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  1. Chapter Two "But, sir" exclaimed one of the members, "that cannot be you, you're..." "A man?" asked Henry, "Bigger than the heaviest man in world, stronger than so called modern day Hercules Tony Sansone, bigger than that legend of the stage Eugene Sandow? Yes, gentlemen, I am, but that picture is also what I looked like. The first born son of my family was always one pound heavier at birth than their predecessor, my grandfather weighed ten pounds when he was born, my father eleven pounds, myself, six pounds! My grandfather could lift his father at the age of twenty, my father could lift his father at the age of eighteen, when that picture was taken the heaviest thing I could lift without any signs of effort was the briefcase I carried with me. It became apparent that I was the exception that proved the rule, the famed strength and power that was the hallmark of the Cardigan family had clearly skipped a generation, that is why when I finished my formal education whereas my grandfather made his name in the boxing rings of the world and my father on the stages of London emulating Eugene's acts of strength, I was in the hallowed halls of Oxford studying history. I spent the four years there looking for anything, anything that would help me become the man I should have been and it is there that I found the answer, an answer that led me to the Galapagos Islands two years ago today" "You lied to me, sir!" "Sir?" "When you wrote to me asking to assist me with this expedition and signed the letter Henry Cardigan VII, I agreed thinking that the latest in the long time of incredibly strong and powerful men would be helping me hack my way through the jungles of the South American continent and when I met you in Acapulco, what did I find? A weed, sir, a living weed, you're no stronger than I am!" "I did tell you, sir..." "You told me to "look beyond my name" and by jingo, that's the first thing I should have done...and don't tell me about your first at Oxford in American History since Columbus. This expedition is to find out whether the legend of the boy of the sun is true or not and without a hint of strength to your name it is going to be doomed to faliure. Now, get out of my sight and find a suitable place to start our dig!" As Henry walked away sadly he tried his best not to burst into tears. This was the story of his life, condemmed forever to be known as the Cardigan without the strength of the Cardigans, a literal pipsqueak of a man. At the same age his father was known for feats of strength that made women swoon, his grandfather had even lifted the famed Tsar Cannon when stationed in the Crimea, him, he could barely carry the equipment in the backpack he was shouldering to lay out the dig site and as he cut a lonely figure walking towards the top of the island they had landed on it all become too much and with that he sat down heavily on a cliff, the equipment dumped beside him and let out all of his frustations. "IT'S NOT FAIR!" he wailed, sobbing into his jacket, "I'm six foot tall, I should weigh two hundred and twenty one pounds instead I weigh a hundred and forty seven pounds. I'm a failure, a miserable insignficant ant!" and with that kicked the cliff with his foot welcoming the pain that it brought. As he wiped his eyes, he looked up and down the cliff and as he did, he stopped crying and pondered what he was seeing. The island was a natural crescent moon shape and yet, the cliff to his left, the tip of the crescent moon just seemed to suddenly stop. This struck Henry as strange and so placing a marker five metres from the end of the cliff he reported back and was met with a barrage of "A cliff? You expect us to excavate a cliff. Henry, if this wasn't being funded by the British Museum I would throw you off that cliff!" and with that disappeared into his tent, his grumbles burning Henry's ears as he tried to get to sleep that night.
  2. Chapter One "Good evening, gentlemen, and may I say before I begin how very kind and indeed a little unexpected it is to be addressing this evening. When I received the invitation to address this inaugural meeting of the British Archaeological Society, I did wonder whether or not there had been a spelling mistake and I was to address the British Physical Culturist Society, but no, the invitation was indeed to this august society and therefore enough though I must stick out like a sore thumb, I shall address you as if I were one of your own" There was a polite ripple of applause as the speaker opened his bag and pulled out the biggest lump of gold ever seen in England. It was at least a foot in all directions and as the speaker noted "is twenty four karat gold and weighs 1,204 lbs, and let me tell you I am glad that my bag managed to contain it" which prompted a chuckle from the audience and with that the speaker gave a polite cough and formally started his talk. "My name is Henry Cardigan, the seventh man to bear that name since the first Henry Cardigan, known as Henri de Ceredigion, in the seventeenth century. He was a Musketeer in the army of King Louis XIII and was said to have strength that matched or even rivalled the Titan, Porthos, himself. He disappeared in 1650 leaving no trace, save his son, Christophe. Since then there have been five other Henry's all of whom have excelled at some aspect of strength. The second Henry Cardigan was said to be the strongest man in all of France, the third was said to be stronger that Paul Bunyan, the fourth was formally declared the strongest man in England by Louis Stevenson, the fifth, my grandfather, was the first man to pull a steam locomotive and the sixth, my father, was formally declared to be the most powerful man in the world by none other than Sir Arthur Conan Doyle himself. Therefore you might look at me and wonder why I am talking to an archaeological society and not to the physical culture society founded by Mr. Sandow. Gentlemen, the picture I am about to show you was taken two years ago, in 1920, and despite appearances is me" and with that the speaker raised a photograph and gasps emerged. "Gentlemen" announced the speaker, who stood nearly seven feet tall, "that was me two years ago" Because both myself and @GymJunkieMuscle are in the same boat at the moment (both under a government ordered lockdown to prevent the spread of Covid-19 in our communities, I decided the best way to support him was to join his Patreon and asked if he wouldn't mind illustrating a story. He didn't seem to object and so am giving him carte blanche to take this photo (taken for a virtual cosplay competition) and go to town as much as he likes to turn it into the descriptions that will appear in this story.
  3. The basic premise is something that I might have come up with (especially when feeling a little under the weather) however the only bull wrestling I wrote about was in the Musketeer stories, so, no I do not think it is one of mine (but I could be proven wrong)
  4. You can always run it through Google Translate you know
  5. Chapter Sixty Four "Are you...?" asked James several minutes later "Yes, Jim, I am your father" came the sobbing reply and as Jean served him a cup of tea he explained what happened. "Myself and my wife had left New York a year after you were born, in order to seek a new life you. New York was no place to bring up a child so we resolved that no matter what, you would grow up in the clean air of the west coast so we sold all our possessions to raise the money to get the second wagon train to the west. As soon as we entered the plains we were attacked almost every day by the native Indians but we kept on plugging on. Oh, I shall never forget that day as long as I live, Jim, I had told my wife to get some sleep whilst I went to the front of the train. A couple of hours later I heard an almighty scream and galloped back to the wagon to find my wife devastated and holding nothing more than your little booties. I looked around and then noticed that my gun on the back of the wagon was crooked and instantly realised. I pleaded, oh, Jim, I pleaded with Kit to go back and find you but he was convinced that you were dead and it broke my wife's heart so much so that when we arrived in San Francisco, she tried to kill herself by throwing herself into the bay. I promised, there and then, that we would make another Jim, a son to replace you and here he is" and with that he produced a picture of a man, identical to James save a lot less muscular, "He's now the congressman for the congressional district that covers San Francisco and your brother. I regret that she died last year, but know that she will be looking down on this moment and thanking me for not giving up my search. Son, please, come back with me to America when my term of office ends in the New Year, live with me and your brother, please, Jim" "I am sorry" said James, bowing his head, "but I have made this life with this man. Sheriff Danny Blain of Powder Creek!" "Danny Blain? Do you know a David?" "Yes, he's my cousin, elected to the Canadian Parliament last year, why do you ask?" "The Blain family come from Ayrshire in Scotland, just as our family did all those years ago. Oh, then sir, I accept your partnership with my son and blow what everyone else may think. Sir, I shall shake your hand!" and as Danny's hand was shaken by James so hard it self like it was going to fall out Phileas leaned over and whispered "And as a fellow Reform Club member, I can promise you that he will tell no one else!" *** The following day James and his father shook each other by the hand and then hugged as James and Danny got into the hansom cab that would take them back to Tilbury where, at Phileas's express wish and indeed payment, they would sail back to America on the finest ship that the Polar and Oriental company could offer. As they waved to Phileas and James's father, Danny asked "James, are you sure you want to carry on living with me, after all your father is an ambassador!" James smiled as he looked at Danny and replied "When I can live with the man I love and turn him into Porthos, Samson or even Heracles?" and with that snapped his fingers causing Danny to instantly fall asleep where, with a wicked smile on his face, he whispered "As soon as we step on the ship, you will have an uncontrollable urge to become bigger and stronger than you are now. You will ask for my assistance and I will promise this but despite this you will demand that I test you every night, by handcuffing you to the bed frame and then demanding that you break free!" and with that he snapped his finger and as Danny woke up he said "I'm sorry James, what did you say?" "You'll find out on the ship" he replied with a chuckle. The End
  6. Chapter Sixty Three "My goodness me" exclaimed Phileas as he looked at the photo over breakfast the following morning and then looking up at Jean asked "And this was produced how?" "As you can see, monsieur" came the reply, "he insisted on being wired up to the dynamo on the bicycle and told me to pedal as fast as I could. I did, and that was the result!" "And how fast were you pedalling?" asked Phileas as he sipped his tea "Twenty five miles per hour, monsieur!" "HOW FAST?" exclaimed Phileas, spluttering into his tea. "During the ten minutes that M. Barnaby was being stimulated, I travelled a total distance of 6.7 kilometres, that is equal to twenty five miles an hour" "But that would have meant he was being stimulated by a current of six hundred milliamps for the whole of the ten minutes. But that's impossible, it only takes less than a second, from what I have read on the subject, of that stimulation to cause the heart to stop. And yet he withstood that for a full ten minutes?" As Jean nodded and Phileas looked at the picture he began to nod his understanding. "Jean" he said as he got up from the table, "when James wakes up please tell him to join me in the drawing room, and ask Danny to do the same when he comes back from his morning run. I have some people to meet!" *** Later that afternoon, James and Danny stood outside Phileas's drawing room and knocking on the door, they heard "Enter" and bowing as they did so, entered the room where they found Phileas sipping another cup of tea in a chair by the fire. "Ah, gentlemen, thank you for being so kind, please sit down!" As Danny and James sat down, Phileas produced the photo and asked Danny to describe it to him "It looks like a man being electrified" replied Danny, "similar to those experiments I have been reading about to find a replacement for hanging criminals" "That is precisely what it is, but do you notice anything interesting about the photograph?" "Aside from the large amount of, what I can only assume is human seed, nothing!" "That is indeed semen, and yes, gentlemen, that is the term we Brits use. That semen was ejected from that remarkably large penis during a ten minute session during which the man lying on that frame was exposed to an average current of six hundred milliamps for ten minutes. Doctor, are you of the opinion that no man should be able to withstand that? As James nodded Phileas replied, "That man did withstand that and is alive now to tell the tale. Using that photograph as evidence I visited the homes of the judges of that most powerful man contest that you entered this week and showed them it. When I told them what I have told you, they instantly realised that they had made a mistake, a mistake they said they would rectify this afternoon!" As he spoke there was a knock at the door and as Jean entered he declared "Monsieur, the Times for you!" As Phileas took the paper he opened it up and unfolded it, like an expert, and read from the letters page "Sir, I hope that you will excuse the use of your letters page for an apology. I am writing on behalf of the judging panel for the recent contest of strength that was held in the Crystal Palace last week that was won by Ken Sato. Evidence has reached us that has made us reconsider that decision, however going through the rules we believe that we are unable to overturn the decision, therefore have decided to create a new prize that we hope will go some way to apologise for the situation and wish to use this page to announce the winner of that prize. The prize is for the most powerful member of the medical community and we award the prize to Doctor James Barnaby who was the representative from the United States. Yours, Donald Dinnie" "They awarded me a special prize?" stammered James leaning forward "They did indeed" smiled Phileas, "$500 to be used for anything you like and another $250 for your surgery in Texas, but that is not all. You see, I have also done my own bits of investigation and believe that you are related to the present Lord Cardigan. He told me that in the late 18th century, the Cardigan family split into two branches, one stayed here in Great Britain, the other went to America to find their fortune and that he has reason to believe that he knows your father very well indeed for he believes that he is the American ambassador to England who was recently appointed to the post by President Grant" and with that nodded to Jean who left the room and then re-entered announcing "M. James Cardigan-Neilson" The ambassador was almost a spitting image of James save for being much leaner and less muscled than James but as soon as he entered he declared "Jim! It is you!" and with that attempted to pick up James as he hugged him and exclaimed "Oh, you haven't changed a bit in the thirty years that we've been apart!"
  7. Chapter Sixty Two "Dang James, how are you doing this? You've had a hundred thousand volts of alternating current surging through your entire body, stimulating your mind to reach the same level of electrical activity as Donald's pushing your heart to unbelievable levels, over three hundred beats per minute, making every single muscle in your body bulge as it forces you to flex harder than you have ever done so in your life before and make that mammoth of a wang so hard and thick that, oh, James, I want to swallow it whole, and yet not once have you made a single sound. No grunts, No groans, no huffs, no puffs, no moans, you said that you came second in that contest to find the world's most powerful man, dang, you should have asked for a recount. There is no man alive who has been able to withstand what you are withstanding, it's incredible, I...I don't know what to say!" "MORE!" grunted James As Tom increased the power to "two hundred thousand volts of sheer torture" James muscles bulged even more and as they did Tom's moans became even more evident. Suddenly he declared "Oh, forget this" and with that grabbed the helmet on Donald's head, rammed it on his own head and screamed "I NEED TO FEEL YOUR PAIN!" and slammed his hands onto James's helmet. The sudden explosion of power caused James to scream "FUCK!" with such volume that he passed out. "Monsieur, Monsieur, are you all right?" As James opened his eyes, he found Jean looking over him with concern "What happened?" moaned James Jean's answer came in the form of a photograph that as he handed it to James caused a massive smile to cross his weary face. "Show that to them!" he moaned as he passed out.
  8. Chapter Sixty One "This is going to hurt isn't it?" asked James as Tom led him to the testing room "Like heck!" smiled Tom and with that waved a fifty dollar bill, "this is why I have wagered this money with the staff on a wager I know I will win, I have fifty dollars on you screaming in agony the moment we send the power into you!" James moaned and said "Sorry to disappoint, but I am going to make you lose that wager" and with that he placed his hand on his chest and said "I swear, by the power vested in me as a deputy sheriff of Powder Creek, not to make a sound for the whole of the procedure!" "But James..." exclaimed Tom but James raised a hand saying "Yes, my heart will be pumping at over 200 beats per minutes, yes, every muscle in my body will be flexing harder than possible, yes, I will want to scream, but I will not because I will wager $100 with you that I can make everyone in that room spill their seed before I do!" "Everyone in that room?" "Everyone, even you!" Tom smiled from ear to ear and accepted the wager as they entered the room and as they did, Tom started to chortle. There are only three people in this room. Me, you and Donald and he's been given such a large dose of nitrous oxide that the next time he wakes up it will be because your mind will be in his brain. You've just lost yourself a hundred dollars, James!" As James lay down on the frame next to Donald and James strapped him in, he chuckled "Don't count on that!" and lay back as Tom attached the electrodes to his balls, cock and nipples and then a helmet to his head and then did the same to Donald. As Tom stepped back he asked James "All at once, or bit by bit!" "All at once!" moaned James, "and watch me prove myself to be the most powerful man on earth!" "You love this don't you?" smiled Tom and as James smiled back, Tom pulled the lever.
  9. Chapter Sixty After ten minutes of pedalling James's face was a picture of torture and yet, as he had promised Jean, he didn't make a sound. Jumping off the bicycle, Jean removed the lens cap off the camera and then jumping back on pedalling harder than he had ever done before grunted "Do it, monsieur, show those judges what true power means!" to which James wiggled his big toe, the only part of his body he could move without disrupting the picture. As the torture continued, the pain started to build, James knowing that he couldn't move a muscle for fear of blurring the picture, James could feel himself starting to succumb to the effort and as he started to pass out he moaned "Jean" "Come on James, up and at them, I mean really, is this any way for the world's most powerful man to be proven so?" As James slowly opened his eyes, he made out a familiar face. "And there he is" smiled Tom and hugging James with every ounce of his strength he added "Nice to see you've packed on a few more pounds since we last met!" "But that was a dream!" moaned James, as he relished the strength, "wasn't it?" "What?" exclaimed Tom with a chuckle, "you thought that..." and with that burst out laughing and handed James a ten dollar bill saying "I wagered the entire staff that you wouldn't think it was a dream, clearly I was wrong. No, you really did become the first man to survive being electrocuted. Of course, put our research back a good year but what a good thing it was too, you see, you helped me find out something very interesting. We found out..." and with that looked around and then at James in the face, "...how to make any man not just powerful, not just mighty, not just strong, but..." and with that looked around again, "...incredibly powerful" and with that dropped a large book into James's lap saying "Skip the introduction, all science mainly, page 451 is the one that should get you going!" As James turned to the page, his eyes bulged wide and as he pointed to the illustration Tom nodded "That's Eugene Sandow, the most muscular man in the world today, acting like a dog with a dog, attempting to do a flexing session. We managed to transfer their minds into each other bodies and now, we are ready for the real test, can we transfer two human minds into two human bodies. And would you like to know who we got for the other side of the transfer? Turn the page!" As James turned the page, he stammered, "But that's..." "Donald Dinnie, that's right, and let me tell you when we told him that we wanted you to be the other side he agreed with the following words, "It would be an honour to have my mind in the body of the most powerful man in the world, a title he should have won!", now, how's that for praise eh?"
  10. Chapter Fifty Nine "Mon amis, are you sure about this?" As Jean and James crept into the basement whilst Phileas and Danny were fast asleep, James nodded and after Jean closed the doors and switched on the lights James placed his hands on Jean's shoulders and said "I am the most powerful man in the world Jean, you saw how many times I lifted that weight off the ground and up to my waist, then up to my shoulders and then over my head. You're seeing how big and muscular I am. And what did those judges do? They gave my title to someone who was, in essence, lean. A powerful man should have some beef to him, yes?" and with that James flexed his pecs and as they touched each other Jean moaned "Oui" "So we are going to prove to those so called judges that I am the most powerful man in the world and what better way of proving that, than by proving my resilience to the ultimate form of punishment" and with that gestured to the bed frames adding "You are going to pedal faster than you have ever done before, Jean, and in doing so send so much alternating current through my muscles that when you take the photograph of me it will show those judges just how powerful I am. Think of it, when they see a man, a man weighing 340lbs, flexing his sixty eight inch chest, these two massive sets of muscles touching, squeezing against each other as hard as possible, all whilst the heart underneath them is being forced to pump faster than any other human alive today, they will have to reconsider!" "But, mon amis, the pain...?" "...will be terrible, yes, but I will not make a sound. I will withstand that pain, I will withstand the agony as my body is forced to flex like never before and all the while you will be looking at it, the sight of me flexing, gritting my teeth against the pain, will push you on, to pedal faster and faster, sending more and more power into me, power that I will resist. Then after the photograph has been taken, you have my consent to rip off the loincloth, grab hold of me and push me beyond the limits of human endurance. I want to spill my seed for you, Jean, the second I saw you I have wanted to do this. You are pure power incarnate, and I...I want you to be my...my....my..." "Alas, it cannot be, mon amis, for I am married to Phileas, my master, just as he is married to his wife, the princess, but, I promise you this, mon amis. We shall be friends, sending each other letters across the ocean, showing off our bodies to each other, telling each other about our power, our size and our feats of strength. After all, if, as it has been suggested, our ancestors knew our ancestors, then we should be following on our families tradition. Now, pray monsieur, promise me this one thing, do not grunt, do not groan, do not make a noise, no matter how painful the electricity is, I want to see the most powerful man in the world prove it and make me spill my seed at the same time!" James nodded as he got undressed and lay on the bed frame
  11. (with apologies) The Sergeant stared at the scientist and stammered "A hundred gallons?" "a day" continued the scientist explaining that "twenty five thousand times the normal, well, 25,236 times the normal, but as I said, you wanted machines!" "And what are we expected to do with that residue?" "As they say in all those departments that you give reports to...Not my problem!"
  12. Chapter Fifty Eight "Our final contestant this evening is the most powerful man in North America, would you please welcome Doctor James Barnaby of the United States!" "Yeah, I am, aren't I? I'm the most powerful man in the whole of the North American continent. I beat that Canadian lumberjack into a cocked hat and that Mexican had no chance, but when I turn around in a moment you will see why I am the most powerful man in the world. Yeah, well might your eyes bulge open like that! Have you ever seen a more powerful man than me? Look at me, drink in my size, nearly seven feet tall, taller than any man on this stage tonight, three hundred and forty pounds, the lightest I have ever been in a long while and just look at these powerful muscles. You see these arms? Over twenty seven inches in circumference! The biggest in the known world! That performance I did yesterday wasn't a one off, heck, if Claude hadn't exhausted himself I could have carried on all afternoon. Yes, that's right, I could have performed a hundred lifts easily. Ah, you're looking at my chest are you? Here, let me really show it off. Not bad eh? That's sixty eight inches of solid muscle and look at this, yeah, that's right, I am flexing each pectoral on their own so it looks as if the eagle on my chest is taking flight. How many men can do that eh? Yeah, that's right, scribble down those notes, scribble down your fantasies involving me, standing in front of you judges, naked, as I start t get excited as I show off my power for you. I'm glad this only lasts a few moments because let me tell you, I am beginning to feel it down there. When you dismiss me from this stage, I am very tempted to give Jean permission to suck me as hard as he can. Oh yeah, I can feel my cock hardening, getting bigger, mmmm, you want a finish? Yeah, I'll show you a finish. Every muscle flexed to its very limit, every fibre straining. Get ready Jean, I am going to spill my seed and not just the once!" "Thank you Doctor Barnaby. Our judges will take a few moments to compile their results in the meantime appearing for the first time in London, the Quadrille des Clodoches dance troupe!" As the male dancers came on performing their version of the can can, Phileas turned to Danny and expressed his concerns over James's routine "What do you mean the judges didn't like it?" he asked "I was told something whilst travelling in India" Phileas replied, "by the Brigadier Cromarty who was in charge of the garrison in Benares, that a lot of men there have succumbed to the idea of having tattoos on their body. It is something that we English don't like and I am wondering whether James's eagle might count against him!" "But he's bigger, stronger and more muscular than any of the other men here, if he doesn't win the overall title, then I'll...I'll...I'll eat your hat!" *** "The judges have come to their conclusion to please welcome our finalists to the stage. The most powerful men in the world. Representing Europe, Monseur Jean Passepartout from France, Representing Asia Ken Sato from Japan, Representing Australia Doug Brown, Representing Africa Gert van der Berg from the Cape of Good Hope, Representing North America Doctor James Barnaby from the United States and representing South America Nicolas Mitre from Argentina, please them all a round of applause. The judges have now handed me the results and I can confirm that in third place and winning £50 is...Jean from France..." As Jean stepped forward, he bowed to his master who nodded politely back and took his place on the smaller end of the podium "In second place and winning £100 is...James from the United States..." James's eyes shot open and as he looked around, the master of ceremonies gestured him to stand on the next step of the podium but as he did he looked at the other contestants all of whom where smaller than him wondering who had won "And the winner, the man declared the most powerful man in the world, winning £200 and getting a lesson in strength by none other than Donald Dinnie himself is...representing Japan, Ken Sato!" As Ken's eyes opened wide and the other contestants shook his hand, James couldn't believe what he was hearing. Ken was a full one hundred and fifty pounds lighter than him, was very defined but didn't have any of the bulges that he and Jean had. It was therefore no surprise that James shot Ken some very nasty looks as the flag of Japan was brought on stage and the national anthem played. As it was Phileas nodded saying "Danny, would you like my hat on a plate or in your hands?"
  13. Chapter Fifty Seven As Phileas and Danny listened to the grunts and groans coming from the hallway where James was lifting Passepartout over his head grunting "I am the most powerful man in North America, tomorrow the world" Phileas asked "Sir, you have explained to your love that what he wants to do is, potentially, lethal?" Danny nodded replying "Ever since he was crowned the most powerful man in North America this afternoon, he's been going on about it non stop. When he said it yesterday I assumed that me meant placing the pads on his chest and flexing hard, but now he seems convinced and I fear I can't stop him!" Just then James came stomping down the steps into the basement, huffing and puffing, grunting and growling, completely naked and faced Phileas and growled "Is everything ready?" "I have made the adjustments as you requested, sir" replied Phileas in his usual polite manner, "I have removed the commutator and therefore the current produced will be an alternating current, but sir, I beg you..." James picked Phileas by the lapels on his jacket and bellowed "Are you the most powerful man in the world?" "I do not believe so, sir!" "Tomorrow, I will be" replied James and let Phileas drop to the floor, went over to the bed frame and lay down before barking "Start the process!" Phileas sighed and shook his head as he picked up a ring and announced "This ring will fit your head allowing the current to stimulate your mind. It will make you think of the most powerful men in the history of the world" then taking two cables he added "The power will then travel into your nipples, flowing across your chest and as you asked stimulating your heart, it will then travel down your spine towards your penis where it will them stimulate your gonads, but sir, I beg you, the pain..." "Will push me to the limits of humanity, but I am the most powerful man in the world, I can withstand anything, now get pedalling!" As Phileas and Danny mounted the bicycles, James moaned "Jean, come here, you will act as witness that I, the most powerful man in the world elect has been stimulated by alternating current and has been able to withstand it, tell the tale and prove that I am a man!" As soon as Phileas and Danny started to pedal, James started to moan and groaned "Yes, yes, I can feel the current, I can feel it forcing me to imagine. Yes, Heracles, Porthos, Samson, all naked, all kneeling down in front of me, worshipping my physique, my strength, my manhood, More, more power, stimulate my whole body. Faster!" As they did Jean placed his hand onto James's quivering chest and moaned "Monsieur, there is no need to prove to me your claim. Today you lifted your bodyweight over your head more times than I could ever do, even when I couldn't think of anything but what you are thinking of now, pray, I beg you, succumb" "More" moaned James, "force my mind to think of nothing but those three heroes begging to suck me, begging to ram me and begging to make me their lovers, make me resist the power you are sending into me, make me battle my own body, more, more, MORE!" "Monsieur, please I..." "Hurt me!" "...please, I beg you..." "Hurt me!" "...monsieur, I..." "HURT ME!" As the pedalling increased in speed James's moans and groans became more and more animalistic. His grunts became more and more grunts of pain as opposed to grunts of effort and as Jean felt James's heart he gasped "Monsieur, your heart..." "...IS THAT OF THE MOST POWERFUL MAN IN THE WORLD AND I WILL SUCCUMB!" and with that James screamed in ecstasy as he came covering the entire bed frame with his seed and then panted "Hurting, hurting, hurting, please, I beg you, stop!" Phileas and Danny braked as hard as they could and as Phileas nodded to Jean that it was safe to remove the electrical contacts James could only pant "Thank you, my lovers" and with that passed out.
  14. Chapter Fifty Six That evening the basement of Phileas's house was a hive of activity. Phileas was screwing into place two bicycles, the very latest models from Germany only just arrived in the country a matter of weeks ago, to two metal bases. When finished he then attached a piece of string around the pedals and then looped it around a device that Danny had never seen before so when Phileas stepped back and nodded his approval Danny asked "What's that?" "Oh, it's a dynamo" replied Phileas adding "It uses rotating coils of wire and magnetic fields to convert mechanical rotation into a pulsing direct electric current through Faraday's law of induction and Lenz's law" to which Danny smiled apologetically "James is the science person" to which Phileas replied with a smile "You'll want to become one as well" and with that called "Jean, we're ready!" A few moments later Jean and James came downstairs completely naked and lying down on two bed frames, Phileas started to attach pads made of fabric onto their chests, upper arms, stomachs, upper legs and lower legs. Then he attached wires from the pads to the dynamo and then giving the string a twang mounted the bicycle and with a cheery "Danny, shall we ride from here to Hyde Park, a mile or so?" and with that started pedalling. As soon as he did James started to moan "Ooooh, Danny, this feels amazing" and as Danny looked up he could see the muscles underneath the pads twitching. Seeking an explanation Phileas replied ""As we pedal, we are creating a direct current which, thanks to the positions of those pads, make the muscles underneath contract causing them to flex harder than any man could normally. The faster we pedal, the greater the contraction" and then added with a slight chuckle "And when you flex anyway. Jean, show them what I mean!" Jean sat up and as he did he took a deep breath, flared out his chest as much as possible and crunched his pecs so hard as they twitched, it looked as if they were jumping out of his chest. As James watched he moaned "Faster, Danny, Faster, make me flex!" "I propose a race" replied Phileas, "it's about five miles from here to Regent's Park. It takes me about twenty minutes to walk there and back. Let's see how much they can withstand eh?" and with that both men started to pedal as fast as they could. For the next twenty minutes both James and Jean moaned with desire as Phileas and Danny panted as they pedalled as fast as they could with their victim's muscles flexing every few seconds causing them to develop cocks that were soon so high in the air, so thick and so red that James moaned "Can I...cum?" "In one minute precisely" panted Phileas adding "As fast as you can Danny, let's see who can withstand this final sprint the longest eh?" As Danny and Phileas pedalled with every fibre of their being, both Jean and James's moans became more and more sensual. Their cocks now ten and eleven inches long respectively started to dribble, Jean's moans, interposed with "Monsieur, hurt me" and James's moans of "Faster Danny, Faster, make me a man" and as Danny and Phileas sat up, having crossed an imaginary finish line in a tie, both men succumbed t the torture and came with a mighty roar. As they orgasmed, James moaned "Oh, sir, that was incredible" and then panted "Tomorrow, can you stimulate my heart?"
  15. Chapter Fifty Five "If I had not seen it with my own eyes, Mr. Barnaby, I would never have believed it in a million years!" As James chuckled, Phileas turned to Danny and said "I can see now why you are lovers, Mr. Blain, there cannot be many men who can lift a bar attached to which are kettlebells that are equal to three times the weight of the person lifting them and hold them there for over five minutes!" "Two!" replied Danny pointing to Passepartout who nodded meekly "Shall I tell you what was making me last so long?" asked James, "it was two things. The first was the memory that you allowed me to keep of being Heracles and being able to make passionate love to Porthos with Samson watching on in awe. I shall never forget that night in a million years, but the other thing, well, I hope you won't mind me asking, Phileas, but when Passepartout told me before we entered the venue that if he did well enough, you'd stimulate him, what did he mean?" Phileas looked at Passepartout with what James thought was a frown to which Passepartout replied, "Forgive me, monsieur, but, I thought..." "Sir" replied Phileas in a very matter of fact way, "are you familiar with the proposal to electrify the great cities of the world?" "I am" replied James "And are you also familiar with the great debate there has been about the various currents?" "Indeed I am, a friend of mine wrote a thesis on it" "What was his conclusions?" "That the direct current method was the safest but that alternating current would be the most economical" "That is the also the opinion being reached by the scientists here, sir, but whilst researching I found something very interesting indeed and have demonstrated those findings on my manservant here" "And what findings are those?" "That the direct application to the human musculature causes an increase in strength, power, virility and muscle!" James instantly went rock hard and as he squeezed his legs he asked "You mean, you have been sending electricity into your manservant and that is why he is so big and strong?" "In addition to regular exercises with kettlebells, yes!" "Passepartout" said James with a moan in his voice, "Stimulate me!"
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