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  1. Muscleace

    The Hourglass

    I swear y'all are psychic. I was just rereading this the past few days. I do really hope it is continued.
  2. Muscleace


    I was just rereading the story last week. It is one of my absolute, all-time favorites. I always got so happy when I saw a new story posted from you. And O did a great job capturing the story in the comic. I wonder where he went, and I hope he comes back.
  3. Muscleace


    I can see you have been inspired by My Hero Academia. Looks great and can't wait for more
  4. Muscleace

    Any fellow Christians?

    Kinda just to add onto that, I come from a conservation Catholic church. They have become much more accepting as well. They are still against gay marriage, but I at least have an understanding of why, so I respect that. Do I hope the church will find a way to accept it one day? Yes. Will I be nailing a list of theses to the door of the nearest church? No. Yeah, me and several other of my gay Christian friends see that too. In fact we said it was like having to come out again as Christian to the LGBT community. It's one of the main reasons I stayed in the closet for so long. I was partially right and wrong. It's just a matter of being able to form a proper dialogue around it. Like it made me so happy to see Drag Race talk about religion in both a positive and negative light. I hope it opened up someone's mind.
  5. Muscleace


    I'm not usually too into superheroes and strength stories, but this is too interesting of a set-up and story style to resist.
  6. Muscleace

    Any fellow Christians?

    Also Catholic here.
  7. Muscleace

    Lord of the Guys

    I like to leave it a little open just in case the populace would like a sequel for next year.
  8. Muscleace

    Lord of the Guys

    Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed it!~
  9. Happy Second Storyversary. So as voted on in my poll, I made a completely separate story from Big, New World. I did follow the pattern of basing my stories off of a piece of literature. I think the title makes it pretty easy to figure out. So I welcome you guys to find all the references and allusions I made as well as any literary analysis. Enjoy!~ --- Smoke… The smell of smoke woke him up. He shot straight up, the thought of escaping a fire racing through his mind. Sitting up, his head ached as the blood rushed out of it. He tried to stand up, but his feet were unsteady and he fell right back down. A sudden hissing noise made him scramble to move away. The smoke obscured his vision as he stumbled about, his feet knocking pieces of metal and cushioning aside. There were several rays of light piercing through the smoke. With tears streaming from his eyes, he moved haphazardly towards the source of the light. Pieces of unseen metal and sharp wires torn at his clothing as he made his desperate escape. Held his breath as long as he could, trying not to inhale any more smoke than he already had. The sunlight nearly blinded him as he fell to the ground sputtering. Dust clouded around him as he lay on the ground, hacking his lungs out. The fresh oxygen almost burning his throat with every desperate inhalation. “Hey! Are you okay!?” He felt a hand gingerly touch his back. He wrenched his arm around to swat it away on instinct. The hand recoiled and he tried to stand up once he partially regained control of his breathing. There was a young man standing before him. He stood there rubbing his hand with a concerned look on his face. He had sandy blonde hair that was soaked in sweat with dirt and leaves sticking out of it. “You didn’t have to hit me so hard.” “Sorry,” he coughed, “Where are we?” The young man shrugged, “I don’t know. It looks like we crashed on an island.” “An island…” He repeated back. He tried to remember anything before the crash. He couldn’t remember anything, not even being on an airplane. He grit his teeth in frustration. “You can’t remember anything either, huh? I tried and can only remember my name. I’m Ralf. Can you remember your name?” The blonde asked. “Will… William. I’m William Montag.” He felt so relieved to know he didn’t forget his name. He looked down at his torn clothes, an off-white shirt and jeans, and something metalling around his neck. He held it in his hands, it was a small whistle. Ralf looked down at it too. “Hey maybe we can use this to get the others’ attention, well assuming there are any others.” He gestured towards the wreckage that William had emerged from minutes beforehand. William looked over the wreckage, definitely being able to recognize the plane’s cabin. Smoke was pouring out of the crack in the gray metal body. Oddly enough, he couldn’t find any wings, but he did see the tail of the plane. A large 404 painted in black on the ash-colored exterior. “Maybe we should get away from here. If that is fuel burning, it might explode.” William said, turning back to Ralf. Ralf nodded. “Good idea. I think the shoreline is that way.” ----- William welcomed the ocean breeze as it blew the salted wind into his face. It was a breath of fresh air instead of the burning fumes that seemed to stay trapped in the forest. He could feel his shoes sinking into the golden sand. Ralf stood next to him, seeming to take in the view too. “This place is beautiful. Maybe it won’t be so bad if we are stranded here.” Ralf chuckled. William nodded in agreement. His attention was caught by the sunlight glinting off of the whistle hanging over his chest. He held it in his hand and looked it over before bringing it to his lips and blowing as hard as he could. Ralf recoiled in shock, covering his ears, “A little warning would have been nice.” William grimaced, “Sorry. I’ll try blowing it a few more times. It’ll probably take some time for people to come out if they wandered in the wrong direction. Ralf chuckled, “At least I’m in good company.” ---- The sun beat down on on the two men as they waited to see if anyone would be attracted to the sound of the whistle. The two of them finding ways to pass the time. William found a stick to draw in the sand and Ralf collected small rocks and shells to stack on top of one another. It what seemed like an eternity before they heard a rustling in the bushes. Both men focused in on where the rustling originated. Finally a rather tall man with dark brown, almost black, hair stepped out of the forest, a look of relief on his face as he laid eyes on William and Ralf. Soon enough more men began to emerge from the woods and onto the beach. After a while, a group of about 20 men amassed on the beach, the sun inching towards the horizon. They all had similar stories. They all either woke in or near the crash and wandered off to see where they were. They couldn’t remember any details from before the crash save for their names and a few minor details about themselves. William took stock of the group. They were all men around the same age. The tallest was the first one to walk out, Blaine Choirman, at 6’3”. The shortest was Cameron Corder, at 5’6”. Dean and Samuel were identical twins, both of them speaking in tandem on multiple occasions. Ralf seemed intent on going around to try and get information from any of them, even though it seemed to always be a fruitless attempt. Right now he seemed to be trying to get everyone’s attention, but he certainly wasn’t loud enough. A loud whistle caused everyone to go quiet and look at William. He cleared his throat, “I believe Ralf has something to say.” Ralf looked slightly embarrassed at needing the help, but nodded in thanks to Ralf. “Ok guys. It’s obviously something weird is going on. I don’t know if it is like Lost or something, but the fact is that we are stranded here. We should work together to try and survive until help arrives.” The audience rumbled with hushed tones of worry. Ralf began to explain his plan. They would sleep in shifts for the night on the beach. The next day they would look for a water source and food, as well as building shelters. ----- Smoke… William bolted straight up from his slumbering position. Around him a few people were milling about. Just to the side of the group, a few huddled around a fire. He rubbed his eyes as his heart rate died down. “How’d you guys make fire?” He asked walking up to the group. One of the guys, Eric, spoke up, “Anthony… I think that’s his name, made it. He apparently went back to the wreck to light a stick on fire.” He pointed to a dark-haired man talking to the twins. William thanked Eric and approached Anthony, “You know the way back to the plane?” Anthony smiled, “Yeah. You’re Will right? I’m Anthony. I was just talking to the twins about going back to it to see if we can scavenge anything. Want to come?” William shook his head, “Sorry. I already told Ralf that I would be working on making shelters here. Though if you think there is a lot to get from there, I think we can get a good group together.” Anthony continued to smile, but before he could respond, another voice interjected. “Great idea, I think I’ll go with you guys.” William turned around to see Blaine beaming down at them. William raised an eyebrow, “But aren’t you supposed to be helping Beau and his group look for food?” Blaine shrugged, ‘I’m sure they will be fine without me. Besides, I think the plane could hold some food too. Don’t you think?” William thought for a moment, “Hmmm alright. I’ll let Beau know.” William walked across the beach looking for Beau. A few of the other men had begun to try and construct shelters using sticks and logs found nearby. Some sticking them in the sand straight up, other leaning them against one another. All of them looked rickety. He found Beau sitting by a pile of sticks with a few of the other guys, discussing their plans on what to find for food on an island. They were talking about coconuts when William approached them. Beau adjusted his glasses and looked up at William as he stood over them. “Hey, you’re Beau right?” The bespeckled man nodded. “I just thought I would let you know that Blaine is going with a group to look through the wreckage and won’t be with you.” Beau sighed, “Well that’s just one less person to look through a lot of plants. I think there could be some new species. I’ve never seen some of these plants before in my life. The flowers, leaf arrangements, vines, they all look different.” Beau went on a tangent for a few minutes about the possibilities of plants. William listened patiently until Beau finished. “You really like plants don’t you?” William asked with a raised eyebrow. Beau blushed when he realized how much he had been gushing and just nodded. “Ok just don’t travel out too far.” He waved off the group and surveyed the rest of the would-be camp. Shelters were still being shoddily made, men were out in the tidal pool trying to catch anything they could, another group was leaving to find a good water source, and one man was tending to the fire. Suddenly, he felt a hand on his shoulder. “So how do you think things are going to go?” William turned to see Ralf standing next to him. He shrugged, “Good I hope. Hopefully we will be found soon.” Ralf nodded, “I hope so too. I think we all do. At least we are off to a good start.” William smiled softly and chuckled, “We can find food, water, and make shelters, now only if we could find a shirt-growing tree or pants hanging off of vines.” Ralf chuckled at the remark. Everyone’s clothes were either singed, torn, or stained. It didn’t look like they would be able to change their attire anytime soon. Maybe the scavenging group would bring back some clothes. ----- It wasn’t until the evening that all the groups reconvened. One group found a stream near the camp they could get water from. Another group were able to find some rather large shellfish and a few crabs. Beau’s group returned with no edible plants. Everyone was eager to hear what Blaine, Anthony, and the twins had brought back. Anthony held out a silver bag in front of him. “I don’t know what kind of airline we were flying, but these are meals that just need to be heated with boiling water to be served. We brought back a few things to serve as bowls that we can use for boiling, but there aren’t many of these. They won’t last for more than two days.” Blaine and the twins nodded. “We looked everywhere, but could not find anymore food, but I think there are still some useful things back there, so we'll go again tomorrow.” A couple people in the audience clapped and people paired off to their ‘shelters’ for the night. Once again, people taking watch in shifts. ----- Morning came and each group got back to work, a few from the water group moved into the scavenging group to help get things moved. They were tearing out seat cushions, gathering loose metal, seeing if there were any emergency supplies, and even collecting fuel to bring back to camp and soak logs in to make the fire bigger. William watched as each group did their job. Everyone seemed to be in high spirits even though they had finished off most of their food rations. William smiled confidently over the group. Everyone seemed to be finding a niche in the work they could do. Cameron was recording all he could with what battery was left on his hand-held camera. Beau was recording data about plants after each trip his group took. Ralf helped build and maintain shelters. William’s eyes drifted off but focused on Anthony who was sitting with a dark-skinned man on the beach. It was the same one tending the fire the day beforehand. William found it slightly out of character for Anthony to be taking breaks, so he decided to go see what was going on. “Hey Anthony, what’s up? And um… I’m sorry. I don’t remember your name. I’m William.” The dark-skinned man blushed, “Adnan.” His tone was quiet. “I’m sorry. What was it?” “Adnan…” he repeated quietly. “Adnan Al-Mufti.” Anthony rubbed Adnan’s back and smiled. “He is a little shy. He feels out-of-place is all.” Adnan averted his eyes from William’s gaze. “Well I’m sure you’ll fit in with the rest of us here. We are all stranded. Just uh… Pray to Allah for us would you?” William said, trying to build some bridges. Adnan shook his head. “No. I’m not Muslim. I’m Christian too…” It was William’s turn to be embarrassed. “Oh I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to assume…” Adnan spoke up, “It’s ok. People make that mistake a lot.” Anthony nodded. “Yeah. It’s easy to mistake a person based on their looks. Lots of people think I’m Mexican, but I’m really Italian with some Spanish in me. And with a last name like Lisbon, it confuses the hell out of people.” All three of them had a good chuckle at that and Adnan seemed to open up more as they chatted. Soon, William spotted Beau’s group returning from the woods, looking like they were carrying something. William excused himself and went to go meet Beau’s group. “Hey Beau. Did you guys find anything?” Beau nodded, showing some pale pink, star-shaped fruits, or what looked to be fruits at least. They were about the size of their hands and they were trying to carrying as many as they could. “We found these growing on some small trees, well vines on the trees. I’ve never seen them before or heard of anything like them. They aren’t starfruit either. Ian ate one before I could tell him not to. He said they were sweet with a savory aftertaste. It’s so peculiar…” He motioned to Aiden who was carrying the most of the bunch. “He carried them all the way back, so it looks like they are edible and safe, and there are plenty of them to feed us for a while.” William smiled brightly at the remark. “Great. Let’s get these split up among everyone.” William and Beau’s group split up the fruit among everyone at the camp and saved some for those that were away from the camp. William held the fruit in his hands, looking it over. It felt so soft. Tentatively, he put the fruit to his lips and took a bite. The juices spilled past his cheeks and dripped onto his shirt. It was so sweet! He eagerly took another bite, feeling more energized with each munch. In fact, everyone seemed to have much more energy as they did their work. Morale among the group of stranded men was at a high that night. Everyone seemed so full of energy that there was an excess. Guys went running along the beach, doing push-ups on the firm ground, or wrestling with each other. They felt like kids again almost. William didn’t have to keep watch that night, so he got into his shelter and laid on top of some of the dismembered seat cushions. He heard some of the guys still up and rough housing. Sighing, he turned to the side to try and get some sleep when he realized he had a raging hard-on. Checking around to make sure no one was nearby, he began to stroke himself, relishing in the feeling of pleasure. His modest 5.5” cock streaming pre and he quickly neared completion. He shoved the side of his arm into his mouth to muffle his moan as he shot his seed onto the sand. He found his boundless energy had quickly left him and his eyes fluttered shut. The faint sound of waves and buzzing lulled him to sleep. ----- A sickly sweet smell woke him up the next morning. A cut piece of the pink fruit lay on a piece of cloth beside his head. He picked it up and eagerly devoured it, energy returning to him in bounds and waking him up immediately. The camp was a flurry of activity, but it was still doing the same thing. Then he realized something and quickly looked for Ralf. He pulled the sandy blonde who was stacking logs aside, “I don’t think we are going anywhere right now. There is no way the fire is big enough and that’s all we are doing.” Ralf nodded, “You’re right. Let’s get everyone together to make a plan.” “I have an idea,” William smiled. William went to the center of the camp by the fire. He took out the whistle he had tucked into his shirt. He inhaled deeply and blew into the small whistle. It got everyone’s attention and they huddled around the fire. William took stock of everyone. “Hey. We are missing some guys. Where are they?” William shouted to the group. Most shrugged. Anthony was the one to pipe up. “Blaine and Ian went into the woods. They said something about exploring and finding more stuff.” Adnan, who stood next to Anthony, also spoke up. “Cameron went off to follow them I think. Or to get a recording of what is left of the wreck.” William nodded and addressed the group again. “Ok guys. We got some supplies to survive, but it won’t last forever. We need to make sure we put more effort into building the fire and other ways of getting notices. Like spelling out HELP on the beach in rock and logs.” Murmurs spread throughout the small crowd. William tried to get their attention again, but many were focused on their worry-filled conversations. William blew the whistle again. “Hey! I know you guys are worried, but people are probably out searching for us right now. So if we keep calm and work smart, we can make it through this.” The day continued on as usual, with more people working on the fire and other collecting rocks to lay out on the beach. Soon enough the sky was dyed red and it was evening. Blaine and Ian returned with a satisfied look on their face and some more pink fruits in their hands. When William saw they had returned, he ran over to them. “Good to see you guys made it back. You should have told more people where you were going. It’s dangerous to get lost. Did you guys find anything?” The two men smirked, “Just more fruits. There wasn’t anything else.” William looked a little concerned. “Okay. And did you guys see Cameron? He was out exploring by himself.” Just then a noise could be heard coming from the forest. It sounded like someone shouting. As it got louder, more people stopped what they were doing and looked towards where the sound was coming from. Cameron suddenly burst from the bushes screaming at the top of his lungs: “MONSTER!” He ran onto the beach, but promptly tripped over his feet and faceplanted into the sand. William, Ralf, Anthony, and Adnan quickly ran over his to aid. Anthony and Adnan reached under his shoulders and lifted him up. “Are you ok? What happened?” Ralf inquired. Cameron left out an incoherent babble about seeming some sort of massive monster out in the forest, like nothing he had ever seen. He says he had gotten it on his video camera. Upon review of the footage, nothing could be made out of the blurred recording. Adnan and Anthony took Cameron off to console him and get him fed and rehydrated in hopes of calming him down. Meanwhile Ralf, William, and Blaine got together to try and figure out a way to calm everyone else down. “I couldn’t see anything from the video.” William stated. “Well he obviously saw something that spooked him,” Ralf reasoned. “I think maybe he ate something hallucinogenic or made it up,” Blaine countered. William sighed. It had all been going so well. “Well we gotta calm everyone else down. Let’s just ask the nightwatch to keep an eye out.” The other two agreed and that’s what they said to everyone who witnessed Cameron’s outburst. They knew it would spread to everyone else by the night and they were right. Everyone was more on-edge at dinner and they dug into the remaining fruits. William did his watch for the night and saw nothing out of the ordinary. He did notice, like the rest of the nightwatch, that he had a persistent boner the whole time and it wouldn’t go away until he jacked himself off later that night. ----- The following days fell into a routine. Wake up, eat fruit, do your work, eat more, relax a little, finish your work for the day, eat, tend the fire, and sleep. Every day William felt sore as he went to bed, despite not doing too much of the physical labor, though he still helped out often. A couple days later, everyone began going shirtless, and a few days after that, many were down to their underwear. Even though it happened so fast, William didn’t notice it at first until a week had passed. He stared at the group of men before him. Each of them had blossomed from young men into muscle gods. Broad, rounded shoulders swayed as people walked from place to place. Biceps flexed into massive peaks as they lifted larger rocks and logs. Pecs bounced and flexed in a secret morse code between buddies. Sweat made each nook and cranny of their muscles shine. They all had seemingly become this way in a matter of days. William would replay this in his head, almost watching someone go from their normal lean stature, to their muscular, masculine forms in a day. And it turned him on greatly. His cock pushed at his pants, desperate for relief. Unlike some of the other men, he didn’t strip down his his briefs, but his cock made him wish he would strip out of everything. It was much larger than the 5.5” he was used to. He guessed the length had almost doubled. Everyone else seemed to not notice or not care, going on about their daily tasks as usual. In fact, they seemed to openly embrace their newfound musculariture. The had flexing contests in the evening, like mini bodybuilding shows. His favorite part was when they would flex their legs. William loved a pair of thick, cut legs. His shook his head though. He had a mission for the day, follow Blaine. His group of men were the only ones that seemed to be different of everyone else. For starters, he wouldn’t anyone else but his main group ‘go exploring’ with them. Second, their bodies were noticeably different. Their jawlines were not only wider, but were covered in a dense beard. In fact, their bodies were hairier in general. The only ones of the ‘normal’ group to come close to their level of hairiness were Adnan and Anthony. And Blaine’s group was bulkier in general. While everyone else had six or eight packs, they seemed to have more of a muscle gut action going on. William watched as they went into the woods. He gave Ralf and thumbs up and quietly followed behind them. He had to ditch his shoes a few days ago, as he had definitely grown taller, and thus outgrown his shoes. His thick feet deftly moved across the ground, care to not step on twigs or leaves, at risk of getting caught. They moved passed the wreckage and the bushes filled with pink fruits to what looked to be a grotto. They all took a sip of the water that seemed to flow from an underground spring. William looked longingly at the water and almost didn’t notice the group congregate to the side of the pond. They all pulled down their pants and started to moan. “A private jerk-off session?” William thought. He had to get a better look… just to be sure. He moved around to the side, and what he saw shocked him. Their big dicks were shoved into some massive plants. Their pert glutes flexing as they pumped their cocks in and out of the plants. They were moaning with every thrust. William just watched in shock and awe at the spectacle. It continued on for about ten minutes until the sweaty brutes reached a climax. All of the flexing in some way as they came. William found himself rubbing his erection at the sight, especially at Blaine kissing his biceps. Soon enough, they all pulled back up their underwear, as tight at it was over their asses and packages. Blaine commanded the group to go grab more fruit and return to camp and not tell anyone about these plants. He called them Venus Dicktraps. William watched the wide, flared backs of Blaine’s group bend forward to drink some more water before lumbering back towards the camp. He held his breath to make sure he wasn’t making a sound as they walked close to him. His massive body hidden by the foliage. Once William was sure they were gone, he stepped out into the grotto. Before he made his way to the plants, he stopped at the water’s edge and looked at his reflection. He did not recognize the man he saw reflected back at him. His mousy brown hair replaced by curly, chocolate locks. His cheekbones were higher and his jaw squarer. His chin had a cleft in it now. William didn’t recognize his own face, but at the same time he knew it was him. He stared longingly at the reflection until some noises from the woods took him out of it. He checked to make sure no one else was around and approached the ‘Venus Dicktraps.’ The plant seemed almost sentient because its ‘leaves’ unfurled slightly as William approached. Tentatively, he reached down to touch the plant, but it recoiled from his finger. He stared at it curiously, wondering why it had done such a thing. Checking to make sure no one was around, he unzipped his straining fly and let out his throbbing cock. It was dripping pre, some landing on the petals of the Venus Dicktrap. The plant pulsed and drew the pre in. His heart raced as he moved his cock closer to the opening in the flower. Finally he slipped it inside, the plant seeming to constrict around his cock. It felt pleasant, but nothing so pleasurable that it would cause him to moan. Then he felt something touch the top of his cock. He shuddered wondering what it was. Suddenly, he felt something pass through the piss slit of his cock. He shouted in surprise, both at the invasion and the sense of pleasure it brought him. He pulled back his his cock and the plant seemed to try and hold onto him, somehow causing him more pleasure, but that only made him pull out harder. With an audible plop, his cock came free and he feel to the ground. William was scared, not only at the plant’s hold and invasion, but also like he liked it. Horrified, he start to get back up when he realized he was leaning up against something. Something hairy. He propelled himself forward, fearing he had been caught, but as he looked who he fell against, his heart dropped. It wasn’t any one of the men from the camp. This thing was a beast. He looked to be seven feet tall and covered in muscle and dense, black hair. Thick, wide feet snapped several sticks as he stepped forward. His massive thighs rubbing against one another, with a pair of bloated balls laying freely on top of them. William continued to look up the form of the beast, paralyzed in terror, but his cock still rock hard. A massive, wrist-thick cock was pushed forward by his bulging muscle gut. Even with how far the muscle gut pushed out, a pair of pecs hung over them, casting a shadow over his midsection. The beast took another step forward, William gazing into its eyes. It’s dark eyes were filled with lust and set deep into his face. His jaw was exaggeratedly broad and covered in a thick, tangled beard. His teeth showed through the hairs, revealing his devilish grin. “You’ll be like me soon,” he deep voice rattled even the trees. William felt his heart jump into his throat. “You’ll all be like me soon. And love it.” William gulped, the beast stepping forward. “You will never escape here.” The beastly man leaned forward. “And then we will have some fun together.” In that moment, William found the strength to move. He bolted back in the direction of the camp. His body crashed into a few small trees, splintering or breaking them in his rampage back to camp. The beast’s deep laughter haunting him every step of the way. William stumbled his way back into camp and a group quickly formed around him. His eyes were wild, his words were jumbled, but they did manage to gather the gist of it all: “Cameron was right, there was a monster.” ------ The camp was abuzz with the news. The now normal flex-offs were now worried huddling, discussing what could be done to combat the beast. Cameron was relieved to know he wasn’t going crazy from what he saw. His camera’s battery had died after he reviewed the footage constantly. William sat with Adnan and Anthony, both of whom had been praying silently for answers and to be found. Beau sat in the group too, clutching a tattered piece of paper. Beau motioned for the other three to close ranks. They huddle, their broad shoulders and bulky triceps rubbing against one another. “So I went back to the plane to see if I could find anything to use to help gathering plants. And well… I think I found something important.” Beau unfolded the piece of paper. “It’s a list of names. And we are on it.” he pointed to one on the list. “See there is mine, Tannist, Beau.” Beau went through every name on the list, “And Corder, Cameron. But you you see there is one strange thing. There is an extra name.” The other three’s eyes followed Beau’s thick finger to one partially visible name, “Finn Shelley.” “I don’t think there is anyone named that at camp.” William quipped. Beau nodded, “Exactly. And no one found a dead body or anything. Maybe he still is out there and hasn’t been found. Maybe he knows what is going on.” Adnan shook his head, “I don’t think so. He would be dehydrated by now at least, if not worse.” They didn’t get to finish their conversation, as there came a bunch of yells from the other side of camp. They looked over to see Blaine standing over Cameron as the smaller man frantically grabbed at the ground. William jogged over, finding himself enjoying the feeling his pecs bounce with each bound. By the time he got over to the two men, Cameron was sobbing. “What’s going on here?” William looked over the two men. “He broke my camera!” Cameron cried out, grabbing at the flecks of black plastic in the sand. “He wouldn’t stop going on about the damn thing. It’s dead anyway so what the point.” Blaine said dismissively. “I could have charged it after we get found,” Cameron said, still picking up any pieces he could. “If we get found,” Blaine muttered. “Enough!” William shouted. “We are not going to act like this. Not now. We need to come up with a plan.” Blaine grunted, “I got a plan. Kill the damn thing. We made spears from the scrap metal. We got the size to take it too.” He flexed an extremely meaty bicep. William glared at Blaine, “I’ve seen it and I’m not sure if metal would even pierce its skin. Besides, wouldn’t hunting it take away from your precious gathering time?” William knew it was childish to say that, but the words have already left his mouth. Blaine sneered, “I’ll handle it. And you too, if you don’t leave me alone.” William knew it was a threat, but he stood his ground. He took out his whistle and blew it. The group quickly convened around them. “Okay guys. The nightwatch will be armed with the spears Blaine’s group has made. Those on watch must alert everyone if they see something and do not go off on your own.” The whole group grumbled, but agreed it was the best option. Anthony handed fruits out with help from Adnan. The nourishment and energy provided from the fruit seemed to lighten the atmosphere, but many were still apprehensive about going to sleep. They paired off and slept in their altered shelters. William needed to rest as well. His mind was tired, but his cock was not. Despite his raging boner, he forced himself to go to sleep, trying to ignore the sounds of sex surrounding him. He knew everyone was growing lonely from the isolation and he yearned to be near someone as well. He wishes he could be with Ralf right now, staring into his deep green eyes, running his hand through his sandy blonde hair. William didn’t know if he was gay before the crash, but he certainly was now. He wanted to feel their pecs rubbing together and they slowly, but passionately made out. Maybe he would try it, once everything got settled down. ---- The smell of something burning filled the air. William shot up. He heard shouting and screaming. Crawling out of his shelter, he came to find people in a panic. Several shouting, “Get the monster!” Shelters were collapsing everywhere as people tried to get out in a rush. William looked to find Ralf who was trying to get everyone to calm down. The sound of breaking glass got his attention as he saw a burst of flames. He shielded his eyes and tried to find Ralf. A hand grabbed on his shoulder and William jumped in surprise to see Anthony behind him. “Anthony!” William exclaimed in relief. “William have you seen Cameron?” “What? No. What happened to Cameron?” Anthony sighed, “Cameron ran off saying he was going to get something from the plane. We tried to stop him, but he got away from us. Then Blaine said the beast showed up at camp and they started fighting it. They made Molotov cocktails from the glass bottle in the plane.” He pointed to the tower of fire on the other end of camp. “Is that the beast?” William ran over to the pyre, fishing the whistle from between his pecs. Blaine and his crew were cheering and tossing their spears into the air. William started blowing on his whistle as he approached. Naturally the sound of the whistle attracted the attention of everyone who had heard it before. “What the hell are you guys doing?” William demanded to know. Blaine looked angry to be called out on his revelry and looked down at William with a sneer, “We killed the monster!” That got more cheers from his group. “How do you know it was the monster? You’ve never seen it!” William shouted back, looking at the flames. Then he realized something. “And if you killed it, where is it?” “The fuck you mean?” The hirsute brute of a man slurred. William pointed at the ground where the flames were. There was nothing but some unknown bits and piece of melted material and a black box. Some of the men that followed brought water with them and doused the flames. William reached down and tested to see if the box was hot. It seems to have cooled down quickly. “Someone bring a torch,” William said to the group. Adnan stepped forward with a lit stick. “Hold it close so I can take a look at this.” He examined the box in his hand. It was extremely smooth with only one button and something carved into the side: Corder. “That was Cameron’s? What is it?” William muttered to himself. Then a terrifying realization dawned upon him. He dropped to his knees and looked at the burnt scraps. It was black plastic, and one blue piece that looked similar to a SD card. “You killed Cameron…” he muttered, tears already forming under his eyes. He stood up, chest puffed out. “You guys killed Cameron! Not the monster!” Blaine looked a little taken aback before regaining his composure, “No it was a monster. It came from the woods.” He pointed out to the woodline. William shook his head. “Cameron snuck off to the airplane. He said he was looking for something. Why didn’t you listen to me when I said wake everyone up first if you see something?” “We could handle it and we did! Cameron is probably still out in the woods. And why should I listen to you anyway? Who made you king.” Everyone that formed a crowd behind William began to whisper. He gritted his teeth and balled his fists, his neck tensing and bicep flexed. “Because I fucking think things through first. I don’t just go and do things without thinking of the consequences!” “Oh yeah. Well you want to know what I think?” His thick hand shot forward and grabbed the whistle from William’s neck and threw it to the ground. Before William could even react or say anything, Blaine stomped his massive foot over the whistle. “That is what I think. You couldn’t lead us for shit. The monster would have killed us all if we hadn’t attacked it first. And there might be more out there.” The whistle was flattened and mangled. Even though it was pressed into the sand. It was beyond unusable. William did his best to contain himself and not attack Blaine on the spot. “There isn’t. You don’t know that. You could be going in circles.” “Like hell I will,” Blaine roared back. “In fact, if any of you guys want to actually be safe and survive, instead of waiting on being found, come with us. We know of a grotto nearby. We will be strong and take out all the monsters here.” Adnan came up behind William, “Ironic, isn’t it?” “Shut the fuck up!” Blaine roared, “I know what’s best. If you want to come. We are leaving now.” Blaine rounded up his men and they headed for the woods. Some from the rest of the group tentatively started making their way to the forest too. William tried to stop them, but none of them would listen. Ralf walked up next to William and took his hand, squeezing it, “It seems they made their choice.” “Yeah…” William muttered, looking back at their camp. It was mostly destroyed in the frenzy. The fire was dying, shelters collapsed, fruit smashed. It seems they would have to build themselves up again. Then there was a sudden roar from the forest. Everyone looked over to see a tower of flames erupt from the direction of the plane. Fear struck everyone’s hearts. And then everything went white. ----- Clean, sterile air infiltrated William’s nose as he suddenly woke up. There was a beeping and sloshing of water. A hissing noise sounded from his side and he began to panic. He felt trapped again, in a tight metal container. Suddenly, the side began to lift. I large man in a crisp white military uniform stood to his side. “Captain Montag, good to see you are awake. Are you alright?” William looked down at his fully nude form. It was just as if he teleported right off the island. “It’s ok. The amnesia hasn’t worn off on everyone else yet. You are safe.” “What’s going on,” William squinted to see the man’s nametag, “Colonel Brick?” “William, you and your team were part of an experiment into exploring other dimensions. We downloaded your consciousness and sent it into a new realm. You were supposed to explore and report back after only a few hours, but you all have been out for months.” “Months!?” William exclaimed. “We were only on the island for not even two weeks!” “Yes William. We discussed the idea about differences in time and how it might affect the body. It seems to have treated you well.” William shook his head, “How is everyone else? How is Beau? Samuel and Dean? Adnan? Anthony? Is Ralf okay?” His heart rate monitor started to beep again. The colonel chuckled a little, “Calm down. Not everyone has woken up, but all the ones you just said have. Right now, only Ian, Chuck, Jeffery, Blaine and a few others were not woken up by the emergency retrieval. Their data became too corrupt to be pulled back apparently. But we got men working on finding another way to bring them back. Though seeing as what the place did to your team, we should be sending our whole army. By the time they come back, you all would be the strongest army on Earth.” William steadied himself as he stood up. The colonel would be a large and imposing man to anyone else, but he looked like a well dressed kid next to the towering William. He would later learn he is now 6’10” and about 350 lbs of pure lean muscle. Not to mention his cock was over a foot long and had more strength and endurance than any Olympic athlete. “Where’s Ralf?” The colonel signalled to the nurse. “He is in the recovery room with Dr. Tannist and Privates Al-Mufti and Lisbon.” They instructed him to get into a reinforced wheelchair and took him to a new room. When Ralf saw William come through the doors, he stumbled out the the wheelchair and fell into and embrace with William, their muscles pressing into each other through the hospital gowns. “I’m so glad you are safe,” Ralf said with teary eyes. “Me too,” William took all of his courage and placed his lips against Ralf’s. His lips parted and welcomed William’s tongue into his mouth. He heard the colonel laugh behind him. “Welcome home boys.” And then William had another thought, “Are we really home?”
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    Liquid Manhood- Chapter Six

    So happy to see you continue it!
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    Muscle-Growth's 2nd Annual Storiversary

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    Muscle-Growth's 2nd Annual Storiversary

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    Write Caption Stories With Me!

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