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  1. Music can clearly influence one's emotional state, from relaxing in the evening to Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata to releasing pent-up anger with many heavy metal songs. So I figured I'd pose this to the community. What are some of the songs you listen to while lifting?
  2. Videos like this tend to attract three kinds of viewers on Youtube: 1) gay muscle-worshipers, 2) people who, while not necessarily a muscle-worshiper, appreciate the work that was put into his physique (e.g. other athletes), and 3) people who are quick to accuse the bodybuilder of pumping themselves full of steroids, HGH, synthol, etc. The down-votes likely came from camp number 3.
  3. growth

    Very well-written. The ending does seem to imply a sequel; is there one in the works?
  4. There was one (I think it was in the unfiltered section) about a massively muscled, anthropomorphic hyena who ended up getting worshiped by the cheetah principal before filling her to capacity with his cum.
  5. It's easy for me to write about someone growing the kind of muscles that stretch clothes and bulge in the right places. But for me to morph myself, not so much. The two things that limit me are finances and motivation. The first will take a lot of work, but I can start on the second. Well, here goes nothing...

    1. flamedelft


      Hey, I'm sure you'll do great, remember that the guys here will cheer you on :)

  6. I know it's three whole months until Halloween, (I work in retail, so I blame them) but hear me out. Likely some will start making their costumes from now, while some will buy it at the last minute. I figured the muscle-heads who make their costumes can get some ideas from here and get started early. Besides the generic costumes for muscular guys, (togas, Conan, superheroes) what are some ideas? The only thing I have is Machoke, since Pokemon Go is now more popular than porn and there's likely to be an upsurge of Pokemon-themed costumes.
  7. If only I were five years younger...
  8. Very nice start. I never thought of using nanites as a plot token, but, if you don't mind, I just might borrow this idea of yours.
  9. I recommend Skyrim, since its character creation system is quite extensive and you can shape your gameplay based on the skills you choose to master. Spell-casting archer? Sneaky assassin? Armor-plated juggernaut? Go for it!
  10. Here's the rough translation for those who don't speak Spanish. The title says "I'm looking for this story almost desperate." "The story deals with) a little guy who knows a gigantic muscular adonis in the office where he works. They talk a while, and the giant invites the little guy to dinner. In the restaurant where they have dinner, the giant eats two entire chickens by himself and much more food and even bringing the waitress to the bathroon where they have sex. Later, now calm, he returns to continue his dinner with the smaller man. Then they go to the smaller man's apartment, where he lives alone with his cat. The big guy submits his ass to the little guy." As compensation for the one who points him to this story, he's offering "a part of my collection of all kinds of muscular images."
  11. It's comforting to know that I'm not the only one in that metaphorical boat. I'm still not sure about my sexuality at 33 years old for... personal reasons. When I see a guy with impressive muscles, I'm not sure if I want to be *with* a guy like that, or if I just want to *be* a guy like that. A good example is my current job (one of them) as a 1-to-1 para-educator (similar to a teacher's assistant) in an elementary school. The teacher is a guy who, despite being about 2 inches shorter than me, (I'm 5'7") is far more muscular than I am. On one hand, I want to ask him about workout tips and the best routines for putting on muscle, but on the other I'm kind of ashamed about liking the look of big muscles. Long story short, I'm the one obstacle that stands between me and having the kind of body that I would be proud of showing off.
  12. The Greek gods are as simple as a toga, although statues of Hermes have him looking a bit twink-ish. For Apollo, a toga with a laurel wreath works; for Hercules, you would need either a faux lion skin or a club with the toga. Of course, if you're ripped enough, just go as one of the Spartans from "300" and get used to being constantly asked, "What is your profession?"
  13. muscle-growth

    I could comment on the language-mangling skill of Americans, but I'll just shut my mouth.
  14. muscle-growth

    Interesting way to get things started, and a hero move by Nate. Quick question: am I correct in assuming that "Maccas" is what McDonalds is called Down Under?