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  1. PLEASE READ - Post Server Move Information

    Is anyone using irc client IRC999A app on iOS? Trying to incorporate the new authentification nomenclature and not sure where to put it into auto log in. Thx
  2. Arnold Expo 2015

    Awwwwwww "Hudson Hawke" wishes he could go
    1. ThickRick


      300 lb PR on your bench?! That EQ is working fast. Gee.

    2. Core


      Send some my way...

  3. HUDSON HAWKE on Bears for Men Club

    1. Core


      Looking big. Planning on getting bigger?

  4. Arnold Expo 2015

    Would be great to go
  5. Why do people hog 3 machines at a time...Grrr

    Can a hardcore gym please open in Orlando right by my house? That too much to ask ?
  6. Overcoming Panic/Anxiety Attacks And Depression In The Gym

    Way to go bro !!
  7. Thank you for friending me.

  8. LuvsMusl on Kindle

    Now that's impressive !
  9. Favorite Pre Workout Supp

    No advertisements please !!!!!!!!!
  10. Congratulations!

    Way to go bro!!!!!
  11. Favorite Pre Workout Supp

    I hear ya about the ECA. I would use ECA extensively during my cutting phase. Endurance during cardio ( hate cardio!!!) Is crazy and my body core temp def goes up.
  12. Favorite Pre Workout Supp

    Ok boys, Let's put some comments and reviews of your favorite pre workout supps. Be sure to mention your level of focus and quality of pump you got after drinking it. Hopefully we can get some good info out there to the masses.
  13. Any Muscle Recovery Tip/Supplements?

    Ever thought about researching TB500? It's a recovery peptide.
  14. Leg Press Weight

    Ok boys I'm chiming in....I've got a good set of tree trunks. Each of my sets are x 10 540 (12 plates) 630 (14 plates) 720 (16 plates) 810 (18 plates) 900 (20 plates) 990 (22 plates) 1080 (24 plates) This was yesterday after squatting and deads.