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  1. CardiMuscleman

    The last time you felt another guy's bicep?

    I will admit I was surprised, not as surprised as I could have been if I had not seen him a few days previously climb from 40kg to 80kg on bench press (in 10kg sets) and do four reps at 80kg and only stop because he was more comfortable with a machine bench than a free bench where he casually mentioned that he would often bench over 100kg.
  2. CardiMuscleman

    The last time you felt another guy's bicep?

    The last time was at the end of June when my friend from Suffolk (who was a contest bodybuilder from 2007 - 2012) came to stay. I was only able to meet with him three times during that stay, but he wasn't averse to flexing on each occasion, so I had plenty of chances to feel his 13 inch bicep (which may not sound like much, but based on a 5ft 2 frame was the same as if feeling a 15 inch bicep on a 6ft man) and let me tell you when you are feeling a bicep that is being tested curling 99kg (218lbs) with the owner gritting his teeth on his twentieth rep of that weight, it is not something you soon forget but the overriding feeling I got what that he believed that he was still quite capable even though he is now 71 years old.
  3. CardiMuscleman

    Ideal Bodies/forms For You And Your Partner

    I've only come across this as well, and I think I would fall into the class of "being able to do things, and then some" therefore I would opt for the secret identity situation. Naturally this would mean that everyday, I'd be completely indistinguishable from the next person (although to be honest, seeing as now I stand out like a sore thumb even when I am being my ordinary self I am not sure now that would work) but all I'd need is just a whiff of something amiss (and with the reach of social media these days a hashtag is all it would take) and with a carefully worded excuse such as "Do excuse me, I think something disagreed with me earlier" I'd gently potter out of the thing I was in, find a suitable location and basically let rip Now, the way of letting rip would be a toss up. Although the idea of doing a Prince Adam is very tempting It's not really keeping it "on the low" as I believe people said in the 80's, therefore the more likely option is this rather unstated change from a character who had his origins here in Wales It's nice, understated and more importantly is a "blink and you will miss it" moment which if you are trying to keep your secret identity a secret is a very good idea, plus it has the added benefit of not really changing in size all that much, but instead becoming hundreds of times more powerful than normal and the added benefit of rocket boots as well (and think of how useful they could be in a pinch)
  4. CardiMuscleman

    Everyday feats of strength

    On a related topic, can I ask where people buy the iron bars that strongmen (and those bodybuilders who love to show off their strength) bend. The closest I have come up with is something that builder's merchants sell but I am not sure if that's quite the same thing
  5. CardiMuscleman

    The Student and the Coach

    Part Four As James watched his coach pull against the restraints and gritting his teeth, he started to rub his already ten inch long cock. Larry was strong, yes, but thanks to his research he would become bigger, stronger and more of a man than he could ever imagine. For Larry. this was his deepest, darkest, muscle fantasy come true. It had all started off when he went to watch a Hercules movie at his local cinema just a few weeks after he had started training on the advice of his then coach so that he could get an idea of how big and strong he could get. As the movie went on, Larry was starting to lose interest in it, after all the dubbing was awful but just as he was about to get up, the main villain of the piece declared "You shall pay for your insolence, begin the torture" Larry turned around and instantly went rock hard. There, on the screen, was the most muscular man he had ever seen, chained to a post as a dome was lowered over him. When the dome reached his feet, a solider picked up a mallet and struck the dome so hard that it rang like a bell several times. When the dome was raised, the man looked as thought he was out cold and as the villain chuckled, the man opened his eyes, roared with every fibre of his being, broke free of his chains and knocked the villain to the ground causing Larry to cum in his pants. Ever since then he'd made a beeline to every single movie where a muscular hero was being tortured and now, he was in the same position and he was loving it and so opened his mouth and roared with pleasure at the sensations coursing through him. He felt stronger than ever before, more powerful and like one of those heroes. As James watched, a broad smile crossed his face. His theory had been proved once, now it was being proved again. His machine had tapped into an dimension parallel to Earth and was, even now, taking mass from that dimension and pouring it into Larry, just as it had poured it into him the previous day. As James rubbed his now foot long cock, he gazed dreamily at the display on his tablet showing the progress, willing that unlike his attempt the dimensional portal didn't close suddenly at the very moment he was about to become the tallest man on earth. Larry's mind was now in a state of ecstasy. He was hard, harder than he had been for a generation, his heart was almost at it's limits for a man of his age, his muscles felt powerful and he had to let the whole world know and so let out a scream of power that encouraged him so much that he ripped off the shackles and with a mighty roar of "I AM HERCULES" broke free just as the machine powered down landing on his knees in front of James who instantly took advantage of the situation, ripping off his posing suit and letting his fourteen inch cock dangle in front of Larry moaning "Coach, you are seven foot tall now, weigh 253lbs and yet are as proportional as you were before you came here. You have a 71 inch chest, 23 inch biceps, 39 inch quads, 25½ inch calves and a 61½ inch waist and look like a billion dollars. Ooh, coach, please, suck me!"
  6. CardiMuscleman

    Everyday feats of strength

    Well, I would call lifting a car and punching through a wall extreme myself. If we are talking about something that would happen every day, how about someone picking up a very heavy set of bricks on one of those long pole things, using wooden posts on a farm or a fireman lifting someone to safety?
  7. CardiMuscleman

    The Student and the Coach

    Part Three For the next six months, James pushed himself harder than Larry had ever seen him push himself. Every session was full of him grunting "One more set, coach, one more rep, coach" with each session finishing with James ripping off his shirt, flexing his chest and roaring "THE HULK HAS NOTHING ON ME!" and yet Larry also began to notice that James was not just pushing his body, but his mind as well. Each day he would come to the gym with a satchel full of books which when James was showering Larry had a look at and found books about quantum mechanics, dissertations on superheroes who would grow or shrink, and even a few comic books with heroes such as Ant-Man, the Atom and even the Apache Chief and yet whenever Larry asked James about them he would throw it off with a casual "homework" followed by a downing of his protein shake and a command of "Really push me coach!" At the end of those six months, James was making marked progress. Although his height didn't change, he had managed to convert nearly a quarter of his fat into lean muscle and as a result was on the way to become a bodybuilder so when Larry was invited to James's house one evening to "comment on his progress" he thought nothing of it, however as soon as he entered the basement that James had turned into a posing studio he gasped. There, in front of a mirror, his back wider than any back Larry had ever seen was a monster of a man. Although his back was turned from him, Larry knew that his chest had to be at least 61 inches, his biceps (now quivering as he held a back double bicep pose) had to be 18 inches at least and whilst his waist was as big as his chest, his legs had a ten inch difference between quads and calves. As Larry gasped, a familiar voice spoke. "Excellent" it chuckled, as the monster turned around, "I'm glad you like this" "James?" exclaimed Larry, "What...what the heck?" James replied with a smile and without saying a word, picked up Larry and carried him to the opposite side of the room and dumped him into a wooden chair. As he did, he held onto Larry's arms as he shacked them to the chair and then did the same to Larry's ankles. As Larry struggled James chuckled "You're not getting out of there" and then added with a wry smile "at least not like that you are not" and with that attached crocodile clips to Larry's nipples, cock and balls and then a helmet on his head. As Larry protested, James replied "Larry, you're going to get your wish" and with that threw a switch next to the chair.
  8. CardiMuscleman

    The Student and the Coach

    Part Two "And then a most muscular to finish" As both Larry and James flexed their pecs hard, James started to pant. "Yeah, yeah, yeah coach, I can feel it. Something deep down in me in coming to the surface. Something that is telling me that in three years I will be doing this on stage, getting the sort of reaction that you do now, and allowing me to win a trophy. Oh yeah, coach, tell me I can do that!" Larry smiled as he walked back to the gym's locker rooms knowing that the fairly unassuming lad he had taken under his wing a year ago who had come to him with a simple request of "I'd like to be stronger and more confident, please" now had the confidence needed to step onto a stage and pose, but as he did, James called after him "No, please, stay, I...I need you to see this" and with that resumed his flexing in the mirror. "Oh, the strength, the power, coursing through me" moaned James, "I...I...I need to test myself!" and instantly declared, "Arm wrestle, me, coach!" Larry nodded, knowing that once James had, what he dubbed "the scent of muscle" in his nostrils, nothing would stop him and so sitting down next to a counter top, he placed his hand ready. James grasped hold of his coach's hand and after readjusting his hold, Larry looked at James and said "Ready?" to which James just grunted and with that Larry pushed. Instantly, James started to grunt, resisting his coach's power with everything his bicep had to offer. As his arm wobbled, the grunting become more and more animalistic with James grunting "I'm resisting you, defeat me coach, defeat me" and yet Larry's arm remained absolutely static. After nearly thirty second, James conceded but as Larry stood up, James moaned "Thanks, coach, that's worthy of another lift" and with that wrapped his arms around his coach's pecs, stood ready and counted to three lifting his coach for five seconds. As James lowered him to he ground, he moaned "Coach, can I...can I sit on you whilst you do as many pushups as you can?" Larry consented and as James sat on his coach's back, he wrapped his hands around the now hardened pecs and grunted "Lift". Larry took a deep breath and performed three perfectly formed pushups which made James groan "Forgive me, coach, I'm..." and with that he managed to catch the cum that he expelled. As he wiped his hands on a cloth he grunted "Lift me, coach, you're the strongest little man I know", however as Larry wrapped his arms around James's waist he expressed a concern that he wouldn't be able to, concerns that James dismissed as "lulling me into a false sense of security" but as Larry lifted the roar of power he exuded only lasted a second before he panted "I can't, you're too tall" James's world collapsed around him. His coach, capable of 122% bodyweight bench presses, capable of lifting him on his back in a push up and the man who was the strongest man he had ever met couldn't lift him up and all because of his height. Turning around James apologised to which Larry replied "It doesn't matter, there's nothing can be done about it" however from that moment on James was determined. Larry would pick him up and hold him for as long as he could, one way or the other.
  9. CardiMuscleman

    The Student and the Coach

    Part One "Yeah, come on, coach, you've got this in the bag!" James was not the only one cheering at the small, but powerfully built men on stage in the over 60's class of his local bodybuilding contest, but he was certainly the loudest, and with good reason. His coach, Larry, was almost certain to win his fifth regional title in as many years and as he finished off his routine with a most muscular that defied his size, he smiled, bowed to the audience and strode off back stage where his student picked him up and grunted "You may only be ten stone, but this is how much I want to congratulate you!" As he placed Larry on the ground a few seconds later, Larry just smiled and said "Remember, this time last year you couldn't even pick me up, but I thank you. It's nice to get some positive feedback from a student" and with that they went off to prepare Larry for the presentation. Larry and James really couldn't have been more different if they tried. Larry was 69 years old, had been training since his 14th birthday and although only standing 5ft 2 tall and weighing 138lbs, his 38½ inch chest, 33½ inch waist, 13 inch biceps, 21 inch quads and 14½ inch calves looked hewn from granite. James, on the other hand, was not only ten inches taller, but worlds apart. He weighed 220lbs, but with a 46 inch chest, 45 in waist, 13 inch biceps, 23 inch quads and 14½ inch calves, it was obvious that he had a long way to go to match his coach, but that did not dampen his enthusiasm for his coach and what he lacked in muscle, he more than made up for in cleverness. Indeed, it was his idea to create a social media account for his coach's bodybuilding exploits, accounts which were regularly shared by the stars of bodybuilding although James made quite sure that everyone realised that Larry's muscle development was following the "PHS method" of training which Larry explained as the "Porthos, Hercules and Samson" method of training until he couldn't do anymore and without any drugs whatsoever. That evening as the two drove home, James nursing the trophy like a baby, he looked at it and said "Larry, did you really mean what you said last year when I joined your gym. That in the space of three years I could win one of these myself!" Larry chuckled "Of course I did, I mean look at your progress. Your bench, squat and deadlift have increased exponentially from nothing to 104lbs, 94lbs and 84lbs respectively, you can pick me up for at least thirty seconds when you couldn't managed it before, and might I note that you've become more confident as well" and with that smiled at him. "Yes" smiled James, "my naked posing sessions after we train" and with that added, "I can't help myself, I say. After I train I feel, well, like, like the biggest and strongest man in the world, I want to rip off my posing suit and flex, flex, flex" "Tell you what then" smiled Larry, "special treat this evening. Before I tuck into my post contest ice cream, we'll pose down together, naked, and you can show me what poses I should do for my next guest posing session next weekend, Deal?" "Deal!" nodded James, frantically.
  10. CardiMuscleman

    Applicable Memes

    You might want to know this relevant point, namely that a committee of the European Parliament on Wednesday voted to adopt Article 13 which, if passed by the full Parliament in July would According to many experts in the field, this would also make memes created and distributed with the European Union illegal (which means that on the plus side, the United Kingdom would become the home of memes)
  11. Part Six "If you can believe it Porthos, that was the tricky bit!" As Henri and Porthos, now back in their ordinary forms, walked around Westminster, they looked around for any indication of the Duke's presence such as a ceremonial parade, a gathering of nobles, anything, but all they could see what the gentlefolk of Westminster doing their everyday chores. As they passed the Palace of Westminster, Henri paused and said, pointing, "I wonder whether, if the people of this land would allow it, I could sit in that building one day. Pass just laws over this land, be as chivalrous in there as I am with you" and then added "Oh, who am I kidding. I've stood for election five times now in the last twenty years and every single time I've been rejected. It's just a pipe dream that's all! I've as much chance of getting into there as...as...as that tower has of collapsing when I snap my fingers" and with that Henri did. As he did, Porthos's eyes opened wide as the tower that Henri had pointed to suddenly collapsed and as he looked he could see why. "The Ultimate Cadet" he stammered, but not before adding "And another man as big and as strong as him!" "And what's the betting that man is the Duke, eh?" smiled Henri and with that they walked towards the collapsed tower *** Inside the chamber of the House of Commoners, the members were debating their usual discussions when a very junior member came racing into the chamber and exclaimed "Mr. Speaker, sir, I beg you, close the doors!" however before Mr. Speaker had the chance to ask why, a mighty roar of "ADMIT ME" and the sight of the Sergeant at Arms being thrown from one side of the hall to the other caused the entire House to become silent. As they did, two figures entered both as big as each other, with the man dressed like a Cavalier declaring "MR. SPEAKER, I HEREBY DECLARE, IN THE NAME OF THE KING, THAT THIS HOUSE IS NOW DISSOLVED!" "And I declare" announced a voice behind him, "that you need taking down a peg or two, your Grace!" The two men turned and were faced by the two powerhouses that were the Ultimate Musketeer and the Ultimate Titan, both armed with a sword and ready to fight.
  12. Part Five As the white cliffs of England came into view, Henri was shaking his head in concern. The Ultimate Titan seemed to be killing himself in order to complete their mission. His entire body was red, his breathing was become very erratic and his pulse was as close to its limit as it could be and yet he still battled on all the while Henri pleading with him to let him take the strain. "Nay" came the panted reply in between strokes, "you are the man who the Duke knows, you must arrive to be able to intercede" However before Henri could reply, the Ultimate Titan suddenly grimaced, stopped swimming and grabbed hold of his chest, grunting "It hurts". As Henri slipped into the water, keeping afloat, he placed his ear next to the Ultimate Titan's chest and allowing Adam to enhance his hearing gasped in horror. He couldn't hear a pulse. "You're having a heart attack!" he exclaimed and started to panic, "I...I...I... I don't know what to do!" "I do!" exclaimed a loud voice and Henri found his actions being guided by Adam as he held aloft his sword with one hand, placed the other on the Ultimate Titan's chest and roared "FOR THE HONOUR OF FRANCE". As Henri became the Ultimate Musketeer, the power that caused his transformation surged into the Ultimate Titan causing him to gasp and as he transformed back into Porthos, the Ultimate Musketeer cradled him in his arms and whispered "Sleep, Titan, for your life is saved" and with that placing Porthos on his back, took a deep breath and swam the remaining ten kilometres in under five minutes. An hour later, Porthos had recovered from his illness and as he and the Ultimate Musketeer hugged each other, they broke down in tears, knowing that their friendship was more than that and vowing that nothing would stop them in their rescue of their mutual friend, however if they had known what was happening in London at that very moment, they would have cause for concern. *** "Yes, Yes, YES!" screamed the Duke, as the Ultimate Cadet raised him up on his chair by one hand, all still under the Duke's control. "You are the pinnacle of manhood, sir" moaned the Duke, as he was lowered to the ground, "and will be the cause of my revenge on Parliament, but pray, sir, I beg you. I wish to worship that man who will save me!" Without even a recognition, the Ultimate Cadet instantly undressed and for the next thirty minutes showed off his physique with the Duke moaning at every flex and bulge and eventually kneeling down next to the nine inch semi hard cock that was the Ultimate Cadet's pride and joy. As he started to rub it he moaned "Come, sir, come and fill me with your power so that I may command Parliament!" and with that swallowed the cock and brought the Ultimate Cadet to climax. As the cum filled the Duke's mouth, his eyes opened wide and swallowing it, he felt himself become bigger, stronger and more powerful roaring as he too came, "NOW, NONE SHALL DEFY US, WE SHALL RULE PARLIAMENT IN THE NAME OF THE KING!"
  13. Part Four At the cliffs that overlooked the English Channel near the village of Sainte-Adresse, the Ultimate Titan and Ultimate Musketeer screeched to a halt and as they did their heaving chests was testament to Henri's next statement. "Right" he panted, placing his hands on his knees, "we've just run some forty seven lieue des Postes in a little over forty seven minutes!" "Aye" panted Porthos, and as he placed a hand on his chest he moaned "and my heart is pounding hard!" "Not surprising" panted Henri in reply, "thanks to the Duke having at least an hour's head start, we've really had to push ourselves, and we still have a long way to go. We are going to have to swim about the same distance from here to England in about the same time. And I fear that could be a problem!" "A problem?" panted Porthos Henri walked over to the Ultimate Titan and placed his hand on the heaving chest and counted. After a while he said "Your heart, even in it's Ultimate form, has a limit. That limit is 2,200 beats per minute take away your age times ten. Now, If I recall you said that you were 35 at your last birthday? Right, that means that your heart can only beat at a maximum of 1,850 beats per minute. Any faster and you could die. It's currently beating at 1,750 beats per minute and that is after running on land. Water is roughly speaking about eight hundred times more difficult to move through than air and that means I am sorry to say that neither of us can do the task we have to do!" As Porthos realised what Henri had said, he stood tall and announced "Henri, I will carry you. Send the power of the Ultimate Musketeer into me, become Henri again and I will battle my own body to ensure our victory!" "I daren't" came the reply, "If anything happened to you, I...I..." but Henri's protests were silenced by the Ultimate Titan kissing him and saying "In these forms we are lovers, mon amis and in our normal forms we are the best of friends, please, Henri, I beg you, allow me to take on this challenge. Our motto demands it!" Henri nodded and unsheathing his sword he looked at the Ultimate Titan and said "Bon chance, mon amis" before declaring "I give you thy honour" and with that the Ultimate Musketeer transformed into Henri and as he did, the Ultimate Titan roared as he grew even bigger and more powerful than ever before. In fact he grew so powerful that his loincloth snapped and fluttered to the ground. As he stood there, he moaned "Come, mon amis, climb onto my back" and as Henri did, the Ultimate Titan added "and hold on tight" as he took a couple of steps back and ran at the cliff edge at full speed, jumping at the very last second and diving into the English channel where a moment later he powered towards England.
  14. Part Three "So, how long do we leave him with the Duke?" As Henri downed his third mug of milk in thirty minutes, he smiled at Porthos and replied, "Half an hour for the Duke to become enamoured with him, an hour while he does his thing, another hour for them to do their thing and then half an hour for them to recover, in total three hours so in about a couple of hours" and with that he said "Which means that if you fancy it, we can practice our own little display for the King!" Porthos moaned gently as he whispered "I cannot believe that the King wants to see our alter egos wrestle, naked, under the brightness of the full moon!" "Yes" smiled Henri, "well that's monarchs for you I say. Well, I'm game if you are!" and with that started to get up but as he did, Aramis came charging into the Poome du Pin, saw Henri and instantly grabbed him by the shoulders and said "Henri, it's a disaster!" "What's the matter now?" sighed Henri, thinking that one of Aramis's loves had fallen in love with Adam "The Duke's vanished" came the reply that made Henri gasp in horror. *** "Gone?" asked Henri in front of the Captain, ten minutes later, "you mean, completely gone!" "He has literally disappeared into thin air" replied the Captain, "the only person to see anything was the guard at the front of the palace who saw a streak of red pass him, but thought it was probably the wind" As soon as the captain said the word "red" Henri's blood froze and as it did, he coughed "Captain, how long ago was this?" "Twenty minutes ago" came the reply "Captain" replied Henri, standing to attention, "I have reason to believe that the Duke of Buckingham has kidnapped the Ultimate Cadet, or perhaps to be more accurate, the Ultimate Cadet has been lured by the Duke's charms. Given the speed he can run, I am sorry to say that they will have reached the shores of England by now. Therefore there are only two people who can catch him, with permission sir, myself and Porthos will find the Ultimate Musketeer and the Ultimate Titan and bring the Ultimate Cadet home before anything happens to him!" "You have my blessing, gentlemen" replied the Captain, adding "Henri, if the Ultimate Cadet has indeed fallen into the Duke's hands, you know what you must do!" Henri nodded as he and Porthos left.
  15. Part Two With the Ultimate Cadet standing next to him, Henri gently tapped at the door to the Duke's quarters and as he was commanded to enter, he told Roger "Wait here" and with that entered to a beaming smile from the Duke. "Oh, my loyal ally, Henry, I wondered if I would ever see you again!" and with that the Duke practically picked Henri up, span him around and commented "You've grown a bit since last time!" As the Duke placed Henri back on the ground, Henri doffed his hat and replied "I am always your most loyal and humble servant, your Grace" "Oh, where that such loyalty was in our fair country, my lad" replied the Duke, "Parliament still has it in for me, as you so often say, and I fear the worse. Please, Henry, I know that I despatched you here to ensure that my dalliances with Her Majesty were not known to the people of France, but, oh, my loyal ally, please, come back with me to England and help put Parliament in its place!" Henri shook his head sadly and said "Remember, Your Grace, to the Commoners of Parliament, I am a dead man. Henry Cardigan died at sea, remember? But I thank Your Grace for his thoughts and bring you as you wished!" and with that he clapped his hands and as Roger entered, the Duke fell to pieces. "Oh, Henri" he moaned, "this man, this man, oh, Henri, I cannot begin to describe him. And he knows of the reason why I have asked him to come?" As Roger bowed, flexing his eight pack, he replied "Your Grace has only to say the word, and I will demonstrate my strength, power and might!" The Duke practically bustled Henri out of the room and as he closed the doors Henri could hear the Duke moan "My lad, how tall are you?" and with that Henri went off to see Porthos about the next part of his plan, getting Roger from under the Duke's sheets. However if he had waited a few moments longer, he would have heard something that was not in his schedule. "Your Grace" replied Roger, "I believe I am a fathom and a span tall" remembering Henry's translations of his most recent measurements, "and weigh almost two and a half hundredweight" which prompted the Duke to collapse to his knees moaning, "And how strong are you?". As he closed his eyes remembering his last superhuman feat of strength, Roger's cock started to bulge as he answered "I can lift a demi cannon twenty times without stopping" and then looking straight at the Duke added "without breathing once" and with that hit a front lat spread that sent the Duke into such a frenzy that within moments Roger was lying spread eagled on the Duke's bed with the Duke starting to buckle his wrists and ankles practically blabbering "Sir, you are the most powerful man I have ever met. I need to witness your strength, your power, your raw manliness. Pray, sir, would you submit to me testing your strength?" As Roger nodded, the last of the buckles was in place and just as Roger was about to take a deep breath, the Duke pulled out a golden pocket watch and started to swing it in front of Roger's eyes whispering "Watch the pocket clock, my lad, succumb to it's charms and allow me to test thy power" and within moments Roger was out like a light. As he stopped the watch from swinging, the Duke's smile turned into a wicked grin and as he traced out the Ultimate Cadet's abs, now gently appearing and disappearing, he moaned "Parliament will rue the day they crossed me" and whispered into Roger's ears "My lad, forget who you are. You are my weapon"