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  1. Muscleace

    m/m Spice

    College is a whole new arena. Roommates, RAs, TAs, Professors, administrators, not to mention the sports teams and people of the college town.
  2. Muscleace

    m/m Spice

    A shame it is coming to an end, but it had a great run. A variety of characters to fill every niche muscle growth fantasy. Can't wait to see what you will work on next
  3. Wow this is hot! A big improvement on the past stories you've written Can't wait to see more form you!
  4. Muscleace

    m/m Spice

    Funnily enough I was just rereading it a few days ago. Can't wait for more!
  5. The last part of agmsye and my RP. -- Connor stared into the mirror at his unassuming form. He was nothing like the men the curse had created and he hated he would never be able to at least have sex with, let alone form a relationship with anyone guy now. Either they wouldn’t be interested, or he would be soft all the time. He grit his teeth, regretting being so rude to the guy before and being so picky about what he saw as the perfect guy. Just then, out of the corner of his eye, he saw a glint, not a flash, but a glint. He looked into the mirror more intense and noticed a slight shimmer washing away his imperfections. His formerly slightly spotty skin got freed of the pimples and took on a healthy tan. His face reformed into a more angular form, his jawline squaring out, not as much as Roman’s though. His eyes took a deeper shade of blue and gained a mischievous sparkle. Connor was totally perplexed by the sight and enjoyed the feeling of the shimmer working in his face. He smiled, his teeth glinting as they realigned and became a pearly white. His lips looked fuller with a pink cupid’s bow curve. He brought his finger up and ran it along them, feeling them to be perfectly straight. Just at the tip of his finger, another glint shone. The finger began to lengthen and thicken, the growth seeming to spread into his palm and other fingers, looking oversized for his decent arms. The shimmer worked further up his arms and slowly but steadily increased the size of first his forearms, which grew to the size of small hams and then his biceps and triceps, which took on the size of Softballs, gaining a nice horse shoe. The shimmer refined his shoulders too, widening them a bit and rounding them too, giving them a nice cannonball size. Connor stared down in awe as he saw a glint form in the middle of his chest. His arms were flexed at his sides, but his attention was on the growing mounds under his shirt. Soon the cloth grew taut, then tight, then looked like it couldn’t contain much more. The square, pillowy mounds of muscle pressed his nips into the shirt and they looked ready to rip through it. The magic started to work underneath his pecs too, refining Connor’s already not too shabby abdominal muscles. He had had a nice fit set of six-pack muscles before, but now he got a cobblestone road. The ridges between the individual bumps deepened and even revealed another row of muscles, making his abdominals into an eight-pack. Connor couldn’t see it beneath his tight shirt, but running his hand across his stomach confirmed the feeling he had. Connor could feel his shirt pinching in his pits as it grew tight everywhere. His lats were pulling at the seams of his sides. His traps even rose up his neck. It suddenly felt as if someone had grabbed his hips and pulled back on him. Looking behind himself, he saw nothing. Until he looked down and saw the massive shelf of an ass he now had pushing at the seat of his pants. The bubble butt stretched the textile taut over its shelf and made the changes of Connor’s legs even more noticeable since he could feel the fabric against his growing flesh. His thighs and calves ballooned outward, giving his new studly figure a Fitting pedestal and making him look like he was a regular of the track Team. His feet grew several sizes too making it necessary for his socks and shoes to grow a few sizes, to make place for his size 15s. “Ro-Roman…” He tried to call out. His voice was smooth and deep. His own voice was turning him on. That’s when he realized he was still changing. His looked down and saw the light glint off the button on his pants. Just below it, he could see his basket bulge out. His cock AND balls were definitely growing. He could feel them fighting for spice in their confines. With some relief, he saw his cock snake down his left pant leg. It was pressed against the fabric, showing how thick it was. His jaw hung open as he stared at it. Just then Roman came rushing in. “What’s up?”, he asked worried, before noticing how Connor had changed. He took the fabulous hunk before him in and took his dear time gazing at the obvious outline of Connor’s dick. A smirk crossed his handsome face and he chuckled “Mine is bigger and seeing you doesn’t help shrinking it either.”, while gesturing at the growing bulge in his own pants. Connor found himself breathless. He was getting hard looking at Roman. A look of shock crossed his face as he realized it. He jumped at Roman to hug him, wrapping his thick arms around the hunk’s torso. It went beyond a hug as his mouth eagerly found Roman’s and began to passionately make out with him. Their tongues intertwined as Connor began rubbing Roman’s impressive tool, while the other hunk was playing with Connor’s nipple through the tight shirt. Roman could feel his partner’s own impressive tool getting hard. It didn’t take Roman long to force Connor down to his knees easily, even though he was now pretty well built. Quickly Connor unbuckled Roman’s pants and worked the monstrous dick before him with expert hands. Once Roman was fully hard, Connor wrapped his lips around Roman’s massive cock and began to blow him. His head bobbed up and down while his tongue pushed and prodded the massive cock. Connor’s hands were rubbing over Roman’s huge form and Roman’s hands were doing the same. Roman pushed Connor off his cock and instinctively took him to the bedroom, even though he had never been in the apartment before. Once on the bed, Connor resumed sucking Roman’s cock, but Roman maneuvered so they would be 69ing. What followed was a night of passionate sucking, fucking (Mostly Roman jackhammering his tool into Connor’s tight ass) and bucket loads of cum. Finally after hours and hours of furious pounding the two fell asleep, Roman’s cock still buried deep inside Connor. The next morning the two studs woke up to the rhythmic pounding of Connor’s neighbor’s bed against the wall, accompanied by the moans of the guy’s wife, which stirred memories inside the sleepy Connor. He remembered fucking his stud of neighbor’s husband. His wife liked to watch the two hunks go at it. The man had a tight ass and admitted to being bi-curious. After one night with Connor, he wasn’t curious anymore, he knew he liked it, and his wife did too, so it was a win-win situation. Connor would occasionally come over to get a piece of that hot ass so the wife could live out some of her stranger fantasies. She even wanted to do a three way with them. Connor’s recollection grew hazy as he felt Roman move next to him. Connor blushed, another rush of memories hitting him. He remembered Kenichi pushing him over the laundry machine and shoving his horse-sized cock into Connor’s ass. Connor stuffed one of his jockstraps into his mouth so his moans wouldn’t alert anyone to what they were doing in the communal laundry room. They had almost gotten away with it, until that nerdy jock who lives with his grandma walked in and asked to join in. Connor quickly walked on. As he passed the old woman’s flat he heard orgasmic screams from the inside, which usually meant that her grandson was home and had some guy or girl over to work his expert skills on, which Connor knew all too well. He was tempted to keep standing there and listen to the girl screaming down the house, while working along the length of his impressive tool through the fabric of his pants, but he couldn’t let Roman wait, so he left the house. Connor walked confidently outside and hailed a taxi. He got inside and the smell of spices and musk hit him. It felt familiar somehow, and when he looked at the driver he knew why. He had forgotten his wallet the last time the taxi driver too him to college, so he paid with his expert blowjob skills. The middle eastern driver looked happy to see Connor and offered a free ride. A short ride and what felt like a gallon of cum down Connor’s throat later, he left the taxi and said goodbye to the taxi driver who had a satisfied grin on his face which was no surprise, considering his musky footlong tool had just been expertly milked. Connor entered the Starbucks and immediately saw another familiar face in the queue. The football team’s water boy was waiting for his order, bewitching the cute guy behind the counter with some flexing of his muscles. Connor smiled, thinking they made a cute couple. He remember even being the one to set them up. The water boy had just finished a workout and Connor happened to be heading to the Starbucks too. The hunky barista happened to be working and a bromance quickly formed. Just as fast as it formed, the bromance dropped the ‘b’ and they constantly flirted with each other while at work or games. The barista smiled as he saw Connor and motioned him to come forward, saying his order was almost done, as they were expecting him. Connor thanked the two as they went back to making googly eyes at each other. Connor decided to walk home and get some fresh air. While walking down the street he spotted some guys he knew. Like the huge black guy from the club last night, who was strolling down the street, still dressed the same like yesterday, meaning he had probably spent the last night balls deep within some poor guy, or even the two stripper’s who Connor had introduced him to. The two strippers, Alex and James were close friends with Connor since the three of them had gone to the same high School. He knew they liked the black behemoth type, so Connor simply had to introduce them. Connor chuckled to himself as he walked. He passed one of the practice fields and saw the football team practicing. Every one of those studs were shirtless, only wearing their large cleats and football tights. Coach Stromberg’s hairy form was on complete display. He was shirtless as well, and his shorts almost looked like a speedo. His pecs would bounce as he barked orders at the team. Connor lewdly rubbed his bulge as when he remembered Stromberg trying to recruit him for the team. Connor declined, but was convinced to at least join the after practice orgy. That was a fun afternoon. Connor took his dear time walking home, passing by a police car with a familiar muscular cop, who had someone, maybe a criminal sucking his meaty dick off and making the car shake from his deep reverberating moans. Connor chuckled to himself as every built and handsome guy either winked at him or blushed and hurried his steps when they saw Connor’s imposing figure and even though there were so many guys, Connor remembered what each one of them like very clearly. But then finally, he reached his house. Connor leaned over to his husband and gave him a passionate kiss, enjoying the feel of Roman’s stubble against his face. “I love you, Roman.” “I love you too, Connor,” Roman answered and gave his husband another kiss.
  6. Connor and Roman walked towards the nightclub. Connor had kept his eyes closed the whole time, Roman guiding him. They had hoped the gypsy would be there again. “You know you are going to have to open your eyes to look for the guy, right?” Roman said, looking back at Connor. The smaller man simply nodded. When they got to the front of the club, the burly bouncer held out his hand. “IDs.” Connor could hear Roman searching for their IDs, they had expected this and had Roman have both to avoid another Flash. But then the bouncer said “May I see your eyes. I have to make sure if you are the Person from the ID.” Connor really wanted to avoid having to look at the bouncer, but Roman leaned down to him and whispered in his ear “Just do it, it’s inevitable.” and obediently Connor opened his eyes, only to be blinded by a flash. The flash was even brighter thanks to it being night. The bouncer held the ID up to Connor’s face to make sure he was the same person. On the other hand, Connor was looking at a completely different person standing in front of him. His hair was now buzzed, his jaw wider, more bovine-like. Thick pecs pushed at his too tight tee shirt and hung over his definite roid gut. Though looking a little lower, the roids hadn’t hurt the guy’s package yet. He hiked a thick thumb over his shoulder. “Alright. You guys are good.” Roman had to force Connor into the club a little, since his eyes were still glued on the bouncer, but as soon as they entered the club he sighed in relief as he saw it was still relatively empty. That meant there wouldn’t be many possibilities for the curse. He made his way through the club, avoiding to look at guys and only occasionally looking up to see if the guy Roman had spotted through his description was the man who cursed him. The night was just beginning, so people were making their way in. Each guy he would accidentally transform as he searched for the guy who cursed made him grimace a little. “Maybe I’m helping them get laid.” He thought to himself. Roman was more or less just guiding him around. Suddenly, some microphones came on, “Good evening gentlemen. Please welcome our starting acts to the stage, Alex and James!” A couple guys hooted and clapped as two strippers made their way out onto the stage. Connor made the mistake of looking up at them when one of them started to dance. The flash replaced the two former probably well built men, who were probably just planning to grind their bodies and groins against the poles or even some club goers faces with two gods. The two of them looked similar, large pectorals, bulging biceps and deeply cut abs coupled with Overall well built muscles to back them up and topped with a humongous package barely concealed by a pair of skimpy Posers. What drove the crowd really wild though, was that the two of them were passionately making out with each other. Connor turned away from the oversexed strippers in jealousy. Roman helped pull him over to the bar. “We will have a good vantage point here.” Connor smiled, but he definitely saw Roman stealing glances over at the show going on the stage. Connor sighed, hoping they could find the guy, reverse the curse and end the night. He was startled when he heard a voice coming from behind the counter, so startled that he didn’t even think about the curse. He barely registered the formerly kind of skinny, but also kind of handsome figure disappear, before the new bartender repeated the question with a new rumbling bass “And what can I get you two.” Like always, Connor was too awestruck by the man’s new appearance to say anything, so Roman ordered them two beers. Connor watched as the bartender’s biceps would flex as he bent his arm to grab their beers. He passed them to Connor and Roman. The bartender looked like he should be giving advice in a gym, not a gay club. Still, he found the bartender looking suggestively at Roman, and his friend resisting to flirt back. He set down his bottle and got up, “I’m going to the bathroom.” He had to take a piss and was pretty pissed off too. After all Roman was supposed to help him and not flirt. He stepped before the urinal and whipped his average cock out. Soon after he had started he heard the door open behind him and a man with heavy footfalls stepping up to the urinal next to him. Curiosity got the better of him, as he looked over to get a glance at the cock of the heavy man, but it seemed like that was enough to trigger the curse. Connor was sure the guy had been a pudgy White man with a less than impressive tool, but now the meat had the Color of ebony and was more than coke bottle sized. The huge black cock looked like it hung about ¾ the way down the man’s absolutely massive thighs. He saw Connor staring and it and chuckled. He slapped it against his hand before stuffing it back into his pants, the behemoth was going commando. Yesterday, Connor would have chased after the man, but he knew the curse would make any effort for that cock futile. Resigned, he made his way back to the bar. To his surprise, but also to his joy, he saw that Roman had withstood the bartender’s flirts and didn’t even look at the still ongoing performance onstage, which now even skimpier posers and one guy, maybe Alex, fondling the large set of genitals of his partner, presumably James. Connor sat down at his place and took a sip from his beer, before turning back around. First there was a familiar face on one of the platforms, the janitor he had transformed and second their target on the other side of the room. Connor excitedly tugged on Roman’s tight sleeve. “Roman. That’s him over there! By our janitor.” Both couldn’t help but laugh at the last remark, but Connor pulled the hunk in the direct the gypsy was in. “Come on, before he gets away!” The crowd was getting thicker and the smaller man did not want to lose sight of him. He didn’t even care the flashes he caused, he was hellbent on getting to the gypsy guy. Roman helped him, his superior height allowing him to look for the guy from above. They followed him through the crowd, since the gypsy seemed to have also seen them and was trying to get away. Finally they had him in a quiet corner of the club when he turned around and Connor saw a blinding light. In place of the gypsy stood a towering bronze man that was on par with Roman. They were nearly eyes level, Roman looking just a little bigger. Connor was looking up at the statue come to life, passed his now massive pecs. His voice wavered slightly, “Are you the one who cursed me last night.” The giant seemed to be more focused on flexing his new muscles and feeling himself up before smirking down at Connor. “So what if I am?” “I want you to take the curse back.”, Connor said, surprised by the confidence in his voice. The giant just made his boulder like pectorals bounce and let out a deep chuckle. “That will be hard, since I am not the person who is able to free you from the curse. You yourself are.”, he intoned mysteriously. “And how?” Connor asked with a quizzical look. The monstrous gypsy just gave him a double biceps pose that almost made Connor swoon and said You’ll have to find out yourself.“ Connor felt like he had been punched in the gut. One day and it was a sexy nightmare, now what would the rest of his life be like with this curse. The large gypsy stepped past Connor, but looked back at the crestfallen guy, "I’ll give you a little hint, looks like you already found a way to break the curse.” Connor looked up, smiling, but the gypsy just laughed his way back to the dance floor. Connor looked after him and saw him disappear in the crowd. Roman put a large Hand on Connor’s shoulder and tried to cheer him up, but realized he had nothing to say. Connor threw one last glance towards the crowd, just barely grazing the DJ on the stage with his gaze, but that was enough to have a bright flash fill the club. The stage as now undeniably dominated by the burly, mid-twenties fitness model of a DJ. His largs, but defined arms flexed all the time as he pushed the buttons and turned dials. Roman’s deep voice finally reached Connor’s ears. “Let’s get you home.” Connor just nodded as the pair made their way through the club. The passed by a behemoth of a black man, the hunky bartender, the sexed-up strippers, and the roided out bouncer. The cool night air felt good on Connor’s skin. The walked back towards Connor’s apartment. A cop car drove by and Connor swore it was the one he changed last night. Roman just nodded as they walked along the sidewalk. They passed a homeless man sleeping. In a flash, he was still homeless, but once a pic of him would find his way onto the internet, he’d probably become a model. Connor was too down and depressed to fully comprehend how Roman got him home and he was sure it took him longer than it would normally, because of the big guy intentionally slowing them down, but finally they reached the flat. Like in a Trance Connor made his way up to his door and whipped out his key, only just noticing how Roman had to duck through the door frame to get in. Connor and Roman sat on the small couch, it sinking towards Roman due to his immense weight. He tried consoling his new friend, but Connor was definitely depressed. Against his better judgement, he bent down and kissed Connor chastely on his forehead. Maybe it was the panic or anxiety, but Connor felt another pang in his stomach. “Bathroom…” he murmured as he got up. Roman’s large hand grabbed his thinner forearm and Roman looked at him with a worried expression. “Don’t worry. I won’t do anything rash.” He said, trying to comfort his large friend. He tugged his arm free and went to the bathroom, shutting the door behind him. He turned on the sink and splashed his face with water. Rubbing his face with the cold water, he stared at himself in the mirror.
  7. After a deep inhale, Connor tried to explain all that had been happening. The guy at the club, the random transformations, and the fact that this new hunk was the first to really talk to him about it. The hunk seemed a bit confused and skeptical. “So you are saying, that a few minutes I was like half my size. That can’t be true though, I’ve been this big since,” he thought for a moment. “Well I’ve been this big for a while.” The hesitation of the hunk before him stirred a thought in Connor’s mind. “Where have you been Training? When did you pick up training?”, Connor asked and just like he had expected the hunk tried to remember for a Moment and then shrugged his shoulders as a sign of surrender. It was obvious that he had no real Memory of how he got so big, just the certain thought that he had always been. The let out a sigh. “Ok. So you think this guy cursed you to turn every man you see into a hunk? And you can’t get with any of them no matter how much you want to?” Connor nodded, “Yeah like right now, you look really hot, but I’m as soft as can be right now.” The stud rubbed his head, “Ok, well I do find you really cute, but I can’t get it up either. So let’s say this is true. I’m a history major. I’ll head to the library and see what I can find, if anything on curses like this. Think you can go without changing anyone else?” “I’ll try, but I guess it will be impossible. The guys just seem to be wherever I look.”, Connor sighed and watched his new hunk friend leaving the room, when a question popped up in his mind. “Please, wait a Minute! You never told me your name. I’m Connor.” The man turned around and flashed a beautiful smile at the smaller guy. “Name’s Roman.”, he answered and closed the door behind him. Connor listened to be sure no one else is in the hallway. Once he thought it was empty he stepped out and made his way to the exit. His stomach growled and he felt how hungry he was, the little scone not tiding him over. Keeping his head down, he made his way towards the cafeteria. Unfortunately with his head down, he walked straight into someone who was playing on his phone, knocking both on their butts. “Hey!” He heard a childish voice say. Connor was rubbing his head and only saw the Pikachu shirt the guy was wearing before a flash filled his vision. The after-Flash-guy still wore a pikachu Shirt, but it was now pulled taut over a pair of monstrous pecs. “Watch where you’re going.”, the guy rumbled and picked up his phone again, Pokemon Go still running. If it hadn’t been so hot it would look comical watching the bulging biceps fight for space as the hunk tried to type on the tiny phone with his meaty calloused fingers. Connor still rubbed his head as he watched the Pokemon fan’ walk away. When the hunk had disappeared around a corner, Connor resumed his way towards the cafeteria. Connor cursed to himself, his cock readily rock hard again. It was hard to look where he was going and avoid looking at any male walking on campus. Every male student or staff member that fell into focus would suddenly become a manlier, hunkier version of their former self and not even realize it. A few would apologize to him and their suddenly broad shoulders would sometimes bump into him. Even the old janitor could not escape the curse. The old man had just been mopping a Floor Connor was Walking by and when he peered around the Corner to make sure nobody would cross his way the Flash engulfed the janitor. In his stead stood now an Adonis in a Grey Overall. Huge biceps were revealed by the now short sleeved textile and even his now huge chest was barely Held back by the uniform. Connor could clearly see an enormous bulge swaying from side to side as the janitor mopped the Floor. Another Bonus was that the man had lost about 30 years, which made him an handsome mid-twenties-guy now. The janitor looked like a stripper version of himself, and judging by the way he moved his hips as he listened to music, he might just have a part-time job stripping now. Connor hurried away and only transformed a few more hunks on the way to the cafeteria. He breathed a sigh of relief as it was a woman working the counter to swipe his card. As most classes were still going on, the cafeteria was relatively empty. He made his way to one of the food lines to grab something to eat. When it was his turn he looked up and shockingly realized that it was not the normal lunch lady behind the counter but a fat, hairy man. At least he looked like this before Connor could take a second look. After the transformation there didn’t seem to be an ounce of fat left on the lunch man’s body. All he had was pure muscle, coated with dark hair. The gargantuan arms grabbing the ladle bulged and Connor could almost hear the metal scream as it bent under the man’s iron grip. The net on his top was filled to the brim with what looked like a beautiful mane of black hair. Connor couldn’t tell which was meatier, the sloppy Joe or this man’s arms. He didn’t stay to find out, he could feel his cock straining in his briefs. He hurried over to the fountain drink machine. After filling up, he turned around and knocked a glass of ice water right over some guy’s shirt. Connor continued his turn to see the skinny man looking surprised before a flash overtook him. He now stood with a still drenched shirt, but it was now a white V-neck. The translucent fabric revealing his sculpted pecs and hard nips. The guy was obviously uncomfortable with the way Connor practically pulled the t-shirt off him with his eyes and hurried away, before anyone could say something. After awaking from the Trance of seeing the perky bubble ass of V-neck walk away he looked around the room in search of a place to sit and saw that he hadn’t been the only eating the guy with his eyes. All the women seemed to come back from a dirty fantasy with the hunk, especially one girl who Connor walked to. She had been his best friend since kindergarten and they had practically done everything together. Well them and the last person Connor wanted to see now. As if on command, Connor felt a hand on his back and heard the familiar voice of his best friend Walking around the table. Connor kept his eyes on Claire before his best friend, Adrian, began to walk around the table. His best friend wasn’t bad looking already. He was about 6 feet tall, messy light brown hair, blue eyes, and spent time in the gym. He was afraid of what would happen to his friend of he fell victim to his curse too. He deliberately looked away as Adrian tried to get his attention. “Come on what’s up Con?”, Adrian asked in a worried tone, only getting a mumbled “Nothing.” as answer. The two of them had always been close, but now Connor just ignored him. So when Connor didn’t give any Kind of sign he had even acknowledged Adrian’s presence, the blonde guy just couldn’t take it any longer. He grabbed Connor by the chin and forced him to look at his face. When that happened Connor tried to frantically Close his eyes and deny the curse, but when a blinding light shone threw his eyelids he knew it was too late. The face that was staring at Connor was now the face of an angel. He could still see some of his best friend’s features, but the good had been magnified and the flaws were erased. “No what’s going on with you?” He heard the silky smooth tenor leave his best friend’s lips. Connor’s cock ached as he looked at his masculine, beauty friend. His clothes fit in all the right places, and in some they were a bit tight. Connor looked down shyly. “Nothing. Just a rough day ok?” Adrian seemed satisfied and sat next to Claire, who was busy on her phone. Adrian leaned over to Claire loudly whispered into her ear: “You know I don’t like it when you’re too focused on your phone.” He lifted his already tight Shirt, revealing what could only be described as washboard abs and continued “Is this not plaything enough for you?” before pulling Claire in for a sensual kiss. The both of them were so lost in their kiss that they didn’t even notice Connor staring at them open-mouthed. His power had made his best friends a couple. Claire subtly reached down and groped Adrian’s crotch, getting the hunk to moan a little bit. He could tell his friend had quite the package given how much he had to spread his legs when he sat. Finally the kiss broke and Adrian noticed Connor’s expression. “Oh sorry bud. You know how we can get.” “Yeah.”, Connor answered with a still shocked expression and started eating. He noticed that Adrian sloppy Joe had been replaced with a big salad bowl and that Claire only had one hand above the table. Judging the motions of her arm it was clear as day what she was doing. She gave her new boyfriend a handjob right in the middle of the Cafeteria. Connor tried to ignore it and asked innocently: “Please remind me. How Long have you been a couple again? I always Forget.” “For a happy 5 years.”, Adrian answered and a pleased smile crossed his face as Claire increased her rhythm. Connor quickly scarfed down his food and grabbed his tray. “I uh… gotta run to the library. I’ll see you guys later.” Adrian grunted and Claire looked quite pleased with herself, obviously achieving her goal. Adrian waved as Connor walked to put his tray away. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw V-neck guy flirting with the hirsute lunch server. He tossed his tray away and rushed outside, knowing he’d have to cross campus to reach the library. He hoped Roman had found something. Luckily the way across the Campus was pretty Transformation free, since classes had just restarted. The only Change occurred when a Group of 3 nerds crossed his way, dumbly giggling about some joke. When they had been transformed they were still laughing about the joke, but it was now two octaves deeper and underlined by the constant bouncing of the impressive pec shelf. Connor was glad when he reached the library and found it near empty. It was quiet, as a library should be. He could hear the clacking of computer keys and the occasional flipping of a page. The problem was the library was huge and was several stories high. “Roman.” He tried to whisper, hoping the hunk would hear him and make his presence know. He went by shelf after shelf, looking for the studious stud. “Can I help you?” Came a voice from behind. It was their salt-and-pepper haired librarian. Surprised Connor turned around and was blinded by the following Flash. In front of him stood a totally atypical librarian. He was still wearing his button down Shirt, but it was now stretched to it’s Limits by the meaty brawn concealed behind it. His jeans looked painted on and the cock bulge he sported was so obvious that it verged on indecent exposure. But his most prominent trait was the dense salt and pepper beard Spilling out of his neckline and the thick beard he sported. The librarian’s beard rested on his thick pecs, waiting for a response. “Oh I’m just uh looking for someone.” The librarian chuckled deeply. “Well then, son, you should text him and not go around making noise. This is a library after all.” He put a thick finger to his lips. “Shhh. Just a warning, but I’m very strict about etiquette in my library. If you need help finding a book, come to the front desk.” He turned and walked back, his shoulders and back taking up most of the space between the shelves. Connor looked around the library some more and after about 15 minutes he finally found the man he had been looking for. Roman sat crouched over an old looking book and looked highly concentrated when Connor sat down. He took a Moment, taking in the Beauty of Roman before finally breaking the silence and Clearing his throat. Roman finished the Paragraph he had been reading and looked up, breaking in a wide smile and whispering: “I think I’ve found something.” Connor’s face lit up, even though his cock had gone soft again, he felt elation building inside of him. “Don’t get too excited,” That sultry, hushed voice kept Connor’s heart beating even as his smile faded. “Ok so Romani, or Gypsy, curses are very individualistic. Not one is the same.” He closed the book and sighed, “So if you want to undo your curse, we will have to find the guy that cursed you.”
  8. The sun streamed into through the blinds of Connor’s apartment. His alarm had gone off, but he slept through it. Connor had spent the whole night researching what could be happening to him with the curse, even consulting his favorite MG site. He was exhausted by the time he fell asleep. He only woke up because of the shouting he heard coming his neighbor’s apartment. When he awoke, he thought the wife was being attacked until he listened closer. She was shouting things like, “faster,” “harder,” and “oh god.” It took only a few seconds to get the picture. His neighbor, Tim, was not much to look at yesterday, but after his transformation, he must now be a sex beast. However, he forgot all about that when he looked at his phone and saw he overslept and might be late for class. In a hurry to get going, Connor forgot eating breakfast and ran down the stairs. He passed by Kenichi, the hunky Asian must be living in this house as well, and the newly hunky grandson of the old Lady downstairs. He quickly ran down the street and climbed into a taxi, forgetting about the curse for a Moment. “Where shall I take you?”, the Driver of seemingly Middle Eastern origin asked with a heavily accented voice, before being engulfed by a blinding light. The seat was now occupied by an incredibly built man in his early thirties, his muscles making it impossible to use the seat next to him. Connor wasn’t paying much attention as he scrambled to close his bookbag. Only when the driver asked again in a much deeper voice did Connor respond. “Oh uh Carver University. The um… Coleman Building please.” The driver nodded and started the meter. Connor’s eyes were glued to the driver’s tanned, bulky arms. He watched how they would flex as he turned the wheel. When at a stop light, he swore the driver would bounce a pec or bicep for him. A far too short drive of flexing and bouncing later, the car reached the Campus and Connor hopped out. He threw a last lustful glance at the Driver when he payed his bill, earning another pec bounce as a reward for the generous tip. He stood there for a second and watched the car drive away, before looking at his watch and realizing he luckily still had some time. Following the rumbling of his stomach,he decided to head over to the coffee shop and grab a snack. Luckily the coffee shop was right next to his building. He shuffled inside, keeping his head down, hoping to avoid causing anymore transformations. Fortunately it was near the start of morning classes, so it was relatively empty. He slowly made his way to the counter. Hoping the usual barista was there, he looked up only to see a brief glimpse of the skinny, male hipster before seeing the flash of light. His new Barista was a really hot guy. Instead of White he was now a Latino, and his body simply oozed masculinity. His wide shoulders were connected to a pair of big, long biceps and a impressive Torso, which was unfortunately concealed by the apron, though his pecs were really standing out. Connor was so perplexed by the sudden transformation, he only stood there open mouthed, before stuttering, ordering a coffee and a scone. The Latino hunk turned to make the coffee and Connor could not believe he could see the ridges of the stud’s back muscles move as he made the coffee. He stood in bewilderment, wondering if there was even a way to stop this from happening, or if he even wanted it to stop. His stupor was only broken when a deep, sultry voice said, “here’s your coffee and scone.” A voice so deep and melodic, every word sounded like a pick-up line. Connor’s cock was raging hard as he took his drink and scone. Slowly Connor left the store, lost in thoughts about the two new men he created. He looked at his watch again and entered the Building, only just realizing he was running late. He hurried to the room his next Course was in and quietly entered it. He gulped down his meal and looked around the room. Luckily there were mostly women in his Course and the few guys were seemingly running late as well. Just then the door in the front of the class opened and Dr. Stevens, his Professor entered the room. Dr. Stevens was one of the older faculty members. Connor kept his head down until the professor stopped at his row. “Ah Mr. Connor Donahue. Please come to my office after class.” He simply shook his head. He saw no flash, so he thought the professor was safe for now. He made the mistake of looking up when the TA walked into the room. The bookish, hunched man was replaced by a hunky supermodel, wearing clothes perfectly tailored to his sculpted body, with an adequate bulge out front. He smiled and a few of his female classmates swooned. The following hour was hard. Connor lied to his neighbor, a bookish Girl, that he couldn’t read what was on the board and probably needed glasses. She let him copy her writings, but unfortunately she too was to transfixed by the sight of the incredibly handsome TA to really keep up. Connor had to remind her of the board constantly. After this horrible lesson, Dr. Stevens once again reminded Connor, that he wanted to see him in his office. Since there was no opportunity to dodge this, Connor sighed and entered the Prof’s office with his eyes on the floor. “Now Connor, I have called you in here to discuss the recent essay you submitted on Masculinity and Society. Now I have shared it with some colleagues and we agree that is well written. However there needs to be some edits. With those edits, I think it may be worthy of publication.” Connor got excited and said, “Really!?” Before looking up and being blinded again. Dr. Stevens now sat in the chair as a beast of a man. The top three button of his shirt undone due to his massive pecs, chest hair curling out from it. “Yes, but I believe you need to talk more about the body image of masculine males as well as expanding on sexuality.” “I would be more than willing to give you an interview, but I can introduce you to some guys in the sports teams if you like,” the former crooky doctor said, all the while bouncing his massive pecs. It was almost hypnotic to see the mounds of muscle dance. “Are you listening, Connor?”, the professor asked with a rumbling bass. “Umm, yes of Course, sir,” Connor answered. Dr. Stevens went on and told Connor about the other points of his essay that needed polishing, but Connor wasn’t really listening, he was too swallowed by the playing of Stevens’ muscles. The professor’s tweed suit looked like it was ready to burst. It was tailored to fit him, but only barely. The professor stood up, much taller than he ever had before. It gave Connor a great view of his wide shoulders down to his impressive bulge. “Now Connor, I must be off to a meeting. I suggest you meet with Coach Stromberg before football practice begins. If you can’t make it, Coach Eisenwald has baseball practice in the morning tomorrow.” He straightened out his tie, his biceps bunching in his sleeves. “Now I’m sure you have other classes. I shall see you Wednesday.” The professor’s tweed suit looked like it was ready to burst. It was tailored to fit him, but only barely. The professor stood up, much taller than he ever had before. It gave Connor a great view of his wide shoulders down to his impressive bulge. “Now Connor, I must be off to a meeting. I suggest you meet with Coach Stromberg before football practice begins. If you can’t make it, Coach Eisenwald has baseball practice in the morning tomorrow.” He straightened out his tie, his biceps bunching in his sleeves. “Now I’m sure you have other classes. I shall see you Wednesday.” What now sat in front of the seat looked less like football team members, but more like the bodybuilding club, or judging from the serious bulges all the guys carried, a porn cast. But they all paled in comparison to Coach Stromberg. Where his players were big, he was huge. Where they were tall, he was practically giant and where their jaws were angular, his was carved out of Stone. Coach Stromberg looked like someone had mixed the essence of 100 masculine men and poured them into a skintight pair of Shorts and a near bursting polo. He couldn’t quite decide, since all of them were perfect and so he sat down in front of the behemoth Coach. “I-I-I wrote a-a-an essay about m-m-m-masculinity and so and..” Connor began stuttering, before being interrupted by Stromberg. “Stevens already told me about that. He said I should tell you a few things about my place in society and such.” Coach Stromberg intoned and began telling Connor some Things about how he got treated with utter admiration and sometimes downright lust on the streets or how he always had a different person in his bed at night. The coach’s smooth deep voice hung in his ears, his erection never died down and only throbbed stronger. His voice was filled with authority and experience. Connor listened intently, turned on by what he was hearing. “Ok well that’s all the time I have for now. I hope it was helpful. I gotta get back to my boys. Come back anytime if you want more.” The coach stood and headed for the gym, his bulge bouncing with every thudding footfall. Connor just sitting in the seat, absolutely speechless and stunned. Connor had to wait about ten minutes until he could stand up, because of his raging hard-on and left the room, that was still filled with the musky stench of all the manly men. He went to the gym again and heard the clanging sound of weights being lifted. though from the sound of it, the metal wasn’t really heavy. Connor decided to let his curiosity get the better of him and searched for the source of the sound. Connor looked into one of the mirrors and saw a bespectacled pimple-faced nerdy guy benchpressing what looked like only 40 Pounds. But then there was a flash. The nerd was the football team’s water boy. He didn’t grow to the proportions of the team, but now he looked like the dictionary definition of All American Jock. His hair had pulled back into a natural blonde buzzcut. His brow was more prominent and his jaw much more square, his eyes a deep blue. His arms, shoulders, and pecs had great definition as well as six pack abs. He was working out shirtless. 240 pounds were on the bar instead of just 40. When he had finished his set and sat upright, Connor recognized the face. The former nerd had not only been the football team’s water boy, but the captain of his college’s chess team as well. It was an odd mix and most people wouldn’t recognize him as one of the most successful players in ages. When the guy saw Connor staring at his body from across the room, he gave Connor an annoyed look and resumed his training. Connor continued watching the waterboy for a while, but then he tore away his gaze and left the gym. Connor ducked into one of the bathrooms that was thankfully empty. He went into the furthest stall and began to jerk off immediately. He was desperate to get off, surrounded by these hunks. He imagined so many situations in his head. Dancing up on the parking services guy. Blowing the hot black cop to get out of a ticket. Having an affair with his newly hunky neighbor. The scenes were endless. It didn’t take Connor Long to shoot a load and it felt like he hadn’t orgasmed in ages. The cum ropes didn’t end as he shot load after load, moaning all the time. But suddenly a squeaking Sound signaled that the door had opened. But despite this Connor could neither stop cumming, nor moaning. All of a sudden the Person who had just entered asked: “Are you okay?”, in an innocent, almost childish tone. “Y-yeah.” He managed to say as cum still leaked from his cock. That seemed to be enough as the childish sounding man took the stall next to his. He looked down to see the man’s shoes. That seemed to be enough to trigger the curse as a flash caught his eye and now he was staring at a pair of feet that took up at least two of the tiles, if not more. “What are you looking at?”, asked the same childish voice, though it was now at least one octave deeper and came from above the wall. The man stood head and shoulders above the admittedly relatively dividing walls and looked down at Connor. What was visible of him was simply breathtaking. The man’s lantern jaw was coated with light Brown stubble. His brows sat deep above a pair emerald green eyes. His mouth, kissable and plush accentuated his strong chin and the cleft in the middle. And his hair was a perfectly styled mop of Brown hair. He saw the still leaking cock of Connor and asked: “Can I help you?” Connor’s cock deflated upon hearing the question. “I don’t think you can.” The response confused the newly made stud, an obvious look of confusion crossing his handsome face. “What do you mean?” This hunk was definitely not used to being turned down. Connor shook his head, “You would not believe me or understand.” A cock grin crossed the stud’s face. “Oh yeah? Try me.”
  9. Here you both go. I'll upload the rest throughout the day
  10. An RP between agmsye and me. ---- Connor huffed as he made his way from the club to his car. It was a bad night at the club. Some gypsy guy was following him around and flirting with him when Connor was not interested. Connor was more looking to hook up with one of the hunkier guys he saw at the club. Finally Connor had enough and made a little bit of a scene when telling the gypsy to fuck off. Now the gypsy wasn’t bad looking, but he wasn’t muscular or athletic looking at all. Though he had to chuckle to himself about how he was cursed to “always see what he desired, but could not have it.” He chuckled to himself as he looked for his car. The guy from the parking Service came up to him, wanting to help the Young man. He wasn’t exactly handsome or built, just some skinny pimple faced dork, probably wanting to get some Money. But as he came Close to Connor something happened. There was a bright flash and the dorky guy was gone. In his stead stood a prime example of a man. What seemed like seriously beefy muscles strained the tight t-shirt he was wearing, his bulging biceps threatening to burst out of the sleeves. Connor’s jaw dropped. He stared at the new hunk before him. The park service’s guy smiled cockily, “Can I help you?” Connor simply shook his head no and the hunk shrugged his shoulders, heading towards the club. He was both horrified and incredibly turned on by what he saw. He hurried to his car, worried he had been given drugs or something. He sped down the Highway to his high way and seemingly exceeded the Speed Limit, because it wasn’t Long until he was stopped by a Police car. A policeman climbed out of the car and swaggered over to the waiting Connor. His breathing was heavy when he reached the car, his severe amount of extra fat having slowed him down. Connor winded down the window and another Flash let the slobby policeman disappear. In his stead stood now a black behemoth, leaning down into the car window. The cop, Officer Burnman, stood at Connor’s window, his bulging crotch resting on his car window. “License and registration,” his deep bass voice rumbled. The younger man scrambled to get his papers and nervously hand them to the hot cop. Officer Burnman took the papers and bounced his pecs approvingly. He looked them over and handed them back to Connor. “Your left tail light is out. Get it fixed. I’ll let you off with a warning this time.” Connor looked back up, past the officer’s straining shirt, “Thanks officer… Burnman,” he bit his lip, “Is there anything I can do to thank you?” The officer grunted, “Just fix your taillight.” He turned around and Connor watched the officer’s muscled ass walk back to his patrol car. Connor waited until the Police car was out of sight until he started his engine again. Slowly he drove to the outskirts of the town, parking in front of his house. He hurried upstairs and took the key out of his pocket, wanting to open the door, when his neighbor left his flat, his dog at his side. He was an average Family man, dressed in only a Jogging suit. But when Connor turned around and looked at him, the man was engulfed by a blinding Flash of light. The jogging suit was pulled tight over every muscle of his neighbor, Tim. It was unzipped a little at the front, showing off his bulbous pecs that had a light covering of brown hair. Just about it, his chin now was sharper and had a short beard. Even his dog had changed from some small dog to a German Shepard. Tim smiled, showing his perfectly white teeth, and waved to Connor before jogging down the hall. Connor was still perplexed at how he had been able to see the thick vein running along his neighbor’s thick biceps through the Jogging suit, when he entered his flat. He tried to comprehend what had happened. This all had started when the gypsy guy had “cursed” him. But that couldn’t be real, right? “Maybe it will look different tomorrow.”, Connor thought and went to bed, his dreams filled with pics of the parking guy, the cop and his neighbor. Connor awoke to the smell of cum and wet sheets. He was surprised as he hadn’t had a wet dream since freshman year of high school. He balled up the sheets and grabbed some detergent before heading down to the communal washroom, passing off the past events of the night and a long wet dream. He was so lost in his thoughts he only barely noticed another guy Standing in the washroom. He stood there in only a pair of tighty-whities, his over clothes probably in one of the machines. As he greeted Connor, the Young man so lost in his thoughts that he startled and looked up. With another Flash the nearly nude man disappeared and was replaced with another hunk. The new man was seemingly of Asian origin and looked like he had just stepped off the cover of a Fitness Magazine. His tighty-whities had been replaced with a dark green pair of posing Trunks, that looked Close to giving in to the sheer size of the set of genitals behind it. Kenichi, formerly Ken, turned back to his machine as he read the latest fitness magazine while he waited for his load to finish. Connor got a look at his prime, muscled glutes. Connor was so shocked he dropped his sheets and detergent. The hulking Japanese man turned back around, “You ok man?” Connor bent forward to recollect his things, “Y-yeah.” He hurried at a machine on the other side of the room, his heart racing. He started the washing machine and left the room, not wanting to stay near the hunky Asian for too Long, in fear of Shooting a load from his sheer presence. Kenichi only rolled his eyes at the stupid Performance and turned back to his Magazine. Soon later Connor was back in his flat, when the doorbell rang. He heard the mailman, a well known pudgy person, in front of his door. Connor only told him through the door to just leave whatever he had in front of the door, but the mailman insisted on his signature. Connor could still hear the old rasp in the mailman’s voice. He looked through the peephole and breathed a sigh of relief. He smiled and turned the handle, not seeing the flash of light come from the cracks in the door frame. When he opened the door, he was greeted to what looked to be a football player wearing a mailman uniform. “Sign here,” the young jock in a mailman uniform said as he thrust the tablet to Connor. Connor didn’t even look at the table when he signed, his gaze drawn to the formerly old mailman’s new muscles. “Whatcha staring at?”, the jockish mailman chuckled and bounced his heavy pecs, before taking back the signed tablet and Walking away, seductively swaying his ass as he did so. Open mouthed Connor watched the man walk away, his eyes fixed on the muscular bubble butt. "What should I do?“, Connor asked himself, thinking of the endless possibilities his new power offered. The timer on his phone went off, signaling that his load was finished. He didn’t have time to think and did not want his clothes stolen. He did his best to move stealthily down the floors to the bottom floor where the laundry room was. He was dodging kids, neighbors, and staff as he made his way to the room. Kenichi wasn’t there anymore and he was thankful it was empty. He took his now clean Sheets out of the machine and packed into a dryer, taking his dear time, assuming he was safe there. But he was wrong, just when he closed the dryer’s door, the door to the washing room opened and a guy stepped in. Connor recognized him as the Grandson of the old Lady in the ground floor apartment. He couldn’t be older than 18, Kind of nerdy. That is until he was engulfed by a flash of light. Now he looked like a nerd on steroids, literally. He still had thick rimmed glasses, but they complemented his face more than anything. His still wore a blue and white plaid button-up, but now it was straining to contain his immense torso. He bent down and put a bunch of women’s clothes into the hamper before carrying it back up to his grandmother’s room without saying a word to Connor. Connor quickly grabbed his basket and followed the hunk just to be sure. When he say the hunky nerd go into old lady Bella’s flat, he felt panicked again and ran back to his flat and double locked the door. He needed some time to figure it out.
  11. Hi. That's my story that I did with agmsye. I know tumblr has my blog marked as explicit, so I'll ask if he is fine with me posting it here.
  12. Here is Becoming... Sadly it doesn't look like its been updated this year. http://www.zetacity.com/becoming/mainindex.asp
  13. Little by little he’d take less than a quarter of an inch. After about a week some of the guys had mentioned something but they played it off like it was just a joke. None of them beleived that their dicks had actually gotten smaller. But their girlfriends had started the rumors. They had noticed that they didn’t feel as filled as they had been or that it wasn’t as long or thick. They all were still well above average, and their audience didn’t complain. All three did cam shows online to make some extra cash, that’s where Freddy found them. He would steal a little bit each time they went into a private chat, all the while building his cock up. He tried stealing muscle, but he wasn’t able to. So he’d settled with steal dick size. The muscle was such a harder spell to accomplish. It would just take too much effort to steal it all. But as he added more of their dick to his own he couldn’t help but start rubbing it. The three guys kept going but he could tell it was a little bit smaller. Soon he began doing his own cam shows on a few sites. His dick looking above average for his body size, putting him on par with the other three men. He had a few private shows, but decided he needed to be bigger to make up for the lack of muscle. He stole more and more from the three captains everyday. He could tell when they started to notice. Their confident demeanor wasn’t as genuine as it had been. Plus some of the other live chatters started to point it out. A dick that completely filled their hand now barely came over it. Most weren’t disappointed but the criticism was starting to get to them. They still had decent sized dicks but they knew it wasn’t the same. Meanwhile the fan base for Ready_Freddy was steadily growing, much like the size of his cock. He couldn’t hold it in one hand anymore. A few of his watchers were creeped out when he grinned evilly when someone commented on his size. Soon the captains ended having their live shows and their girlfriends slowly grew more distant. Freddy on the other hand, was bedding more guys every night. His cock was insatiable. Guys loved seeing the challenge. Even if he wasn’t the most muscular or the most confident dom guys would come over just to be able to ride it. The chat started to take bets on whether or not they could actually take the thing. It was just so large it seemed inhuman. But none of them cared. they just wanted to see the ride. Freddy now preferred to free ball, and the captains noticed, but didn’t believe it was possible for someone to steal someone’s dick size. Instead the resigned themselves to the shame of having now tiny dicks, too embarrassed to even see a doctor about it. Ready_Freddy’s cams shows were one of the most popular for the “big cock” category. As he closed his latest session, he grinned and opened the spell book. He wanted to conquer the muscle category next.
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