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  1. BulkingBoi36

    Obesity as a turn on?

    Very interesting to see other peoples viewpoint on this!
  2. I really want an obscenely large bubble butt and have issues wearing pants and shorts because of its size I really want an obscenely large bubble butt and have issues wearing pants and shorts because of its size
  3. BulkingBoi36

    What's the type of equipment called

    That's it! The girl in the picture haha. Someone was using it at my Gym and I was wondering what it was and what it worked!
  4. BulkingBoi36

    What's the type of equipment called

    No it's basically like a circular opening and you stand in the middle of the circle and you put weights on either side and then you grasp handle bars in the center and lift it and put it back down
  5. BulkingBoi36

    What's the type of equipment called

    It works your legs and back. You stand in the center of the equipment and load of the weights on either side and basically do squats while standing in the middle of them.
  6. BulkingBoi36

    Fuller Biceps?

    Hey guys! Thanks for the help and tips guys! Been lifting dumbbells every night now!
  7. BulkingBoi36

    Fuller Biceps?

    Hammer curls, bicep curls, barbell curls, lower cable pulls.
  8. BulkingBoi36

    Fuller Biceps?

    Hey yall! So I have been working out for a while now and my biceps are growing but it's more isolated to just my bicep if that makes since. Like when I flex there's a large buldge in the center of my arm but none anywhere else. How do I create more of a fuller bicep? Or is it I just need to eat more and bulk up that part of my arm with calories
  9. BulkingBoi36

    Inclinded leg press

    Hey guys, Where do you feel is the foot position for when you do a leg press. Should you be more center? Lower? Higher? What is everyone's thought? Do you know if certain positions work certain muscles more?
  10. BulkingBoi36

    Master slave fetish?

    Sir I went and did pecs and triceps today it was really hot and I got really sweaty and I woree a jockstrap around in the locker room. I hope that makes you happy
  11. BulkingBoi36

    Obesity as a turn on?

    Any one get turned on by the though of getting fat/chubby/obese? I go back and forth about wanting to get really muscular or someone just fattening up my body and making me a big chubby boy
  12. Huge nipples to go with his beefy pecs
  13. BulkingBoi36

    Master slave fetish?

    YES SIR! *gets on knees and bows head to the floor* Mentor/ owner
  14. BulkingBoi36

    Master slave fetish?

    Anyone lookig for a obedient son?
  15. BulkingBoi36


    Hey yall So I have creatine, glutamine, and BCAA. I wanted to know what yall thought would be the best way to take these supplements when bulking? I also have protein shakes and gainer shakes! Any suggestions would be great!

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