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  1. time-historical

    Part Twenty Three (which members with long memories may just remember what inspired this) For the next hour, both Henri and Porthos in their ultimate forms prepared the dungeon for the first test, an arm wrestling contest. Roger loved these sorts of contests and would often spend hours watching them online, but to see two of the biggest men he had ever seen battle it out for his love, this was the ultimate arm wrestling contest he had ever seen, however he knew that if he even just breathed both men would succumb to his charms and so a few moments before they began, he tapped Henri on the shoulder and handed him a note. He read it and raised an eyebrow to which Roger just replied with a nod. "Our potential lover" said Henri, stopping Porthos mid pushup, "wishes this test of our strength to be as fair as possible, therefore he has requested that during each test, he is gagged so that his voice cannot affect us. Do you agree to this request?" Porthos nodded and resumed his pushups. As he did, Henri produced a large piece of rope and said "Open wide, Roger" and as Roger bit down on the rope Henri tied it around his head saying "You have your wish my friend!" Roger nodded his thanks and then handed Henri another note which prompted a smile from Henri and a nod from Roger. "We have a final request from our lover to be before we test our mettle" said Henri and as he spoke, he took off his breastplate, his boots and with a flourish his loincloth stating "He wishes us to wrestle as the ancient people of Greece did, so that he can experience what it means to love us. I have consented to this request, I trust that you will consent as well?" His reponse came in the from of a roar, a clank and a moan as Porthos followed suit. They both turned and facing Roger, bowed and declared "Ave, those who are about to wrestle salute you" which caused Roger to moan. As the two men lay down on the floor of the dungeon, they raised their strongest arm, Henri's right and Porthos's right, clasped them together and started to take the strain. Looking at each other Henri said "On the count of three?" to which Porthos nodded. Then they both took a deep breath and Henri counted, "Un, deux, trois" and at the count of three the match was on. In one quick move, Porthos brought Henri's arm within an inch of the ground but then he locked up and held. His face began to turn almost like snow and the major veins of his arms jumped out like a lattice of steel cables under the skin. Roger's mind tried to process this and all he could come up was "Damn, Henri's resisting Porthos's strength. How strong is the Ultimate Musketeer?" There was a slight shaking in Henri's arm as he began to bear down with his full force. The evil look of total determination spread over his face as he pushed his arm halfway back up. Suddenly Porthos gritted his teeth as he seemed to redouble his efforts as he did, both their arms and bodies seemed to grow sending Roger into ecstasy "Oh fuck!" he moaned and with that reached for his cock, "I...I cannot believe what I am seeing here. This is, oh fuck, this is glorious" and with that willed both men to resist the other so that this beautiful display of raw, unbridled masculine strength continued for as long as possible. As he gazed with wonder, he thought he even heard joints starting to creak under the strain. By now both men were sweating buckets, turning the floor underneath them into a puddle with Henri turning almost into a lobster and as it did, Roger's desire for him grew. His back looked just like a road map and as Henri continued to pile on the power more and more tiny blood vessels became visible in his back and traps. Huge veins stood out on his neck, which swelled to the same diameter as his head. Every fiber begin to convulse in his entire body. Porthos was really straining too and he had blood vessels upon blood vessels all over his body standing out in bold relief. It seemed that both had the determination of bulls and neither was going to give an inch. Suddenly, it happened, as Porthos, believing that Henri was giving it his all, regrouped his strength but as it did Henri seemed to turn purple and came within a whisker of winning before Porthos managed to resist him and started to push him back, this seemed to make Henri snap and he started to grunt "I am the Ultimate Musketeer, there is no man stronger than me, there is no man more muscular then me, there is no man more powerful than me!" and with that he stared straight at Porthos and grunted "Pain is for lesser men!" and with that retightened his entire body as he stared stone cold stare at Porthos and he went totally white. His breathing became deeper and deeper and his muscles swelled to a definition Roger had never seen before. As Roger watched in awe as Henri's arm, like some kind of piston, slowly but surely started to raise Porthos's hand from within an inch of victory to half way. This display of almost superhuman strength was too much for Roger and he started to rub his cock whilst watching the display continue. Henri took Porthos past half way and slowly but surely started to inch towards his own victory. Porthos was by now begging for mercy screaming "I yield, I beg you, I yield" but it was clear that Henri wanted the win and caused Roger to rub himself so hard that he started to pre cum. Just as was about to win, Henri stopped and grunted "Do you yield?" to which Porthos screamed "I YIELD" for fifteen seconds during which time Roger could feel himself starting to cum until finally Henri slammed Porthos's arm to the ground. Slowly Henri stood up and declared "The victory is mine, Titan" and with that helped Porthos up saying "But know this, you tested me, and that bodes well for the next test!" Roger came so violently that his orgasm seemed to make the entire dungeon shake and as he moaned, it was almost as if someone let the air out of him as he started to shrink, first to become the Ultimate Cadet and then back to plain old Roger now lying in a pool of cum. Taking the rope out of his mouth, he could only breathe "Fuck, that was..." because he passed out prompting Henri to say "Come, my fellow challenger, I believe our lover to be is in need of some recovery!" and with that raised his sword and a few moments later Henri and Porthos carrying Roger between them headed back to his digs, little noticing Albert following them intently. (And the inspiration for that arm wrestling match? The Steve stories written by nam004 at the Silicondog Muscle Fiction Shrine back in the day)
  2. time-historical

    Chapter Twenty Two "Ah, Henri, just the person I wanted to see!" "Oh, hello there Albert, how are you keeping?" "Very well indeed, and yourself?" "Oh, can't complain I suppose!" "Might I observe that's rather a large amount of food for one person?" "This? Oh, Roger and Porthos are spending time with me, he's still desperately upset about the Cardinal's intervention you know. I don't suppose there's been any progress has there?" "Last I heard this morning, its now at stage two of the inquiry!" "Independent witnesses?" said Henri, and as he did so his brow furrowed, "Goodness, you mean the Cardinal's allegations are actually being taken seriously? Well, I suppose I had better go and give him the bad news then. Well, speak again soon!" "Oh, of course" replied Albert, but as Henri walked off he was suddenly stopped by "Got to keep the honour of France up haven't we?" "Sorry?" asked Henri as he turned around "Do you like it?" said Albert, "I've been thinking of whether we should update our motto. All for one and one for all is all very well and good, but it does sound rather fifteenth century don't you think?" "Our motto will remain unchanged until the day the King sees fit to abolish the Musketeers" said Henri, his face scowling, "and that will never happen!" and with that he turned again. As he did Albert chuckled to himself, his bug had done it, the last communication he had had was "For the honour of France" and Henri's reaction proved that he had indeed said it. It was the sixth such statement he had made in a week and almost every single occurance was followed by the Ultimate Musketeer making an appearance, Albert knew it was just a matter of time before Henri was forced into revealing the location of that Musketeer and then Albert would have his dream, a through physical examination of the man who every Musketeer wished to be. *** "Hi you two, I'm back!" called Henri as he entered the dungeons to find Porthos worshipping Roger again. As he placed the baskets of food on a table he asked "Doesn't that get a bit boring?" "No!" boomed Roger, "it doesn't!" and as the bass travelled through Porthos, still in his Ultimate form, he moaned "Man Incarnate, please, I beg you, do your acolyate the honour of making him your lover!" "NO!" bellowed a voice and as it did Henri slammed his hands over his mouth. As both Roger and Porthos looked at him, he just shook his head but as he did his hands seemed to fall away and the voice resumed "THE ULTIMATE TITAN IS MY LOVER AND I WILL NOT CEDE HIM WITHOUT A FIGHT!" "That wasn't me!" insisted Henri "HE IS RIGHT" boomed the voice, "IT WAS ME!" and with that Henri reached for his sword and then seem to wrestle with himself "No, you can't" said Henri, "if you do you'll become subject to Roger's booming voice!" "AND SEE THE MAN I HAVE LOVED FOR A DECADE TOSS ME ASIDE!" boomed the voice, "NEVER!" "But Adam, please, I beg you!" insisted Henri to which Roger asked "Adam?" "The Ultimate Musketeer" replied Henri before booming "THE ULTIMATE TITAN WISHES TO CHALLENGE ME, THEN HE SHALL HAVE THAT WISH!" and before Henri could stop himself he yelled "For the honour of France" and as he stood as the Ultimate Muskeeter he bellowed "ULTIMATE TITAN, I CHALLENGE YOU TO THE ULTIMATE TEST. WIN AND YOU MAY CHOOSE YOUR LOVE, BUT LOSE, AND YOUR LIFE MAY BE FORFEIT" "Please, my lover" said Porthos rushing over to Henri, "please I beg you!" Without a second's thought Henri grabbed hold of Porthos by the waist, lifting him up until their eyes were level and said "On that day we became lovers a decade ago, you promised that you would never love another, as did I, but we also agreed that if either one of us began to fall in love with another, we would battle for that love. That day has come and as such I challenge you!" and with that he let Porthos drop to the ground "Challenge?" asked Roger causing Henri to stagger slightly "Three tests" replied Henri, "three tests that test who we are. First, a test of pure unbridled strength, the test that has been handed down through generations of men, where we wrestle using only our arms. Next, a challenge of our own design, the iron cross which tests not only our strength but our stamina as well and finally, if needs be, the final test, the test that could end either of our lives, the press of death!" and with that turned to Porthos and declared "You agreed to these tests when we first became lovers, I have challenged you, do you accept?" Porthos stood up and said to Roger "My love, I have to" before turning to Henri and nodding said "I accept the challenge!"
  3. time-historical

    Chapter Twenty One "What's a man incarnate?" asked Roger as the bass of his voice seemed to go through both Henri and Porthos, causing the latter to moan uncontrollably. As Henri got to his feet he started to ponder and replied "In layman's terms, Roger, I think you've suffered a hulk out!" "A hulkout?" asked Roger and as the bass of his voice hit them, Porthos wailed and even Henri seemed a little unsteady on his feet, but as he recovered he said "Yes, I assume that you know the old adage, the angrier Hulk gets, the stronger Hulk gets? Well, I think you have just proved it in spades!" "Hulk?" asked Porthos "Oh, man!" said Roger, making both men grab the nearest thing they could to prevent themselves toppling over, "Hulk is a legend. He's the biggest, strongest, most muscular being ever to walk the Earth, oh fuck, the number of times I wanted myself to hulkout and now I have!" and with that he stood up and as he flexed his chest, Porthos slumped to his knees and screamed "This acolyate wishes to worship the god!" and even Henri, had to gulp before replying "Your anger with the Cardinal must have triggered something inside the Ultimate Cadet and well, there you are" and then he too started to moan before shaking his head and saying "Sorry, don't think I'm myself today!" As Porthos started to kiss Roger's calves, he moaned "Measure him, measure the god made flesh, and make me unworthy of his presence!" "Roger, would you mind lying on the floor please!" said Henri, "I think we're going to have to use the percentage method!" and with that took a rope off the wall. As Roger lay down, Porthos clambered onto his torso and started to rub Roger's twelve pack moaning "Please, my god, show me your power" and as Roger flexed his abs, the Titan removed his breastplate and started to rub his own ten pack. "Right" said Henri, as he completed his first measurement, "how does a height of ten and a half feet grab you?" "FUCK!" moaned Roger and as he did Porthos wailed "Oh, my lord!" and spreadeagled himself onto Roger's abs, whilst Henri started to moan before shaking his head and continuing "So that means at least nine hundred pounds in weight. Roger, do you have any super, super, super, super heavyweight classes in your contests?" "No" replied Roger, "but they will do!" Porthos was now a shuddering wreck and as he ripped off his loincloth Roger could feel the Titan starting to cum and gently rubbing the Titan's back whispered "There, there, Titan, cum and feel my power!" "Yes, oh mighty one!" moaned Henri and started to walk towards Roger as if in a trance, before slapping himself across the face and grunting "Resist him" and making a supreme effort raised his sword and declared "Thy honour is restored" and as he became Henri de Ceredigion again he breathed hard and said "Man, that voice of yours has quite the effect on us Ultimates!" "I know" chuckled Roger as Porthos was now cumming like a man possessed before adding "Nine hundred pounds?" "Give or take a pound or two, yes!" replied Henri and smiled saying "There, now I can concentrate on the maths. Right, so nine hundred pounds mass, so that's means we are talking about a one hundred and eighty inch chest, a ninety inch waist and yet, or perhaps because of that, an estimated bodyfat rating of 22% body fat" "There is not an inch of flesh here" moaned Porthos, now massaging Roger's nipples, "that is not pure unadultered muscle!" "Okay, so that estimated body fat calculation is out of the window then!" said Henri and carried on reeling off numbers that made both Roger and Porthos moan in equal measure, "seventy two inch biceps, ninety inch quads, seventy two inch calves and if I was making an educated guess I'd say nine thousand pound bench, close to fifteen thousand pound deadlift and about the same for squats, if the mood so took you that is!" and with that opened his eyes having closed them to do the calculations to find Roger's thirty inch cock being worshipped by Porthos and trying to stuff it into his mouth. "Yes" said Henri, "I think that your new bass voice is the cause of that. I think you've put him into some kind of muscle worship trance" and with that he presented his sword saying "Want me to spare you a bit?" "No" moaned the reply as Roger lay back, "let him worship me, I want the Ultimate Titan to experience the Ultimate Cumshot" and with that he moaned which caused Porthos to wrap his arms around the cock and start humping it. As he did, Roger's breathing became more and more frantic, his chest heaving, his hips bucking and his teeth gritted together before grunting "Porthos, get ready for it, because I'm CUMMING!" and with that a fountain of cum erupted from it, covering the Ultimate Titan who came in sympathy and prompting Henri to say "That reminds me, I need to see the chief articet about a new fountain for the gardens. Want to volunteer as the model, Roger?" but his reply was Porthos moaning "Mon amis, he is a god!" before Porthos passed out and slid onto the ground covered in cum.
  4. time-historical

    Chapter Twenty As the trio of Roger, Porthos and Henri entered Henri's room, Henri jumped down, slammed a bar against the door and leant against it snarling his annoyance. As his two friends looked at him, he started to calm down and paced the floor. "I'm sorry" said Roger, his Ultimate Titan body breathing hard, "I tried my best you know" "And no one is blaming you, Roger" replied Henri, still pacing, "It was just sheer bad luck we came across that patrol. I had no other option than to encourage them to give chase, lest they reported back to the Captain and he would have realised something was up. What you did though by running in random directions was marvellous, luckily I know this city like the back of my hand and could get us back here. The only problem is that we have fifteen minutes, at most, before that patrol gets here!" "And that's not enough is it?" asked Roger "You were unconcious for an hour" replied Henri, "But we are not beaten yet, there is one way to speed up the process and it's the only option available to us" and with that Henri unsheated his sword, but was stopped by Porthos saying "Non, mon amis, you can't" "In fourteen minutes" said Henri, "a detachment of Musketeers is going to burst through that door, and when they do they will find the body of the Ultimate Titan unconcious, Roger cumming like a trooper and me not my normal self and when they do, questions that I would much rather not answer being asked, therefore this is the only way. Now, if you want to make yourself useful, sit in that seat and SHUT UP!" As Porthos's eyes widened he realised that what Henri was planning was the only way out of the mess and so nodded his head and did as he was told, as he did Henri turned to Roger and said "Roger, I made you a promise about an hour ago and I intend to keep it, now please sit down in that other seat and I shall explain everything" As Roger did, Henri took a deep breath and explained everything. How, a decade ago, at the risk of losing his horse given to him by the man he found himself staying with when he first entered the world of the Musketeers, he met with a so called devil worshipper, the man, Alexei, was actually an alchemist and thanks to his knowledge made his horse, now severely weakened by age into the biggest, most powerful shire horse known to man. That transformation caused Henri to do what he always did, ponder, and it was that pondering that opened the door to "the most powerful man ever to walk the Earth" and as he said that he raised his sword and said "Tonight, gentlemen, he comes" and roared "FOR THE HONOUR OF FRANCE" and within moments the Ultimate Musketeer stood in front of them and caused Roger to lose control. "OOOOOHHHH, FFFFUUUUCCCCKKK!" he roared as he came, and then panting "You were telling the truth" As the Ultimate Musketeer nodded he levelled the sword at Roger's body and said "Titan, are you ready?" As Roger's head nodded, Roger exclaimed "Titan? You mean?" "YOU HAVE THE HONOUR!" roared Henri and as Roger's body grew to look like same as the Ultimate Musketeer and the Ultimate Titan save with a eagle on his breastplate, Roger exclaimed "PORTHOS!" "Indeed" replied Henri, "But why?" asked Roger "Only the Ultimate form of humanity can withstand the power needed to swap your minds whilst concicous" and with that he placed the sword between them and asked them to hold onto with their hands. As they did, he then asked them to hold his hands and with that said "Gentlemen, we have seven minutes, therefore force yourselves into each other's bodies. Ignore the pain, ignore the agony, I will try and absorb as much as I can, but gentlemen it is all up to you" and with that he took a deep breath and roared "FOR THE HONOUR OF FRANCE" That night, something happened that was writ in the legends of Paris for centuries. It was reported that a bolt of lighting, brighter and more powerful than any ever recorded hit the home of Henri de Ceredigion and that as it did three screams of almost unearthly origin rang out across the city. When a detachment of Musketeers arrived, seven minutes later and burst the door down, they found Henri, the Titan Porthos and the newly qualified Musketeer Roger Dixon all sitting down around a table playing cards and it was alleged that Henri, always a polite gentleman said "If you wanted to join in, mon amis, you only had to ask!" *** "Congratulations, Cadet Dixon" smiled the King, "It gives me the greatest of pleasure to formally declare you..." "A moment, your Majesty" said the Cardinal entering the throneroom, "I do not believe that the lad is worthy of being a Musketeer" "Isn't he?" asked the King, and with that reached for the summary prepared by Treville and reading through it added "He's completed the test and was the only winner!" "I agree" replied the Cardinal, "but I wish to report that I have recieved intelligence that suggests he cheated!" Henri, Porthos, Roger, the Captain and the King all gasped in horror. "Cheated?" asked the King "I wish to raise a question about the impartiality of the Test, especially as Musketeer Porthos was in overall charge. May I remind you that he and this lad are known to each other!" "And who reported this to you?" asked the King Just then there was a knock at the door, and as it opened, Henri's heart sank. It was Jussac, captain of the Cardinal's guards and as he looked at Treville it was clear that he felt the same way. "Here is my witness, your Majesty" said the Cardinal *** "It's not fucking fair" snarled Roger as he lifted the cannon over his head, "I'm a fucking Musketeer and the Cardinal knows it!" "I know" replied Porthos, as he lifted Roger over his head, "but the Cardinal does have the final say, doesn't he Henri!" "Tell me about it!" came the reply as Henri lifted Porthos over his head, "It's enough to make you want to instigate a French revolution, but those are the rules!" As the three friends now in their Ultimate forms continued their training session in the dungeons of the Bastille, their mutual anger of the situation was clear for everyone to hear. Even now, Roger was benching a two thousand pound cannon and grunting with every rep. "All we can do" said Henri, with a sigh, "is wait for the inquiry to sort itself out. Shouldn't take more than a day or two at most" and with that he lowered his friends to the ground but Roger was still angry and taking out his frustrations on the cannon, his anger started to grow. "That fucking Cardinal" he grumped, the pace of lifting getting faster, "one of these days I'd like to shove my cock right up his cassock and see how he likes it!" "Roger" said Henri, "calm down!" "Calm down?" exclaimed Roger, the lifting getting faster still, "You expect me to fucking calm down after what he's done to me!" "Mon amis" said Porthos, "please listen..." "NO ONE TELLS ME WHAT I CAN AND CANNOT DO!" roared Roger and his body seemed to glow, "NOT LEAST SOME FUCKING UPSTART OF A CARDINAL WHO PROBABLY ONLY BECAME ONE TO BECOME POPE!" and with that screamed his anger with such defiance that he seemed to explode in a ball of energy. When the light faded, both Henri and Porthos gazed in amazement and then looked at each other and then instantly prostrated themselves onto the floor and exclaimed "We are not worthy, we are not worthy, we are not worthy" "Worthy of what?" asked Roger and then took a moment as he said "Wow, that was some bass! Hold on, is that...that is...that's me talking. What's happened?" Porthos lifted his head and moaned "Man, Man Incarnate!"
  5. I am sure that he would have appreciated it, sadly he died in 2015, but was still training until just a few weeks before his death (taken in 2011)
  6. time-historical

    Chapter Nineteen "Congratulations monsieurs" said the Captain, doffing his hat to the two final applicants, "you have made it through to the most challenging test of all" and with that he replaced his hat and unveiled a map nailed to a tree behind him. "Look at this map carefully, it shows the way to a cottage precisely ten thousand pied du roi from here" he said, pointing to the cottage on the map, "outside that cottage is an item of clothing that I am currently missing. The person who brings one of those items back the fastest will be announced tomorrow afternoon to His Majesty as the newest member of the corps. Do you understand?" Both applicants nodded as as Treville took a flaming torch and burnt the map, Porthos smiled to himself. This was not just a test of stamina and speed but memory which considering it was him who had helped design the course meant he knew where all the traps were and as Charles showed no expression on his face, Porthos thought "I'm going to beat you, my lad!" "Cadet Poisson!" declared the Captain and Charles stood to attention, "you were the winner of the swim and therefore you will go first" and with that Charles shot off and as he did, Porthos noted his speed however the Captain then said "When he returns, you will start Cadet Dixon" "Oui, monsieur" declared Porthos and then suddenly moaned which caused the Captain to raise an eyebrow. "Forgive me" said Porthos, holding a hand to his stomach, "I have not had anything to eat!" "Yes, sorry about that" said the Captain, "but Cadet Poisson was very eager to get started and I didn't think that you would object" As Porthos nodded, he breathed a sigh of relief. It had happened again. Every time he told a lie, he orgasmed, it first started when his father, Gaspard, one of the strongest men in his hometown and instilled in him such dedication to the truth that when he had to lie to protect his life, his father understood why but decided to inflict a punishment none the less. Gaspard had a connection to the Roma people, a connection through blood and that evening he hypnotised his son so that unless there lying was the only way to prevent himself being killed, every time he lied, he would experience the most powerful sensation he had experienced as punishment. Porthos accepted this punishment, however when he turned eighteen and had become a man, he had to lie to a guardsman asking why he wished to enter Paris knowing that the son of Gaspard would provoke panic. No sooner had he said "A farmer's son, monsieur" than his whole body shuddered, his eyes opened wide and he let forth a moan that was so deep and loud that the guard fainted. Porthos, who just days before had orgasmed after cumming for the first time after lifting the heaviest wagon he had ever lifted, had orgasmed and instantly knew why his father had placed that curse on him. A few moments later after Treville had gone into a tent to wait for Charles to return, Porthos saw a hand gesturing him towards a bush. As he appraoched he was dragged into it and found both Henri and his ultimate body in front of him. As Henri explained what had happened, Porthos nodded his understanding and as he left, he asked "Am I..." before Henri coughed harshly. "Is he really that big?" he asked to which Henri nodded. "Why did you cough?" asked Roger as his body walked away. "It happens sometimes" Henri replied, "but now we know when we have to kidnap you. First we wait to see if Charles comes back, if he does then we have to do everything we can to help you, if not, then you will have all the time in the world" Just then, they both heard panting and as they peered out of the hedge they saw Charles running back to the start even faster than when he had left. As he passed the start line he cried "MADAME, your son doesn't want to be a Musketeer!" and continued to run out of the forest leaving everyone very confused. Treville, nodding his head sagely, placed his hands onto Porthos and said "Cadet, there's a hat outside that cottage. Could you get it please?" Porthos nodded and ran off leaving Henri and Roger with smiles on their faces. As they waited for him to return, Roger asked Henri "Did you really mean that?" "Mean what?" he replied "About you being the Ultimate Musketeer?" asked Roger, "you see I think you did that to spur me on. You remember how I remembered him as this big mass of Herculean muscle, well, I think you wanted me to think of him so that I would get aroused and push myself as hard as I could to the end of the swim! Am I right?" Henri bowed his head and said "Roger, I will make a promise with you. When Porthos wins this test and after you and the Ulitmate Titan swap back, I shall tell you everything so that you can understand what it means to be a Musketeer. When I do, all of your answers will be answered" "All?" he asked to which Henri replied "Well, as many as you can think of certainly!" Twenty minutes later, a roar of triumph could be heard as from the forest came Roger's body holding a hat high in triumph. As he screeched to a halt by the Captain he presented the hat to him. "Thank you" he said and as he placed it on his head he declared "I hereby declare the newest member of the Musketeers, Cadet Dixon" and with that raised Porthos's hand. Just then the Titan orgasmed again and as he did the Captain seemed to remember something. As he did, Roger jumped from the hedge, his face covered and declared "Stand aside, Captain, this man is our prisoner!" and with that he grabbed hold of his former body and squeezed it close to him. Then starting to run on the spot, Henri broke cover and screamed "Roger, no. Come here you villian" and jumped on top of them both as the Ultimate Musketeer shot off like a bullet. Their deception had worked, now they had to get back to Henri's home as fast as possible before the alarm could be raised.
  7. I think we can all agree that bodybuilding is perhaps one of the most physically demanding sports out there, not only because of the sheer commitment of dragging yourself to the gym twice a day, 365 days a year, in all weathers and even when in contest prep, and then to face standing on a stage with lights pumping out so much heat, posing (which I think is the ultimate cardio session) sweating buckets but I think it also fair to say that when bodybuilders retire they can't quite let go of that competition spirit, so I would like to put out there a suggestion for what bodybuilders could do when they retire and ask for people's thoughts on that suggestion and put their own suggestion out there as well. My suggestion is diving and there are two reasons for this. One, bodybuilders have to be fairly flexible (have you see those pics of people bending over to flex their hams and calves) and secondly, divers are absolutely ripped even compared to other swimmers. In fact I am currently watching the World Diving Championships in Hungary and as part of the pre competition summary they have just shown someone dive from a handstand, thus adding a third element to the equation, strength, because not only does it take strength to hold a handstand, but how much strength does it take to dive when you only have your hands to provide the push?
  8. Could I perhaps turn this discussion around and ask "What would happen if someone, completely out of the blue, said "Hey, you look great!", strip and then grunt "Pose down, now"?" Would you accept the challenge and see where it led or would you be overwhelmed that someone wanted to flex with you?
  9. time-historical

    Part Eighteen "So, you're my client for the evening are you? Well, Mr. "Muscle Worship", you have come to the right man. Now, remember the rules, no touching, not without paying a 10% premium, if you want to test me, that's 20% and if you want the whole deal, that's double. Of course, my aim is to make you beg for the whole deal, so let's see how much you can resist me. Now, you sit there, and I'll be back in a moment. Oh, this is going to be like taking candy from a baby, don't think I don't know what ticks your boxes, why do you think I asked for your social media contacts eh? I've been looking through your likes and faves on YouTube and I know precisely what will get me a good pay day and with that I believe we are ready to go. Okay, home, play Muscle Worship three." "Well, hello there Mr. "Muscle Worship" am I big enough for you? Yes, your eyes can't believe what they are seeing can they? Well, drink it all in because it's real. I am indeed 6ft 11 inches tall, and yes, I really am 297lbs of beef, and yes, I am in my off season. When I am in contest shape, I am a mere 247lbs. That's right, I lose 50lbs of fat for a contest and yet I still dominate the stage. What's that? How big am I? I'm huge, monstrous, the biggest man you have ever seen. Oh, you want numbers eh? Well, the first number is 5%, that's the premium you have to pay for measuring this mass and for that we need a new song" "Because I am, aren't I? Admit it, I'm the most heroic looking man in the world, so get measuring and tell the world my power! No, that tape measure is not lying, I really do have a fifty nine inch chest. One of these days I want to have a chest that no tape measure can measure, sixty one inches or more. I reckon a few more eight hundred pound benches might do the trick. What? I can bench more than five times your bodyweight! If that's a request that's another 10% on to the price. No? Shame, I fancied having a workout later on. Now, follow down, and let's have a look at this waist eh? Thirty inches, eh? So it is any wonder when you look at how many trophies I have won eh? Hey, my face is here, not in the middle of that ten pack. Come on, let's see how big these guns are. Twenty four inches, yeah, even bigger than last year, and what does it take to get them that big? A hundred rep superset starting with half my bodyweight and then increasing by ten percent every ten reps. So that's 150, 165, 182, 200, 220, 242, 266, 292, 322 and 354 to finish both single and double bicep curls. "And I can see it's raining with you as well. See I told you that you couldn't resist. Now what happens when I take off my training pants eh? Yeah, that's right, thirty inch quads, go on, special newbie offer, punch them, punch them as hard as you can. Oh, fuck, yeah, didn't feel a thing, but I bet you did, and the calves down there? Twenty five inches. Oh, man, you're doing it. you know that? Time for another song" "They say that that is the sound of a woman experiencing an orgasm. Well, if they want the male version, all they need to do is do what you're doing, because it's starting, so let's cut to the chase. My neck is twenty five inches, forearms are eighteen inches, and this, my pride and joy, this is a mammoth fourteen inches. Yeah, oh, yeah, yeah, I'm feeling it. Special discount, 5% off if you help me cum. That's right, rub me, rub my fifteen inch monster, rub me, oh yeah, rub me faster, harder, faster, oh man, 10% discount, faster, faster, faster, yeah, yeah, yeah, OH FUCK YEAH!" As Roger opened his eyes, Henri chuckled "Hello there, Roger, pleasant post mind swap dream?" "Oh, fuck, yeah!" moaned Roger, "Man, if those are the dreams of a mind swap then damn, can we swap minds every day?" "Perhaps" said Henri, "however we have a more urgent problem. Namely, your body taking the last part of the Test. Now, Porthos is a very honest fellow and can lie, but does have a slight giveaway when he lies. He orgasms. He cannot help it, every time he tells a lie, he moans as if he has just had sex. Now, it is almost certain he will win, but when Treville asks him to confirm his name and he says "Roger Dixon", he'll orgasm, and you don't need to be Einstein to work out that if Roger Dixon orgasms every time he says his name when up to this moment in time he hasn't..." and with that Roger nodded, "so therefore we have to get him back here, swap you two back before the Captain gets the chance to ask him and that means we have to kidnap your body!"
  10. I have not experienced this personally, but a friend of mine often did and he put it down to one reason alone. Muscles equals dominance and therefore people who are naturally afraid of being cornered instantly think they are going to be cornered, which is why he said if someone new came to the gym whilst he was training, he instantly stopped what he did, and opened his arms in welcome, smiled and said "Hello there, nice to meet you" in order to disarm the situation
  11. time-historical

    Part Seventeen "Right" said Henri, as Porthos carried on making restraints out of what had been door handles, "this is how I think it works. We know that in order for this to work one of you must be unconscious and the other so remarkably lean it's impossible, I presume I can leave that to the Ultimate Titan?" Porthos chuckled with a smile as he carried on his work "The only question is the how" continued Henri, "and thinking about what Roger said, here's my suggestion. An incredible source of power enters the donor's head and then stimulates the brain so that it is in tune with the recipient, that's the only thing I can think of, and because power has to go from one end to the other, it must therefore travel through the body. If that's the case then we need to be very careful indeed, luckily the way that you become the Ultimate Titan is a special form of power, only the best for you, eh, but even so that power has to be regulated and thinking about it, I believe that you can both only be exposed to it for no more than thirty seconds at most. That means when the power hits and believe me, you'll know when that it, you have to really resist it as hard as you can. It's very likely that you'll want to scream in agony and my advice is, do so. Scream as loud and as long as you can and really push your mind into Roger" "And if I do not?" asked Porthos "To put it bluntly, you could die!" replied Henri which caused the Titan to gulp but was reassured by "Don't worry, I have an app for that!" and patted his sword. And so, twenty minutes later, Roger was strapped into the chair, his cock harder than it had ever been before moaning "Yeah, Yeah, Porthos, do it, make me experience you!" "In your own time, Porthos!" said Henri and with that Porthos raised Roger's head and with a whispered "Forgive me, mon amis" he delivered such an uppercut that even Henri flinched and as Roger's head lulled forward, he said "Gosh, remind me never to upset you!" and with that unsheathed his sword to find Porthos sitting in the chair next to Roger with his eyes closed. "Restrain me, mon amis" he said, almost moaning, "Restrain me so that the Ultimate Titan can demonstrate his power!" "And kinky to boot!" smiled Henri as he did as requested and when satisfied resumed his position in the centre of the room and screamed "FOR THE HONOUR OF FRANCE!" and as the lighting bolt that transformed into the Ultimate Musketeer hit him, neither of them noticed a small insect fly out of Henri's jacket pocket and through the window. "YOU HAVE THE HONOUR" declared the Ultimate Musketeer as the power poured into Porthos and as he transformed into the Ultimate Titan, he pulled on the restraints, snapping them with ease and as he sat there breathing hard he moaned "Oh, mon chere, is that what this will feel like?" "Ten times worse!" chuckled his love as he placed the sword between the two men and connected them to it singing "The power connects to the brain, the brain connects to the nipples, the nipples connect to that massive heart, the massive heart connects to that huge cock, that huge cock connects to those massive balls" and concluded by saying "Now tell me when to say the word!" "At a time of your choosing" moaned Porthos, "but give me no warning, make me wonder when you will utter those words, make me wait, make me nervous, make my heart pound with expectation, make me cum when you do!" "I think we can do that" smiled the Ultimate Musketeer and with that regarded the scene and said "Do you know what Porthos, it's suddenly occurred to me, I think I know why I became the Ultimate Musketeer. I mean, I know how I became him, it was all thanks to Alexei's potion that made me able to keep Ochre. Yes, that's right, that shire horse I ride everywhere is the same horse that I rode into Paris on twenty years ago, but I've just worked out why I become the Ultimate Musketeer. I'm a He-Man!" "You are mon chere!" moaned Porthos "Now, what I mean is, is that like He-Man I am a normal every day person who tries his best to keep out of trouble, although I will admit there are times when that's impossible thanks to the Duke and you are my best friend, just like Prince Adam and his best friend" and with that the Ultimate Musketeer chuckled "Imagine that, Porthos, you're Cringer!" "I never cringe in the face of danger!" came the stern reply "Of course not" chuckled the Ultimate Musketeer, "that's the name of his best friend, a very large cat called Cringer because he's such a craven coward. Of course, you're not a cat but you are my best friend and that's the reason I let you know who I was" and with that he turned around and said "Amazing, isn't it, to think this all happens when I say..." and with that he turned around on the spot and yelled "FOR THE HONOUR OF FRANCE" As the lighting bolt hit the sword Porthos roared in agonised ecstasy and as he did he stood up, flexing every muscle in his body and gritting his teeth. "That's it" roared the Ultimate Musketeer, "come on Porthos, force your mind into Roger. Flex, flex like never before!" "I...I can feel it" he roared, "I...I....I am standing in front of hundreds of people, naked save for a loincloth, flexing my muscles, my heart is pounding, I am breathing hard and my loins, oh, mon dieu, my lions they are" and as he spoke, his cock appeared above his loincloth. "Yes, that's it, Porthos, absorb those memories, let your own ones flow into Roger!" "I...I....I...." and with that the Ultimate Titan came, slumped into the chair and the Ultimate Musketeer roared "Thy honour is restored" and as the bolt faded, he gently started to tap Roger's face. As he started to come to his eyes opened and he was asked "Who am I?" "Why!" replied the voice, "Henri de Ceredigion, why do you ask me such a question, mon chere?" "Congratulations!" came the beaming smile in reply "You have now become the first person to swap minds with another man!" and with that he ripped the restraints from Roger's body and as the two men hugged he said "Now, what do you fancy doing?" but before he could answer, there was a knock at the door and in walked a messenger who declared "Cadet Dixon, your presence is required at the Bois de Boulogne for the final part of the Test" and before the Ultimate Musketeer could interject, two armed guards walked in, grabbed Roger's body and marched him out. "Oh dear" thought the Ultimate Musketeer, "this could take some explaining!"
  12. time-historical

    Part Sixteen As Roger and Porthos walked back to Roger's digs, their arms over each other's shoulders laughing and joking saying things like "Now, don't forget, a good squeeze on my nipples and I am anyone's" and "Don't tell Athos this, but, sometimes I think my appetite is bigger than his!" it was clear to Henri that both men were discussing what it would be like to be each other, however Henri walking slowly behind them was having a terrible time working out how to even manage it. All he could remember from Roger's fetishes was a massive man, dressed in only a breastplate, leather loincloth and leather boots, lying on a table, a helmet on his head and that's all. No idea about what the helmet was supposed to do, no idea about what elements were needed and which was just fantasy and no idea about how to explain to Roger it was impossible. Realising he would have to confess, he waited until they all got to Roger's digs and after a good meal stood up saying "My friends, as you know I promised you both to try and fulfil your fantasies of becoming each other!" "Oh, fuck, yeah!" moaned Roger, "yeah, can you do it? Can you make us like He-Man and that robot Horde Trooper? Oh, man, that was the hottest thing I have ever seen in my life!" Henri was about to apologise when he stopped and said "Sorry, you saw what?" "It was the panel in a comic about He-Man" replied Roger, "Oh, Porthos, you would love him. He's six foot eleven tall, weighs three hundred and twenty pounds, has a fifty eight inch chest, thirty three inch arms, a thirty inch waist, thirty one inch upper legs and is completely fuckable!" "He sounds like his name" smiled Porthos, and with that turned to Henri who replied "He's six hundred and forty nine pied du roi, nearly thirty livres in weight, has a five hundred and forty four pouce chest, three hundred and ten pouce arms, two hundred and eighty two pouce waist and upper legs that measure two hundred and ninety one pouce" translating the measurements into a form that Porthos could understand who moaned as the measurements were wheeled off "Precisely" replied Roger adding "He was willing to have his mind transferred into this Horde Trooper robot, which has been deactivated, in order to save the life of a young boy!" "Truly a noble hero" said Porthos "Indeed, he was willing to give up his life, but oh man, those panels were you could see the current flowing from his brain to the robot and yet he was able to withstand it and speak quite normally. Oh fuck, from that moment on I wanted to be that Horde Trooper robot, have the mind of a muscle hero in my brain and be in the body of a muscle hero myself. Oh, please Henri, tell me you can!" As Henri mused over what he had heard, he suddenly snapped his fingers declaring "That's it, that's why it didn't work when we tried it Porthos, one of us had to be unconscious. Of course, the unconscious mind is more liable to be transferred than a conscious mind but there has to be more to it than that" and with that he started pacing before turning on the spot and exclaiming "He-Man, of course, he is almost all muscle" and quickly started burbling calculations on the spot "Minus ninety eight point four two plus three point one five times by thirty minus zero point zero eight two times by three hundred and twenty equals zero point zero eight divided by three hundred and twenty equals..." and with that leapt for joy as he exclaimed "0.025% body fat, that's it. Oh, Roger, you're a genius. In order for the transfer for work one of the people must be unconscious and the other one must be virtually all muscle!" As the two friends looked at Henri blankly he exclaimed "Don't you see? Yes, I can fulfil both your wishes. Roger, you want to swap minds with Porthos and Porthos, you want to experience the pain and agony of the failed transfer yesterday!" and with that he clapped his hands with joy saying "Mon amis, when would you like to become each other?" "NOW!" they both declared in unison.
  13. time-historical

    Part Fifteen The day of the swim was the hottest than anyone could remember in a long time and for Porthos this meant a rare occasion to be able to see semi naked muscle without anyone raising a complaint because, due to the heat, dispensation was given for all the applicants to swim in just their breeches as opposed to the usual arrangement of shirt and breeches, and as Porthos looked down the line he moaned in appreciation at the muscle on display and turned to Henri who was slumped against a tree trying to shelter from the heat, using his hat to try and keep himself cool. As Porthos sauntered over he joked "Warm enough, mon amis?" "You know full well I hate hot weather" complained Henri, fanning himself, "Give me a lovely cold day, snow falling, ice on the ground and I'm the happiest person in France" As Porthos sat besides him he whispered "I know that he likes the heat, he likes any excuse to show off his bulging muscles!" "Yes" replied Henri, "I know he does, but, after yesterday I don't feel confident about him anymore. Listen, about yesterday, I wanted to apologise" "Apologise?" asked Porthos, "what for?" "I...I can't explain what happened to me" Henri went on, "When I woke up yesterday morning, all I could think about what making you scream in agony, even becoming him didn't help matters. I had this picture stuck in my mind, of a massive man, dressed in only a breastplate, leather loincloth and leather boots, lying on a table, a helmet on his head and, well, I can't explain it, but something was telling me "Do it to Porthos, make him scream in agony, make him cum, make him orgasm and then dominate him". You know that's not me at all, even when I am him, he's, well, more forthright than me, yes, but not that forthright!" As Porthos held Henri's hand he said "I accept" and was about to continue when a rifle shot signalled the start of the race. As all the applicants remaining dived into the river, Porthos moaned. "Look at them, Henri" he said, "look at the strength in those strokes, the width of those backs, the power. Doesn't it make you glad to be a man?" "Only when I'm him!" replied Henri, "and even then I sometimes feel he wants to be bigger, stronger and more powerful!" "I'm the same, mon amis" replied Porthos which took Henri by surprise. "But you can do all manner of things, rip iron bars out of cell windows, bend iron bars without even trying, I even heard a suggestion that when you were last in Spain you wrestled a bull and won!" Porthos nodded and chuckled remembering the feat of strength that had made the town change from celebrating the running of the bulls, to the power of the Titan, and added "Yes, but I want more. I want to become him again. I want to feel myself push against his natural limits. I want to feel pure power!" and with that he looked at Henri, his eyes pleading saying "Please, Henri, make me him again and do what you did to me yesterday as him!" "You mean?" asked Henri "Please, I beg you" pleaded Porthos, "if that final fantasy is true, please, allow it to happen!" *** "Come on Roger, you can do this!" Three hours after starting the sun was starting to set and although Charles was leading, Roger was within sight but as Henri cheered Roger on from the bank, he knew there was another element to the race. Whoever won the race would start a countdown which would last five minutes. If no one else finished the course within that five minutes, the winner would be declared the overall winner, therefore it was imperative that Roger kept up with Charles. Suddenly, Roger dropped below the surface of the water and didn't seem to appear. Panic stricken, Henri grabbed his sword and was about to declare "For the honour of France" when Roger appeared again but seemed to be struggling. Looking at Roger intently, the Ultimate Musketeer allowed Henri to magnify the scene and as he did, Henri gasped. Roger's foot was looped around a piece of rope that was attached to a rock and slowing him down. Grabbing Porthos, Henri told him what he had seen and that he was going to help Roger, but as he raised his sword, he was grabbed by the Titan and reminded "If any of us help him, he will be disqualified" and with that Porthos looked at him sternly. As Henri nodded his understanding and sheathed his sword, Charles reached the bank. The countdown had started and there was nothing that Henri could do bar pray. As Roger battled against the extra drag, he saw Charles on the bank drying himself off with a smirk of satisfaction on his face. As Roger growled his anger, he heard a voice in his head. "Roger, it's me, Henri, listen I should have told you this a lot earlier, but that Ultimate Musketeer fellow you like so much. It's me. Yes, I know it sounds impossible but I would never lie, especially to you, therefore I want to promise you something. If you get to the bank within that five minute time limit, then, and Porthos has agreed to it as well. I will help you act out your biggest fantasy. I will help you swap minds with Porthos!" Roger's eyes opened wide. Ever since he had read a He-Man comic in the 1990's which showed the muscular hero allowing his mind to be transferred to a robot in order to save a boy's life, the idea of transferring his mind into the body of a muscle bound hero was his ultimate fantasy. Gritting his teeth, he battled against the drag and slowly, but surely started to speed up. All the while Henri was encouraging him. "That's it, Roger, come on now. You've been dreaming about for decades haven't you? First it was He-Man, then Hercules, then Conan and now Porthos. Reach that bank within the next three minutes and I will try my best!" Taking a deep breath Roger dived under the water and on the bank Henri paced with a worried expression on his face. Was Roger going to be able to qualify for the last event? As the Musketeer armed with the rifle raised his weapon Henri screamed "Twenty seconds!" and as he did, Roger burst from the water just yards from the bank. Gritting his teeth against the pain he kicked for home and slammed his hand onto the bank just as the Musketeer fired leaving Henri jumping for joy and so relieved that he tried to pick up Porthos who smiled saying "Not yet, mon amis, but when I am the Ultimate Musketeer, then you can!"
  14. When it comes to the question of abs I believe this statement sums them up very nicely indeed Yes, it was a comment made by the President of the European Central Bank (Mario Draghi) and yes, he was talking about asset-backed securities but I would like to think that the same could be same about abdominal muscles as well. They are simple to train, as real as they can be, and whilst not transparent as in see through, it is transparent that they came through sheer hard work.
  15. time-historical

    Part Fourteen "Goodness me" declared Aramis as he arrived at the start of the run along with Athos, "I've never seen anyone as happy and cheery as you, Roger, are we in a good mood then?" As Roger completed his warm up for the run he replied "The best ever as my dear friend Henri managed to ensure that I would finish this race in first place!" "Yes" said Athos as he looked around, "where is Henri, actually where is Porthos as well? He always likes to see the race!" "Not a clue" replied Roger as he jogged to the start, "although Henri did leave a note saying he was going to have a good time with Porthos today!" *** "Oh, Titan, wakey, wakey, mon amis!" As Porthos opened his eyes, they suddenly snapped open wide. There in front of him was the Ultimate Musketeer, completely naked. As Porthos drank in his size, the Ultimate Musketeer chuckled "Hello there, like what you see?" and with that flexed his abs hard causing Porthos to moan. In all the time he and the Ultimate Musketeer had been lovers, he had never appeared to him naked in the open. He would always start off clothed, then as the love making increased in intensity, he would gradually disrobe, but to see him naked, now, before a single kiss had been planted on him, he would feel his loins girding, but then when he spoke saying "Come, mon amis, we have a long day ahead of us" the bass of his voice went through him and he melted. *** As Roger passed the quarter way stage, he looked behind him and smiled from ear to ear. Charles was a good half mile behind him and starting to fall even further behind. Although it had been a mass start race with the ten remaining contestants, he knew that even if Charles did manage to overtake him, thanks to his friend, he would not be distracted by him and in the first mile Charles had indeed employed the same move rushing to the front and flexing his glutes in an effort to distract Roger, but this time it hadn't worked and now Roger was doing the same to him. As he chuckled, he wondered what torture his friend was involving Porthos in now and smiled thinking "I don't care what he does, not going to affect me today!" *** "I'm sorry?" asked the Ultimate Musketeer, cupping his hand to his ear, "what did you say?" "LET ME GO!" screamed Porthos, but his screams were muffled by the bag over his head which was being drenched by buckets of water thrown over the man's head by the Ultimate Musketeer with such speed it was almost as if he was being hosed. As he concentrated the water at Porthos's nine inch hard cock he added "I wonder how much of this it will take before you cum, eh? How about this?" and with that doubled the speed of the water causing the Titan to grit his teeth underneath the now sodden bag. "Of course" said the Ultimate Musketeer, "the real Titan, Hercules, would have snapped those bonds ages ago. Perhaps we need to up the ante a bit eh?" and with that picked up something that made Porthos's eyes scream in terror *** "Come on Roger" cheered Aramis and Athos as Roger neared the end of the race, "come on, you can do it!" As Roger thrust his chest over the winning line, both men cheered and as they shook his hand they said "The fastest time ever" "Really?" asked Roger, breathing hard "No one has ever completed that thirty mile run in less than four hours" said Aramis "And you've done it in under three hours!" added Athos, "how did you do it?" "Ask Henri!" he replied with a smile *** Porthos's eyes just screamed terror as the Ultimate Musketeer placed a helmet on his head. "Now, now, don't complain" came the reply, "how many times have we imagined this, eh? All I am doing is offering you a once in a lifetime chance to live your dreams, that's all" and with that he connected the helmet to Porthos's nipples and then connected them to his now ten inch cock and his balls. All the while Porthos was pulled on the restraints that were keeping him in a wooden chair, his stream of curses were blocked by the gag across his mouth "Really?" asked the Ultimate Musketeer, as he did the same to himself, "You would think that you would be congratulating me for even being able to do this, but no, it's all curse, curse, curse. Well, we shall soon put a stop to that shan't we?" and with that placed a helmet on his head, sat down next to Porthos and connected helmets to his sword. As he did, he started to moan saying "Well, I'm ready if you are?" to which Porthos pulled even harder on his restraints to which the reply came, "Fine, if that's the way you want it then you can have it!" and taking a deep breath roared "FOR THE HONOUR OF FRANCE!" As the bolt of lighting appeared from nowhere and struck the sword, both men roared. "YEAH!" roared the Ultimate Musketeer, "feel that Porthos? Feel that power! This is what you have dreamed of ever since we met. My mind being transferred into your body and your mind transferred into mine. Oh, fuck, yeah, Porthos, feel it, revel in it, be one with it!" As Porthos gritted his teeth, his naked body glowing with power, he pulled with every ounce of strength he had on the restraints. As his biceps bulged to their maximum size, the Ultimate Musketeer moaned "Yeah, Yeah, Porthos, do it, make yourself more than a Titan!" and as he spoke, his cock started to dribble. Seconds later, Roger charged into the room and gasped at what he was seeing. Instantly he knew what must have happened. When Henri had drained all the fetishes from his mind so that he could concentrate on the race, it must have corrupted him and now he was playing out every single fetish Roger had on the Ultimate Titan. Wrestling the Ultimate Musketeer to the ground, he placed his hands onto the head of the Ultimate Musketeer and gritted his teeth saying "I reclaim what is mine!". A few moments later, a slightly dazed Ultimate Musketeer shook his head and said "Ah, Roger, nice run?" before a gagged scream of "HELP ME!" alerted him to the Titan's agonised situation. Shouting "Thy honour is restored" the bolt disappeared and Porthos's head lulled forward. As Roger ripped the restraints off Porthos, he placed his ear against the Titan's chest and breathed a sigh of relief. He was still alive, if barely. *** "I'm sorry" said Henri as he paced Roger's room that night and stopped in front of him and Porthos, who aside from a slight headache, had recovered, "I thought I could resist Roger's fantasies, clearly I was wrong" and with that he turned to Roger and said "This means that you are on your own tomorrow, it's the first two back in the swim who qualify for the final part and, well, I can't do anything to help!" As Roger stood up and placed his hands on Henri's shoulder he replied "Yes, there is, mon amis. Cheer, cheer me on and will me to claim one of those places!"