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    St. Louis, MO
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    real profile.
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    bodybuilding, muscle growth, brotherhood
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    5'7", 205 lbs. Haven't measured in a while. My avatar is me though.
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    Friendship, lifting partners, brotherhood, advice on lifting and getting huge
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    Realistically I want to break 230 lbs; but really there is no limit. I would really like cannon ball biceps, but biceps tend to be a lagging area for me.
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    I like those stories with muscle growth and maybe even personality change. I dislike the overtly sexual stuff though ...
  • Favorite Bodybuilders
    Jay Culter, Franco Columbu, Antoine Vaillant, Nicolas Vullioud
  • Got Any Fetishes?
    Is it weird for a straight guy to have fetishes? I really admire dudes with body hair and muscle; probably because of my lack of chest hair. If you figure out how to make chest hair grow, lemme know.

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  1. Thanks for the follow, big guy.

  2. Hey bros, yeah I’ve tried the hypnosis thing for a while. Guess I got good results from it. But it did start messing with me a bit. Was having kinda trouble reconciling normal life with wanting to just quit everything I was doing and just be a muscle head. Granted it’s a cool fantasy, but when you start actually making it a reality things just get complicated. If I had some bros with me who were also into it maybe it would have been easier and I’d be in a different place right now. but even without the hypno, I find the best thing for me is just to meat as many serious lifters and bodybuilders as possible in my area and lift with em and hang out with em. And then just let what happens happen. im definitely more laid back and socially comfortable than I started out years ago. And I think a lot of it is surrounding yourself with the people you wanna be like. i guess I’m smart enough as I need to be, but I don’t feel that brainy anymore. And I’ve even gotten the reputation of being more of a meathead and bro at work and among my friends. Life is good.
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