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  1. DelaCrest

    Myostatin Treatment

    Am I the only one more worried about the fact that they all are being a little careless with Paul's blood including Paul. I feel like Pandora's Box is about to open @[email protected]
  2. DelaCrest

    It started with something small

    I'm on the same page as Mekal, WHEN?!!!!
  3. DelaCrest

    Musclebound Monster Makes Normal Guy Huge

    Same here. The story sounds good ^^
  4. DelaCrest

    Work Shift

    More more more give me more D:
  5. DelaCrest

    Dad Recovering Authority

    This story was perfect just perfect. Made me laugh, cry, and do something that doesn't need to be mentioned
  6. DelaCrest

    Zachery The Knight

    I like it. please continue

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