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    Wimpy guy looking to worship, be roughed up etc. Especially love being lifted!

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  1. Midget

    Flex Friday

    You're amazing.
  2. Midget

    For other females on here

    Can I help choose as well?!
  3. Midget

    The Managing Director

    I hope they find themselves some little wimp they need to sell to...
  4. Midget

    Faux Hulk-outs

    Perhaps some of you musclegods could show them/us how it's done
  5. Midget

    Fat and Strong

    You should have shown him how strong you are!!!
  6. Midget

    Obesity as a turn on?

    As long as you're big enough to crush me then I'm happy
  7. Midget

    Master slave fetish?

    Boy, do you expect Daddy to walk? Carry me!
  8. Midget

    Interesting Encounters

  9. Midget

    Interesting Encounters

    That is amazing! Your poor teacher!
  10. Midget

    Strength Feats

    Whenever I armwrestle one mate of mine he always lets me use both hands. Then he sits there saying "have you started yet?" as I push with all my strength!
  11. Midget

    Strength Feats

    You're going down, big guy!
  12. Midget

    Strength Feats

    What about a wrestling match? Us 3 vs you?
  13. Midget

    Strength Feats

    Well, if I must... 64kgs here...
  14. Midget

    Strength Feats

    Bench pressing smaller guys
  15. Midget

    Tests Of Strength?

    Guy lifting! Love it when a bigger guy makes me try to lift him and I can't. And then he shows me how it's done.

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