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  1. Enjoying the story very much. Usually come on a couple times a day everyday to see if a new entry has been added. Anyway something I think would be awesome is if Chris's parents made a visit because i mean Chris has doubled his body weight in less then 2 months i take it and even if they for some reason haven't seen him since he left for college his new body would still be a shock and it's a shock I want to see.
  2. It was nice to see Brooke and Trevor have a small moment together but a shame that Jack had to come and ruin it. It seems that Brooke is completely enamored with Jack's body that she ignores his asshole personality. Trevor being pressured into getting measured and measuring Jack's brother was a hard scene and I was hoping that Seth would step in but it seems like Seth doesn't want to do anything to go against the other giants. This seems like a nobody becomes popular and would rather play along with the other popular ppl in fear of going back to his old nobody status situation. What he said is true that now everyone knows Trevors real height there is no secret to worry about but the reveal was at his expense. The scene with Trevor getting a blow job by the other houseguest was an unexpected turn of events and though I think it's great for him to get some attention I do think the other guy was to aggressive. My personal opinion. Theory - The elongro didn't just make Trevor shrink but also reversed puberty him. I mean come on peanut sized balls that's small. First you make him shrink then you shrink is dick and now his balls are small too? Did this boy reverse puberty with the potential of reverting back or growing beyond or do you just like torturing him lol.
  3. I like this, not my ideal but I like this. I great to see Seth be so reassuring toward Trevor about their friendship. That he recognize that he owns a lot of his new life two in and that he wants nothing more then Trevor to be a part of it. It's great that Trevor is starting to feel more secure in expressing how he feels and how his prerspective on the whole situation is changing for the better. It is a shame that Trevor ended up getting shorter but it was hinted at as being the most likely consequence for another dose. That said I am a but disappointed in Seth's small but obvious excited toward the matter. I know he get's off on how much bigger he is compared to Trevor but I would think that there would be some concern, I mean I know I am. Is Trevor going to shrink more or was it a one time thing? I will say how happy I am to see Trevor though still struggling is trying to make the most of it. He knows he messed up and regrets it but also knows all he can do is move forward. I also like how his main concern is less on himself and how he shrunk/could be shrinking and more on his friendship with Seth which Seth thankfully reassures him is not going anywhere. I do hope come next chapter or soon Jack (that's his name right) does something to Trevor that completely crosses the line and Seth comes in and gives him what he deserves. I want Brooke to be there and see Jack's real self and just dumps him right on the spot and apologises to Trevor for breaking up with him and she made a mistake. However I don't want them back together, Trevor deserves someone who will love no matter his size and doesn't care for the giants.
  4. I mean it depends on the person(s) as well as the relationship that has been established between the party. I would never masterbate in front of a friend or want to watch a friend masterbate in front of me but I'm not that open. Others are open to it and when it comes to a hetro male on male relationship as long they have an understanding of one another and set boundaries there usually is no issue in the matter. That said I do feel they could be playing with fire. Trevor is attracted to Seth's body and though they have yet to speak of any boundaries I feel as though Trevor may end up getting carried away. As we know Seth feed on this attention to boost his ego but we don't know what his limit is or what he would do should Trevor go beyond it.
  5. Yeah I share the same confusion. I thought they said that the elongro helps boost a person past their natural growth limit before their plates fuse and growth stops. But it's illegal for minors to take so only those over 18 can take it but by then probably half's plates have fused making elongro ineffective on half of it's users. So my natural assumption was that Trevor's plates had already fused and he was done with puberty and the rest still had time. However now people are saying that it only works on those who have finished puberty. So did I miss something?
  6. I can see that happening though I don't like as it really does show that they view him equal to a child since that is something one would do when talking to their peers and a child is around. It may not be simple him claiming Trevor but also him letting others know not to mess with Trevor, that Trevor is under his protection. He may even think he comforting Trevor and making him feel more comfortable. Overall I'm getting big brother, kid brother vibes from their relationship.
  7. It's nice to see that Seth is trying to have Trevor's back and the end portion really paints why he may no be taking much notice to Trevor's feelings of inferiority and it seems it's because he loves seeing someone who he admired so much admire him back and look at him the way he looked at Trev. It does make my wonder exactly what he thinks of Trevor now. Trev being someone who he admired and once thought of as big but to now be double or more his size must have change on his perspective. I don't think he'll turn him back on Trevor intentionally and he will try to be there for him as much as he can since Trevor was there for him when the roles were reversed. That doesn't I don't think he may end up leaving Trevor behind but I feel now it will be more on Trevor's part then his. I also feel like seth does want to see Trevor start to grow but more them anything have Trevor enjoy his growth and be excited for him. Which makes sense you want your friend to be happy that your happy and join you as you explore yourself. It is sad how the others just comeplety overlooked Trevor but that is understandable due to their size. I also feel bad for Trevor that Brooke has completely moved on from him and though her words stug it's nice that it was addressed that they weren't said out of spite but merely because she doesn't see it as that big of a deal which really does help show she has moved on. I am getting annoyed with the over use of "little buddy". It's mostly fine when Seth says it in dialogue but coming from the others especially when Brooke said how it was nice of Seth to bring is little buddy to the game. It puts Tevor on the same level as a child which they may very well view him as but it's insulting non the less. I also find the use of to in the narrative itself to be unnecessary. I'm liking where at the end Trevor and Seth start exploring what their relationship with one another might be and how it seems that Trevor is started to be more okay with the fact that Seth is just huge. I definitely think by exploring Seth's body and speaking his mind on it has helped him in some way but we can see that he is still focusing on his friends growth vs his lack of growth. Which leads me to my last comment. I worry for Trevor, I hope that this half does does give him the boost he needs but idk. If he ends up shrinking I'm the end I'd feel bad for him but I hope that Seth is right by his side to a friend. If Trev does end up shriking I can see Jack taking the opportunity to humiliate Trevor and Seth stepping in to put Jack in his place and shows Trevor that no matter how much of a size difference there is between them Seth will always be there for him.
  8. I don't think Trev fully understand his feeling toward Seth. Is he sexual attracted to Seth himself or is it just Seth's size that turns him on? What does this mean for his and Seth's relationship, is friendship enough or does he actual want more? Personally I don't think Trev wants to be sexually involved with Seth and only wants to be friends but is turned on by his size since like I said before Seth is the living enboydyment of Trev's desires. I believe that Seth knows full well what he is doing but is ignoring the damage he is causing because he is focusing more on Trev's amazement toward him as confirmation that things are fine and that he hasn't gone too far. This is hwta I think his thought process is "Yeah my buddy has been taking a few hits but if it was really a problem with him he would of said something by now. Potentially Seth feels that even though Trev is much smaller then him now and his confidence is shot he would still be secure enough in their friendship to speak him mind. You may have a point about ones mind set playing a role. We know that Trev was excited in the beginning but due to his internship had to focus on his work and mostly his mindset at the time shifted from ones of wanting to grow to making sure his internship finish on a good note. Then when he came home instead of him focusing on growing he started focusing on his lack of progress and the others growth. Cause Trev did grow even if only an inch be did grow and who knows maybe if he focused on his want to grow and less on everyone else maybe he would of started to see progress and even though he did take some time to himself after the break up he is still thinking about the others and not on himself.
  9. I would say that for the most part his fears have been of falling behind, being forgotten and him not being man enough for his now ex and ultimately being scared to speak his mind and set boundaries because it may lead to more humiliation. Lately however it seems like his fear started to be more on their size, mainly Seth's, and his own safety because of it especially when it seems like he wants to speak his mind but takes note of Seth's sheer massiveness and opts to keep quiet instead. It could just be fear of being humiliated even more but I can't help but feel like his physical well being is mixed in there. I do think that Trev isn't just scared of Seth but is just in awe of him and this awe and amazement in Seth keeps him coming back because each time he sees Seth he just can't get over how much bigger he looks everytime. We know Tev has a thing for size and even though he is potentially not gay/bi size is a fantasy of his. He wants it for himself but since he can't being around one who does would be the closest he can get to having his fantasy. In other words Seth is a double edge sword for Trev. Everything he wants and desire but so painful to be around.
  10. No need to change the course of your story or the development of your chatacrers. Tell the story you want and stay true to the story you intended to tell. I just needed to share my thoughts and opinions because I do think your writing is great and I want to see more out of Seth. I did take Seth's comment about Trev's dick as one lf initial suprise and it's understandable. Because he is so much larger now his perspective on what is normal vs small would be different but for me that doesn't excuse the fact that he brought Brooke in it. To say he didn't invite Jack because the wounds were still fresh but then to say what he said is contradictory to his character. He thought of Trev's feeling over his breakup only to then burn him later on. It seems to me that he has blurred the lines of what is friendly jabbing and just being plain cruel and I say this because he may not hink what he is saying is that bad since Trev is getting off on this in some way. Overall though it seems clear to me that the relationship is an unhealthy one if Trev has underlaying fear toward Seth not just out of insecurity but also because it seems like he is afraid to speak his mind and tell Seth when he has gone to far because he fears for his own safety. In the end even if Seth was genuinely surprised and is oblivious to his actions it doesn't change that he is being painted in a bad light.
  11. I don't normally comment but this story is seriously driving me mad. I knew humiliation would play a big part on this and that those around Trev wouldn't take note of his feeling because of their own enjoyment of what's happening to them but I was hoping that there would be an shift where they realise that they are hurting him with their comments and have been brushing off his feeling to the side. Chapter 7 made me believe that Seth would start to take more notice in what he says and I didn't expect it to be immediate but progressive at least. However after reading this latest chapter I can't stand Seth. I can understand the booster seat and him not thinking it as being that big of a deal and just him trying to solve a problem but the shower scene killed any hopes I had of him showing that he is a true friend. The comments about Trev's dick not being big enough to satisfy Brooke and how he thought the only reason she was even still with him was because he at least had to be hung shows that even before the breakup he believed that Trev wasn no longer good enough to be with Brooke. And I'd be willing to accept that it was a slip of the tongue, that Trev was never meant to know what he actually thought of his and Brooke's relationship but he doesn't take a step back and try bangage the wound he instead keeps digging by comparing himself to Trev and clearly taking immense pleasure out of it. Honestly if Seth doesn't step up as a friend then I just have to stop reading because at this point the story is now in territory where I get nothing out of it. I don't even need Trev to start growing but I need to see that Seth is what he claims to be, a friend. Also the story is about Trev, he is our hero in this is he not? I can understand him having to face adversity and pain but where is his victory? Will he have his moment to shine? Will his "friends" apologize and show remorse in their words and actions and be back at his side only for him then to get the victory he desires or this story just continue to spiral downward for our should be hero? Will it be instead that Trev get's what he desires to only then be accepted by his tormentors but only because they now view him as an equal and not lesser and he in turn joins them in their belittling and torment of others. The latter this I refuse to accept as a valid ending for Trev. One last thing, the pizza guy? Why the comment of him believing Trev to be Seth's younger brother? Trev is still an adult and though shorter then Seth I see no excuse for another, who I assume is of regular stature, to view Trev as only possibly being Seth's little brother. This portion in itself felt like it was tacked on only to feed into Trev's insecurity and make him feel lesser still. Edit: This story gave me the same feeling I had for "Dad's Lost Glory Years" at the beginning where the dad started tl experience insane growth and though moments humiliation and domination toward the son did occur the father would always reinforce that his son was his number one and though he would have his moments he never went too far and always made sure his son was okay and in a healthy state of mind that their relationship was in a good place and eventually the son got enjoyment in seeing his father progress further and looked at his father with respect and admiration. This is what I'd had hope to see in this story that instead of Trev's and Seth's relationship plummting they would get closer and reminded themselves that their friendship is the most important part in all this.
  12. Am I the only one more worried about the fact that they all are being a little careless with Paul's blood including Paul. I feel like Pandora's Box is about to open @[email protected]
  13. I'm on the same page as Mekal, WHEN?!!!!
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