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    I vacillate. Sometimes I feel so overwhelmed that I just want to shrink into nothing. Sometimes I just want to bulk up and become incredibly powerful. I'd love to be with someone and help them grow to the immense size they deserve to be.
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  1. @dredlifter in his defense, the comments are very complete. The reaction you've had to this work has suggested to me a new, avant-guard form of story narration where instead of writing a story, the author writes comments about the story they have written from the viewpoint of readers on this forum.
  2. Not thinking too long term... but at the end of the last chapter, they still hadn't put clothes on. Would it be awful if Trev had forgotten to bring an extra pair of underwear, shorts or something and he had to borrow a pair. Bet Seth would insist - he's already out-growing them anyway and Trev can have them. After that experience fucks with his brain, I'll bet Trev will get comfortable with shrinking. Probably switch to briefs too just like Seth would want him to.
  3. Couldn't agree more. And it makes him start to shrink because he didn't dose properly and got greedy. Fitting punishment. Soon Seth, out of concern for his health, drags him to the gym for cardio and controls his diet. He gets thin. In a couple month's time he's reduced to wearing Seth's clothes from when he was 5'8" and they're starting to feel big. Everyone say what you want about this writing, but if I were writing it, it'd be ... a bit more intense.
  4. I think Trevor needs to learn his place now. He's acting childish about this and he'll get treated like one. It's too bad they aren't roommates anymore. It'd really make it easier for Seth train him. He needs to understand that his new purpose is to help Seth in any way possible. That's just how life is. He'll learn to enjoy being small. My working theory is that Trevor isn't even growing. Seth is just trying to let him down easy. Maybe it's even worse there's a rare reaction and Trevor is slowly shrinking down to size Seth used to be. Now that would be fair.
  5. I regretted not peeing at the bar immediately after leaving. It was a just bit too late in fall for only wearing a hoodie. But I was already almost to the apartment. I could make it in time. I started jogging a bit breaking out occasionally into a run. At least it warmed me up if it didn’t really make the trip much shorter. I tried to not think about needing to use the bathroom. Almost there. Skipping up the steps and jogging thru the door. "Hey Steve. I’m home … ". Just as I strode thru the front door, I tripped on something, awkwardly falling down onto the floor. I was right in front of and at face level with a pair of my roommate’s adidas. Fairly new but quickly worn and stretched out. Mud on the bottom and the smell of the gym he goes to. What did I trip over? The culprits - a large pair of clean, red New Balance shoes. I fucking told him to not leave shoes right in front of the door. “Hey asshole! You left your shoes out again!”. I picked up myself up and kicked them off to the side of the entrance. No response. They felt heavy. These weren’t Steve’s, were they? They were brand new. Those addidas were from his recent, freak growth spurt, but these were really new. You could practically smell the shoe store on them. Man, the looked large. God he’s 26. A bit younger than me. What is he doing having a growth spurt anyway. I pulled off my own shoes next to his. A knot formed in my dry throat. His stuck out past mine. Larger and wider. I’m not that much smaller than him when we stand side by side. No, I was dizzy from the fall. Better keep his and my shoes apart from each other. An urge reminded me that I still needed to pee. Shit. I jogged thru the kitchen, where he had stacked multiple pizza boxes he hadn't cleaned up, to the bathroom. And of course. The shower was running. He always takes forever in the shower. God dammit. “Hey, can I come in? I really have to use the bathroom, man.” “I’ll be out in a second.” He sounded more frustrated than annoyed. “Fuck no. Dude I really have to pee. Just stay in the shower.” I shoved the door open. The small bathroom was dripping humidity. A fog rolling over the shower curtain. I went straight for the toilet. God it felt good, feeling relieved after holding it in so long. “Dude, get out! Please.” “Sorry man. I had to. I’ll get out as soon as I can. I promise. Serious.” All along the floor his clothes were strewn. Cheap, soft grey sweatpants and an undershirt - his recent apartment uniform. And a pair of white briefs? He was wearing briefs now? No wonder he was embarrassed and frustrated with the ladies. The sound of my peeing was so loud I was sure he could hear it in the shower. At least he knew how seriously I needed it. Yeah, I had had a couple of beers. It felt so good to get that out. Done. I flushed and tip-toed past his clothes to the sink to wash my hands. On the sink was an open notebook and my cloth measuring tape I thought I had lost. The shower turned off.
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