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    Games, Workout, Reading, MG fantasy, Big guys, Getting myself bigger. Everything that grows
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    5'7 220 lbs.
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    Fantasies and Motivation for growing
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    +300lbs Muscle Bear with muscle gut.
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    Shocking Brian, Steroids? Please, Pincushion, Second Puberty, The V File: Busted Behemoth,
    Beyond Failure TOO PUMPED TO JERK OFF, Do. Not. Open.,
    Unbound Beast Inc: Word of Mouth
  • Favorite Bodybuilders
    Lee Priest, Victor Richards, Greg Kovacs, Johnnie O Jackson, Alexey Lesukov, Roelly Winklaar, Dallas Carver, Nicolas Vullioud
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    Muscle Bears, Bear Hugging, Beard, Muscle guts, Roid Guts, Muscled legs, Muscled Forearms, Post Workout Pumps, Tight Clothes, Off-Season Shape, Force Growth, Force Feeding, Growth Pain, Uncontrollable Growth, Grow Over 400 lbs, Immobility, Edging.

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  1. aquarionz


    Poor Linus, Poor Harold. But tbh, I cant wait to see Linus grows and payback at Dave before he became ... immobile freak?
  2. aquarionz


    That was hawt read!
  3. Its not a link, it just title. I think he left there as a tease and hope the story is coming.
  4. I once read a short story. (probably in old archive) The story is about a guy that had an extreme case of delusion about his self image. This guy busted his ass off and he still see himself as a small person. One day he visited a doctor or therapist and they gave him a pep talk and later his self image caught up with reality. Then he realised that he's so big he barely fit in his apartment. It would be so grateful if any of you guys have the link.
  5. Awesome profile pic!

    1. aquarionz


      Thank you, it is just how I wish I would be at least this big.

    2. cutlerfan


      A great size to be!

    3. Astromuscle


      The profile pic and the other pic in behind it are both so good

  6. This is the 4th time I read this and it still blow me off!
  7. Current stats 5'7 220 lbs


    1. flamedelft


      You look good and thick, man!

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