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  1. hey stud, i'm 20, wanna kik?

  2. I really should be getting to school. But... I also wanna jerk off in the mirror a few more times.

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    2. Rigel126


      I feel you bro. ;)

    3. MuscleDaddyMark


      Hey stud, if you're a growing muscle boy who's really into his body, jerking off in the mirror is a priority! 3-4 times a day was a must when I was your age...and it still is ;-)

    4. Tim18Germany


      love doing it in front of the mirror! :-)

  3. Huh, didn't realize I was wearing the same jock a week straight until I outgrew it.

    1. ThickRick


      You know, you could make good money selling that thing. Especially if you made sure you don't wash it. Too bad I just blew my paycheck--I'd offer to buy it myself.

    2. muscle16a


      Didn't the smell give it away?

  4. But... it says right in the message not to respond! In block capitals!
  5. Hmm, the purple or red jock today?

    1. Misa


      Go commando!

    2. Bigdave


      Yeah! And show all you've got!

    3. infinitegrowth


      Can't argue with the crowd

  6. Oh jeez, this sounds pretty hot, wish I could help dude.
  7. Do they make sweat-resistant sheets?

    1. Misa


      Bro, why would you want to deny yourself the pleasure of waking up in your own musk?

  8. Woo hoo! Just hit zero percent body fat!

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    2. muscle12


      wow how is that possible

    3. Ultra


      All that hard work has paid off!

    4. Bigdave


      As rpj would say pics dammit pics

  9. Huh, looks like I can't see my feet anymore...

    1. Bigdave


      Yeah! That pec shelf got in the way! Well done CMT !

  10. Is it true that taking cum up the ass helps you grow faster than swallowing it?

    1. Bigdave


      Mine would definitely have that effect!

    2. MysteryGuy92


      Well there's only one way to find out ;)

  11. The game's lots of fun, the descriptions when you look in the mirror are fantastic! I just wish there were a few more humans floating around.
  12. Pecs are getting HUGE! Nipples pointing straight down!

    1. Buffaj
    2. Shahrazad2


      Pecs... I mean, pics... or it didn't happen :)

    3. Bigdave


      That's the way a real man's nips should point!

  13. God, getting so huge I think I'm outgrowing my SKIN.

    1. muscle12


      please show photos

    2. Bigdave


      Imagination in overdrive here!

  14. Should I spend my allowance on protein or more weights? Hmm...

    1. muscle12


      i think half and half

  15. Good news, found a jock I can juuust fit my cock in, as long as I don't get hard at least.

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    2. muscle12


      wow and how you feel?

    3. mikecanuck13


      when's the picture panel coming out so we can judge if its a nice fit ;) lol

    4. Bigdave


      Keep it all nice and snug so when you need it...

  16. Damnit, how big do the sizes go on jockstrap pouches?

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    2. GymWolf


      The more snuggly the better! Cup those junks!

    3. ChimeraCorp


      Hopefully, never big enough for a growing hunk like you.

    4. Bigdave


      Not big enough by the sound of things. Do I hear tearing?

  17. Ugh, outgrew all my shirts, AGAIN. At least it wasn't in public this time.

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    2. Dae


      you need to video this!

    3. musclepwa


      Must video man.

    4. ChimeraCorp


      You say it like its a bad thing. Fuck the public, make them bow as you grow.

  18. God, cock will NOT go down today...

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