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  1. muscleaddict

    AJ & Noah

    I'm glad you like the idea, matie! It would definitely be a challenge to write something from a bodybuilders' point of view and for it to be realistic. Cause, well (no surprises) I'm not and have never been a jacked, shredded competitive bodybuilder. I think I'd particularly enjoy getting into his head and finding out how crazy he is about Noah though. And finding out some things that he doesn't really say out loud, much like we did with Noah in the first one. Oh and yeah, I suspect the worship scenes would be fun to write too!
  2. muscleaddict

    AJ & Noah

    Thanks for this comment, matie and I'm glad you like the idea so much! My idea was for it to be a straight body swap. I guess kind of like a muscle addict/bodybuilder version of "Freaky Friday". So Noah wakes up in AJ's bed in Little Denton in AJ's body (cue lots of flexing and gawping in the mirror) and AJ wakes up in Noah's body in his bed in his student house in London (cue something along the lines of "I've lost my pecs. I have no abs. I'm … normal!" I then had the idea for AJ to have to sit an exam for Noah on something he knows nothing about and Noah would have to face the nerve-wracking prospect of getting on stage to guest pose at a bodybuilding show back home. Normally I very much write what I want and don't think about an audience but, as I've said here before, this is a slightly different scenario as I'm using a story and characters that people seem to be really fond of and doing something which has a very different feel (hence the idea to make it a story written by fictional Noah).
  3. muscleaddict

    AJ & Noah

    @Shawn1978 - I love that you're coming up with your own ideas for a sequel! 😊 I think it would definitely be interesting to see what the lads would be like in their 30's/40's (though that would obviously mean setting the story in the future)! And if they'd still be together. And how far AJ would have gotten with his bodybuilding (a pro bodybuilder known worldwide and competing in some of the biggest shows in the IFBB or just an amateur bodbyuilder who competes once a year, while also juggling a fairly ordinary 9-5 day job)? My own idea is something a bit simpler, and would be set the following summer after the first story (i.e. the summer of this year), with Noah having graduated from uni and moving back to Little Denton, with the big question of what happens next? I think I'd have it told from AJ's point of view too, rather than Noah's for a fresh perspective! So it very much be a glimpse into the world of a young bodybuilder who's in love with a boy, which none of his friends and family know about, and who might not necessarily be sticking around! 😁
  4. Hi muscleaddict! Maybe I'm just slow but I never linked you on the forum with the originator of my favourite muscle blog. I have been a huge fan of muscle all my life and love your blog. The pictures are great but the stories are awesome. Your latest photo here puts me in even greater awe of you! Thank you for the entertainment and pleasure you have given me over the years.

  5. muscleaddict

    AJ & Noah

    Thanks for your thoughts and comments on this, guys! Fan fiction written from the author would be a pretty good way of describing it! If I did do it I would definitely make it clear of what is was and how it differs from the original. Hmmm. Maybe I should just go ahead and write that sequel instead. I'm definitely not short of ideas for it! 😁
  6. muscleaddict

    AJ & Noah

    Thanks for your honesty, mate! This is exactly why I have my reservations about doing it!
  7. muscleaddict

    AJ & Noah

    So I've had an idea that I'd love to run past those of you who enjoyed this story. I'm in two minds about doing this so I'd love to get some thoughts and opinions! What if I were to write and post a short story as if it were written by Noah? So it would be like a story within a story. The idea I've had is that AJ and Noah switch bodies so obviously it would have a very different feel/tone to the original story! It would be moving away from the realistic stuff and going more into fantasy based, which I appreciate might not be to everyone's taste! It would be quite quirky, but hopefully have a fun feel and there'd be scope for some comedy moments. My biggest reservation is, because there's obviously a lot of love for the original story and this would be a different vibe, I wouldn't want to do anything to sort of tarnish that (even though it would be Noah's fictional/fantasy version of the characters).
  8. muscleaddict

    AJ & Noah

    I absolutely take it as a huge compliment, mate! I love that people are coming up their own ideas for sequels and follow up stories! Funnily enough, I had a similar idea (one of a few) that they would be reunited years down the line after having split up again. I'm not sure if that would betray the ending to this story though. I'm also not sure how many times Noah would realistically go back to AJ! That's an interesting idea, mate! It might be worth pointing out that even if I don't do another story/follow-up next, there's always a chance that I'll do one sometime in the future. Somewhere down the line!
  9. muscleaddict

    AJ & Noah

    Thanks so much, guys! Where's this support group happening then? I'm guessing most of you guys are based in the States but I'd be up for making the trip. I'll bring some proper English tea and some nice biscuits!
  10. muscleaddict

    AJ & Noah

    That's awesome to hear! Happy to have provided some inspiration, mate! 😊
  11. muscleaddict

    AJ & Noah

    Thats really sweet! Thanks, matie! 😊 I've dabbled in the fantasy growth stuff (guys having the power to transform themselves into huge, 300 lbs muscle monsters!) and that was really fun but I think I find the realistic stuff more rewarding to write. And perhaps where my strengths lie. I don't know, that's probably not for me to judge.
  12. muscleaddict

    AJ & Noah

    Wow! Thank you for this wonderful feedback @mikamik! I love it! And I love that the story had that effect on you and touched you that much! 😊 @crushme99 is right - neither of them said "I love you", which wasn't necessarily an intentional thing. When someone commented here that they were hoping for that to happen I considered adding it in but I couldn't think of anywhere it would have fitted and I didn't want it to feel like it had been shoehorned in for the sake of it. Don't forget they were only actually together for a little while. Noah obviously told the reader he had fallen in love with AJ, but he wasn't sure if the feeling was reciprocated. Then AJ obviously did what he did and it all went to shit! Also everything was so new and a little scary for AJ. It took him a while before he was comfortable for Noah's best friend to know they were together so to say those words would have been a massive deal. Everything that happened with the story I did because it felt like the most natural path to take - including the end! Thanks again for this lovely and touching feedback, matie! Oh and I actually really like your new word "superiorissmus"! Can I steal it for my next story?
  13. muscleaddict

    AJ & Noah

    I am absolutely loving this comment @LOve4muscles! And I love that you mapped out a whole synopsis for a potential sequel! Haha! That's awesome, mate. I have to say that sounds like it would make a fucking great sequel. I especially love the idea of Noah having written a novel about him and AJ! Could it also be in development for a TV series/film perhaps? I actually had a similar thought that Noah would be into writing. And of course I love the idea of AJ being a well know, openly gay bodybuilder and everything that that would bring. Unfortunately though I don't think I could bring myself to do that to Noah's mum!! I won't lie, I have come up with a few ideas for a sequel, but I also have a ton of ideas for other stories too. One just came to me this morning actually which has been buzzing round my head ever since. So it's hard to say what I will actually settle on for my next story but I'd say there's a good chance it will probably have some kind of love story element to it. Hope you have a good Christmas too, mate - thanks again for the awesome comment!
  14. muscleaddict

    AJ & Noah

    Awww, thanks so much for that lovely feedback, matie! 😊 I'm glad you liked the ending so much too. I'm happy with how it turned out!
  15. muscleaddict

    AJ & Noah

    Thanks so much for these lovely words, matie - and for all your awesome feedback since I started sharing this story! 😊 I don't know of a writer who isn't critical of their own work and a lot of us all have things we know we need to work on but it still bothers me to hear you put down your writing because the bit of the story I read of yours was really well written! I don't remember noticing an issue with the dialogue of your characters sounding similar but you obviously know your work better than me! I wish I had some advice in that area. Similar to that - one thing that I imagine would be a challenge for me personally (and it's something I've never attempted) is to write a story with multiple points of view! So to switch from one characters pov to another from chapter to chapter, and have them not be similar! I kind of like the idea of doing that though, so it would be interesting to see if I could pull that off for a future story! As I said in a previous post, I'm not quite sure that Noah's destined to be a shredded muscle freak! But there's obviously other stuff I could do if I were to revive the characters! I'm not even sure how far AJ would get with his bodybuilding either. Might be kind of fun to write about him getting his pro card though and start to become a well known name in bodybuilding! Thank you again, matie! I don't know what I'll do next but I have lots of ideas! I really hope you continue with your writing too, mate! Oh and you'd do a lot worse than to meet a Noah! 😁

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