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  1. From what the media reports here in the UK, gay men are either beanpoles or bodybuilder types.
  2. Incredible Hulk

    Here's a very good way around that (and yet still be considered canon). Hulk is considered part of the Marvel Universe. In 2005, something rather interesting happened, namely Decimation which spawned a whole collection of alternative universes (15 main ones and any number of offshoots) and in all of those universes there is a Hulk (for instance there's one in the universe where it is currently the early 17th century, there's one in the universe where they are just about to enter the 22nd century, there's even one in the universe where it's the 1920's called Mr. Fixit (who is a security guard for a Las Vegas casino) so if you wanted to have a Hulk from a young person, well that's simple, just come up with it and say that it's happening in an alternative universe, bingo, problem solved!)
  3. Hulk prank

    According to Wikipedia, the show is filmed in Canada which has produced spin offs across the world, therefore it is far more likely that this is a native Canadian actor rather than a famous American star. That said some Canadians can be naturally big take for instance: Samson Burke Roy Callender Frank McGrath
  4. Conflicted and unsure

    That I find exceptionally interesting I must say, could I therefore ask how that point counters with, especially during the Enlightenment, depictions of men being big, powerful and strong (examples include Porthos, Jean Valjean and Conan the Barbarian)?
  5. The Doctor and the He-Man

    Nope, that 150 centimetres was quite deliberate, as that was how tall He-Man was at that moment when @powerbeatsdoes his drawing he will know that means that He-Man is growing taller as well as heavier giving him carte blanche to make him as tall and as heavy as he wants to. So a 250cm (8 ft 2 inch) He-Man who would weigh 187½kg (413lbs) is more than possible.
  6. The Doctor and the He-Man

    Chapter Nine "Twelve hundred beats per minute" said the Doctor as he watched He-Man strain against the chair. This didn't make any sense. If the Daleks wanted to torture He-Man for information they would have given up long ago, so why were they continuing. Deciding to take a different tack, he rummaged in his pockets and found a pair of glasses that, if he was on Earth, would have been mistaken for 3D specs, but as he put them on he gasped. "It's not a physical torture, it's a mental torture" and with that he exclaimed "He-Man, stop resisting, it's a trap!" "I.....AM.....HE-MAN!" came the roar as He-Man's pulse reached thirteen hundred beats per minute and as it did, he screamed in agony "My...head!" Grabbing He-Man's sword, the Doctor thrust it into his hand and said "He-Man, listen I know who you are. Once I got past the smell it was simple really, therefore, channel the power of Greyskull, it's your only hope. You are being turned into a Roboman, the Daleks slaves, only the power of Greyskull plus a little extra can reverse it!" "BY.....THE.....POWER.....OF.....GREYSKULL!" grunted He-Man as he was hit by a lighting bolt, the Doctor closed his eyes and said "This is going to cost me, I know, but it's for the greater good" and forced himself to start regenerating. As his hands started to glow, he placed his hands onto He-Man's convulsing shoulders and shouted "TAKE IT!" "ALERT" boomed the Supreme Dalek, "THE DOCTOR IS REGENERATING, ALERT, REGENERATION ENERGY CHANGING HE-MAN'S PHYSIOLOGY!" As Skeletor watched his mortal enemy, he started to feel something he had never felt before. Not love, but respect, He-Man was his direct opposite and here he was suffering pain and agony beyond anything he had experienced before to prevent Davros, now screaming in agony as well as his chair was no longer under his control. He couldn't explain it but he needed to help and with that held out his hand. His orb, taken from him, flew to his hand and he vanished only to reappear next to He-Man. Pushing the Doctor to one side who gasped as he did, he moaned "He-Man, take my power, together we can defeat these Daleks!". As soon as the two touched, the world seemed to explode with light, but the Doctor, replacing the 3D specs for a pair of welding goggles, gasped as he saw the impossible. He-Man's agonised face was getting less agonised, as though he was almost smiling. His breastplate was cracking, his loincloth ripping and even his boots were ripping. He-Man was growing right before his eyes. Taking out the sonic screwdriver, he sonicked the glasses and they changed into a live bio feed of He-Man's physical stats and as they did, the Doctor couldn't believe what he was reading. He was now over 150 cm tall, weighed close to 300kg and still seemed to be growing. As he squinted he could see why, as Skeletor's hand was wrapped around He-Man's sexual organ like a snake, rubbing it up and down and grunting "Yes, He-Man, become the man who you know I want to be, bigger, stronger, more aroused than you have ever been before". It was clear to the Doctor that, as Hercules had once called it, he was "worshipping the hero" Suddenly, all the equipment on the Dalek ship started to explode. The Doctor knew that this meant the Daleks had been defeated and were preparing a scorched Earth, or in this case, scorched Eternia policy. Shouting over the roars, "Gentlemen, I think it's time we went", he reached for a whistle in his pocket and blew it. As the TARDIS materialised next to him, He-Man roared "I HAVE THE POWER" and burst free of the chair, picked up Skeletor and all three dived into the TARDIS which dematerialised just as the Dalek ship exploded in the night sky. *** The following day, the Doctor bowed in front of King Randor who announced "In recognition of your heroic deeds, Doctor, I, King Randor, align the planet of Eternia to the Time Lords and promise that if there is a war, our greatest warrior, He-Man will fight alongside you!" As the Doctor stood up, he thanked the King and nodded to their Majesties before turning around and leaving the palace. He was just about to step into the TARDIS when he felt a tap on his shoulder and as he turned, smiled. "Ah, your Highness" he said, "come to see me off then?" "Doctor" replied Adam, looking around, "You won't tell anyone will you?" "Superheroes" he chuckled, "you're all the same. Don't worry I won't!" "My mother used to talk about you" Adam continued, "She said that she saw you on something called television when she was training to be an astronaut. Is it true that you can..." "Any planet at any time" smiled the Doctor, "Let me guess, Earth?" "I really want to see" and with that he looked around, "The Ultimate Musketeer. I think he and He-Man would make a wonderful team!" As the Doctor opened the door to the TARDIS, he said "You'll be back in time for tea!" and with that gestured Adam in before closing the door and thinking to himself "You can't live with superheroes and you cannot live without them!" "Oh fuck" moaned Roger as he squatted the five hundred pound weight, "Are you...are you fucking serious?" "About meeting He-Man?" replied Henry, as he curled two hundred pounds, "Absolutely, since when did you know me to tell a lie?" "Did he?" replied Roger now panting "Yes, yes and yes!" smiled Henry as Roger lost all control and came dropping the weight onto the floor and moaning, "You never thought to ask me!" "Well, considering that you were having a mad passionate night of love making with Porthos, I felt best not to" came the reply, "but look, we're off to Greece next week. I could have a word with the King and well, you never know, there are some very sexual carvings of Hercules that you might want to look at!" As this story has now concluded both @powerbeats and @musclepaul are feel to draw whatever they like. I know that powerbeats is working on the transition of He-Man from his 1982 form to his 2002 form (with his usual focus on all things cardiac) but if musclepaul or indeed anyone else wants to imagine how big He-Man got, or Skeletor rubbing him, they have my absolute permission to let their minds run wild.
  7. Transhumanism

    (Source: Wikipedia) Transhumanism (abbreviated as H+ or h+) is an international intellectual movement that aims to transform the human condition by developing and making widely available sophisticated technologies to greatly enhance human intellect and physiology. Transhumanist thinkers study the potential benefits and dangers of emerging technologies that could overcome fundamental human limitations as well as ethical[3] limitations of using such technologies.[4] The most common transhumanist thesis is that human beings may eventually be able to transform themselves into different beings with abilities so greatly expanded from the current condition as to merit the label of posthuman beings. The contemporary meaning of the term "transhumanism" was foreshadowed by one of the first professors of futurology, FM-2030, who taught "new concepts of the human" at The New School in the 1960s, when he began to identify people who adopt technologies, lifestyles and worldviews "transitional" to posthumanity as "transhuman". The assertion would lay the intellectual groundwork for the British philosopher Max More to begin articulating the principles of transhumanism as a futurist philosophy in 1990 and organizing in California an intelligentsia that has since grown into the worldwide transhumanist movement. Influenced by seminal works of science fiction, the transhumanist vision of a transformed future humanity has attracted many supporters and detractors from a wide range of perspectives, including philosophy and religion.
  8. The Doctor and the He-Man

    It just so happens that @powerbeats is generating a picture that will illustrate the end of this story (which I think you will like) but if anyone else wants to illustrate this scene then I am quite happy to pause the proceedings for them to do so. Just so they know we are talking a very thick metal chair, with metal restraints and Z Neutrino energy is generally speaking blue in colour.
  9. Conflicted and unsure

    Just take your time I would say, decide which is best for you (or if that's impossible) just write down how you are feeling. You never know there may be someone here who has been through this already and can help you.
  10. The Doctor and the He-Man

    Chapter Eight "You should know by now, Doctor, that you can never defeat the Daleks, and with me as their ally, He-Man's destruction is also nigh!" As Skeletor cackled as he watched He-Man's agony, a wry smile could be seen. His plan was working to perfection. The Daleks would take care of the Doctor, leaving He-Man for him to destroy. These rays of Z Neutrino energy surging into his mortal enemy were doing two things, one , pushing his body to his limit and therefore could only be stopped by tapping into the secrets of Greyskull and thus leaving the Castle open to attack and two, making the Doctor a pawn in his plans. It was clear that the Doctor was the sort of person who would do anything to save anyone, and he would use that to his... "SKELETOR!" boomed the Supreme Dalek, "ARE YOU PLOTTING AGAINST US?" "Of course not, my master!" bowed Skeletor turning to the Supreme Dalek, "you have promised me this world so that I can help the power of the Daleks pervade the universe, I merely ask that as your leader on his planet, that man is kept alive as my slave!" As the Supreme Dalek turned to watch He-Man's gritted teeth he asked "WHY?" "That man represents all that is good on this planet" came the reply, "When the people see him bowing to me, their resistance will crumble and this planet will truly serve the Daleks!" "ACCESS BIO DATA ON BEING KNOWN AS HE-MAN!" boomed the Supreme Dalek and after a moment noted "CARADIC ACTIVITY AT 800 BEATS PER MINUTE, BEING SHOULD ENTER CARADIC ARREST IN THREE HUNDRED RELS" "NO" said a voice, that was a combination of almost human and Dalek and as Skeletor and the Supreme Dalek turned, the latter boomed "HAIL DAVROS, CREATOR OF THE DALEKS" "No" repeated Davros as he came closer, "that man must be allowed to live. I have been forced to live in this life support device for centuries and I yearn for the power that man has. Supreme Dalek, has the equipment been installed yet?" "AFFIRMATIVE, DAVROS" boomed the Supreme Dalek. "What equipment?" asked Skeletor "When that man's cardiac activity reaches his limit" replied Davros, "it will trigger the chair he is in and sent a surge of electrical power that will transfer his mind into this body and my mind into his body. Behold, for this is the moment written about in the annals of Dalek history, DAVROS WILL LIVE AGAIN!"
  11. The Doctor and the He-Man

    Chapter Seven As the Doctor, armed only with his sonic screwdriver, and He-Man, armed with his sword, stood ready to repel the invaders, both of them looked at each other and nodded. The Doctor had never seen this man before and yet, just like King Greyskull, he was as determined to protect his people as he had and he knew that he was in the presence of a hero, similarly He-Man felt the same way but asked "What can that do?" His answer came immediately as a Dalek energy blast headed straight to the Doctor but was repealed by the sonic screwdriver, however it was the Doctor's turn to express concern as another energy blast headed towards He-Man but he turned his sword and it reflected back towards the Dalek that fired it causing it to explode and fall to the ground, as did the other two leaving the Doctor in awe. "How did you do that?" he asked as he examined the sword to find it completely unscratched "Eternium" replied He-Man, "one of the hardest and most durable materials on this planet, Doctor" "But, but" stammered the Doctor, "a Dalek energy blast is akin to being struck by a lighting bolt, and there is no material that I know of that can reflect that!" "You do now" chuckled He-Man and with stuck out a friendly hand, however as the Doctor took his hand and shook it, they were both encased in a field of blue energy. They were being teleported and as they dropped, the Doctor landed on a metal floor and He-Man was dropped into a metal seat that instantly slammed metal restraints about his ankles and wrists. As the Doctor got to his feet and gasped, He-Man just laughed and started to pull against the restraints, his biceps bulging as he did so. "You can't break free of those" said the Doctor, "that's Dalekanium, the same metal that Daleks are made of!" "I....beg....to....differ!" grunted He-Man as he continued to pull against the restraints, however it was clear that his strength was not sufficient and as the Doctor scanned him with the sonic screwdriver he exclaimed "Stop, you're going to have a heart attack!" As He-Man stopped pulling he looked at the Doctor quizzically. "Your heart is beating at over two hundred and fifty beats a minute" explained the Doctor, "I know that you're not human but most humanoids only have a maximum tolerance of three hundred and thirty beats a minutes, 150% of the maximum a human can manage" "Ah" smiled He-Man, "you forget Doctor, I am He-Man" and with that took a deep breath and pulled again. As he grunted with effort, the bonds remained in place but his heart was now pounding at close to four hundred beats per minute but after nearly five minutes, he had to admit defeat and panting shook his head to the Doctor "SURRENDER, DOCTOR" boomed the voice of the Supreme Dalek, "SURRENDER OR SEE YOUR ALLY EXTERMINATED!" and with that a metal helmet landed on He-Man's head, which was then followed by He-Man screaming in agony as his body lit up with tendrils of energy that the Doctor instantly recognised as pure refined Z-Neutrino energy.
  12. Today's Gripe: Gym Etiquette

    Having been a member of my local gym for the last six months of so, here are some actual gripes that I have become aware of (some of which may be just me) 1) The "I'm f***ing s***ing like a bad mother***er" theory (aka loud and obnoxious rap / hip-hop music) : Now, I know that a lot of gyms have public address systems to have music in (and there are some hip-hop and rap tracks I have no objections to in the slightest (examples include "I can" by Nas, "C U when U get there" by Coolio and anything by Will Smith) but last weekend I had to endure Dr. Dre, Enimem and Linklin Park at full blast with the two people who had put the music on, then listening to something else on headphones 2) The "oh, it's raining, time to pack up" theory: Here in Wales, rain is a bit of an occupational hazard (as an example according to the internet Aberaeron gets 981mm (38½ inches) of rain a year which averages 3mm (1/9th of an inch) per day. There are occasions when it can pour as it did on Sunday, when every single river in the county was on flood alert, which can be galling for me as I make my way there only to find that someone who had said they would be there, wasn't 3) The pigsty theory: When I use the gym I always make sure that it is as I would want to find it (which when I am on my own is simple) however on a number of occasions I have found weights (that I cannot even imagine to pick up) strewn all over the place, the radio / CD player blasting away merrily and the dumbbells in completely the wrong order or on the floor. It has been suggested on a number of occasions that this is done by people who are not members being invited by members (either by coming with them or being let in by a member) and then suddenly realising that the owner is about and (as we say in the UK) "doing a runner"
  13. The Doctor and the He-Man

    Chapter Six That evening as the Doctor stood on the battlements of the castle, he looked up at the night sky and sighed "How can something of such infinite beauty create such evil?" "It is a question I have often asked myself" came a reply, and as the Doctor turned around, the smell hit him again as he politely nodded and said "Your Highness, I thought that you were asleep!" "I couldn't get to sleep" replied Adam, "what you told us about the Daleks, it...it made me shudder!" "It was the same when I first encountered them" replied the Doctor, "that's why I only have power cat naps. I dare not sleep lest I dream of their evil and wickedness" and with that he looked up and said "Each of those stars, your Highness, is a sun, around each of those suns is a planetary system and at least one of the planets in those systems have been invaded or used by the Daleks in some way" and with that he pointed towards a bright blue star saying "Take that one for instance, in that star's system is the planet Vulcan, three Daleks crash landed there centuries before the arrival of humankind and they used those humans as pawns in their plans to recover their numbers, they were defeated but at a terrible cost. And that one over there, in there is the planet of Azure, completely destroyed by the Daleks and then of course, there" and pointed to an orange star that seemed very faint, "the star that your mother knew as the Sun, and in that system is the planet Earth, oh, the number of times the Daleks invaded and yet I defeated them but every time the cost..." and with that he started to whimper saying "I'm sorry, your Highness, I don't think you would understand" and as he looked up he was surprised to see Adam nodding sagely. "And are those stars?" he asked pointing to three blue stars near to the horizon in a triangle shape "I...I don't recognise that constellation" replied the Doctor and as he noted they were moving he said "No, those aren't stars, they are meteors, bits of rock burning up in the atmosphere. If they were to land they would be called meteorites and can be very helpful for research!" Suddenly a stream of blue light erupted from the meteors, travelled over their heads and exploded a turrent behind them. Pushing the prince to one side the Doctor avoided the turrent collapsing and exclaimed "Those aren't meteors, they're Daleks! Your Highness get to safety, I'll inform Duncan!" and with that he raced inside the castle. As he did he heard someone exclaim "By the power of Greyskull!" and as he did he stopped. That was the declaration of Eternia's greatest hero, King Greyskull. The man who had saved his own life when he was last here a millennium ago. Was he? No, he couldn't have been, could he? And so finding a servant and asking him to pass the message on, he ran back to the battlements and found a man, clearly endowed with great strength, standing ready to face the incoming Daleks, but it was not King Greyskull. As the man noticed him he declared "Doctor, it would be best for you to stay inside, I am the defender of this planet!" "Who are you?" asked the Doctor "He-Man" came the reply.
  14. The Doctor and the He-Man

    Chapter Five As King Randor, Duncan and Adam sat around a table in the royal council chamber, the Doctor fiddled with his sonic screwdriver and a helmet loaned to him by Duncan and said "Gentlemen, may I present a history of the Daleks" and with that placed the helmet on his head, placed the sonic screwdriver on top of it and switched it on. "These projections, gentlemen, are from my own memory and are as detailed a history as it is possible to have. About ninety three million years ago, give or take the odd millennium, life formed on the planet of Skaro, this life carried on as you would expect it to do so for a good ninety one million years until people like us first appeared. However, about half a million years ago, there was a planet wide disaster, the crust shifted so much that only two tribes of people remained. The Thals and the Dals. The Thals became a warrior race, whilst the Dals became teachers. Time carried on as did the development of the two tribes, however about seven thousand years ago the two tribes met each other for the first time in nearly half a million years and the result, gentlemen, was war and saw the Dals rename themselves Kaleds" As the gentlemen tutted their disapproval the Doctor nodded. "The first act of the war was a confession from a spy, and by now, both sides had discovered nuclear power and well, I don't think I need to tell you what happened next, but that war had a side effect. Due to the amount of nuclear, chemical and biological weapons used, a new subspecies called Mutos started to appear" "But, they look like us" replied the King "On the surface, yes" replied the Doctor, "but their biology had been changed by the war. This change was intriguing to the leader of the Kaled Scientific elite, a man called Davros and over the next few decades, he came up with so many ideas he was hailed as a hero, despite being an invalid and forced to use a travel device to get anywhere. During this time, he met up with a researcher who made a chilling projection, that within 200 years, the Kaled race would cease to exist in it's current form and would evolve into a small clawed creature she called a Dalek" "We're going to be invaded by aliens?" exclaimed Duncan "It's worse than that" continued the Doctor, as he explained that Davros convinced by this research took matters into his own hands and started to experiment using this theory and created the first Dalek creature some a hundred and fifty years early. He placed that creature into a travel machine of his own invention and then...then..." As the Doctor started to weep he said "Forgive me, gentlemen, I was tasked with the destruction of these creatures before they got that far. Back then I was a more philosophical man than I am now and...and believed that worlds would become peaceful in their unity against the Daleks, but I was wrong, the Daleks are without any form of mercy at all and I hold myself to blame!" As the projection ended, the Doctor sniffed and said "That, gentlemen, is the enemy we Timelords have, in effect launched on the universe and therefore we come to you asking will you help us defeat them once and for all?" The King stood up and said "I will consult on this question, Doctor, you will know your answer in the morning!"
  15. The Doctor and the He-Man

    Chapter Four "BRING FORTH THE BEING KNOWN AS SKELETOR" boomed the Supreme Dalek as Skeletor was brought before him "KNEEL, KNEEL BEFORE THE SUPREME DALEK" chorused the Daleks pushing him forwards. As Skeletor did, he said "I beg an audience with the Supreme Dalek and propose an alliance" "YOU PROPOSE AN ALLIANCE? WHY SHOULD WE, WE ARE THE SUPREME BEINGS OF THE UNIVERSE!" "Indeed, o mighty Supreme Dalek" Skeletor added bowing deeply, "however there is one more supreme than you. He calls himself He-Man and declares himself to be the most powerful being in the universe!" "THAT STATEMENT IS NOT POSSIBLE" boomed the Supreme Dalek, "SHOW ME THIS BEING!" The Dalek behind Skeletor projected out one of its arms and rested it on Skeletor's head and instantly a hologram of He-Man appeared "THIS BEING MEASURES 1.95 EARTH METRES TALL, AND 145 EARTH KILOGRAMS HEAVY" the Supreme Dalek announced, "BASED ON LOCAL GRAVITY, BEING CANNOT BE AS POWERFUL AS YOU SUGGEST" "He once moved our planet's moon out of it's orbit" replied Skeletor and with that the hologram showed the feat of strength "NEW ORDERS!" declared the Supreme Dalek, "THIS HE-MAN REPRESENTS A THREAT TO DALEK SUPREMACY, HE MUST BE EXTERMINATED" As every Dalek present repeated the last word, Skeletor chuckled to himself. There was no way that He-Man would be able to survive and he would be free to claim the secrets of Greyskull and become ruler of all Eternia.