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  1. Ohh, so much to catch up on. Sad to see Bianca gone. The girl was a master of shade. Her wit will be missed. Thomas and Brandon are adorable. I could read about them all day long. I love that Thomas has now found a company that will support him grow. About growing: I'd love to see a sequel about Edmund reaching his aspirations of becoming the biggest guy there ever was :). I find it weird that even though Edmund and Aron are BFs now, they almost never seem to share affection with each other. Maybe that's just not how they are. Steven is probably the biggest asshole there was. I wonder what the club has in store for him as a final punishment. I really love this story. The character are well fleshed out and have depth, with conflicting thoughts and most important of all, feelings. I love it. If you have more stories in store never feel ashamed to share :D.
  2. I loved it, can't wait to read more of it Very enjoyable writing too!
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