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  1. Haha! No - the posers would definitely be shinier!
  2. Maybe a bit like this guy but cockier and more British looking?
  3. If ONLY Luke knew just how much Woody's been thinking about his cute arse in his posing trunks! On another note, guys - could this be Luke after 6 months of being at Muscle University? He's even wearing geeky Captain America boxers!
  4. Haha!! Did you learn nothing from AJ & Noah, mate? Any such thing is not gonna come that quickly and easily in my stories!
  5. Thanks so much, matie. I'm happy you're enjoying it and it's great to see someone new commenting!
  6. Thank you, matie! Yes Woody acted like a twat but having feelings for someone can sometimes make us do stupid things and act in ways that surprise us. That's weird that your comment was edited cause my chapters have loads of profanities in them?
  7. Fourteen It feels like my whole body is buzzing as I lead Luke to the only gay bar I know in Glasgow. There’s a drag queen standing outside the pub who gasps when he sees me and puts his arms out. “You’re back!” he squeals. I sort of remember him from last time? Clearly he remembers me. I have to say it’s a pretty nice welcome anyway. He squeezes me and calls me gorgeous. All the time Luke’s giving me this surprised smirk. “Who’s your cute friend?” the drag queen asks, looking Luke up and down. He suddenly looks all nervous. “This is Luke!” I say, my insides fluttering. “Straight?” “Nope!” I reply for Luke, my chest expanding at the thought. Because Luke is gay. He’s actually gay! The drag queen embraces Luke and kisses him on the cheek. As we go inside the bar I hear him exclaiming, “He’s GORGEOUS!” to someone. Luke looks at me wide eyed with this knowing smirk. “How many times have you been here?” “Once! Like, months ago!” “Well you obviously made an impression!” I pull a face and shrug. It’s kind of funny. Normally I’d have replied to something like that with a cocky remark, but I just don’t feel like being that guy at the moment. Maybe it’s because I’m slightly out of my comfort zone here. Not that I feel uncomfortable in gay pubs and clubs, but it’s never really felt like my world. Bodybuilding. Pumped up muscle freaks in shiny posers. That’s my world. This is more just a fun place to visit every now and then. We head to the bar and Jesus, we’re getting so many looks. I don’t feel like they’re just looking at me though. There’s no denying that Luke’s a fucking catch. Whether he actually knows that or not I have no idea. He doesn’t seem to. He’s acting exactly the same as he acts everywhere else. His lovely, sweet, kinda shy but confident self. We buy a round of drinks and the rather hot barman gives me this look. He definitely fucking fancies me. If I wasn’t with Luke, or if I was with Emily in Bristol, I might end up pulling him. Maybe even going back to his. And he’d probably be just as keen and eager as pretty much all of the guys I pull are. Texting me the next day. Wanting to see me again. And, as usual, I’d probably feel next to nothing towards him. “You’re definitely causing a bit of a stir! AGAIN!” Luke tells me as we find a table to sit at. People around us are twisting their heads to look at the big bodybuilder guy and his smaller but cute mate. Even so more than in the straight pub we just went to. Which I guess kinda figures. No matter how many times it happens, getting attention because of my body and my muscles never stops becoming a rush. It’s almost like my drug of choice. “No wonder you’re starved for attention back at campus!” Luke says, smirking. “You know it’s not just me they’re looking at?” He suddenly looks uncomfortable. And a little embarrassed. He looks down and but then his mouth curls into me this coy, little grin. Maybe Luke actually does know what a catch he is. “So … I gotta ask. Did you know? About me?” “I had a suspicion!” he says, with this big mischievous smirk. “How? I mean … what was it?” Luke shrugs. “Hmmm. Just ... certain traits, I guess!” “Like what?” I ask, grinning. “Hmmm. Well, for a start, you’re kinda mean spirited!” I laugh. “What?! How am I … mean spirited?” Luke folds his arms and pulls an animated face. “So what’s the deal? You being here. Did you win a competition or something?” he says, imitating what I said to him the first day we met. I howl. “That is the worst impression of me I’ve ever seen!” Luke giggles. That cute, goofy one he does when we’re watching that stupid cartoon he loves. “Anyway that’s not mean spirited. That’s just … giving someone a witty put down!” He raises one eyebrow. “If you say so!” he says with a teasing smirk. “No - I just … kinda had a sense I guess!” He gives me a coy smirk and I feel an odd pinch of excitement. “Plus … you know, you have a LOT of posing trunks!” I let out a shocked laugh. I can’t believe he just said that. He’s just looking at me with this teasing smirk. “I … like posing trunks!” I say with a casual shrug. But he’s got me. And he knows it. Oh God. Has Luke seen the way I look at him when he’s only wearing his shiny posers? Noticed me checking out his arse even? Wait - does Luke suspect I like him? Fuck. No - surely I’m not that obvious? “So … there must be other gay guys at Montgomery!” Luke says. I know it’s ridiculous but something about that comment stings. I know there’s probably nothing behind it, but there’s a voice in my head that’s asking, “Why do you need to meet other gay guys? Am I not enough?” “I’m honestly not sure if there is!” I reply. “I mean, gay bodybuilders aren’t really a common breed are they?” And now I’m thinking about Deano and Shaun’s comments. Their warning about flirting with gay dudes on Instagram. And the suggestion that it might hinder my career. And Mike Hancox’s instructions to remove my flirtatious comments. And his comment. “Creepy little gay dudes!” And the face he pulled when he said it. Ugh. That fucking face. “Have you met any? Gay bodybuilders?” Luke asks, biting his lip. “Ahem … is this a fourth question now? I’m not obliged to answer this one!” I tease. Luke grins at me. But he’s got this hopeful look on his face. “I’ve only met one!” I confess. “That I knew for sure was gay!” I can tell Luke’s curious and eager to know more. I feel a rush of excitement at the thought of telling him the story. “Who was he?” he asks, his voice unable to mask his nerves, which makes me smile even more. “James Newman. This little Welsh pocket rocket!” Fuck. I feel a pang of nerves that I’m telling Luke this. But I’m excited too. “We competed at the NABBA Mr Britain together last summer. I was in the juniors obviously. He was a class 4 guy. Class 4 are the short, stacked guys like Deano!” Luke gives me a little smile and nods. Like he already knows. Because of course he does. His dad competed in NABBA shows for a start. “He added me to Instagram about a week before the show and sent me a few messages. Just saying he was competing too. He said to say hello if I saw him backstage. I didn’t really think anything of it. I just thought he was being friendly, you know?” “And then, when I was backstage, this short wide bull of a bodybuilder in these super shiny golden posers comes up to me and says hello like I knew him. And then it clicked who he was! He looked so much bigger in the flesh. Proper fucking shredded too!” Luke’s listening so intently. I can tell he’s really interested. And now I’m wondering whether Luke gets turned on by shredded muscle and bodybuilders the same way I do. I mean, he did choose Johnny Hoxton as his someone who was his type. “Got a picture?” I smirk and get my phone out of my pocket without saying anything. Luke’s mouth curls into an excited little grin. I load up Instagram and gets James Newman’s profile up and hand my phone to Luke. His eyes comically bulge as he looks at the screen. “Wow!” “He’s pretty awesome, isn't he?” Luke smiles and nods and then his expression drops a little and I don’t know really know why. He hands my phone back and it’s like he’s bothered about something. Maybe he fears that he’ll never get that big or shredded? I feel a sharp tug in my chest seeing that expression on Luke’s face. “That’ll be you one day! Only … taller obviously!” I say, smiling at him and taking my phone back. His face lights up almost immediately and he gives me this adorably coy grin. Jesus. This boy. “So how did you know he was gay?” I smirk. “Well, I didn’t at first. He asked me where I was staying. Which, hmmm, I thought was slightly odd. Anyway, turns out we were staying at the same hotel. He asked if I’d be up for filming a video for his Instagram.” Fuck. Luke is so interested. He’s biting his lip. It’s like he’s hanging on every word. I’ve only ever told Emily this story before. “That’s when the alarm bells started ringing. I was thinking, is this guy coming on to me? I couldn’t really tell for sure, but I was definitely picking up a vibe.” Luke nods and I pause and just look at him before continuing. Almost like I’m teasing him. He looks kind of nervous. He looks at his glass of vodka and coke and picks it up. “So what happened?” he says, not making eye contact. I smirk and when he looks up at me, he gives me a little smirk back before burying his face in his glass. I shrug. “Went to his room and filmed a video of him posing in his trunks!” “And then he said, by the way I’m a massive gay?” I howl and Luke has the same cute expression he always has whenever he makes me laugh. Like he’s all proud of himself. “Not … exactly!” I tell him, still grinning like mad from his joke. I take a deep breath and I feel a rush of excitement at what I’m about to divulge. “When he was done posing he came over to me to look at the video I’d just filmed on his phone. And he was standing really close to me. Like, unusually close! And we watched the video together and he was commenting on it, saying things like, ‘God I look crazy. So jacked!’ and it was like the atmosphere kinda changed.” It’s kind of funny. Because, as I’m telling this story, the atmosphere here is changing right now. There’s this sort of tension. Luke looks more interested than ever. And I’m also starting to swell in my jeans under the bloody table. “Then he said something like, ‘I can hit some more poses for you if you like!’ And he was just giving me this look!” I tell Luke, who’s biting his lip. “So I said yeah!” Fuck, my heart starts beating faster. “And he’s still standing, like, right next to me. In nothing but his golden posers. And then … he curled his fist and just, like, flexed his bicep!” I say. Fuuuuck. What a rush to tell this to Luke. And now I’ve got a full on fucking hard on. “He’s just standing there flexing his bicep for me. And it’s, like, huge and bulging!” Luke’s blushing a little. And now I’m wondering whether he’s got a hard on too. Jesus. What a thought. “Then what?” he asks, looking nervous. I smirk and shrug. “I said, “Hmmm. Pretty impressive bicep. Mine’s bigger though!” Luke’s mouth curls into this big grin and he rolls his eyes playfully. “I can just imagine you saying that!” I grin back at Luke. I could go on. I could tell him how insanely horny it was to wrap my fingers around James Newman’s flexed biceps. How my dick juddered as he flexed and squeezed and cheekily grunted in my ear. How he reached over and started to feel my own biceps, this look of awe and pleasure on his face. And how good it felt to flex for someone who was clearly turned on by my muscles. I could tell Luke about the rush I experienced as James squeezed my thick pecs, felt my shredded abs and slapped my bronzed quads. I could even tell him that the image of short, stacked, pocket rocket James bent over on all fours, tanned and shredded from the show as I fucked his huge muscled arse is still ingrained in my memory like it only happened yesterday. “Did you see him again?” Luke asks. “Nah! But we’ve messaged each a few times on Instagram. I would though! It was … pretty fucking hot!” I confess, my stomach clenching and my hard on juddering in my jeans as I confess that to Luke. I can’t believe I’m talking to him like this. That I’m telling him stories about having sex with bodybuilders. “So what about you? Ever bagged yourself a bodybuilder?” Luke pulls a face. “NO!” he scoffs. I laugh. “It’s not that unlikely of a scenario is it? I mean, it happened to me!” Luke shakes his head. “I couldn’t pull a bodybuilder!” “What?!” I cry, “why not?!” He pulls a face at me like the answer is obvious. “Trust me, Woody, a gay bodybuilder would not be interested in me!” Oh my God! A part of me wants to laugh out loud. Because a gay bodybuilder already is interested in him. A gay bodybuilder who’s been continuously thinking about how cute his arse looks in his shiny posers for weeks. And has had multiple thoughts about kissing him. Amongst other things. A gay bodybuilder who’s sitting opposite him right now. I try and act casual so I shrug. “Don’t see why not!” I say, looking into my glass instead of at Luke before burying my face in it. “I’m pretty sure a bodybuilder would only be interested in other bodybuilders!” Luke says, firmly. He seems so fucking convinced. Which means he obviously doesn’t suspect I like him after all. And that I’m clearly doing a very good bloody job of covering up my feelings for him. “Well, that problem will be solved soon!” I tell him. “Mr Geek to Freak!” And then I smile at him and he grins back. I need to get away from this topic and fast. I look around. The pub’s getting pretty busy. People are still glancing in our direction. “Shall we go mingle a bit?” Luke’s expression drops a little. Like he doesn’t want to. I’m guessing maybe he’s not very comfortable with talking to strangers? “Sure!” he says, giving me a slightly forced smile. We go to the bar and God, so many people are looking. I glance over at Luke and he’s giving me this knowing smirk. He’s standing really close to me. There’s a mirror behind the bar and I catch our reflection in it. I have to say, we look pretty fucking good together. The big, hunky bodybuilder and the smaller, cute geek. We lock eyes and he gives me this adorable little smile and my chest feels like it’s about to explode. I notice a group of three pretty beefy looking lads as I wait for our drinks standing at a little distance from the bar. They’re the most muscular guys in here after me and they’ve clearly noticed me. They’re all pretty good looking too. I’m kind of interested in talking to them, but I don’t know how comfortable Luke would be with that. And I wouldn’t want to do anything to make him feel uncomfortable. I’m kind of surprised at just how much I don’t want that. Once we’ve been served we make our way through the crowd of people waiting to be served with Luke in front of me when someone nudges my elbow. I turn around and it’s one of the three muscle guys. God he’s fit. Light brown skin, big pretty eyes, kinda boyish but handsome looks. “What’s your name?” he asks me. “Woody!” He gives me that look of surprise and amusement that I’ve received a dozen times before when I tell people that that’s my name and now I’m wondering why I didn’t just say Sebastian or Seb. But now he’s smiling at me and God, he really is gorgeous. I look back at Luke and he’s just standing there watching us and oh my fucking God. His face. He looks like a puppy that’s just been given a hard kick. I can’t say for sure that it’s because he’s jealous but my head is fucking spinning at the thought that it is. “I’m Adam!” the beautiful man says to me. I lean in, put my arm on his shoulder and give him a kiss on the cheek. I give him a kind smile before I turn and head towards Luke. His face seems to light up when he sees me approaching. I fully expect him to make a comment about Adam. “Oooh, you’ve pulled!” or something similar. But he doesn’t say anything. And I can’t help thinking that maybe that means something? “Worth the Uber fare and train journey?” I ask him. He rolls his eyes and then gives me a defeated nod. Ten minutes later and some guys stop to talk to us as they walk past. “Oooh, hasn’t he got gorgeous eyes?” one says to me, referring to Luke. My tummy flutters. Because yes, he really fucking has. Obviously I can’t say that though. I just smile at Luke and give him this teasing look at the fact he has a new admirer. The guy walks off and I get my phone out of my pocket. “Right, selfie time!” Luke groans. “Do we have to?” “Yes! Come on!” I order. I scoot closer to Luke and hold my phone out in front of us. I bring my face closer to his to get in the frame. His cheek is so close to mine and fuck, I feel like my whole body’s on fire. Luke’s got this happy smile on his face. I do a big, cheesy grin and take the picture. And then I feel a stab of disappointment as I back away from Luke. I look at the picture. Fuck. We look so good together. Luke’s little face next to mine. Those piercing blue eyes. Adorable cheek dimples. He looks so happy. I suddenly feel an arm around me. This older guy is looking at us with this warm, affectionate grin. “Very cute couple!” he says. Fuck. I’m almost scared to look at Luke. “Oh, errr … we’re not together!” I say to the stranger. And I feel a pull in my stomach as I say it. The man looks confused. “Why the fuck not?!” he exclaims, before walking away with his friends. Oh my God. I can not fucking believe he just said that. Things suddenly feel really awkward. Luke’s got this weird look on his face. Like he’s uncomfortable with what the guy said. “Just need the toilet!” I announce. As I walk away, I’m thinking about the “cute couple” comment. And how much I would love that to be true. For us to be together. But does Luke want that too? And if he doesn’t now, could he? Would nice, sweet, geeky Luke ever fall for a cocky, sarcastic, smart mouthed twat like me? When I reach the gents, I start to feel a bit weird. My hearts beating faster. My head’s started to spin. I go into one of the cubicles, sit down and cup my hands to my face. I know what’s happening to me. I’m totally freaking out about Luke again. Just like I did that day when we were sat on my bed and I suddenly wanted to kiss him. I'm freaking out about the fact that, for the first time ever, I actually really like someone. And it feels … fucking huge. And scary. And like I’m not in control of my feelings. And there’s this whole uncertainty over what’s gonna happen between us. If anything even could happen. Jesus, Woody. Get it together. In a few weeks time you’ll probably be over this whole Luke thing. You’ll probably look back at this moment and laugh. Maybe I just need to go back out there and pull a hot guy? That Adam dude? And Luke will roll his eyes and smirk at me and while I’m kissing hot boy Adam I’ll realise how utterly absurd it was that I ever thought I had feelings for a guy who wears Harry Potter boxer shorts and fucking Batman t-shirts. I pull myself together and head back out to the bar, expecting Luke to be stood there waiting for me. Except I’m walking back to something else. A sight which makes my stomach lurch. Luke is there alright, but he’s not alone. There’s another guy standing next to him. A pretty fucking hot guy, in fact, with his hand on Luke’s shoulder whispering into his ear. Fuck. I’m suddenly filled with an intense dislike for this guy. And I don’t even know who he is. Luke’s eyes widen as I approach him. “We need to go!” I say, flatly. His face drops. He looks surprised. And totally confused. “Oh!” he says. The guy looks at me and smiles and I now recognise him as one of Adam’s friends. I give him a fake smile back. I don’t give a shit if it comes across as rude. “Ready?” I ask a still confused looking Luke. “Woody - are you okay?” he asks as he follows me out of the pub. This look of concern on his face. “Mmmm!” I reply. “Oh-kayy!” he says, clearly not convinced. Now we’re outside and walking away from the pub, I’m starting to calm down a little. I’m starting to realise how utterly fucking ridiculous I’m being. And how much I just completely overreacted. “Have I done something wrong?” he asks. Fuck. I feel a sharp stab of guilt. “No!” I say, shrugging. “Just had enough! I can only take being in those places for so long!” Which is a complete fucking lie. Luke nods. “That guy was asking me about you, by the way! He wanted to know … well, if you were single!” So he wasn’t trying to pull Luke after all. It was me he liked. Jesus. I’m such a fucking twat. I shrug. “I guessed as much!” I say, matter of factly. We’re pretty silent for most of the train journey back to Little Hatton. Things aren’t necessarily awkward but it’s like there’s this unspoken thing between us. And a sense that the night has pretty much been killed. Which it was. By me acting like a complete dick. The more I think about it, the more I’m surprised at how I acted back in the pub. Maybe it was the alcohol. I dunno. Just seeing Luke with that guy. The thought that someone else could have him instead of me. It just did something to me that I can’t explain. Luke doesn’t question me again or ask if I’m okay. Maybe he doesn’t really care. Maybe he’s just thinking that, despite the way it ended, he still had a good night. Or maybe he’s thinking that he’s definitely not going to go out with me again if I’m just gonna go from being fine and happy and talking selfies to suddenly being rude and pissed off for no reason and demanding we leave the pub. Our Uber’s waiting for us when we get to the Little Hatton train station. It’s a different driver than before. This one’s not as friendly. Or as happy. We both climb in the back. It’s late and I’m tired. I just want to get back to my bed. I hope things will be okay between me and Luke tomorrow. I hope they’ll be back to normal. I have a feeling I might need to give him a better explanation for my sudden change of mood though and for dragging him out of the bar. I have no idea what I’m going to say. Half way through the journey I look over at Luke. He’s fallen asleep, his head cocked down, his little chin resting on his chest and his eyes closed. My insides start to melt. He looks so cute. I can't help smiling as I take him in. Luke in his skinny jeans and bright blue downs jacket. I can’t believe I fucked up the night. I wish I could rewind time and just go back to the moment where my face was close to his and I was taking a selfie of us with my phone. I suddenly have this image of me lifting a still sleeping Luke out of the Uber and carrying him back to our dorm room. His sleepy head resting on my chest as I do. Then gently putting him into bed when we get to the room. Pulling his duvet over him, careful not to wake him. I have no idea whether that’s creepy, cute or just plain fucking weird. Watching him sleeping, it hits me just how much I actually do like Luke. And it’s funny. Because, for the moment at least, I no longer feel scared or freaked out. The way I feel about Luke. It feels big. And special. Maybe even kind of beautiful.
  8. Hehe - thanks, matie. Next chapter will be posted shortly.
  9. Hehe - awesome, mate. I was hoping someone would pick up on it! Guys - I'm loving these theories about how AJ and Woody could have already met! That could have been a good twist actually. Woody mentions to Luke that he had a thing with a bodybuilder called AJ in Ibiza last summer but he already had a sort of boyfriend back home! It's actually not that unrealistic that these guys would meet at some point. Geography aside, the bodybuilding scene here in the UK is pretty small. They could easily be at an expo at the same time - or even competing in the same show. Both juniors in a NABBA/PCA Mr Britain or Mr Universe show. Not unlikely at all! And of course Noah would go along to support his boyfriend and Luke his roommate. And then there's the high probability that they could already be following each other on Instagram. I guess you'll just have to watch out for more Easter eggs.
  10. Awww. Thank you. That's really sweet!
  11. Ha! Well it's funny you say that because that guy from AJ & Noah (the beautiful but arrogant olive skinned muscle guy called Dale) is the same guy from chapter 11 of this story, who Woody referenced as being the first guy he ever went home with and who was really keen on him the next day. I'm not sure if anyone here picked up on that but I thought it would be a nice little Easter egg and a way to crossover the two stories. It's perfectly feasible too as Woody's hometown is just outside London, which you'll find out later in the story.
  12. Thanks for the love, guys! I loved writing this chapter - just the two of them, one on one away from Muscle University getting to know each other more. There's a bit more of that in the next one but safe to say a bodybuilder like Woody and his smaller but cute mate aren't gonna be left alone in a gay pub.
  13. Thanks, matie! The dialogue between the two leads has probably been one of the most fun aspects of the story for me to write. And the whole thing actually is novel length!
  14. Hehe! Thanks, mate. Nice use of emojis there!
  15. Thirteen Luke seems to relax once he knows where we’re going. He reminds me a few times that we’re crazy for going all the way to Glasgow for a spontaneous night out but I can tell he’s excited about the whole thing. He hasn’t said as much, but I very much get the sense that he’s secretly impressed by my spontaneity. That rush of being out with Luke and away from Muscle University doesn’t subside either. When I’m sitting opposite him on the train to Glasgow. When we’re walking through the streets trying to find a pub to go to. There’s something else that’s adding to the buzz I’m feeling. Everywhere we go, at the train station, in the streets, in the pub we decide on that’s kind of traditional but has this cool, bohemian feel to it, I notice people looking at me. People actually fucking paying attention to me and my body. Just like they do whenever I go to visit Emily in Bristol. Or anywhere that isn’t on the Montgomery University of Bodybuilding & Fitness campus. Luke has noticed it too. He looks at me a little differently as we stand at the bar getting looks from all directions. It’s like he’s sort in awe of me, just like he was when I was standing in front of him in our dorm room the other day flexing my insanely pumped muscles into a side chest pose. I really fucking love that my muscles have that effect on him. Would it be totally inappropriate to crank out a quick front double bicep in his face while we wait to be served? “I think you’re causing a bit of a stir!” he says to me, as we sit down at a table. I can tell he’s getting a kick out of the attention I’m receiving. I sigh. “The price of being a sexy monster!” Luke smirks and rolls his eyes as he takes his jacket off. “Right. Time to get the guns out!” I announce, standing up and removing my bomber jacket, my thick arms and brutally sized shoulders now on display and the top of my obscene pecs spilling out of my black vest. I sneakily look around and, as predicted, I’m definitely still getting looks. But something gives me a bigger kick when I look back and catch Luke looking straight at my chest with a slight smirk and a sort of awe-struck expression on his face. “You better get used to this kind of attention, Mr Geek to Freak!” Luke gives me a shy grin before he takes a swig of his drink. “Sooo ... better than the Students’ Union bar?” “God yeah! Not quite sure it’s worth that Uber fare though!” “Oh yeah. Cheers for that, dad!” I say, holding up my glass in a toast. “Luke! Look! We’ve escaped Muscle University. We’re with people who …” I gasp, “aren’t huge, freaky bodybuilders! I’d say the Uber fare was worth it!” Luke takes another swig of his drink. And now he’s got that look on his face. The one he gets when he wants to ask me something and is weighing up whether he should or not. I feel a flutter of excitement. Come on, Luke. Ask me if I’m gay. Ask me if I like you. Ask me if you can reach out and feel my flexed biceps. “Can I ask you a question?” God yes! I groan. “You’re not gonna go all Jeremy Kyle on me again are you?” He smirks and looks a little sheepish. Ask me if I want to fucking kiss you. “Do you do this with your friends back home? Analyse them to death?” He pulls a face and shrugs. “Mmmm! Not really. But I know them well so … I don’t really need to!” I roll my eyes and playfully sigh. “Go on then!” “Mmmm! Forget it!” Luke says shaking his head and taking a sip of his drink. Fuck! I went too far. I feel a kick to the stomach. “Okay, how about this. You get to ask me three questions that I have to answer. After those three I’m not obliged to answer anything!” His mouth curls into an excited grin. “Mmmm. Deal!” “Okay then. Fire away!” My body’s buzzing. My heart’s beating faster. Here it fucking comes... “Are you happy here?” Fuck! Well I wasn’t expecting that. My chest suddenly feels tight. It’s the first time anyone’s asked me that question since Johnny Hoxton right at the beginning of the school year. And even he didn’t ask me in such an open and direct manner. I suddenly feel a bit cagey. I have no idea how I’m supposed to answer Luke’s question, so I do what I always do in these situations. I resort to humour. “Mmmm. Yeah! It’s a pretty cool pub!” I say shrugging and looking around. Luke rolls his eyes. “You know what I mean. Are you happy at Montgomery?” And now he looks serious. Even a little nervous, like maybe he’s regretting it and realising that it might be too personal of a question. I groan and slump my shoulders down. “Sort of! I guess?” Luke’s biting his lip and looks at me pensively. “Sometimes I love it. Like, when I’m in Posing Practice 101. I mean I love most of the lectures. It’s pretty much the perfect uni course for me. But …” And now Luke’s giving me this kind, knowing smile. I let out a loud groan. “I just wish the uni was somewhere else! Like, imagine if it was in the middle of London. And we could live off campus!” Luke bites his lip and nods. “Or another city! I mean, even just closer to here would be better. But no, it has to be in the middle of fucking nowhere!” Huh. It’s kind of funny. I was nervous about opening up and answering such a personal question. But now I have, I actually feel kind of relieved. But it’s not just that. It actually feels really good to have opened up to Luke. Maybe even a little exciting. “Hmmm. I see your point!” he says. “Although … in a way I think it’s kinda cool where it is!” I just glare at him like he’s crazy. “Well it kinda reminds me of Hogwarts!” I shake my head and laugh. “For fuck’s sake!” “Only with bodybuilders instead of wizards!” he adds giving me this big goofy grin. “See, that’s the other thing that pisses me off! Bodybuilders! Everywhere I bloody look!” “Is that why you like hanging out with me?” Luke asks, with a little smirk. “Woah, woah, woah! When did I say I like hanging out with you?!” Luke smirks but he looks a little coy too. And then his face drops a little. Like he’s not sure whether there was truth to my joke. My stomach clenches. And now I feel bad. If only Luke knew just how much I like hanging out with him. “Same again?” I ask, pointing to his glass. He frowns and shakes his head. “It’s my round!” Luke gets up and heads to the bar. I watch him walk away. His cute, pert arse straining the denim of his skinny jeans. His little lats stretching the material of his tight, white t-shirt. And something lurches in my stomach. I think there’s this part of me that doesn’t want to like Luke. Doesn’t want to be having these sorts of feelings for him. Maybe for anyone. But another part of me does. Like, really fucking does. I check Instagram on my phone while I wait for Luke to come back. “You are getting LOADS of looks!” he says to me grinning, when he returns to the table. I give him a cocky grin and take a sneaky look around. I notice a gang of lads looking in my direction. And a couple of other people. “I think I know what your Instagram profile’s missing, by the way!” I say, shaking my phone at him. “Oh God!” he says. “What?!” “A picture of you flexing in your shiny, blue posing trunks!” I say matter-of-factly. Luke laughs. “That is NOT happening!” “Why not?! We can take one when we get back to uni!” Oh Jesus. I can’t believe I just suggested that. I take a swig of my vodka and coke and bury my head in my glass for fear of my expression giving anything away. Me taking a picture of Luke in his shiny, blue posers. Luke standing in front of me again in his shiny, blue posers. Both a little tipsy. Both feeling brave. Say yes, Luke. Please say fucking yes. “Okay, second question!” he says, deflecting from the subject. “Already?!” I groan, playfully rolling my eyes. Maybe I should think about becoming a fucking actor? “Go on then!” Luke bites his lip and suddenly looks seriously again. “And I want an honest answer!” He breathes a deep sigh and his chest heaves up and down. Like’s he’s nervous to ask. Yes I’m gay. Yes I like you. YES I WANT TO FUCKING KISS YOU. “Am I completely delusional?” I’m completely thrown. “What?!” Luke’s not saying anything. He’s just sitting there with a serious expression. I feel a sharp tug in my stomach. “Luke, what do you mean?” He sighs. “I mean, this! Me being at Muscle University!” He looks so fucking cut up. It’s obviously something that he worries about. I just want to reach across the table and give him a big hug. Anything to take that expression of worry and doubt off his face. “Where is this coming from?” I ask him. Oh God. I hope it’s nothing I’ve said. “I saw that comment on your Instagram post!” Fuck. Something rises in my chest. I feel a sudden rage at that guy who was mean to Luke. “Ugh. Fuck that fucking dick!” I spit. Luke looks surprised at my reaction. “Luke, you can’t let what people say on the Internet get to you. You don’t think I get negative comments?” “It’s not just that. I mean, I know what the other lads must think of me!” “Luke - they’re not thinking anything! Well, apart from the fact that you wore Harry Potter boxers to Posing Practice 101!” His expression softens and his mouth curls into a big, cheeky grin. I suddenly feel like I want to melt. “Look … you’re obviously smaller than most of the other lads in our year!” He pulls a face. “Okay, all of the lads in our year. But I’ve told you before, you’ll make so many gains. And fast! I mean, they wouldn’t have let you in if they didn’t think you were serious about the bodybuilding thing!” He bites his lip and nods, looking less troubled. I know I’m getting through to him. I know I’m making him feel better. He looks out the window of the pub. “I guess …” and then he looks back at me and rolls his eyes, “I just have impostor syndrome or something!” “I mean, we all have moments of worrying that we’re not good enough!” I tell him. “And worrying about what people think of us!” He raises one eyebrow at me and smirks. “Even you? The self proclaimed sexy bastard?” I laugh. “YES, Luke. Even me!” Wow. I never open up to anyone like this. Other than Emily, of course. Even just the thought of admitting something that could be seen as a weakness to someone makes me feel anxious. And yet, with Luke, I really don’t mind. I really don’t mind at all. “My round!” I announce, jumping up and making my way to the bar. As I do, I wonder whether Luke is checking out my huge arse and pumped lats the way I did with him. A thought which excites me to an almost ridiculous degree. I can feel people’s eyes on me as I stand at the bar in my black vest waiting to be served. I twist my head to look at Luke. And sure enough, he’s looking right at me. Then he suddenly looks nervous and looks down at his phone. Fuck! I go back to the table with the drinks, then mysteriously wiggle my eyebrows at him and go back to the bar. When I come back with two shots of sambuca, Luke rolls his eyes and groans. “I might need this for when I answer your third question!” I tell him, holding the shot glass of sambuca up. My stomach clenches at the thought of what that question might be. Although judging from Luke’s previous two questions, maybe I shouldn’t get my hopes up. “I think you’ve got an admirer, by the way!” Luke tells me, signalling back to the bar. “Blonde girl in the blue dress!” I look back and this gorgeous blonde and her ridiculously fake tanned friend are looking right at me. I turn back and pull an “eeeek” face. “Not my type!” I say, shaking my head and burying my face in my glass. And now I’ve just realised what I said. Fuck! Luke suddenly looks a little awkward. Nervous, even. Ask me what my type is, Luke. Just ask me what my fucking type is. But he’s not saying anything. “Okay, hypothetical question!” I say to him. “What would you do if I went away and you had the room to yourself for the WHOLE weekend?” “That’s easy. I’d throw a huge ass party!” he jokes. “Who the fuck would you invite? Your only friend at uni would be away for the weekend?” Luke’s mouth hangs open a little and then he laughs. “Mmmm. Fair point! I’m blaming you for that!” “What do you mean?” “Well if I didn’t feel obliged to hang out with you all the time, I might actually make some other friends!” I laugh. “Oh, you’re obliged to hang out with me are you?” “Yep. I kinda feel bad that you don’t have many friends at Montgomery!” Ha! I love it. “Cheeky fucker!” I say, with a giggle. “It wouldn’t work being friends with the lads at uni. They’d just get jealous of me all the time. It’s the downfall of being this huge and handsome!” He smirks and rolls his eyes. “Whatever you say!” “Come on then! Answer my question. Whole weekend to yourself. What would you do?” Luke pulls a cute thinking face. “Hmmm. Oooh! I’d watch all the Harry Potter films. While just wearing my Harry Potter boxers!” I laugh. What a fucking image! “Why do I get the feeling that you’re not actually joking?” “I’m not!” “Well knock yourself out! I’m going to Bristol next weekend!” “Oh!” he says. And he suddenly looks a little winded. Fuck! “Cool!” he adds, trying to act casual. But he’s clearly bothered about the fact that I’m going away for the weekend. What the fuck does that mean? My insides are suddenly going crazy. “To stay with your friend?” Luke asks. Things suddenly feel a little awkward. “Yep!” I tell him. “It’s my birthday weekend!” His face softens. “Awww! Cool! So at what age does daddy stop letting you use his Uber account?” “When I become a pro bodybuilder. And stop saying daddy!” Luke smirks and looks at something over the shoulder. “Your admirer’s looking again!” he says with a cheeky grin. I shrug. “She’s only human!” He laughs. “Such a cocky bastard!” “Right - time for shots!” I say, reaching for my shot glass of sambuca. “Don’t you want your third question first?” Even though the questions so far have steered away from anything to do with my sexuality, for some reason I feel a weird stab of nerves. I pick up my glass. “Hit me with it!” Luke looks over my shoulder again, biting his lip. His expression turns serious. “Come on!” I order. “I’m thinking!” Luke looks down at the table in thought. Oh God. Just ask me. Just fucking ask me. “Okay!” he says. And then he looks up at me, and oh God - he suddenly looks nervous. “Promise to answer honestly?” Fuck! Surely this is it. Surely he’s gonna ask me. “I swear on my shiny pink posers!” His face breaks out in a smile. Then he turns serious again. “So …” Oh God. Here it comes. Luke’s looking over my shoulder again. “... if she’s not your type ...” And then he looks straight at me. His face full of uncertainty. “... who is?” Oh my fucking God. My chest is blowing up. My pulse is racing. And I have no idea what my face is doing. He did it. He actually fucking asked me the question. But then … oh shit. I suddenly feel panicked. Because what if, after of all this, Luke isn’t gay? And then I’m just a sad fucker with a massive crush on his straight roommate? Maybe that’s for the best. Maybe then I’ll stop thinking about wanting to kiss him and cuddle him. Maybe all of this madness and all these crazy thoughts will finally fucking end. But what if he is gay? What then? Oh God. I have to know. I just have to know. “I’ll tell you …” Fuck! “… but …” Fuckity fucking fuck! “... only if you answer the question too!” Luke looks nervous. But he’s smirking too. This excited little smirk. He cautiously nods at me. “Deal!” This is it. There’s no going back. “On the count of three, we both say a name of someone who’s our type at the same time, and then we down our shots!” I say, holding up my shot glass. “Okay!” Luke replies, picking up his shot glass too, looking even more nervous. “Could be someone famous!” I explain, “or … someone else! On the count of three …” I say, my heart beating faster. “One …” Say my name. Just say my fucking name. “Two …” Say Sebastian Wood. Say Sebastian cocky bastard twatface fucking Wood. “Three …” “JOHNNY HOXTON!” Luke blurts out over my answer of, “BLAINE HOLTON!” I down my sambuca shot in one and Jesus - my mouth and tongue are burning from the sharp, rancid taste. My head is spinning and my body feels like it’s on fire. But not because of the effects of the alcohol. But because Luke is gay. Cute, geeky Luke with his beautiful blue eyes and adorable dimple showing grin. Funny, awesome Luke with his hot little abs and sexy pert arse which spills out of the shiny blue material of his insanely hot posing trunks. Lovely, little Luke who I wanna kiss so very fucking much. “You fancy Johnny?!” Luke’s grimacing from the sambuca and sticking his tongue out. When the effect of the shot wear off, he’s just looking at me with this shy grin. He shrugs. “A bit!” he says sheepishly. “I guess I can see the attraction! I mean … he does have a pretty fantastic arse!” Oh my GOD. Did I actually just say those words out loud to Luke? He beams at me and I’m just smiling back and fuck - Luke’s gay. I literally feel like I want to explode. “So ... Blaine Holton?” he says, pulling a face. I laugh. “What’s wrong with Blaine?” “It’s just so … obvious!” I pull a so what face and shrug. “The man’s practically a fucking God!” Luke smiles but then his face suddenly drops, he breaks eye contact with me and looks down at the table in thought. Like something’s suddenly upset him. I have no idea what. Did I say something wrong? “So …” I begin. He looks up at me again. “Seems like I’m not the only gay guy at Montgomery University after all!” And now Luke’s smiling again. God those fucking dimples. He continues to smile back at me and fuck, suddenly there’s this atmosphere. And it feels like something is happening between us again. Just like it did when we were sitting on my bed the other day after the gym. My chest is expanding. My stomach’s going crazy. And all I wanna do right now is to lean over and kiss him. To kiss my definitely gay roommate Luke. “Right, drink up!” I order, reaching round to grab my jacket. Luke shoots me a confused look. “I’m taking you to a gay bar!”
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