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  1. Chapter Thirty Five "Dang, James, if you eat any more bananas you're going to turn into a gorilla!" As James peeled the banana, his sixth since breakfast, he chuckled "And would that be such a bad thing?" before chomping into it and adding "Bananas are very good for you, lots of potassium in them" and with that leaned into Danny and whispered "there's four one thousandths of a gram of potassium every time I cum, need to replace it you know!" Just then the sound of gunfire filled the air and a man ran over exclaiming that the bank was being robbed. "Again?" exclaimed James as he finished off his banana, however as Danny stood up and James discarded the banana skin, tragedy struck as Danny slipped on the banana skin and collided with a wooden post and collapsed to the ground. James immediately came to his aim and gasped in horror, Danny had been knocked out cold by the impact and that meant that he, as deputy marshal, had to deal with the robbery. There was no time to become Arrowhead and this meant trouble. He'd never used a gun before, preferring his bow, but there was no other option and so rushed to the bank, where two robbers, all dressed in white dashed out. "STOP" shouted James, in his most defiant voice, "Stop or I'll fire!" "Keep running" shouted one of the robbers and so James had no option. Closing his eyes and putting a finger in his ear he fired, and missed completely, shooting instead the bank sign which landed on top of the baker who was talking to the pianist from the saloon, who instantly dived for cover in the first thing he could find, a barrel, which was full of tar. James knew he had to stop the robbers so fired again, this time hitting the town's flagpole which broke at the point of impact and would have knocked James out if he hadn't have caught it at the last second. But the damage was done, the robbers had escaped, James was in disgrace and as he treated the baker and Danny, he got a severe rebuke from Danny. "James" he said through gritted teeth having been appraised of what had happened "you are a menace with a gun!" "But Danny" he said, just as the baker left the surgery, "you know I am better off with a bow. Please, let me be Arrowhead and I'll..." "I realise that you have done a lot to foster good relations between the townspeople and the Indians, James, but think about it. If I came strolling into town with a couple of bad un's followed by an Indian brave, the town would panic. There would be an inquiry, there would be discussions, our secret could be found out. I'm sorry James, but there is no other way" and with that stuck out his hand and said "James, give me your badge!" "No, please, Danny don't, without this badge, I'll... "Look, I know, but I promise you, give me your badge and I'll arrange for you to have gun handling lessons. The problem is that the best gun handler I know is in California and well, it would take him at least three weeks to get here. I'm sorry, but for those three weeks, we can no longer be lovers, now, the badge James!" As James unpinned the badge from his jacket, he looked at it forlornly before handing it over and then with tears in his eyes said "Excuse me, Danny, I need to take a walk" and with that left the surgery and headed out into the plains.
  2. Chapter Thirty Four As the sun rose over the mountains on the first day of 1874, it discovered Danny and James leaning against the outhouse outside the surgery watching the sun rise and as it did so James smiled and said "Happy New Year, Danny" to which Danny replied "And Happy New Year to you too, Doc" before drinking the last of his whisky and saying "Well, I'm as warm as I am ever going to be, shall we?" and with that James nodded, opened the back door to the surgery and gestured Danny into his bedroom. Once there, he closed and locked the door and then pulling a tape measure from his pocket smiled, "Let's see how much all that turkey over Christmas added shall we?" and within moments both men were completely naked. "Me first, doc!" smiled Danny, "I need to know if I need to exercise more!" and with that stood against the bedroom wall as Danny let the measure drop to the floor. Noting that the measure only ended up as far as Danny's knees, he crouched down and measured the missing part declared "Wow, six foot three inches tall, someone's been eating their bison!" and with that wrote the measurement down, then he stood against the wall and as Danny measured James he whistled with appreciation "and you've had more than me, doc" as the measurement came back as six foot seven inches. "Round one to me!" smiled James, "next weight" and with that pulled out a set of scales from under the bed saying "I know that people go on about the Pony Express being on the way out, but look at this. Ordered it on December 15th from St. Louis, arrived yesterday, and that with snowdrifts the likes of which you would not believe on the way" and with that set about weighing Danny and coming back a few moments later with a measurement of "Two hundred pounds, spot on" which made Danny grit his teeth as he puffed out his chest. Of course as James got on, the scale needed readjusting and even Danny had to make sure he had not made a mistake as he stammered, "Dang, doc, three hundred and ten pounds, no wonder I can't pin you when we wrestle, Round two to you as well!" As James flexed his bicep with a smile, Danny instantly wrapped the tape around it and moaned "Twenty five inches, doc, how, how do you do it?" "Good food, good exercise sessions and a lover who loves seeing muscle up close!" came the smiled reply as every measurement came out the same. James was taller, heavier, bigger and "more of a man than any man alive today!" as Danny steeped back in admiration. "Maybe" replied James, "but know this Danny, I would never ever, ever, trade you in for another man, even if they were as big as me. We're partners, you're the sheriff, I'm your deputy and that is the way it shall be forever and a day!" As Danny kissed James on the lips, James could feel himself starting to get excitement and moaned "Danny, do you want to be my weight for this morning's session? I fancy overhead pressing two hundred pounds as many times as I can and think that you would be the perfect motivational tool!" Danny nodded and within moments, he had been lifted twenty times, each lift accompanied by a grunt of effort from James and a moan from Danny. After forty reps, it was clear that both men were reaching their limits and as James grunted "50" both men came with such violence that James staggered forward dropping Danny onto the bed and then slumping next to him. As they recovered, moaning as the orgasm hit James and Danny moaning "Power" they turned to each other, kissed and promised that from that moment nothing in the world would stop them both being sheriff and deputy or the world's most powerful men. It would be a commitment that would be tested sooner than either man thought.
  3. Chapter Thirty Three At half past two in the afternoon of Christmas Day, Danny closed the door of the sheriff's office behind him, put up a sign "Closed until December 26th, please report any crimes via the telegraph system" and after nodding his head to the local town gossip, walked across the street to the surgery where he knocked on the door three times. Taking a couple of steps back, he smiled as the window opened and there appeared James who said with a yawn "Oh, hello there, did I oversleep last night?" "You sure did, doc!" smiled Danny as they acted out the routine they had planned whilst walking back "Yes, sorry about that" replied James, "Guess I must have been working too hard" and with that sneezed adding "Oh, darn, now I've got a cold as well!" "Never mind, doc" smiled Danny, "you wrap up nice and warm and I'll see how you are this evening?" "Thank you, sheriff" smiled James, "although we have yet to produce a cure for the common cold, a nice hot toddy should do the trick. I'll have one waiting for you!" and with that closed the window. As Danny made his way to the fort he smiled from ear to ear. Thanks to their routine no one had a clue that they had allowed the party to go ahead. Indeed when Danny arrived at the fort he found his hand being shaken so hard by the colonel he said "Woah there, Colonel, you're going to shake my hand off!" "But, Sheriff, you're the only person who has ever met Arrowhead, without him I dread to find what would have happened. Please, when you see him next, tell him how thankful we are!" Danny nodded and smiled and with that entered the drill hall where the party was being held and was instantly struck by how much jollity there was. Every single child from the town as there, as were their parents, along with a large number of Indian children and, just as James had hoped, the two sets of children were playing together without a care in the world forcing the adults to talk to each other, albeit in very small words, thus breaking down the hostility there had been in the past. As Danny watched he thought "The moment they make a medal of honour for the marshals of this land, James is getting one" and with that enjoyed the party. The first act was Happy who was quite the dab hand at the banjo and spent a good half hour singing songs that he had heard during his career in the Civil War from "All Quiet along the Potomac Tonight" to "Carry me back to old Virginny" and even "Turkey in the Straw" but the one that got everyone singing along was that old favourite "De Camptown Races" and even Danny found himself singing along with the chorus Next was the Colonel who promised to vow everyone with "the finest demonstration of prestidigitation..." and paused for everyone to go "ooooh" before continuing "...this side of the Grand Canynon" and instantly demonstrated how to make a rabbit not appear from a top hat but disappear and as he showed the empty hat to an Indian child, Danny had to try very hard not to laugh as he saw the Colonel hiding it behind his back. But the real highlight came at just after three o'clock when with a mighty "Ho Ho Ho!" a cry of "SANYA" erupted and as Father Christmas entered he declared, in a deep booming voice "Hello there everyone, am I at Fort Revenge? If so, then I have a delivery of toys left over from last night" and with that started handing out presents to all the children naming every child there by name which not only brought a smile to Danny but a tear as he knew that James would have loved to have seen this, but as per his instruction he had to stay in the surgery to ensure their deception worked. "There you are Happy Dove" said Santa as he pulled a doll out of his bag, "just for you!" and with that declared "And with that the bag is empty" and turned the sack upside down where a box fell out. Santa picked it up and asked "Is there a Danny here?" and looked around, but all the children had a toy and so looking around asked "I'm looking for a Danny" "Excuse me, sir, I'm Danny!" As Santa approached Danny he looked him up and down and asked "And have you been a good boy this year?" "I would like to hope so, sir!" "I am joking my lad" chuckled Santa, "we all know what a marvellous job you are doing keeping this community safe, and that's why this is for you, son!" and with that handed the box over but added "It's a joint present for you and your marshal to be enjoyed together later on!" and with that he winked at Danny before declaring "Well, it's been a very long day don't you know, I'll see you all next year!" and with that Santa walked out with a mighty "Ho Ho Ho!" as he left. *** That evening Danny knocked on the surgery door and as he was greeted with a friendly "Come in, I've a couple of hot toddies for us!" Danny smiled and walked in. Taking the hot toddy and declaring "Cheers!" James noted the box he was carrying and as he explained it was a present from Santa, James gestured for him to open it. Inside was something that he had never seen before and asked James what it was. "Oh, it's a stethoscope!" exclaimed James adding "Wonderful story about how it was invented. René Laennec at the Necker-Enfants Malades Hospital in Paris had a problem, he wasn't comfortable placing his ear directly onto a woman's chest to listen to her heart so therefore came up with something like an ear trumpet. That's one of the very latest versions you've got there!" "But why did Santa give it to me?" asked Danny, "you're the doctor!" "Oh, I'm sure he must have had his reasons!" smiled James and with that downed his toddy exclaiming "Oh, hot, hot, hot!" Danny froze and as James looked up he saw Danny point a finger at him. "Yes?" asked James with a chuckle "It was you, you were Santa!" James nodded and as Danny hugged him he replied "And why would I give you a stethoscope? So you can listen to my strong, powerful, pumping heart as we celebrate Christmas by you pushing me to the limits!" and with that produced four pairs of handcuffs and a bottle saying "Remember this? Now, who do you want me to be?" "Strongman" moaned Danny, "and make that heart of yours pound as fast and as powerfully as you can!" "For you Danny, anything!" and with that both men made their way into the bedroom where, an hour later, a cry of "I AM STRONGMAN!" resonated through the surgery followed by the sounds of Danny moaning in ecstasy.
  4. Chapter Thirty Two As James and Danny approached the site of the camp, the glow from the fire gave away the camp's location and gesturing Danny to stay behind, which he did after begging for a "Good luck" kiss, Danny watched as James approached the camp. It was clear that James was making sure that no one had spotted him and was waiting fro just the right moment to announce his presence. As he did Danny watched him, his mind taking in the mass that was James. He knew how big he was, but with the flames from the camp fire reaching into the sky he looked like a literal giant and Danny moaned under his breath as he imagined James being really that tall, his powerful frame drawing everyone else who dared challenge him, even picking up Danny in his arms and with a chuckle say "Hello there, shorty, enjoying the view?" These opinions were enhanced when James reached for his bow and as he pulled it back, the muscles in his back seemed to explode causing Danny to grit his teeth lest he cum and as James did he announced his presence with a firm "Strong Bear, I, Arrowhead, the true last Apache, to take the weapons of your followers and throw them onto the fire. If you make a sound, then I shall fire this bolt through your dark heart!". This statement had two actions. Firstly, Strong Bear did as he was told and Danny's mind went into overdrive as he imagined James standing over him, a good three feet taller than him and in the same firm voice commanded him to undress and worship James with Danny unwilling not to obey. As he watched Strong Bear throw the rifles onto the fire he knew that if Strong Bear was giving in that easily, it was possible that they would be back in time for sunrise and even have some time to get in a little appreciation of James's mass and power before having to attend the party. However, what happened next put Danny's plans on hold as Strong Bear suddenly threw a blazing rifle at James who ducked and threw himself at Strong Bear, both of them landing on the shore of the lake where they spent the next few moments wrestling with each other. As James picked up Strong Bear and threw him onto the ice, there was an almighty crack and Strong Bear disappeared beneath the ice screaming as he did. Danny nodded with a smile but before he had a chance to say "Good riddance to bad rubbish", his world turned upside down as James dived in after him. "ARROWHEAD!" screamed Danny and rushed to the edge of the lake, where he plunged his hand in and then quickly withdrew it as the water was too cold for him. By now the rest of Strong Bear's followers had gathered around Danny and like him were watching as the last of the bubbles popped on the surface and as Danny slumped to his knees he wailed "They're dead. They're both dead!" "These all died in faith, not having received the things promised, but having seen them and greeted them from afar, and having acknowledged that they were strangers and exiles on the earth. For people who speak thus make it clear that they are seeking a homeland. If they had been thinking of that land from which they had gone out, they would have had opportunity to return. But as it is, they desire a better country, that is, a heavenly one. Therefore God is not ashamed to be called their God, for he has prepared for them a city. Here endeth the lesson" As Danny closed the Bible, he looked down at the coffin being lowered into the ground and with tears in his eyes looked up at the gathered townsfolk and said "I may have only known Doctor Barnaby Junior for a few months, but our time together as sheriff and deputy were months that I shall never forget. When I first met him when he came into my office, it was I who had to tell him that Doctor Barnaby Senior, the man who raised him as a grandson, had died, however that man, that dear friend, forgave me completely and now, now he is dead. And yet, the way he died was so like him, forsaking his own life for others. We just happened to be hiking when we heard the alarm raised that a small boy had fallen into the lake and that man, that powerful, brave, Godfearing man, dived in and rescued him, but at the cost of his own life" Several members of the congregation started to weep as did Danny and as he took off his hat he wailed "Oh, James, it should have been me. Oh, James, please, please don't go!" "Go? Where do you want me to go?" As Danny looked up he gasped in amazement, there was James, carrying the inert figure of Strong Bear in his arms, water dripping off his muscular chest despite icicles having formed on his nipples. "You're alive!" exclaimed Danny and jumped up "Of course I'm alive!" chuckled James as he placed Strong Bear on the lakeside, "Come the wintertime I love the sensation of cold water against my skin" and whispered "And I think I might have given the lake a bit of a population boost as well!" and with that turned to the Comanche gathered around Strong Bear and declared in a loud voice "Now, load the provision that you stole under this man's command, for I, Arrowhead, the true last Apache have spoken". As the warriors did so one replied "We will obey, for you are a mighty and strong warrior!" "They've got that one right!" smiled Danny Just then Strong Bear jumped up and made a bolt up the hill. James picked up his bow and pulling it declared "Come back, or I will shoot!" "You are a soft Apache dog, you would never shoot an unarmed man!" As James lowered the bow nodding, Danny pulled out his gun and replied "But I would..." but was stopped by James who said "He is right, we cannot shoot an unarmed man, but I am confident that he will never bother us again!" and with that commanded "Return the provisions to Fort Revenge" and as the warriors started to haul the provisions back to the fort, James placed an arm around Danny's shoulder and said "Now, how does this sound?" and as they followed the warriors planned the story to explain their disappearance for almost a full day.
  5. Chapter Thirty One "Doc, I don't know what you are playing at Doc, but I don't like being so far from Powder Creek!" As Danny dismounted his horse next to a forest, he tried to figure out what was going on. Ever since finding James missing, he'd followed the prints as any good tracker would and found himself scratching his head at every turn. First, the prints led him back to the surgery, but when he entered to find James, he noticed the boots next to the back door, so went out the back door and found a trail of snowshoe prints. Those led him to the stable where Platinum was housed and allowed him to find no Platinum, but instead a series of hoofprints. Those had led him to where he was now and al the while he was getting worried. James had no reason to be here, so why was he here?. He'd only taken a few steps into the forest when he heard a declaration in the distance. "O spirits of the Apache nation, I, Arrowhead, have come again to take the warpath!" "Oh, by Grant!" moaned Danny and had to support himself with a tree, "Arrowhead is here?" and with that moaned. After the colonel had told him that Arrowhead was the one responsible for Strong Bear's capture, he tried to find out more about this mysterious man and everything he had heard made him more and more eager to meet the man. He was said to be anything between seven and eight feet tall, weigh anything between four hundred and twenty pounds to five hundred and fifty pounds and by association be so strong that he only had to breathe to knock you over, could uproot the tallest tree without breaking into a sweat and wrestle steers until they succumbed. The more Danny thought about this monster of a man, the more his desires got the better of him and the more his desires got the better of him, the more he moaned in ecstasy about him ramming the giant with his own powerful cock and James sucking on the giant's cock pushing him to the limits of his physical endurance and getting him to scream his trade mark cry of "Hoka Hey YAH!" as he filled James with his power turning James into a literal beast of a man. Indeed, Danny as on the verge of cumming when he suddenly felt something in the small of his back. "What paleface doing in Apache forest?" Danny instantly raised his hands in the air and stammered "I'm sorry, Arrowhead, I...I'm looking for a friend of mine, a medicine man called James. I came here following his prints in the snow as I was worried about, please, don't hurt me!" "Hurt the man I love, oh, now come on Danny, why would I ever do that?" As Danny's eyes opened wide, he slowly turned around and gasped "James? You're Arrowhead?" "Sure am!" came the reply, as James took off his war bonnet and chuckled "So how big am I?" and with that the two lovers hugged each other. As James replaced his war bonnet leaving Danny in a state of shock he placed a friendly arm around Danny saying "I have a good idea where Strong Bear is camping. I reckon he's somewhere in the wilderness beyond the valley. You know the river that bears the name of my tribe? Yep, that's right, I'm an Apache! Well, I think there's a good chance he's camping on the ice at Singing Blue Water Lake, otherwise known as Caddo Lake to you!" "But that's miles away!" exclaimed Danny, "it would take you most of the day to walk there!" "Well, what a good thing I have one heck of a story to pass the time!" chuckled James and with that led Danny and in doing so told him everything from his childhood as an Apache brave, to the death of his adoptive father, being found and adopted by Tad, going off to college, discovering he was inverted, his relationship with Tom, how he'd become "the only man to survive being struck by artificial lightning", and everything that had happened since his arrival in Powder Creek and at every step Danny was in rapt attention. Sure enough as they reached Caddo Lake the sun was starting to set and as James said "There, see that glow in the distance, that's the Comanche camp. See, told you I had a heck of a story to pass the time!" and with that the two men approached the camp keeping out of sight the whole time.
  6. Chapter Thirty The season of winter in the American plains was the most ruthless of all the seasons, indeed Arrowhead could remember the many times when the weather was so cold that he would have to spend weeks inside his adoptive father's tepee huddled from the cold. Perhaps that was the reason, as the first snow fell in the winter of 1873, that Arrowhead had the idea he had and after discussing it with the mayor of the town, who seemed overjoyed with the idea, and the colonel of Fort Revenge, the fort not that far from Powder Creek, who was equally delighted with the suggestion, the idea was put into motion so that by the time the sun set on December 23rd 1873, it found Arrowhead demonstrating his strength once again. "Colonel, could you hold my leg still, please?" As the colonel held Arrowhead's shoe, he stretched as far as possible and just managed to place a star on top of the Christmas tree that he had been decorating, and thanking the colonel explaining "It's always best to have a counter weight" descended the ladder and looked with pride at the completed tree. "Colonel" he said, with a smile on his face, "I really cannot thank you enough I say. Giving a Christmas party for the children of Powder Creek as well as some of the native Americans in order to foster relations between them, It's..." "Less of the false modesty!" interrupted the colonel, "this was your idea my lad and a better idea I cannot think of. After all, it's what Grant wants as well" and with that gestured Arrowhead to a window and pointed out to a storehouse at the other side of the fort saying "Ever since you suggested the idea, just after Thanksgiving, that storehouse has had regular supplies from Abilene and as of this moment is simply bulging from all the food, blankets and lamps to see the Indians through the winter" and with that chuckled adding "Now, what was this you asked me about a starring role at the end of the event?" The discussions and preparations for the party well on well into the night and indeed it wasn't until Christmas Eve arrived that the last lights were turned out in the fort. As Arrowhead arrived back at his surgery, the moon covered by clouds indicating more snowfall was due he smiled and said "There shall be a wonderful party for the native children, Arrowhead has spoken" and chuckled as he went to bed. That night a mighty blizzard blew up and the temperature plunged as Private Lancing could testament to, he was the unlucky soldier who had been given the early morning shift that Christmas Eve and despite being wrapped up in any number of layers, a number of bed warmers covered in cloth placed all over himself and the thickest gloves possible he was frozen which, considering that the thermometer on the walls of the fort, once cleared of snow, was showing an air temperature of ten below, the wind chill was making it feel more like twenty five below. But he was a member of the US cavalry, a band of brothers like no other and so blowing on his gloves and stamping his feet every so often continued on his patrol. Suddenly he heard a noise and span around just in time to be knocked down by a war hatchet and as he crashed to the ground, a chuckle was heard. *** "Doc, Doc, wake up, it's a disaster!" Arrowhead had already been awake for half an hour doing his favourite exercise, pressing himself up and down by means of his arms. The reason why that to the outside world he was still asleep was because, even though it was fifteen below outside, inside his bedroom it was a glorious eighty five and he was performing the exercise completely naked, revelling in feeling his heart pumping and his cock hardening. Slipping on a dressing gown he opened the window, moaning gently as the cold air made his nipples go rock hard and caused him to cum, he spied Danny who exclaimed "Doc, get the fort as fast as you can, it's been robbed!" Thirty minutes later both Arrowhead and Danny looked upon a scene of complete devastation. The storehouse was completely empty and Private Lancing was in the infirmary suffering from both a head injury and hypothermia. As they peered into the empty storehouse Arrowhead asked what had happened. "We have no idea!" replied the colonel, "it was like this at reveille" Just then two items of seemingly unrelated news happened at once. A private came dashing up to the colonel and declared "Sir. message from Abilene" and as he read the message Arrowhead's blood ran cold. "To Colonel Johnson, stop, from Governor James, stop. Train carrying Strong Bear arrived as planned yesterday evening, stop, inside were two dead guards, stop, Strong Bear escaped, stop!" This was followed seconds later by a patrol whose leader dismounted his horse and exclaimed "Colonel, bad news, the Comanche camp that we've been keeping under watch for the last few days has completely emptied. Twenty of the worst and murderous braves you can imagine have just vanished!" As the colonel gave the order for the alarm to be raised, Danny smiled and said to Arrowhead "The good old American cavalry being drilled, doesn't it make your heart glad to be an American, eh, Doc?" but as he turned expecting Arrowhead to smile in agreement, Doctor Barnaby was noticeable by his absence with only a trail of bootprints leading away from the fort as a guide.
  7. Chapter Twenty Nine Arrowhead suddenly sat up, puffing and panting. As he got his bearings and found himself back on the bed he had stumbled onto, he started to breathe deeply and thought to himself "Oh, thank god, it was only a dream!" and with that sat on the edge of the bed and wondered what it could have meant. Had he glimpsed the work that Tom was working on, only alluded to his letters as "something that will propel this nation into the twentieth century as one of the most just" or had his mind, in some completely weird manner, taken his last statement of "I'd rather be dead" literally and shown him what it would be like to be killed by a controlled delivery of electricity. As Arrowhead started to calm down, he heard a bang. It was exactly like the bang in his dream, when his heart literally exploded, and so getting up he went to the bedroom door and opened it slowly and instantly froze in terror. There, in the next room, sitting around the table was the Ross gang, one of the most feared gangs in all of Texas. Arrowhead watched in complete silence as one of them opened the bag that had produced the bang and out poured notes and coins with the leader chuckling "A bank robbery and coach hold up pretty much at the same time, well, who says I'm not brilliant now eh?" Instantly, Arrowhead put two and two together. The other three members of the gang, Quick Draw Grogan, Lars the Swede and Gonazles the knife thrower had held up the coach in an deliberate attempt to draw the posse and Danny away from Powder Creek so that the leader Black Jake Ross could hold up the back without any resistance. It was a classic case of the boy who cried wolf and this time the entire town had been played like fools. It was only because Arrowhead had not had a chance to buy a horse that he hadn't been swept up in it as well. Peering around the door in order to gather as much evidence as he could, Ross reached into the bottom of the bag and exclaimed "Well, lookee here boys, we've hit the mother lode!" and with that pulled out Arrowhead's nugget. As Ross cackled wondering how much it was worth, Arrowhead's fire was ignited and making sure that none of the gang were looking at the door, he slowly opened it and then attacked. Leaping from the room, he landed on the table and punched Ross on the head so hard that it hit the table. That was Ross out for the count, then somersaulting off the table, in the time that it took Grogan to pull his gun out, Arrowhead picked up the table and whammed it into Grogan and Lars, putting them out of the fight. And as Gonzalez stammered "Stay back, or I'll throw!" Arrowhead chuckled and threw Gonzalez out of the window, ignoring completely that the window was closed. Indeed within a matter of moments, all four gang members were being securely bound with Grogan crying "You're cutting me in half!" and then placed on the horse that Arrowhead had arrived on as well as another horse that the gang had travelled back on and with that, and a massive smile on his face, walked back to Powder Creek. *** "How in tarnation does he do it?" asked the mayor as Arrowhead arrived back in town? "I don't know!" smiled Danny, as Arrowhead handed the horses to him, "just be glad that he is on our side!" The bank manager was also overjoyed at the news and after counting the money said "Sir, your bravery should not go unrewarded" and with that took a hundred dollars from the bag and said "With permission, I should like to add this to your account, as a reward" however Arrowhead replied "That is very kind of you, however, as this is the second time that the bank has been robbed in five weeks, I would like to close my account" and after the formalities took the nugget and the reward with him leaving Danny to ask how he was going to keep them safe. "Come and visit me this evening" Arrowhead replied, "and I'll show you!" That evening Danny arrived at the surgery and called for Arrowhead who replied "I'm in my bedroom!" and as Danny entered he couldn't help himself laughing. There was Arrowhead, pretending to be asleep in bed, his pillow raised up by a can, attached to which was a wire with a collection of handbells and cans at the end of which was a gun. As Danny sat on the bed, Arrowhead explained, "if anyone tries to steal that can, inside of which is the reward and the nugget, my head will fall down waking me up. At the same time, the bells and cans will make a noise, the wire will pull the trigger and bang, any thief will get scared off and I retain my money!" and with that opened his eyes and said "Who's a clever strongman eh?" As Danny laughed out loud, Arrowhead sat up and said "On the subject of which, can I ask you a personal question?" and with that explained about his dream. "Doc" smiled Danny, placing an arm over Arrowhead's shoulder, "you were just suffering from a crisis of confidence that's all. You felt that because you didn't have a horse you shouldn't be a deputy. Nothing could be further from the truth, heck, you've got the horseshoes already" and with that squeezed Arrowhead's powerful arms, "and it's even further from the truth now" and with that he got up and gestured Arrowhead to follow him. As they left the surgery Danny declared "One horse, for the official use of, awarded to Doctor James Barnaby for services rendered!" Arrowhead leapt for joy and instantly mounted the horse, the one that had propelled him to the gang's hideout, in a single bound and as he grabbed the reins he smiled to Danny and declared in a loud voice "Hi, ho, Platinum, AWAY!" and with that he was last seen charging out of the two heading towards the plains with Danny laughing his head off and chuckling "You go get them, Doc!"
  8. Chapter Twenty Eight "Oh, yeah" moaned Arrowhead as the horse galloped on, "When Danny sees me on this horse, he'll be mine for the taking, and when he sees what I am going to do to those robbers" and with that started to feel himself get hard as he imagined lifting them all over his head and roaring "I AM ARROWHEAD!" before slamming them into the ground, knocking them all out at once and then leaning into Danny and whispering "That's you, that is, tonight, as I feel stronger than I have ever felt before. Who else could control a horse of such power and might, eh? Who else could make a horse gallop so fast that signs just blur past? How many..." Suddenly Arrowhead turned his head to look at the sign he had passed and gasped. It was pointing to Powder Creek, but not in the direction he was going, but the direction he had been. He was heading south, away from the site of the robbery instead of north. As he tried to turn the horse around, the horse was having none of it, indeed if anything it appeared to gallop even faster and there was only one thing Arrowhead could do, hold on with every ounce of strength he had. The ride, for that is what it was, took Arrowhead up hill, down valley, leaping over boulders, and even galloping across landscapes that Arrowhead had never seen before. It was almost as if this horse knew precisely where it was going and that seemed to prove itself when, about ten miles south of Powder Creek, near a shack, the horse screeched to a halt with such force that Arrowhead was thrown from the saddle and landed in the water trough next to a pump. As Arrowhead clambered out, his face said it all. He was supposed to be the strongest man ever to live and yet he had been shown up by a horse. He was drenched to the skin and saddle sore and completely fed up. This might explain why, as he knocked on the door of the ranch instead of declaring "My name is Doctor James Barnaby, deputy marshal Powder Creek" he almost whimpered "Sir, Madam, please excuse the intrusion, but I need somewhere to rest my weary bones. May I use your bedroom please?" As the door opened however, a quiet "Hello, is there anyone there?" was unanswered and so as Arrowhead found the bedroom, he collapsed onto it and whimpered "Strongest man alive? I'd rather be dead!" and with that gently snuffled as he feel asleep "James? James? Are you all right?" As Arrowhead opened his eyes towards the sound of the voice, he rolled over and his eyes opened wide. "James, have you been crying?" "Oh, Tom!" wailed Arrowhead, sitting up and flinging his arms around his first lover burst into tears saying "I never should have left your side!" and with that explained what had happened. Tom sat down besides him, patted his massive back and said "There, there, James, it was all a dream that's all. Don't you remember? We'd been playing Cowboys and Indians, you wanted to be the mighty sheriff and, well, we got a little carried away. Look, you're with me now, in Ohio, remember? When you finished your course you came straight here, apologised to your grandfather saying that you would come and be a doctor with him but needed to explore yourself. And boy have you? You've packed on an extra hundred pounds in weight, can lift nearly seven hundred pounds on a bar and are in the perfect shape for our final test!" "Final test?" sniffed Arrowhead "Yeah, don't you remember?" chuckled Tom and rubbing Arrowhead's hair chuckled "Memory like a sieve, body like a hurricane! Today we are going to test whether what we have been working on for the last year or so will work on someone like you! I realise that there aren't many people like you, but, if this system does work on you then we'll be famous. Imagine that James, James Barnaby and Tom Wilson, names that will live on forever. You'd like that wouldn't you?" Arrowhead nodded. "So, come on, less of the moping and more of the up and at 'em James that I know. In fact, I've had a word and they've agreed!" "Agreed?" "Agreed to everything. Not only are the world's best reporters here, but" and with that Tom looked around, "You can be naked as well!" Arrowhead's face erupted into a beaming smile and as he stood up and bent his arms Tom declared "Now, there's the James Barnaby I know and love" and with that handed him a small piece of cloth. "And this is for?" asked Arrowhead "Memory worse than a sieve!" chuckled Tom as he blindfolded Arrowhead, "We discussed this yesterday. This test is a tad on the secret side and the feeling is that if you knew what the test was before hand, it could influence your reaction to it!" "Ah, a control!" replied Arrowhead "There's the science man!" chuckled Tom and with that led Arrowhead gently. A few moments later Arrowhead could hear the reporters and as they started to fire questions at him Tom declared "Gentlemen, you may ask one question only per organisation" and with that pointed to a reporter. "David Jones, New Hampshire Gazette, Sir, how do you feel to be the first man to have this happen to you?" "As a medical doctor" replied Arrowhead, "it seems fitting. As you know this country has advanced in leaps and bounds since independence with medical doctors at the fore. I am happy to continue that long line!" "Tom Hancock, The Recorder. Are you not scared at all? "Scared? Whatever for? I have the complete confidence of my friend from college here. He will ensure that nothing will go wrong!" "Walter Davison, Sandusky Clarion. There has been a huge debate about whether this is ethical, do you have a viewpoint?" "If there have been concerns about the ethics of this test, I am sure that they have all been put to rest!" "And finally?" asked Tom "George Murgatroyd, Times of London. Sir, why do you believe you have been chosen for this test?" "Is it not obvious?" chuckled Arrowhead and with that puffed out his chest, "Who else could they have chosen?" "Gentlemen, thank you, there will be a further briefing in about thirty minutes" and with that whispered "Well done, James, handled like a true professional. Now, if you would care to follow me please?" and with that Arrowhead was led through any number of doors before being invited to sit in a chair. As he sat down, he got himself comfortable and noted "I recognise the wood, Good old American oak, yes?" "Only the best for you" chuckled Tom. As Arrowhead sat he could feel someone attaching restraints to his wrists and ankles and with a wry smile thought "Tom, you old devil, you want a display of my strength again don't you? Well, I'm only too happy to oblige" and with that declared "Just say the word and I'm ready!" "Right then" announced Tom,. "a thousand volts at a hundredth of an amp!" Before Arrowhead had a chance to exclaim "WHAT?", every muscle in his body seized up and he could feel his heart pumping faster and faster and faster until there was a loud bang and everything went dark.
  9. Chapter Twenty Seven As the first chill winds of the fall blew across the plains, Arrowhead's fame grew in kind. Indeed when he managed to single handedly arrest a man attempting to steal the gold mined by Gabby, a prospector of some twenty years experience, such was his fame that Gabby presented him with a golden nugget. Danny, who had come to formally charge the man, chuckled as Arrowhead looked at it with interest and mimed biting it. As Arrowhead looked at Danny, he shrugged his shoulders and followed Danny's action, however not knowing that you never really bit into a gold nugget he bit it hard...and instantly roared with such power that Gabby high tailed it back to his mine. Danny couldn't help but laugh his head off as Arrowhead nursed his chin and after peering in and confirming "No, no teeth broken Doc" adding "A big brain, powerful muscles and strong teeth, dang, is it any wonder I love you!" with a chuckle, he took Arrowhead to the bank to deposit the nugget. The bank manager was only too happy to have "the most famous doctor this side of Tombstone" be a customer and as Arrowhead signed the documents "James Barnaby" he smiled as he knew he was the first Native American to hold a bank account. He had just finished shaking hands with the manager when a man burst in and declared "Sheriff, the stage has been robbed!" and knowing his duty, Arrowhead nodded to the manager and gesturing to Danny stepped out of the bank and gasped in amazement at what they both saw. The stage had indeed been robbed, literally. Not only had all the passengers been robbed of their personal effects, but to add insult to injury, the robbers had even made off with the horses leaving the passengers to pull the stage all the way to Powder Creek. As Arrowhead treated the guard who was suffering from so many cuts and bruises he didn't know where to begin, the driver explained that they had been attacked some ten miles north of the town and stolen everything, including a shipment to the bank valued at close to five thousand dollars. As Arrowhead looked up at Danny, he could see a familiar face forming, Danny's "I've had all I can stand, and I can't stand any more face!" and sure enough a moment later he declared "Everyone, to your hosses, I'm calling up a posse!" Within minutes, nearly fifty of the roughest men who made up the town were galloping as fast as their horses could take them, but Arrowhead, having only recently been made a deputy had not yet had the chance to buy a horse and so set about looking for one fast. He managed to find one within a few moments but was not impressed by it. That said, Luke Sharpe, the man selling it did his best to convince him to buy it. "Yes sir" he declared, "this is a former racing horse, one of the best runners I have ever sold. It's well shod, and I am offering it to you for just fifty dollars on account that I intend to emigrate to Britain" "Fifty dollars?" thought Arrowhead as he examined the horse, "for that bag of bones!" and did the only thing he could declaring "Sir, I am an officially sanctioned deputy marshal and I am commandeering that horse!" and with that he picked up Luke, dumped him, upside down, in a nearby barrel, grabbed the saddle that was also on sale, placed it on the horse, leapt on...and instantly collapsed in a heap underneath him. As Arrowhead tried to wrestle with the horse to get it back on its feet, he failed to notice the cactus just behind the horse and so as he got the horse on all fours, the horse backed into the cactus and shot off with Arrowhead barely able to hold on. He managed to clamber into the saddle and just had put his feet into the stirrups when... WHAM! Arrowhead was knocked off the horse, still sitting in the saddle, by a low branch. As the saddle fell to the ground the horse galloped off neighing loudly and leaving Arrowhead in a foul mood. As he stomped back to the town to find another horse he grumbled "I'm the strongest man in this town, I should have my own horse by now, I'm going to complain to..." and then stopped. There, outside the bank, was the most beautiful, rugged, powerful horse, Arrowhead had ever seen. As he came up to it, it was almost as tall as he was and the muscles underneath the coat reminded Arrowhead of his powerful muscles, especially when bending them after a hard weight lifting session. Without stopping to ask who it belong to Arrowhead slammed the saddle on the horse, put his feet in the stirrups, unhitched it and with a mighty "YAH!" slapped the reins and galloped off so fast that old Ben Green, the oldest man in the town, only barely avoided being mown down by him. As he galloped out of the town, the smile on Arrowhead's face was in danger of being left behind.
  10. Chapter Twenty Six "Hey, doc, listen to this!" As Danny came bursting into the surgery, clutching a newspaper, Arrowhead looked up with a smile "Today. Silas Jones, a quack doctor from St. Louis in Missouri was sentenced to five years in jail for a series of bank robberies over the last few months. The evidence that put him in prison was delivered by Sheriff Blain of Powder Creek, Texas territory and his medical assistant Dr. James Barnaby, who was key in identifying a sleeping gas was that used in the robberies!" As Arrowhead smiled, Danny exclaimed "We're famous, doc" and placing the paper on the table that Arrowhead was sitting at, noted that he was drawing and asked "What are you drawing?" "A new hero!" he replied explaining that it was all very well acting out the heroic antics of the famed strongmen Heracles and Porthos, but after a while it was getting a bit familiar, "so I decided to have a go at making a new hero, someone I can really get my teeth into, not to mention yours. Tell me what you think so far" and with that handed the drawing to Danny who whistled in admiration. "I've based him on me" smiled Arrowhead, "and added a bit, after all, what doesn't a doctor know about the human body eh?" and with that formally introduced Danny to the character. "He stands nine feet tall, towering over even the tallest man in the world, you know Patrick Cotter O'Brien from Ireland, and due to his great height is one of the heaviest men in the world, do you know how much he weighs?" As Danny shook his head, Arrowhead leaned in and whispered "Five hundred and eighty pounds!" causing Danny's eyes to open wide in astonishment "Indeed" continued Arrowhead, "but unlike Mills Darden who it is said weighed close to eleven hundred pounds, not a single ounce of that weight is far. It's pure solid muscle!" As Danny started to moan looking at the picture Arrowhead continued "His chest is a hundred and sixteen inches around, his arms are forty six, almost forty seven inches around, his waist measures fifty eight inches around, his upper legs are fifty nine inches and his lower legs are forty seven inches!" "Does...Does he have a name?" stammered Danny "He has two actually, for you see, he only looks like that thanks to a magic spell. Ordinally he would look like you and me, but when he utters that magic spell, cast upon him by ancient wizard looking for a hero, he becomes Strongman!" "And is he?" moaned Danny, gritting his teeth "Is he?" chuckled Arrowhead, "he can lift four hundred and thirty five pounds over his head as many times as he wants to and..." and as Arrowhead leaned in continued "...if the needs must, he can lift nearly six thousand pounds as his maximum. Do you know what that looks like?" Danny shook his head, quivering at the thought "Almost six Aberdeen Angus cows, you know, those ones that we read about in the paper last week?" This was all too much for Danny as he jumped up, raced outside to the outhouse and roared as he came prompting Arrowhead to chuckle and as he placed the drawing in his notebook labelled it "Danny's next fantasy wrestling match!"
  11. Chapter Twenty Five "It has taken me two years of dedicated research to come to this conclusion, and I therefore present it for due consideration!" As Arrowhead concluded his speech, the auditorium erupted into applause with several members standing up prompting Arrowhead to say "Gentlemen, Gentlemen, please!" and gesture for them to sit down. As the chairman approached he thanked Arrowhead and said "I think we can all agree with Doctor Barnaby's last statement. I do not think I have heard a more through examination of the physical strength of some of the world's strongest men in both fiction and real life and a ranking, thereof. Now, do we have any questions?" As a gathering of hands rose up, the chairman pointed to one and said "Yes, Doctor Hughes!" "Doctor Hughes, Heidelberg University on loan to the proposed University Hospital of Wales. Doctor Barnaby, I am intrigued by your analysis on page forty of your report and would like to know more about your method of ranking?" "Thank you" smiled Arrowhead and explained that it was a ranking based on his own observations of how people reacted to feats of strength and gave the example of how Porthos, the Musketeer, was witnessed throwing a bull over his head by the population of a Spanish town in 1625 thus creating a large number of independent witnesses and compared that to Heracles defeating the giant Antaeus which was only witnessed by Hebe, his lover and added "Based on my own experiences of people who are attracted to people with powerful strength, I believe you can deduct about a tenth to a fifth off the feat of strength dependent on the witness, hence why Porthos wrestling a bull ranks higher!" "Doctor H Era, University of Athens, are you suggesting that Hebe was lying?" "From what I have been able to assess, there is roughly a 15% increase in the strength reported from someone who the person performing the feat of strength knows personally, this can increase to 20% if the relationship is imitate, so lying no, enhancing to reflect the love he had for Heracles, yes!" "I hope that you will not take this the wrong way, Doctor Barnaby, but I believe that you are wrong. With permission, Mr. Chairman?" As the chairman gave permission Doctor Era approached the stage and as he came on the stage, Arrowhead gulped. He was a full twelve inches taller than Arrowhead and although dressed in a white jacket as were all the delegates at the conference, he seemed to exude strength to such a degree that Arrowhead could feel himself getting aroused. Doctor Era explained that, as an expert on the subject from the nation where Heracles had been created, he had done his own research on the feats of strength attributed to the demigod and that all could be verified to which Arrowhead asked how this was possible. His answer came in the form of a chuckle and as Doctor Era started to unbutton his jacket he replaced, "Look at my credentials" and as Arrowhead looked at the programme he gasped "Doctor H Era, CLES" and looked up to see a virtually naked "Heracles!" As Arrowhead moaned Heracles name, Danny snorted awake. He'd been sitting next to the gently breathing doctor for over an hour and a half and there had been nothing untoward happening, but as he woke up, he could see Arrowhead's breathing start to quicken, the heart in his chest start to pound and his cock start to harden. As Danny leaned in to hear Arrowhead whisper "I...I didn't mean..." Danny took his chance and whispered "Doc, show him what it means to be strong!" "And just what did you mean by that statement?" "It was taken out of context!" "Heracles' eyebrows raised and with that he grabbed Arrowhead by the jacket and said "And what did you mean then?" "I never said that I was stronger than you, the evidence proved it" he replied, "I just said that I was more powerful!" Arrowhead was thrown down to the ground and Heracles roared in anger. "For that insult" the demigod screamed, "I shall destroy you" and with that ripped off the loin cloth covering his modesty, picked Arrowhead off the floor and carried him out of the auditorium and threw him into a boxing ring. As he clambered into the ring completely naked and standing over Arrowhead with a grim determination on his face as he grunted "Do you accept my challenge? That we shall wrestle until one of us spills our seed?" Arrowhead stood up and started to get undressed and faced the demigod wearing only a loincloth which he ripped off with a mighty "I ACCEPT!" and with that launched himself at Heracles As Danny watched his lover writhe and squirm, his muscles bulging against the restraints part of him wanted to release his lover and feel his power at first hand, but he had promised that no matter how hard and powerful his actions, or how desperate anything he may say was, he was not to interfere but instead revel at the power of his strength. But as Danny watched, he knew one thing. He was getting hard at the show in front of him and slowly started to undress until he was as naked as his lover and then started to slowly stroke his eight-inch flaccid cock and as he listened to the bed squeak and the handcuffs rattle he could only imagine what dreams his lover was having. Suddenly, Arrowhead arched his back and started to huff and puff and as he did his cock started to harden from the flaccid nine-inch monster that had been on show into the biggest and hardest cock Danny had ever seen. It had to be at least eleven inches, maybe even bigger and as it grew Danny reacted and pumped his own harder than he had ever done in his life. As he did, he slumped to his knees, and moaned "Oh, Doc, please, I need to!" "So lad, who is the more powerful now then?" The question posed by Heracles could be described as rhetorical as the demigod had Arrowhead in a chokehold with his elbow wrapped around the Apache's neck and another arm wrapped around his torso with his hand pumping the now panting opponent's fifteen-inch cock. But Arrowhead wasn't giving up without a fight and tried valiantly but vainly to break free. As he felt himself starting to cum he thought he heard something on the air. "Oh, Doc, please, I need to!" "Danny?" Arrowhead asked and as he did, Heracles chuckled. "Ah" he smiled, "I think that your friend wants to taste your essence almost as much as I do" and with that started to pump Arrowhead's cock even faster and roared "BUT I AM THE DEMIGOD!" and as he did, Arrowhead gritted his teeth and moaned "No, I will not cum for you!" "I will not cum for you!" moaned Arrowhead and as Danny looked up he gasped in amazement. Jim was fully arched up, his arms and legs straining at the handcuffs and his cock was a good thirteen inches long and several feet in the air. This was too much for Danny to withstand and he rushed over, grabbed Jim's cock and started to rub panting "Come on, Doc, you can do it. You told me to push you when your most vulnerable and by god, this is it. Come on, doc, you can do it!" For the next few half hour Arrowhead drifted between his dream and reality. He was wrestling Heracles, he was being pushed by his lover, he was wrestling Heracles, he was being pushed by his lover, he was being wrestled by Hercules, he was... "I AM ARROWHEAD!" he roared and with a mighty heave threw Hercules over his shoulder, slammed him to the ground and came all over the demigod and as he did he came pulling with every ounce of strength on the handcuffs which started to groan against the strain. Danny, now puffing and panting, rubbed Arrowhead's cock as fast and as hard as possible and as he did Arrowhead started to come around, his eyes opening, his chest heaving and with a roar that was explained later today as "a thunderstorm over St. Louis of such violence that it was heard here" he snapped the handcuffs in half and came with such power that the orgasm he experienced left him drained for several hours afterwards. but as he sat in his favourite chair, his chest still heaving, his heart still pounding with Danny plying him with cups of hot tea he moaned "Oh, Danny, that was the most incredible dream I have ever had. Thank you, my lover, thank you for helping me defeat Heracles!" to which Danny replied with a smile "Next time, can I be Porthos?"
  12. Chapter Twenty Four "So, what have we established so far?" asked Arrowhead as he took off his jacket and handed it to Danny "Everyone who bought a bottle of that medicine sold by that quack doctor reported being completely unconscious from the moment they opened it until about three and a half hours later" "So, there was something in those bottles that knocked people out" added Arrowhead as he handed him his pants, "and then you found out...?" "That between around 10.30am and 2.00pm, the bank was robbed of precisely $10,004" As Arrowhead stopped undressing he pondered and asked "And how much money was in the wagon?" "$10,154" "So if we assume that the quack doctor sold at least 300 bottles at fifty cents each and there are how many adults in this town?" "Three hundred and twenty, of whom thirty were out gathering the herds in for the winter" "There's a strong chance therefore that we have stumbled on a bank robbery racket. Did you speak to any of the other sheriffs?" "Sure did, and listen to this, the banks all along the trail from St. Louis to here have been robbed of over half a million dollars and all during the time that the quack was visiting!" "Mmm, as I thought" and with that Arrowhead started to unbutton his shirt and then paused and asked "Danny, have you ever seen a solider before?" "Once or twice, back east" he replied, "but not recently, why?" As Arrowhead took off his shirt and vest Danny gasped at Arrowhead's eagle tattoo. "I'm not a soldier either, but was a member of the college football team. We'd won the championship, got terribly drunk and when I woke up I had this on my chest. We were called the Eagles you see and I was their best player!" As Danny ran his hands over the tattoo, he twisted the nipples that formed the eyes in opposite directions which caused Arrowhead to moan "Doc, if you believe there is something in these bottles that will make you unconscious and then when you dream you become the most powerful man in the world, can I...can I..." "Of course you can, Danny" smiled Arrowhead as he lay down on the bed, "just wait until I am at my most vulnerable and then really go for it!" "Sure thing, Doc" smiled Danny as he ripped off Arrowhead's briefs and then started to handcuff his wrists and ankles to the bed saying "I got these when I had heard that Jesse James was seen in this area, thinking I would need them. They were tested before being sent and I can tell you the only thing that can break them is a wild bison. Doc, if you can break them, I'll be in heaven!" "Let's see what happens?" and with that nodded. As Danny picked up a bottle from the bag that had been found in the wagon, Arrowhead started taking deep breaths. He was trying to ensure that he did not have any smells in his breath that could confuse his senses and with a solemn nod took a deep breath out and nodded. Danny opened the bottle away from him and placed it under Arrowhead's nose as he breathed in. Suddenly, his eyes opened wide and gritting his teeth he grunted "Sleeping Gas, I recognise the smell right away. Quick, Danny, write this down. I have reason to believe that the quack doctor used a material similar to chloroform, I shall...have...to...do...more..." and with that Arrowhead passed out just as Danny wrote down the last words. As he watched Arrowhead's muscular chest breath, he closed the bottle placed it with the others, kissed Arrowhead on the cheek, pulled up a chair and holding his hand said "Good dreams, my love"
  13. Chapter Twenty Three After ten minutes of Arrowhead gargling with the water and then plunging his head into the barrel, his throat was soothed enough to be able to talk. As he recovered he knew that the quack doctor had played a nasty trick on him and yet, albeit his qualifications were as dodgy as his medicine, he was the only other medical opinion around and so, lifting Danny into a wheelbarrow, Arrowhead gave chase. Given that he had managed to set state collegiate records in the sprints as well as regularly come in the top ten at regional cross country events, it was no surprise to him that he eventually caught up with the quack doctor's wagon and pleaded "Sir, please, I beg you, you have to help my friend and the town?" and how did the quack doctor respond? "Beat it, you troublemaker" and opened fire hurling bottles, boxes and pills at Arrowhead and as Arrowhead slipped on a box of pills that had opened underneath his shoes, he lost control of the wheelbarrow and plunged down the steep gulley prompting the quack doctor to chuckle "Now, what's the next town? Ah, yes, Tulsa, ripe for the picking!" A few moments later Arrowhead opened his eyes and groaned "Watch out for that first step, Danny, it's a lulu" and with that shook his head. His fall had been slowed down by the sheer number of shrubs growing on the side of the gulley and as for Danny, well, he's slept through the whole thing. As Arrowhead watched the quack doctor's wagon carry on its way, his eyes narrowed and grunting "That quack doctor is as bad as they come" threw Danny over his shoulder and ran up the other side of the gulley reaching the top long before the quack doctor. As he placed Danny on the ground he looked around for something to stop the quack doctor and smiled as he spied a dead tree next to a corner in the track. "What a shame that you're asleep" moaned Arrowhead, as he placed his hands around the tree's thirty inch diameter trunk and was as tall as he was. As he held it tightly he grunted "Yeah, feels like a good fifteen hundred pounds" and as he gritted his teeth attempting to uproot it he moaned "Look at me, Danny, channelling Heracles, lifting three times my maximum deadlift, I'm doing this for you Danny, so that you hear my strength" and with a mighty roar uprooted the tree which crashed to the ground. As Arrowhead leaned against a rock, huffing and puffing, he moaned "Yeah, if that doesn't make you cum when you wake up then nothing will!" and with that waited. "WOAH!" screamed the quack doctor as he pulled hard on the reins, but his horse was going too fast and veered to the left to avoid the tree. The wagon swung out to the right and for a second hung in midair before tipping over and sending horse, wagon, pills and quack doctor over the side. As Arrowhead scrambled down into the valley, with Danny on his shoulders again, the quack doctor took off muttering "This is ridiculous! Being chased by a doc!" but by the time Arrowhead reached the bottom he was gone. Arrowhead was just about to swear at the top of his voice his anger, when he spotted some footprints and smiled. His Apache tracking instincts kicked in and he followed the trail carefully and eventually came to a cave entrance where an old sign read "MacDuff Claim". Arrowhead knew about Hamish MacDuff, he was a Scotsman who arrived in the area around the same time that Arrowhead was born and had made a ton of money from the gold and a decade after he arrived, with the mine starting not to produce as much gold as it used to, he closed the mine down but according to Tad he left "a memento of the old country" so as Arrowhead entered the cave every fibre of his being on was point. Suddenly, there was an almighty skirl of the pipes and Arrowhead smiled. The mystery of the memento had been solved, it was a set of bagpipes and the quack doctor had been found and as Arrowhead followed the sound, it was quickly followed by another, the rattling of a dropped gun. The quack doctor was defenseless and with it Arrowhead seized his chance with a mighty "SURRENDER" and as he rounded a corner he saw the quack doctor. The quack doctor acted in panic and picked up a rock. Arrowhead responded with a thick piece of wood and stood ready. The quack doctor threw the rock and, just as in university when he had a go at baseball and scored nine homers in nine innings, he swung the wood and hit that rock with every ounce of strength he had. The rock flew back the way it came and the quack doctor had no option but to duck, but as he did the rock hit roof prop and caused a small roof fall with the quack doctor underneath. When the dirt settled, Arrowhead picked up the quack doctor by his collar and smiled as he was now unconscious. As he dragged him out of the cave, his already broad grin was in danger of expanding off his face as he was greeted by Danny, who as he rubbed his head, asked "James, where am I, who's he and what did you do to him?" As Arrowhead explained what had happened on the way back to the town Danny listened in amazement and replied "I can't help you that much, doc, the last thing I remember was dreaming of lifting you over my head and getting so hard I decided to drink that elixir there and then and the next thing I know I see you dragging him by his collar". Arrowhead thought long and hard as he threw the quack doctor into the jailhouse. There must have been something in the elixir that caused everyone to just simply switch off but because they did, they had no recollection. If he wanted to know what was in that bottle, he would have to experience it first-hand and this was a problem. Arrowhead's dreams were always full of heroes pushing themselves to their limits and making Arrowhead experience emotions to their most powerful degree. If he succumbed to the something in public, he might expose his love for the sheriff. Just then Danny had a brilliant idea. "Doc" he said, holding his lover's hand, "I have always wanted to see you push yourself hard. I have several pairs of handcuffs that I will never use. If I handcuff your wrists and ankles to your bed, would you..." and as Danny gulped, Arrowhead started to smile, "...show me your strength and power by breaking free whilst you dream of your muscle heroes?" "For you my lover" Arrowhead smiled, "Anything" and with that the two lovers parted, Arrowhead to retrieve a bottle of elixir from the wagon and Danny to get the strongest sets of handcuffs he could.
  14. Chapter Twenty Two "By the power vested in me, by the federal government of the United States, I hereby deputise Doctor James Barnaby as a deputy US marshal. Congratulations, Doc!" As the townsfolk cheered loudly, the sheriff pinned the star onto Arrowhead's jacket. Arrowhead's chest puffed out and the sheriff whispered "Steady, Jim, that's for tonight" and patted his lover on the back. Arrowhead smiled and gestured for silence as he said "Mr. Mayor, Sheriff Blain, my dear fellow townsfolk, when the mayor told me that thanks to my actions in saving Happy's life, the Sheriff here was going to make me a deputy marshal, I will admit I did have misgivings, but then came that meeting with the sheriff a few weeks ago that cemented my decision to accept Danny's gracious offer" and with that the two men shook hands which led to another rousing cheer. From that moment on, two new names were etched into the law enforcement firmament and soon the cry "It's the sheriff and the doc!" caused fear and panic amongst those people who sought to disrupt law and order as demonstrated one day a month after his deputation when Arrowhead entered the town shouldering two horse thieves closely followed by Danny who was asked "How does he do it?" to which he chuckled "With a wagon wheel!" and laughed as he remembered Arrowhead rolling a wagon wheel towards the thieves and knocking them both out. As they passed the town square, an unfamiliar voice filled the air. "Yessirree, folks, my patented Cure All Medicine is the miracle that will propel this great nation into the twentieth century and become of the lights of the modern world. It can do everything, cures rheumatism, measles, colds, toothaches, it can clean the rust clean off six shooters and, I mention this to the gentlemen especially, just one dose will give you not once, not even twice, but three times the strength of that great American hero John Henry, the steel drivin' man!" As Arrowhead carried on walking saying "If you believe that you will believe anything", Danny stopped mid step. He was already strong, but having seen just how strong Arrowhead was he knew that he would do anything to be able to push his lover to beyond his limits and this medicine sounded just the ticket so with a smile on his face he walked over to the stall and sensing a sale, the quack doctor produced a bottle and declared "See, even the local sheriff wants a bottle, and to show my gratitude sir, there is no charge at all, such is the pride I hold in the sheriffs of the United States" and with that handed the bottle over to Danny who smiled from ear to ear and gently nodded his head. As Arrowhead dumped the horse thieves in the jail, he went into the office and filled out the forms and as he did he found his mind turning to that evening's "exercise session" as he and Danny had dubbed it. It was his turn to play Hercules and after rescuing his lover from a fate worse than death, he would reward him by showing off his strength and power, lifting him over his head as many times as he could manage, pushing his muscles to their limits and beyond and as he imagined his heart pounding and his breathing becoming more and more ragged, a bulge developed in his pants and he moaned with anticipation. It was accompanied by another moan just outside the office, and as Arrowhead chuckled to himself saying "Danny, Danny, Danny, what have I said about cumming too soon?" and with that got up from the desk and made his way outside. What he saw shocked him to the core. Danny was lying on the ground just outside the office completely still. Rushing over Arrowhead quickly placed his hand on Danny's muscular chest and breathed a sigh of relief. He hadn't been shot and was dead, his heart was still pumping. As he stood up, he realised that something was wrong. Danny was simply unable to stand and seemed to be snoring. That's when he noticed his surroundings. The town's printer, the clerk to the mayor, even the wife of the mayor known as the local gossip were all lying on the ground and all snoring their heads off. As Arrowhead looked around in shock, he tried to figure out what was going on. It was then he realised that the quack doctor he had ignored was the only option and so with a tender kiss on Danny's lips and a "Sweet dreams my love" he placed Danny on the chair just outside the office and ran off towards the quack doctor. "Excuse me" asked Arrowhead as he tapped the quack doctor on the shoulder. "I give up!" he exclaimed and dropped the bag he was carrying, but as he turned around the scared look on his face faded into a "Oh, sir, I am sorry, you scared me!" Arrowhead apologised for scaring him and as he helped the quack doctor load the sack onto the back of his wagon explained the situation. The quack doctor rubbed his chin thoughtfully and said "Mmm, it doesn't sound like sleeping sickness, but I don't think I can help to be honest!" Arrowhead thanked him and then sneezed and apologised saying that he always sneezed when it was very dusty. "I know" nodded the quack doctor, "Three weeks without rain" and he looked up with a smile, "Tell you what, as you’re a doctor, could I ask for your opinion on this?" and handed over what looked like a piece of candy, "I call it my "Cold Candy" and am convinced it will help stop the common cold in its tracks!" and gestured for Arrowhead to eat it. Arrowhead wasn't sure but ate it nonetheless and was about to ask "So if it's not sleeping sickness then what is it?" when his eyes opened wide and he screamed. As he ran off to the nearest water butt and plunged his head into it, the quack doctor laughed wickedly saying "That candy was made of pure chili" and with that he jumped into the seat of his wagon, geed his horse and rode off laughing.
  15. Chapter Twenty One "Ah, Arrowhead, yes I have heard of you, someone called Tom told me about you. Yes, he mentioned that as well, but can it compete with this? Yes, that's right, my friend, may well you gaze in wonder at it. Feel it? My friend, any friend of Tom is more than welcome to feel it, in fact, I insist you go further than just feeling it. Oh, yes, by the gods, oh, my friend, you know how to make me reach the pinnacle of humanity, after all I am a demigod. Yes, Arrowhead, yes, suck me, make me your slave, make me a true god, feed me your SEED!" As Arrowhead came to, the last images of his dream of him sucking Heracles, causing the demigod to cum with such force that Arrowhead was blown away by the force, he found himself lying in his bed, the same bed that he slept in during the time he spent with Tad, completely naked. Sitting up, and hearing the crackle of freshly dried cum on the sheets, he nodded his understanding. The sheriff must have carried him from the outhouse and made love to him multiple times. As he adjusted himself, he saw a note on the bedside table and as he read it, his eyes opened wide. Leaping out of bed, he made for the kitchen and pouring out some water, washed the residues off him, got dressed in less than a minute and then, slowing his pace to a nonchalant trundle, walked the short distance to the sheriff's office, pausing only to enquire about Mrs. Steele's baby due in a couple of months time. Once he got there he gently knocked and a gruff "If that is you, Doc, enter, otherwise please wait". As Arrowhead entered, his eyes opened as wide as they could be, for there, in a cell was the sheriff, completely naked, his ten inch member quivering. As he approached the bars, he grabbed hold of them and said "Doc, have you ever seen a man as big as me?" and then starting to breathe heavily added "A man as strong as me?" and with that gritted his teeth and started to pull the bars apart. Arrowhead stared in amazement as the sheriff pulled the bars apart so that he could climb through them and then pushed them back into place, all the while huffing and puffing. Turning to face Arrowhead, the sheriff added "You are the biggest and strongest man I have ever seen since I met the man who made me what I am today, do you want to know about him too?" As Arrowhead nodded, the sheriff pointed upstairs and as Arrowhead followed, he could feel his cock bulging again. "I was very lucky as a child" said the sheriff as he stood in the middle of the bedroom flexing his muscles with Arrowhead sitting on the bed watching the display with rapt attention, "I was able to go to school" and with that he chuckled as he puffed out his chest adding "Thank you Massachusetts and Horace Mann!" and with that related the day some twenty years previously that set him on the road to become the man he was today. "Up until about the eighth grade" he said, now bending his arms, "I wasn't really one for strength, that was until there was a dispute between the teachers of the school I was in and the state government, heck, I don't even know what they were complaining about, but on that day, they announced they were going to boycott the school from that afternoon onwards. Of course, being a dutiful pupil I carried on as if nothing was happening but everyone else took them to mean a day off school which meant that on that occasion it was only me in the class so as I traipsed towards the gym class, the gym teacher was rather surprised to see me on my own and said “Well, what would you like to do?”. That teacher was like a god to me, doc. He was taller than I am now, heavier and he had to be the strongest man I had ever seen. In response to his question, I just bowed my head and said "Sir, I...I'm scared, that's why I don't like attending gym class sir. I'm scared" and with that looked up at him and whispered "Of you!" "For the next half hour, doc, he explained that there was nothing to be scared of because when he was a child, he was as weak as me, but then he heard about something called physical culture and read up as much as he could. When he graduated from college with a teaching degree, he decided to train to become the country's first physical culturist gym teacher in the school system that was being created and with that he led me into the gymnasium that we had at the school and showed me what he could do" The sheriff closed his eyes and as he recounted, he started to rub his now ten inch cock, "Pushups, doc, over a hundred in less than three minutes, then he climbed the ropes all ten of them in less than five minutes, then he jumped over all the vaults, one after another and then" and with that the sheriff moaned, "then, doc, he picked me up, placed me on his shoulders, grabbed two ropes and hauled himself up and grunted "See how strong I am!" and with that let go of one of the ropes and pulled himself up and down thirty times without stopping one" The sheriff suddenly gritted his teeth and grunted "Just thinking about that sight, oh doc, those bulging muscles, oh doc, those grunts of effort, oh doc, it made me, oh doc, it made me, oh doc" and then he suddenly opened his eyes and as he came he screamed "MADE ME TURN!" and with that he slumped against the wall of the bedroom and slid to the ground, his chest heaving and an expression of sheer bliss on his face. Arrowhead stood up and helped the sheriff to his feet and as he did he said "Sheriff, you are right. I am sexually inverted and yes, it was a demonstration of physical strength beyond belief that made me turn. I had one lover in university, but he now lives in Ohio" and with that Arrowhead gulped as he thought about what he was going to say, "Sheriff, do you want me to be your lover?" "OH, DOC, YEAH!" he screamed as he kissed Arrowhead full on the lips and came again. As he squeezed his new lover he moaned "Oh, doc, yeah. But we'll have to make sure that no one realises why we are seeing so much of each other" and with that walked towards a cupboard where he opened a drawer and took out a star. Placing it in Arrowhead's hands he whispered "Deputy Jim Barnaby, doc?"
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