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    muscle, muscle, muscle! ;) worshipping, rp, love bigger guys! Plenty of fantasies, plenty of desire, blah blah blah, no please shove my face into your pecs, let me lick your biceps, and gag me with your cock! Done!
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    Friends, rp friends, whatever :)
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    Besides the obvious love of muscle growth, I'm VERY into worshipping, physical n verbal worship, love cum, and anything else that makes me gay :p

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  1. Hey there, I'd love to be your Parker or Robin to worship your godliness, raping my hole when you want, serving you by giving you vats n vats of venom to feed your need for more, Eddie ;)

  2. I will not lose this site again! Expect something from me soon!
  3. Mmmm I was hoping they'd have a little more fun but I hope you're saving that for the next chapter!
  4. I'm looking forward to more physiCal descriptions! More growth, more slobbering all over every thick inch of cock and muscle, more verbal, more power, more tHan just one round! God! Just flood the gymnasium with cum and evil and turn everyone on the team into giant freaks and end with a giant orgy! Or, end with everyone servicing a HUGE Tomas!!! .......... scuse me while I clean myself up and reread the other chapters...
  5. Kinda romantic can't wait for more!
  6. would Bane be a good example of that -power in the wrong hands-? Cuz I like Bane a lot! as far as destructive, I like it, as long as it's sexually destructive hehe mmmmmmmmmm
  7. really nice story! still waiting on my own muscle encounter. one day
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