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    5'10 190 lbs. Nothing impressive. Just average. 32 inch waist
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    Meeting guys, etc. g
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    Realistic: 5'10 200lbs. 17 inch arms with a 30 inch waist<br />
    Full dream: 6'8 270lbs. 23 inch arms with a 34 inch waist
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    I love muscle and height. My two biggest turn ons.

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  1. Ajs

    Real Myostatin Kid, Now age (Year - 2000)

    An article about it says that he was born from a former professional sprinter who was 24 at the time. So she was born in 1975.
  2. Last time was my boyfriend’s. He is really fit and loves that I love it.
  3. Does anyone remember the story of two friends in school who are always trying to out grow one another, until they’re both like 7ft tall?
  4. cheers for the follow bro


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