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  1. Part Five "Oh, fuck" moaned Roger as Colin explained what he was going to, "Oh fucking fuck yeah!" "I trust that you understand..." started Colin but was assaulted by a "OH, FUCKING FUCK FUCK YEAH!" as Roger practically came followed by an orgasmic "He-Man and me, connected by our nipples, cocks and balls, being e-stimmed until we cum, our hearts being pushed to the very limit of our endurance, and all the while I'm being forced to imagine He-Man being pushed to his physical limits. What's not to like about that?" "Being overwhelmed by He-Man?" asked Colin, "being turned into a vegetable?" "Oooooh!" moaned Roger as he came again, "Now, you're just toying with me!" *** Twenty minutes later both men were ready. Roger breathing hard and He-Man, now back behind the memory block, thanking Roger for risking his life to save his. It took all of Roger's willpower not to cum again as he moaned "Da nada!" and with that took a deep breath and nodded to Colin who threw the switch that sent twenty thousand volts of alternating current through the two naked musclemen. As the power hit Roger, he held his breath and instantly remembered all of He-Man's miraculous feats of strength and unbridled power. The first was wrestling a monster akin to a bear when he was just a member of a tribe of muscular warriors, a feat of strength that was witnessed by a sorceress who, like Roger, could only breathe "Your strength, your courage" and knew that this man was to become a hero and with that presented him with a sword and a breastplate that increased his strength so much that when he decided to have a home he used his own hands to fashion it out of the rocks of a nearby cliff. Over time, it was clear that these gifts had turned the newly named He-Man into a virtual god and as such attracted enemies. It was therefore decided that he should hide in clear sight and so, with the Sorceress assisting he permitted his essence to be transferred into a great sword. That sword was then handed to a young prince called Adam, several centuries later and when the need came allowed the prince, a man of average stature but as weak as anything to become the hero. That transformation was all that Roger ever wanted to see. To see the prince gain a good foot in height, his body expand, his muscles grow, this is what made him gay and as the power surged through him, unable to hold his breath anymore he screamed "HE-MAN, MAKE ME WHAT YOU ARE!" He-Man's eyes, which had been semi closed as if in a stupor, suddenly snapped open. Pulling on the restraints he grunted with power and as one of them broke he roared "MY SWORD!". As a sword seemed to just appear in his hand, he held it aloft and screamed "BY THE POWER OF GREYSKULL!" and as he did, Roger roared "AND I ACCEPT IT!" Both men seemed to disappear in the glow that followed and as if faded two men appeared before Colin that defied belief. "WE HAVE THE POWER!" they both exclaimed in unison and with that instantly embraced. *** "I cannot thank you enough" said He-Man as he started doing some pushups with Roger on his back, "without your help I would have been trapped behind that memory block for ever!" "Oh, shut up and push!" moaned Roger and then turned to Colin and moaned "And who gave you permission to stop benching?" "Yes, sir!" replied Colin as the Ultimate Musketeer, wondering if the suggestion he had made of He-Man doing pushups with Roger on his back whilst he benched a bench set on which he was benching two tons in weight, was such a good idea after all, but as he heard He-Man start to moan he realised the reason why. Roger immediately clamped his legs around He-Man's waist and thrust his twenty inch cock deep into He-Man's glutes and moaned "Resist it, He-Man, don't cum until you cannot resist me anymore" and with that he placed his ears onto He-Man's back and commanded "Colin, bench every time I say so" and within moments Colin was benching the ton of weight once every three seconds as Roger listened He-Man's supercharged heart pound loudly every nine beats. The sensations rushing through Roger began to affect him and as he increased the speed of his pounding, causing He-Man's heart to accelerate to almost four hundred and forty beats a minute he lost control with an almighty "FUCK!" and unloaded himself into the hero who roared in ecstasy as he came covering the gym floor with pure protein. As they both orgasmed, Roger moaned "He-Man, I love you" and with that passed out from the exertions. *** "Duncan, may I make an admission to you?" As Prince Adam and his friend Duncan, known throughout Eternia as Man at Arms, walked through the palace grounds, the man who was an uncle to the prince nodded. "Are you and He-Man lovers? If so, then...then...can we be lovers as well?" "And what's brought this on?" asked Duncan, confirming the fact that He-Man and he were indeed lovers "A man called Roger" the prince replied, "the man who made He-Man cum!" and with that he closed his eyes remembering the gift that He-Man had given the man who had saved his life. A gift that meant Roger now had a new title to his collection of heroes. He-Man Incarnate, the most powerful man in any universe.
  2. The first poll of the campaign has just been published and if it is anything like correct, Britain is about to become a virtual one party state. Con 48% (+10% on 2015), Lab 24% (-7% on 2015), Lib Dems 12% (+4% on 2015), UKIP 7% (-6% on 2015), SNP 5% (unchanged on 2015), Greens 3% (-1% on 2015), Others 1% (unchanged on 2015). Conservative lead of 24% (on a swing of 8.5% from Lab to Con since 2015). That would see Labour lose 87 seats including Lindsay Hoyle (Deputy Speaker), Geoffrey Robinson (former Paymaster General), Vernon Coaker (former Shadow Northern Ireland Secretary) and Paul Flynn (who led the debate to ban Trump from the UK) and would see the Conservatives with a majority of at least 186
  3. The General Election has been formally confirmed with MP's voting by 522 to 13 in favour of June 8th. Parliament will formally dissolve on May 3rd and the campaigns are likely to start as early as next week (to tie in with the local elections to be held on May 4th)
  4. At around 2.00pm EDT this afternoon, Parliament will formally vote on allowing the Prime Minister to call a general election for June 8th 2017 after her announcement yesterday that she wished to call one. This Parliamentary vote is to fulfil the conditions of the Fixed Term Parliament Act (created by the Conservative / Liberal Democrat coalition in 2011) to prevent Prime Ministers calling a general election when they felt like it (to which critics today have noted did not stop this Prime Minister doing exactly that). Therefore what I would like to do is to track the election by posting daily opinion poll summaries (and forecasts) as well as (with the moderator's permission) asking members (whether they are from the UK or not) what constituencies they would be like to be informed about. Now, for UK members this is simple, but for members from outside, I would suggest saying what British town you most identify with. For instance, do you have a living relative in the Hodge Hill district of Birmingham? Was an ancestor the mayor of Dorchester? Is your family originally from the Scottish Highlands? Whatever part of the United Kingdom you fell most attached to, that is the area that I will keep a track of. Therefore let me start off with the first opinion poll of the campaign, published yesterday, which suggested that the Conservatives (right of centre) would poll 46%, Labour (left of centre) would poll 25%, the Liberal Democrats (centrists) 11%, United Kingdom Independence Party (right wing anti Europeans) 8%, the Scottish National Party (left wing nationalists) 5%, the Green Party (left wing environmentalists) 4%, Plaid Cymru (left wing nationalists in Wales) 1% giving the Conservatives a lead of 21% and an estimated majority in the House of around 150
  5. In all three cases the same simple premise applies. Just say "Good (time of day" and wait. If they reply then just say "Do excuse me saying so, but you seem rather on the big side!" and see where that leads. If you get nothing in reply, just ignore and carry on.
  6. Part Four As Colin watched the man who, just fifteen minutes ago, had announced himself as He-Man, the self proclaimed "most powerful man in the universe" taking Roger's muscular body for a test drive and was now doing eight hundred pound benches with one arm, the other placed on Roger's muscular pecs and moaning as he felt the powerful heart pump underneath them, Colin just shook his head. This simply could not be happening. "He-Man" he said to himself, "was is a fictional character created by a toy firm to cash in on the success of the Conan franchise, which led to a series of cartoons and a movie in 1987. Therefore this man cannot be him and yet, he's breaking any number of strength records and I'm witnessing them. This is just plain impossible!" As the man lowered the weight, sat up and puffed out his chest he noticed Colin looking at him with a great deal of confusion. Sensing that he was doing something that this man could not understand he said, quite plainly, "Do you understand what I am doing?" "Frankly, no" came the reply followed by "You cannot be who you say you are, and yet you're free of that memory block so I cannot understand it!" The man chuckled and with that patted the bench next to him and as Colin sat down next to him the man said "How strong are you?" "Well, compared to you nothing like as strong" Colin replied, "but I could be, if you wanted me to!" "First, try and crush this!" he said and with that flexed Roger's twenty three inch bicep. Colin had managed to cause Roger to beg for mercy on several occasions as the Ultimate Musketeer when the two wrestled and so as he grabbed hold of the bicep and started to squeeze, he knew that he wouldn't get very far so was genuinely surprised when he said "Become the man who this man's body worships!" and so Colin went to fetch his Musketeer sword and standing in front of the man declared "For the honour of France" and as he transformed into the Ultimate Musketeer, the man smiled from ear to ear. "Now, you will understand who I am!" he said as Colin grabbed hold of the bicep and squeezed with every ounce of his strength and was amazed as the man just seemed to chuckle. This man's strength was greater than Roger's and amazingly his mind now seemed to enhancing his strength. After ten minutes of torture, Colin gave up and was surprised when the man said "My turn!" and so Colin flexed his twenty eight inch bicep and said "Well, I don't think..." but then instantly screamed in agony as the man crushed it within seconds of grasping his hand around it. Panting from the experience, Colin stared in disbelief at the man who simply nodded and as impossible as it sounded, Colin had to accept the truth. This really was He-Man's mind in Roger's body and enhancing his body to beyond anything humanly possible and as he did, he immediately knew he was in the presence of a true hero and so knelt down and said, humbly, "Forgive me for my impertinence, o hero!" to which the reply came "You really do remind me of Duncan!" and with that picked up Colin, took him back to the room where his former body was still in place and said "Switch us back and help me escape!"
  7. Part Three “Oh, fuck, yeah!” moaned Roger as he bucked his hips and gyrated them as Colin tried his best to restrain him, “I can’t wait to experience all that pain, agony and torture as we swap our minds!” and with that he started to pre cum, groaning as he did. As Colin managed to take advantage of a momentary pause in Roger's ecstasy and snapped the buckles around Roger's ankles into place he said "There are times I wonder how you talk me into these things!" "Admit it" moaned Roger, "you like see me get aroused don't you? How many people my age do you know with a body like this, that can still cum almost on command with the right stimulation. Now, hurry up with those restraints, I can't wait to see the video of He-Man breaking these restraints as if they were nothing!" "Now, hold hard there a minute buster" said Colin, "firstly I am not convinced that this man is He-Man" and with that gestured to the stranger now strapped into the chair opposite gently snoring, "and even if he is, it will be his mind that is transferred into your brain, not his strength!" "He is He-Man!" moaned Roger, "there's no one else it could be. Have you seen a man that tall, that heavy, that muscular, that, oooooh, that hung. Oh, fuck, here I cum!" and with that he came for the third time in the last ten minutes just as Colin finished the restraints. As Roger orgasmed he moaned, "Do it, do it now, swap us and make me suffer, that's why I wanted you to put He-Man to sleep, so I can bring this place to it's foundations with my screams!" As Colin approached the console he sighed and said "You know what my problem is don't you? I just cannot say no to a good science experiment" and with that placed his hand on a lever and announced "Unconscious Mind Swap with Memory Blocked Donor, in three, two, one!" and with that threw the lever. "OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, FFFFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUCCCCCCCCCCCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK!" screamed Roger as the power surged into his body. Watching both Roger, pulling against the restraints, his muscles bulging as they did, and the console, Colin read out the numbers being generated. "Five thousand volts at an average resistance of dry skin means that's a twentieth of an amp passing through your heart right now. You know if you weren't so endowed with the powers of Hyperman you'd be dead now, so that fact that your heart's pumping at close to a hundred and twenty beats per minute isn't half bad!" "MORE!" screamed Roger, "PUSH ME TO MY LIMITS, MAKE ME CUM, MAKE ME SCREAM, GIVE ME EVERYTHING!" As Colin increased the voltage Roger's screams of ecstasy became louder and deeper and his muscles bulged as if there was no tomorrow. As it did, Colin noted Roger's heart accelerating in response to the torture. At 10,000 volts with a 0.1 amp reading, it was beating at 175 bpm. 100,000 volts with a 1 amp reading, 215 bpm, A million volts with a 10 amp reading, almost 300 bpm and still Roger was pulling against his restraints begging Colin to "MAKE ME A MAN, A HE-MAN!" until he screamed "GIVE ME THE MAXIMUM!" and with that broke free of the restraints, hit the biggest most muscular of his life and roared as he came with such force that as Colin pressed the button that caused the swap to happen, the combined force of the swap and the orgasm caused him to slump back into the chair. Instantly Colin switched off the power and taking a bottle of smelling salts waved it under Roger's nose. As Roger's eyes slowly opened, a new voice came from his lips. A voice that just oozed power. "I AM HE-MAN!" he roared, "Your spell has been broken Skeletor, and I am free once again!"
  8. Part Two As Colin gave the stranger a protein shake and tried to comfort him, it was all Roger could do not to leap on him and fuck him there and then. "Oh man" he moaned to himself, "this is my dream come true. He-Man, completely naked, pre brainwashed, not able to remember who he is, just waiting for me to ram him. Oh fuck, I can just imagine it now, me and him screaming in ecstasy as we cum, perhaps in unison, and the orgasm that would follow. Oh man, I...I can't help it!" and with that he declared "He-Man, fuck me!" and presented his naked body for the man of his dreams to bear witness to. "Do excuse my friend" said Colin, "he's a little overwhelmed by you" and with that he got up, grabbed hold of Roger's arm and practically dragged him into the posing room where he slammed him against the mirror and said in a stern voice, "And what precisely are you up to?" "Oh, please" moaned Roger, "you've got to. It's not like he wouldn't know. He's He-Man, my all time fantasy man. The man I watched in college, the man who made me realise that I was gay, the man I had my first orgasm to, the man who..." "Alright, I get the picture" said Colin, "but you have to remember. Whether or not that man is He-Man, which I strongly doubt, he is clearly suffering from some kind of memory loss and that does not mean that you can use that to your advantage" "Excuse me, gentlemen" said the stranger as he peered into the room, "I couldn't help but overhear your friend's comments" and with that he went to Roger and said "Sir, is what you said true. Do you really want to have sex with me?" "Oh, fucking, yes!" moaned Roger and started to worship the man saying "Oh, to feel those bulging calves, those powerful hams, those mammoth quads, those thick glutes, those abs, those pecs, those nipples, those guns. Oh please say that I can!" "Oh dear" said the man, chuckling, "You sound just like Duncan!" "Duncan? Who is Duncan?" asked Colin but as the man was about to answer he said "I...I don't know. The name just came to me and now it's gone!" "Memory Block!" exclaimed Colin and with that rushed into the office, grabbed his tablet and rushed back and showed a picture of a chair like device. "And that is?" asked Roger "A memory block was a device that I, as the Victorian Hero, managed to prevent being used on Gladstone" he explained, "the aim of it was to prevent a person remembering key elements. One of my villains was going to use it to take control of the country by wheedling his way into Gladstone's cabinet, but, well, let's just say that he's like a broken clock these days" "Can this block be reversed?" asked the man "No" said Colin shaking his head, "the only way to get around it would be to bypass your memory entirely and that, well, let's just say, is not the easiest thing in the world. Firstly you'd need something to act as a deposit and then you need someone to volunteer to be that deposit and then...Er, Roger, do you need to go to the toilet?" "Please" Roger said, puffing and panting, "please tell me you are suggesting what I think you are suggesting?" "And that would be?" asked Colin "Strapping me into an electric chair, sending thousands, no, hundreds of thousands, no millions, no billions, no, trillions of volts of alternating current into my body, transferring He-Man's mind into my body, oh, please, say that's what you are thinking of!" "Well" said Colin, "I was considering it but only if..." "Please, He-Man" said Roger, practically begging the man, "please say yes, please, I...I...I want to feel your power, your strength, your manhood!" "If this man is willing" said the man, "then I accept his offer!" "OH FUCKING YEAH!" Roger screamed at the top of his voice as his cock hardened.
  9. Part One "So, looking forward to Easter then Roger?" "You betcha I am, second only to Christmas for getting this gym filled up with people who have overdone it. That's the reason why I've closed early today and won't open until six in the morning the day after Easter. When I did that last year, I had a queue of people trailing round the block!" "Plus, it means that we can train as we like, so come on then, Roger, let's see how strong those legs are eh? That's three tons of that bar, how about as many squats as you can endure in the time it takes me to breath again after holding my breath. Deal?" "Oh, it's on!" moaned Roger as he positioned himself under the bar, and at the nod his head, Colin took a deep breath and held it. For the next seven minutes both men, naked under the lights of the gym, pushed themselves to their limits and then beyond. Roger grunting with every lift, his breathing becoming more and more ragged with each rep, his cock responding to the torture inflating to it's fourteen inch maximum, his heart pounding as was Colin's as he felt himself reach his limit, but both men knew what would happen to the person who succumbed first. The loser would be impaled on the winner's mighty cock and so despite the fact their minds were screaming "Stop this torture" they continued. However on Roger's fiftieth rep and Colin entering his eighth minute of self imposed torture, something happened that caused both men to lose their challenge. In the corner of the gym, next to the bench press, still soaking from their double benching challenge of Roger benching the press with Colin lying on it benching his bodyweight for reps, a white ball started to appear which slowly got brighter and brighter. As Roger stood up and stared at the ball, he gestured to Colin who breathed out and watched in amazement as he became convinced there was something inside the ball. Suddenly the ball seemed to explode, but without any heat, and the contents was revealed. It was a man, almost curled up into a ball, naked just as Roger and Colin were, but even more muscular than they were. Colin, thanks to his alter ego, the Ultimate Musketeer, could tell instantly that this man, when he stood up, had to be at least six and a half feet tall, maybe even seven feet tall and weigh at least three hundred pounds and clearly had little, if any, body fat on him at all. His chest, heaving from the experience, was close to sixty inches, his arms held behind his back in a pose so agonising Colin wondered why he had been placed in that pose, had to be thirty inches, his waist was about the same, as was his legs. As the man slowly stood up, confirming Colin's initial guesses, Roger who had by now racked the bar, stood there with an expression of sheer amazement on his face. He knew this man, it was impossible, but it was him. One of the heroes he watched when he was younger, the man who convinced him of his sexuality, a man whose name he whispered as if uttering the name of a deity "He-Man" he whispered as the man stood up and said, in a deep voice that seemed to go through both me, and yet seemed helpless at the same time, "Gentlemen, please tell me, who am I?"
  10. Okay, I know it's Google Translate, but it might give you an idea: As I said Google Translate so apologies if it makes no sense
  11. I cannot say for certain, but I have sent a message to the author asking if he intends for it to be published and will let you know what he replies
  12. Prof Graeme L. Close is a Sport Nutrition Consultant and Professor of Human Physiology at Liverpool, John Moore's University and is currently working with the English Ruby Team as well as several European Tour Golfers. Yesterday evening he held a professional entitled "Of Muscles, Mice and (very big) Men" which he posted a picture from on his Twitter feed And given the nature of the topic I thought that members might find it of very great interest
  13. Nicola Sturgeon MSP (SNP, Glasgow Southside) has today officially requested a second Scottish referendum in Scotland under Section 30 of the Scotland Act where a letter is sent from the Scottish Government to the Westminster Government. The letter has been published online and is quoted in full below
  14. My personal thoughts, and as you may have gathered a lot of them have a slight scientific bent, would be to ask "I hope you don't mind me asking, but would be it possible to assess how much strength you have expressed as how many pounds you can lift per inch of muscle?" and then explain that if a person with a 50 inch chest can bench 500lbs, then a person with a 40 inch chest who can bench 420 is proportionally stronger (being able to bench 10½lbs per inch of chest, as opposed to 10lbs per inch of chest) and then being able to compile a series of data points to answer the question posed overall "Does bigger really mean stronger?"
  15. The debate that will lead to the vote on the creation of a second referendum will start today at 2.00pm GMT (10.00am EDT / 7.00am PDT) and will be shown on Sky News, BBC News, BBC Parliament in the UK today and on BBC Two Scotland tomorrow for people in the UK or online via the Scottish Parliament's own website for people outside the UK. The current composition of the Parliament is as follows: Scottish National Party 63, Scottish Conservatives 31, Scottish Labour 24, Scottish Greens 6, Scottish Liberal Democrats 5 The likely AYE votes will be from the SNP (63) and Greens (6) and the likely NO votes will be from the Conservatives (31), Labour (24) and Liberal Democrats (5)