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  1. The old Woody would have fucked Deano and then probably avoided him and ignored his texts the next day when he got too keen. Or maybe (just maybe), with the two of them being forced to see each other day and Deano being Deano, things would have been different.
  2. Loving these comments and predictions, guys! I'm so fucking tempted to give some hints as to what happens next but I'm gonna stick to my guns and remain tight lipped as usual!
  3. Thirty One I felt it this morning when I woke up in bed, Luke still asleep and his cute little face resting on his pillow next to mine. I felt it yesterday afternoon after Deano had left and Luke was curled into me on my bed. And I felt it for the whole of the evening too. When we were watching Harry Potter and were cuddled up to each other. When I came back from the bathroom to find him with my sketchbook in his hands, gazing lovingly at the sketch I drew of me kissing his cheek at the weekend. And all the times he asked me if I was sure I was okay, clearly able to sense that something wasn’t right with me, as Luke always bloody does, and I felt it all the times I convinced him that I was just tired from all the contest prep. And I’m still feeling it now as I’m sitting in my last Muscle Food, Diet & Supplements lecture of the term. This gut wrenching guilt. Because I kissed someone else. I kissed a guy who wasn’t Luke. And for the short time that I was doing it, I was into it. Oh God. Even though I don’t even like the guy I was kissing. Even though he annoys the shit out of me most of the time, for those few moments it has happening, I was fucking into it. I keep going over what happened in my head. I keep telling myself that I just got caught up in the heat of the moment. That Deano took me by surprise. That I was powerless. I mean, an actual competitive bodybuilder with wonky abs and huge tits and enormous shoulders and a massive fucking bubble butt (which even Luke said was hot!) who was pumped from the gym and wearing nothing but posing trunks rammed his fucking tongue down my throat and then climbed on top of me after having given me a hard on by flexing and posing in front of me. I mean, that’s the stuff of muscle fantasies right fucking there! How many other lads with a thing for bodybuilders wouldn’t have been turned on in that scenario? And I did stop it. Eventually I stopped it. I thought of Luke. I came to my senses. I knew I was doing something wrong. I pushed Deano and his freshly pumped up muscle mass and his warm, sticky skin off me. I took my hand off his thick, muscular back. His tongue eventually left my mouth! But there's a part of me that can’t help thinking that I probably should have stopped it sooner than I did. Wondering why the hell I let it go on for so long. Why I was gripping on to his sticky, muscular back while his pumped up pocket rocket muscle mass weighed me down. And why I didn't have the willpower to just back away straight away and tell Deano no like I did the second time he kissed me. Luke would have probably understood that. "Hey, Luke. Deano tried to kiss me. And yes - his lips met mine, but I promise, I fucking swear to you, that I stopped him straight away.” Who knows, he might have even been amused by the whole thing. But I didn’t. I let it happen. For way longer than it should have. And that’s what I’m convinced that Luke won’t understand. That’s where I think he’ll question things. Become paranoid and insecure. And ask me why I didn’t stop it straight away. And God - I wouldn’t blame him if he did. If the roles were reversed, if it was Luke who Deano had kissed and I had then found out, I’d be fucking furious. I got jealous in that bar in Glasgow just from seeing another guy whispering into Luke’s ear with his hand on his shoulder, for fuck’s sake! And okay, maybe there is some kind of sexual chemistry between me and Deano. However fucking weird and slightly wrong that feels. But surely Luke would see, surely he’d know, that whatever the fuck happened yesterday with Deano in that lust filled moment of complete and utter madness, and whatever I felt at the time, it fucking pails in comparison to what I feel for him. What I have been feeling for Luke for weeks. When I’m with him. When I kiss him. God - even when I'm just in the same fucking room as him and he's smiling at me with those fucking dimples on his cheeks and looking at me with those gorgeous bloody eyes I love so fucking much. How can that compare with a one minute kiss and fumble with a sweaty, pumped up bodybuilder I can’t fucking stand for the majority of the time? But what if Luke didn’t see things in that way? What if he saw the fact that I let someone kiss me for a few minutes as a betrayal? Which is why I really feel like it’s best that Luke doesn’t know what happened. At least for the time being. If that means keeping a secret from Luke, then so be it. I mean, I know I’ve never done this whole boyfriend thing before, but surely I don't have to tell Luke every single bloody thing that happens? “Woody! Can I have a quick word?” Johnny asks when the lesson comes to an end. I stay behind as everyone else files out of the classroom. “So … four days out from the show. How’s the prep going?” I nod my head. “Yeah. Good, sir.” “And … dare I ask? You and Deano?” My stomach tightens with nerves. Things between me and Deano are fine, sir. Other than the fact that he stuck his tongue down my throat and climbed on fucking top of me yesterday. Oh and has apparently been secretly harbouring feelings for me. “It’s … fine!” Johnny looks at me suspiciously. God - there’s no bullshitting Johnny is there? I suddenly realise how much of an absurd answer I gave him. As if spending time with Deano would ever be fucking “fine”. “Well … I mean, it is Deano! But … I guess he hasn’t annoyed me ALL of the time!” Johnny smiles and nods, looking a little bit pleased with himself. Ugh. If only he knew his little plan for me and Deano to work together has potentially caused a major fucking problem for me and Luke. But then, I guess if it weren’t for Johnny, there might not even be a “me and Luke” in the first place. “Well, I actually have some good news for you!” he says, mysteriously. “I’ve pulled a few strings and … I’ve managed to secure you your own room for next year!” Oh fuck. My heart drops. I totally wasn’t expecting him to say that! “Oh right!” I have no fucking idea what else to say. “It’s in Prince Hall, so your neighbours will mostly be third years!” Fuck. No! I’m nodding at him, but I don’t want this. I want to share with Luke. I want to BE with Luke. “You’ve done a great job with helping Luke out. He’s been doing really well these last few weeks!” I nod, biting my lip and trying to figure out what the hell to say. “Is everything okay, Woody? I was expecting you to be just a little bit happier!” he jokes. “Yeah! I mean …” I pause (shit!), “thanks, sir. For the room …” I pause again, figuring out how to tell him that I don’t actually want what he’s offering me without sounding like an ungrateful fucking prick. “Is it, like … a done deal?” I ask, my stomach clenching. Johnny looks at me suspiciously again. “The room’s yours, Woody!” Fuuuuck. I nod. Oh God. Here goes. “The thing is, sir, since Luke …” (Oh God!), “what I mean is ... I actually don’t mind sharing. Any more!” Johnny just looks at me like he’s studying my face. And now his mouth is curling into a cheeky smirk. “Do you want some time to think about it, Woody?” I breathe a sigh of relief and nod. “Sorry!” I say, awkwardly. He gives me a kind smile and shakes his head. “No need to be. I have to say, I am a little surprised. But … I know how well you and Luke get on!” Oh my GOD! My chest flutters. “And the room will just go to someone else, if you decide you don’t want it!” I nod at him, feeling a huge wave of relief. And then I suddenly have an awful fucking thought. “Wait - I will get to share with Luke again, won’t I?” Johnny smiles at me and nods. “First years get to choose who they share with in their second year. It actually makes it a lot easier if you stick with the same roommate!” I nod, feeling a little sheepish but happy. I turn to head out then stop and turn back. “Will we get a bigger room?” Johnny narrows his eyes at me. “Don’t fucking push it, Woody!” As I walk out of Johnny’s classroom for the last time this term, this huge wave of euphoria goes through me. Because I get to share with Luke again next year. Fuck! I get to wake up next to him every morning, wrap my arm around him and bury my face into the back of his neck, taking in that Luke scent I love so much. I get to see him walking around with his insanely cute arse nestled into whatever geeky boxer shorts he’s wearing that day. And I get to cuddle into his chest and squeeze him as we lie on his bed watching Harry Potter or Johnny Bravo or even that weird Dom and Cole shit. Something I’d fucking love to do right now. But I can’t. Because I have to go and do cardio with Deano. Shit. And now I’m suddenly nervous. Because I really don’t know how Deano is going to be with me today. Will things be awkward between us? Will he act weird around me? Or will he just be the same old Deano, both of us pretending that nothing happened between us yesterday? I still can’t believe that Deano Watkins actually likes me! What the actual fucking fuck? I mean, he didn’t so much as say the words, but he didn’t really need to. And now I’m wondering how long Deano has been harbouring these feelings for. Maybe it’s a recent thing or maybe it’s been brewing right from the start of the school year. And have those feelings intensified since we started working together on our assignment for the show? And what kind of thoughts has Deano had about me? Presumably kissing me. But what else? Has he lay in bed imagining I’m lying next to him, his arm around my waist and his head on my chest, cuddled up to me the way me and Luke do with each other every day? And now I’m getting closer to the gym, I’m suddenly wondering whether things will be awkward between us. Will he act weird around me? Or will he just be the same old Deano, both of pretending that nothing happened between us yesterday? I’m about to find out, because now in sight and standing by the entrance of the Watson House gym, looking like a pocket sized tank in his black Montgomery University hoodie and his gym backpack slung over the huge, boulder shoulder I had on my hand yesterday, is the boy who (against all odds) fucking kissed me yesterday on my bed. And, although he’s probably trying his best to not look it, I can tell that he’s nervous. “Alright!” I say, suddenly feeling nervous too. “Hey!” he says, clutching the handle of his backpack and not smiling. And now we’re going into the gym. And God it’s awkward. And it stays that way all the while we’re in the changing rooms. It’s like there’s this unspoken thing hanging in the air. An elephant in the room. An elephant who spends weeks insinuating that you’re gay then one day rams his tongue down your throat and straddles you on your bed wearing nothing but velvet posing trunks. The one good thing about cardio is that it doesn’t allow for much in the way of talking. Which me and Deano don’t do a lot of at all. In fact, I think it’s the quietest I’ve ever known him to be. And although it’s still awkward, it’s also pretty fucking refreshing to get through a gym session without Deano being his annoying, obnoxious self and constantly telling me how his way of doing things is better than mine. Maybe he should kiss me and confess to secretly having feelings for me so I can knock him back and bruise his ego more often. Is that kind of a shitty thing for me to wish for? “So … what was the last show you did?” I ask Deano as we walk back to the gym changing rooms. Things feel decisively less awkward than they were earlier having spent the last hour or so together, but there’s still a sense that things aren’t exactly normal between us. Or as normal as they ever were, at least. “NABBA South East last summer. Junior class,” he tells me. I nod. “Did you win?" He shoots me a look like I’ve just asked a stupid question. “Course!” I roll my eyes but I can’t help but smirk. And now Deano’s smirking a little too. And things suddenly seem just that little less weird. “So, we still need to go through my posing routine,” Deano says, his head buried in his locker, not looking at me. I can’t help but detect a hint of nerves in his voice. Shit. He’s right. Other than the last few days of training, that’s pretty much the last part of the assignment we need to complete. “Oh yeah!” I say, pulling my blue Montgomery hoodie over my head. Deano closes his locker, and now he’s looking at me, all of a sudden seeming really awkward. He’s doing this thing with his mouth. Like he’s rolling his tongue around the inside of his cheek. Maybe it’s a nervous thing? And suddenly I’m nervous too. Because I think I have a pretty good idea where this conversation is heading. “So, erm, when are you thinking?” Deano shrugs and pulls a face, still doing that thing with the side of his mouth. Fuck. He wants to do that now? I guess we have to do it sometime in the next three days. I suppose now is as good as time as ever. “Right. So, shall we, erm … go to the library or something?” He pulls a face. “Your room’s fine!” Wait - what? He has GOT to be fucking kidding right now. I thought the last thing Deano would want to do is be alone with me in my room again after yesterday. Unless … oh God. No. Surely he wouldn’t try anything again? Would he? As we walk back to my room I wonder what the chances are of Luke being in. Although, in one way, I think that might make things even more awkward. Me and Deano sat on my bed, the thought of what we did yesterday going round and round in my head as Luke is sat across the room on his bed, blissfully unaware that his boyfriend kissed someone else. As it turns out, Luke’s not in. And now we're in my room, things definitely feel awkward again like they did outside the gym earlier. Neither of us are really talking. And Deano keeps doing that thing with the inside of his mouth. As we both sit on my bed, I feel a knot in my stomach. Jesus. I can’t believe I’m here again. Sitting on my bed with fucking Deano! It's like I've gone right back to the scene of the fucking crime. I sit and play with my phone, trying to ignore the tension and awkward atmosphere as Deano scribbles down his routine next to me. When he’s finished he hands me his notebook. There’s a really weird moment when I take the book from him and we lock eyes. And I suddenly remember what happened yesterday before he kissed me. When he wouldn’t let go of his phone. I scan my eyes down the page, reading a description of the posing routine Deano will be performing at the end of term bodybuilding show on Saturday. “There’s quite a lot of rear poses!” He shrugs. “I’ve got a good back!” I nod and turn back to the page, now smiling as I think about making a joke that Deano has a certain other good attribute that can be seen from the back. Hmmm. Maybe mentioning his massive trunk devouring bubble butt wouldn’t be the best thing to do right now given the circumstances. “Instead of these back poses here …” I reach the notebook out to him and he leans in and oh GOD, “erm .... why don’t you do, like, another front lat spread? And maybe an abs and thighs?” Deano just gives a little nod, looking at the notebook and not making eye contact with me. Still doing that thing where he’s rolling his tongue around the inside of his mouth. “So what’s his name?” he says, still not looking at me. Oh shit. His voice sounds so weird. “What?!” “The boyfriend.” And now he looks up at me and he’s got this look on his face. And my stomach suddenly clenches. “Erm … Max!” I lie. Deano nods. But something flickers in his expression. Like (oh fuck!) he doesn’t quite believe me. “How does it work though? I mean, with you being here?” I can not believe he’s bringing this up. I thought he’d be too embarrassed to mention anything that happened yesterday. Or anything we spoke about. I shrug. “We see each other during the holidays!” I say, perhaps a little too defensively. I look back to Deano’s notebook. “Wait - what song are you posing to?” Deano doesn’t respond. He’s just sitting next to me doing that thing with the inside of his mouth. And then his eyes fall away from me and to the floor. “What if we didn’t tell anyone?” What the FUCK? Did he seriously just ask me that? “What do you mean?” (I know exactly what he means.) And Deano looks up again at me and my insides tighten. Because I see it again in his face. How much he likes me. “You were into it,” he says softly. Fuck. I shake my head gently. “Deano!” And now (oh GOD) he’s leaning towards me and his lips are on mine again. But it feels different to how it did yesterday. I back away and shake my head. “Deano. I can’t!” I say, looking into his eyes. No. Not can’t. I don’t want to. Because of Luke. Because I’m completely and utterly crazy about Luke. And with that thought, I suddenly feel a hell of a lot less guilty about my actions yesterday. Because this time I backed away sooner. This time I did the right thing. But Deano looks wounded. “I’m sorry!” I say to him. He immediately screws his face up, in typical Deano manner. But then his expression softens. Like he can’t be bothered to keep up the act. And now, sitting next to me, still looking like a pocket sized tank in his black Montgomery University hoodie, he just looks kinda sad. “So, there’s this bar I’ve been to in Glasgow a few times!” Deano looks confused and shakes his head. “What bar?” “Well ... its, like, a gay bar!” He screws up his face. “Why would I wanna go to a gay bar?” he spits. And it’s suddenly like regular Deano is back in the room. And now I have no fucking idea what to say. “Back in a sec!” I say, escaping to my bathroom. God - I hope this is the end of it. I hope now Deano’s got the picture. I’ve knocked him back twice. I’ve made it clear that I’m not interested. I’ve told him I have a boyfriend. What else is there left to say? When I go back to the room, Deano is stood up and packing his things into his backpack. “Oh. Are you going?” “Yep!” he says flatly, without looking at me. He seems pissed off. What the hell? “Okay!” I say, confused. “Don’t you wanna get this finished?” “Just … make the rest of it up!” he says, impatiently, still not looking at me. “Deano - are you okay?” He throws his backpack over his shoulder and looks at me, this cold look of disdain on his face. “Don’t be so fucking gay!” he spits. Oh WOW. So we’re back to this? Jesus! And then he turns (still not looking at me) and marches towards the door. “Okay. See ya tomorrow!” I say, pointedly. But Deano doesn’t say anything. And he doesn’t look back at me as he practically storms out of the room. And then my heart jumps into my fucking throat. Because a few seconds after Deano leaves, Luke walks in. “What’s up with him?” he asks, looking back at the door with an expression of confusion. I breathe a deep sigh and shake my head. “I have NO fucking idea!” And right now, I don’t fucking care. Because Luke’s here. My gorgeous little Hufflepuff Luke in his white Marvel t-shirt and black framed glasses. I walk up to him, wrap my arms under his and around his back, push my body up against him and kiss him with more conviction than any of the kisses we had this morning and last night. When we part lips, Luke’s grinning at me with a suspicious look on his face as he grips on to me. My big chest and stomach squashed against his. “Hey! I’m sorry if ...” my chest tightens, “I was a bit quiet yesterday.” Luke smiles and shrugs. “That’s okay. I was just a bit worried about you!” he says, his eyes veering to my chest. God - he is just so fucking sweet I can’t even. I give him a squeeze, my fingers digging into his back. “I was just … in a weird mood!” Luke bits his bottom lip and nods. “But … I’m over it!” I shake my head. “Completely over it!” And I am. Whatever happened yesterday with Deano. That crazy lust filled moment where I completely lost my head. I’m completely fucking over it. It never has to be mentioned or talked about again. Deano’s already gone back to his usual twat self judging from his behaviour earlier. I’m feeling considerably less guilty about our kiss after I knocked him back again. Me and Luke are back to where we should be. Everything has gone back to normal. Everything is how it should be. “So … Johnny asked to speak to me earlier after class!” Luke nods, suddenly looking a little nervous. “He’s … managed to get me my own room for next year,” I tell him. Luke’s face falls. “Oh right!” I smirk at him. “Obviously I’m gonna tell him I don’t want it!” And Luke his mouth is curling into a cute, little smirk. But then his expression turns serious. “Wait - are you sure?” I roll my eyes at him. “Luke Dean …” (I pull a face) “... Henderson, YES I’m fucking sure!”
  4. One Woody, Luke, Johnny and Deano meat feast coming up...
  5. You've got me thinking now, mate! Maybe I could do some bonus or hidden chapters featuring some of Woody's fantasies. He's sitting in Anatomy & Aesthetics looking at Johnny's fantastic arse in his unfashionable dad jeans and his mind start to wander. And then he imagines that, much like Deano, Johnny's turned on by muscle freaks too and loves nothing more than to get his massive arse filled by young, handsome, cocky bodybuilders. Just like...oooh...a certain Sebastian Wood!
  6. Yes, mate. I have the timeline of the story in my head and I always have a rough idea of what day, or at least what part, of the week it is. I also make sure certain lessons always fall on the same day to keep things consistent.
  7. I had a feeling there would be a couple of comments like these!
  8. Thirty Oh God. Oh Jesus. Deano Watkins is kissing me. His lips are pressed hard against mine. And Oh God. Oh JESUS. I’m fucking kissing him back! And now his stacked, muscular body is coming closer to mine. And now he’s climbing on fucking top of me. I can feel the heat coming off his pumped mass. And the stickiness of his hot skin. My hand on his crazily huge, rock hard (fuck!) shoulder. And now I’m falling back on my bed as Deano straddles me, my hand slipping to his thick, muscular back. His pecs squashing against mine. His wonky abs on my blocky abs. Hard pumped muscle on hard pumped muscle. His big wet tongue filling up my mouth and oh my GOD. I’m so fucking hard right now. Deano’s on top of me and kissing me and I’m so … fucking … HARD. And it’s weird, because it’s Deano, and it’s different to how it feels kissing Luke and oh shit. Oh fuck. Luke! What the fuck am I doing? Deano’s huge back. Luke. Deano’s heavy mass on mine. Luke! Deano’s fucking tongue. Luke, Luke, LUKE! And now I’m seriously panicking. I groan and try and pull away, but Deano’s not letting me go. I try and push him off me, but he’s not budging. I let out a muffled groan, squirming and pushing him harder and he finally takes the hint and releases his lips from mine. And now I’m looking at his face. That twat fucking face that annoys the shitting hell out of me for the majority of the time. And oh my GOD. What have I done? What the HELL have I done? Deano gets off me and I sit up and put my head in my hands. “Fuck!” I whisper to myself. My head is spinning. My stomach in knots. I just kissed Deano. No - Deano kissed ME. But I let him. And I kissed him back. I just kissed someone back who wasn’t Luke Henderson. My amazing, gorgeous boyfriend Luke Henderson. Fuuuuuck! Deano’s just sat next to me, catching his breath. He looks so lost right now. “What the hell, Deano? You’re GAY?!” He screws his face up in disgust. “NO!” he scoffs, like it’s an absurd accusation. I let out a little laugh. I can’t fucking help it. “Erm … you just kissed me! I’m getting pretty big gay vibes right now!” He lets out a deep sigh. “I’m not gay, okay? I like girls!” “So ... you’re bi?” He screws his face up again, looking deeply uncomfortable. I shake my head. “Jesus, Deano!” “I don’t know what I am,” he says looking out to the room, his voice sounding small. And wow. For the first time ever, I actually feel sorry for him. He sighs and looks at me, this nervous look on his face. I can tell this is a big deal for Deano. And something that he’s clearly been struggling with. God - all this fucking time? “I like girls!” he tells me again with conviction. And I believe him. “But …” and then he looks out to the room again. I follow his eyes. He’s looking straight at the poster of Tommy “The Tank” Foster, in shredded competition condition and flexing a crazy abs and thighs in his shiny yellow posers above Luke’s bed. Oh God. Luke! My stomach clenches sharply again. “It’s THAT!” he says pointing at Tommy. And now I’m finding myself starting to smile. “I see … bodybuilders and ....” his voice trails off and he looks uncomfortable again. Oh my GOD! He doesn’t have to say anything more. He gets turned on by bodybuilders. Deano gets turned on by shredded fucking bodybuilders in shiny fucking posing trunks. I can’t deny that there’s a part of me that’s getting a pretty big kick out of knowing that right now. Especially after all the pathetic gay remarks he’s been throwing at me the past few weeks. “Does that make me …” (he rolls his eyes) “... bi?” I pull a face and shrug. “Maybe?” “I don’t like normal blokes though!” he explains. “Like, the idea of kissing a guy like Henderson …” and then he pulls a face and I feel a sharp pinch of anger. And then Deano looks at me and down to my torso with his pensive look on his face, and suddenly I’m finding it hard to feel angry. Suddenly I actually feel kind of flattered. God - how did I miss this? How did I not realise that Deano was attracted to me? What the FUCK? Were there signs? Maybe I’m just completely self involved and wrapped up in my own little world to notice. Completely oblivious to anything that doesn’t involve me or Luke. “So, when you were making all those comments about me being gay. I mean … you actually knew that I was?” Deans pulls a face and shrugs. “Not for definite!” I nod. “Wow. So what you just did. I mean … that was kinda brave!” I think about making a joke that we’d probably be sharing a dorm room if we were at Hogwarts, but I feel like it might be completely lost on him. Unlike Luke, who would fucking love that reference. Oh God. LUKE! “So, you are then?” Deano asks. I guess there’s no point in hiding it now. I shrug and nod at him, feeling a nervous pinch that I’ve just confessed to Deano that I am, in fact, gay. And yet, I also surprisingly, feel kind of relieved that someone else here at Montgomery besides Luke now knows. And now Deano’s looking at me with this tense, serious look. And his eyes go down to my mouth (Oh God). And now he’s bloody lunging towards me again and his lips are back on mine (FUCK!) and we’re fucking kissing AGAIN! But this time, after a second or so, I pull away and shake my head at him. “Deano!” He looks confused. Even fucking wounded. Wow. Feeling sorry for Deano. Today really is a day full of fucking firsts. “I … have a boyfriend!” He screws his face up, looking almost pissed off. “Who?!” he spits. I look at Luke’s side of the room and Deano’s eyes follow. Fuuuuck! Why the hell did I just do that? “It’s Henderson isn’t it?” Oh SHIT. My stomach lurches. “NO!” Fuck. Fuck, fuck, FUCK! “You don’t know him. He lives back home!” Deano looks suspicious, like he doesn’t quite believe me. Fucking nice one, Woody! First you kiss someone else behind your boyfriend’s back. Then you almost fucking out him! Oh God. I kissed someone else. I try and ignore the sick feeling churning in my stomach. “We’ve been together since the sixth form!” He nods, still looking suspicious. “Is he a bodybuilder?” “Ummm … no?!” Deano pulls a face. Almost like him being a bodybuilder automatically makes him more worthy of my affections than a guy who isn’t. Jesus. Talk about fucking arrogant. “There must be other guys here at Montgomery!” I say. He does a little shrug. And there’s this sadness in his eyes as he looks at my torso and then up at my face. I know what that look means. Fuck! Wait - is this not just a physical thing? “Deano …” He suddenly looks nervous. God - even a little scared. And now I’m fucking nervous too. “... do you ... like me?” He pulls a face, but oh my GOD. I can tell from his expression that he does. That he really fucking does. I can’t fucking believe this. Deano Watkins likes me. All the attention he’s been giving me. All the comments. All the pathetic gay jokes. And all this time he fucking liked me. And enough to actually make a move on me. “Deano …” He suddenly stands up, looking awkward and weirded out and reaches for his clothes. “You better not fucking tell anyone about this!” he demands. And now he looks kinda pissed off. Like his ego has been bruised and he’s trying to save face. “I won’t!” I say. “Not even Henderson!” he says, pulling his t-shirt over his jacked torso. The torso that was pressed up against mine not long ago. I just shake my head, not saying anything. I don’t know what the fuck to say. Deano’s clearly embarrassed right now. He just kissed a guy, possibly for the first time ever, and he got knocked back. He picks up his backpack and, without even looking at me, he makes a dash for the door. “See ya tomorrow!” I say, awkwardly. He ignores me, opens the door and with that, Deano’s gone. And now I’m just sat here on my bed, still wearing nothing but my shiny red posers, trying to wrap my head around what the hell just happened. I flop back onto the mattress, lying in the spot where Deano was on top of me kissing me. Oh God. I kissed Deano. I fucking kissed Deano! My hand was on his shoulder. His huge, hard shoulder. My tongue in his. Fuuuuck. Maybe Luke will understand. It was just a moment of weakness. He took me by surprise. And yeah, okay - I kissed him back. But I stopped it. I told him no. But I still fucking kissed him. ARGH! A week into being with Luke and I’ve kissed another guy. Oh God. What if this is it? What if that prick Leonard from Bristol last weekend was right? What if Luke really is too nice for me? What if I really do end up screwing him over? And what if this kiss with Deano is how I do it? I hear the door go and my heart jumps into my throat. It’s Luke. I prop myself up on my elbows, and I feel this horrible sense of guilt. He’s stood paused by the door, looking at me confused but with a little smirk on his face. “Hey!” he says. He’s wearing his blue Goonies t-shirt today and clutching his gym backpack. “Hey!” I say, my stomach churning. “Nice outfit!” he says, still smirking and dumping his backpack down. I give him a forced smile and don’t say anything. Why do I feel so fucking nervous? “How was the filming?” Oh God! “Erm. Yeah. It was … fine!” He gives me a weird look like he knows something’s wrong. “You okay?” No. Deano just kissed me. And I fucking kissed him back! “Yeah!” I say, not even convincing myself. “Just … knackered from the gym!” Luke nods. And now he’s just hovering in the middle of the room. “Any room on there for me?” he asks, adorably, with a cute grin. And then i see those dimples that I love so fucking much and suddenly everything doesn’t seem so bad. “Always!” He bites his lip and grins as he jumps on my bed, wraps his arm around my waist and snuggles into me. I bury my face into the top of his head, his cute, Luke shaped head, and take in his scent I love so much. After a few moments he looks up at me with this pensive expressive on his face. “You sure you’re okay?” “Mmmm!” I say, forcing a smile. “Deano giving you grief?” Oh my fucking GOD. I shrug. “No more than usual!” He continues to look at me, like he’s studying my face. Fuuuck. “I’m fine!” I say, hopefully more convincingly. “I just … can’t wait for this contest prep to be over!” But I’m not fine. I’m far from fine. Because I just kissed someone else. Maybe I should tell Luke now. Just confess to the whole thing. Maybe it won’t sound so bad. But what if it does? Oh God. What if he sees it as a massive fucking betrayal? Maybe Luke never needs to know what happened here today. I mean, Deano will probably be too embarrassed to bring it up again. There’s no reason why everything can’t just go back to normal. With Luke. With Deano. Absolutely no reason at all. So why, as I’m lying here cuddled up to Luke, my arm around his back and my face buried in his hair as he grips my body tight, is my stomach churning? And why do I have this horrible, horrible feeling that whatever happened between me and Dean Watkins earlier in this room, on this very bed, pretty much in this exact fucking spot, isn’t going to go away that easily?
  9. HAHA!! I love that you wrote this @Shawn1978! It feels a bit like I'm reading a fan fiction story! Can't help wondering how Deano would *really* feel about the whole thing though!
  10. Thanks for these awesome comments, guys!
  11. You'll find out in the next chapter!
  12. Bless you, mate. I mean - I would like to think the more I write the better I get. Wether that's actually happening right now I don't know. I'm probably not the next person to judge.
  13. Awww! Thank you, matie! I was particularly excited to share this chapter but obviously didn't want to give anything away! I genuinely had no idea there was a Brazilian bodybuilder by this name - haha! I used that surname for other reasons! Glad you liked it, matie but I've got to stick up for my boys here! Don't forget about the chemistry between Woody and Luke and the fact they're completely besotted with each other! I mean yes Deano has the wonky abs and the chipmunk cheeks but how can that compete with Luke's dimples??
  14. MATE - you understand this, I understand this, Woody definitely fucking understands this and once Deano (LOVE your description of him, by the way - want to write the press release when it's released as a book? ) has got his twat faced lips off Woody's for half a fucking second I'm sure he'll understand this too. But the question is...would Luke??
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