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    Bisexual (Male Preference)
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    Muscle Worship, and getting shredded
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    230lbs 5-6% bodyfat
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    I am the dream :D
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    Getting more, more, more and more insanely shredded

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  1. totaly in luust with you

  2. Hey dude what's up

  3. Hey dude your ripped are you real if so how old are you 

  4. Didn't realise there were such big guys up around this area! 

  5. Good Lord, you and those muscles just emanate sexiness! 

  6. What I want to do is to eat your arse whilst your arse muscle squeezes my tongue and causes your massive cock to jump up and down.  As you get to the point of no return, you turn around and feed me the most wonderful tasting load I've ever had.  I lick your cock clean, causing you to shiver because I'm working your beautiful, shiny cock head.  I'm hoping that maybe just a little bit of your essence from your cum will stay in my body and grow me into a junior version of the god that you are.

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