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  1. https://archive2007.muscle-growth.org/stories/92.html Here you are , my friend Don't you think it could be more fabulous if the 2 gods clashed in the end ?
  2. Every muscle and fiber in their lusting bodies ready for the first contact. Their bodies crouched, huge hairy muscular legs spread, cocks swaying as they rushed each other hotly intent on using every part of their huge bodies to conquer the other. Their hot bodies slammed together wetly as they locked together in a bearhug, testing each other's strength. Huge muscled arms locked each around the other giant as they crashed together. Their long erected cocks trapped together hard surrounded by and further entrapped between their hairy muscular torses. Feeling the other's large hot cock made them squeeze even tighter together. The struggle continued as their hard cocks pulsed and shaked. Each of them wanted the other to feel his huge cock violating his naked body, all to humiliate and establish dominance. All in an effort to intimidate the other with the feel of his full powerful manhood slammed and held fast against his naked opponent. As these two naked uninhibited stallions slammed together in a hot sweaty double bearhug, grinding their cocks and balls together in a tremendous display of male power, sweat pouring from their bodies and quivering with the excitement and the lust of the sexual challenge, They were both strong, masculine handsome giant men with powerful bodies whose sole burning desire was to dominate and overcome an opposing force. . Unable to best the other heated giant, so evenly matched in strength, they separated their sweaty bodies, backing away from each other, their now fully engorged cocks jerked spasmodically, long strings of precum clinging wetly against their hairy thighs. Rubbing against the others nakedness and the heat of the contest had them both aroused more than they had even been before and had them even more focused on conquering the other. Something deep and hidden in each of them wanted this to continue, the feeling of physical contact was incredibly satisfying. They knew this was just beginning. Crouching and circling, feinting toward the other, looking for an opportunity to lock up again as they paced the center of their private wrestling arena. Never taking their eyes from the other, predatory in their relentless stalking, cocks swayed heavily and hot. Jafar rushed at Aladdin and again grabbed him roughly in a naked bearhug, and their cocks were again trapped between their muscle-swelled thighs. Struggling, Aladdin locked his thick leg around jafar's muscular straining hairy thigh and they crashed to the floor , light and shadow playing across their sweaty wrestling bodies as they rolled naked locked in a passionate struggle. The battle waged hotly as both giants were lost in the feelings coming to life in their groins. They liked this contest! Every muscle in their powerful bodies was bulging from the effort. Their bodies glistening with each other's sweat felt totally alive. Cocks refused to go limp and grew even more urgent as they tried to dominate the other. The holds they took were harder and the humping of their asses more pronounced as their over-heated cocks and balls ached for more. Growling at each other, grunting with the effort, they realized that shooting their cocks' hot juice would only weaken them, but if one could make the other loose his strength the winner would be determined! As they crashed to the floor, rolling over and over, body-to-body, cock-to-cock and balls-to-balls, the two naked hairy giants rolled together on the ground, huge legs interlocked and heavily muscled asses pounding against the other was too much to bear.! their incredible naked bodies locked tight in their lustful struggle in a sexfight of gigantic proportions between two giant men. Aladdin and jafar were so focused in their heated struggle that they saw nothing else, heard nothing else, the physical experience being the whole. The all-out sexfight continued as they grappled together. Big hands on each other's faces, slipping in their sweat, each rubbed and roughly grabbed the other. Their massive chests and nipples separated as they strained, locking their huge muscular legs, cocks never far apart, pushing each other apart but keeping them locked in hot combat from the waist down. They could feel the effect of this move and threw themselves into the fight in an effort to make the other one cum. Both giant men became on the verge. To counteract this they separated as they rolled, untangling their legs and getting to their knees, each seeing the other's hot cock drooling wildly and jumping hard. They faced each other, glowering hard, breath coming in huge gasps as they attempted to fill their huge lungs in the humid air. Intended or not, this gave each a rest and a chance to ease his throbbing cock. Their bodies ached for release but not before the other one had done so. Then he would climb on top of his vanquished naked foe and declare his dominance. He'd straddle him with his big muscular legs, his ass on the other man's chest and drop his big balls on his open mouth, his hard hot cock sticking up the air in its proud supremacy as he shot his well deserved load all over his face. Their naked hairy bodies heaved and trembled from their passionate wrestling and the images of conquering the other man for the prize. Jafar lunged at aladdin deftly turning his body slightly to go under aladdin's muscular hairy arms and slammed into his side. Aladdin startled at this movement recovered quickly and threw his massive body over jafar's shoulder, reaching down with his strong arms and his thick hands grabbed jafar's huge round muscular ass. Clinging tightly they strained their hairy muscular bodies together. Jafar shoved up with all of his considerable strength and pushed aladdin upward and backward as his own body twisted down toward aladdin's hip. His body slid effortlessly against aladdin's sweaty skin. Swinging one of his massive hairy legs up he got it in front of aladdin's startled face and wrapped it hard around his neck. The back of his knee pressed into the back of aladdin's neck. Jafar shove and he forced aladdin toward the ground; he was on top and locked his hairy legs around aladdin's head securing him in a front scissors. It took so much strength that he wasn't fast enough to dodge aladdin's massive legs as they spread, lifted and locked around his own head. The two men were close to exhaustion as they gripped each other tightly. Bodies locked tight, heads caught between hairy thighs, huge cocks buried between hard deep pecs, they fought only for air, open gasping mouths against each other's hairy ass, holding tight their heaving bodies fighting only for air. Outside of their heavy breathing their bodies twitched and moved slowly. their massive cocks tight between their bodies. Aladdin and jafar were still locked together, their cocks rubbing in pools of sweat and body oil causing them to slip in and out of their foreskins, tantalizingly, lusting in this excruciatingly pleasurable hold. Jafar's cock rubbed and slid with each gasping breath from aladdin right between his massive hairy pecs. Aladdin's cock throbbed as it felt the full weight of jafar's muscular body on top of him as it gasped out for air. They lay tight for a minute. Jafar thought that if the chest muscles under him continued to heave and move he would ejaculate his juice hard and hot. Reluctantly, he released his hold and rolled away. Both men lay panting and drenched in sweat. Rising weakly to their knees, leaning heavily with their broad hairy hands on their massive thighs they glared at each other. This was not going to be easy. Their bodies were so strained and hot that you could see the steam rise off of them. Neither wanted to give up. Standing shakily they faced each other stubbornly. Now both weaker they reached toward the other and locked their massive hands together. Leaning into the other each put his large muscular shoulder into the chest of the other. One bare foot of each man brought forward to be placed near the foot of his opponent. Calf muscles strained and stood out tautly. Each put the other leg in back of them and pressed into the ground with their large toes. Their strength waning they pushed and shoved. Their sweaty bodies swayed with the effort, huge cocks harder than before as their low hanging balls swung under their weight. Their cocks were swinging wildly with their wrestling. Jostling around on their big bare feet and inching his sweaty body closer to jafar's muscular frame their cocks struck at each other like wildly swinging baseball bats. Hands slipped out of each other's grasp as they grabbed for the other's thick neck. Wet bodies slapped loudly resoundingly and echoing through the royal hall. In a side headlock their big legs attempted to wrestle with the other's leg and trip him, their body sweat and oil so slick that they slid and stumbled wildly. Finally jafar's leg caught Aladdin's leg and brought them crashing to the ground. Rolling they locked their massive hairy arms around the other, chest-to-chest, cock-to-cock and began to hump wildly, totally out of control. Jafar, now on the bottom, reached up and grabbed a handful of Aladdin's thick mane. Pulling it hard he jerked jafar's large head backward. It forced his cock harder against aladdin's tensed, muscular body. Freeing one of his huge hairy paws jafar grabbed a handful of aladdin's hair and pulled hard pressing his head further into the ground. The two overheated men pulled and fought each other savagely. . Aladdin and jafar pulled harder, their bodies now glued together in their battle, muscular legs interlocked tighter, hips and huge asses slamming and grinding their hot cocks against the other naked man. Jafar pulled Aladdin's hair and twisted him to the side. Legs locked, each with a heavy hairy arm around the other, hands clinging to the other's muscular back they held each other tightly in a passionate grip as Aladdin's heavy body slid to the side. Lying on their sides, bodies pressed tight, legs locked hard, now pulling their hair hard and grinding their huge cocks constantly, their grunts and screams of frustration turned into lustful moans as their naked hairy bodies writhed and ground into the other. Pulling and yanking their hair, straining their muscular bodies, cock rassling, the sexfight in its fullest form as their big hairy asses rammed their cocks into each other with frantic, writhing, fucking motions. As these new tensions built they hotly rammed together hard in one last final effort. Every muscle in their magnificent bodies froze as their first load of hot cum started to shoot up from their huge hot balls. Clinging tightly their cum shot hard against each other. Groaning they rolled naked together, lost in incredible feelings of passion and lust, each getting on top of the other to press his cock harder and force out even more cum. Jafar now on top of Aladdin pulled hard with his muscular leg locked under Aladdin's massive leg. This feeling of muscle-to-muscle action was just as exciting as before. He pulled Aladdin's big leg a little higher into the thick air, allowing him to wrap his huge thighs tighter around jafar's leg, and pressing his cock harder against this more than worthy wrestling opponent he began to grind again. Looking into each other's fevered eyes, they both begin to feel another load build. This had never happened to either of them before. Staring hard into the other's eyes they thrust hard against the other's heaving body and spewed a second load just as hard as the first."Yeaaaaaaaaaah….Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck !" they barked in the same time, they rassled it harder and longer, forcing the other to take as much as he can. Their massive loads smeared and dripping between their sweaty bodies as their hairy bellies and chests rubbed together, then dripping down their sides and onto the ground. Their great cocks continued to pump semen violently until the semen filled the ground of the collapsed royal hall, a steam was rising from the hot semen and filled with flaming bubbles ,but why not?!, a mixture of two giant semen had mixed together to produce an explosive mixture of fire! They continued to roll and grind until every last bit of abject pleasure had been worked out , Aladdin reached up and put his hand under jafar's big chin and forced his head up and back, then to the side. Poised in this position Aladdin pushed even harder, untangling one his legs he put his big foot flat on the ground pushing with his toes, making his perfect v-shaped calf muscle stand out. With this new leverage he let out a long, low growl and pushed jafar who released his face and locking his thick arms around aladdin. . Then they turned on each other .Aladdin now on top of jafar they collapsed in a pile of relaxed flesh each with a new respect for the other. Their battle had ended in a draw and neither of them could go on at this point. Neither of them was disappointed or ashamed at its outcome. They had met , fought naked and hard as muscle gods and come to a draw. Their sexual domination of the other was still to be determined.. Aladdin looked at jafar "We share Agrabah and fight some more?" "We share and fight some more!" acknowledged jafar... Then with clumsy and insatiable pleasure, they started licking the semen from the pecs and shoulders of each other , their bodies still relaxed on top of each other.
  3. The muscular giants Jafar and Aladdin then stood facing each other on the royal podium, their enormous muscular pecs rise and fall with their deep, angry and brutal breathing, both eager to prove his superiority and sovereignty over his rivals and then tearing him apart ruthlessly , Jaafar was a mighty giant of huge muscles. Wide veins are insanely pulsating ,and his skin has become fiery red skin and covered by shaggy hair. His rival Aladdin has become a muscular giant with thick, shaggy black hair and it has maintained his bronze skin color. Jafar was shreded while Aladdin was bulk. Their enormous huge cocks are firmly erected and their heads are high,one was red and another was dark brown, but they are of equal length, thick veins, and strong erections. "I,m gonna fuck you," Jaafar shouted, his threatening cut the moments of silence that passed while the rivals were examining each other's weapons. A roaring Jaafar accomplished with banging his huge bare foot on the ground of the royal court with great power that made the corners of the hall shaking and thick dust falled from the ceiling. "Do you think you have gained my strength, son of a bitch? Look at me, now I am the God of manhood and power, I am the MASTER of Agrabah and the master of this whole earth and I'll make you lick the feet of your new God and you are going to suck my dick after it'll lacerate the vagina of your whore princess. Your tongue shall clean the blood of her menstruation from my cockhead, son of a harlot " Jafar with these words was grabbing his huge penis and shaking him threateningly in front of his rival, who was still standing in front of him silent with brutal smile drawing on his face, but his eyes were completely white and unfocused as if he was in a coma of hypergasm with enormous power. "Well ... come here then... let's finish this matter now ... " Aladdine said this sentence very quietly submerged with high confidence and a strong desire to fight appeared in his trembling voice not because of fear but of impatient enthusiasm of the conflict, his white eyes were not centered by his rivals, but were on the top, aberration as if he reached a high stage of eroticism. Without waiting for another word, Jafar rushew toward his rival until their huge cockheads touched each other for the first time. "Now they stand up against each other completely "Look at this, you son of a bitch !!!" Jafar Roared with great anger as he showed off increadible double biceps pose in front of the face of his rival. what the fuck !!! Those enormous biceps which were developed as great bowling balls and their peaks reached to the level of the top head of Aladdin ،flat thick veins have obtrusived strongly . The big heads of their tall mighty dicks are still in contact and were starting to drip with hot semen from overexcitation. Aladdin's face looked like a light greedy smile as he watched his rival show the double biceps in front of him, He mockedly pretend to wipe the dust off his huge arms and then quickly he flexed his increadible arms up in front of Jafar 's face and gave him a horror mighty double biceps! . Jafar silently watched the muscles' arms of his rival as they flexing and posing in front of him ,swollen .. Solid ... pulsating with explosive veins ... their mighty bicepe were similar in strength and magnitude, and both rose to the tops of their heads .... Jafar and Aladdin now compare their muscles in double Biceps with opposite position .... They tour their eyesight right and left with joy and brutal pleasure. View of their huge biceps hit them sold. They were proud of themselves and admired each other as similar rivals by force. Now Aladdin the giant clasped his huge arms strongly around his head and began to twist his torse in front of his rival , he flexed the chopped solid muscles of his hairy muscular trunk and a smile of pleasure and satisfaction and confidence did'nt leave his face .... Jafar roared strongly In approval of what his rival did and then he responded with a similar flex… the two giants now twisted their trunks and flexed their abdominal muscles against each other , brutal barking of euphoria growled with each flex... suddenly Jafar loosened his hands on both sides, looking ferociously towards his rivals and then annexed his huge fists on the sides of his waist showing off his wide amazing "front latspread pose", flexed his huge pecs which they rose and balled until they came into contact ... "Coooooooommmmmme " Aladdin cried threatening as he showed off his brutal corresponding pose immediately. Their brutal breathing were getting deeper and faster as competition continued. . Then Aladdin extended his right grip towards Jafar and knock strongly on his huge shoulder lying on him and his second hand remained basing on his waist to extend his huge hairy muscular leg forward and began flexing it in front of Jafar who likewise swapped his right fist to The muscular round shoulder of his rival and stretches his leg forward to show off its enlargement and muscular maturity. A brutal thrill felt by the two giants as they watched their muscles shrinking and swelling and waving right and left "when they began to shake their thighs violently. Emotions of anger and aggression to prove hegemony and power have now reached its climax . They lifted their heavy grip from the shoulder of eachother then they clasped their huge fists with each other. They started pushing each other back violently, accompanied by a strong cry from both declared the desire of real combat, Each of their fists is intertwined with each other, their legs retreated backward and the second remained in place implanted in the ground.Each one overcomes the other and tries to throw it back, but both with their huge rocky feet did not move one inch back. Slowly, they lowered their mighty arms down while their fists were still intertwineding ... their bodies became totally attached and their great erected dicks pressed between their muscular torses and began to rub against each other ... They looked at each other's eyes hungry, angry, predatory and defiantly. Heads lowered to whatch their huge muscular pecs contiguous and nipples have emerged and began to scramble with the nipples of the other ... With the utmost madness and absence of mind, they began dancing their huge pecs to contradict the muscles of the other .... .... their hungry eyes widened madly and recklessly to watch their increadible pecs swelled and conflicted eachother , prominent nipples irritated jump here and there with each strong contraction of the fighting pecs . ... finally Jafar cried desperately as a caged monster ... "RASSLE, son of a bitch!" Immediately, Aladdin replied strongly and defiantly: "you get this…cocksucker" ... fastly he released his fists from his rivals and jumped from the podium to the ground with a great flipping in the air and then landed his huge stony heavy feet on the floor of the royal hall.. more dust fell from the ceiling .... Giant Aladdin turned to Jaafar and cried with an increadible most muscular pose as the muscles of his huge arms , pecs , shoulders and trapez were jammed together and swollen like the balloons covering by veins like coiled snakes .... "Come here and fight like men, son of a harlot ...." By one jump, giant Jafar jumped from the platform down over the ground causing additional cracking in tiles and ceiling because of the enormous weight of his giant body and his rapid landing .... In front of his rival a terrifying and savage most muscular jafar posed mirrored giant Aladdin as he unleashed a dreadful wild roar, deafening the ears , salivating was seen from the tip of his mouth as his wild hunger had reached its climax. Then the 2 monsters couldn't wait for another moment ... Hurry forward rapidly towards each other , their giant bodies fused and the sound of slapping the huge muscles sweating each other throughout the Royal Hall to begin wrestling for proving the sovereignty and absolute power until death.
  4. Dear friend Unionlolol.... I am very pleased and delighted that the completion of your wonderful story has impressed you, I'll publish more parts soon , and certainly since you're the owner of the original story , then you can later modify or even delete the posts that I publish and modify them as you desire . Warm greetings to you and all the followers .
  5. "Jafaaaaaaaaar! Come and show me your strength!" Aladdin roared with strong growler voice and jumped highly toward the royal platform to land behind the giant Jafar, who had reached his climax drowning in the brutal eroticism and rubbing his enormous dick madly and brutally until a huge hot explosive cum rushed from it, which flushed like a white thick cords rising like a fountain several meters high and splashing the royal roof accompanied With desperate screaming. giant Jafar lost all control over himself when his hot splashed luxurious cum on the ceiling began dripping on the ground with rising steam . Jaafar was breathing strongly after the great masturbation he did and his huge dick dropped between his huge legs until he reached between his Huge bare feet like an elephant's hose and it was still dripped with semen , Suddenly he felt the ground shaking by landing of giant Aladdin behind him where the royal floor cracked under his enormous muscular feet ... Short moments of silence during which Jafar heard the sound of wild savage behind him sniffing and exhale strongly ... the giant Jafar turned while he was grabbing his testicles, which started to swell like two giant balls again , to find the enormous Aladdin in front of him ,he has became a muscular naked giant just like him. His enormous pecs was moved up and down with his deep, brutal breathing .his huge arms stretched on both sides and they have spared from its massive trunk due to the overgrown and bulky back muscles .. The color of his eyes has become completely white and He became having a grown , black, dense beard that has grown thickly to the top of his huge chest. His thick olive skin became full of swollen thick veins. His enormous cock was erected in front of him up to the level of his nipples With swollen cockhead was pointing to his rival and trembling from the excessive veins of blood Strong pulsating ... Aladdin drew a brutal smile of ecstasy and a thirsty desire to challenge and fight. Giant Jaafar with his fiery red skin stopped with wide monsterous red eyes for moments from the appearance of new Aladdin and then this stunning soon turned to be a mad desire of challenge and fighting when he roamed his eyes on the details of the muscular huge body of his rival and saw a grown virility explosived brutality from his bulky muscles .... View of the huge Aladdin muscles filled with veins which seemed to be about to explode and were swelling and throbbing with every movement and the confident hungry look for blood and fighting and his huge penis erected towards him completely all these made Jafar's cock raising and erecting dramatically very hard again with bulging thick veins and it also pointed his huge head towards his rival which was a few steps in front of him .... Now on the platform of the royal throne two brutal giants stood facing each other hungry for challenging and fighting for Domination and sovereignty until death!
  6. Hello my friends ...... I got a previous approval of my dear friend who is Unionlolo : the writer of this wonderful story to make adjustments in the course of events and we agreed to continue the confrontation between Aladdin and Jafar .... I present to you the modified story and I hope you'd like it . Please give me Your opinions to complete it to the fullest .... Thanks very much again to the original writer of this story and I hope he'd like my amendments.
  7. Fantastic !! Can you complete this hot story plz
  8. ((The strongest and highest will in life is not the futile struggle for life, but the will to fight, the will to control.)) Friedrich Nietzsche Yes my friend, it's all about the DOMINATION Let's complete this mad journy and go to the MAX!!!!
  9. Wow man ! What an amazing work! Plz write more and complete this hot story. I prefer if it were a takedown wrestling between those 2 hot gods
  10. Can U add more plz ? It was very hooooooot!
  11. kadan

    The Young Giant

    Thank U if U have hot thoughts I'll be interested
  12. This is a fairy tale from brothers Grimm's Book , I'll add some adjustments in the next chapters.... Chapter One ( original): A peasant had a son who was only as big as a thumb and did not grow any larger. In several years he did not grow even the width of a hair. One day the peasant wanted to go to the field and plow, and the little one said, "Father, I want to go out with you." "You want to go out with me?" said the father. "No, you have to stay here. There's nothing that you could do to help me, and besides that you might get lost." Then the thumbling began to cry and was not going to give the father any peace until he took him along. So the father put him in his pocket and carried him to the field, where he placed him in a fresh furrow. While he was sitting there a large giant came over the mountain towards them. "Do you see that bogeyman?" said the father, in order to frighten the little one into being good. "He's coming to get you." Now with his long legs the giant reached the furrow in only a few steps. With two fingers he carefully picked up the little thumbling, looked at him, then walked away with him without saying a word. The father stood there so frightened that he could not utter a sound. He believed that his child was lost, and that he would never see him again as long as he lived. The giant took the child home and let him suckle at his breast, and the thumbling grew large and strong like a giant. After two years had passed, the old giant took him into the woods in order to test him. He said, "Pull out a switch from over there." The boy was so strong already that he pulled a young tree up by the roots. The giant thought that he could do better and took him back home and suckled him for two more years. When he took him into the woods to test him this time, he was so much stronger that he was able to pull up an old tree. This was still not good enough for the giant, and he suckled him for yet another two years, took him into the woods, and said, "Now pull out a decent switch for once." This time the boy pulled the thickest oak tree out of the ground. When it cracked the boy laughed. When the old giant saw this, he said, "That's good enough. You've passed the test." And he took him back to the field where he found him. The father was plowing again, and the young giant walked up to him and said, "Father, see what a man your son has become."
  13. Are there any new parts of this fantastic story? Where do we can read all of your stories please?
  14. You addressed in elegant and Rare creativity our deepest instincts in primitive desire by force and muscle .... your story can challenge by excitement Watching any photo or video .. At2000 Thank you and waiting for more from you
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