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    Muscle growth, martial arts, drawing :D
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    Height: 1.83M<br /><br />
    Weight: 83KG<br /><br />
    Arms: 16"<br /><br />
    Chest: 48"<br /><br />
    Calves: 17"<br /><br />
    Thighs: 20"<br /><br />
    Waist: 36"
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    Greater knowledge and the ability to create great muscle growth sequences
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    Wouldn't that be putting a limit to it?
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    rise of underdogs, detailed stories, experienced emotions during transformation or growth.
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    Don't really have any... most of my inspiration comes from Anime characters :D
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    Its possible ^-^

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  1. FIRST MUSCLE GROWTH STORY/ ROLE PLAY Written with the assistance of Darkluster6 Any further recommendations are very welcome THE NEXUS PROGRAM IS COMPUTER SOFTWARE THAT GUIDES A SATELLITE TO THE POSITION OF THE USER, GAUGES THEIR ONLINE SUPPORT AND BLAST THEM WITH LIFE ENERGY (KI) THUS INCREASING MUSCLE MASS AND COMBAT PROWESS. {a dimly lit and spartanly furnished bachelors studio with a blinking computer monitor}[Door opens and the resident enters with arms full of papers, books and shopping]sigh what a dog day afternoon… ah well at least gran sent some of her lasagne I can smell it form here ^-^ hmmmm….[ takes the shopping bags to the kitchen and packs groceries away before heating and eating his meal] Haha damn gran you don’t disappoint… tastes like home… I better call her and thank her… checks his watch hmmm… too late now… she would have had her night cap… best get her when she’s fresh in the morning… ^^; Oh well best sort this out then….*takes a pile of papers and books to his desk and notices the computer is acting strangely* Hmm… I wonder… *he enters the password and unlocks his computer and all seems fine* Guess I was just imagining things… thought I’ve never heard that sound or seen that purple light before… Well lets check the update page and see how the other test subjects are doing… *Som opens the program and attempts to modify the code slightly… with the modification in place he clicks save and then enter*…………………. Well I’ll try again tomorrow Ki is certainly a mystery to me… and they say they’re storing it in a satellite?… Amazing if it were true…. I guess this may be the end of the nexus progr….wha!?…The update page hits 1000 supporters and the computer buzzes and rings loudly emmiting a purple light Well either its working or I broke it and this is the GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!!! A beam of energy hits soms body he clenches his teeth as his body contorts in pain Nnnngh… Suddenly Som feels an energy welling up from his core and spreading throughout his body to his farthest extremities… Woah!?… this feels… gooood… som raises his arms as his core hardens into 2 rows of solid abs, his obliques pop into view, Then his lats flare slightly shoving against his arms and trusting his chest out just before his pecs thrust out lifting and stretching his shirt. Nnngha … its working ^^; *Some delts swell harder and then veins spread across his biceps before the burst into solid mounds of strength final soms forearms begin the look like cables of steel are forming within… Mmmn… som flexes harder feeling each her sense as his muscle bone and sinew move and and contort to his will… rrrrRRRRAAAH!!! Trying hard to flex out of his shirt he can’t seem to manage past a tear in a couple places ^^; awe man that was lame… but… hey it works… And …I feel…. my ki… my body… this is INCREDIBLE HAHA!!! I wonder it I can…. *focuses his ki below his feet and the floats slightly before crashing to the floor with a loud THUD, he was a bit heavier now suddenly the neighbour below began beating her ceiling with a broom signalling whatever Som was doing he was disturbing her…* Whoops I guess I I better keep it down… But I feel so great and I have all this energy to burn off… Huh… I wonder…. Attached Thumbnails
  2. Okay big guy, welcome to my home. Good to see you here. ;) And by the way, I LOVE the pec bounce GIF you got as your background image. :D

    1. Somdude424


      Haha thanks man.

      Seemed appropriate ^_^

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