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  1. New story coming soon "Banner's Blueprints" (Summary: Sixty years into the future, two engineering majors discovers files by a mysterious Dr. Bruce Banner in the labs of Culver University. The files seem to be plans and outlines to a machine that mutates subjects with gamma radiation. David and Michael are quite intrigued.)

  2. kmxd

    sci-fi Frat Hulk

    Was that a subtle reference to Bruce Banner?
  3. There's always wbhunk's 'One more Superman Special!' http://archive.muscle-growth.org/threads/1470-p1.html
  4. Life, liberty, and the pursuit of muscle growth

  5. kmxd

    sci-fi Roommate Hulk

    Does that mean you might make a continuation of this story?
  6. Just kinda throwing out ideas, but how about a sports Hulk? Like some guys playing football or soccer or something
  7. An April Fools' story Leo was at home, in the kitchen, that evening. Leo was a rather skinny guy, but he had some muscle from sports and athletics. But he wasn't into sports too much. He had blue eyes and jet black hair. Anyway, he was going to have friends over, so he was cooking their favorite recipe, chicken fettuccine alfredo. Leo was known as the "cook" in the trio, so they always look forward to his cooking when they come over. The date was April 1st, universally known as April Fools' Day, so Leo decided he was going to try something different. Something different in a good way, but not in a way that his friends would be expecting. He was nearly done when he heard the doorbell ring. Leo walked to the door and opened it eagerly while he welcomed his friends. "Hey Hunter, Ian! Thank God you guys were able to come over. Just stay over in the living room for now." Two guys came in, one with a lean, but muscular physique and brown eyes and brown hair, the other with a similar build to Leo, only he didn't have as much muscle, along with medium blond hair and light brown eyes. The bigger and taller of the two arrivals said, "Yo, Leo! Where's dinner? I'm starving!" "Calm down, Hunter. I'm almost finished; just adding to final touches," Leo replied. Leo returned to the kitchen and drained the water from the pot holding the green fettuccine noodles before dumping it into another pot that held cooked chicken and alfredo sauce. He mixed it all together and let it sit for a few minutes before removing it and splitting it up into three portions, on three plates. He brought the three plates out and arranged them on the dining table, along with three forks. "Guys, come on, I'm not gonna serve this to you." The three guys sat themselves at the table. Hunter and Ian went immediately into it, eating their food, not realizing what is about to happen. The smallest of the three, Ian, paused and held up a piece of fettuccine with his fork. "Hey Leo, what's with the green noodles?" "Just trying something different, Ian. I handmade them for once." Leo made the noodles specifically for today. Little do the other boys know, Leo put something in the noodles, something that will change them. "So guys, what is your favorite Avenger?" Leo asked, trying to change the topic. Ian replied. "Our favorite Avenger? We're 19 and freshmen in college, and you're asking what our favorite superhero is?" "Aren't we gonna see the new Avengers movie? I think it's coming out May 5, so I was curious. No need to be so harsh," Leo said. "Yeah, don't be a buzzkill," Hunter said. "Anyway, my favorite Avenger is the Hulk. He's just really cool." "How about you?" Leo asked Ian as he put a forkful of pasta in his mouth. "Huh," Ian said. He paused for a little. "You know, I think my favorite is the Hulk too. And you, Leo?" Leo told them, "I think mine is the Hulk as well. I dunno, I think I like the way he transforms." Upon seeing that all of them were nearly finished, he grinned. "So guys, what if you could transform into the Hulk? Minus the angry losing control and stuff." Hunter almost yelled at first. "I think it would be awesome! Imagine how cool it would feel to have so much power..." Leo noticed a tent, kinda poking up in Hunter's pants, but it seemed Hunter himself didn't notice it. Glancing toward Ian's pants, he noticed there was a tent there too. Leo even felt one of his own start to get up. Ian must have noticed that for some reason he got a boner. Never before had he got turned on by a thought like that, so he got embarrassed. He tried to shift his body and cover it with his sweater to cover that tent. Leo was chuckling inside. Leo asked yet another question. "So how you guys feeling so far?" Leo for one was feeling quite tingly. "Kinda weird, but in a kinda good way," Ian said. "Same," Hunter agreed. "I think it might be the pasta. Don't think your noodle recipe was too good." Leo waited for a bit. Wait for it... He thought. 5... 4... 3... 2... 1... Almost as if on cue, he saw Ian's eyes light up green, a bright radioactive-looking green. Ian gripped his head and looked away from the other two. "Ugh... I'm starting to feel really weird now." Immediately after, Hunter's eyes lit up green too, while he clutched his stomach. "Me too..." Hunter looked at Leo. "Christ, Leo! Your eyes! They're green!" Leo smirked as he felt an oddly warm churning feeling in his stomach. "You should look at Ian's too... And maybe check out the selfie camera on your phones, both of you." Ian looked toward Hunter's way and widened his eyes when he saw his friend's glowing green eyes. Hunter scrambled for his phone and pulled up the front-facing camera and saw his own eyes; Ian did too. "Dude! What did you do? Ugh..." Hunter's nearly glowing eyes started to roll up a bit before he closed them tight and tried to get up. He ended up falling before he took a step. Ian gave off a guttural moan as his hands tensed. He looked at his palms and saw they had become tinted green. "Oh shit... We're--ugh!--turning into Hulks... I don't know if I want--AAAH!" Ian started to scream in pain as his whole body tensed, while muscles slowly started to puff up on his arms. "Oh yes," Leo breathed. He didn't know why his friends were resisting--they all liked the Hulk, and now they could be their favorite hero... Everybody wants to be their favorite hero, right? If only they could just let the transformation take them over... Oh man, he was getting harder by the minute. Leo reclined in his chair as a sharp shock of energy ran through him that quickly subsided, replaced by a pleasureful tingly feeling. He let go of his hands and closed his eyes and let the transformation do its thing... First, his hands started to become that emerald green, while Leo felt himself getting taller. His arms became fuller and bigger, biceps and triceps eventually tripling their size. Along with all of this, he shirt started to get tight on him, while his pecs started to balloon. His flat stomach tightened and contracted as abs slowly started to form. Leo's eyes snapped open and the color green started to creep up his arms. The tingly feeling inside him was replaced with a feeling of power and energy. "Oh yeah! Guys, stop resisting... Let your inner Hulk take over!" Leo's voice started to deepen. Almost immediately, Hunter gave in, followed by Ian after a minute. Their eyes were wide as many different sensations and feelings ran through them while they transformed. Leo watched almost hungrily as he saw Ian's small body swell and grow, and green skin start to stretch all of over him. Hunter went through the same thing, his already fairly built body grew and exploded with muscle. They still screamed, but it slowly transitioned to load groans and eventually to what one can describe as almost moans of pleasure. Hunter's shirt started to rip and tear and eventually it fell off completely, revealing huge pecs and lats, alongside really prominent eight-pack abs. Then his pants started to give way, ripping at the seams due to the force of his muscular legs. His feet wiggled through his socks and then his shoes, completely destroying them. Leo's transformation continued, growing to be the most muscular of the three. He flexed his arms--no his whole body--and his shirt and most of his pants had ripped off. His face contorted into a grimace, but his lips were in the form of a grin, while so much power and adrenaline pumped through his veins. Ian was scared but let his beast win, becoming his own Hulk. Green continued to cover him. His small body continued to swell with muscle. His normally thin arms had become amazingly huge, making some people's heads look tiny! His shirt ripped off, revealing he had gained the most muscular body of the three. Leo didn't think it was possible, but it seemed Ian had ten-pack abs! As the last of normal colored skin got covered by emerald green, their minds got clouded, though they were still conscious. Their hair became a darker shade of green. Their facial features became slightly more defined. Their skin was shiny with sweat from the energy used in the transformation. All three boys had become significantly taller, about a foot to a foot and a half. Leo's cock hardened and sprung up, revealing a thick 12 inch erection that bust through what remained of his tattered pants. He started to stroke it at the sight of his two newly transformed green muscle hulks. "Me like Hunter and Ian as Hulk..." Hunter's own cock boned up completely as well. "Hunter-Hulk really horny... Hunter-Hulk want Leo to fuck Hunter!" Ian said in a very masculine and deep voice, "Ian want to fuck Leo. Ian fuck Leo." The three boys got into a threesome. Three green nude hulks fucking each other. At least one probably made gay. Leo didn't care. All he knew was that everything felt good. Then they all cummed, almost simultaneously. Loud, deep moans and roaring filled the house as cum started to spray everywhere and they all slowly reverted to their normal human forms. When they finished reverting back, they were all drowsy and breathing heavily. Greenish cum was all over them. Leo kissed his two friends. "Happy April Fools' Day." ----- Just whipped up something quick for April Fools' Day. Hope you enjoyed.
  8. Profile says I'm 14--I am not. I'm just uncomfortable telling online people my age. :T

  9. kmxd means Knowing must cross dimensions, btw.

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