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    Muscle studs, growth stories, transformation stories. Guys (of course) lol
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    256lb mix of muscle and fat (unfortunately) thats all for now...
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    180lb with a well built body or my current weight but with pure muscle!
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    Super Flu series, Muscle club series, Fraternity Muscle series, Growth series
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    Jeff Seid, Simeon Panda, Djordje Miljkovic (Instagram BB) ... and more!

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  1. Had the best 21st Birthday!

    1. viennabeef


      That's awesome. Many happy returns of the day, Tyler!

  2. And I also like watching Zach as well
  3. I love watching this starters videos
  4. MuscleChasing21

    Hot Muscled Guy Adventures

    just keep on doing what your doing because it seems like its working for you. just make sure not to get all creepy or make him feel discomfort because then all your hard work would have been for nothing. Also if the African chef was able to get him to flex you should figure out how he did so maybe next time you can use the same technique to make him flex for you. But best of luck and keep us posted.
  5. MuscleChasing21

    Hot Muscled Guy Adventures

    I am happy for you that you were able to finally touch his biceps. I know that i would be to nervous to do so but you had the will and courage to achieve your goal of touching it and you did. Hope he gives you a bit more next time lol
  6. MuscleChasing21

    Friend's Blog

    Hey guys, I know its been a while since i've posted here. I have been going through a lot and was not able to really be an active member in the forum. I just wanted to say Hey! and recommend you guys to one of my friends blog. His blog consists of giving a new perspective on life and i find him a bit inspirational and motivational. You guys should go check out his stuff and hopefully you guys like it like I do. His website is lifeslittlewonder.com Thanks guys and hope you enjoy!
  7. Finally uploaded a profile pic!

  8. Saw this guy on campus today and we stared at each other for about 2 minutes. He is so hot and has enough muscle to see through the shirt and show it off.


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