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  1. Now I can actually read it... ************* The two men sat in Dan’s bedroom together, still in their sweatpants and tank tops from their late-night workout, staring at the screen of Chad’s phone. The screen read “CashGro!” with the subtitle “Turn your cash into someone else’s size!” Dan was the first to break the silence. “So, this thing really works? You’ve tried it?” Chad replied, “I tested it with a dude from the gym. He had his PayPal public on his Instagram, so I tried giving him like $5 just to try it. I’m telling you dude, he practically grew before my eyes! He thought it was just a good pump, but man, he must have easily put on 10lbs of muscle right then and there.” Dan still looked a bit skeptical. He leaned back in his desk chair, looking over at Chad. Dan was quite scrawny, standing at only 5’2” tall and weighing a mere 110lbs. Chad wasn’t much bigger, sporting a 5’4” 130lbs frame himself. Dan wanted to get into bodybuilding lately, and Chad was more than happy to indulge. After a few more moments of silence, Dan finally spoke up. “Fine. But if this stupid thing doesn’t work, or this ends up being a prank, I’m telling everyone about how you actually begged bullies to give you swirlies in high school.” Chad shook his head, handing his phone over to Dan. “No, I promise, that won’t be needed! This thing really works! Just put in your PayPal there, and then place your thumb on the button so it can scan your...well, I guess it scans your fingerprint? Or something, I don’t know, dude, I just know it works!” Dan, still looking skeptical, started typing in his PayPal email into the phone. “Like I said, it’s your funeral if you’re fucking with me.” Once he finished typing in his email, he placed his thumb over the phone’s button. The app displayed a spinning coin for a few seconds before it stopped and the phone played a *DING!* He handed the phone back to Chad, standing up. “Alright, now how does this wo-?” Before Dan could even finish the sentence, his own phone vibrated in his pocket. He pulled out his phone, and a notification was on the screen: ‘Payment processed: $5. Enjoy your new size!’ As he finished reading that, he could feel his body starting to grow. He slowly swelled taller, his body shivering from the pleasure of the added size. “O-oh god..! W-what did you-” Once again interrupted by the buzzing of his phone, Dan felt another growth spurt coming on. Chad had pressed another option on the app, labeled simply ‘Donate Muscle.’ As the cash was drained from Chad’s bank account, Dan’s body grew. His lats widened, his pecs swelled, and even his toothpick legs gained a bit of mass beneath his sweatpants. His arms were visibly larger, and even more defined! “Wow...” Chad said in partial disbelief. He knew this would work; he just didn’t know how well. Dan groaned as his first couple growth spurts came to an end, the seams of his shirt starting to strain. What was once a very loose tanktop on him was now looking to be a size too small. His ego even seemed to grow a bit to complement his body. “Ohhh yeah...more!” Dan demanded. “C’mon, don’t you wanna see your master grow?!” Chad rolled his eyes at the comment as he sat back in his chair, messing around with a few more options on the phone. He messed with some sliders labeled ‘Chest,’ ‘Shoulders,’ and ‘Back,’ maxing every single one out. Then, he pressed the ‘Donate’ button again after selecting ‘$5’, and looked up to watch the results. Dan grinned, feeling the first threads of his shirt finally giving way. His shoulders put an immense pressure on the straps of the tank top, causing several threads to snap. The straps were already in a losing battle with the massive boulders of muscle, but it wasn’t enough for Dan. “You better start donating in much larger amounts, wimp! We’re never gonna get me to true Godhood unless you start paying what I deserve!” Dan boomed with a voice had dropped several octaves compared to his previous command. Chad blushed as he heard Dan’s new, deeper voice, his submissive side being coaxed out. “O-oh...yes, Sir!” He raised the amount of money displayed in the ‘Donate’ box to $20. He bit his bottom lip, unsure if he should really be giving this much to Dan. He had been saving up for a new car, and if Dan demanded much more, his plans would be set back quite a bit. Chad curled his legs up off the floor and held them against his chest, asking meekly, “Is-is that better, Sir…?” Dan grunted as his body was suddenly filled with an intense warmth. He hunched over, clutching his stomach. “Grr..rrrRRRR...” His entire body trembled, each limb taking turns jerking him from side to side, until finally… “GGGRRRRRAAAAWWWWRRR!” He rose up, his arms stretched outwards and bent slightly. He flexed every single one of his muscles with this motion, his tank top practically disintegrating from the rapid growth. His sweatpants were still hanging on, a lot more room for his legs to grow thanks to the stretchy material. He panted deeply, slowly walking towards Chad. “Aww yeah...that’s what I’m talking about, you fucking runt...” He stopped once he was right in front of Chad, looming over the smaller man and grinning down. “How about a bit more, eh? I’m gonna need more money to afford my new weight bench, some protein, and all kinds of other stuff to keep this bod running! You think this pocket change is going to satisfy me?!” Dan flexed his pecs at the end of each sentence, as if to punctuate his point. But after Dan went quiet, he started to slowly bounce his pecs, alternating his pec bounces. He made sure Chad was focusing on his pecs, starting to sway his body back and forth in a very entrancing motion, each bounce seeming to add to that effect. Dan spokein a quiet, deep tone, “You want to give me more...” Chad shuddered, crossing his legs and hiding his swollen cock. He moaned softly as he looked down at his phone, tapping a few more buttons to donate to Dan’s growing bulk. The room was filling with a potent musk as Chad looked up at Dan. “You deserve it, Sir...You deserve so much...” Chad spoke in a submissive tone. Dan chuckled, leaning over just enough for his pecs to brush against Chad’s forehead. He started to bounce his pecs with a bit more force, knocking Chad’s head back against the chair again and again and again. “You’re damn right I do. And you better start sending me the real big bucks instead of this pathetic pocket change. I am a GOD! I deserve much more!” Dan raised his hands up and placed them on the wall behind Chad for support, the potent musk from his armpits wafting towards the lesser man’s nostrils. Dan took in a deep breath, letting out a content moan. “Aw yeah...the smell of a real man! Isn’t it nice to finally know what that smells like, fag?” Chad fumbled with his phone, moaning as he shuddered in pleasure. Dan’s powerful musk was overbearing, clouding Chad’s vision as Chad looked over Dan’s body, entranced by the size and power of his frame. The thickness of Dan’s arms and pecs, the width of his lats, the definition of his abs, everything was God-like. “Y-yes, my God. It smells incredible...” Chad said, sounding like he was in a trance. He pressed the ‘Donate’ button once more, donating another $25 to the God’s growth. Dan growled as he started to tremble again, one of his jerking motions accidentally knocking the phone from Chad’s hand. Dan’s hands started to slide further up the wall, his pecs ramming into Chad’s head as his body surged larger. “Oh fuck YES!!! That’s it, faggot, drain your wallet for your growing GOD!” Dan boomed. Dan stepped back so Chad could get a better look at his new body. His legs were pressed tightly against his sweatpants, enough that Chad could see every single separation, even with the thick fabric separating the legs from the outside air. Dan placed a foot in front of himself, wobbling his quadriceps back and forth. “Tell you what, runt, gimme another $50 and I’ll flex these legs hard enough to shred out of these sweatpants. That sound good to you?” he said in a teasing tone, knowing Chad’s answer. Chad nodded obediently, letting out a moan as he observed Dan’s thick legs. He stood up and walked over to where his phone landed, but before he could reach down and pick it up, Dan’s large hand engulfed the phone. “Oops, too slow~” Dan pressed a button, donating $50 to himself. He could feel the growth kick in again, his lats widening to an almost impossible size, his pecs jutting out so far that they were beginning to obscure his vision of the ground. He grunted and raised an arm up to flex his bicep, the peak almost reaching his knuckles! “Fuck yeah! Lil fag’s money is doing wonders for this God!” He relaxed his flex, suddenly reaching forward and grabbing Chad by the throat. He didn’t squeeze Chad’s neck, but Chad’s airflow was being restricted just from the sheer massiveness of his hand. “But, I see here that you have a lot more money in your account than what you were giving me. What’s this weak-ass $20-donation bullshit you’ve been doing?” Dan tightened his grip just enough for Chad to realize the kind of power he commanded now, but Chad was still just barely able to speak. “I am your God. And you will treat me as such. Now...” Dan extended his thumb on the hand holding the phone, hovering it over the screen. “I’m going to give myself more of your hard-earned cash. I deserve it more, after all.” Chad could hear the seams of Dan’s sweatpants straining to hold back the bulging tree trunks beneath them. Dan’s legs trembled in anticipation of the coming growth. “I’ll eventually drain all your money, but what’s the fun in taking it all at once? So...let’s just start this off nice and easy, eh? Gonna be fun watching how low your bank account can dip,” Dan said in an almost cruel, mocking tone. He raised the donation amount to $100 and changed it to balance evenly between all his attributes. Then, with a simple press of his thumb, his body began to grow once more. Dan groaned in pleasure as his body trembled again. He released Chad’s neck as the waves of pleasure started to wash over him, the growth ready to begin anew. This time, without warning, Dan’s pecs expanded out so far that they just crashed into Chad, pinning him down into the chair. But then, Chad could feel the sensation of rising...Dan’s pecs were actually lifting Chad and the chair up against the wall! “GrrrRRRR!!! MORE! MOOOORE!!!” Dan commanded. He lifted up his foot and stomped it down, his legs suddenly exploding in size, tearing his sweatpants to shreds. Scraps of fabric fell around his feet, the waistband still intact, which made it look like he was wearing a loincloth. Chad could see every striation on Dan’s perfect quads, the teardrop perfectly defined for the lesser man to admire. Though, it was kind of hard to see down past Dan’s pecs! But, Chad could catch a glimpse here and there. “Haha, alright...that’s enough toying around, don’t you think? Let’s see what this baby can really do!” Dan flexed his pecs hard, crushing the chair and letting Chad fall down to the ground below. Chad heard a couple beeps from his phone, followed by a computerized voice saying, “Full transfer confirmed.” And after that...Chad could practically feel the ground beneath him shaking. Dan’s body convulsed several times, growing in halting jerks. His arms lengthened and bulged outwards, as did his legs. His pecs pressed out even further, filling up at least ¼ of the room with their mass. His abs became like a washboard, so chiseled and hard that nothing could dent them. Dan’s head bumped against the ceiling, his body taking up most of the space in the room. Chad was forced up against the wall once again, this time by the hilariously large bulge beneath the remains of Dan’s sweatpants. The growth felt so incredible that Dan began to hump against the wall, slamming Chad’s body repeatedly against it as he went into a growth-fueled lust. As far as Dan was concerned, Chad was just a tool to grow even larger. With the immense amount of money Chad had saved up, Dan’s body just continued to grow. Dan placed his hands on the ceiling, growling out his words. “A God needs no house! The entire WORLD belongs to Me!!!” With that, Dan pressed upwards, tearing the roof from the walls of his house. He stood up, tossing the roof a few blocks away. He took in a deep breath, smelling the night air. A thud could be heard from a distance away, and several car alarms started blaring. It looked like that roof landed in a very inopportune area. But the noise didn’t worry Dan, only angered him. “GrrRRRR! Stupid fucking cars!” Dan roared. He lifted a foot out of the remains of the house and began stomping towards the noise. With each step, he grew more and more, a true giant by this point. Chad was in a bit of a daze after being practically suffocated by Dan’s muscles for so long. Once he regained his composure, though, he quickly ran outside just in time to see Dan all the way down the street. Dan raised up his foot and slammed it down on not one, not two, but three cars at the same time! Even from a few blocks away, Chad could hear the metal bending and groaning in the quiet night air. The car alarms slowly became more and more distorted as Dan applied more pressure, until the alarms were silenced altogether. With the noise subsided, Dan stomped back towards his house...or rather, he took a single step back to his house. He looked down at Chad standing in front of the giant’s former house. “Hey, faggot. Thanks for the money. It’s done wonders for my physique! But, unless you find a way to make more...” Dan turned his back to Chad. “I’m sure others have far more to give a God like me now...” Dan stomped off into the night, towards the rich part of town. Something told Chad that this is just the beginning of Godhood for this giant.
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    The Grow Fish

    Totally missed those previous responses but thank you guys for the kindness! This one was not exactly fleshed out to be more than a scene but who knows once I get some free time there may be an update to come
  3. Thank to wbjason for the morphIMG_20170306_160834.jpg.41a6a1aa392b5af1462af42384a54cf5.jpg


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    The Grow Fish

    Thanks @arpeejay and @Mdlftr! The characters and detail are what pushed this one into more than I expected it to be... When I started writing it just before midnight, I didn't realize all of that would devolop as it did. Crazy how it just flows once you start writing it down! dammit now I have to research fish?! I was just going to half ass that part lol.
  5. wbjason

    The Grow Fish

    After a fun weekend on the beach, I had a bit of inspiration and this is the start of what I thought would really just be a short scene type of story. Please forgive the typos, grammatical errors and such as I just needed to get this started and posted... I literally couldn't sleep with this story floating around in my head haha. Hope you enjoy! The Grow Fish Part 1 The weather was perfect. You couldn’t ask for a better day on the beach, and it was the 4th of July no less! The local gay beach would be overrun with guys from LA to San Diego, and as luck would have it, I arrived with my boyfriend early enough to secure a prime spot, just up the sand from the wave tossed water front. This was exactly where you wanted to be to watch all the hot, bathing suit-clad guys as they ran into the water in varying degrees of near nakedness. Yes, today would be the perfect start to another glorious Southern California summer! My boyfriend, Jesse, and I had been dating nearly 7 months. Surprising to both of us, considering our much longer history of chatting on and off on Grindr. It took us practically a year to even meet in the first place. I wasn’t in a hurry to date, enjoying new found freedom from my previous relationship… Ok lets call it what it is: I was being a sex crazed man-whore. And with the body I’d been working on over the past couple years, finding some hot hookups was not a challenge! At just a hair under 6 foot, I’d taken my 32 year old rather average and slightly overweight 215 pound body down to a lean, muscular 185. Not that I let it go to my head, really. I was still a bit modest and unused to the amount of attention I could garner from the thirsty crowd of horny males cluttering the gay apps… all ultimately looking for sex, thinly veiled behind a mask of friendship or gym buds, or whatever line they cared to use. But modesty didn’t stop me from enjoying the reward of my hard work! In contrast, Jesse, was all too happy to give me time and space to explore. Apparently, he saw more in me than one night of fun. We did meet last spring, however, and hit it off epically. What originally started as a few dates turned into a couple months, and some really great sex along the way. While he’s not a buffed up gym rat like myself, he sports a smaller, less muscular 5’7” dancer’s frame. The difference is actually what I find appealing… I get to be the big muscular boyfriend, and he loves appreciating my bigger body and how it feels against his own. Sometimes I'd even noticed him proudly showing off his man to his friends via some of my Instagram photos. Eventually, though, he broke it off, saying I was still unprepared for anything serious. We stayed in touch, and after months with a growing sense of desire for something more concrete and a distaste for all the meaningless sex, I asked him out again. With some obvious trepidation and discussion of what he was truly looking for in this potential relationship, we agreed to make it exclusive. Now, nearly 2 years after our initial online conversation, here we were: madly in love, enjoying the sun, sand, and cleverly disguised drinks of Gatorade and vodka with our close friends, under one of a couple hundred canopies, umbrellas and tents that lined the beach. All that remained was to kick back, and mentally undress the horde of sexy men flaunting their bodies before us, while avoiding eye contact with any previous hookups that I preferred not to have to introduce to Jesse as they walk by. Of course, that didn’t stop a few from making their presence known, along with a handful of friends I actually enjoyed seeing amongst the crowd. A couple hours into the day, I saw a couple from my gym. They are a somewhat oddly paired match once you get to know them a bit, but are the sweetest and truthfully sexiest married couple I know. Hell, they even wanted to have me over one evening for some fun, but schedules never worked out in my favor sadly. Nevertheless, both go by Chris strangely enough, both are nurses, and share the same height of about 5’8”. However, thats where the differences start. While Chris #1 is a fiery and outgoing Latino with a leaner build and a wild streak, Chris #2 is a quiet, reserved Asian guy with a thicker muscular body and a go with the flow personality. I honestly never can quite tell what he’s thinking, he just smiles and lets life happen. We stood a while, catching up on each others lives, talking about how I was doing with Jesse and the new relationship, and other random gossip of the day. Chris #1 continued on about their latest adventures at EDC in Las Vegas and all the fun they had, when suddenly he stopped mid sentence. His eyes grew large, as I could tell his attention was drawn away to something happening beyond our conversation near the water. It wasn’t until his usual effeminate exclamation of “oh my god”, that I turned to see what was happening behind me. A rather large fish (what I thought to be an over grown dolphin) had washed ashore, and had a small group of guys gathering around it. Dolphins aren’t an uncommon sight around our beaches. They’re often seen swimming through the open waters, scaring surfers, and delighting tourists, but I’d never seen one this close, or this large. The group of guys around it seemed to be discussing what to do and how to get it back in the water, when two of them bent down to touch it. What happened next set both of my nurse friends running into action, as I stood there mouth agape. Upon contact, both guys appeared to have been shocked with a sort of electrical discharge and flew several feet back from where they were kneeling. Naturally, this caused the other guys around the creature to quickly retreat, leaving it to suffer further on the wet sand alone. About the time that my two friends reached the two that were unconscious, I snapped out of my stupor and joined them to see how I could help. Latino Chris had reached one of the guys and knelt over him, asking him if he was ok and shaking his shoulder to see if he was responsive. However, his arm recoiled when he grabbed the guy’s shoulder, and he yelled, “Shit! I just got shocked.” He attempted to rouse the guy again, roughly rubbing his chest and once again jerking back from an apparent shock. Asian Chris seemed to be having the same experience as they looked at each other, sitting on the sand next to the bodies and discussed what to do. One victim seemed to be breathing while the other next to my Latino friend either was not breathing at all or it was so shallow it was undetectable. He reached up to his neck to check for a pulse and despite some obvious discomfort from more electrical shock, he determined the guy needed CPR. His husband moved over and started compressions as best he could, while Latino Chris performed the mouth to mouth breathing functions. Both would take a few seconds between their duties to back off, shaking their hands or head and release a few expletives due to the jolts they were taking, then return to action. Not even my own CPR training could have prepared me for something like this. You never actually expect to use it, much less face something so bizarre in the process of trying to save a life. Ultimately, the guy started breathing and shuddered back to life after about a minute of CPR. Coughing, he weakly sat up and put his head between his knees, trying to catch his breath and recover from the trauma. The Chris’s fell back on the sand, breathing heavily from the dramatic experience and rested for a moment. The 2nd victim began to stir as well, and we could breath a sigh of relief that it seemed they would be just fine. After a few moments, I gave my hand to my friends to help them up off the ground. To my surprise both of them shocked me! It felt almost like a quick static discharge and it was done. I shook my hand out and laughed, as I asked them if they were ok. Looking up from my hand I realized, at that moment, I wasn’t looking at the top of their heads like I usually do. Instead, Asian Chris was eye to eye with me, if not slightly higher, and Latino Chris was clearly looking down at both of us from a few inches above. My first response was to look down at the sand, as I must have been standing in a hole or they were on the higher part of the beach as it sloped up from the water. But neither was true, and the odd height difference was just the beginning. In fact, I watched as both of their feet elongated slightly, pushing through the sand a couple inches. Then calve muscles developed, pushing out an inch or two on either side of their legs, followed by their quads. Latino Chris’s growth was even more prominent as his legs exploded with new muscle and size. Large tear drop shapes formed as his quads pulsed bigger, pushing into each other and causing him to adjust his stance significantly. My gaze traveled higher as his cute red, white and blue speedos stretched to its limit both in the back and the front. Already decently endowed (he’d once told me he was just shy of 7.5” downstairs), I saw his suit bulge forward like a water balloon. The top opened slightly as his cock grew in obvious length and girth, competing for space against his enlarging balls. A curved portion of his brown hose like penis pushed up and over the edge of his speedos, the head buried somewhere far below visibility, which just served to accentuate his new size. Even in its current flaccid state, I couldn’t imagine it being anything less than 9 or 10 inches soft and already thicker than any cock I’d ever seen. His abs, which had already been well maintained, began popping into greater definition, the valleys between them etching deeper and deeper by the second. The top row was quickly being eclipsed by a growing shadow casted by pecs which had previously been firm and tight, but were now much fuller and stretching all directions into large manly slabs of meat, and pushing out a couple inches from his chest. While his nipples began pointing downward and tanned areolas growing wider than a half dollar coin, the sides of his pecs were beginning to spill out beyond my view, rubbing against swollen and inflating veiny biceps. Large and growing arms attached to thick, rounded deltoids practically the size of my own head, began to flex in response to the growth being experienced. Unexpectedly, I heard him chuckle, the typical effeminate voice I’d grown accustomed to now gone and replaced with a much deeper rumble. I looked up now, further than before, and stumbled back a step, shocked by how much taller he’d gotten. My eyes were just level with his chin, so I had to guess he was close to 6’6” now, maybe more… a growth of practically 10” in just minutes! His face, sitting above ominously sloping, thick traps, was even more rugged. He’d gone from a cute pretty boy, to gorgeously handsome; a look you could only describe as devastatingly attractive masculinity. A grin formed slowly on his lips as he looked down on me. He was most certainly the new alpha between us and clearly enjoying the revelation as he explored his massive body, and I tried not to pass out myself. To be continued...
  6. Hey WbJason - Happy Birthday!   Here's to another year of muscle growth!  Mdlftr

  7. Ah ok now Dave makes more sense... and damn "he's" hot!
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    m/m Pleasure Growth

    Glad you are revisiting this! Can't wait for the continuation
  9. Love where this is going! Keep up the great work!
  10. Thank you for being so agreeable and growable I MIGHT, if I ever find time and inspiration spin this off into something...
  11. As promised, here are all the parts of my first story, "A Secret Between Friends"! Having had a chance to edit and clean it up a bit, I was actually surprised by some of the choices I made. Funny how we write things and put them away to never be read again hahahaha! Anyway, hope you enjoy it. Incidentally, having made multiple new friends in the mess of the forums shifting, one of them happens to be a great guy of Asian descent that I've decided is the honorary real-life doppleganger to my character LOL. Sunuvab, here's to seeing you grow for real!! A Secret Between Friends To say that I travel a bit for work would be, at times, the understatement of the year. My job takes me all over the country for a week or two per trip. What's worse is that it comes in waves, never a regular schedule to lock into. Sometimes I'll go three months with nothing but office work, and just as I'm getting into a pleasant routine, off I go on a string of business trips. Needless to say, it makes life obnoxiously inconsistent and even harder to keep a gym routine going with someone. While, I'm not the hard bodied gym rat I dream about becoming, I have proudly worked off the 30 plus pounds I'd put on since settling into a busy career. In fact, when I look back on the state of life as I knew it, my stats were somewhat dismal. Chris Thompson, 32, 6' tall, 210 lbs. Translation: the heaviest and most out of shape I had ever been. What happened to that fit college graduate I remember? Long gone were the days of working out every day, looking great and getting the attention of the ladies and even a few guys. I was out of shape, lazy and sick of it! Something had to change, and I was determined to make it happen. So last year I began my quest to lose the weight and get back in some kind of shape. Today, I'm happy to say that I'm down to a sleek 175 slightly muscley pounds. None of my pants fit, but I'll call that a positive consequence of months of sweat and pain I had nearly given up hope on finding a workout partner after Mark, my friend and coworker, moved out of town just before Christmas last year. The problem is finding someone patient enough to stick with me given my inconsistent availability and dedicated enough to motivate themselves in my absence. Add to that someone that will actually challenge me when I'm around, and I'm probably asking for a perfect trifecta of friendship. Not long after Mark moved away, I found forcing myself into the gym before work to be the only way I would actually go. I was making little progress and my motivation was waning. On top of it, my job had shifted to being managed by some East coast blow-hard executive that could care less about time zones. One morning in mid January, he decided that he had to have an 8am conference call to discuss the latest sales trends and the entire western division had to attend despite the three hour time difference. Damn it! I had better be getting a raise out of this guy soon! Screw the gym, I thought. It may be open 24 hours a day, but at 3:00 AM the only muscle I'm working out is my brain, deep in dream land! Large coffee mug in hand, I started my commute and prepared for a long tiring day in the office. The call went as expected, lots of corporate hot air and a demand for stronger revenue across the board. Following a quick lunch and some last minute number crunching for accounting, I felt a second wind coming on. It was only 3 in the afternoon, but I'd busted my ass for 10 long hours. So, on a whim I decided to take advantage of my sudden burst of energy and headed for the gym. As I arrived, I expected a few of the usual suspects that I remembered from my routine with Mark. They mostly consisted of a few overweight guys doing their best on the treadmills and the free weight meat-heads that I had quietly admired but never had the guts to talk to. And a few new faces that excited me a little, after all who knows what a little conversation might do. After quickly changing in the locker room, I walked to the free-weight area intending to jump right into my workout. Today was chest and triceps day and I always started with bench press, which was already occupied by another guy. He appeared to be alone and it seemed, playing it safe with a 35 pound plate on each side. Decent form I thought, I usually warm up with that weight. I leaned against the wall, staring tentatively at my phone, trying to pretend like I was busy texting, instead of impatiently waiting on him to finish. To my surprise, he hopped up, saying he'd just started if I wanted to work in with him. Oh… Uhm sure, I responded. Let’s see what he can do! As I approached the bench, I got to inspect him up close. To my slight surprise, he was a bit shorter than me. Probably not more than 5'7", but given his height he was holding his own with the weights. There was also something interesting about his look. He was clearly of Chinese descent, but there was a mix of something strikingly more Western. That mix only served to give him a perfectly tanned complexion, one that this Irish/English/German mutt envied highly. He was wearing a fairly baggy shirt and long basketball shorts, so I'd guessed his body must be in the average to athletic department like my own. I took my position on the bench and cranked out ten reps with some ease. I was still a bit distracted in thought, as I pondered this guy's ethnicity. He had a perfect west coast American accent, so clearly he was raised here. "Nice set," he complimented, as I pushed myself off the bench. "Leo!” he proclaimed, sticking a hand out for a quick shake before starting his next set. "Chris," I said, "nice to meet you." I paused, "It’s funny, I was expecting something more, uhm..." He chuckled, "Chinese"? "Well, I.. I didn't want to assume anything," I back peddled, "but... well yeah, haha!" I wrinkled my nose and half smiled at him. Shit, I was making an ass of myself already! "No, no, its fine. I get that a lot actually. My name is a bit of a story in itself, but I'll tell you that another day. My real name is a combination my crazy parents came up with: Li-Serno. So I just go by Leo." Without missing a beat, my sarcasm kicked in full force. "Bet you got called Lisa a lot in school." "Haha, nice! Sarcastic.... I like you already, Chris," Leo replied. Perfect! Maybe this day was turning out better than I thought. He started his set, having switched the plates out to 45's during our conversation. As it turned out, the workout was much better than expected. He had almost the same routine as me. We alternated between chest and tricep exercises and despite the height difference he managed to keep up with me rep for rep! I was actually starting to push a little harder, something I hadn't done in well over a month. We wrapped up our workout and headed for the locker room to grab our things. "Well, Chris" he started, "it seems like we're a good match for each other... In the gym, I mean." Blushing ever so slightly as he corrected himself. I agreed. "You know, I was thinking the same thing. And actually, I've been looking for a new gym partner. What are the odds we run into each other today?" I added. "Great! Do you wanna grab dinner and get to know each other?" He asked. "We can talk through schedules and such." I had no plans to speak of, and honestly, I really did want to find out more about Leo. "Sounds good to me," I smiled. "Yeah scheduling is definitely something we should discuss." A year ago, I would have been shy about changing in the locker room with others around me. But with my recent weight loss and subsequent improved self esteem, I'd realized, though not as fit as some, I had nothing to be ashamed of. Leo apparently had no issues with his self image, and in that instant I knew why. He'd all but stripped naked in a matter of seconds, enjoying the cool air on his body and I tried to maintain my composure. While he wasn't a bodybuilder by any sense of the word, he clearly had enough muscle on him to justify his performance in the gym. I stood speechless for a few seconds, admittedly enamored with his smooth, toned build. One could tell he was no stranger to working out, as he possessed a naturally athletic look, with muscle bunching and bulging in all the right places. What I wouldn't give to look like that, I thought! I was suddenly snapped back to reality, when he asked “Where should we eat?" I stumbled momentarily for a response, "What? Oh, uhm, well there's a healthy food store around the corner with a really good cafe... I mean if you like that sort of thing. Clearly you must," I said, waving my hand a bit toward his still bare body. Shit, now I'm the one blushing! He laughed and thanked me. "Sounds good to me," Leo said as he got dressed. "Yes, actually I am a bit of a natural food fanatic. That and some old school Chinese medicine. You'd be amazed at how many health issues can be solved with solid nutrition and some herbal remedies." "Really? I've heard about some of that but never really looked into it. You will have to enlighten me," I said. Leo smiled, "I will, but dinner first. I'm starving!" At the cafe, we discussed everything from nutrition and calorie needs, to my work travels. He actually had no problems working out alone when I was gone, as he said he was used to it anyway. This couldn't be more perfect, I thought! "So how do I get a body like that?" I asked in all seriousness. He smirked a bit, but assured me it wasn't as hard as it seemed; just a good diet and some dedication in the gym. His interest had now shifted to getting bigger. He had a pretty intense desire to pack on some real muscle, but had tried every routine, diet and natural supplement out there with no success. I guessed that steroids were out of the question, to which he fervently agreed. Then he said something I wasn't exactly expecting. His uncle owned an herbal remedies shop in San Francisco's Chinatown where he'd grown up. He was planning a trip up there and whole heartedly believed his uncle would know of something that could help. "How is that possible?" I questioned. "If there were such a magical potion, wouldn't it be well known?" Leo held firm, saying within all the mystery of his culture he just knew something had to exist. I chuckled and said "well let me know when you find it, we'll make millions!" Then without a blink, he shot back, "Who says I'm sharing?" Ouch! I had no response, and he seemed dead serious too. At least momentarily, until he couldn't hold back a smile any longer. I had to laugh, both at him and at myself for believing it. We would clearly get along brilliantly. A Secret Between Friends - 2 A month had passed since that evening in the cafe, and our work outs were progressing well. I had finally started to see some improvements in my lifts and muscle tone. Leo continued pushing hard and maintained his already nice physique, but was growing impatient with his lack of growth. "Not a single pound!" he proclaimed from the scale one night. "I can't even gain a pound, this sucks!" But I was quick to remind him to go look in the mirror, he had nothing to complain about. And if anything, he had gained a bit more definition than he was willing to recognize as actual progress. That was our last workout together for a few weeks, since I had several meetings to attend around the country. He was also planning to return home during that time to see his family. He made me promise to keep up the pace in the hotel gyms, which usually means nothing more than treadmills and an ill equipped weight machine. Nevertheless, I would try my hardest! I exchanged a few text messages with him while he was back in the bay area. Mostly, he was checking up on me and making sure I was working out on the road. Minus a few drunken client dinner evenings, I'd managed to find my way to the gym nearly every day. He texted me excitedly one morning to tell me he was going to see his uncle and find that secret Chinese herb that would solve all his problems. I had quite honestly forgotten about that until he brought it up. I wished him luck and quickly put it out of my mind. Seriously, I thought, got to love that guy, but he's looking for a golden ticket that just does not exist! I didn't hear anything back from him after that day, so I assumed he must have struck out. Surely he would have told me if his uncle actually came up with something. Finally after 3 weeks, I was back in town and it appeared for a decent stretch of time again. I've really got a chance to focus and put some real work into the gym, I told myself. Leo would have been home for over a week now, I wondered what he was up to and if he'd managed to keep himself motivated. I shot him a text and said I was home. I asked if he wanted to get together or hit the gym. He responded almost immediately, saying he was busy tonight but was glad to have me back and was ready to get started again tomorrow. I asked how SF went and if he'd found anything with his uncle. Nothing. Not a single response for what felt like hours! Was I really expecting him to come across some magical potion that would transform us into muscular alpha males? The knots in my stomach would have said yes, but the logical scientific side of me quickly overrode that. In reality it had only been a few minutes and his response was as expected. Not really, just some weird script in an old language that his uncle could only half decipher. So basically nothing. He promised to tell me more about it tomorrow. Tonight he had stuff to do, he said, and that was that. I decided to kill the rest of my day with laundry, catching up on bills and a few recorded TV shows. I didn't have to work tomorrow, so I wasn't concerned with getting to bed at a decent time. Plus, I had a few beers with my name on them in the fridge. As such, I dosed off on the couch and didn't wake up until the morning with someone knocking fervently at my door. What time was it anyway, I wondered, rubbing sleep from my eyes on the way to attend to the knocking. I opened the front door to a smiling familiar face. "Leo!" I said, still slightly in a haze from just waking up. "Good to see you buddy, you could have called me. I didn't think we were working out until later." "You overslept," he said, pointing at his watch-less wrist. "Besides your phone is dead, I'm guessing. Go get dressed so we can hit the gym, man!" I scratched my head. "Good morning to you too," I mumbled, and headed to my bedroom to change. "Well, make yourself at home, I'll be ready in a minute." Geez, he's more fired up that usual. At least someone missed me! "Oh, so tell me about this script, or whatever it was you found. Any potential there?" I yelled from the back of the house. "I'm not entirely sure," he responded. "It has some mention of strength, but based on what my uncle could read, it sounded more like obtaining strength as a leader. Like a political struggle or something. I tried to read it last night too, but it doesn't make much sense and the internet wasn't very helpful. My Uncle is still working on it, though." "Well, that’s kind of disappointing," I said, entering the room. "Ready to go?" I asked, as I walked toward Leo. I went to punch him on the shoulder as it had become our normal sign of friendship. This time, however, he dodged me and quickly moved out of reach as he said he was ready. That’s weird, I thought, he's never done that before. In seconds we were on our way and I was happy to be back into our routine. We decided on biceps today and cardio to start. After we did a short bit of cardio on treadmills, we started our bicep exercises. Not surprisingly, I was feeling like I had fallen back a little with my limited hotel facilities. Leo, however, was pushing through it with vigor, like he'd never left the gym. And in reality, he pretty much hadn't. We were on our last set, and decided to go for failure with some preacher curls. For our workout, we did this by stacking a 25, 10 and 5 pound plate on each side and taking off the 5 and then the 10 pound plates after 10 reps for a total of 30. I finished mine, but just barely, and proceeded to reload the weights for Leo's turn. He said he needed some water and made a beeline for the fountain. On his way back, he stopped and talked to one of the resident meat heads, as I called them. He was one of those that I'd admired for so long, dreaming of having muscles like his. But I never dared talk to them, for fear of making a fool of myself, I supposed. Leo appeared to say a few things, then shook the guys hand and walked back. "New friend?" I asked. "Not really," Leo responded "I just told him how much I admired his dedication to the gym and that he inspires me to keep pushing harder." Hmm, he doesn't know a stranger; I thought and said "OK, cool man. Maybe you can get him to give us some pointers next time." Leo gave me a smile and simply said, "I doubt we'll need that before long." And with that he sat back down to complete his last set. He ripped through the first 10 with no problem and I started to remove the 5 pound plates but he more or less barked at me to leave them. "Ok fine, man," I said. He pushed out another 15 reps before starting to fatigue. Damn, his biceps were really pumped like crazy too. He slammed the bar back down on to the bench and stood up quickly. "Wow, Leo that was amazing! Look at those biceps!" I said and gave them a slight squeeze. "NO!" he yelped and surprised me a bit. "Sorry," I said, "I just..." He interrupted, "No, you don't understand." But in that brief moment, something happened. Leo shifted on his feet then straightened up. I thought he was on his toes for some reason, until I looked down. No he was standing flat footed and straight. Leo had grown. Not much, but I could tell. He'd gotten taller by about an inch and every muscle visible bulged slightly larger. We gave each other a look before I blurted out, "What the hell just happened, Leo?!" A Secret Between Friends - 3 Leo stood still staring at me with a blank expression for a few seconds. I could tell he was thinking, like he was calculating what he would say. What did I not understand? He had just grown bigger right in front of me! And how the hell did he push through that last set like that? “OK, look, Chris,” he started, “I wasn’t being completely honest with you about that old script. I did read it last night and I kind of read it out loud. But I still don’t know what it all means or how it works. But something happened after I read it. The paper started to glow and it threw light all around my room. It felt like it was filling me with this weird energy… I don’t know how else to describe it. And I didn’t know what would happen, that is until I shook that guy’s hand a few minutes ago. But I felt it, I got stronger just by touching him.” “What does that mean?” I asked. “Are you copying someone else’s strength just by touching them? What would happen if I touched you again?” Leo backed away, “I don’t know and I’m not ready to find out. OK? This is taking me by surprise too.” “You don’t want to find out what is going on?” I asked. “Find someone else to shake hands with then, so we can see it again.” He hesitated, I could tell he didn’t want to, but he finally gave in. I wanted to see this happen more than he did, but at the same time I was starting to feel some jealousy. If he can do it, why can’t I? I needed to get my hands on that script. We scoped out the gym for a few seconds, seemingly looking for the next test subject, more or less. Suddenly, Leo said, “OK lets do this,” and headed towards the free weights. I followed slightly further behind. He walked up to a couple of the larger guys in the gym. They were regular gym partners, as long as I had been there, and they were stacked with bulging muscle from head to toe. Leo simply walked right up to them, much to my astonishment and started a conversation. The size contrast was interesting to look at, actually. Leo stood in the middle at his new 5’8” and the two bodybuilders were well over 6’. One of them nearing the 6’6” mark. Both easily outweighed him by 100 pounds. “My friend and I were just finishing up and talking about how much we admired you two. I don’t know how you do it, but we’re working our asses off and can’t seem to put on a single pound! Just wanted to say nice work guys. Hope you don’t mind if we watch your workout sometime, maybe we’ll pick up some pointers?” Leo said without a single hesitation. By that time, I’d caught up and was standing behind him, trying not to ogle over the two studs. “This is Chris,” he said, motioning to me. “Nice to meet you,” I said and shook their hands. They introduced themselves as Mark and Alex. “Oh and I’m Leo. See you guys around.” He shook each of their hands firmly, I could tell he was really going for it. Too bad, it didn’t work for me! Damn, I thought, I’ve got to figure this out. He looked at me and asked if I was ready, but immediately started walking to the locker rooms. I stammered out, “Later guys,” before following him out of there. We were half way to the locker room and I was following directly behind him, when it started. It was much more dramatic this time, presumably because there were two giant guys he’d just touched. I watched in amazement as he walked. His head inched higher, his shoulders grew thicker and his back broadened. The t-shirt began to tighten around his upper arms and ride up a little. I gasped as I saw real triceps pop into place and his shirt sleeves fill out, the shoulders and sleeves were stretched further as he grew making the shirt seem a size too small. Only an hour ago, it hung nicely on him, not loose but definitely not tight like this. We entered the locker room and he stopped dead in his tracks. He slowly turned around with a huge smile. “You have no idea how amazing this feels!” he half whispered excitedly. I didn’t have to imagine though, I could see it. His biceps had grown to the size of baseballs and he actually had shelf-like pecs pushing out the front of this shirt with nipples pushing down and making their own presence known. I stared in disbelief. I began to feel a flood of emotions. Excitement, confusion, jealousy and lust. I looked up from his amazing shirted torso to his face. It wasn’t until that time that I realized just how much he’d grown. At 5’7” I was looking cleanly over his messy black hair. Now I was nearly eye to eye with him. That put him at 5’11” I had to guess, based on my 6’ perspective. “I don’t know what to say,” I finally managed. “I don’t know if I like this after all. I mean, I’m supposed to be the taller one here. If you do that again, I won’t be the big guy anymore.” Leo laughed, “In case you hadn’t noticed, I’m already the bigger guy now.” I was gutted, and he was right. I’d suddenly realized that my alpha status in our friendship had just shifted dramatically. And I saw it in his eyes, he loved it. Maybe too much. He stripped off his overly tight shirt and turned to a mirror to examine his new body. EVERY muscle on him had doubled in size. He was perfect, to put it rather plainly. He flexed and smiled as he turned. He now resembled those fitness models featured on the cover of a Men’s Health magazine, the ones I envied deeply. In the midst of my absent minded thinking, Leo had run over to the scale and proclaimed his new weight: 194.”I gained nearly 25 pounds!” FUCK! I screamed in my head. He now had 10 pounds on me, and all of it muscle. What was I going to do? At least before we were working out with the same weights; now I wasn’t even in the same class. “Man, I’m starving. All this growing has really worked up my appetite.” Leo said as he walked out. “Coming?” I took a deep breath, trying to hold back the urge to scream, GIVE IT BACK TO ME! “Yep,” I said and followed him out, quietly, head hung in despair. A Secret Between Friends - 4 I returned home that night with a million thoughts racing through my head. The initial excitement had evaporated quickly when I realized just how quickly Leo would out grow me. This definitely was not cool and I didn’t know what I hated more: the fact that he was going to be bigger than me, or that I couldn’t grow with him. I laid in bed for hours going over the events of the day through my head. I was replaying every step from his powerful last workout set, to seeing him grow after I touched his biceps and finally his growth in the locker room. Even more so, I found myself reveling in how perfect his muscular form had become. I wanted so badly to be able to feel his muscles against my body. I envisioned admiring every bulge with my tongue. I was rock hard and ready to explode, as I fantasized over my friend’s surreal transformation. Just a few quick strokes was all it took and I came with such force that I heard it splatter on the headboard before it came raining down on my face, chest and everywhere else conceivable. My vision following that had suddenly shifted, I was no longer admiring Leo’s amazing body as peer and friend. I was now at his feet in the gym’s locker room, worshipping his body as a submissive follower. I looked up from my position, way up. Even at this new perspective, I knew he had grown… a lot. I stood up and found my eyes level with the top row of his perfectly formed deep cut abs. I felt like a child next to him, even at 6’ tall. He must have been at least 8’ tall, as his head was scraping the ceiling tiles. His shoulders stretched nearly as far as I could spread my arms and tapered down to a waist not much wider than my own. He was ripped beyond belief. Huge muscles hung from every part of his body, with so little fat, you could see the veins under his skin pulse with his heart beat. “Come along little man, I need to see if this gym can even handle me now.” He said with a voice octaves deeper than I remembered. “You can watch me, but stay out of the way… You’re far too puny to be of any help to me anymore.” He laughed at his statement as he walked out. But it wasn’t a joke, he meant every word and enjoyed asserting his dominance. I found it both erotic and increasingly humiliating. He grabbed the heaviest 120 pound dumbbell in the gym and fondled it with his fingers like it weighed absolutely nothing. Tossing it on the floor with a loud thud, he commanded me to build him a bench to use. I drug two flat benches to the squat rack and placed them side by side. The gym owned four 100 pound plates, which he loaded and told me to add 4 more 45 pounds plates per side. “Perhaps, that will be enough,” he grunted. I certainly hoped so, since there was only enough room for two more plates per side. He positioned himself awkwardly on the two benches, his shoulders spilling over both sides and nearly touching the sides of the rack. I watched in awe as he pressed the bar up off the rack and effortlessly cranked out 15 reps of over 800 pounds. He reracked the bar and demanded more weight. I added the last 4 plates and watched as the squat bar bent grotesquely under the pressure of nearly 1000 pounds. Then, much to my terror he grabbed me and held me horizontally in place above the bar and again pushed the bar and my own weight up effortlessly. Over and over, up and down I went. I was mortified and yet with each clanking of the plates, I became increasingly aroused. I was fully engorged and pitching a tent before the small crowd of admirers who had gathered to watch. Clank. The weight banged together in my ears. “Stop,” I pleaded with him. Clank. Please. CLANK. It only got louder. How long would this last? CLANK. CLANK. CLANK. Then, in an instant it went black. I opened my eyes, I was in my bed. Still naked, raging hard and covered in my own cum. It was just a dream, I sighed in relief. But someone was knocking on the door. I could hear Leo yelling for me, “Chris, wake up man. Time to hit the gym.” What time was it? He must be way early. I grabbed my phone and threw some shorts on. Shit it was 9am. Still half awake, I reached the door and cracked it open. “Hey buddy!” Leo smiled. “Oh you look like shit, man. Everything ok?” NO! I wanted to say, but instead opted for, “Long night, don’t ask.” I looked at him and paused, something was off. We were eye to eye. Did he grow another inch overnight? I opened the door all the way and told him to come inside, I was going to be a few minutes anyway. I walked toward the kitchen and turned back. “Want anything to uh. OH FUCK!” Leo was standing there right behind me, smiling as usual. But we weren’t eye to eye. I was looking at his mouth. Suddenly, I was wide awake. The porch! It was at least 2 inches lower than the floor of my house. “What the hell, Leo!? Who else did you touch last night?” I asked. “Well, I was on the subway,” he explained. “You know that hard turn after Wilshire? Well, some guy lost his balance and landed on me. I had to get off at the next stop just to avoid growing right there on the train.” He smiled again. “Isn’t this amazing? I feel so strong, I wish you knew what this was like.” Ugh. “Don’t rub it in, ok?” I responded a bit too sharply. “This may be great for you, but what do I get out of it besides feeling smaller every time you show up? You’ve got to let me see that script, maybe it will work for me too!” Leo thought about it for a few seconds. Why the hell would he even hold back? “Please, Leo!” I almost pleaded. “I thought you said you would share this if you found something.” Finally, he broke. “Fine, we’ll go to my place after the gym. I can’t guarantee it will work, though. You won’t even be able to read it, you’re going to have to memorize the words exactly as I say them and repeat it back all at once. “Anything!” I nearly screamed. “I have to try.” The bigger he grew, the more desperate I was becoming. "OK, OK." He said, "But first, lets hit the gym. I have to see what I can do now!" He smirked cockily as he flexed both biceps. He was wearing one of those t-shirts with the sides cut out, so you can see everything, including the side of his now well developed pecs. It was obvious his arms were not going to fit in the sleeves anyway. A Secret Between Friends - 5 [i was actually dreading seeing what would happen at the gym with Leo. He had put on some serious mass since our last workout. Given his latest growth spurt, I was guessing he weighed well above 210 now. His arms were showing signs of that split bicep head and had definitely broken the 18” mark. Every other muscle would have certainly followed suit in their growth. The reality of it all hit me hard as he drove us to the gym in his Mini Cooper, which at his original height and size, was the perfect fit for him. Now he was having trouble even getting into it easily and with his new size he took up his side of the car and spilled into mine. One wrong move and I’d touch him again causing even more growth. Upon arrival, I could see the looks he was already getting and we had barely checked in. It was like I wasn’t even there, overshadowed by my once smaller gym partner. I had never experienced that kind of attention, and truthfully, had never considered wanting it. But now, seeing Leo attract it effortlessly and accept it with a growing cocky jock attitude, I craved it with an intense jealousy. It just wasn’t fair. As we began working out, it was immediately clear that he was now in charge. He chose all the exercises without asking what I wanted to do and always went first. We started with the bench press, which he loaded up with two 45 pound plates per side. I was sure he’d never attempted this much and I hadn’t even come close to that on good day. I secretly hoped he couldn’t handle it. However, not only could he handle the weight, it was obvious he was just toying with it. This would barely be considered his new warm up weight! I stood no chance of ever catching up with him. He removed a plate from each side and asked if I could handle it. I gave him a smug glare. “Have you forgotten your previous weights already?” I asked. He smiled, “I was just joking. Jeez, can’t take a joke now?” I ignored him and pushed out my 10 reps, determined to do the best I could, or go down trying. “Time for some real weight,” he said, adding 45’s to make it three plates per side. I stood aside trying to hold my jaw in place. This is the guy who, only days ago, could barely bench 135 pounds. Now he’s going to attempt this? It took me a minute just to do the math, I’d never had to think that high in the gym! No sooner had I figured it, Leo had pushed the bar up off the rack and lowered it slowly to his chest and then back up. Holy shit, 315 pounds and he didn’t show any signs of struggle. He completed nine more in perfect form and rose from the bench, a huge grin on his face. “Wanna try it?” he prodded, motioning to the bench. Did he expect me to even respond to that ridiculous statement? “I’m kidding of course, but would you believe that felt a bit light? I’m going to really go for it next time!” I was dumbfounded. Part of me wanted to leave him to his workout, since he was clearly out of my league now. The rest of me wanted to stay and watch this near demi-god find his limit. I didn’t even want to work out anymore. This was starting to feel like me trying to fit in at the gym on Venice Beach, with all the hardcore bodybuilders. The more he pushed the smaller I felt. “Come on,” he said, “at least finish the bench press. I promise I’ll stop with the jokes.” Fine, I sighed. I added a 25 pound plate on each side, just to appease him. We’d used that weight last time and I managed to get 6 reps in before I couldn’t push the bar up anymore. Leo had had to pull it up the rest of the way to get it racked again. I was determined this time would be different. After all, what was the point in working so hard and never improving? I pushed the bar up and let it down toward my chest. Shit this seems heavy, I thought. Did I struggle this much to start last time? It took nearly everything I had in me to push it back up and Leo had moved into the spotter’s position to help me. Not one to give up so easily, I went for a second rep…. and failed miserably. What was wrong with me? Leo quickly reached down and grabbed the barbell securely with only one hand and lifted it back to the racked position. Damn, he looked absolutely huge from this angle. Out of breath and feeling a bit humiliated, I got up and walked away without a word. After a trip to the water fountain, I saw he had already reset the bench with 4 plates per side and was positioned to get started. “I’d spot you, but I can’t even handle my own weight, so…” I mumbled. He smiled, without looking away from the weights above him and said, “Its fine, I don’t think I’ll need help anyway. Its only 400 pounds” With that, he pushed up; a slight grunt and lifted the bar. Finally, a weight that challenged him a bit! I’ll admit, I was definitely getting turned on watching his muscles work. There was just something so masculine and hot seeing a guy with that much power show what he could do, and even then I knew he had way more in him. After that we moved on to biceps. I had already given up on trying for the evening and relegated myself to watching him experiment with his new muscles. At least I was getting a good show out of this. Rather than draw out the foreknown limitations, Leo went straight to the dumbbells. Grabbing a 60 pounder, tentatively, he seemed content to at least warm up with it. But he quickly skipped ahead to the 80 pound one. Again, it was my turn to watch in awe as he doubled our previous record, and he was hardly breaking a sweat. At 100 pounds he looked happy, as he curled the dumbbells up and down. I watched his biceps explode with size as the pumped up bigger and bigger with each repetition. I think I was wrong about 18”, with a full pump he was nearing 20 or more inches. I was glad to be wearing my compression shorts and a slightly longer T shirt, because my dick was now raging hard and I wasn’t sure how much longer I could watch him go at this. “You’re ready to go?” He asked, almost rhetorically. “That’s fine, I got to see what I wanted to. Lets get out of here.” I didn’t waste any time making a dash for the door. One, because of a certain problem in my pants, and also because I had an old Chinese script with my name written all over it. This was the moment I’d been waiting for and I hoped to God it would work. The drive back to his apartment was, well, excruciating. Leo couldn’t stop talking about how much he had just lifted and how incredible it felt to be so big a strong. As if I didn’t already know, he reminded me how small he used to be compared to his current state. And he wanted to get even bigger! I don’t think I could bare that and sadly I knew it was inevitable. We got to his apartment and I waited anxiously as he pulled the script out of a box in the top of his closet. How the hell he got it there days ago, I couldn’t imagine, but now he didn’t even have to go up on his toes to reach it. “OK,” he said, “I’m not sure how we’re going to do this. The part that you need to recite is kind of long and you need to be precise with the enunciation. Are you sure you want to do this?” “Leo, I haven’t wanted anything so badly in my life! Just let me try, dude. I have to!” I was almost nervous. I was so close to having what I wanted, yet there was a chance that it wouldn’t work. No, I told myself. It worked for him, it will work for me. He began saying the words and I repeated them exactly. He had to correct me several times, damn Chinese is tough, I thought! Finally we reached the end. I decided it would be best to write down the passage spelled out the way I heard it. This way I could recite the words without stopping. There was no way I could memorize it. Once more through and I felt like I had it down. He handed me the script, which I held reverently and prepared to recite the sounds I’d written down on the paper next to me. I took a deep breath, he assured me I could do it and off I went. Word for word, sound for sound I recited it aloud. The intensity in my speech grew as I neared the end. I wanted this so badly, I could hear it in my voice. Announcing the last syllable, I closed my eyes momentarily. I felt my body flush with heat. Its happening! I opened my eyes, but there was no light flashing around the room, the script hadn’t glowed. Then I saw Leo, frowning. “I don’t understand,” he said. “It should have worked. You said all the words correctly. I’m sorry, Chris, I don’t know what to say.” I sat there for a solid minute, staring intently at the old script. Why wouldn’t it work? Did I need actually be Chinese, or something? “This fucking sucks,” I moaned, as I tossed the script onto his kitchen table. “I don’t get it, you can grow all you want and I just get to watch!? I can’t believe this. What else did your uncle tell you? There must be something you forgot.” I stood up and started pacing. I was so determined that this would work, it had to. I began to lose it. “Let’s call him, he must know what the problem is.” Leo stood up. “I wish there were more to this, but you just did the exact same thing as I did. And this script was just as much a mystery to my uncle as it is to me. Look, Chris, I know how hard this must be for you.” “Hard?! You couldn’t possibly know what this is like. Look at you!” I was near tears and pacing even harder through his living room. “Seeing you get everything you’ve ever wanted and I’m stuck watching you outgrow me and out lift me in a matter of days! I can’t handle this anymore. I don’t think I can be around you.” “Chris, please stop. Will you look at me?” He walked up to me and planted his huge body right in my way. “STOP IT!” He practically yelled. I froze in my tracks and looked up into his eyes. It was too much and I had to get out of there. Out of instinct, I reached out and tried to push him out of the way. My hands met his hard shoulders and in a split second his hands had pushed me back. I recoiled in terror. What had I done? How long had I touched him? “Shit.” I whispered. It was too late. I saw him inch higher, even faster than before. His shoulders broadened out and his pecs extended beyond the edge of the cutout shirt. His large brown nipples coming into view and pointing further and further down as his pecs filled in even more. Biceps bulged and his arms were pushed out by his expanding lats. His growth slowed to a stop. I was no longer looking at his mouth. My eyes were level with his collar bone. This was my nightmare coming true. He must have been close to 6’5” now and his width filled my field of vision, especially being so close. I started to back away, but tripped over something in my path and landed hard on my ass. Looking to my feet, I found my gym shorts had fallen around my ankles. How is that possible, I thought? “What the fuck is going on?!” I pulled my shorts back up and made for the door. My place was only a mile away. I would sooner walk than get in his car again. Blindly, I reached for the door knob but found it inches higher than expected. Something was very wrong and the gravity of the situation was raining down like hail in a storm. My world was crumbling around me. “Chris, wait!” I heard him yell, but I was already gone. A Secret Between Friends - 6 I ran as fast as I could for what seemed like an hour. How far could my house be? What would have been a decent 10 minute jog had turned into a breathless, never-ending marathon. My stamina had gone and I had to stop multiple times to re-secure my shorts. I refused to examine the overwhelming evidence as fact, at least not until I was home and had a chance to cool off and think rationally. Finally, I arrived home and threw myself face first onto the couch. I screamed into a pillow and allowed myself to break down a little. This whole thing was too much for me to handle. How could Leo do this, and to me?! My phone vibrated. It was a text from Leo. “Please let me explain Chris. There are things that you…” I stopped reading, I couldn’t. DELETE. I had to figure this out for myself, since apparently I was stuck this way now; a diminished version of my former self. First things first, I decided: time to face the facts. I grabbed a tape measure to check my height. Sure enough, I’d lost 5” in height. Weight I could explain but this… how would I go to work, suddenly shorter than half of my coworkers? Next, I checked my weight. I had gone from 180 to 150 in days. All that hard earned progress in the gym, gone in an instant. I looked at myself in the mirror. At least I didn’t look over weight, I decided. In fact, if anything I was looking a bit leaner than before with just enough muscle to show some signs of gym time. I started actually thinking I could live with this. I can build something back up with this body. NO! I corrected my acceptance. He stole this from me. Without even trying he became everything I’ve ever wanted and worked for. I would get it back somehow. I mournfully drug myself to bed. I didn’t feel like doing anything else, despite the relatively early hour in the evening. I lay there thinking through the whole process. What had I missed? Or was he really lying to me all this time? I closed my eyes to sleep. But the image of him growing in front of me, his massive physique dominating the space was burned into my thoughts. I fought to find something else to think about, but it was useless. I knew this would haunt me for years to come. Finally, I drifted to sleep, having lost the battle to clear my mind of the massive new Leo. A week passed; a blur of monotonous self loathing and vegetative existence, at best. I’d called the office and claimed I was too ill to come in. How would I explain the recent changes anyway? The only pleasure I found came from actually thinking about Leo and his amazing body. Jealousy had led to anger which gave way to an almost erotic envy and finally full blown lust. I began having dreams of worshiping Leo’s body and servicing his prodigious tool. Finally, on Saturday afternoon, something snapped in me. I couldn’t stand not seeing him anymore. If not for his body, I missed our friendship. I called to see how he was doing. He answered with a booming baritone bravato I hadn’t expected. It was deep and sexy, much different from the Leo I knew a couple weeks earlier. He agreed to come over for dinner that night and catch up. I asked if he could bring the script one more time and see if there were any other options to resolve it. He arrived around six o’clock and knocked on my door. I had just finished cooking and set the table. “Perfect timing,” I announced as I opened the door. I stood there in awe for a second. Even standing on the porch below my door frame he towered over me now. The width of his torso filled my field of vision. “Hi,” he rumbled. I could feel that deep voice resonate right through me. “Uh…. Come. Come in,” I barely managed to squeak out. I stepped way back out of his way. He had to turn slightly to get his shoulders through the door, and his head was just inches from the top of the door frame. “Smells great,” he said, adding “Hope you made enough, I eat A LOT these days.” I had already figured that much, so I’d made enough to feed 10 guys. Hopefully that would satisfy him. “Thanks for inviting me, Chris. I miss this. Us hanging out, I mean. I know we have a lot to talk about and I brought the script like you asked.” Leo said. Maybe he wasn’t so bad after all. At least, it put me more at ease. “Let’s eat. I’m starving! We can talk ‘business’ afterward.” “Sounds good.” I offered him a seat and served him a plate filled to the edge and piled high. My own serving would have barely been considered a full meal by normal standards, but I could hardly eat like I used to. I sat down and looked at him. The chair had disappeared, hidden by his immense bulk. “I missed you too,” I said, finally breaking the silence. “You know, one thing we never discussed was your real name. How did that come about?” Leo chuckled. Still shoving food in his mouth like he was running out of time, he gave me a ‘just a second’ sign. “Well my mother was Greek and my father Chinese. That’s where my odd mix comes from. They decided when I was born that I should be named to honor both heritages.” He asked for paper and pen. “Li is the Chinese word for Strength or power.” He drew the symbol on the paper, 力. “And Serno is Greek.” Σέρνω, he wrote out. “I was told it was a family nickname for my grandfather who came from a long line of laborers who worked at the shipping ports moving cargo around. Not very creative if you ask me. It basically means to drag.” “That’s so cool you have that much history to draw from,” I said. “And I’m impressed you can write that out so well.” And then something clicked in my brain. “That must be a coincidence though, right? The meaning of your name?” The irony was apparently lost on him, but it was abundantly clear to me. “Your name, turn it around… Serno Li. ‘To drag strength’!” I was beginning to hint at the fact that I knew his secret now. “Considering how your growth happened, I find that quite remarkable.” “Oh, wow, yes that is an amazing coincidence, but I promise you its just that,” Leo said. “OK, look… That’s why I was trying to keep you from touching me. I didn’t think you would approve of what I found, so I kept it to myself. I had already decided I would only touch someone once, it would barely be noticeable. I never intended for this to happen to you, but given our closeness it was inevitable. I’m so sorry, Chris, you have to believe me. I talked to my uncle last night. He has been researching the text in more depth and says there may be a solution, but he hasn’t quite figured out the final portion of it. He says it … well I don’t want to raise your hopes just yet, until he can translate the rest of it.” “Are you messing with me again, Leo? Why the fuck would you not tell me this?” I was a little pissed off now. He knew what would happen and he didn’t warn me at all. I took a deep breath. “Its fine,” I sighed. “I have to learn to live with this new reality. What if your uncle never figures it out? I can’t sit around forever waiting on some reversal spell that may not even exist.” I paused. Nervously, I formed a question I’d wanted to ask for days. “What … what does it feel like? You know, when you grow.” He smiled and leaned back in his chair. It groaned loudly under his weight. “I thought you’d never ask!” he said. “Its absolutely amazing! I can feel it start as soon as I make contact. There’s this energy, almost like a vibration that flows into me. And then I grow. Its like being hooked up to an electrified water pump. Every muscle feels this shockwave of energy and when they expand its like they’re being pumped up like a water balloon… getting fuller and heavier.” He had closed his eyes, obviously enjoying the memory of it all. I saw something large shift in his gym shorts. It seemed that’s all he could wear these days. “My muscles aren’t the only thing that grows,” he grinned. “I went from the average Asian to, well quite large. No matter what I do, I’m hornier than I’ve ever been in my life.” I cleared my throat, nervously. “Oh.” I had gone rock hard instantly, my fantasies of worshipping Leo flooding my brain. He noticed me squirm a little in my seat. “I know, you want to see it.” He smirked, standing to his full intimidating height. “I’ve seen how you look at me now. You can’t help yourself, I’m just too amazing for you to ignore. Aren’t I?” I could only nod in agreement. He reached up and in one quick movement ripped his shirt off and flexed his biceps. My own cock jumping with a near orgasm at the incredible sight before me. Nearly 300 pounds of shredded muscle was in my dining room, showing off just for me. I was nearing a state of euphoric bliss, hypnotized by this god in front of me. He lowered his shorts, a massive tube of flesh flopped out, slapping his leg. Soft, he was at least 8” long and so thick, slightly bigger than I had been completely hard at my previous size. A pair of testicles the size of large navel oranges hung low in his sack. I was mesmerized. He stroked himself with one hand, feeling the size of his hairless shelf like chest with the other. It expanded rapidly, stiffening and straightening into a monster pointing straight at me. “After last night,” he said, breaking my trance, “13.5” long, 9 inches around.” Fuck, I whispered. I couldn’t take my eyes away from it. He continued to stroke, oblivious to my own presence in the room. I pulled out my own penis. It was disappointingly smaller now, also size no doubtedly lost to Leo. I stood up, my own shorts falling to the floor, and moved closer to the monstrosity before me. I couldn’t stop myself, it was as if I was being drawn to him, to his powerful cock. Precum dripped from the tip and he began to moan. I hesitated, but knew exactly what I wanted to do. My mind had given itself over to its own lustful desires, consequences be damned. He grunted and moaned even louder and without further uncertainty, I literally dove onto his cock. My hands barely wrapped its girth and my mouth struggling to accept its massive head. I gagged at the sudden intrusion, but adrenaline soon took over as I serviced him the best way I could. I could feel him swelling, his penis lengthening in my hands and pushing further into my throat. My mouth was being stretched beyond its limit and the object of my desire was moving higher as I sucked away. He groaned louder. “Fuck yes! So big, I’m so fucking huge!” He bellowed with deafening bravado. I felt a gush of fluid down my throat and he forced my head further onto his massive expanding penis. He yelled loudly as he empty his load down my throat, holding me there as if to force feed me every last drop. I met a simultaneous climax, shooting more cum than I ever thought possible. I fell immediately to the floor, drained of any energy I had. I was gasping for air and trying desperately to recover from such an earth shattering orgasm. Finally, regaining my composure I stood up to see the damage. My stomach was bloated with a surreal amount of cum, my body still heaving from the exertion it endured. But reality set in immediately. I was looking at Leo’s belly button, his even larger cock bobbing just inches from my face. I felt like a child as I looked skyward, higher and higher until I found his face staring back at me. He was devastatingly massive, a true giant to even a normal man. The only reference I had for my own height was the chair next to me, which I cleared by merely a foot. Five foot even, I’d guessed and immediately stepped back in horror. “Oh shit,” I mumbled breathlessly to no one. “I. Leo. What. Oh Fuck.” I couldn’t think clearly, much less form a real sentence. What the hell had I done, and it was my own doing! I began to get weak in the knees, grabbing the chair for support. I was feeling faint and a flash of heat washed over me as I began to see stars. I was nearly out when Leo spoke, the power now in his voice shaking the room and pulling me back to consciousness. “Just wait,” he said. “What the fuck, Leo! Wait on what?!” I screamed. “Just wait for it,” he repeated with a calming assurance. A Secret Between Friends - 7 I stood there in my dining room, shrunken beyond anything I thought possible. My mind was stumbling over itself at a frenetic pace trying to assess and comprehend the situation. Before me stood the biggest, most muscular man I had ever seen. He had his eyes closed and arms extended. His wing span easily surpassed 7’, maybe more. He was breathing heavily from the sexual exertion we’d both just experienced and his pecs, which hung off his upper body like two perfectly formed plates of steel inches thick, heaved up and down with each breath. If there had ever been a more perfect specimen of the human form, history had long forgotten him. What were we waiting on? I could scarcely imagine what he meant by ‘Just wait for it,’ and I feared what I was waiting on was some final growth spurt pushing him even larger. “Leo, please stop this,” I pleaded. “We have to fix this, it isn’t right. Let’s call your uncle and…” I was stopped mid-sentence, when Leo recited an indistinguishable phrase in Chinese. The room again shook with the power in his voice and I was unnerved by its ominous sounding authority. Immediately after completing the phrase, the backpack in which he’d stowed the old script began to glow. Light spilled out of every seam of the bag from the concealed relic. The glow turned into a blinding flash that knocked me on my ass. “Chris,” Leo broke through the chaos. “Do you accept my gift?” he asked seemingly in a trance. “I, uhm, what? Yes. Sure?” I was confused. What the hell was he talking about? I didn’t see him walk in with any gifts and he could have asked without all the theatrics. Another blinding flash emanated from the bag and Leo came to, lowering his arms and smiled as he told me I should stand up. I obeyed, given his size I was in no position to argue. “Are you ready?” He asked. Before I could elicit a response, the wait was over and whatever was to happen started. I felt it deep in my core, the electricity he’d mentioned earlier. The feeling of being filled like a balloon was unlike anything I’d ever experienced. I looked at him with confusion. He smiled, his immense height and huge muscular frame shrinking slowly. “Just enjoy it, Chris. I’ll fill you in afterwards.” My height had already started to change, the floor moving further away. Worry and regret melted away as I realized what was happening. He had figured it out, I was getting everything back. I inched higher as he continued to diminish, my frame slowly returning to its original state. I had reached the half way point at 5’6”, though Leo still towered over me by a foot or more. The feeling of such rapid growth was indescribable and incredibly erotic. I felt as if my manhood was being reinstated, as if testosterone was coursing through my system making me virile once again. The exchange was nearly finished. Finally nearing the comfort of my former 6’ height and weight, I breathed a sigh of relief. I knew this would put Leo at the same height. We’d finally be on the same playing field again. I looked at him with a smile and started to say thank you. Our eyes met, we were the same height. It was done, I thought. But that lasted only for a moment. He continued to shrink and I shot past my old height. 6’1”, then 6’2”. I looked down to examine myself; this was pushing unfamiliar territory. I saw my muscles expand further than they’d ever been. The pressure he described filling me up increased rapidly. I could feel every muscle tense and stretch, my bones lengthening to accommodate new size. 6’3” came and went. The pressure in my muscles built in intensity and I saw my pecs and biceps ripple with definition and size. Even my feet had grown several sizes larger. My eyes refocused on something else larger than expected hanging pendulously from my groin. Even soft it was surprisingly large and continued its growth with the rest of my body. I had soon reached an impressive 6’5” as my growth slowed to a near halt, leaving only my muscles with one last jump in size and it was over. I surveyed the unreal landscape of my torso. Perfectly squared broad pectoral muscles tapered down to a hard 8 pack and framed by softball sized biceps. I had become my own walking fantasy. Every muscle had dramatically grown and I was truly a sight to behold, even in the shadow of Leo’s super human size. The very thought of my new size made me immediately horny. I indulged in my own vanity momentarily, closing my eyes and grabbing my rapidly expanding penis. With pride, I found it would take both of my big meaty hands to fully grasp its phenomenal size. “Need some help with that?” Leo questioned. I opened my eyes and looked down. Way down. Shit, I was so tall now. If he felt short when we first met, now he was bordering on tiny. It did seem as if he were slightly larger than the original, though given my new perspective, everything seemed a bit off. This would take getting used to for sure. His muscles bulged just enough to suggest he’d managed to keep just a little for himself. “Is that a good idea?” I finally broke from my slightly narcissistic self worship. “I’m not sure I want to start this all over again.” Leo laughed. “ There are several things I haven’t told you yet and even I don’t fully understand, but I promise, from this point forward, contact with me will never cause you any harm. Its all laid out in the script, I’m sorry I held this secret from you, but there was no other way to give you what you wanted. I was certain you would have never agreed to the plan if you had known all the details.” With that, he grabbed my throbbing member in his hands and led me to the couch. “You should fuck me now,” he practically demanded. “Better do it while you can, because once I out grow you, the tables get turned!” He smiled and pushed me down onto the couch with all the strength he could muster. Aggressive and masculine: I could care less who took what position, the attitude and personality he exhibited right then were enough for me. I was hooked and for the first time in years, I felt truly happy.
  12. I don't think you're going to see it posted here unfortunately. Xyg is one of the ones in the stronger rules contingent. You might try checking their forum. Or download the Archive that Jman250 pulled down.
  13. I did it! all I needed was a little push I guess.. Check it out on Watch Me Grow

  14. "Shy bodybuilder who has yet to put his own pictures up"... Well get some up :) I did it, and I'm pretty shy to!

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      hahaha, I suppose I should eventually, huh? Would be unfair for me not to.

  15. Time to hit the gym... Incline and fly chest day :)

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