    The Dildo of the Demigods - II

    Now I GOTTA go back and re-read part one. Oh dear what a chore!!! This was incredibly hot and very well written SW. Well done!!!!!
  10. Bjort

    My Bodyguard (Epilogue)

    You want to talk about genre invention RIchard? Here we have Gay Muscle YA! YA is Young Adult for the uninitiated. You have taken the YA boy-girl formula of a gazillion teen novels and made it into a muscleboy love story right out of the catalogue. I had a smile to beat the band when I finished reading it and I could not help but think of the number of closeted jocks out there in High School Hell that might really take heart and be proud after reading a story like this. It certainly would have helped this fat closeted musclejunkie if I had stumbled across something like this (and someone like your heros) when I was marooned in the public education system back before the flood. (As a matter of fact Richard, it was finding some of your stories waaaaaay back in the mid 90s that began me thinking that my particular hardwiring for muscle was neither unique nor something to hide) This also brings up the trollish comments earlier in this thread. The style is simple and straight (pardon the phrase) forward, yes. That is exactly how YA fiction is written. I think it very clever to incorporate that writing style into your story. Pay no attention to the troll behind the curtain (for I shall not honor him with the characterization of man)! Your stories are based in love as well as lust and, for this avid reader and fan, that makes them truly brilliant! 10,000 thanks! Ok I will stop gushing and go write something incredibly dark and dystopian now. After all, I have my own genre niche to carve eh?
  11. Bjort


    Cheerio mate, and keep a shifty on for Man in White Van!
  12. Bjort


    And who can say fairer than that!? Party way the hell on GB!!!
  13. Bjort


    Tack sa mycka min van! (My Swedish great grandmother would yell at me for my spelling, but I will run the risk...😜)
  14. Bjort

    Muscle-Growth's 2nd Annual Storiversary

    I vote hell yes!,,
  15. Bjort


    A new genre? Wow! Feeling very chuffed at that Richard. And how could I refuse a request for more from the Master? Cheers, Bert