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  1. The American Musketeer : Henry becomes a man

    Part Six As Henry woke up he opened his eyes and found himself not lying next to a naked Porthos, but lying in a bed that he instantly recognised as his bed in Roger's gym. As he got out and started to get dressed he heard a mighty "FUCK, YEAH!" followed by the unmistakeable sound of a heavily laden barbell bouncing on the floor. Chuckling to himself, he finished getting dressed and followed the sound to the powerlifting room where he found Roger, completely naked, deadlifting. As he dropped the 600lb barbell to the ground, roaring at the mirror in front of him, Henry smiled "No more projectile vomiting then?" "Oh, man" moaned Roger as he flexed his legs in the mirror, "I don't know what I caught at that contest, but man, I should get it more often. I was already pretty lean before my contest but now, oh fuck, I make Arnie's legs look like twigs" and with that he turned and said "Come on, Henry, let's Ultimate ourselves and make the most of this moment" Henry was about to shake his head when Adam declared "My lover, my friend has something to say" and as Adam gently prodded Henry in his mind, Henry said "Roger, we have known each other for a very long time, and on more than one occasion you have asked me, as myself, to share in your love of strength and power, but each time I have politely declined. I now wish to tell you that...that...that" and as Henry took a deep breath, Roger looked at Henry. Was Henry going to say what he somehow knew he was going to say? "I believe that even if I am not gay as you are, I appreciate the feeling of a good muscular body in my hands, so yes, yes, I will Ultimate ourselves and allow the Ultimate Cadet to worship the Ultimate Musketeer and allow the Ultimate Musketeer to ram the Ultimate Cadet into the middle of next year!" "Henry!" exclaimed Roger and flung his arms around his friend saying "Oh, I knew you'd come around to the idea of muscle worship one of these days. What made you change?" As Henry unsheathed his sword and held it up he smiled "The Titan" and with that declared "For the honour of France" and after transforming them both into their Ultimate forms exclaimed "And I wouldn't say no to a bit of e-stim either!" and with that chuckled as he removed their breastplates exposing their six inch long nipples that would soon be attached to nipple clamps sending hundreds of thousands of volts through their pounding hearts.
  2. The American Musketeer : Henry becomes a man

    Part Five As the Ultimate Musketeer's hands started to feel Porthos's muscular body, all Henry could do was gasp "Wow" and sensing that Henry was impressed Porthos smiled. "How do you manage it?" asked Henry, "you're bigger than anyone I have ever seen before, be they online or in videos" and with that Porthos flexed his pecs hard and invited Henry to punch them with his fist which caused Porthos to moan "I am a man, non, mon amis?" "To a degree that I have never seen before" remarked Henry as Porthos flexed his biceps. As Henry felt them he simply could not believe it and so asked Porthos if he could demonstrate his incredible strength. Porthos smiled and went over to a corner of the dungeon where he picked up a broom and asked Henry to place two buckets on either end. As Henry did, Porthos started to lift them saying "Now, mon amis, fill those buckets with sand and watch my strength!" As Henry watched he said, almost in awe, "your back, it looks like...there are two boulders embedded under the skin" to which Porthos chuckled, whilst still lifting, "Keep watching them" and after nearly ten minutes by which time his back was drenched in sweat, he dropped the broom and flexed his back causing Henry to stammer "That thick back...it's....it's...it's..." Porthos turned around, hunched over and flared out his lats putting one finger over Henry's mouth and whispering "Do not say any more, mon amis, just watch and worship!" For the next half hour, Porthos trained every muscle in his body not saying a word save breathing deeply with each rep and after each bodypart he would flex it in front of Henry during which time he never said a word either. Suddenly Porthos grabbed the Ultimate Musketeer's loincloth and as he started to remove it moaned "Now, mon amis, now, you will learn what it means to be a man" and before Henry could stop him Porthos slapped the Ultimate Musketeer's glutes with his hand and moaned "Do the same to me, and tell me what they remind you of!" As Henry did he replied "The largest rocks ever hewned from the earth!" Still awed by what he was feeling Henry looked at Porthos who looked at Henry in such a way that Henry's reply to Porthos's next question was more like a servant than a man. "Rub me, mon amis, rub me and I will let you learn the secrets of being a man" and with that he lay down on a bench, his hands behind his head and his naked body exposed to the elements. "I...I don't know" replied Henry, "I...I want to, but..." "YOU HAVE BEEN GIVEN AN ORDER" barked Porthos, "You are the Ultimate Musketeer, yes, but I am still your superior officer. RUB ME!" Henry gently lay next to Porthos and started to rub the fourteen inch flaccid member and as he did Porthos started to moan. "Pretend that you are my new born son, mon amis, and suckle from me!" Henry couldn't explain why but he obeyed without question and as he sucked on Porthos's nipples, that stuck out a good four inches from the Titan's chest, Porthos began to breathe deeply. "Suckle me" he moaned, "suckle me and rub me, mon amis" It wasn't long before both men were rubbing their now hard cocks, Porthos's now eighteen inch long monster and the Ultimate Musketeer's twenty one inch log. As they did, Porthos looked into Henry's eyes and said "Mon amis, we are both men, look deep into yourself, recognise that fact" and with that he leant back and moaned "Now, come, come mon amis, come for your father!" As both men rubbed harder than they had ever done before, they seemed lost in each others eyes and started to moan "Come on, you can do it mon amis, come on, you are the biggest man I have ever seen!" Porthos then flexed his bicep and placed it behind the Ultimate Musketeer's head who did the same with his. As they both leaned in, they could feel each other's hearts pounding, which prompted Henry to moan "400 beats at least" and Porthos to moan "200 beats, mon amis, but you are the bigger. Now prove it!" Suddenly Porthos grunted "Merde" which seemed to trigger a reaction in Henry that saw his rubbing acclerate. As his did, so did Porthos and soon both of them were grunting "Merde" and "Fuck, yeah". With a mighty roar of "OUI!" Porthos came so powerfully that the cum splattered onto the ceiling of the dungeon and although the Ultimate Muskeeteer didn't come as hard, his exclaimation of "YEAH" was just as well meant. As they both breathed deeply, moaning as the orgasm engulfed them, Henry moaned "Thy honour is restored" and as he reverted back to his normal self, dressed in his Musketeer uniform, his head fell onto Porthos's heaving pecs and he moaned "Am I a man?" "Aye, mon amis" moaned Porthos in reply and as Henry started to snore gently, Porthos patted his friends back and whispered "We are both men, mon amis, and always will be!"
  3. The American Musketeer : Henry becomes a man

    Part Four As Porthos hugged his friend, he said "Henri, there is nothing wrong with being happy. It hurts me to see you so distraught about being so gay all the time!" "Oh, Porthos" wailed Henry, "you don't understand. Where I come from, the word "gay" means to love your fellow man!" "And what is wrong with that?" came the less than helpful reply, "We Musketeers love our fellow man. Why, I often consider Aramis to be like a brother to me!" "And this, oh, please forgive me, this is why I love this century" sniffed Henry, "but what I mean is...I...I...oh, Porthos, I think I want to kiss you, hug you, squeeze you and make mad passionate love to you and yet at the same time, I don't want to!" and with that he broke free of Porthos's hug, went to sit on a bench in the corner and cried his eyes out. As Porthos watched, his own eyes started to tear up. Henry was as much a member of the Musketeers as Roger was and yet whilst Roger loved to make love to Porthos, either as himself or in their alternate guises of the Ultimate Titan and the Ultimate Cadet, Henry was quite happy to let them go at it like rabbits. This was the first time Porthos realised that all the times they had done that, Henry was watching fighting his inner demons. As Porthos knelt in front of Henry, he wiped his friend's eyes and said "Henri, are you telling me that you want to do to me, what I know that Adam cannot resist doing to me?" Henry nodded and bowed his head saying "You must think I'm a coward. As much as I want to do all those things, I can't bring myself to do them. It's Adam who does it and when he does I just close my eyes, my ears and think of something different!" "Would you be willing to experience those things, as the Ultimate Musketeer, but gently, so that you can understand what I experience?" asked Porthos and as Henry looked up he added "If so, then please, let me intercede with Adam on your behalf!" As Henry saw Porthos's head nodding in agreement, he sniffed and stood up saying "Oh, Porthos, you really are like the brother I never had" and a few moments later, the Ultimate Musketeer stood in front of him moaning "Oh, yeah, Porthos, I can't wait till I..." "Adam" declared Porthos, "I have promised that I would make an intercession on your alter ego's behalf" and with that Porthos spent the next half hour explaining what Henry had said concluding by saying "Please, I beg you, Ultimate Musketeer, allow Henry to experience what you do to me all the time. Give him control of the body that I crave and I promise that I shall show him that loving your fellow man is nothing to be ashamed of!" The Ultimate Musketeers stood there in absolute silence and after a few moments stammered "I...I...I never knew" and with that raised his sword, declared "For the honour of France" and a few moments later shook his head and the unmistakeable sound of Henry saying "Porthos, did...did it...?" "My faithful friend" smiled Porthos, "Adam has granted your request" and with that Porthos took a deep breath, hit a front lat pose and moaned "Now, worship me, Ultimate Musketeer!"
  4. The American Musketeer : Henry becomes a man

    Part Three Porthos smiled as Henri asked the question and replied, almost in a whisper "Do you really have to ask, mon amis?" and with that flexed his bicep right in front of Henry's nose. As he gingerly touched it, he yelped and declared "You're burning!" "Nay lad" replied Porthos, still flexing the bicep, "Alexei told me that his potion was working on me all the time. I have had a meal that would make even Athos baulk at having to eat it. Everything in that meal that does not help build my strength up is being burnt, that's why it feels so hot. Now that you know this, touch it again". Henry did as he was told and this time used to the warmth he declared "Wow, how big is it?" Moving Henry's hand away, Porthos stood up, puffed out his chest and declared "The Titan of the modern era stands eight pied du roi tall and weighs three quintals!" Henry gasped as he exclaimed "Eight feet six inches tall and weighing three hundred and twenty three pounds? But, that's not possible! That would give you a BMI rating of 21.87, you're leaner than the biggest bodybuilders in the world!" "Is it that obvious, mon amis?" he smiled, and with that sat down in front of Henry and said "Measure me, mon amis" and with that flexed his biceps again. Henry took the measuring tape that he had in his jacket pocket and wrapped around the arm and stammered "Twenty six inches, that's over two pied du roi ". Porthos smiled as he then puffed out his chest and as Henry measured it he gasped "And a sixty five inch chest, that's close to six pied du roi". As Porthos stood up, he turned his legs into columns of stone as Henry called them that measured "Thirty two inches, two and a half pied du roi" before turning around, flexing his calves "that are the same size as your arms" before hitting a most muscular pose that when he breathed again after holding his breath saw that Henry was practically stammering. Sensing that he had scared his friend, Porthos knelt down and reassured him that he would never use his strength or size against him and got a surprising answer. "I know that" replied Henry, "it's just that, well, I've never been this close to a, and I hope you don't mind me calling you this, mass monster, and I'm...I'm...I'm...I'm torn Porthos!" "Torn?" asked the Titan "Between turning you into the Ultimate Titan and worshipping you and becoming the Ultimate Musketeer and ramming you!" and as he did, Henry sat on the floor and started to whimper "Forgive me, Porthos, but...I wonder if I am worthy of even having you as a friend. I'll never be as big or as strong as you save when I'm the Ultimate Musketeer!" As Porthos watched Henry whimper, he could tell that something was wrong and so lay down next to his friend and asked him what the matter was. "Oh, Porthos" wailed Henry, "I....I....I....I think I'm gay and I don't want to be!"
  5. The American Musketeer : Henry becomes a man

    Part Two "Tell me, Henri" asked Porthos as they both entered the Bastille, "do people like to see demonstrations of strength where you come from?" "Oh, all the time" replied Henry, "in fact every year there is a competition to find the strongest man in the world. People come from all over to compete against each other and test their strength in all manners of way. The usual way is a series of challenges over the course of a day starting off by carrying something very heavy into a wagon, then lifting stones of various sizes onto a collection of barrels, pulling a fully laden wagon for as long as they can manage, walking up a flight of stairs carrying a barrel filled with something heavy, throwing stones over a bar at least twice as tall as you are and even imitating Hercules from time to time" and with that Henry nudged the Titan saying "Remember him?" Porthos smiled saying "I am glad he believed we could both hold the title of Titan" he said and with that opened a door and gestured Henry to enter a dank and dimly lit dungeon to which he announced "My gym!" to which Henry chuckled and asked if he should light a few more torches. As he did he asked Porthos how his competition would be judged. "It is judged on three elements" he replied, "the first is a declaration of your strength" and when the torches had been lit, Porthos stood in the middle puffed out his chest and declared "I, Issac de Porthau, am the strongest man in France!" "Not bad" mused Henry, "but I think it needs a little more presentation" and asked Porthos if he could demonstrate what he meant. Porthos nodded and with that stood to one side as Henry came to the middle of the dungeon. He coughed politely, and then unsheathed his sword and stood there dramatically stating "My name is Henri de Ceredigion, Lieutenant of His Majesty's Guards, known throughout France as Musketeers" and as he continued he sheathed his sword adding "and I believe myself to the strongest man in France" and concluded by doffing his hat and bowing deeply. As he stood back up he said "You see, presentation, if you do that then you will make it clear that you are strong and noble at the same time!" "I will take your advice, mon amis" smiled Porthos and then headed towards a screen stating "The next stage is to demonstrate your strength!" and with that popped behind it. "Demonstrate?" asked Henry, "but surely that's the main competition?" "Nay, lad" replied Porthos, popping his head over the top of the screen, "I mean demonstrate that you are as strong as you claim to be, then comes the competition" and with that he emerged from behind the screen in a state of undress that prompted Henry to shut his eyes tight and declare "Porthos, you're naked. The Queen would never..." "Which is why the King is the only person who is judges us all on our demonstration!" replied Porthos, "and come lad, you have seen me naked many a time!" "As the Ultimate Musketeer, yes" replied Henry, "but you know I'm not keen on seeing a naked man in front of me, especially that close!" As Henry felt a gentle pair of hands on his shoulders and Porthos say, reassuringly, "Henri, I know that, but we are both friends, yes. There is nothing wrong with two friends seeing one of them unclothed, so please, open your eyes, for a friend?" As Henry gently opened his eyes, he was met by a barrel chest that prompted him to say "Porthos, have you lost weight?" "Nay, lad" he smiled, "Alexei helped me. Just as he made you into the Ultimate Musketeer, he mixed me a potion that would turn anything that wasn't able to generate strength into things that could. I am the same weight I have always been, just much, much stronger" and with that he took a deep breath and hit a side chest pose. As he did, Henry gulped. He had never seen Porthos so lean before and yet still be so massive and as the Titan hit a front lat spread Henry found himself pondering something he had never pondered before and asked, with a little bit of a timid demeanour in his voice, "Porthos, can I feel how big you are?"
  6. Part One "Oh my dear Henri" As Porthos picked up Henry and span him around several times, Henry chuckled "Careful, or I might end up like Roger!" "Yes" asked the Titan as he placed Henry back on the ground, "where is my lover? The man who moans at my very feet when I speak? The man who begs me to push myself to the limits of human endurance? The man who only has to say "Cum" and I do?" "Not feeling very well" replied Henry and gesturing for Porthos to sit down next to him he explained what had happened. "We had just got back from Roger's defence of his title as Mr. World, naturally of course he won hands down and was celebrating with a huge post contest meal when he suddenly dashed off to the toilet. You remember, those things that you use instead of open holes in bridges to pass water. Well, he came back a few moments later looking rather flushed and said that he had had the worst attack of diarrhoea he had ever experienced" "Diarrhoea?" asked Porthos, "what's that?" "Oh, sorry, I forgot. You would call it a surfeit, it's when your bowels just empty without any control" replied Henry and Porthos instantly looked worried but was reassured by Henry saying "Don't worry, it can be treated where Roger and I come from, but that was just the start as about ten minutes later he vomited up the ice cream he was having!" "My lover is dying!" exclaimed Porthos and picking up Henry declared "Quick, take me to the future. The Ultimate Titan must..." "Roger is not dying" said Henry and gestured Porthos to sit down, "Once he recovered, he came to the conclusion that he had picked up a case of Norwalk and put it down to the fact that before the contest he'd been guest posing on a cruise liner docked outside the contest venue. They are noted for having this condition. No, all he needs is a couple of days of bed rest and lots and lots and lots of water. It does mean however that despite all of his planning and arrangements and everything, he can't see you compete to become the strongest man in France, but he did send you this!" and with that Henry looked around cautiously and took out of his jacket a tablet on which was a picture of Roger in his posing suit winning the contest with a message "To the Ultimate Titan, I may be ill but I am willing you on. You can do it, your lover!" "Oh, mon amis" replied Porthos and with that stood up, placed his hand on his heart and declared "Not only shall I win this contest, but I shall dedicate my win to Roger!" "And I am sure that he will appreciate it" smiled Henry and explained that, if Porthos didn't mind, he would be Roger's eyes and ears motivating Porthos to win the title for him. Porthos had no objections at all and asked Henry if he would like to see just how strong he was that very evening in the Bastille to which Henry nodded his agreement. Little did he know that that engagement was to trigger a change in him.
  7. Strength

    I believe one way to quantify such a statement would be to determine how much (on average) one inch of muscle can lift. For instance if you can bench 360lbs and you have a 40 inch chest then each inch of chest muscle is able to lift 360 / 40 = 9lbs and similarly if you have an 18 inch bicep that can curl 270lbs then each inch of bicep can curl 15lbs.
  8. Mass arrest of alleged LGBTQ persons

    Although the opening ceremony of things like the Commonwealth Games is kept under wraps, in the last few days there have been hints that the Gold Coast will also address issues of equality during their opening ceremony just as Scotland did in 2014. One idea that has been speculated upon is Kylie Minogue (who featured in the closing ceremony of the Sydney 2000 Olympics) wearing a rainbow dress and singing "I love the nightlife" as used in Priscilla, Queen of the Desert.
  9. Never met a muscle guy before

    I have only met one person who could be classed as a muscle guy (namely a grand master champion from 2008 - 2011) and my advice would be "Ignore the muscles and recognise the man". As an example this guy I met turned out to be a choirmaster at his local church and as I have an interest in musical works we spent most of the time talking about Gilbert and Sullivan. It wasn't until at least our third meeting that the issue of him being muscular even came up for discussion.
  10. The American Musketeer Meets Hercules (A Winter Olympics Special)

    Part Fifteen Several hours later, after the Ultimate Musketeer had healed Hercules's leg, and both he and the Ultimate Titan had swapped back, Henry stood in front of them his head bowed and said, as if he was an ashamed schoolboy, "Gentlemen, I am sorry" and with that looked up for the first time in about ten minutes, his eyes red from the tears he had been shedding silently. "As you know I am always one for finding out about things" he said, quietly, "that's why I am a such a Renaissance Man and well, Roger wanted to know if you would push yourselves further than you had ever done so before if you didn't realise that you were in each other bodies, and, oh please forgive me, gentlemen, but I was a little interested in finding out myself. I didn't realise that the Ultimate Titan would break your leg, Hercules, honest, I didn't!" As Henry bowed his head, the Ultimate Titan placed his hands on Henry's shoulders and as Henry looked up, the Ultimate Titan smiled and then turned to Hercules saying "Henry, or as I know him, Henri, has never told a lie in the entire time that I have known him, my friend, therefore his explanation is the truth. How many men have approached you and asked you to push yourself to your limits? How many men have desired to be able to experience what I did? Your heart, pounding faster than ever before, every muscle in your body at its limits and your mighty cock on the verge of cumming?" and with that he grasped Hercules' cock and squeezed it. As he did Hercules moaned and replied "It is true that is the case, my friend, and as it was him who healed my leg, I cannot hold any malice towards him" and with that he opened his arms and said "Any friend of the one I now accept is the Titan, is a friend of mine, come, my lad, share in my embrace!" Henry stepped forward and gently held out his hand saying "I thank you, Hercules, but a shake of the hand is quite sufficient for me, however..." and with that looked to Roger who was doing a very good impression of wanting to go to the toilet. Hercules smiled and turned to Roger with his arms open. Roger didn't need a second invitation and practically dived into the naked embrace moaning "Oh man, these pecs are harder than the hardest pecs in the world today" and with that looked up and asked "Will I ever seen you again, Titan?" "Hold me dear here" replied Hercules, placing his finger onto Roger's pec, "and I will always be here for you!" and with that he placed Roger on the ground, turned to the Ultimate Titan and the two friends, linked forever by the same title, Titan, hugged each other so hard that Roger moaned, "Oh, man, would I ever want to be the filling in that sandwich!" before Hercules called "Oh, Hermes, messenger of the Gods, I make this announcement without fear of prejudice. I will never be bored again!" and with that he started to glow. As he started to fade he bowed and said "To the followers of the Titan, farewell!" "Oh, fuck" moaned Roger as Hercules vanished, "I'll never watch another peplum movie in the same way again!" "Oh, that's a shame!" smiled Henry, "as I just downloaded this little something" and showed them both on his tablet a trailer for a movie called "Hercules and the Musketeers" that made both men moan with desire.
  11. The American Musketeer Meets Hercules (A Winter Olympics Special)

    Part Fourteen "Nine hundred" announced Roger in his monotone as Hercules continued to push himself to match the target set by the Ultimate Titan. As he did, Henry watched him with admiration and expressed so to Adam who said "Hello, does this mean that you've become a muscle worshipper then?" "Hardly" smiled Henry, "but just look at him. That body is being controlled by the mind of the Ultimate Titan, a Titan who, well, look at him. His body is covered in sweat, his chest and stomach are heaving, his legs are bulging like none I have ever seen before and yet he is still going!" "That's because he is thriving on this" replied Adam, "You only have to look at his cock to see that" and with that moaned, "Oh, mon dieu, what I wouldn't do to suck that monster" before adding, "It's like me in a way. When you become me, I take over responsibility, so to speak, leaving you free to plan what we do!. Remember that time when we have to hold up that collapsing wall to protect those innocent people during that fire in the centre of Paris?" "Do I!" smiled Henry "Well, whilst I was using every ounce of my strength to prevent that wall from falling, you were busy planning how to ensure that those people could escape without harm and then once they had escaped, how we could escape without harm as well, and I have to admit, I would never have thought of jumping up and letting the wall fall all around us in a million years!" "So...?" asked Henry "So, the body of Hercules is being pushed by the mind of the Ultimate Titan in the same way. The Ultimate Titan may be able to feel the pain and agony of Hercules's body but because it's not his body his mind is ignoring it. No, the only way that the Ultimate Titan will fail this challenge is if he cums before he reaches the target" replied Adam, "although that said, that cock is looking fit to burst. Mmmm, twenty two by eighteen, mmmm, that is mighty tempting I say!" As Roger continued to count the reps, Hercules's body began to quiver even more, the strains and stresses started to overcome the Ultimate Titan's mind and he started to gasp and groan "I...I....I cannot do it, mon amis" "Go on, Ultimate Titan" roared Adam, taking Henry quite by surprise, "You can do this, you are the biggest, strongest, most powerful Musketeer in the entire corps. Your feats of strength are legendary, aren't they Henry?" "Well, I must admit, wrestling a bull isn't something that most people can do, but..." "A thousand" declared Roger "Come on, only other thirty eight to go" shouted Adam, "Come on, you can do this, Ultimate Titan!" Each rep was now accompanied by a roars of absolute agony that resonated around the gym so much that Roger's hypnosis was being tested. "Twenty to go...Oh, man, those groans....Fifteeen to go....Man, he's a....Ten....Go on, you can do it...Five....Four....Three....Two...One!" As Roger came, his hypnosis overcome by the sheer sight in front of him, Hercules's body screamed such a agonised scream that Adam instantly realised that something had happened and making Henry place his hands on the heaving body became the Ultimate Musketeer who prevented the weight from crushing the body. As he supported it, the Ultimate Titan's body which had been recovering from his exertions moaned "What has happened?" and ripped off the blindfold to reveal what had happened. "I'm sorry, Hercules" replied the Ultimate Musketeer, still shouldering the weight, "but the Ultimate Titan has broken your leg!"
  12. Samson movie

    This is what I posted about Samson in an overview of strength and muscle a few years ago
  13. The American Musketeer Meets Hercules (A Winter Olympics Special)

    Part Thirteen Having heaved both men onto the leg press machine allocated to them, Roger and Henry started to add the weight for the challenge ahead of them. The Ultimate Titan, now controlling the body of Hercules, would be leg pressing 7,840lbs whereas Hercules, now controlling the body of the Ultimate Titan, would be leg pressing 9,920lbs, "meaning that as he is pressing 26.5% more we cannot have a tie!" added Henry as he added the last twenty pound dumbbell to the machine. "Oh man" moaned Roger, as he looked at the machines "Forty nine a hundred and sixty pound dumbells for the Ultimate Titan and a hundred and twenty four eighty pound dumbells for Hercules. Oh man, I am going to cum I know it if I watch them do this!" "Which is why I have come prepared!" smiled Henry and with that produced two blindfolds, but instead of placing them both on Roger he placed them both on the Ultimate Titan and Hercules, which puzzled Roger a bit, to which Henry replied "You'll see" and as he did so the Ultimate Titan began to groan. "I have been blinded" he panted, "like the famed strongman Samson" "No" replied Henry with a kindly voice, "just blindfolded that's all, however your arms have been restrained. This is the final test to determine which of you is to be called Titan. Your legs are currently supporting twenty times your bodyweight and as per the rules of the challenge, you will lift that weight until you cum. When you do, that will mark the end of your attempt. If your opponent lifts more than you, they win, if not, then you win!" "Then, I accept the challenge" and with that the Ultimate Titan started to press, each rep accompanied by a groaning grunt of effort that woke up Hercules who chuckled "Monsieur, I did not realise that we were being tested on our, how do you say, kinkiness" but as he heard Hercules's grunts, he said "But I accept the challenge!" and soon both men were grunting and groaning leaving Roger a gibbering wreck. "Man, that's a combined eight tons they are lifting, I...oh, man....I'll" "Ticka, ticka, tock?" asked Henry with a smile and instantly Roger fell into a trance. "When I snap my fingers, Roger, you will act like a referee. You will watch these two without any signs of physical or mental stimulation" and with that Henry snapped his fingers and Roger stood upright and announced "Thirty Two against Twenty One" For the next hour both men pushed themselves to their limits with Roger keeping score. As Hercules lifted his "one thousand, three hundred and thirteen" rep, he roared as his twenty by sixteen cock exploded over himself and panting let the weight crash down, orgasaming as he did do. "The benchmark has been set" announced Henry, "to beat it you must lift that weight a thousand and thirty eight times, at the moment you have lifted it..." "Seven hundred and eleven times!" announced Roger "I....AM.....THE.....ULTIMATE.....TITAN!" grunted Hercules as he continued the challenge, each rep making his legs quiver, his chest heave and sweat cover his entire body.
  14. The American Musketeer Meets Hercules (A Winter Olympics Special)

    Part Twelve "What....ooooh, what is this feeling?" moaned Hercules as the power flowed into the two Titans "Power!" moaned Roger as he watched the two men become aroused. "That sensation" replied Henry, "is what it means to be a Titan, gentlemen. Each time you feel a sensation, that is another man on this planet recognising you as the man they wish to become. Even as we speak, there are about a hundred thousand new men every minute coming into existence and each and every one of them will be looking for what it means to be a Titan. You two are their answer!" "And....ooooh....how many....?" "At the last count some three and a half billion" Both men moaned as the power increased and it wasn't long before they began to exhibit the classic signs of arousal, which made Roger even more aroused than he was already and as he placed his hand down his pants Henry said "See, even this man who has been around you for the past week or so, seen you perform feats of strength unparalleled in history, wishes to be your latest worshipper!" "Then.....let him!" moaned the Ultimate Titan Roger didn't need a second chance and instantly tore off his clothes to reveal his muscular physique and moaned "Titans, I wish to worship you, but know that if I were to do so, the pain that you are experiencing would kill me!" "Then....then we shall protect you!" moaned Hercules, and with that he closed his eyes and Roger seemed to glow for a moment before Hercules moaned "You are now protected by my father, the king of the Gods, and shall not come to harm as we....Oooh...as we...." and with that Hercules seemed to lose his train of thought "Hardly surprising" replied Henry, "his heart is already beating at close to 700 beats per minute. He's like you when you're about ready to explode!" "Then make him" declared Roger as he started to rub Hercules's cock with one hand and the Ultimate Titan's with the other and as he did so Henry increased the power and then started to stimulate the other organs. Soon all three men were moaning uncontrollably with their cocks bobbing in time with their pulses. As they did Roger moaned, "Gentlemen, it is now time for your final test. It will come after the most painful few moments of your lives. More painful than the most torturous torture you have ever faced, Hercules. More painful than wrestling a bull, Ultimate Titan, but that pain will enable us to determine who is the true Titan. Do you consent to the pain?" Both men moaned "Yes" and as they did, Roger stepped back in front of them and was handed a button by Henry. "Gentlemen" moaned Roger, "RESIST" and with that he pressed the button. The screams that followed were louder than anything ever heard before. Across the city car alarms went off as the shockwave of them travelled from the gym and inside the gym both men were pulling on their restraints, their hearts pounding and their biceps and quads bulging. Even Roger was beginning to lose control and moaned "What..." to which Henry replied "Osmium, twenty three grams per cubic centimetre in density, meaning that those restraints weight eighty three pounds, about seven times heavier than a standard pair of handcuffs and as a result can resist a force of 3,465 lbs before failing. And yes, that's a little bit more than their best bicep curl and leg extension max, so there's nothing they can do!" "AND I DON'T WANT THEM TO!" screamed Roger as he came and as he orgasmed, both men came passing out as they did so prompting Henry to chuckle "Well, I suppose that's one way to have a threesome!"
  15. The American Musketeer Meets Hercules (A Winter Olympics Special)

    Part Eleven The following morning dawned bright but cold but that didn't stop the two heroes going up onto the roof and pushing themselves into a blur of bodyweight exercises, everything from pushups to sit-ups to squat thrusts and at Hercules's insistence donkey raises, however these were just a distraction from the main object, a distraction created by Roger who with the help of Henry had whispered into Hercules's ear whilst he was fast asleep "Test the Ultimate Titan when you wake, and you will become the Titan", indeed as the two continued to train Henry stepped back from his handiwork and said "Well, I followed your instructions as best I could and, well you tell me!" "Yep" smiled Roger as he nodded his approval, "that's precisely what I was looking for!" As Roger removed the wax model of the Red Skull, he described what he had done "First, we have the standard version of events, two electrodes attached to the nipples for stimulating the heart. Now, based on what we know its clear that both Hercules and the Ultimate Titan are at least seven times more resilient than your average man so we're talking a maximum pulse of around 1,400 beats per minute or so? Then, when their hearts are pounding fast enough for your unique tastes, these come into play, these are attached to the tip and base of the, well, I like to call it member, but you know what I mean, which will then stimulate their sexual organs, that in turn will then stimulate their scrotums and then finally their brains" "And then" moaned Roger, looking expectantly Henry sighed and said "Then, when you believe they cannot stand any more torture, all you have to do is press that button and they will exchange minds, although why you want Hercules to have control of the Ultimate Titan's body and vice versa I have no idea!" "Simple!" replied Roger, smiling, "With them each experiencing the other's power and strength, we then test them with my favourite gym discipline of all time. The leg press. I want them, in each other's body, to leg press twenty times their own bodyweight for reps until they cum. The first person to do so is the loser!" "So if Hercules loses then he wins?" asked Henry getting confused "No" smiled Roger, "we all win" and with that chuckled as the door to the gym burst open and both men stood in the entrance way with Hercules declaring "We cannot be matched, the contest is a tie!" "Indeed" replied Henry, gesturing to the chairs, "therefore we have decided to crown you both as champion!" As the two men walked to the chairs, Roger added "However, you are more than monarchs, you are men, therefore we believe that the only way you should accept your titles is as you were born!" Both Titans nodded their understanding and sat down in the chairs completely naked. "The title of Titan" said Henry, "is a title that many men seek, few can achieve and ever fewer get to see first hand. You should consider yourselves honoured gentlemen! Therefore as Titans you should receive the full ceremony" and with that both he and Roger attached clips to each of the Titans nipples explaining them as "Decorations, to enhance the beauty of the physiques that have earned you this title", a comment that Hercules nodded to saying "It is true, my friend, for there are many cultures where men I have met are decorated as such". This statement seemed to ease the concerns of the Ultimate Titan and so he accepted the clips onto his cock and balls. "Gentlemen" declared Henry, "You have proved yourselves worth of the title, therefore I crown you both Titans" and with that placed two helmets on their heads to which Roger prostrated himself in front of them and declared "I am not worthy to be in your presence, Titans" and making sure that Henry was clear, switched on the chairs at the bottom.