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  1. The question is, of course, "What counts as huge?". You see I have met two bodybuilders in person. One was about two inches taller than the other, whereas the other was about twenty years older and despite the fact that one was four week out from competition and the other wasn't in competition, their biceps were so similar in size and shape, I wouldn't be able to judge them apart in a contest. And yet, they were both the same weight (160lbs) so therefore what counts as huge?
  2. I am sorry to report that Record TV have not yet replied to my e-mail, therefore might I suggest that you get someone to film your routine, put it on YouTube straight away and then when you win your title (that's how confident I am that you will win) post the link onto Record TV's Facebook page with the caption "Mr. Azores 2017 Master Champion" and let them come to you for an interview.
  3. That's Peter Snow, he was in charge of the BBC's election graphics from 1983 to 2005. I managed to speak to him in a radio interview in 1997 and he gave me a crash course in swing and since then I have been able to calculate battlegrounds for major parties in any election that uses the same the system as the UK's first past the post electoral system
  4. I am quite handy with a swingometer And using various forms of electoral calculators have been pretty accurate in forecasting both British and Canadian elections (so if anyone wants me to postulate on the next elections in those two nations, just say)
  5. I cannot say if this was broadcast on television, but do you mean something like this:
  6. Making my SFW Ultimate Musketeer character, I gave him a few extra things (including being able to understand and speak a language if needed). I am toying with the idea of making him have a darker side (for instance when he fails to save the life of the Duke of Buckingham, something erupts inside him and causes him to go after the person who killed the Duke and come very close to killing the killer).
  7. Would you still like me to e-mail Record TV and let them know about this contest?
  8. Having just found Mario Kart 8 (after thinking that I had lost it) I would like to know if you still have Mario Kart 8 and interested in having a race @BGryphon18 (I should point out that I am a little out of practice) but have managed to clock up seven stars on the 50cc courses
  9. That sounds rather like the November Novel Writing Challenge, if so have you thought of a name?
  10. Do you mean the second day of January 2017 (as we Brits read it) or the second month's first day of 2017?
  11. Of the bodybuilder friends I have on Facebook, two are on opposite sides of the spectrum. One is an ultra grand master bodybuilder (aged 70) and as a supporter of the LGBTQ community (as he is gay himself) he is calling out all of the things that he believes Trump is doing wrong, however this attracts the attention of another friend who is a master bodybuilder (aged 58) who is not gay who believes that Trump is the best president ever and will make America the most powerful nation on earth (which therefore poses the question, did gay voters vote Clinton and straight voters vote Trump). Presumably that would be answered by the exit poll.
  12. Like this you mean
  13. Seeing as we have had one reference to a man who used his strength in a heroic manner, it seems only fitting that we feature a man whose strength was not just legendary but based in fact. That man was John Henry, who died during the construction of the Big Bend Tunnel in West Virginia. Guy B. Johnson, a Professor of Sociology at the University of North Carolina investigated the legend and found a witness to the contest between John Henry and a steam drill and noted the following: And from that moment on, a legend was born.
  14. Big Bad John was covered for, all of a things, a toilet cleaner commercial under the title "Big, Bad, Dom" (the cleaner being Domestos). Back onto the main subject, here's one for @arpeejay and everyone else who likes a good show tune. It comes from the Stephen Sondheim musical "A funny thing happened on the way to the Forum", is called "Bring Me My Bride" and is sung by a character called "Miles Gloriosus" and the company (and it is the company's lines that are most relevant to the discussion), the video comes from the film version in 1966 where he was played by Leon Greene
  15. And here we have a video of a live performance from 1963