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    Muscle, Bodybuilders, Muscle Growth, Super strength, force feeding, etc.
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    6'3", 245 lbs
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    So many. Jay Cutler, Evan Centopani, Cody Montgomery, Dallas McCarver

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  1. I seem more people these days using headphones at the gym during their workouts. Do any of you have an recommendations on what type of earbuds or headphones to use and what do you typically listen to during your workouts? Is it motivational messages or just music? I also see some various motivational bodybuilding videos are on YouTube. I have been making some good progress at the gym and want to continue working to get bigger and stronger! Thanks to all and keep growing!
  2. Thanks for following me.

  3. Thanks for the follow, man.

    1. ncscuc


      You are welcome. Glad to find others here working out and growing!  Nothing will stop us!

  4. ncscuc

    Alternative Super Powers!

    I would choose so many but my top powers would be super strength, ability to fly, and have the ability for me to grow at will or do it to others.

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