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  1. Don't remind me. I'm old enough to remember that. In the interest of keeping politics out of this, I'll leave it at that and say that Dane and Pete get to experience one of the joys of being in a relationship: make-up sex.
  2. Good point. I mean, that was still the era of Don't Ask, Don't Tell.
  3. Awesome addition to the story. Though I don't think Dane should worry about being labeled the "gay guy," as he doesn't fit a common stereotype of gay men: the effeminate gay man, or as I like to call it, the Fae Gay. He's more likely to be seen as the big guy who happens to have a boyfriend.
  4. Oh, they have locks; they're just not often used. Also, reading the first paragraph of part 17 while listening to the Benny Hill theme makes it a hundred times funnier.
  5. Londonboy45 has a blog here on the site. Just click over to the Blogs section at the top. I'm not sure about Yachirobi though.
  6. Wow, another great installment. That was beautiful. I think... I think I'm gonna cry...
  7. JP is right. If mainstream Hollywood were to get a hold of this and decide to turn it into a movie, I think the following changes would be made: 1) Jake would be made into a woman. Jessica or something, because despite the fact that some conservatives like to follow the word "Hollywood" with the word "liberals," they're not exactly LGBT-friendly. I mean, you can count on one hand the number of mainstream movies out there with a homosexual person as the main character. 2) Dean would be either a) sized down to the size of a big-name actor with that kind of physique, e.g. Chris Hemsworth, or b) an amalgam of said actor and lots and lots of CGI to pump him up to Hulk size. 3) Chapter 20 would be toned down excessively, because all that carnage would push it beyond an R rating. 4) The sex scenes would be implied, if they were to happen at all. 5) It would probably be filmed either in Canada, or a soundstage in Burbank. Of course, that's if they don't toss it immediately. Nevertheless, this is excellent writing and I'm patiently, yet eagerly, awaiting the exciting conclusion.
  8. VRGoh


    As much as people have said it, I always enjoy reading anything written by this talented writer. Austin is the kind of alpha male that inspires scores of stories and sexual fantasies. Can't wait for another story from you, musclehintz.
  9. R Kelly was a singer back in the 1990s, popular in America's R&B genre, but I don't know how popular he was abroad. As far as "why should he matter," he doesn't. These days, he's a washed-up singer who's only famous for getting too friendly with young girls.
  10. To answer the OP's question, I got bored with his music before the first allegations started popping up. It was nothing against him specifically; I'm just not a big fan of R&B, or most music written in the last 200 years. Give me Brahms, Beethoven, Tchaikovsky, and Chopin and I'm good.
  11. I just had an idea that sprouted from Discord. Since Halloween is days away, I was wondering if anyone could think of Halloween costumes that would best show off the impressive muscles of our local muscle-guys. I'd imagine constant repeats of Hercules, the Hulk, and Superman are getting old. Maybe something to expand the options is in order. I thought of Machoke for Halloween and, if they were so inclined, cosplay. Any others?
  12. VRGoh


    When it comes to using another person's character or writing something in the same universe as someone else's story, I'm careful to give them credit, usually in the title. "Variations on a Theme from [name of author]" or something like that.
  13. I've thought a bit about what I would do when i reach my goal physique. First thing I'd do is take measurements. Arms, pecs, you name it. Of course, I'd take pictures and post them here and on the Discord channel. Then I'd set another goal for my physique and start chasing that. "Okay, I've hit 200 pounds of ripped muscle; now to aim for 250, and beyond." Since I'm 5'8" tall, I would probably look like a tank on legs. Edit: Of course, there would definitely be some jacking off and flexing involved, both me and any willing sex partners.
  14. I've noticed that. With some, even up here in New York State, the phrase "gun control" gets interpreted as "gun grabbing" every time a mass shooting hits the news. I often resist the urge to remind them that one of the U.S. military's 10 Nimitz-class aircraft carriers has enough firepower to level the city in which I live, not to mention the various heavy ordnance that can be brought in from the ground. If the government wanted to instill a totalitarian regime, there's not a blessed thing a bunch of country bumpkins with AR-15s and hunting rifles can do to stop it. There is no easy way to prevent a school shooting, though people are consistently looking for a simple solution to a complex problem. Some shootings could've been easily prevented. For example, why did the mother of the Sandy Hook shooter (whom I will not name out of respect for his victims) not have her "big, beautiful rifles" locked in a safe if she knew her son was this disturbed? She should've had those things secured in a gun safe or locked somehow. I've never had a gun in the house in my life and even I know that much.
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