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    Huge Muscles
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    6ft 240lbs, 16.5" arms, 38" waist
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    HUGE Muscles
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    Get big as fuck
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    Appreciate What You Have
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    Fouad Abiad, Frank Macgrath, Kevin Wolter
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    Force Feed, Growth, Immobile Size

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  1. obsessionfodder


    So hot
  2. BTW I thought I would mention that I love all of your artwork. I saw most of it over on deviantart before I joined this forum. Thought I would just give you some praise ;)

  3. obsessionfodder

    The Beast

    I want my life like this
  4. obsessionfodder


    You pretty much wrote my dream
  5. obsessionfodder

    Intermittent Fasting

    Hoping to find some simpler explanation on intermittent fasting for lean gains. I am more intrigued on using this method to boost growth hormone. I've tried reading here and there, but to no extent. Hoping to get insights from experienced users here.
  6. obsessionfodder

    Calorie intake

    I'm 6ft 240lbs, fat on the higher end. Just started learning about macros and trying to figure out BMR. Trying to keep my calories between 2800Cal on off days and 3200Cal on gym days. I was told to eat around your workout.
  7. obsessionfodder

    You're not overtraining, you are undereating

    How many calories are we looking at generally? Lots of beginners would love to get an idea on macros and difference in calories between gear users and natural gainers.
  8. obsessionfodder


    If he lives in a studio apartment lol or a warehouse!
  9. obsessionfodder

    My live-in Bodybuilder: intro / what do you think?

    My dream life
  10. I am on KIK now, search my name.

  11. obsessionfodder

    What to do at Fitness Expo

    My PT keeps inviting me to the expo this weekend. What do you guys usually do there? Especially when you go alone. I am not exactly a fitness buff, but still considering.
  12. obsessionfodder

    Out of Control (part 1)

    Could this be a spin off of "Anything to Grow" ?
  13. obsessionfodder

    MG in VR

    Google cardboard considerable? Machinima uses the viewmaster VR set with their mobile to play with

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