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  1. One thing I did was give a muscular main character psychic powers. Telepathy is a good one, especially for sex scenes. I once did that and had the character do what I like to call an "emotional echo-chamber," bouncing his lust and that of his sex partner back and forth with it building each time.
  2. Put me down for the 4th. This gives me plenty of time, and a few recent RPs gave me some ideas.
  3. This journey of mine to muscle-godhood will not be easy.  It helps that I can use the inspiration of the people here as a fixed point.  In the meantime, I think I should find an avatar for my profile.

  4. There are three words, especially, that shock me about this whole situation: Latinos for Trump. I understand that people are entitled to their own beliefs, but a Latino/a who supports the actions of a man who called Mexicans rapists ("and some, I assume, are good people...") boggles my mind.
  5. I don't know if this was suggested or not, but maybe it's a muscle-god avatar that we can customize. I doubt the site has the software to pull that off, but a guy can dream.
  6. Music can clearly influence one's emotional state, from relaxing in the evening to Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata to releasing pent-up anger with many heavy metal songs. So I figured I'd pose this to the community. What are some of the songs you listen to while lifting?
  7. Videos like this tend to attract three kinds of viewers on Youtube: 1) gay muscle-worshipers, 2) people who, while not necessarily a muscle-worshiper, appreciate the work that was put into his physique (e.g. other athletes), and 3) people who are quick to accuse the bodybuilder of pumping themselves full of steroids, HGH, synthol, etc. The down-votes likely came from camp number 3.
  8. growth

    Very well-written. The ending does seem to imply a sequel; is there one in the works?
  9. There was one (I think it was in the unfiltered section) about a massively muscled, anthropomorphic hyena who ended up getting worshiped by the cheetah principal before filling her to capacity with his cum.
  10. It's easy for me to write about someone growing the kind of muscles that stretch clothes and bulge in the right places. But for me to morph myself, not so much. The two things that limit me are finances and motivation. The first will take a lot of work, but I can start on the second. Well, here goes nothing...

    1. flamedelft


      Hey, I'm sure you'll do great, remember that the guys here will cheer you on :)

  11. I know it's three whole months until Halloween, (I work in retail, so I blame them) but hear me out. Likely some will start making their costumes from now, while some will buy it at the last minute. I figured the muscle-heads who make their costumes can get some ideas from here and get started early. Besides the generic costumes for muscular guys, (togas, Conan, superheroes) what are some ideas? The only thing I have is Machoke, since Pokemon Go is now more popular than porn and there's likely to be an upsurge of Pokemon-themed costumes.
  12. If only I were five years younger...
  13. Very nice start. I never thought of using nanites as a plot token, but, if you don't mind, I just might borrow this idea of yours.
  14. I recommend Skyrim, since its character creation system is quite extensive and you can shape your gameplay based on the skills you choose to master. Spell-casting archer? Sneaky assassin? Armor-plated juggernaut? Go for it!
  15. Here's the rough translation for those who don't speak Spanish. The title says "I'm looking for this story almost desperate." "The story deals with) a little guy who knows a gigantic muscular adonis in the office where he works. They talk a while, and the giant invites the little guy to dinner. In the restaurant where they have dinner, the giant eats two entire chickens by himself and much more food and even bringing the waitress to the bathroon where they have sex. Later, now calm, he returns to continue his dinner with the smaller man. Then they go to the smaller man's apartment, where he lives alone with his cat. The big guy submits his ass to the little guy." As compensation for the one who points him to this story, he's offering "a part of my collection of all kinds of muscular images."
  16. It's comforting to know that I'm not the only one in that metaphorical boat. I'm still not sure about my sexuality at 33 years old for... personal reasons. When I see a guy with impressive muscles, I'm not sure if I want to be *with* a guy like that, or if I just want to *be* a guy like that. A good example is my current job (one of them) as a 1-to-1 para-educator (similar to a teacher's assistant) in an elementary school. The teacher is a guy who, despite being about 2 inches shorter than me, (I'm 5'7") is far more muscular than I am. On one hand, I want to ask him about workout tips and the best routines for putting on muscle, but on the other I'm kind of ashamed about liking the look of big muscles. Long story short, I'm the one obstacle that stands between me and having the kind of body that I would be proud of showing off.
  17. The Greek gods are as simple as a toga, although statues of Hermes have him looking a bit twink-ish. For Apollo, a toga with a laurel wreath works; for Hercules, you would need either a faux lion skin or a club with the toga. Of course, if you're ripped enough, just go as one of the Spartans from "300" and get used to being constantly asked, "What is your profession?"
  18. muscle-growth

    I could comment on the language-mangling skill of Americans, but I'll just shut my mouth.
  19. muscle-growth

    Interesting way to get things started, and a hero move by Nate. Quick question: am I correct in assuming that "Maccas" is what McDonalds is called Down Under?
  20. competitions

    Very well written. Personally, I wanted to learn Cockney slang for the singular purpose of telling Billy how much of a little twat he is.
  21. I can only speak on the perceptions of big guys from the perspective of one on the outside looking in. When I see a muscular guy, I usually get a feeling of inadequacy coupled with a feeling of "That's what I want." I know what I need to do in order to get to that place, but I'm limited by two things. First is my finances; it's hard to get the supplements you need to achieve your size goals when you work in retail. Second is my lack of sufficient self-motivation to actually get my skinny ass into the gym. (By skinny, I mean 123 pounds at 5' 7.5" tall when last measured.) I'm fairly sure that it's not too late for me to achieve the goals I want for my physique, even though I'm in my early 30s. As far as big guys in society, reactions to big guys in social media tend to fall into one of three camps. First are the ones who complement the big guy's developments. Second are the worshipers, who are all but begging to touch/lick/kiss/worship the big guy's muscles. Third are the ones who make accusations of steroids as what seems like a knee-jerk reaction. Any flexing/Hulk-out video on YouTube is likely to have all three kinds of reactions.
  22. Karim had left town six days ago, with every intention of walking to what his best friend Manny called Muscle City. Rumors around town spread of a "town of super-huge naked bodybuilders" not far from there. One of the guys who had come back from there described someone who fit the description of the massive Latino. He had wanted a reason to leave town ever since his father was killed in a car crash and his mother began drowning her sorrows in alcohol. The young man wondered if it was ironic that she sought solace in the bottom of a bottle, considering that her husband was killed by a drunk driver who was allegedly reaching for a fallen can of beer. When she was taken to the hospital for liver failure, he had decided that enough was enough. So he said his goodbyes and left for this new town. Since he was now eighteen years old, he was no longer under his mother's legal obligation. As far as he was aware, she would not even notice his absence. The night of the fifth day of his journey, he had a strange dream. It felt like one of his prophetic dreams that he had from time to time. Usually, he had them before significant events, like the one he had before his father's death. In it, he was in what must have been a small convenience store at one time. A massively muscular, inhumanly beautiful being that could easily be mistaken for a god was before him. The bronze god's massive form was so impossibly gorgeous in its muscularity that it was almost painful to look upon him. Massive biceps flexed with peaks that could proudly grace the Rockies, while a powerfully pulchritudinous pair of perfect pectorals (say that three times fast) danced and bounced with enough striations to more than show their superhuman strength. Adamantine abs that could probably treat a speeding bullet like a lover's kiss sat proudly on the god's torso, supported by thickly-muscled legs that would make a redwood jealous. His hands explored all facets of the god's body, reveling in its power and majesty. Hair as black as a raven's wing flowed from the god's head like the waves of an obsidian ocean, while eyes the color of milk chocolate pierced into Karim's soul and saw the desire to ascend to their level of superhuman power. The god enveloped Karim in his divine embrace and seared his soul with a single kiss full of love and strength. Karim attempted to wrap his hands around the god's gloriously wide back, yet could not get much further than his manta ray-like lats. "You want all this, Karim?" the god intoned in a resonant tenor that shook his achingly erect cock to its core. Karim could feel his balls churning a load as he emphatically nodded. "More than anything," he responded, kneeling before the incarnate deity. The god hefted one of its two erect cocks and offered it to his smaller supplicant. Karim took the mammoth tool into his mouth and suckled like a baby would on a bottle. With one hand on the massive man-missile in his mouth, he grasped a steely hemisphere of the god's bubble butt. At the same time, the god began stroking his other mighty dick. Karim's own cock throbbed with blood as he neared climax. With a moan that was muffled by the god-cock, Karim came before his god. Grunts and moans emanated from the god as he neared his own divine climax. "Get ready, bro," the god said, his voice full of lust yet oddly familiar. A majestic, almost bestial roar escaped the god's lips as he came. And came. And came. And came. Karim felt like he was drinking from a fire hose. He made sure to get every drop of the god's alabaster offering. For the next few minutes, he drank of the super-cum that sprayed into his mouth. All the while, he could feel himself changing, expanding. His body began to swell at an enormous rate, filling with the god's power. His clothes, once slightly bigger than he needed them to be, suddenly became far too small and exploded at the seams. The more cum he ingested, the bigger and more powerful he felt. He could fuck every guy in town five times and still be ready for more. He was becoming like the god before him, becoming one of them. "Welcome to Muscle City, bro," the god said as he woke. The sun was just beginning to rise as Karim awoke from the dream. He was glad that he slept naked under the blanket he brought, so there was less to wash. Placing the blanket in a plastic bag, he got dressed and continued on the road to Muscle City. He knew he was close, but was unsure of when he would arrive.
  23. Thanks, AKA. I have written some before; in fact, I have some short stories on the old forum. I've always enjoyed reading your Transform series, and the subsequent stories in that universe. I'm glad you like it.
  24. On the seventh day of his journey to Muscle City, Karim came upon a small town that, until recently, was abandoned. The sounds of life buzzed around him, from snippets of conversations to the rolling of skateboard wheels. What was odd about this particular town was that, intermingled with the usual town sounds were the moans and cries of intense sexual activity. Just as strange was that he had yet to find a single female resident. Maybe this is it, he thought as he wandered the area. All of a sudden, he heard a familiar voice from his left. "Karim?" said a resonant tenor that had the ring of familiarity. He turned to the source of the sound, and his cock went from flaccid to rock-hard and throbbing in record time. It was the same bronze god from his dream, the one with the glorious wealth of superhuman muscles and the two divinely gorgeous cocks that blessed his dream-self with his presence. That selfsame golden-brown deity stood before him in all his glory, without a stitch of clothing concealing his mighty form. He wanted to drop his pants and cum in tribute to this god who graciously blessed the physical world with his mere existence. With a shake of his head, he realized that he knew this incarnate deity from before today. Where had he met this Aztec god of masculine power and beauty and strength, this divine Latin heartthrob that shames all who claim the title into abject inferiority? Then it hit him like a ton of bricks. "Manny?" "You got it, hermano." He knew of only one person who had ever called him by the Spanish word for 'brother.' His mind barely lucid, Karim approached his best friend. The two embraced as long-lost friends would. So much of Karim's emotions came pouring out of him at once that he was barely able to stop himself from crying. "It's good to see you again, bro," Karim said, relieved after so long to see the one person who understood him. "Man I thought I'd never get here." "Glad you made it, Karim," Manny responded. "How did you find us, anyway?" "Visions, remember?" Karim joked. "But seriously, I went by rumors and hunches and a hope that I was right." "Looks like you were. So, you visiting for a bit or you staying?" "Staying." Karim turned away from Manny, his face beet red. "I, um, I was wondering..." "Wondering what?" "What it's like to be, well, like you." "Oh, man," the larger Muscle Clubber began emphatically, "it's fuckin' awesome! I mean, not only am I strong enough to wreck a building by myself, but I can fuck for hours and still keep going. Everyone is just like this, but Titus seems even more godlike. Two cocks, enough muscles to make a heavyweight bodybuilder look anorexic, the strength of an army, and the sexual stamina to wear out every porn star in the world? What's not to love bout Muscle Club?" Just then, Manny came to a realization. "This wasn't just to satisfy your curiosity, is it?" Karim shook his head in the negative. "It's hard for me to admit," he began, "but I've been attracted to you since you joined Muscle Club. At first, I thought you were casually handsome in that 'Latin semi-heartthrob' kind of way. But after you joined and, well, grew, you've become too hot for words and, well,..." "You didn't want to say anything that might ruin our friendship," Manny finished. Karim nodded, embarrassed into silence. The Latino Muscle Clubber embraced his friend. "Karim, nothing will ever change the fact that we're friends. It didn't when you told me you were gay in sophomore year, and it won't now. Besides, I've kinda wanted to fuck you since I joined Muscle Club, but I didn't because I didn't want to change you against your will." "Are you kidding?" Karim responded. "I've wanted to join Muscle Club ever since I heard about it. Let's do it." Together the two went into the abandoned store that Manny emerged from. From the back of his mind, he thought he heard someone say something about a "new Muscle Citizen." He didn't care; to him, the only people in Muscle City were him and Manny. Karim's hands explored the peaks, valleys, canyons, ridges, and gorges of his friend's powerful body. Manny raised one mighty arm and flexed a sharply peaked biceps. Karim's lips immediately went to it, kissing and servicing the massive meaty mound. One hand was dwarfed by the armor-plated shelf of pec on which it sat. From Manny's bulging biceps, Karim's mouth traveled up to boulder-sized shoulders almost a third as wide as the muscle god was tall. A hand touched his chin, guiding his head upwards to meet Manny's chocolate-brown eyes. Eyes met, then lips in a soul-searing kiss as the smaller man's hands groped the cannonballs of his friend's shoulders. "You want all this, Karim?" Manny said, his voice marinated in sex, power, and dominance. The same way he said it in the dream. "You know the answer to that question," Karim responded as his lips descended along Manny's pec valley. Pausing at the bottom of his pecs, Karim took a quarter-sizd nipple in his mouth and began to suckle while groping the other sinewy pec. His hand grasping the Hispanic god's throbbing cock, Karim started jerking his friend off as he knelt. Once he was eye-to-cock with Manny, the smaller man took the god's weapon of sexual conquest into his mouth. Continuing to jerk while he sucked, he was unaware of the appearance of the second cock. "Oh, fuck yeah man, keep it up," Manny moaned as his friend went to town. "You're gonna love being this fuckin' huge, this fuckin' strong, this fuckin' horny, all the fuckin' time. God, I'm about to cum and this is just the beginning." Manny's proclamations of sexual bliss blended into moans as his balls began to churn out their ivory payload. "Oh, fuckin' suck that fuckin' cock, bro. Here it comes. Get ready to go from zero to muscle beast, bro. UuuuAAAAHHHHH!" Manny roared in climax as he sprayed Karim's mouth with cum. The smaller man was barely cognizant of his own orgasm, so lost was he in his metamorphosis. The combination of his rapidly swelling delts, traps, lats, pecs, and biceps filled his shirt to capacity and beyond, while his expanding quads, hamstrings, and calves did the same for his jeans. Karim could feel his stomach etching out an adamantine six-pack that could treat a speeding bullet like a lover's kiss. In what seemed like one simultaneous motion, Karim's clothes burst at the seams and fell to the floor like so many autumn leaves. A new member of Muscle Club had been born, but the celebration was not done. "Stand up bro, and lemme get a good look at you." Karim stood up, and up and up. The young Muscle Club initiate soon found himself eye-to-eye with his friend where he had been previously eye-to-pec. His distinct African features, combined with the lighter skin tone granted to him by his white father, gave him the appearance of a caramel-colored African god of power. His cocks were twin missiles of power that weeped pre-cum from both slits. Where once his body was covered by a navy-blue polo shirt and jeans, he was now as naked as the day he was born except for an amethyst pendant nestled in the valley of his monstrous pecs. "Manny, my man, I can't thank you enough for this," Karim began as he lowered his friend to the ground. "But I can damn well try." In one smooth motion, he placed both of Manny's titanic legs onto his shoulders and embedded his cock into the Latino's muscular ass. The newly-minted Muscle Citizen began to mercilessly pound on his friend's ass, releasing every ounce of pent-up sexual frustration. Every thrust, every twist of his waist, every acceleration and deceleration was timed as if by instinct to bring the most pleasure possible. They went at it for hours, going through numerous positions. Manny's legs on Karim's shoulders, Manny on his hands and knees getting it doggy-style, missionary, against the wall, even others that were only possible through his newly-found superhuman strength. Back and forth they switched, with one fucking before the other. Neither man noticed that the building was shaking as if in an earthquake, so focused were they on their act of sexual bliss. Both parties came multiple times, almost suspended in a state of orgasmic bliss. As night fell, Manny lay in the middle of the shivering store, pounding on Karim's prostate while jerking his cocks. The two barely noticed when the walls and roof fell around their ears. When they finally stopped after four straight hours of constant fucking, they realized that they were now lying in a cum-soaked ruin. Both were covered in cum as white as the full moon overhead. Manny turned to his best friend and now-fellow Muscle Citizen "Welcome to Muscle City, bro," Manny panted. "You're gonna love it here."