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  1. Hey there, I'd love to be your Parker or Robin to worship your godliness, raping my hole when you want, serving you by giving you vats n vats of venom to feed your need for more, Eddie ;)

  2. musclelover

    Muscle Worship as Motivation

    This entire thread is just devestating Too many gods without their worshipers, too many worshipers without their gods. The reasons are endless, the solutions are scarce
  3. musclelover

    The Interview - Part 1

    Love this! Please continue!
  4. musclelover

    Bodybuilder Rob Lowe

    Oh hell yeah. Fuck direct tv, I want cable! Lol
  5. I will not lose this site again! Expect something from me soon!
  6. musclelover

    Incredible Hulk

    I keep hearing in my head "gentlemen gentlemen, what're you doing? You are in the presence of a god, show some respect! (in a sultry voice), and my imagination proceeds with them lurching at him and licking him, one at his abs, another at his bicep (Yes, I am a strange one lol)
  7. musclelover

    Why winter is the best time for bulking up

    14. You can keep your smaller buds warm give em a nice hug!
  8. musclelover

    The Night Before XXX-Mass

    This. Is. Gold.
  9. Where have you been all my life daddy!? Ugh, now I'm a sad little boy lol
  10. musclelover

    Close Encounter Part 3 - Evolution

    Mmmm I was hoping they'd have a little more fun but I hope you're saving that for the next chapter!
  11. The top flexing while fucking! Plus tons of verbal! (And if it was possible, hooked up to Bane's venom system)
  12. musclelover

    Nature of a Fetish?

    I'm struggling with something similar. I'm actually in a committed relationship right now. We have been together for over a year and I have never connected with anyone like him. Physically, he is no muscle guy. Quite the opposite. But, I do love him, and strongly believe he might be the one. He is aware of my fetish, and is perfectly fine with my porn tastes and story selections. He recognizes he is not my ideal physical desire, but I always let him know I'm perfectly ok with that. All this just requires a lot of thought. Sometimes you just have to make a choice. It's also possible to get VERY lucky! I'm facing the fact that I may never be able to touch a bicep peak or a monstrous chest. But since I have someone who loves me, I think can live with that.
  13. musclelover

    The Flexorcist (22)

    I'm looking forward to more physiCal descriptions! More growth, more slobbering all over every thick inch of cock and muscle, more verbal, more power, more tHan just one round! God! Just flood the gymnasium with cum and evil and turn everyone on the team into giant freaks and end with a giant orgy! Or, end with everyone servicing a HUGE Tomas!!! .......... scuse me while I clean myself up and reread the other chapters...
  14. musclelover

    Home workout

    Scott Herman provides a lot of vids on home workouts, just don't get too distracted while he shows you what to do
  15. musclelover

    The Ogre Part 1

    Kinda romantic can't wait for more!
  16. musclelover


    It's a thing people do when it hits 11:11pm and they makr a wish, exactly like when they see a shooting star
  17. musclelover

    Love Muscles, But Living In Wrong Place?

    There's actually pros and cons to living around muscle. I'm in Ny, and I work on a beach resort. The douchey beefcakes that walk around here are to die for! However, it's not like I can indulge as I want. Even at my job, there's this one guy around my age, has a nice bulked build! I peek all the time, but I really have to hold myself back from dragging him into a closet and let my hands wander lol Worst part of it is is I'm extremely shy
  18. musclelover

    Love Muscles, But Living In Wrong Place?

    I work at a beach resort in NY. Pretty self explanatory. Most if not all straight :/
  19. musclelover

    Hulk Fuk

    God! I fucking love the hulk!!!!
  20. musclelover

    Gb's Dark Tales

    would Bane be a good example of that -power in the wrong hands-? Cuz I like Bane a lot! as far as destructive, I like it, as long as it's sexually destructive hehe mmmmmmmmmm
  21. musclelover

    Robbie And Roy

    really nice story! still waiting on my own muscle encounter. one day