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    Wimpy guy looking to worship, be roughed up etc. Especially love being lifted!

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  1. I hope they find themselves some little wimp they need to sell to...
  2. Midget

    m/m In Big Trouble

    YEAH! " When I was a about a foot away he turned slightly to the guy sitting on the stool beside him, reached out a huge hand grabbing the back of the guy’s neck, and squeezed slightly. “Hey, buddy, my friend here would like to sit beside me. You don’t mind, do you?” There was absolutely no meanness in the question, but it was quite clear to everyone within hearing distance what the right answer should be. I can’t lie – there was part of me that wanted the little dude to refuse because I knew I’d get to see the huge paw circling more than half his neck do some damage," I do hope there's a little guy in the next chapter who doesn't do as he's told
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