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  1. The Fourth Challenge : The Anvil Push "Yes, mon chere" whispered Porthos as he lay next to Henri, his face red and his pecs quivering, "I know that it hurts, but win this event and you take a three one lead into the second half, that will give you a mental advantage over the Duke!" "Please" panted Henri, "please...I...cannot...stand...it...anymore" "Ignore the pain" pleaded Porthos, as he saw the Duke's grimace turn into a smile, "ignore the..." But it was no good as Henri's strength failed and the two anvils were pulled back by three musketeers on either side, Porthos could see that Henri was starting to cry again and so helping him to his feet, he helped him to his tent, where Henri unburdened himself. He was just plain old Henri de Ceredigion, Musketeer Lieutenant, not Porthos, the Titan, who only had to smile to make women faint, men go weak at the knees and people like Henri and Porthos to moan uncontrollably. Henri was a gentleman, a lad who doffed his hat at all the right moments, not a powerhouse who could crush wine glasses into dust, pull out iron bars from a cell with his bare hands or wrestle a bull. He was Henri and he wailed "I cannot admit to this deception any longer, I must tell the Captain the truth!" As Porthos consoled the poor lad, he could feel his heart breaking. He loved Henri, that was the truth, even more than if he were his own son, but it should have been him taking on these challenges, not Henri, he was the Titan, he had the strength to lead four nothing by now instead of a tie. Raising Henri's head he said "Mon chere, I wish and I deeply do mean that, that we could be ourselves again but we agreed that as long as we were in this position we could accept the challenge as Musketeers. Now, come, mon chere, you must be hungry after those first four events, eat more than the Duke and the advantage will be yours again!"
  2. The Third Challenge : The Wagon Pull "Henri, Henri, are you there, mon chere?" From inside the tent assigned to Porthos for recovery from each event if need be, Porthos could hear a gentle sobbing and so entering and closing the entrance went to Henri, his eyes red from crying, and placed a friendly arm around his shoulder and said "What's the matter?" "You're the Titan!" whimpered Henri, "you're the strongest man in the known world, and yet, oh, Porthos, I'm sorry!" "For what?" asked Porthos as Henri slumped into his bosom. "Everyone saw me fail to hold that weight, a weight heavier than the Duke's and now is beginning to think you are not a Titan anymore. I love you Porthos, I love you as a Titan and as Porthos, and...I'm sorry, I've ruined you!" and with that Henri's wails became so loud that the Captain popped his head into the tent and as his eyes opened at the sight of the Titan sobbing into the chest of his newest officer, Porthos replied "It's all right, Captain, he thinks that he has let you down!" and with that raised Henri's head and said "Monsieur, you have never failed anyone. Even Titans have their off days, it happens to them all. Remember your grandfather, he had his off days, and your father, he definitely had his off days, but it is how you react to those off days that makes you a hero, now, go out there, and show the world what it means to be a Titan!" Henri sniffed and as he looked into Porthos's eyes could tell that he meant every word and so stood up, bowed to Porthos, then to the captain and stepped out of the tent. "Henri" said the captain, "I've never heard you speak so eloquently before, where did all that come from?" "The Titan" smiled Porthos and with that followed Henri out leaving the captain rather confused. *** "The next challenge will be to pull these wagons from one end of the courtyard to the other and back again in a set pattern with a maximum of four people for the last pull. The people were chosen from the populace of Paris by the contestants at random from the market a few moments ago. The winner will be the person who pulls the wagon over the line first with all four people in it. Gentlemen, are you ready?" Both men nodded and grabbed the handles of the empty wagon. The captain nodded and a trumpeter set both men off. The first leg was a straight race and it was the Duke who loaded his first passenger with Henri a few seconds later, then a race back to the start without the wagon, then collect the wagon and pull it back where the second passenger would get, by this time Henri had made up the difference his running faster without a wagon than with a wagon. Both men then ran back to where they had just gone from and running back collected the wagon and pulled it to the other end with Henri now in the lead. As the final passenger clambered on, both men were neck and neck as they collected the wagon now fully laden and made their way towards the finish. As Porthos urged Henri on, he squeezed his chest to indicate that Henri should believe in himself and it must have worked as Henri crossed the line by a good three feet and as Porthos picked him up, the two suddenly realised that was wrong and in a turn of speed changed places so that when the Captain shook Henri's hand saying "Two one to the Musketeers, lad!", it allowed Henri to reply "You can thank Henri for that!" and patted Porthos on the head.
  3. The Second Challenge : The Hold of Hercules As the corps set about getting the second challenge ready, two bags of rocks that would be held at arm's length for as long as possible, the combined weight being one and a half times the weight of the person holding it, Henri could feel the first concerns start to cross his mind. Yes, he knew how to do this challenge, it was one that he and Porthos loved to do, but it was the fact that it was simple battle that worried him. The last time he did such a feat holding two bags that came to one and a quarter times his weight, he held them aloft for over three minutes but those last fifteen seconds were physical, mental and sexual agony as he roared, spilt his seed and collapsed for exhaustion all at the same time. Sensing his concerns Porthos came over and reassured Henri that if he felt he could not defeat the Duke in this challenge, it would still only be a tie with seven more challenges to come. This came as a relief to Henri, but he was still determined to last as long as he could. When the two bags were ready, both men picked them up in their hands and with several Musketeers holding the bags placed them on two stands, these stands were connected to ropes so that when the Captain gave the signal the stands would be pulled away and the challenge commenced. Making sure that both men had a firm grip, the Captain announced the challenge. "Christopher, your bag weighs 550lbs, Porthos, your bag weighs 675lbs, do you accept the challenge!" Both men nodded as they prepared themselves and at a nod from the Captain the stands were pulled away. To begin with the only sign that both men were being challenged were the corps cheering Henri on as both men were looking straight down at their feet, their breathing slow but regular, it was until nearly two minutes had passed when the first signs of a struggle appeared on Henri's face as he started to grit his teeth, then a few seconds later the Duke did the same, this was followed by Henri's hands starting to shake, then the Duke's. Porthos knew that both men were on the verge of failing and so closed his eyes and concentrated "Henri, I know that you can hear me Henri, block out the pain as best you can. Yes, I know that your heart is pounding, your arms in agony, but you can do this, mon chere, come on, just a few more seconds, mon chere, you can..." But it was to no avail as with a mighty scream of anguish Henri let go of the bags with the Duke doing the same a second later. As Henri staggered forward, he collapsed into Porthos and as he looked up his face said it all. "Forgive me, mon chere" he said, with tears in his eyes and a whimper, "I couldn't do anymore!" and with that buried his head into Porthos's bosom and wept softly.
  4. The First Challenge : The Relay "Who is the one who has challenged me?" As the Duke Christopher entered the courtyard of Musketeer headquarters, both Henri and Porthos gulped. Porthos's gulp was due to the sheer size of the man and Henri's gulp was a realisation that perhaps being a Titan wasn't going to be enough. This man, if indeed that is what he was, stood at least as tall as Henri, if not just a fraction taller and seemed, if his clothing was any guide to be even larger than Porthos. As the Duke called out his challenge again, Henri took a deep breath, stepped forward out of the headquarters' building and declared in a loud voice "I do, as the strongest man in the known world, I challenge you in order to keep my title!" and with that walked out into the blazing sunshine, already dressed in just a loincloth, a state of dress that the Duke soon copied and as the two men growled at each other, their nipples almost touching Porthos, walking alongside the captain, moaned with desire under his breath "I am the captain of His Majesty's guards" announced Treville, bowing, despite the fact that the Duke and Henri were staring at each other with intent, "and here is our independent judge for the contest" and with that gestured Porthos to step forward. As he did the Duke, looked up and roared "What trickery is this? That man wears your uniform, he is no more neutral than Prussia isn't part of the Polish-Lithuania Commonwealth". As the captain smiled, he nodded to Porthos who taking a deep breath announced, in an accent just like Henri's when he first arrived "Sir, let me reassure you that I am independent. Listen to my voice, does it sound French to you? Does it sound Bavarian to you? No sir, it is English, a country that has no connection to either country. This uniform is to ensure my safety, sir, and is being worn for no other reason!" and with that nodded. As the Duke looked at Porthos, everyone's fingers were crossed. Would the Duke accept the statement or would be think that deception was in the air? "Sir, I accept your position!" came the reply with Henri, Porthos and the captain all heaving sighs of relief. "The first challenge" announced the captain, "is a relay. Gentlemen, you will see at the end of the courtyard four items. A bucket full of sand, two bags full of shot, three cannonballs and four stones. Your task will be to pick each item up in turn and carry them to the other side of the courtyard and back, only when the fourth stone has been delivered back to where it started will a time be taken. Duke, you are the challenger, therefore you will go first!" As the Duke stood ready next to the bucket of sand, the captain looked at the clock overlooking the courtyard and as the clock struck three o'clock, signalled the Duke to start. The Duke made short work of the bucket, and the bags of shot and had already carried two cannonballs before a minute had passed causing Henri to gulp. Not only was the Duke strong, he was fast as well, even as Henri he'd never moved that fast, but it was clear that the Duke had not paced himself as he delivered the first of the four stones, each as large as his chest, he was starting to slow down. The second stone was delivered in twice the time of the first, and by the time the third stone had been delivered the Duke was sweating from head to toe and breathing hard. As Porthos looked at the Duke and then nodded to Henri, it was clear what he meant. "Never underestimate slowness, mon chere!" The delivery of the fourth stone was met by the captain declaring "Twenty three minutes" Henri nodded and stood next to the bucket of sand and waited for the signal to start. As the signal was given, he picked up the bucket and slowly and methodically took a pronounced step whispering "One step, Two steps, Three steps" as he did so which caused all the other Musketeers to worry. Indeed in the time that it had taken Henri to deliver the bucket and the bags of shot, the Duke had already delivered two of the cannonballs, but there was method in Henri's madness as was demonstrated when as he picked up the second stone he was still walking methodically with no sign of strain when the Duke had been sweating buckets. It wasn't until the return leg of the third stone that Henri started to sweat and as he delivered the fourth stone with a thud, only then did he admit "That was a challenge" "Nineteen minutes, the Titan wins the first challenge!"
  5. Prologue "Oh, Titan, how can I ever thank you?" "I followed your description of the fantasy you had when you proved yourself to be a Titan, Henri, I trust that it meets with your approval?" As Henri gave Porthos a massive kiss, Porthos thought "Yes, it meets with his approval!" As Henri broke off the embrace he looked at the dungeon and started to moan with desire. Exactly as in his fantasy, a few days previously, Porthos had made two rack like devices, each of them made to fit each other with manacles at the base for their ankles and wrists, along side helmets that resembled the type seen on barbarians in the depth of history. Henri's moans grew louder as he started to undress and with the command of "Buckle me, Titan" he was attached to the device that was his size. "When you absorb my strength" said Porthos, his breathing quickening, "break free of these restraints Henri, I beg you" "I will, Titan, if you promise me something in return. Take out the rock in the pocket of my breeches" As Porthos took out the grey coloured rock Henri added "Whilst you were winning the amulet, I was visited by a friend. I didn't know he was a friend at the time, but when I first met him, his eyes just screamed for help and pity, and as you know I would help anyone. Would you like to know what his name was?" Porthos nodded and Henri replied "Ganymede!" "A strange name?" asked Porthos "For a suitably strange lad, you see, Porthos" and with that Henri looked around, "and pray, never tell a living soul this, he was not of this world, he came from beyond the heavens" and with that Henri explained what happened. How having been given a telescope by the Captain in recognition of his qualification as a full blown Musketeer, he set it up that evening along with Aramis to explore the heavens, how he had spied an object, dubbed a meteorite by Aramis, land in the Bois de Boulogne, how, after seeking it to claim it for His Majesty, he came across the strange lad and how, he had ended up defeating an alien munity and been rewarded with the rock that the Titan was holding concluding his memories with "Porthos, Ganymede said that that rock would transfer a fraction of your strength into me, but as we will be using the amulet to do that I want you to transfer a fraction of my intelligence into you to make my fantasy complete. I become the Titan in mind and body and you become me in mind and body. Please, Porthos, I beg you, I have been dreaming about this every night for the last week, please, please, Porthos, I..." "What is our motto, lad" interrupted Porthos, "and our creed?" "All for one and one for all" replied Henri, his eyes closed "There is no need to ask, mon amis" came the reply as Porthos undressed and attaching the manacles to his ankles and then slamming his wrists into the restraints he smiled and with a proud voice declared "Amulet of Athelstan, your victims lie ready!" As the amulet started to glow, Pierre took a deep breath and announced "Dear Ganymede, I call upon your gift" and the rock next to the amulet also started to glow. As the glow brightened, both men started to breathe deeper and their weapons started to engorge, then looking at each other they roared their devices into action "GIVE THE TITAN'S STRENGTH TO THE LAD!" roared Porthos "GIVE THE TITAN MY INTELLIGENCE!" roared Henri Both amulet and rock sent out beams of energy that stimulated both men causing them to moan and groan in a combination of ecstasy and agony and as they did, they resisted the pain and pulled on their restraints, stimulating their organs even more so and as they did the beams became brighter and brighter until unable to stand the glare both men closed their eyes and as they did so they felt compelled to scream the same thing "TRANSFER!" and with that both men were knocked out cold. *** "Oh yes" moaned Henri as he raised his sword to the heavens, his powerful chest no longer burdened by his Musketeer uniform despite the King's emblem emblazoned on his breastplate, "if this is what it means to be the Ultimate form of a Musketeer, then, non, I never want to let it go!" "And neither do I mon amis" moaned Porthos in reply, in an outfit almost the same as Henri's save for the lack of a breastplate, making his pumped pecs easy pickings for Henri's mouth as he first kissed his lover and then started to suck on those five inch long nipples. Indeed it wasn't long before Porthos could barely speak being able to mumble "Ultimate of Titans" which seemed to do just as much for Henri as it did for him, as both men's weapons unloaded over each other causing them to moan in ecstasy As Henri opened his eyes, the moaning of his dream was the first sound he made, any dream that involved him and Porthos expressing their love for each other and their desire to become the biggest, strongest and most powerful men ever to walk the earth always made him moan as he became accustomed to the light the smile of his face grew so large it might have escaped for he was now in Porthos's quarters, just like last time. His body enhanced by the amulet and now able to pass himself off as Porthos where Porthos would now be able to pass himself off as Henri, but this time, thanks to Ganymede's gift instead of having a blank face when he was asked a question his would be the first hand to be raised as the tutor would ask "There is a detachment of Cardinal's guards, two kilometres from you, marching at ten kilometres an hour. You are four kilometres from headquarters and can run at eight kilometres an hour. Which happens first, you reach Headquarters or bash as any guardsmen as you like?" and with that he got out of bed. Stretching out his massive eight foot frame, the sense of power surging through him, he chuckled as he approached the mirror and with his eyes closed jumped in front of his and roared as he puffed out his chest as much as he could and would have moaned "The Titan is awake" if he hadn't opened his eyes and screamed in horror at what he saw. The reflection was that, not of Henri's familiar physiognomy expanded to look like Porthos, but Porthos himself. Patting his face in a panic he tried to reason what was happening and had a frightful thought. What if, instead of transferring a fraction of his intelligence to Porthos, as he had expected, Ganymede's gift had transferred all his intelligence to Porthos and as he looked in the mirror a sense of dread washed over him. His mind was now trapped in Porthos's body and that meant that Porthos's mind was trapped in Henri's body. Panicking, Henri made for the door and found it blocked by the Captain who chuckled "Who's been yanking on your weapon today, eh?" noting that Henri was still naked. As he let himself in, Henri dived back into the bed and covered himself up, an action that the Captain found strange and reassured him "Porthos, I have seen you naked hundreds of times before, once you have seen one weapon you have seen them all!" and with that sat down on the end of the bed and said "I'm sorry to say that you're needed in my office. The Duke's arrived and he is not a happy person!" "BUCKINGHAM?" exclaimed Henri wondering what manner of mess he was involved in now "No, Bavaria!" came the reply as the Captain explained that Duke Christopher had been prevented from attending the strongman contest that Porthos had won due to an internal dispute and felt that he was the strongest man to walk the earth and therefore had come to Paris to challenge Porthos, and of course, the Captain had accepted the challenge and therefore had come to ask "Would you mind if Henri acted as referee, after all his has such the perfect English accent on occasions, you would think he was English himself!" and with that chuckled. Henri didn't know what to think however the Captain took the slight shaking Henri exhibited as approval and said "Excellent, meet me at my office after lunch along with Henri and I'll explain what the challenges are!" and with that got up and said "Now, you can go and be a man!" as he let himself out. Instantly, Henri leapt out of bed, raced to the wardrobe where he flung the first things that he found on and less than a minute later was running like never before to his digs in an effort to try and get them back in their correct positions as soon as was possible, if not quicker. *** "Ah, Monsieur Porthos, to what does my master...Monsieur...Monsieur, is everything all right?" As Henri dashed past Francois, his manservant of the last three years, he barged into his room and gasped at the sight in front of him. There he was, sleeping completely naked, something he never did at all, rubbing his gently enlarging weapon moaning "Oh, oui, mon chere, to feel this body again, it is magnifique!" and with that he started to breathe deeply. Henri knew precisely what was going to happen next and so shooing Francois away asking him to "get an extra loaf of bread, I believe your master will need it" knelt down next to the quivering mass that was him. "Porthos, Porthos, wake up, mon chere!" whispered Henri but it was no good Porthos was too far gone. "Oui, Oui, Hercules, I hear you and wish to wrestle you" at which point he grabbed hold of Henri and threw him on top of him, then grabbing hold of his sides he started to force his weapon towards Henri's mouth, all the while Henri desperately trying to wake him up. Realising there was no option, Henri raised his hand and with a whispered "Forgive me, mon chere" delivered a slap across the face that was said to be so loud that every single husband in Paris instantly confessed their indiscretions to their loved ones. But it had the desired effect as Porthos opened his eyes and gasped in amazement at the sight before him and lowering his body to the ground listened as Henri babbled his explanation panting at the end of it. "Oh, Henri" replied Porthos, hugging his lover, "thank you, thank you for making my dream come true. I am some twenty five years your senior but when I was your age I wasn't anything like as strong as you are, now, I shall be able to make you even more powerful than me" and with that grabbed hold of his body's arm and giving it a squeeze moaned "Twenty six inches, mon chere, compared to your twenty two, imagine, imagine how much bigger you will become!" "If I survive that long!" replied Henri and explained about the Duke, as he did Porthos's eyes opened wide and he roared "I AM THE STRONGEST MAN AND NONE SHALL CHALLENGE ME!" and instantly reached for the amulet and rock and placing them both on him and Henri declared "Amulet, release us from your power" but nothing happened. Gesturing to Henri who added "Ganymede, mon amis, we need to be ourselves again" still nothing happened and the two lovers realised their dilemma. "Then, if the gods will it" said Henri, "I must defend your honour, mon chere, if you are as strong as you say you are, then this Duke will be no challenge" "But, Henri" replied Porthos, his voice quivering, "you do not know what the Duke is capable of" and recounted a tale he had heard of the Duke throwing a five hundred pound rock the length of his courtyard to which Henri replied "That doesn't sound difficult" before Porthos added that he had done that after running the length of his kingdom, some twenty six miles, in less than four hours and all without any food for the previous day. Henri's eyes widened as he realised the challenge he now faced but stood next to Porthos, unsheathed his sword, raised it high and declared "ONE FOR ALL, MON CHERE!" to which Porthos replied standing next to his lover and holding the sword, "AND ALL FOR ONE, MON CHERE!" and agreed to meet with the Captain that afternoon to formally accept the challenge. *** "Gentlemen" announced the Captain as Henri and Porthos stood to attention in front of the Captain's desk, "the Duke of Bavaria claims to be one of the strongest men in the world, I find this claim debatable at best, but his belief that his claim is valid has to be taken. He has given me a list of the feats of strength that he wishes you to be tested on, Porthos, and that Henri will judge upon, however, I have been told I cannot tell you that list unless both of you accept. Gentlemen, do you?" "AYE" both men announced "The first task will be to carry four objects from one end of the courtyard to the other, one after the other, with the winner being the person who does it the fastest, the second task will be hold two bags of rocks equal to one and half times the weight of the person holding it for as long as possible, the next task is to haul a wagon containing up to four people of your own choice ten times the length of the courtyard running to each end in-between, that will then be followed by holding two anvils off the ground against each other, the person who drops theirs first being deemed the loser" As Henri looked at Porthos with concern, he was pleased to hear the Captain say "After that test, there will be a pause for lunch which in itself will be a test, whoever can devour a full roast pig the fastest will gain an advantage in the next test. That test will be a test of both strength and power as you will have to swim from here to Notre Dame which is then followed by a run carrying the heaviest horse that we have on your backs. That is then followed by lifting an anvil as many times as you can and finally pulling yourselves up and down as many times as you can from the window of my office" "Sir" said Henri, raising a hand, "I make that eight tasks, what happens if I win four and he wins four!" "Then there will be a final challenge, a tug of war between the two of you, whoever pulls the other will be declared the winner!" As both Henri and Porthos looked at each other, Porthos could see the first signs of concern written on Henri's face but as he stepped forward he declared "I realise that I will have to be independent from now on, but wish permission to say something to the Titan" and as the Captain nodded he turned to his former body, placed his hands on his broad shoulders and said "Porthos, you have always been a true paragon of strength to me, I have complete confidence in you and want to know that even when I am being completely independent, this will still be supporting you" and with that he placed his hand on his chest to indicate his heart. Henri smiled in return and said "Thank you, mon amis, that means a lot coming from you" and with that announced in a loud voice "The Titan is really to face all challenges for the honour of His Majesty!"
  6. "It has been three years since you professed your wish to become my apprentice, and over those years I have taught you, your wish has become a reality, however today is the day when you must put your learning to the test. I have explained what this test is, and you have understood it, but before you start you have a chance to ask me one more question, so apprenetice what would you like to know?" "Forgive this question, Titan, and please do not take it the wrong way, but, why am I naked?" "I could never take any question from you the wrong way" chuckled the Titan, "and the answer will become obvious as you take the test. Now, are you ready, my apprentice?" The young man nodded, his muscular body glinting in the moonlight following the swim that both he and his master had taken and so with that, the Titan raised the object that would test the apprentice, who kneeling down on one knee positioned himself ready. After taking several deep breaths, he nodded and the Titan gently placed the object into the gap created by the appreentice's arms, however he still held on and asked "This is your final chance, apprentice, even now you could still become stronger and take this test another time, but the moment I let go, the test will start, are you ready, apprentice?" Taking another deep breath the man replied defiantly "AYE!" and with that the Titan let go of the object and the test started. "You have accepted the challenge" said the Titan, "to replicate Atlas, although it will not be the sky that you are holding on your shoulders, but the heaviest stone that you can lift. Your challenge is to lift that stone over your head whilst standing up as this will prove you worth as the new Titan!" The young man however was too busy focusing all of his strength on the task and as he did, the Titan walked around him taking in the challenge. The apprentice stood, when standing, a good six and a half feet tall, almost as all as the Titan himself, and had grown in stature in the time that he had apprenticed him. When he first met him three years previously, he had been a noble, polite, perhaps even foolhardy lad, who had challenged him to a duel within the first days of his arrival, but sadly what he had in buckets, courage, he didn't have in strength, save for those rare occasions when he got angry, then, there was just a spark of something that the Titan recognised. It was this spark that had prompted the Titan to enter a contest to find the strongest man in the world, a contest he won with ease, and to bring back the prize, an amulet, an amulet that he used to transfer his powerful might into the lad. That moment, a full thirty months ago, still made the Titan aroused, the sensations of his strength being drawn out of him, watching the lad grow into a mammoth of a man. It may have been two and a half years ago, but as he remembered the sensations, he started to get aroused again. But that had proven the lad's spark and without hesistation he agreed to be the Titan's apprentice. And now, the lad, struggling to stand, was as muscular as the Titan was at the same age. He weighed about two hundred and sixty pounds, with a chest, now heaving with every breath he took, of fifty one inches, just a few inches smaller than the Titan himself. His waist was twenty six inches, and was compared, very favourably, with another friend of him, who some people called a lover than a fighter, given his preference for wooing every lady in the city rather than defending the King. His arms, bulging as he shouldered the load, were said to be also twenty inches around, again only slightly smaller than the Titan's arms, his upper legs, struggling to stand, were the same size as his waist, which in turn were supported by lower legs that were perhaps a little bigger than his arms, and he had so little excess mass on him that the Titan could see his stomach appearing and disappearing with every laboured breath to reveal six distinct areas, not that dissimilar to the Titan's eight. As the Titan watched, the arousal become more pronounced, he wanted this lad, this Titan in waiting, but the appreentice knew that he would not be able to be called a Titan until he had completed his task, a task, that despite taking every ounce of strength he had, seemed to be defeating him. But such was the Titan's desire for this lad, that he crounched down and whispered "Apprentice, say the word, and I will help you" "Nay" panted the lad, "this is my test" "Please, I beg you, I...I...I have never said this to you before, but, pray forgive me lad, I love you!" "As would any master" came the panted reply The Titan was suprised by this and wondered what the lad could have meant. His desire for the lad had grown ever since he had transferred his strength into the lad, and yet the lad seemed either oblivous to this or perhaps didn't know what he meant. If it was the latter then, could it be true, were the English, for that is what the lad was, really didn't know how to love their fellow man? As the lad's torment grew, the Titan knew that unless he acted the lad, who he loved more than a brother, would fail and so whispering "Forgive me, mon amis" went behind the lad, grabbed hold of his weapon and breathing deeply thrust it painfully into the lad's arse. However, instead of gasping, the lad seemed to ignore it, concentrating on the task at hand. Placing his hands on the apprentice's chest the Titan whispered "My apprentice, please, let me show you what I mean" and with that closed his eyes and placed his hands onto the two boulders in the apprentice's chest. After a few moments, he could feel a thumping and whispered "Do you feel that, lad, that is your heart, the thing that makes man alive" and with that started to thrust his weapon in and out of the lad panting "You will become a Titan lad, and I am going to help you" and with that he placed his hands around the lad's weapon and started to rub. As soon as he did, the apprentice's eyes opened wide and his breathing became more laboured and deeper. "That is it, my lad" moaned the Titan, his own weapon extending deep into the apprentice, "you are starting to feel what it means to be a man. Feel that power surging into you, that is my essence, my seed, it is what makes me a man and it will make you a man as well. Today, you say goodbye to everything that was a lad about you and today, you become a man!" As he spoke the Titan spilled his seed into his apprentice and as he did, the Titan could feel the lad's heart start to pound faster than it had. Seeing that the lad was now being to understand he leant in and whispered "Be a Titan, my lad, and follow my actions" and with that assulated the lad's weapon without mercy. The lad started to lose the ability to speak grunting as the assualt continued on both physically and mentally and as it did, the lad started to stand up, causing the Titan to moan "Yes, yes, my lad, feel the strength of the Titan enter you, flow into you and give you the strength you need" and with that he split his seed again, this time, grunting as he did so, he let his weapon slip out of the lad but still whispered "Take my seed, become the Titan I know you can be!" By now, the lad's weapon was so long, the Titan's hands couldn't reach to the end of it, and yet the lad, seemingly realising what was happening to him moaned "More, more, Titan, I need it!" The assault on the lad's weapon grew so fast that the Titan's hands were soon a blur, the tip of the weapon the deepest crimson possible and the expression on the lad's face was akin to agonised ecstasy. It was clear to the Titan that now was the time to strike and so standing up behind the apprentice, he barked "LIFT!" The lad instantly stood up, his legs quivering against the load, but stand up he did, still shouldering the rock on his shoulders. He had completed half his task, now the final element, lifting the rock. "Listen to your heart, lad, feel it pounding deep inside of you" said the Titan, "each pound is making you stronger, each pound is making you into a man. Now, prove yourself to me, prove to me that you are..." and with that he stepped back as the lad's grunting turned into growls and with a mighty roar of "A TITAN!" the lad lifted the rock high above his head, his weapon spilling his own seed as he did so. As the Titan took the rock from the lad's hands, he placed it on the ground and walked around to see the lad's eyes wide open, his body heaving from the effort and his weapon starting to shrink. Patting him on the shoulder he said "Congratulations, Titan" and was addressed by his brother in arms in a very candid way. "Thank you" came the reply followed by "Forgive me, Porthos, but, I couldn't help myself" "It doesn't matter, Henri, it goes to show how much you wanted to lift that boulder!" "But...But I wasn't thinking about the boulder, I was thinking of us!" "Us?" "We were both naked, bound and gagged to metal frames, on top of the cathedral of Notre Dame" "Tell me more!" replied Porthos, his weapon starting to twitch "We were the prisoners of the Cardinal" continued Henri, "he was attaching things that pinched to our extremities" and with that pointed to his nipples, weapon and bag which made Porthos's weapon twitch even more "Then he attached helmets to our heads, attached pinching things to those and then connected them all to a metal rope that led to the very tip of the spire" "For what purpose?" "He said that he was going to torture us, send the power of the heavens into us and make us scream the next meeting of the Duke and the Queen" "And did we?" "No" replied Henri, "even when he gave us one final chance we remained resolute and then he performed an incantation and...and...and..." "Yes?" moaned Porthos, his weapon now starting to dribble "A lighting bolt hit the spire" As Porthos imagined the pain and agony they would have both been in Henri added, "however something happened. Yes, we screamed under our gags but still we never gave in and then, it happened. I could hear your voice in my head telling me that the Cardinal's plans were failing but that in order to survive we would have to become each other. You urged me to let my mind wander, become you, become the Titan!" Porthos moaned as his weapon dribbled again and gestured Henri to continue "I knew that you would never tell me to do such a thing unless there was a reason, so I did. A few moments later I found myself inside your body and as I looked at myself, I saw my head nod and realised that now I was the Titan I could do anything, so with a mighty roar I broke free of my restraints and rammed the Cardinal off the roof. As I released you, we both looked into each other eyes and declared..." "Yes, Henri...declared our..." "Love" and with that Henri grabbed Porthos's head and kissed him passionately causing both their weapons to let loose their essences. After a few moments they broke off and as Henri bowed his head saying "Forgive me, mon amis" Porthos chuckled "The Two Titans in love with each other. I won't tell the Captain if you won't!" to which Henri smiled adding "And please don't tell the Duke either, I am sure the way he looks at me, he might be the same!" "Not until he becomes as big as us" replied Porthos, picking up Henri, "now celebrate Titan, celebrate my strength" "Bend your knees whilst holding me like a bar, Titan" As Porthos started to do as he commanded he asked "How often?" "Until....Until...Until...I cannot stand it any longer!" panted Henri, his weapon now fully engorged again. This is a story inspired by the picture attached drawn by @powerbeats which I asked him to draw a long time ago (and thanks to his commitments he is in the process of finishing off) as I wanted to write more about Henri and his experiences with the Titan but separate from the other stories. If members find this of interest, then I shall certainly carry on with more tales of Henri as he becomes the Titan's equal and how they two fall deeper and deeper in love with each other.
  7. To further @Hialmar's explanation of "Both Ireland, Scotland and Isle of Man remained outside the Roman Empire, actually. The Roman presence didn't mean, that Celtic languages went extinct under Roman rule: The Bretons living in Brittany and the Cymru in Wales are just as "Celtic" as the Irish and the Scots, and there are also attempts to revive and preserve the Cornish language in Cornwall and the Manx language in Isle of Man. There are a handful of Celtic languages still alive, beside Irish and Scottish Gaelic", every year there is a Pan Celtic Festival held the week after Easter since 1971, where the regions and nations of Brittany (France), Cornwall, Wales, Scotland, Isle of Man (United Kingdom) and the Republic of Ireland all take part in and these areas are traditionally called Celtic.
  8. Someone clearly has been doing their research, although that said as Sneezer does sneeze all the time you should have had him sneeze and perhaps blow a couple of trees over and then have him apologise.
  9. "Oooh, my lover, I cannot wait to take off this blindfold. Even now I am imagining you strapping me into an electrical chair, attaching my nipples, cock and balls to the power of your land, yes, even now I am getting hard, yes, my lover, I will wait until this blindfold comes off and then...then I shall take you to heaven" As Porthos practically panted every step that he took, Henry and Roger looked at each other and nodded solemnly. As Henry reached for the blindfold that was covering Porthos's eyes, he said "Porthos, when I remove this blindfold, you are given carte blanche to make any declaration you wish based on what you see, do you understand?" "I understand mon amis" came the moaned reply and with that the blindfold was removed and as Porthos's vision cleared his moans of desire stopped suddenly and were replaced by a mighty "NON!" as the vision in front of him cleared. "What...What...What happened?" he stammered "There was a fire" replied Henry as he stood next to the bewildered Titan, "started by accident I should stress, that burned for a good four or five hours!" "But...But...But...this is not possible!" added Porthos "It is my lover" sighed Roger, "the whole of the roof burned, the spire collapsed and at least one window was destroyed!" As Porthos slumped to his knees, he wailed "But, this was the first thing I saw when I came to Paris all those years ago, please, mon amis, tell me, this is a dream, oui?" "It's not a dream" replied Henry helping Porthos to his feet, "this really happened, but at the same time so is this" and with that he held the Titan's hand and led him towards the building where a group of firemen were clearing up after them. Nodding his head Henry said, in slightly broken French, that he was a visitor to Paris and having brought two friends with him wished to console them that the cathedral had been saved. The fireman nodded confirming the statement and pointed to a notice next to the front door. As Henry read it, his reading better than his talking, Porthos's glum expression started to change. "We have much to rebuild, We will rebuild Notre Dame Cathedral even more beautifully. We can do it, and once again, we will mobilize (to do so)" "AYE!" declared Porthos, puffing out his chest as far as it was possible to do so and as he did so he stood tall and saluted the building declaring "My lover, my friend, let us volunteer immediately. The strength of the Titan will help this building be restored!" The President of France (Emmanuel Macron) has issued a statement this evening stating that he wants to see Notre Dame completely restored to as it was when it was first constructed by 2024 and has solicited funding to do so. So far various companies in France have donated €800 million ($902 million, £692 million) of an estimated total cost of some €2.25 billion ($2.54 billion, £1.94 billion) and given my interest in French history I shall certainly be donating at least €50 ($57, £43) to the appeal)
  10. "Herc, look, I know you're trying to be helpful, and what you did was very helpful indeed, but when I asked you to hold up the bridge, I was expecting you to hold the ropes that raised and lowered the bridge, not stand in the middle and raise the bridge yourself!"
  11. Exasperated Photo Shoot Manager: "No, no, no, no, no, no, no. Look, when I hired you as the muscleman for the cover of this new computer game we have been asked to produce the artwork, what part of "I shall not cause the entire male members of the staff to cum just by smiling" did you not understand? And don't think I don't know what happened to the catering truck being flipped upside down! The evidence was cleaned up by the make up artists!"
  12. Chapter Ninety Seven The following day Fleet Street was in turmoil. There was so much news to report that every single newspaper rushed out so many editions, they had to hire three times the number of newspaper sellers just to cope. The main headline was of course Phileas’s win with the Telegraph placing his picture pride of place on the front page and stating that “in all of the history of this great nation, the name of Phileas Fogg should be held on the same plane as that of Richard the Lionheart, the archers of Agincourt, Henry Tudor and Her Glorious Majesty, Victoria” Some of the other newspapers however were reporting another story that had broken a few hours later. That was the report that Mr. Sullivan, the governor of the Bank of England had been sacked by the Chancellor after an anonymous source made an accusation that he had misappropriated funds from the Bank. No doubt, you can guess who the source was as was proven that afternoon as Mr. Sullivan was walking past Westminster Cathedral when he passed a bench on which was a man he recognised. “Phileas got lucky, that’s all” said Timothy as Mr. Sullivan stood by him with his arms folded, “It wasn’t my fault, give me another chance Mr. Sullivan, I won’t fail you again, I promise?” As Mr. Sullivan sighed, he sat down next to Timothy and said “I’m looking for work myself, you wouldn’t happen to know anything available, would you?” “The success of Phileas Fogg” mused Timothy, “has seen the downfall of our own schemes!” Some of the other newspapers refused to even mention the two stories stating that “they were serious newspapers that only carried serious news” and therefore reported from Germany that a professor had found a message in a book dating from the eleventh century that appeared to be untranslatable and a report from Australia, that a ship had been sunk by what the captain described as “a monster, three hundred cables long” but as you can imagine these newspapers didn’t sell a copy all day. Whilst the newspapers boys of London were running around selling newspapers left right and centre, the story that would appear in the Tuesday editions was taking place at Westminster Abbey. You see, the moment that it was discovered that Phileas had completed the journey within time, it was as if the whole of the British establishment went, as I believe the Americans call it, “stir crazy”. The government announced that it would consult with Her Majesty the Queen to see if Phileas could be rewarded for his journey and this even extended to the Church of England who announced that, if they were willing, Phileas and Aouda could marry in the Abbey usually reserved for royal weddings. They consented and so on the afternoon of December 23rd 1872, a large crowd gathered outside to see the happy couple leave the Abbey. As the doors opened, Reverend Wilson, given special dispensation by the Royal Peculiar to conduct the service, led the procession. Phileas was dressed in a resplendent black morning suit, white shirt, white tie, black trousers and shoes with Aouda next to him all dressed in white with a train that extended a good ten feet behind her which was held proudly by Jean dressed to look almost like his master. As the happy couple paused on the steps, a cry went up from the gathered crowds “HOORAY FOR PHILEAS FOGG!” As the married couple looked at each other, they smiled. A smile that was tripled as Jean stood next to them for the ceremonial photograph. As they stood there, they could see some familiar faces. His Lordship was in attendance, Mr. Ralph, the young reporter who had sent Phileas on his way, various members of the Reform Club, and trying their best to keep the crowd under control two exceptionally familiar faces under the command of Commissioner Rowan. “Come on, Drummond” moaned Fix as he tried to keep the crowd from surging forward, “put your back into it, man!” “Here” asked Drummond as he did, “you can’t treat me like I’m a nobody now, we’re both constables!” As they saw the former Inspector, Phileas raised his hand in the air and sought silence. “Thank you all so very much for coming to witness this new adventure in my life” Mr. Fogg said, “As you know we were pursued around the world by two people. We took these two people to be friends, helped them in their moments of difficulties as any good English person would, but they turned that back on us and arrested me for the robbery of the Bank of England, and there they are!” he concluded and pointed at the inspector and constable who were booed by the crowd. “HOWEVER” said Phileas, raising his voice, “In forty-eight hours it will be Christmas, a time of year when we forgive those who have wronged us and forget those wrongs. Commissioner, would you reinstate that brave man who was working under a misapprehension, if I donated five hundred pounds to the Metropolitan & City Police Orphanage” Commissioner Rowan nodded instantly and as the two policemen approached Phileas, words seemed to fail the now reinstated inspector. “You…You did that all… for me?” he said and broke down in Phileas’s chest to which the gentleman gently patted him and said “Sir, I would do it for anyone in the same position as you!” and with that handed him to Drummond and chuckled “Take good care of him, I think he might need it!” Drummond saluted and whimpered “There goes the politest Englishman I have ever known!” Phileas helped Aouda into the carriage that had been hired for the occasion and got in himself. Jean closed the door and taking the seat next to the driver, nodded to him. The driver cracked the reins, and the carriage headed off towards the reception being held at the Reform Club. As he did, he suddenly realised who was driving and he said “So you got sacked then?” “But your master found me this job that pays me a quarter more” he replied with an Irish lilt adding “and thanks to your master, my cousin owes me twenty pounds. Please, when you are able, thank him for me will you?” Jean nodded and smiled. As he sat back he closed his eyes and thought “These last eighty days with my master have been some of the most adventurous I have ever had. Perhaps I should write them down and send them to my cousin in Amiens, now what’s his name, oh yes, that’s right Jules” and with that he chuckled adding “Perhaps I should leave out the bit about me and my master loving each other though!” and with that closed his eyes and imagined himself lying in the wedding bed as his husband and his wife created new life, he would grab hold of his husband's powerful chest, thrust his nine incher into his husband and whisper "One part ecstasy for one part pain, non?" THE END
  13. That is part of the upgrade process (from past experience)
  14. Chapter Ninety Six The hansom cab that just happened to be passing screeched to a halt and as they all piled in Phileas declared “Sir, a hundred pounds if you get me to the Reform Club five minutes ago!” “Yes, sir” came the reply and with that the cab set off. As you can imagine comfort was abandoned in favour of speed and thus two dogs were run over and five carriages were upturned to meet the requirement. The cab almost slid to a halt outside the Reform Club as all three left with Phileas taking the lead. As he bashed through the front door he yelled “Sixty seconds, Jean, I’ll lead the way!” and with that rushed up the stairs, ran faster than he had ever done before and just as the bell at the top of the clock tower housed at Parliament started to strike the three-quarter hour, he opened the doors of the great saloon and announced in a loud and proud voice “Here I am, gentlemen!” and in doing so won the wager. “You’re…. You’re…. You’re…You’re here?” stammered Mr. Sullivan as the full enormity of what happened just thirty second ago began to sink in. “How nice to see you all again!” smiled Phileas as he entered the room and greeted everyone by name, shaking their hands as he did so and then wondered if he could chance it and added “I do hope I have not inconvenienced anyone, you see I did wonder about popping in last night shortly after I got back, but, well you know how it is with long journeys, got back home and, poof, out like a light. Didn’t wake up until two o’clock this afternoon actually!” “WHAT?” exclaimed Lord Albemarle, “but that would mean that you arrived back on…” “Day Seventy-Nine, your lordship, that’s right!” smiled Phileas, his deception having worked “By Jove” declared the aged Lord, dancing as best he could in his wheelchair, “I knew he could do it, three cheers for Mr. Fogg, Hip, Hip, HOORAY” and with that defied his age by standing up in celebration, sadly although he was spirited enough to attempt the feat, his legs were still disabled and as he overbalanced he and his chair fell over onto Mr. Sullivan, who was holding Phileas’s cheque that he had signed all that time ago. As Phileas raced to His Lordship’s aid, righting his chair and enquiring as to his health to which he replied “Never felt better”, Mr. Sullivan groaned as he got up and was faced by “I believe that I have fulfilled the requirements as laid down by the wager, sir, therefore I would like my cheque back please?” and plucked it from Mr. Sullivan before he had a chance to complain. Just then Jean entered carrying the bag that he had picked up in the rush to leave Saville Row and as he did, he winked saying “Forgive me monsieurs, but if my understanding of the reporting of the wager was correct, does this mean that as you wagered four thousand pounds each, he has won an extra twenty thousand pounds?” The people who wagered against Phileas nodded sadly and taking bunches of notes they placed them on the snooker table which Jean pocketed into the bag announcing “Five thousand, ten thousand, fifteen thousand, twenty thousand pounds, monsieur, for a combined total of forty thousand pounds. Congratulations, monsieur, your fortune has been restored!” “Sir” said a voice that caused nearly everyone to gasp in horror, “may I be permitted to enter?” “A woman” declared Mr. Sullivan, “in the Reform Club? Your Lordship, how can you…?” “Mr. Fogg?” asked Lord Albemarle, “would I be correct in assuming that this lady is your guest for his evening?” “She most certainly is” replied Phileas as he went to take her by the arm, “and with your permission, Your Lordship, I would like to introduce her!” Permission was granted, much to the disgust of Mr. Sullivan, and she was formally introduced as “The Princess Aouda-Jeehee” and then paused to let the last part of the name sink in, “Fogg” “Well, well, well” chuckled Lord Albemarle, “the confirmed bachelor is going to become a husband eh? Mr. Fogg, may I on behalf of the Reform Club wish you all the very best!”
  15. Chapter Ninety Five During the time that Jean had been doing his errands, Phileas and Aouda had had their tea and planed every single piece of the wedding service down to the minutest level. The ceremony had to, under the statute of law, be carried out before midday and so if the Reverend could accommodate them, they would have the service at eleven o’clock in the morning and would be a small event with only those Reform Club members able to attend doing so with Jean would be the main usher. Phileas asked whether Aouda would like to have, as was tradition, a carpet of blossoms to walk along to secure a happy path through life, but she declined saying that blossoms were probably very hard to come across in central London in the middle of winter, a statement that Phileas agreed with and with that chuckled. Next came the wedding ring and it was decided that a plain gold band with the initials of the couple and the date of their wedding engraved inside would be sufficient. Although convention dictated that they would walk out of the church first, with Jean last, having concluded that there would be no better person to give Aouda away than the man who had rescued her, that tradition could be dispensed with. The reception, normally a breakfast, would be catered for by the Reform Club’s kitchens who would also be asked to make the wedding cakes as tradition stated. A very elaborate cake which would be on display during the whole reception, a smaller cake for Phileas to have, a dark fruit cake, and a smaller cake for Aouda to have as well, a cake made entirely of icing and divided between the number of guests. There was one tradition that it was decided would not be done until after Christmas and that was the honeymoon. Phileas would, as tradition stated, carry his bride to a secret place but unlike tradition, it would be a place where her relatives would find her as he resolved that he would keep his promise and have the honeymoon in the Netherlands so that she could finally be reunited with her relatives and he could formally introduce himself as their relative by marriage with of course, Jean looking after the luggage. It was only when Phileas finished reading the arrangements back to ensure that they were in the proper order that he suddenly realised that Jean wasn’t back yet and opening his watch he said “Goodness me, twenty-five past eight, what can be taking him so long?” “Perhaps the reverend has been delayed?” suggested Aouda to which Phileas nodded and sought to be excused saying “I don’t know why, but I have this feeling of needing to go to the toilet, must be all that tea!” and with that he excused him and went to the toilet. As he came out he passed by the clock and through force of habit, checked it against his watch, noted it was showing the right time and was about to carry on when he stopped. He checked his watch again, then the clock and then the watch again. “How very odd!” he mused “What is?” asked Aouda joining him by the clock “Well, this clock has been set by Jean” said Phileas, “presumably by his watch. Now, as we travelled around the world, I told him to move his watch on four minutes for every degree that we crossed, just as I did, so when we reached France I moved mine on an hour, by the time we had reached India I had moved mine on another four hours and so on but he didn’t and on several occasions the time he had was nothing like the time where we were was. For instance, I remember him telling the Brigadier as we crossed India that the time was half past two in the morning when it was actually half past seven!” “The sun disagreed with him then?” asked Aouda “On more than one occasion!” chuckled Phileas, “so how do you explain then why my watch says half past eight and this clock, set by him, also says half past eight?” “When I was at school” said Aouda, “I was very good at maths. May I help you solve this problem?” “Of course you may!” smiled Phileas Aouda asked if she could use the globe in the library to help, to which Phileas consented, and as he wheeled into hall, she started to work out the mystery of the clocks. “Would you agree with me?” she asked, “that the world is a sphere, a circle with a large amount of air in it?” “Air supplied by those honourable members in the Commons?” chuckled Phileas as she nodded “Perhaps” she smiled, “but a circle is three hundred and sixty degrees. Each major meridian is fifteen degrees apart, so let’s see how many times you adjusted your watch” and they both counted each major meridian and came up with the answer of twenty-four. “Do you agree” she continued, “that there are twenty-four hours in a day, and therefore your watch and Jean’s clock are a day out?” “That makes sense” said Phileas looking at his watch, “the question is though, which clock is showing the correct time? You know how much of a stickler I am for accuracy!” No sooner had he asked that question than the front door seemed to explode closely followed by a hurricane. That hurricane was Jean and as he collapsed to the floor, his packages falling either side of him, all he could do was pant. The reason? He had just run the four hundred metres from the vicarage to his master's house in fifty five seconds. A task that would have seemed impossible to a mortal human, but for those fifty five seconds Jean was Hercules, Samson and Porthos rolled into one, a superhuman, to deliver his master an important message. A message that was being prevented from delivered by the taxing of his body. “I presume you have a reason for this most undiplomatic entrance!” demanded Phileas, standing over the heaving mass that was Jean. “My master!” gasped Jean, his chest heaving, his heart pounding and his head spinning “marriage—impossible—” “Impossible?” asked Phileas, “What do you mean impossible?” “Impossible—for tomorrow” panted Jean, as he started to feel his cock harden as his mind took stock of what he had just done. “Because?” asked Phileas “Because to-morrow—is Sunday!” gasped Jean and with that almost passed out, but as he did so a spark of realisation clicked in Phileas’s mind and he turned to Aouda saying “Why are our clocks showing the same time? Because it is the same time, twenty-four hours apart” and with that rifled through Jean’s waistcoat and pulled out his watch declaring “This is the correct time” and as he looked at it he gasped, “and I only have fifteen minutes to win my wager!” and with that he rushed up to his room, got dressed at what almost seemed like the speed of light, rushed downstairs, grabbed Aouda and Jean who although still panting had now been able to stand up, dragged them all to the corner of Saville Row and yelled “CABBIE!” Does @powerbeats fancy giving us a view of Jean's pounding heart after setting a new record for the 400m?
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