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  1. VRGoh

    m/m Wandering God

    Very hot story. Read like if Dr. Manhattan from "The Watchmen" was gay and made a muscle-growth porno.
  2. I haven't gone in some time, but I'm heading there Monday around 5:00. I need to get back in the saddle, and my mind has gotten in the way. I'm working on setting goals for myself and this is one of them.
  3. After some time at Knockout, I think a workout partner might help me do better in the gym, or at least someone who knows what they're doing. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  4. That sounds like it could end up with the brothers finding out how much of a muscle and sex god little brother is, as well as discovering the talent for the same within themselves.
  5. I think I just might. I had an idea of Brett encountering a bodybuilder in the neighborhood who thinks he's really strong, only for our randy pool boy to show him up and effortlessly dominate him.
  6. Thanks. The idea just... popped into my head at one point. I may do more with Brett in future stories.
  7. What can I say about this story? Well, let me put it this way: I made a big mess in my pants reading it. Awesome story, and I hope to see more of this accidental sex god.
  8. VRGoh

    m/m I am Satisfied

    Amazing work, and nice use of the role reversal.
  9. Brett stood outside of the Martinson's villa, a modest two-bedroom home in a gated community in Florida. The complex was one of many in the community, an hour's drive from Ft. Lauderdale and a home to a large portion of the area's retirees. While a majority of the residents were retired or close to it, some, like Mr. and Mrs. Martinson, had day jobs. Lifting up the welcome mat, he found the key beneath and unlocked the front door. "Mr. and Mrs. Martinson?" he called out, his melodious baritone voice slightly echoing off the walls. "It's Brett." Being one of the community's few pool maintenance technicians, (or "pool boys," as they're also called) he went to various houses in the community, helping the residents maintain their pools. Since Mr. Martinson, an anatomy and physiology teacher at the local university, was often at home and self-sufficient enough to clean his own pool, there wasn't much to do in that regard. His visits were usually of a different nature. "Come on in, darling," a rich alto sang in response that could only be Helena Martinson, an opera singer and music teacher at the same university. "Alec will be teaching for another hour or so, so we have the whole place to ourselves." She practically purred that last phrase as she was feeling very frisky. With a smirk and a bounce of his pecs, Brett removed his royal blue tank top with the company logo on the left side and draped it over a nearby chair. Slipping off his flip-flops and his white cargo shorts, he headed to the nearby jacuzzi, dressed in a neon yellow Speedo with a sizable bulge. His rippling muscles gleamed in the sunlight that streamed in from the large skylight overhead, the sheen a result of the sunscreen he applied earlier to his bronzed skin earlier in the day. Sliding into the warm water, he stared seductively at the hot cougar, her own athletic body clad in a black two-piece bikini with hibiscus flowers all over it. Her athletic body was a testament to the regular exercise regimen she kept, which often included regular visits from the pool boy with the bodybuilder's muscles. She moaned softly as her hands went to his massive pecs, feeling every inch of the powerful sinews beneath her hands. "I always love it when you come over, Brett dear," she cooed, her nipples stiffening beneath her top. "It's my favorite workout of the day." "Is that so, Mrs. M?" Brett responded, bouncing his shelf-like pecs. "One might think you only like me for my cock." "Ooh, that's not true. There's your handsome face," her hand slid along his lantern jaw and down his bull-like neck, "And you're Herculean body." Her other hand slid its way past his Speedo and found his thickening cock. "Well, you're not wasting any time, Mrs. M." He wrapped an arm around her waist, pulling her close. With a practiced touch, he deftly removed her top, tossing it to one side as her shapely breasts spilled out before him. Grabbing her left tit, he gave it a squeeze as he kissed her passionately. "I think it's time for my... treatment." "I'll see what I can do, dear," she purred as she kissed him in return, a sexual fire burning within them both. Their remaining clothes were quickly shed as passion overtook them both. Her hands found his wide back, his bulging biceps rippling with strength, his eight-pack abs. Meanwhile, his hands were all over her tits, her shapely waist, her ass, her hot pussy. "Oh, Brett, you're like Poseidon himself graced me with his godlike presence," she moaned as she straddled his tree trunk legs, jerking his throbbing cock. "I love it when you fill me with your cock." Moaning, she impaled her pussy on his member, riding him like a cowgirl as he bucked his hips in time with her. His mouth found a nipple, and he sucked on it like a baby would. He gave a growl of lust and passion as he fucked her expertly, the result of many years of practice. His model looks, bodybuilder's muscles, and porn star cock got him many sexual partners over the years, including half the people in this gated community. "Let's take this somewhere else," he growled as he held her close. With no visible effort, he stood up, his powerful arm beneath her ass, and exited the pool. She moaned as she always did, in lust with his superior strength and power. He plowed her with wild abandon, her legs around his rock-hard waist as his arms rippled with strength. "Oh, Brett, you are a god," Helena cried out, her voice rough with lust and her impending orgasm. "You're more man than anyone deserves, so powerful, so beautiful. I love you, my god." She shuddered in orgasm as he continued fucking her, his own orgasm nearing. "Rrrgh, so close, Mrs. M. So close to blowing. You ready?" He could feel his balls churning with a heavy load, as they often did. She moaned in lust, the closest she would get to saying yes. Releasing his hold on his balls, he let out a roar as he came, filling her with volley after volley of cum. After a couple of minutes, they descended from their mutual orgasms. Lowering her to the reclining chair, he slide his cock out of her pussy, just as he heard the door open. "Oh, hello, Brett," Alec Martinson said, as casual as if he was used to seeing his wife passed out from getting fucked by the pool boy. "I see you've started your treatment for your stage-3 hypertesticulosis." "Yup, and Mrs. M was kind enough to help me start," Brett rumbled as he used a moist towelette to clean off his sticky cock. "Though, I think I still need to continue my treatment." He bounced his pecs invitingly as Alec put his bag down near the sliding glass door to the office he and his wife shared. Alec removed his gray polo shirt, revealing a physique that, while nowhere near the same quality as Brett, was very respectable for a man in his forties. It was Alec, who was also a practicing doctor, that diagnosed Brett with the rare genetic disorder. Similar in ways to hypergonadism, hypertesticulosis was especially prominent in the men in Brett's family. Production of testosterone was higher than expected for hypergonadism, and, as the condition progressed through its three stages, it became more and more pronounced. Eventually, it got to the point where his semen production was so high that he needed to cum multiple times a day to prevent pain and discomfort. The benefit to his condition was that increased testosterone aided his muscle growth, so he was the most massive and ripped of every guy around him. Wasting no time, Alec dropped to his knees as he continued undressing, licking and sucking the massive throbbing member of the muscle-god before him. Before long, he was naked and horny as if he had never jerked off that morning, a mental image of Brett conjured in his mind. Brett flexed, his biceps forming twin peaks of rock-hard sinew as Alec worshiped fervently, his own body a tribute to the god in front of him. "Fuck, you're so hot, Brett," he moaned, his hand pumping away on his cock. "So much bigger and stronger than everyone. It's why I lift, my god. I lift to make my body a temple to your glory. Please, my god, bless my body with your divine cum." Alec slowly stood, his tongue slaloming among the eight brick-like protrusions of Brett's washboard abs, between the valley of his massive pecs, finally ending at his bull-like neck. "Take me, my god. I'm yours." With a growl of lust, Brett lifted Alec with both arms, his biceps rippling with power, and plunged his cock into Alec's ass. "Rrragh, you like that, Alec?" he growled, his own passion overtaking him. "You like your god plowing you? Claiming you as mine with every fuck?" "Ye-e-es, my g-o-o-od," he moaned, his voice shaking with the effort of getting fucked to high heaven and back. "Breed me, my god. Breed me like you bred my wife." They kept at it for hours, with Brett filling Alec's ass just as Helena woke up. After finishing with him, Helena took Brett's cock in her ass while her husband filled her pussy with his own cock, an impressive eight inches that was dwarfed by Brett's eleven-inch monster. They fucked multiple ways in multiple positions, eventually ending with both Helena and Alec passed out poolside, their bodies exhausted from sex and covered in Brett's cum. After cleaning himself up, Brett left the Martinsons to sleep off their sexual encounter as he moved on to the neighbor's house. Brett couldn't wait to "clean the pool" of the Kazinsky family, especially since model Sheila would have her twin sister Tina over.
  10. @debate1 My guess is the old rule of show business applies here: always leave them wanting more. Very hot, and well written.
  11. Just started at Knockout Fitness a couple of weeks ago, and I think I have a decent split down. However, I'm still trying to iron out a few kinks. (Giggity.) So far, I have: Monday: Chest, Triceps, and Shoulders Wednesday: Legs (including Calves) and Core (which may or may not include lower back) Friday: Back and Biceps Would this work for a beginner who is aiming for a bodybuilder's physique, (i.e. gaining lean muscle) or should I go another direction? Any help is appreciated.
  12. Well, finally bit the bullet and joined Knockout Fitness. Once I set up something resembling a reasonable workout schedule, I'll start the following Monday. Here goes... something, I hope.
  13. Awesome post! I have to admit, I'm picturing a testimonial to look like this: John writes: "Can't believe that I didn't find your products sooner! I just had the best Spring Break of my life thanks to Workout Wax - Bodybuilder, Model Moisturizers, Pheromone Perfume and Footlong Lotion. Not only was I one of the tallest, most muscular guys there, but I was scoring babes left and right. The first night I was there, I picked up three girls just while I was checking into the hotel. I had them moaning and cumming all night from flexing my Olympia-worthy muscles and plowing them with my porn star-quality cock. I definitely recommended these products to my chess club friends back home."
  14. I might just try out the Knockout Fitness on Atlantic. It's within my budget, and relatively close to where I live.
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