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  1. @WashburnDaddy - I have sent you a private message!
  2. If anyone would like to read a draft of the first chapter of my new story let me know/message me and I'll send you a link. Just be aware the full thing won't be ready for a little while!
  3. I'd love to read any/all thoughts you have on it!
  4. Awww, thanks mate. No pressure there then (kidding)! It's gonna be interesting to share it. The protagonist is one of the most fun characters I've created.
  5. Sent you a private message, mate but as for my story I still have a bit to do so it will be a little while until it's ready. I do post updates on my Twitter feed every now and then!
  6. I am always a little lost for words when people give me feedback as sincere and thoughtful as this, and I often fear my response will be a let down! So first of all thank you for these lovely words @WashburnDaddy . I'm really touched that it resonated with you so much and had that kind of impact on you. I definitely put myself, my thoughts and my real life experiences into this story more than any other I've written which was a little scary to do but I think that's maybe one of the reasons it's resonated with people so much? I guess there's an honesty there and I think maybe people can sense that? Just a theory! Thank you again, matie - and it's great to still be getting feedback even though it's been a few months since the story finished!
  7. A crossover could be fun! I've sort of done that before with other stories. I would only do it if it felt like a natural fit though, rather than just doing it for effect! One thing this new story has is quite a few hidden Easter eggs. There's definitely a few things for AJ & Noah fans to look out for.
  8. Haha! Well thanks for thinking of me, mate! You can always send me a private message by the way! Yeah, so far it's been really fun writing from the point of view of a bodybuilder. Particularly like the one I've created. He's definitely not the type of shy, awkward muscle lover I usually write from the perspective of. Some of those things you've mentioned have been explored and some I intend to explore a bit later on! Oh and I'm pretty much always working on something, matie! I've been thinking a lot about attempting to write something non-muscle related lately too.
  9. So I thought I'd post a little update as to what I'm doing story-wise. I'm about 15 chapters into the first draft of a new story. It will be a similar size to AJ & Noah, perhaps a little shorter. 30-40 chapters. There are some similarities to this story, but it very much has it's own feel. I can't say that everyone who enjoyed this one will like it but, to me at least, it feels like a good follow up! One significant difference is that the protagonist is a bodybuilder. He's cocky and loves attention and I'm having loads of fun writing from his point of view. He's also quite a complex character. You could almost say he's the complete opposite of Noah.
  10. Great story, matie. You have fantastic writing skills! ?
  11. By the way, guys, thought I'd share this! It's an alternative version of AJ and Noah that my friend @reeddune shared with me last week! ?
  12. This is a really sweet comment (particularly the part about the telephone book - hehe)! Thanks, matie! ? Perhaps I am over thinking things a little on the body swap idea front! Oh and you'll be pleased to know I have started working on some new things!
  13. I'm glad you like the idea, matie! It would definitely be a challenge to write something from a bodybuilders' point of view and for it to be realistic. Cause, well (no surprises) I'm not and have never been a jacked, shredded competitive bodybuilder. I think I'd particularly enjoy getting into his head and finding out how crazy he is about Noah though. And finding out some things that he doesn't really say out loud, much like we did with Noah in the first one. Oh and yeah, I suspect the worship scenes would be fun to write too!
  14. Thanks for this comment, matie and I'm glad you like the idea so much! My idea was for it to be a straight body swap. I guess kind of like a muscle addict/bodybuilder version of "Freaky Friday". So Noah wakes up in AJ's bed in Little Denton in AJ's body (cue lots of flexing and gawping in the mirror) and AJ wakes up in Noah's body in his bed in his student house in London (cue something along the lines of "I've lost my pecs. I have no abs. I'm … normal!" I then had the idea for AJ to have to sit an exam for Noah on something he knows nothing about and Noah would have to face the nerve-wracking prospect of getting on stage to guest pose at a bodybuilding show back home. Normally I very much write what I want and don't think about an audience but, as I've said here before, this is a slightly different scenario as I'm using a story and characters that people seem to be really fond of and doing something which has a very different feel (hence the idea to make it a story written by fictional Noah).
  15. @Shawn1978 - I love that you're coming up with your own ideas for a sequel! ? I think it would definitely be interesting to see what the lads would be like in their 30's/40's (though that would obviously mean setting the story in the future)! And if they'd still be together. And how far AJ would have gotten with his bodybuilding (a pro bodybuilder known worldwide and competing in some of the biggest shows in the IFBB or just an amateur bodbyuilder who competes once a year, while also juggling a fairly ordinary 9-5 day job)? My own idea is something a bit simpler, and would be set the following summer after the first story (i.e. the summer of this year), with Noah having graduated from uni and moving back to Little Denton, with the big question of what happens next? I think I'd have it told from AJ's point of view too, rather than Noah's for a fresh perspective! So it very much be a glimpse into the world of a young bodybuilder who's in love with a boy, which none of his friends and family know about, and who might not necessarily be sticking around! ?
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