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    comics, movies, games, animals, bodybuilding, martial arts, cooking.
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    5'8" tall, average build. 12 in biceps. 6.5" and 5.8" around.
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    a guy who's built and hung. Friendly, caring and understanding. Someone who be my friend and much more. 21-38, disease free.
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    Honestly, just to be huge, everywhere.
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    Too many to list
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    Lou Ferrigno, Zeb Atlas, Tom Lord, Lee Priest, Dorian Yates
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    Yup, involving Cum, huge cocks and huge muscle. Love vocal verbal guys.

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  1. So if anyone cares to game with me and or chat bout huge muscle characters I'm on the following. Xbox: saveddemo Games: For Honor, Jump Force, Star Wars Battlefront 2, Dragon Ball Fighter Z, Destiny 2, Soul Caliber 6, overwatch, smite, override, Elder Scrolls online, Mine craft, absolver, sea of thieves, dragon ball xenoverse 2, earth fall, mk11, mk10, strange brigade, power rangers battle for the grid, hyper universe, division 2, killer instinct and injustice 2 Switch: sw-6284-3964-9790 The name on switch will be Demowolf Games: Smash Bros, Fight of gods, BlazBlue chrono fiction, blazblue cross tag battle
  2. They actually added muscle tone to herc.
  3. Pridesite stories no longer work.
  4. Just so you're aware that link sends you to a chat meet site now
  5. He's already stated he's not continuing the game due to having lost the info. It's in perma limbo
  6. Long time no see hope you're ok

  7. Guys, this is hiso old version. The 're release is the one you should check
  8. Cody supposed to movei n, but aftery ou complete everything, he doesn't move in
  9. By using a remote control, Demo Wolf expands abruptly into a 1600 lb off-season bodybuilder with a 100 inch dong, and he thinks he's too small. Demo Wolf sees a giant pitbull wearing a wrestling singlet; he's struggling to get into the hallway. His pecs are so big they press into his chin. He catches you looking and you see him adjust his growing boner. Demo Wolf wants to worship a really hung shark, wearing a muscle shirt, shily hinting a bulging 8-pack, as he gets closer to Demo Wolf, heaving and leaving a thick trail of white behind. Demo Wolf estimates that beast must be 14 inches long... and he wants to show Demo Wolf!
  10. I'd just like to find a site that has all his stories
  11. So uh what about the guy with a real horse dick?
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