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  1. Vacuum Pose Training

    Might I also recommend that people keep an eye on Liam Kelly from the United Kingdom (who is trying to bring back the vacuum pose into competition)
  2. How did the word FUCK get invented?

    That would be Henry I in the United Kingdom (who was known to have a rather too muck of a liking for lamphreys that was perhaps best for him). However, as with most things online, I am afraid to state that this is "FALSE" as defined by Snopes.com who state "[Fuck] is a very old word, recorded in English since the 15th century (few acronyms predate the 20th century), with cognates in other Germanic languages. The Random House Historical Dictionary of American Slang (Random House, 1994, ISBN 0-394-54427-7) cites Middle Dutch fokken = “to thrust, copulate with”; Norwegian dialect fukka = “to copulate”; and Swedish dialect focka = “to strike, push, copulate” and fock = “penis”. Although German ficken may enter the picture somehow, it is problematic in having e-grade, or umlaut, where all the others have o-grade or zero-grade of the vowel" so if anyone is responsible for it's invention it was the German monachs https://www.snopes.com/language/acronyms/fuck.asp
  3. The American Musketeer Goes to Olympia

    Chapter Sixteen "Roger, Roger, are you all right?" As Henri tried his best to revive Roger, Porthos apologised but Alexei was having none of it. "This proves, mon amis" he said to Henri, "that you chose well. When I told you that you could only tell two other people, I was worried in case you told Captain Treville and the King, but by telling Porthos and your friend from your own time, the reasons I chose you to become the Ultimate Musketeer have been proven, therefore, yes, I will conduct the experiment you asked me to do and yes, all three of you will be able to benefit from it" "Did you hear that Roger?" asked Henri, "you're about to get your deepest, darkest and most sexually stimulating desires answered!" but it was no good as Roger was still out of it to with Porthos smiled, "Let him discover the interesting way, mon amis" and with that helped Henri place Roger in place after undressing him. *** "Oh, man" moaned Roger as he came to, half an hour later, "that's one experience I am never going to forget in a hurry!" "Then this will be another!" said Alexei, and gestured Roger to look around him. As he did, Roger gasped "Oh, fuck, is this...have you...Oh, fucking fuck, fuck!" "Why do you think I've been asking what your favourite e-stim video is?" asked Henri to Roger's left, lashed and spreadeagled, naked, with what looked like a Viking helmet bar the horns on his head, "and why I've been sending you all those horror movies from the 1950's and 1960's eh?" "Fuck!" moaned Roger, "you mean, we've going to transfer minds?" "Nay, my lover" replied Porthos, to the left of Henri, and whilst also lashed and spreadeagled and just as naked, his nipples and cock had cables attached to them, "we are going to share the power of our mutual friend" It was then that Roger looked at himself and moaned as he noticed the cable attached to his own nipples and cock and moaned with desire. "I think we are all ready to go, Alexei" said Henri and with that Alexei nodded and pulled away a cloth from an object in front of them and said "Gentlemen, if this works, you will share in the power of the Philsopher's Stone!" "FOR THE HONOUR OF FRANCE!" roared Henri and as Roger moaned, expecting a surge of power, he opened his eyes a moment later and asked "What's wrong?" "Remember that sword?" asked Henri, "and all that copper cable? Look up!" As Roger did, he saw a streak of electricity surge around the room following the copper cable and as it headed towards him he roared "FUCK, YEAH!" as Henri was engulfed in the surge transforming into the Ultimate Musketeer. The surge passed through Henri and flowed into both Porthos and Roger who screamed in estacy as they transformed into the Ultimate Titan and Cadet, but if they were expecting to remain that way they were sorely mistaken for Henri screamed the phrase again sending another bolt of power into the three men. Repeating the phrase almost continously for ten minutes, all three men's cocks were soon longer, harder, thicker and redder than any previously recorded and yet, through nothing more than Henri's willpower they hadn't cum that was until Alexei shouted "The cauldron is that the right temperature!" "CUM!" screamed the Ultimate Musketeer and on cue, all three men came with such force that the cauldron below them was soon full of raw male essence and as it started to boil and give off a familiar smell, the three men, still being tortured by the agony gritted their teeth as they continued to cum. Suddenly, with a roar of "CEASE" the torture stopped and as all three men orgasmed, Alexei transferred the surge into the cauldron. There was a massive glow of white light that burned into all their eyes and when it faded, Alexei leapt for joy as he declared "Monsieurs, we have done it, the Philisopher's Stone is ours" as in the bottom of the cauldron was a large object that was as white as snow and yet was clearly an object that none of them had seen before. *** As the Ultimate Musketeer, Cadet and Titan held the stone in their hands they all moaned in expectation. "Just think" said the Ultimate Musketeer, "with this we can become immortal, gods amongst men, therefore Roger, I want you to have this and become the man you have always wanted to be forever" and with that gently rolled it towards the Ultimate Cadet. As it did Roger's eyes opened wide and he replied "No, I am not worthy of such a gift, you should have it!" and rolled it back to the Ultimate Musketeer who shook his head and said "What use would it be for me, I say? I already have my dreams, you have it!" and rolled it back to the Cadet who shook his head again adding "Then, the Titan should have it" and rolled it towards the Titan but he too shook his head and said "I thank you, my lovers, but I cannot. Henri has told me what must happen to me, I must die at the grotto in Locmaria, my death is what makes you both what you are. Henri, the tales of the Musketeers are what made you want to become one and Roger, it was my titanic death that made you become interested in strength and power, all of which would not happen without my death, therefore I cannot accept" and rolled the stone back to Henri who suddenly smiled. "There is one man here present who deserves this more than anyone" he said, chuckling, "Without him we would not be here today, sharing this moment" and with that he held the stone and said "Alexei, for all the good that you have done for us, we wish you to have this. Your knowledge of science is just what is needed as the world faces a future that could be as dangerous as it is promising. Become the immortal that this stone would make you, so that your legacy is preserved" and placed the stone in Alexei's quaking hands. As Alexei looked up he was on the verge of tears and said "Ultimate Musketeer, you honour me" and with that broke a section off, took a deep breath and swallowed it whole. As soon as he did, his eyes opened wide. "The...power....of....life!" he gasped as he started to glow eventually becoming so bright that the Ultimates had to shield their eyes. With an explosion of energy, the Ultimates uncovered their eyes to find a man looking no older than D'Artangan jumping for joy. "Oh, mon amis" he beamed, "I cannot thank you enough" and with that started to rush around and was busy pouring liquids into bottles and over solids chuckling all the time. As he did the Ultimate Musketeer, placed his arms around the Ultimate Titan and Cadet and said "Now, there mon amis, there is the tre Olympian, an Olympian of the mind!" This will be the last chapter of this story so therefore I am opening up the ending, who would you like to experience the power of the Philsopher's Stone, what effect should it have on them and will they share the power. On the subject of which, @powerbeats if you would like to illustrate the torture that these men have just experienced (and indeed the experiment that they have powered) you are more than welcome to.
  4. The American Musketeer Goes to Olympia

    Chapter Fifteen "The last thing you said to me was "The Ultimate E-Stim session for the Ultimate Men" and that was nearly three weeks ago. Why then are we walking through 17th century Paris?" As Henry chuckled placing a friendly arm across Roger's shoulders he said "Because that is what we are going to do, but before we do, I want to give you a little history and geography lesson at the same time" and with that stopped and gestured to the building in front of them and asked "Do you know what that is?" Roger looked at the building up and down and said "A palace?" "That is not a palace" smiled Henry, "that is the prison that in around a hundred and fifty years from now will be stormed making the start of the French Revolution" "The Bastille?" asked Roger as Henry nodded and as he did so Roger moaned "Oh, fuck, is...is Porthos there as well? Naked as the day he was born, his huge cock bobbing in time with his heart as he finishes his thirtieth set of pull-ups using a..." "No" smiled Henry, "he is not" and with that handed Roger a telescope and said "Look at the highest point of that prison and tell me what you see!" Roger looked and as he did he said "A sword?" "That's right" chuckled Henry, "and what do you see leading from that sword?" "A copper pipe!" replied Roger and looked at Henry with a quizzical look handing the telescope back. As he did Henry pointed the pope to Roger as he led from the roof of the prison to the ground and then snaked along the ground and into the distance and as they followed it Henry continued "Now, that's the geography part done, now for the history. Ever heard of the Philosopher's stone?" "Nope" came the reply, "What is it?" "Well, if you believe the people around here, it is a legendary substance, allegedly capable of turning inexpensive metals into gold. It was sometimes believed to be an elixir of life, useful for rejuvenation and possibly for achieving immortality!" smiled Henry "In other words, hogwash!" replied Roger but Henry replied "Anything but, people looking for it managed to find phosphorus from it, but I have a feeling that Alexei going to have a pretty good stab at it this evening!" "Alexei?" asked Roger "He's the man who made all of this possible!" replied Henry, patting his sword in its sheath and as they continued their way Henry chuckled "Would you like to know how I became the Ultimate Musketeer?" to which Roger nodded "Well, I suppose it all started about a decade ago now, at least I think it was a decade ago. That's the problem living in two time zones, it's difficult to keep track. Anyway, you know the story "The Man in the Iron Mask" about an imposter trying to become King? Well, it was immediately after that little crisis. The Musketeers knew that he would try again and so every day was training. Not that I minded in the slightest I say, after all, as a full blown Musketeer I liked it, such on the morning in question when I was a few moments later and Treville ordered me to do fifty pushups. During those pushups, Aramis and Athos were duelling with the winner facing me. As it happened it was Aramis and we went at it like hammer and tongs. Mind you it was very slippery underfoot so when I lost my footing, a couple of Cardinal's guards decided to make some very ribald comments!" "I trust..." said Roger to which Henry nodded "Oh yes" he replied, "I gave them what for and would have given them a lot more if Ochre hadn't misjudged a hedge and landed us both in a fountain which prompted those guardsmen to have hysterics and the Captain to say that it was high time that I got a younger horse. Well, you know what I felt about that, me, replace the horse that had served me so well since I became a Musketeer. Not going to happen. It was during that very heated discussion that Alexei's name was first mentioned. Aramis called him a devil worshipper and a communer of evil but Athos said that he was more a magician then evil wizard so I thought I have a visit and see what he could do for Ochre. He lived in the middle of the forest and boy, was it creepy getting there. You think these horror movies set in the woods are fiction, you wouldn't have thought it that day, let me tell you. Bats, Owls, you name it, my heart was pounding by the time we reached his cave and Ochre was just as scared not wishing to be left alone!" "And was he?" asked Roger "Nah, just a very eccentric alchemist" smiled Henry, "but it was him that allowed me to become the Ultimate Musketeer. He had created a potion that, well, regenerated Ochre from a old and rather lame horse into a stallion that could easily win the Kentucky Derby, the Belmont, the Preakness and still have enough left in the tank to run the Grand National all in the same day. I was naturally amazed and asked "What would happen if a human drank that?" and well..." "Oh fuck" moaned Roger, "you drank a magic potion? Like Obelix did? Oh fuck, tell me, what did it feel like?" "Very heavy on the garlic!" replied Henry "and didn't affect me. It wasn't until Alexei took me outside told me to raise my sword and declare, well, you know what, that I became him and when I did I just stood there panting with my eyes opened wide and gasped "What was that?" "And then you came?" "Actually no" replied Henry, "I didn't cum as him until the second occasion. I was patrolling with a group of Musketeers when someone came running up in a panic about their child trapped in their house. Well, it was clear who was needed and after making my excuses, became him and saved that child by absorbing the impact of the house collapsing on me. I handed the child back and made my exit by jumping from the centre of Paris to the Bois de Boulogne. As I landed I was suddenly overcome by a sensation of raw unfiltered power, dived into a nearby pond, held my breath, ripped off the loincloth and came so violently that pond is still known as the "Pond of Life" and my word, the orgasm I had, took me three hours to recover from it" and with that he turned to Roger who was leaning against a lamp panting "Oh fuck, you are going to have tell me that story again when I am Man Incarnate, I've just made the biggest cum shot ever!" "Just you wait until you find out what Alexei wants me, you and Porthos to do before you make that wish" chuckled Henry and led his friend on. About half an hour later, they arrived at their destination, the old barracks of the Musketeers before they had moved into their current quarters and as Henri knocked on the door in an almost code like manner, Roger's mind was already reeling and he moaned "Oh, fuck, yeah, an abandoned military headquarters, oh, do you know what's running through my head right now!" The door opened and as the two men walked in, Roger moaned "Oh fuck, I recognise that smell anywhere, that's raw masculine power drenched in sweat!" and with that he rushed forwards into the darkness. Coming towards a room that was lit by nothing more than candlelight, he moaned as he could feel himself starting to precum as there was Porthos, naked, overhead pressing a cannon, grunting as the cannon was hoisted above him. "Oooooohhhhhh!" moaned Roger as he fainted and came at the same time.
  5. Exploring hard muscular bodies

    There is nothing wrong with this in the slightest I say, you only have to look at "Pumping Iron" and it's clear that even the pros of the 1970's were into it as well (for instance here's Franco Columbo in his home town in Italy) So my advice would be "Tell people that" and you never know you might find someone who is able to fill the other end of the equation
  6. The American Musketeer Goes to Olympia

    Chapter Fourteen As the three men looked at their enemies, an idea started to stir in the Ultimate Musketeer's mind and as he stared at Jussac he growled "I suppose you want us to surrender, oui?" "Surrender and become members of the Cardinal's guards!" came the reply, "We know your secrets, we know that you love each other and all I need to do is tell Captain Treville when I get back..." "Yes" declared the Ultimate Musketeer, "we do love each other, and so what! We love many things, we love each other, we love our captain, we love the King and do you why we love these things? It's because when we do something, we do it for one thing alone!" "One thing?" asked Milady, raising an eyebrow "Yes" replied the Ultimate Musketeer, "one thing, one thing that you three will never be able to understand, not in a million years!" and with that he placed his sword in-between his pecs and as he squeezed them together to hold it there, he waggled his fingers. As the Ultimate Titan and Cadet looked at them, the Ultimate Musketeer winked at his lovers and they joined hands. "And what is this thing?" asked Rochefort, "that so binds you together if it is not love?" "It is the one thing that every Musketeer alive dreams of being able to say" said the Ultimate Musketeer, "the one thing that only those who know the true meaning of what it means to be a Musketeer can understand" and with that he looked at his lovers and nodded before continuing "That one thing is that everything we do is..." "FOR THE HONOUR OF FRANCE!" all three declared in unison and as they did, a bolt struck the sword causing them all to become enveloped in it. The roars of power that followed were so loud, and so powerful that every window in the office shattered into tiny fragments and caused all three enemies to be knocked out so that as the power faded and the three lovers stood there panting from the experience, the Ultimate Musketeer declared "And now you know why we shall never be defeated" and with that sheathed his sword before turning to his lover both of whom had their eyes open wide unable to believe what they were seeing. "Gentlemen" smiled the Ultimate Musketeer, "you are looking at three men, each of whom is nine feet tall, each of whom weighs 497lbs each give or take twenty five pounds either side possessing a chest that is three inches either side of 100 inches, waists that are two inches either side of 50 inches, an inch either side of forty inch biceps, quads an inch either side of 50 inches, calves an inch either side of 39 inches and the proud owners of the first ever recorded twelve pack of abdominal muscles" Both the Ultimate Titan and Cadet moaned as they felt drawn to each other and as they kissed passionately, their eighteen inch long flaccid cocks started to expand. "Now, now" chuckled the Ultimate Musketeer, "don't spoil the fun yet, we have a statement to give to the press" *** "And that is why ladies and gentlemen" announced the Ultimate Musketeer at a packed news conference later that day, "we had to state that I had died. If our enemies have known that I had not died then it would not have been possible to break the world's largest drug smuggling operation in crystal meth, but I am pleased to report that the organisers are now in police custody and no manner of Sauls would be able to break them out. Thank you again for attending at such short notice and look forward to meeting you all at our next charity event!" and with that he left the stage and was greeted by his lovers with open arms. "So what can we do now?" asked the Ultimate Titan, "we still have a day in Vegas before we have to go home!" "Gentlemen" smiled the Ultimate Musketeer, "I propose we enjoy for real what we had to fake!" and as the Ultimate Cadet gasped and then moaned, the Ultimate Titan asked "what did you have to fake?" "The ultimate e-stim session for the ultimate men!" came the smiling reply.
  7. Lunch Ideas

    I would never touch a "Pot Noodle" in a million years (have you seen how much salt they have?) No, I am talking about the plain old dried noodles that you can cook in boiling water (for a maximum of six minutes) and then cover in anything you like (I've had them mixed up with some of the stir fry sauces that Musclefood sell, and they were very nice indeed I must say)
  8. Lunch Ideas

    Have you pondered the idea of noodles (easily done in a microwave these days)
  9. Getting erections at the gym?

    Could I ask, from a purely scientific viewpoint, could the two be connected? In other words, if you see a really big guy pushing himself to his limits would that be more likely or less likely to produce a bulge in his pants / shorts / briefs (call it what you will). If so, then might I suggest that my gym may have someone who would qualify (who is a strongman competitor) who in the past when maxing out in powerlifting training has done a 550lb squat, 396lb bench and a 704lb deadlift (total 1,650lbs) at a bodyweight of 231lbs?
  10. Leg Press Weight

    I cannot contribute to this discussion effectively, as my gym does not have a leg press, but wished to echo the thoughts of @LondonMuscle in that I am very wary of squats as I suffered a slipped disc between August 2012 and July 2013 (only officially diagnosed as such in September 2013) and therefore do not want to do anything that might cause it to happen again (for the simple reason that as a carer, a slipped disc would mean that I could not care)
  11. The American Musketeer Goes to Olympia

    Chapter Thirteen "Can I help you gentlemen at all?" asked the receptionist as Henry, Roger and Porthos, all dressed in smart business suits stood in front of her "Good morning" smiled Henry, opening a briefcase, "we are the main partners of Cardigan, Dixon and Porthau solicitors and we have been asked to present our services to your CEO, Mr. Plessis, with regard to the case that he is currently fighting through the district courts here in Nevada" and as he closed the briefcase and handed the receptionist a sheet of paper, he took off his glasses and apologised "Do excuse me, my glasses get filthy" and as he did looked at the receptionist who started to read the paper. As she did, Roger nudged Porthos and whispered "It's working" After a few moments, the receptionist gave back the sheet of paper, picked up the phone and said, albeit rather blankly, "Mr. Plessis, your 10.30 appointment is here" and gestured to the lifts at the far end of the reception lobby. "Thank you for your service" smiled Henry and with that the group made their way to the lifts, entered and waved to the receptionist as the doors closed. As soon as they did, Henry breathed a sigh of relief. "Phew, I am so glad that worked" he said, "I've never tried influencing a person when they are not in a state of sexual ecstasy before, but now we can start our plan. Porthos, if you would be so kind please?" Porthos nodded and making a fist punched through the roof of the lift as if it was made of paper, and as he did, Henry opened his briefcase again and took out his sword, and helped by Roger whose shoulders he clambered upon asked "Gentlemen, are you ready?" to which both men nodded in reply and as he declared "FOR THE HONOUR OF FRANCE" Porthos wrapped his arms around them both. *** As the lift doors opened into the office of the CEO of Richlieu Industries, the Ultimate Musketeer, Cadet and Titan spilled out and stood facing the desk where the back of a chair was facing them. "Turn around, monsieur" bellowed the Ultimate Musketeer, "we know that it was you who commissioned my murder" As the chair span around, all three men gasped in shock as the occupant stood up and clapped his hands slowly. "Well done, monsieur" he said almost with a sneer in his voice. "Jussac" declared the Ultimate Titan and shot him a look of sheer anger, "You just wanted to get even with me didn't you?" "You, your friends, and the entire Musketeer corps" came the reply, "after all you're not the only ones who can time travel, isn't that right mon amis?" and with that two doors either side of the office opened and out stepped... "Rochefort!" exclaimed the Ultimate Cadet "Milady!" exclaimed the Ultimate Musketeer and as they all looked at each other, they wondered whether they could defeat the three most dangerous members of the Cardinal's guards ever to exist.
  12. The American Musketeer Goes to Olympia

    Chapter Twelve "Has he gone?" As Man Incarnate opened an eye he replied "Yes, did you hear all that then?" "In-between having the mother of all orgasms yes" smiled the Ultimate Musketeer as he too opened his eyes and with that stepped out of the chair, dusted himself down and added "Now do you see why I asked you to change the power supply from alternating current to direct current and lie about the voltage surging through me?" As Man Incarnate nodded he asked "So just how much...?" "Well, prior to my sword giving me a helping hand a mere hundred thousand, but thanks to my personal lightning bolts, a mere million or so!" came the smiling reply "Oh, man" came the moaned reply, "A million volts, man, how hard were you pumping?" "A hundred and ninety or so!" came the reply, "but we're losing the focus here. It's clear that Richelieu and Rochefort are still out to get me some four hundred years later, clearly we must have really annoyed them when you became a Musketeer. Check social media will you and see if there's anything about me?" Taking his tablet out of his clothes, Man Incarnate looked through and found "It is with great sadness that we have to report the death of the Ultimate Musketeer, our guest poser last night, and ask that our community is allowed to grieve for the man who helped this contest become the success it is" adding "that's from the Olympia committee" "So, that's his game, eh?" smiled the Ultimate Musketeer, "then three can play at that!" and with that transformed them both back to Henry and Roger so that they could move freely around the city without arousing suspicion and started to plan their revenge, a revenge that needed one more ingredient, an ingredient that needed a little extra spice to the recipe. *** "So" moaned Roger, as Henry restrained him to his bed in their hotel room, "what do I have to do again?" "Think of every time that Porthos has made love to you" replied Henry, "every penetration, every kiss, every little thing. Those memories will then power this little gadget" and with that he placed a device, akin to a Viking helmet but without the horns, onto Roger's head, "which in turn will then seek out similar memories via the time stream" and as Roger raised an eyebrow Henry chuckled "And who said all those hours of watching Doctor Who as a teenager was time wasted eh?" before continuing, "when that device finds memories similar it will lock on to them and bring them here, in other words, you're going to summon Porthos through time using nothing more than the memories of your lovemaking!" "Oh, fuck" moaned Roger, "you really know how to turn a man on don't you?" "Not really" came the reply, "I just do what makes the most obvious sense" and with that switched on the device and encouraged Roger to start remembering. As Roger did, his hips started to buck as he remembered the first time he met the Titan, then as he remembered exploring the man's massive physique, rubbing his chest, squeezing his nipples, sucking his cock and ramming the Titan, a blue hole started to appear at the end of the bed. "That's it, Roger" smiled Henry, "keep remembering and up the ante" "Oh man!" moaned Roger, "Porthos is more than a Titan, he's a fucking muscle god. Oh, please, please Titan, heed my call. Come and cum over me again, let me worship those muscles, suck that mighty cock again, squeeze those muscles and praise you as I should" before screaming "PORTHOS, MAKE ME YOUR ACOLYTE!" Suddenly a mass was flung out of the hole and landed on top of Roger and as Roger recognised who it was, he kissed the mass with so much passion that both he and the mass came almost instantly and as they both orgasmed he moaned "Porthos, you came!" "Verily, my lover" panted the Titan, "and I came as well!"
  13. The Perilous Danger

    I presume that you are going to use some famous examples of political nonsense (for example how to make an opinion poll say two things at once!)
  14. Pollination

    As mentioned on the front cover the story that spawned that adaptation by @omelissokomos was written by Absman (who I assume is not a member of this new forum) and therefore any thanks should be pointed towards him. Similarly if it has inspired you to do a ode de homage to it, and whilst looking at it I had an idea myself, then he would be the best person to speak to
  15. The American Musketeer Goes to Olympia

    Chapter Eleven "One volt, Five volts, Ten volts, Fifteen volts, Twenty volts, Twenty Five volts!" "At the moment" announced the Ultimate Musketeer, "there is a current of four milliamps crossing my heart, a normal man can withstand this current for eternity and it would have no effect on him, similarily I am feeling nothing, thus proving my belief that this was not the most suitable means of punishment, however the punishment has been served and I will accept it" "Fifty volts, Seventy Five Volts, A hundred volts" "The current has now increased to thirty milliamps, and as such if I was a normal one I would be on the border between suffering an electric shock and constant fibrilliation. Man Incarnate, my pulse please?" As Man Incarnate stared at the Ultimate Musketeer, he could see the Musketeer's heart beating normally and called out "Sixty beats per minute" "Proving once again my insistance on being pulled apart by wild animals" and with that the Ultimate Musketeer nodded. "125, 150, 175, 200, 225" "Now, there is a 100 milliamp current flowing across my heart and if I were a normal man I would be on the border of being electrocuted and surviving, if only just, however...my pulse?" "Seventy five beats per minute!" "It is clear however that you are simply refusing to believe what is being presented to you, therefore I give permission for my lover to push me to the limits of my physical being!" and with that nodded "250, 500, 750, a thousand" "Now, now do you believe me? There is 700 milliamps crossing my heart, a heart that if I were a normal man would have stopped beating within a second of the charge being applied, but it is now beating at..." "Ninety beats per minute" "Then I give you carte blanche my lover, push me, show the world that I, the Ultimate Musketeer can withstand any physical torture and make my sentence a mockery!" "2,000, 4,000, 8,000" As the voltage increased the Ultimate Musketeer started to pant "More, More, More!" "16,000, 32,000, 64,000" The panting quickened and as it did, the Ultimate Musketeer's cock started to harden. "125,000, 250,000, half a million!" "Yes!" moaned the Ultimate Musketeer as his cock hardened even more, "yes, let the power of the elements flow through this muscular body and show the world the power that I can withstand!" "A million, Two million, Five million!" By now the Ultimate Musketeer's cock was at full mast and he was beginning to feel the pain, grunting with every breath and starting to pull on the restraints but still he was defiant and roared "MORE!" "Ten, Twenty, Fifty million" "MORE!" moaned the Ultimate Musketeer, "Hurt me, my lover, hurt the man that you love!" "A hundred million, two hundred million, half a billion!" With a mighty roar, the Ultimate Musketeer ripped off the restraints from his wrists, grabbed his now eleven inch long monster and started to rub it furiously grunting "Hurt me, hurt me, hurt me!" "A billion, five billion, ten billion!" "HURT ME YOU FUCKER!" came the roared response "A hundred billion, a thousand billion, ten thousand billion!" "MORE!" "I cannot" moaned Man Incarnate, "there is no more!" "MORE!" "But I..." "MORE!" and with that the Ultimate Musketeer opened his eyes and screamed "TO ME!". Seconds later, his sword came bursting through the door and landed at the very tip of his cock and as it did he stared at his lover who seemed powerless to resist "Yes, my lover" he intoned, "You will channel the power that makes you who you are until you cum and I will be there for you!" "FOR THE HONOUR OF FRANCE!" roared the Ultimate Musketeer and as the lighting bolt hit him, filling his body with even more power than was physically possible he started to huff and puff, moaning "Hurt me, hurt the man who cannot be hurt!" and slowly, but surely, the Ultimate Musketeer began to show the classic signs of stimulation "FUCK ME!" he roared, "FUCK ME HARD, MY LOVER, I DEMAND IT!" and with that his eyes opened wider than ever before and Man Incarnate seemed unable to resist as he walked towards his lover now shuddering in the chair. "Count, my lover!" moaned Man Incarnate, "count from one to ten and on the count of ten, I will release your juice into me!" "ONE, TWO, THREE, FOUR..." "Slower!" "FIVE....SIX....SEVEN" "Slower!" "EIGHT....FUCK.....NINE....FUCK...." and then with a mighty roar screamed "TEN!" at which point he came as Man Incarnate swallowed his cock whole. As he did, there was a massive flash of light that blinded the witness as as his eyes recovered he smiled, took out a phone and dialled a number. The call was answered a few moments later with "Report" "The Ultimate Musketeer and his lover are no more!" as the witness saw two inaminate bodies, one in the chair and one on the floor in front of it. "Excellent, mon amis" replied the voice, "You have done well, Rochefort!" "It is my pleasure to serve the Richlieus!" came the reply and with that Rochefort, the fourteen generation to carry the name and their service to the family of the infamous Cardinal left the room but not before saying "No one can ever escape the wrath of Cardinal Richlieu, not even the Ultimate Musketeer!"