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  1. The Grow Fish

    Totally missed those previous responses but thank you guys for the kindness! This one was not exactly fleshed out to be more than a scene but who knows once I get some free time there may be an update to come
  2. Thank to wbjason for the morphIMG_20170306_160834.jpg.41a6a1aa392b5af1462af42384a54cf5.jpg


  3. The Grow Fish

    Thanks @arpeejay and @Mdlftr! The characters and detail are what pushed this one into more than I expected it to be... When I started writing it just before midnight, I didn't realize all of that would devolop as it did. Crazy how it just flows once you start writing it down! dammit now I have to research fish?! I was just going to half ass that part lol.
  4. The Grow Fish

    After a fun weekend on the beach, I had a bit of inspiration and this is the start of what I thought would really just be a short scene type of story. Please forgive the typos, grammatical errors and such as I just needed to get this started and posted... I literally couldn't sleep with this story floating around in my head haha. Hope you enjoy! The Grow Fish Part 1 The weather was perfect. You couldn’t ask for a better day on the beach, and it was the 4th of July no less! The local gay beach would be overrun with guys from LA to San Diego, and as luck would have it, I arrived with my boyfriend early enough to secure a prime spot, just up the sand from the wave tossed water front. This was exactly where you wanted to be to watch all the hot, bathing suit-clad guys as they ran into the water in varying degrees of near nakedness. Yes, today would be the perfect start to another glorious Southern California summer! My boyfriend, Jesse, and I had been dating nearly 7 months. Surprising to both of us, considering our much longer history of chatting on and off on Grindr. It took us practically a year to even meet in the first place. I wasn’t in a hurry to date, enjoying new found freedom from my previous relationship… Ok lets call it what it is: I was being a sex crazed man-whore. And with the body I’d been working on over the past couple years, finding some hot hookups was not a challenge! At just a hair under 6 foot, I’d taken my 32 year old rather average and slightly overweight 215 pound body down to a lean, muscular 185. Not that I let it go to my head, really. I was still a bit modest and unused to the amount of attention I could garner from the thirsty crowd of horny males cluttering the gay apps… all ultimately looking for sex, thinly veiled behind a mask of friendship or gym buds, or whatever line they cared to use. But modesty didn’t stop me from enjoying the reward of my hard work! In contrast, Jesse, was all too happy to give me time and space to explore. Apparently, he saw more in me than one night of fun. We did meet last spring, however, and hit it off epically. What originally started as a few dates turned into a couple months, and some really great sex along the way. While he’s not a buffed up gym rat like myself, he sports a smaller, less muscular 5’7” dancer’s frame. The difference is actually what I find appealing… I get to be the big muscular boyfriend, and he loves appreciating my bigger body and how it feels against his own. Sometimes I'd even noticed him proudly showing off his man to his friends via some of my Instagram photos. Eventually, though, he broke it off, saying I was still unprepared for anything serious. We stayed in touch, and after months with a growing sense of desire for something more concrete and a distaste for all the meaningless sex, I asked him out again. With some obvious trepidation and discussion of what he was truly looking for in this potential relationship, we agreed to make it exclusive. Now, nearly 2 years after our initial online conversation, here we were: madly in love, enjoying the sun, sand, and cleverly disguised drinks of Gatorade and vodka with our close friends, under one of a couple hundred canopies, umbrellas and tents that lined the beach. All that remained was to kick back, and mentally undress the horde of sexy men flaunting their bodies before us, while avoiding eye contact with any previous hookups that I preferred not to have to introduce to Jesse as they walk by. Of course, that didn’t stop a few from making their presence known, along with a handful of friends I actually enjoyed seeing amongst the crowd. A couple hours into the day, I saw a couple from my gym. They are a somewhat oddly paired match once you get to know them a bit, but are the sweetest and truthfully sexiest married couple I know. Hell, they even wanted to have me over one evening for some fun, but schedules never worked out in my favor sadly. Nevertheless, both go by Chris strangely enough, both are nurses, and share the same height of about 5’8”. However, thats where the differences start. While Chris #1 is a fiery and outgoing Latino with a leaner build and a wild streak, Chris #2 is a quiet, reserved Asian guy with a thicker muscular body and a go with the flow personality. I honestly never can quite tell what he’s thinking, he just smiles and lets life happen. We stood a while, catching up on each others lives, talking about how I was doing with Jesse and the new relationship, and other random gossip of the day. Chris #1 continued on about their latest adventures at EDC in Las Vegas and all the fun they had, when suddenly he stopped mid sentence. His eyes grew large, as I could tell his attention was drawn away to something happening beyond our conversation near the water. It wasn’t until his usual effeminate exclamation of “oh my god”, that I turned to see what was happening behind me. A rather large fish (what I thought to be an over grown dolphin) had washed ashore, and had a small group of guys gathering around it. Dolphins aren’t an uncommon sight around our beaches. They’re often seen swimming through the open waters, scaring surfers, and delighting tourists, but I’d never seen one this close, or this large. The group of guys around it seemed to be discussing what to do and how to get it back in the water, when two of them bent down to touch it. What happened next set both of my nurse friends running into action, as I stood there mouth agape. Upon contact, both guys appeared to have been shocked with a sort of electrical discharge and flew several feet back from where they were kneeling. Naturally, this caused the other guys around the creature to quickly retreat, leaving it to suffer further on the wet sand alone. About the time that my two friends reached the two that were unconscious, I snapped out of my stupor and joined them to see how I could help. Latino Chris had reached one of the guys and knelt over him, asking him if he was ok and shaking his shoulder to see if he was responsive. However, his arm recoiled when he grabbed the guy’s shoulder, and he yelled, “Shit! I just got shocked.” He attempted to rouse the guy again, roughly rubbing his chest and once again jerking back from an apparent shock. Asian Chris seemed to be having the same experience as they looked at each other, sitting on the sand next to the bodies and discussed what to do. One victim seemed to be breathing while the other next to my Latino friend either was not breathing at all or it was so shallow it was undetectable. He reached up to his neck to check for a pulse and despite some obvious discomfort from more electrical shock, he determined the guy needed CPR. His husband moved over and started compressions as best he could, while Latino Chris performed the mouth to mouth breathing functions. Both would take a few seconds between their duties to back off, shaking their hands or head and release a few expletives due to the jolts they were taking, then return to action. Not even my own CPR training could have prepared me for something like this. You never actually expect to use it, much less face something so bizarre in the process of trying to save a life. Ultimately, the guy started breathing and shuddered back to life after about a minute of CPR. Coughing, he weakly sat up and put his head between his knees, trying to catch his breath and recover from the trauma. The Chris’s fell back on the sand, breathing heavily from the dramatic experience and rested for a moment. The 2nd victim began to stir as well, and we could breath a sigh of relief that it seemed they would be just fine. After a few moments, I gave my hand to my friends to help them up off the ground. To my surprise both of them shocked me! It felt almost like a quick static discharge and it was done. I shook my hand out and laughed, as I asked them if they were ok. Looking up from my hand I realized, at that moment, I wasn’t looking at the top of their heads like I usually do. Instead, Asian Chris was eye to eye with me, if not slightly higher, and Latino Chris was clearly looking down at both of us from a few inches above. My first response was to look down at the sand, as I must have been standing in a hole or they were on the higher part of the beach as it sloped up from the water. But neither was true, and the odd height difference was just the beginning. In fact, I watched as both of their feet elongated slightly, pushing through the sand a couple inches. Then calve muscles developed, pushing out an inch or two on either side of their legs, followed by their quads. Latino Chris’s growth was even more prominent as his legs exploded with new muscle and size. Large tear drop shapes formed as his quads pulsed bigger, pushing into each other and causing him to adjust his stance significantly. My gaze traveled higher as his cute red, white and blue speedos stretched to its limit both in the back and the front. Already decently endowed (he’d once told me he was just shy of 7.5” downstairs), I saw his suit bulge forward like a water balloon. The top opened slightly as his cock grew in obvious length and girth, competing for space against his enlarging balls. A curved portion of his brown hose like penis pushed up and over the edge of his speedos, the head buried somewhere far below visibility, which just served to accentuate his new size. Even in its current flaccid state, I couldn’t imagine it being anything less than 9 or 10 inches soft and already thicker than any cock I’d ever seen. His abs, which had already been well maintained, began popping into greater definition, the valleys between them etching deeper and deeper by the second. The top row was quickly being eclipsed by a growing shadow casted by pecs which had previously been firm and tight, but were now much fuller and stretching all directions into large manly slabs of meat, and pushing out a couple inches from his chest. While his nipples began pointing downward and tanned areolas growing wider than a half dollar coin, the sides of his pecs were beginning to spill out beyond my view, rubbing against swollen and inflating veiny biceps. Large and growing arms attached to thick, rounded deltoids practically the size of my own head, began to flex in response to the growth being experienced. Unexpectedly, I heard him chuckle, the typical effeminate voice I’d grown accustomed to now gone and replaced with a much deeper rumble. I looked up now, further than before, and stumbled back a step, shocked by how much taller he’d gotten. My eyes were just level with his chin, so I had to guess he was close to 6’6” now, maybe more… a growth of practically 10” in just minutes! His face, sitting above ominously sloping, thick traps, was even more rugged. He’d gone from a cute pretty boy, to gorgeously handsome; a look you could only describe as devastatingly attractive masculinity. A grin formed slowly on his lips as he looked down on me. He was most certainly the new alpha between us and clearly enjoying the revelation as he explored his massive body, and I tried not to pass out myself. To be continued...
  5. Hey WbJason - Happy Birthday!   Here's to another year of muscle growth!  Mdlftr


  7. You can always throw in a whey protein shake a day. A couple servings of red meat a week is high in protein and also almonds are a great snack. I don't monitor my sugar intake precisely per se... I just avoid extra sugars. Typically I stick to a fairly strict clean diet so I don't bother tracking. Just so I'm gaining or losing weight and the mirror looks good haha. Thats what I go by. Don't forget to include healthy fat sources as well... Avocado is awesome! Almonds, Olive oil. Consider adding glucosamine to your supplement regimen. Its great for joint support and recovery. Any of the large fish like Tuna are going to be high in mercury which isn't a great thing in abundance anyway. Opt for tilapia, trout, and other small fish varieties when you're cooking.
  8. No topic is too old to resurface around here when you need to learn! First let me make a couple side notes on your comments--- And apologize in advance for the following dissertation: 1) While fruits can indeed be a particularly large source of natural sugars, the WHO does not consider them to be a detrimental source included in their daily recommendations as they also contain the necessary dietary fiber to help the body process it correctly. So when you're on a normal non-restricted diet, fruits are perfectly fine...even healthy. 2) The sugars found in real milk are again naturally occurring and not the same as the sugar or HFCS sugar substitute found in sodas. (USDA Nutrition label below for reference) That said, (this is my personal opinion, along with many modern health professionals) milk is NOT a health food. For a number of reasons, your level of milk consumption could be considered extremely high (even putting you at higher risk for heart disease and prostate cancer, and even osteoporosis if protein intake is too high, according to this Havard article). And it definitely doesn't follow any normal nutritional recommendations. Why? Well first off, the sugar content in milk, while natural, isn't backed by any fiber content. Additionally, as previously discussed, sugar in any form causes the body to produce insulin and store nutrients in the body (mostly as fat). This isn't a bad process immediately post workout, and I've even heard some say that chocolate milk post workout can be beneficial in restoring energy reserves and aiding recovery. But if this is happening constantly throughout the day, what exactly are you recovering from? And not only is your body storing the nutrients from the milk but also everything else your body is processing at the time due to the rise in insulin. Further, let me encourage you to ABSOLUTELY increase your water intake. Bodybuilders drink 1-2 gallons of water a day because it not only flushes out their systems of toxins, it also helps to keep muscles full... water weight in a muscle is what helps in strength building, and increased strength helps build size. Now, on to the "NOT a health food" bit. If you follow any of the natural/healthy living ways of thinking, you might be familiar with the ideas that the dairy industry does not want you to know certain things about its milk processing and why milk isn't actually all its cracked up to be... Sadly most of the the concepts on diet and nutrition as recommended by the USDA have been obscured by lobbyists representing the various industries producing our foods (its not about your health, its about their profits). What they would never tell you is what has to be dealt with in the processing of their dairy product. For instance, its not at all uncommon for cows to have infections in their udders (called mastitis) which produces puss that ends up in the raw milk pulled from the cattle. In fact the USDA says that 1 in 6 US dairy cows have a clinical case of mastitis (serious enough to lead to death). Treatment with high dose antibiotics cures it, but also means the cow's milk is not fit for consumption until the drugs have cleared. I'll leave it up to assumption whether the cow in question is actually tested before being put back into "service". And although the milk is pasteurized before being chilled and packaged for sell, it doesn't remove the puss cells from the milk, nor does it remove hormones introduced into the cattle for higher production, or any potential pesticides consumed while they graze. One of my friends is a chiropractor and works within a wellness clinic. His take (and personal experience having completely removed dairy from his diet) is that a far better alternative to cow's milk is a rotation of Almond, Hemp, Cashew and Coconut milk (but still not in the range of 10 cups a day). Not only are you taking the humanitarian cattle issues out of the equation but a number of health related factors to be considered with high dairy consumption. Beyond all of that (sorry for the lengthy discussion on the horrors of milk!), your body fat level can also be attributed to a number of overall dietary and exercise imbalances. Its too hard to say well your milk consumption is the culprit without actually diving into how many calories a day you're actually consuming and how much activity per day you're performing. Bodybuilders go from that big bulky off season look to the 4%-and-less-on-stage-shredded-beyond-anything-normal look because they know exactly how to manipulate their body, diet and exercise (chemicals are another story) in order to lose the fat fast.... But it doesn't mean its a healthy process to push the body through time and time again. Its a larger overall equation to figure out your own personal fat loss plan, and as the fat begins to drop, your diet and determination will have to change even more to continue the progress to reach your final goal.
  9. Who's Going To Compete This Year?

    OK Scratch what I said earlier.... Not this year certainly, but I might very well attempt to do this in the near future once I get my body up to par. Things are changing personally as some of you know and I'm looking at life with a new perspective!
  10. Thank you EMG and everyone... Your support and love here has been a big part of my life. We did try and fight for many years to make things work... and true there are details I won't go into here that play a major role in what is ultimately bringing the marriage to an end. But the overall truth is that it was practically dead long ago, neither one of us wanted to accept that though. Because we do both strongly believe that its worth fighting for until you just can't. And thats where we (at least I personally did) got to this past week. The good news is that both of us are acting very civil, amicable and agreeable about the whole thing and want to move forward without destroying each other emotionally or financially. We're going to attempt to doing this through a do it yourself/family mediation style service rather than lawyering up. As for me, I'm now looking forward to my new life and exploring unchartered territory. I now can happily explore my muscle goals without the limitations of a disapproving wife... So if things go well I'm actually considering looking at competing eventually. Who knows?! The possibilities are wide open at this point.
  11. And then of course, there's just divorce... And now it doesn't matter anymore. Shredded beast in the making boys, I ain't holding back anymore.
  12. Crossfit Gym In Denmark Offering Naked Workouts

    Yikes, I'd just be scared of catching my personal bits on the gear! I like keeping them reigned in with compression shorts when I'm going at it in the gym!
  13. All About Legs!

    MrLemur... I almost always start with squats.... Pretty much never do lunges actually. Just not my thing really. But I absolutely build a good pump and go for failure on the extension and curl machines. Then sometimes finish up my day on the leg press. If I can still walk to my car, I didn't go hard enough.
  14. Pdf Books Available For Your Reading Pleasure

    Try it now.
  15. Skinny Fat Workout Routine?

    I'd follow more of a circuit routine... it keeps you moving and sweating and is great for beginners and intermediate types alike. Here's a decent article on building your routine: http://www.muscleandfitness.com/workouts/workout-routines/strategic-circuit-training-maximum-calorie-burn