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    muscles, muscle growth, werewolf
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    5'9" 185, 20% bf but working on it
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    Looking for chat and/or rp here, looking for guys willing to show off
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    5'9" 250, 5% bf
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    i like muscles, muscle growth, hair/fur growth, werewolf/bear, geek to jock, worship

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  1. leedsmusic

    Fursona Pics

  2. http://bodyspace.bodybuilding.com/leedsmusic/ my new bodyspace page...still in the works....it's a start. I did a 2:30 plank my best ever!
    1. ThickRick


      And I thought my 2:00 planks were studly. Great work, tough guy!

    2. roboprobo
  3. leedsmusic


    Hey all, Anyone have tip for quicker/easier recovery from leg day specifically? Thanks in advance!
  4. lesson learned...arms AFTER chest not the other way around

  5. I did my first arm day on my own...i feel amazing and sore!

  6. relieved to get my ass back to the gym

  7. Hoping to feel better with over a long week of illness

  8. leedsmusic

    hey all-routine help

    Thanks Hial...i'd say i am average build guy trying to get cut.
  9. leedsmusic

    hey all-routine help

    I do 2-3 days cardio, 2-3 days of muscle group. I use a notebook tracking what i have done and weight so, I can hopefully improve.
  10. leedsmusic

    hey all-routine help

    i am on 5 9 190 here i started about the same but down to now 20% bodyfat. I've seen some good gains but it's very slow. Not sure of what lifts I am "good"at so to say.
  11. leedsmusic

    hey all-routine help

    Hey all, I am new to this part of the forum. I am slowly going off having a trainer. I'd love to work out my own routine. I am hoping to do 3 days muscle training, 3 cardio/core. I wanna get cut. Any suggestions on order, etc.
  12. I just got back from the gym...leg day...so sore

    1. roboprobo


      Let's massage it all better, bro.

    2. biguy7631


      Stretch them after your workout to feel better ;)

  13. Feels good to get back in the routine..now i will be soar in the chest and back

  14. Nice back day...glad to be back in the routine

  15. relaxing and on break...hope to get the gym and have some fun


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