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  1. Thanks, Mdlftr, for the great feedback. What started as a fun, quirky story is maturing quickly and there's going to be another flashback before we return to the 1st person. Re: wine-dark, I was thinking of Homer (you might enjoy my Ikaros story) primarily and also Paul McCartney's Winedark Open Sea.
  2. Part 4: The recast Lex did not play well with others, but he got shit done. He stood in his large basement amid the multi-colored glow of various pieces of equipment and the indirect light of task lighting at several workstations lit like fluorescent islands in a wine dark sea. "So this is it?" he asked rhetorically to the two people seated nearby half in an island of light and half in the shadows. "It's the best we could do," one of them replied. Lex had given them a specific task, and contributed much of the fundamental tools and processes towards their goal. He also gave them much-needed motivation, for which they failed to be grateful. If this succeeded as he hoped, they and the few others that had worked on his project would likely be as happy as he to have it be over. Lex's motivation was revenge, or jealousy, or anger, or maybe just a whim. He didn't think about his own motivation much at all. But he now anticipated the feeling of accomplishment and power and control at hurting those who would steal his toys. Well, she wasn't a toy, she was more than that, or she could have been, would have been. He ignored the returning anger to refocus on the happier thoughts. He also ignored the fact that he only had a vague recollection of her. Jane? Judy? or with an 'i' at the end? or was it Jill? The important thing was that she was a beautiful ... blonde? who could see past his rough exterior and blunt realism and smiled kindly at him in sweet understanding with a love that so few people were able to deliver. The next day, he was in his well-appointed office in front of a large screen divided into four displays: one showing a worker from the lab yesterday in a boring monologue, another slowly flashed through different notifications about finances, news, appointments, etc., another was a video modeling various chemical and biological changes, but most of his attention was a man in a cage whom Lex barely remembered was named Barry. About an hour earlier, Barry was led to an unfamiliar cell by guards he didn't recognize and told to drink a milkshake. He was almost too confused to be scared or angry, but he behaved in a way to let the guards and later Lex know that he was angry and hesitant to do as they asked. Suddenly, there was a knife in Barry's foot and Lex smiled imagining the sound of Barry's scream and smiled again imagining it was a particular someone other than Barry. Lex was glad he didn't have to wait long for Barry to drink the contents of the metal cup given to him. Lex waited in anticipation as Barry waited in dread as the monologue in the other display continued and likely already revealed the outcome of the experiment, which Lex had assumed as a given anyway, based on the fact that he was sent this package and not a plea for more time. It took a while, and Lex was impressed that this guy had the nerve to make him wait so long for an answer he already knew. Finally, Lex recognized that Barry knew something was happening, but Barry then smiled. Smiled? Wouldn't it be painful? Then it was noticeable that Barry's body was changing. He was inflating under his uniform with powerful, bulging muscle. Barry roared in triumph as he felt his body develop in ways he never dreamed of. Lex just smiled and noticed the moment that Barry's joy turned to pain and again Barry screamed, silently on Lex's display, as Barry's muscles ripped the uniform apart and grew to comic-book size, ripping through Barry's own skin as well, leaking rivulets of blood. Soon his limbs snapped into odd angles as he dropped to the floor in a writhing, seizurous mass that appeared less and less human as the muscles rearranged his body parts and tore themselves apart and popped out fragments of bone and organs across the barred cell. Again, Lex imagined Barry's fate happening to another person and knew it would happen soon. Lex watched through to the last minute of the video when Barry's muscles seemed to deflate and settle and reveal more of Barry's skeleton as blood spread out to cover the cell's floor. Lex changed the screen to show a lush mountain waterfall and looked over at his desk at a generic screw-top white plastic jar that had a piece of masking tape on it as an unremarkable young man scurried into the room. "Make sure he finds it," was all Lex needed to say.
  3. Part Three: The sinker I kept flexing for myself on the way to the gym, anticipating a new wave of muscle growth. Earlier, I had made a large omelet and a regular whey-and-banana shake for breakfast and took just a mouthful of that special water bottle to wash it down. If I figured right, I now had several more pounds of hard muscle coming to me soon. I walked into the gym feeling strong and confident and flexed my muscles that were itching to grow more. I turned a couple heads and got a couple looks and wondered briefly if I was turning into an egotistical meathead. I flexed my chest again and felt the muscle writhe against the bands of the tank. I spotted a guy that I had thought looked big before, but I was less impressed now. Were we about the same size now? He looked back and seemed to acknowledge a fellow lifter in me. I gave a slight nod back, thinking I would soon outclass him. In the locker room, I tried to put on my lifting gloves, but they didn't fit anymore. Then, I suddenly realized my body was growing thicker and heavier and stronger once again. It was like one good pump on top of another, building me up in half a minute what would normally take a year of hard training. I flexed and felt over the larger bulges of my arms and chest and watched thick veins emerge over the ripped muscle. I was about to worship my even more massive legs when a couple guys came in talking about their workout. I was struck by how similar they were to Tom and I, a couple of bros keeping in decent shape. I was so ready to leave that status quo behind. I flexed my ripped softball-sized bicep again and noticed one of those guys glancing over. I guessed I had already left that behind. I took another swig from the water bottle and left it in the locker about half full. I looked in the mirror and my clothes didn't look too big anymore, in fact my shorts were already riding up my thick legs. I was definitely bigger than that guy I saw earlier out in the gym. I thought about showing off my glorious body some more, both for myself and for anyone watching. But I was also curious to see what my muscles could do now, and experience a real pump. Of course, I was also about to grow some more again anyway. I wasn't sure where to start. Between the workout with Tom and the one I did on my own, I already did exercises to hit most of my body in the past couple days, but everything felt fresh and primed. I spotted the pull-up bar that was near a mirrored wall. Tom had a strong back from swimming as a kid and could always do more pull-ups than me. I flexed the already thick wings of my back and decided that was a good place to start breaking my PRs. Plus, I could check myself out more in that mirror. I gripped the pull up bar and felt my chest fly up to meet it. I nearly let go in surprise at how easy that was. I did a few more, then a few more, and felt my back pumping with blood. I swung into a muscle up, which I was never able to do before, then did another and struggled with one more. My triceps also flared with a huge pump and even my chest felt plump with power. I hopped off the bar and marveled at my reflection as I hit a few quick flexes. I looked huge like an amateur bodybuilder and now filled the XL tank pretty decently. I looked down at my legs which ached to feel the same pump. I thought about using the Smith machine since I was solo, but went over to a squat rack instead. I loaded up a plate on each side of the bar, then decided to add another. This was about as heavy as Tom and I would go, but I did a couple air squats to warm up my knees and my legs felt like rockets. Even though I expected the weight to feel light, I was still surpised as I easily completed 10 reps without much of a struggle. I also relished the feeling of the bar against the now thick cushion of my traps. I was adding another pair of plates to the bar when I felt another wave of growth. It felt more intense this time, maybe because I already had a slight pump, maybe because my clothes were becoming tight across my bulging body. I felt the straps of the tank stretch tight over my rising traps and across my expanding chest. My shorts were clinging tightly around my huge ass and riding up into my crotch from my even thicker legs. I also squirmed a second as my posture shifted and my arms and legs were forced wider. I hopped back under the bar and repeated another 10 reps with the increased weight, but had to slow down a little to keep my balance and good form. I added another plate to each side for my next set, going heavier than I ever thought I would. I glanced around the room and wondered if other people noticed me gaining another dozen pounds of muscle in the past few minutes. I saw my reflection in a mirror and stopped in awe. I was huge: bigger, wider and harder than almost anyone I'd ever seen in person. I turned back to the 315-pound bar, ready for another set. The bar's weight pulled down towards the ground on my shoulders but my legs fought against that gravity, keeping the lift-off and first squat steady and controlled. I took a deep breath at the top of the first rep and went down for another. Then, I heard the back of my shorts rip apart and I nearly fell over in shock. Thankfully, I was able to control the weight all the way up and rack it. I felt back with my hand to confirm the hole in my shorts and it was not small. I looked around and nobody else seemed to notice, or they were avoiding embarrassing the guy who just squated 6 plates. Since I needed something I didn't have, I went fishing. "Do you have a pair of 2XL shorts in the lost and found?" I asked, and indeed they did. "Yeah, that's the one." I walked away from the front desk with dark green shorts that I was happy had a drawstring to fit around my still tight waist, trying to take smaller steps that wouldn't open up the back of my ripped shorts too much. I changed quickly in the locker room, pausing a few moments to feel over most of my body and the hard, thick muscle that bulged all over it. I flexed my arm and chest again in the mirror and looked like I belonged in a muscle magazine. Well, maybe not on the cover, but maybe some amateur up-and-coming story or an unknown model for a workout routine. I went back towards the squat rack, but it was occupied by someone struggling with four plates total on the bar. Was that the guy I spotted earlier when I first came in, who I thought was big? I hadn't noticed how top-heavy he was, with legs that probably looked like pencils next to mine, but even his upper body looked mundane compared to the beast I had just seen in the mirror. His best feature was his chest, and so I was inspired to head to a bench for the next test of my body's strength. The only unoccupied bench already had some decent weight on it: a couple plates on each side. It looked abandoned and I paused for a bit, swinging my arms and stretching them behind me, before sliding back on the bench and hefting the weight above me. I felt my pecs and triceps engage and they felt eager. The first couple reps felt awkward, then the next couple actually felt easier and then I felt my pecs flex and pump and drive out more reps in a delicious way. I got to 14 reps before I racked the bar; already planning to add more weight. "You wanna work in?" a guy's voice asked as I sat up. This guy was huge. I don't remember ever seeing him at the gym, and he would have stood out, as he did now. "Oh sure," I replied, realizing he was the one who had loaded the weight. "I didn't see anyone here." "No worries, just went for a water refill," the guy replied as I stood up off the bench. "My name's Matt," he added. I introduced myself and we shook hands. I noticed I was just a little taller than Matt before he slid under the bar and cranked out 12 reps. The guy was strong and jacked, and wore a tight string tank that hid little. I glanced at my own body in comparison. Was I that big, too? Maybe, almost. "Going up?" he asked. "Sure," I replied and moved to grab a 25, but Matt grabbed a 45 and loaded it on one side, so I did the same on the other. He might have caught my hesitation. "I'll spot ya," he assured me. I struggled with the weight, my arms shaking a little to control the bar, but I completed two reps on my own. Matt's presence was both reassuring and a bit intimidating. "Think about your muscle," Matt prompted from over my head. "Squeeze that bar up with every fiber of your chest." I couldn't help notice that Matt's pecs flexed and danced as they responded to his thoughts, whether intentionally or not. Matt helped with the next rep as I tried to follow his advice, but it felt awkward. "One more," he prompted. With a bit of desperation, I thought about my chest and the thick fibers flexing and working and growing. I let out a growl as something clicked and the press changed from being about the weight to being about my muscle and my will to grow. "Again," I muttered before Matt had a chance to rack the bar. The next rep was tough, slow, agonizing, but wonderful. It was a battle I never even thought about losing, because I decided I was going to grow to meet the challenge. Matt helped rack the weight and I opened my eyes to see him leaning over the bar at me with a smile. "Great set," he remarked, and I felt his beefy paw smack onto my right pec with a quick mix of pain and pleasure. "Nice pump." I felt the pump, but not like I had in the past, just enjoying the bloated size. It was like I could feel it from the inside, feel the muscle yearning to grow into that bloat. I flexed the thick mounds and marveled at them for a few seconds before Matt interrupted, "My turn?"
  4. Part Two: The line I got home, tossed my gym bag into my room, and focused on dinner. It was Friday night and my roommate mostly stayed at his girlfriend's place on the weekends which was usually great for me, but I was craving distraction from the multitude of questions bouncing in my head. It would have been nice for someone to reassure me that I wasn't going crazy, but maybe I was. After dinner and a few minutes of not really watching TV, I decided to at least make sure the jar wasn't a figment of my imagination. But there it was, in my gym bag, looking pretty normal. I opened it and it was mostly full of whitish powder. I closed it again. No instructions or ingredients or expiration date or anything on the container except for that bit of masking tape. There wasn't even a scoop inside that I could tell. Who only knew what this stuff was. But, it wouldn't be poisonous, right? It might just taste bad. Or be some kind of drug. I poured a couple inches of milk into a glass, stared at the jar, opened it, stared at it again, walked away, got my phone to maybe ask the internet or a friend for help, wasn't sure what to ask or say, put the phone down, got out a spoon, got out a smaller spoon, dipped the edge of the spoon and took out a small scoop. It looked like sugar, or maybe salt. I shook the spoon and watched a couple grains fall back into the jar. I touched the powder with my finger and a few grains clung to it. I rubbed those few grains off my finger and into the milk. "That would be safe. That couldn't hurt," I said aloud, trying to convince myself. I swirled the glass around and it still looked like just milk. I picked up the phone. "Hey, Tom," I began. "I went fishing today. Yeah, well, I ended up with this jar that had 'Muscle Growth Powder' written on it. Yeah, seriously. Well, I put some in some milk and ... yeah, I'm gonna try it, of course, but what do you think ... yeah, it's a good joke ... no, I haven't had any yet ... oh, okay, yeah, I'll let you know, ha-ha. But ... okay, bye." That went about as expected, I thought, but was more reassuring than I anticipated. I mean, of course it was a joke. I looked at the half-full glass of milk, grabbed it and thought about how stupid this was. What was the point? I asked myself. Either it's crap that tastes awful and is a total gag, or it's regular protein powder and I should just make a decent shake out of it. I thought about tossing away the contents of the glass and make an actual shake. Maybe I could get Tom to try it first ... but why waste a bit of milk? I chugged the glass, which tasted exactly like milk, of course. I looked back at the mysterious jar and waited a minute to see if I would pass out or start hallucinating or maybe even grow some muscle. Nothing happened, so I brought the jar back to my room and put it next to the couple other supplements I sometimes took. Tom probably wouldn't have thought twice about just using the powder for a normal shake. I again took a moment to reassess if I felt anything strange or different, but then continued with my nighttime routine. Later, I laid in bed feeling both mentally drained but also physically restless. I had had a good workout that day and was maybe still feeling pumped from the higher bit of adrenaline I got from the heavier weight and increasing motivation to challenge my body to grow. Yeah, it felt like I had a great workout, but wait, how did my muscles still feel so pumped? A realization began to dawn in my tired mind and I rushed out of bed to the bathroom mirror. "Holy shit!" I exclaimed aloud. I looked bigger. I flexed a double bi and a most muscular. I was bigger. I wondered if this was a dream. I felt over my hard arms and smacked my thick chest. I looked pretty good before, an attractive guy, but my reflection was now in stud territory. I looked over my wider shoulders, tighter abs, thicker legs, everything bigger and harder, with more visible veins and sharper definition. "Holy shit!" I yelled louder and laughed as I realized this must have happened from the powder. It actually was muscle growth powder! "Holy shit!" I gasped deeper. I had used a rice-grain amount. How much would a full scoop do? I dared to imagine myself with even bigger muscles, like bodybuilder muscles, like Mr. O muscles, like comic book muscles. My cock grew hard as my imagination overlayed on my reflection. I jacked myself off, feeling over my improved body and flexing more and wondering if the powder also made my dick a bit bigger and harder, too. I definitely fired my cum harder and more intensely than I ever had. I nearly passed out from the pleasure, but my strong legs supported me. I got drowsy after the release and again wondered if I was having a dream. I walked back to the bedroom, feeling my thick legs move over each other and my strong back holding me even more upright than usual. I crawled back into bed, feeling my hard muscles bulge against the sheets and mattress in slightly new ways. I almost didn't care if it was a dream; it was worth it either way. I woke up and felt my thick chest and bulging arms once again, still as big as last night but this time slightly more familiar. I smiled wide and stretched and flexed in bed some more, also feeling over my massive legs and inflating cock. Eventually, I got out of bed and spent some more time in front of the mirror. I watched my lats spread wide to my sides and my chest mound up thickly. My shoulders bulged wide and high, and rippled with the slightest effort. My biceps were hard, veiny mounds that flexed into high peaks and my triceps filled my thick arms. I was surprised at how even my forearms and hands looked huge and powerful. I shook and flexed my legs, marveling at the definition of the different quad muscles and felt the newly thick bulging of my hamstrings. My calves also bulged huge and I became fascinated with flexing them a few times at different angles. Finally, I wondered what my new body would feel like in action. I felt like I could lift some serious weight now. I'd look exactly like those bigger guys I would notice at the gym before. And I could get even bigger. I raced back into the bedroom to make sure that same jar was still there, and marveled at how innocent it looked. I used my fingertips again to put just a pinch of the powder into an empty water bottle. It was such a small amount, but it was probably double what I took last night. I filled the bottle with water and put it in my bag thinking maybe I should not drink the whole thing in one day. I next pulled out my roommate's scale. I now weighed 217, and was still lean. Previously, I had only gotten to 200 pounds by bulking up with some extra fat. I guessed that I gained almost 25 pounds of muscle overnight. Would drinking all of the bottle I had just packed add another 50? I picked out my baggiest shorts and the XL tank that Tom had given me. It looked loose, but definitely fit better than yesterday. With another 50 pounds of muscle, it'd probably fit pretty well.
  5. Part One: The hook Tom was a big goof, but I couldn't have gotten where I am without him. We had started working out together several years ago at the same corporate gym. Neither of us had been a jock in school, but we both shared what we knew about working out and developed some routines we both enjoyed. A few years and a couple of jobs later, and we stayed connected enough to usually find a gym convenient for both of us and workout a couple times a week together. Tom was never very serious about anything, but he almost always showed up at the gym when he said he would. We hung out a couple times after a workout, grabbing a bite or watching a game, but outside of the gym we really didn't share much in common. We both made decent progress over the years, sharing similar goals to look good naked with lean, athletic bodies, even if we never played an actual sport. But lately, I had started to feel like Tom was holding me back, keeping me from pushing my body to the next level. I looked at the bigger guys at the gym with a desire that Tom didn't seem to share. Sure, I didn't have to stay with the same weights that Tom used, and with dumbbells I sometimes went a bit heavier than Tom. But, even when Tom encouraged me to go heavier, it felt a little like betrayal of the routine and the comfortable relationship we had built. "Fuck, I forgot shorts," Tom exclaimed as we were unpacking our gym bags in the locker room. "I guess I gotta go fishing," he said with a grin. I chuckled along and lightly shook my head as Tom went back to the front desk. It started as a joke. Tom lost his watch at the gym just a week after joining. As I left after that workout, he went to the front desk to ask if it had been turned in. The attendant showed him a crate of belongings and dug out a couple watches. At our next workout, Tom grinned wide as he showed off his new watch. We hardly ever saw the same person twice at the front desk, and about once a month Tom would decide to "go fishing" and say he lost something. He could give a detailed description of the item he "lost" because he would try to remember some of the contents of the crate each time they brought it out. One time, he randomely got a lock that he didn't even know how to open. "I'll google how to crack it," he said then. As Tom went fishing for shorts, I started my warm up on the treadmill. He came over soon with a child-like grin, pointing at his black shorts that looked a little small and short but showed off his legs pretty nicely. "They have a whole other box for clothing," he whispered. "This one looked clean." The next week, Tom gave me a tank top that had "Do you even lift, bro?" on the front. At first, it felt odd that Tom bought me a gift, especially one that was a size or two too big for me, but then I realized he had gone fishing for it. He assured me that he had washed it at home and bugged me to try it on. He laughed at how low and baggy it fit on me. I don't think he realized how much I wished I had the huge muscles to fill that XL tank. I don't think I really realized it until then, either. The next day I did a workout on my own and I had a growing frustration that drove me to go heavier than usual. Without a spotter, that meant mostly using machines rather than free weights, but my muscles felt a good, deep burn that I hadn't gotten in a while. I looked again at one of the bigger guys with jealousy that almost felt like anger. My thoughts were distracting me while I showered and changed. I thought about confronting Tom, either sharing with him my true desire and hoping he'll support me, or telling him I'm moving on, or was there a third option? I saw another new person at the front desk and in my restless frustration I decided to go fishing. "Hi, I, excuse me, I lost a, um," I fumbled. I thought of what I wanted, really wanted to get, and blurted out, "jar of muscle growth formula." As I froze and felt my face turn red, the attendant laughed. "I saw that this morning and thought it was funny," she replied, then turned and bent down to a lower shelf and produced a generic screw-top white plastic jar that had a piece of masking tape on it that read "Muscle Growth Formula". I was stunned and tried to smoothly say, "Thanks" with a forced chuckle. Trying not to look as awkward and confused as I really was, I grabbed the jar, placed it in my bag and headed out the door.
  6. Working slowly on figuring out where the story will end up and open to suggestions. Here's what I got so far. Part 9: The Warehouse Bryan and Ron stood outside with the moonlight shining on their broad shoulders and wide bulging chests, with a bed sheet tied around each of their washboard waists. Ron got another full size sheet from his room and Bryan went up to the master bedroom for a king size. It took a couple tries before Bryan could control his strength to not rip the sheet as he pulled the knot tight. It frustratingly felt like tying tissue paper. They both looked doubtfully at Bryan's car. Ron might still be able to squeeze into the back seat again, but Bryan was approaching being half the size of the entire car. They exchanged a look and Bryan pointed to his massive upper back. "Hop on." Ron felt like he was riding a horse as he held tight around Bryan's traps and neck and felt Bryan's massive back swing in time to Bryan's long strides. Ron placed his feet on the fabric over Bryan's shelf-like glutes and tried to work with Bryan's motion to prevent being bucked by the hyper-muscular bronco. As Ron became more stable on Bryan's back, Bryan was able to pick up the pace as they both felt the air rush by and wondered how fast they were going. It was pretty late for the smallish town and at a quick glance they looked vaguely like two kids piled on a large bike. Or at least, that was the most rational explanation if anyone spotted their blurred shadows. "Left here and a couple blocks down," Ron yelled towards Bryan's right ear over the rush of wind. Bryan flinched to the left. "You don't have to yell," he boomed. Bryan felt so exhilarated, so alive. The power that coursed through him not only fed his muscles, but his whole body. He started to feel things and hear things and see things in a new, magical way. He felt his control and balance and breathing and thinking expand and refine. Somehow he could see the "Food Service Warehouse" sign even before he turned the corner and as he got closer, he could imagine ... no, he could clearly picture the entire shape of the building and somehow began to piece together the layout inside. He turned right. Ron was about to ask where he was going, but he quickly guessed Bryan was going to try a back entrance. As Bryan circled around to the back, he sped up. "Hold on tight," he advised Ron. Ron looked at the rapidly approaching fence and felt Bryan raise his arms slightly. As Ron just began to connect the top of the fence with the large overhanging tree with a semi-trailer with ... the roof?! He clamped both his arms around Bryan and his eyes firmly shut as he felt Bryan leap and flip and twist and leap again before landing at a run on the gravel roof and skidding to a stop. That roller-coaster ride was too much for Ron who let go and fell onto the rough gravel that covered the warehourse club's roof. He dry heaved a couple times as his stomach settled. "Sorry, dude," Bryan offered, along with a hand up which Ron accepted. Ron looked up at Bryan who was maybe even larger than he was back at his house, but he was so much more ripped. "Wow, Bryan, you're like an anatomy chart. I can see every fiber of your muscle." "Yeah, I'm running out of fuel and I'm SO hungry. I hope they got enough food here," Bryan replied as he got a running start and threw a kick at a roof access door. The metal surface of the door crumpled inward and it took just one more kick to get the door completely open and barely hanging. The two boys quickly headed down a set of stairs, across a hallway with offices, down a second flight and through a set of large doors to the dimly-lit warehouse floor. Bryan pounced over to a covered refrigerated display and tossed the lid off to reveal various clear packages of raw fish. After a quick scan, he grabbed a larger package and tore it open, spilling some of the filets around him. He picked up what was left in the package with one hand and crammed it in his mouth, quickly chomping and swallowing without much chewing. Bryan felt his upgraded stomach pulverize the food and felt its nutrients race to his hardening muscles. He more carefully opened the next package and similarly devoured it. Ron ran over to the section of stand-up fridges and started chugging gallon jugs of milk. Ron could feel his body respond with new growth, and a lot of it was happening to his cock and balls. He felt his groin muscles strengthen to support the growing mass and weight between his thick thighs, and watched his bulge grow beneath the bedsheet. Ron tugged the makeshift skirt off and marvelled at outrageously big balls and a firehose-thick cock that was hanging nearly to his knees. It twitched, spasmed and hardened and Ron felt lightheaded and off-balance for a second. His balls also danced and Ron felt immense pleasure from the sensation of his flesh writhing against itself. He closed his eyes as he felt his cock thicken and harden with expanding joy. He felt his massive organ pulse in time with his heart and climb up towards his chest. Ron's thirst returned and he opened his eyes to see his own cock staring him in the face and leaking clear fluid. It inflated even further and Ron barely had to bend over to give the massave head a tentative lick. Ron nearly fell over from the hot pleasure that caused his massive meat to spasm and erupt a gush of pre-cum right into his face. He gasped in shock and licked his lips to taste the mildly sweet fluid and reached down to find the bedsheet to clean out his eyes. Ron was surprised at how quickly the fluid seemed to disappear. He opened his eyes and looked around to see a much bigger and densely thick Bryan walking towards him with slabs of raw steak clutched in his hands. Brayn tossed one and Ron's reflexes caught it without thinking and without looking away from the sexy giant. Bryan towered above hium and the king-size bedsheet barely covered his knees and looked very tight around Bryan's solid waist. Ron assumed that Bryan was now the tallest person in the world, probably about the height of two people, and getting taller, but what was more intimidating was the massive thick slabs of muscle that bulged from every inch of Bryan's body. Bryan seemed to walk easily, even gracefully, like a dancer, like an erotic dancer, as each muscle flowed and flexed, efficiently but powerfully, hard and lean, and pumped with nutrient-rich blood that was still feeding the muscles. Ron felt his balls churn and grow again as his cock hardened even further. As Bryan finished off the steak in his hands and approached Ron, he ripped his own covering off and revealed his massive quads and ample dick. Bryan's penis was large to match the rest of him, but not quite the size of Ron's even though Ron was only tall enough to be eye-level with Bryan's abs. Bryan reached past Ron into the refrigerator and began to chug the milk containers and Ron wondered if the milk was what caused his own cock to become monstruous. He snacked on the raw steak as Bryan's body continue to grow but Bryan's cock stayed in proportion. Finally, Ron asked aloud, "How are you growing without getting a freaky dick?" Bryan finished chugging a milk jug and tossed it into a pile of a dozen empty ones. He stretched up and instantly grew a few inches taller and then hit a crab pose that filled his larger frame with even denser and more massive-looking muscle than before. Ron's cock pulsed larger in response to the incredible display, inflating the head to the size of a volleyball, raising it higher to level with Ron's eyes, and releasing another gush of lubricant. "Your cum is like the cream, maybe even better," Bryan finally explained. "I can still feel it rushing through me, evolving me."
  7. https://archive.muscle-growth.org/threads/7468-p1.html
  8. Yes, all parts are in archive (See Menu link above: Story Archive> Archive before 2007) You can also do a Google search for story title or author in regular Google starting with "Site:archive.muscle-growth.org"
  9. Part 8: The Next Level Ron stumbled towards his room, barely looking away from the sight of Bryan's gigantic frame lumbering after him. He could almost see Bryan still growing and becoming more dazzlingly handsome and sexy. A light coat of hair covered his massively thick chest and legs and emerald green eyes sparkled above a strong, dimpled jaw. Ron narrowly ducked and pivoted to successfully enter his bedroom doorway. He was reminded of how big he himself had become by the seemingly smaller size of everything in his room. Meanwhile, Bryan paused at the doorway and almost had to crawl and squeeze his way into the room. Bryan wondered for a second how he was going to leave the room if he got much bigger, but he tabled the idea as Ron beckoned him further into the room so the door could close behind him. Ron's family sat stunned in the dining room. They knew that Ron had a crush on Bryan, and it seemed that Bryan returned at least some of those feelings. They could guess at the boys' plans for each other and anticipated the newly giant teenagers might not be quiet. With barely any food left in the house for dinner, they quickly decided to head back to their restaurant for a meal. Bryan pulled at the covering around Ron's lower body and revealed the super-thick, hard cock. Bryan grabbed at the impressive tool and was rewarded with a gush of clear pre-cum over his hand, which his lingering thirst compelled him to lap up. With every movement, Bryan's muscles rippled and pumped and Ron watched as Bryan continued to look larger and stronger with each second "You are so fucking hot," Ron gasped as his cock twitched to release another glob of fluid. Bryan saw the liquid run down Ron's shaft and dove down to lick it off as Ron's cock spewed more. Despite the copious release, Ron could feel his balls filling larger with fluid and cum, like it was his body's imperative to produce as much seed as possible. Ron panted faster as Bryan's tongue played over his cock and could not stop from shouting when Bryan wrapped his mouth around it. "Oh, fuck, Bryan, that's amazing!" Bryan was thinking the same thing as Ron's dick juice seemed to both satisfy and increase his thirst and hunger and drove him into a frenzy of sucking and licking. Ron bucked and writhed in pleasure, flexing his massive muscles and feeling over Bryan's even larger bulk. It was muscle porn that stretched the boundaries of even Ron's fantasies and he felt an intense pressure building in his balls. But instead of cumming, they seemed to expand and build even further. Bryan paused as he noticed that Ron's genitalia was growing. Already, it was a freakish log atop massive boulders, even in comparison with Ron's super-beefy legs and Bryan's large meaty paws. Bryan guessed it was over a foot long, and insanely thick with a head the size of a clementine. Bryan guessed that Ron's pre-cum was making his junk grow, and likely also enhanced his own mouth and tongue to handle the impressive tool. Bryan pushed down his borrowed shorts and brought his own large but slightly smaller cock up to Ron's to absorb some of the potent juice and he rubbed the two shafts together. Bryan felt Ron's balls also pulse larger, past softball size and into grapefruit territory. Bryan realized that Ron was going to give him a record amount of cum that looked like double the amount he got last time. How fucking big would that make him? Was that safe, or would it kill him? His usual caution made him hesitate, but the newly freed, impulsive side of him urged him to make sure to get it all. Bryan flexed a freakish double-bi and imagined doubling or tripling his already superhuman size. He locked eyes with Ron who gasped and went cross-eyed. Bryan quickly dove back onto Ron's cock as gallons of cum spewed down his throat and Ron's bellowing scream filled his ears. Bryan could feel a fire-hot energy sear down his throat and into his stomach and belly and his racing heart soon spread the heat and power out to his whole body. He didn't have to swallow; Ron's massive tool extended deep into Bryan's throat and Bryan kept it there for what seemed a small eternity. His throat muscles milked the last of the cum as he withdrew and finally inhaled a large breath. Bryan swayed and moaned as he felt the rush of energy cascade within him. He already felt taller and larger and stronger as he stood and looked down from nearly the ceiling at Ron's sleeping form. He was the biggest, beefiest, strongest man alive but he wanted more and had a hunger and thirst that was just as monstrous. "Ron, wake up." Bryan lightly kicked at one of Ron's tree-trunk legs. "I need to eat." --- Tommy and Uther stared at the large closed hatch cover for a second and at the keypad embedded at the side of the otherwise smooth metal surface. "Did you see the combination?" Uther asked Tommy. "No," Tommy stated without a hint of surrender. "I guess we'll just start trying." "Wait, I think I can tell which numbers they pressed. Three keys are more worn and slightly warmer than the others," Uther offered. "How can you tell?" Tommy asked incredulously. "I can't believe I'm saying this, but I can see things I couldn't before. I think the cream didn't just improve my face, but my eyes and maybe my nose, too. I can still smell the Italian sub and meatball sub those guys ate earlier, and I'm sure at least one of them has a dog. It looks like they hit 8-3-4, maybe the 4 twice." Tommy hit each button and nothing happened. He tried the '4' a second time. Still nothing. Then, the green pound button. Stil nothing. "I heard 5 beeps," Tommy remembered. "The last one was the green button; it's like an enter key. Maybe the 4 was twice but if it was hard for you to tell, it probably wasn't both at the end, maybe neither at the end." Tommy hit 4-8-4-3-# and the hatch opened with a loud click. "Got it! This is fun!" Tommy exclaimed. The cover slowly opened to reveal a short metal staircase leading to a basement bunker. The air was slightly cool and dry and arrays of LED lights lit several shelves that held a scattering of cardboard boxes. The shelves were mostly empty and some boxes had electronics of some sort or locked cases with coded labels. It was far from the mother-lode that Tommy envisioned, but he gave a triumphant cry when he found boxes with the Studlee logo and three tubes of Muscle Cream. Uther was running his hand along one of the walls. "There's something odd about this wall; I think it's a door," he commented when Tommy came over with a quizzical look. They looked for a switch or handle, but found none and decided to make their escape. Uther also grabbed a jar of the Tummy Tight powder and a bottle of Taller Water. They resealed the hatch and snuck back out, unable to lock the building's door or fully close the gate in the fence. They made it back to the car without breathing a word. Tommy unbuttoned his pants and shoved them to his ankles, then opened a tube and applied some lotion to his upper and lower legs. "You're putting it on now?" Uther exclaimed. "It's after midnight already. I thought we were still going camping by the lake like we told our parents and we'd use the stuff in the morning." "No time like the present," Tommy cheered. "Head to the Y and you can sleep there if you want, but I'm going to grow some killer legs." Tommy produced a set of keys that Uther assumed belonged to the Y. Uther drove off thinking he might as well join in and get bigger before seeing Leah again.
  10. Bryan maybe wants the size more now, but before the cream, Tommy's the one that's been doing the hard work to make real growth actually happen for himself. The fantasy, of course, is that Bryan or anyone can get freaky big without having to put in years of effort and in a short amount of time and maybe get big enough to rampage through the city for fun, too. I think Tommy deserves it as much as Bryan, as much as anyone deserves their dreams, but since Bryan discovered the cream and in the end Bryan's dream is more impulsive and Tommy's will be more practical (in a slight role switch) and your repeated request is motivating me to continue, I can assure you again that Bryan will be and stay the biggest.
  11. Interesting screen name choice...

    If I may ask, did you choose it due to an affiliation to the art, or a simple interest in the topic?

    1. magicworker


      hi darkluster,

      I practice in the metaphysical arts and worship all things. How about you?

    2. darkluster4


      Heh. Yep. I occasionally cast a spell or two. Mostly defensive circles, and changing stop lights. lol

      I haven't found a muscle growth spell that works yet, but I'm still looking. ;)

  12. Part 7: Critical Mass Ron barely squeezed most of himself into Bryan's passenger seat before opting to stretch out a bit in the back seat. Bryan was surprised at how much he had to adjust his own seat. He could feel his body still slowly growing: his chest and back expanding, his shoulders and lats widening, his legs thickening, his arms bulging larger and larger. Bryan was relieved when he got to Ron's before he literally out-grew the car. Ron looked over Bryan's car at his own home with trepidation. The cars in the driveway and on the street let him know that both his parents and his sister were home. Bryan saw the fear and insecurity in Ron's eyes that seemed incongruent with the power and strength that his hulking shirtless body obviously possessed. Bryan also noticed that Ron was now only a few inches taller and his own rapidly blossoming muscularity was catching up to the god he worshiped about twenty minutes ago. After an odd stare and a resigned nod from Ron, Bryan went up to the front door. Ron's parents were familiar with Tommy, and they suspected that the two of them might show up just in time for dinner as was common. They had watched Tommy grow into an athletic jock and were happy that he and Ron stayed friends despite Ron's lack of interest in participating in sports. His parents were never athletic either and instead were passionate about good food, which led to them and their daughter to become successful restaurateurs but also overweight and even obese. Somehow, Ron had failed to put on the size that the rest of his family did and stayed a skinny anomaly until recently. They had met Bryan a few times, but Ron's dad didn't recognize him. "Can I help you?" he asked, slightly intimidated by the large, handsome, muscular young man in front of him. "Hi, Mr. Perl. It's Bryan... Tommy's brother." "Oh, yes, of course. Wow, you've gotten pretty big lately," stammered the round, 350-lb middle-aged man. "Yes, that's kinda what I want to talk to you about. Could I get some water?" "Sure," Mr. Perl replied as he opened the door wide for Bryan. "Do you want to join us for dinner? Also, do you happen to know if Ron is with Tommy? He was supposed to call." "Ron will be here soon," Bryan replied vaguely. "Sara!" Mr. Perl yelled into the dining room. "Set a place for Bryan, and Ron's on his way." He directed Bryan over to a couch. "Could I get that water?" Bryan asked again. "Oh, okay. I'll be right back," Mr. Perl replied as he left and Bryan fished a protein bar out of the pocket of his shorts that were getting uncomfortably tight. "Thirsty and hungry, I guess," Ron's dad remarked as he returned with a glass and Bryan finished the last bite of the bar. Mr Perl added, "Makes sense if you're working out a lot." Bryan drank down the entire glass and it did little to ease his thirst. "Mr. Perl, what size are you?" "What? Look, Bryan, I thought..." Mr. Perl began but he was interrupted by the sound of Bryan's shorts ripping apart and the realization that... "Bryan, you're growing bigger." "Yes," confirmed Bryan. "Right now I'm hoping you have some larger clothes." Mr. Perl stood dumbfounded as Bryan continued to slowly swell larger at a barely visible rate. Bryan began to wonder if Ron's worry about his dad having a heart attack at his revelation were not an exaggeration. The older man swayed slightly and Bryan stood to help support him as Sara, Ron's older sister, came into the room to ask, "Is it okay if it has meat sauce?" In the act of standing and extending his arms, the back and sides of Bryan's shorts exploded and his tank top tore apart down the middle of his massive chest. Bryan looked over at Sara who also looked stunned and ready to faint. Thankfully, the shorts still covered Bryan's crotch, but he realized the bulge there was not as inconspicuous at it had once been and parts of his meaty ass were exposed. He grabbed Ron's dad and half-carried him back towards the front entryway and away from the sister. Mr. Perl took a couple tentative pokes at Bryan's chest as the tank top ripped further. "How?" he asked. Bryan didn't entirely mind growing out of his clothing, but he was in his brother's friend's house and felt a little embarrassed. "Can I get some clothes first?" Mr. Perl recovered enough to find Bryan some 4XL shorts and a t-shirt that fit decently once Ron's mom cut the arms and part of the sides off and slit the collar for Bryan's solid neck. Bryan rushed to refill his glass a couple times and dug into the pasta and sauce on the dining room table as he asked for a second set of similar clothing without telling them it was for Ron. They complied and watched Bryan continue to slowly but steadily grow larger and waited silently for some sort of explanation. Bryan wasn't sure how long the growth would continue, but remembered that the cream's warnings extended to an hour and perhaps he only had that amount of total time to reap the maximum benefits of Ron's cream, as well. Sara brought out a pitcher of water and Bryan began to drink directly from that in addition to working through the food on the table. Finally, Mr. Perl broke the silence. "Why did you come here? Did Ron tell you to show us this for some reason?" he asked. Bryan realized that Ron probably wouldn't wait out there much longer, so he might as well get to the point. "Yes," he replied. "Because Ron got bigger, too. Bigger than me, I think," Bryan added, unsure if he himself had gotten as big as Ron yet. Sara barked a laugh and exclaimed, "What? Little Ron could never..." but her eye caught movement in the hallway. "Who's there?" she yelled. Ron ducked into the dining room. "It's just me." His family gasped at the giant Ron as Bryan spooned the last serving of food onto his plate. Ron's mom cautiously invited this new Ron to sit down as they began to question him and Bryan went to the kitchen to refill his pitcher. The boys had agreed not to mention the Studlee Muscle Cream to Ron's family and pitch their growth as a miracle/mystery. "Well, Tommy was affected, too, but not as much," Ron explained as Bryan returned with the pitcher in one hand and an open pint of ice cream in the other. He had to carefully navigate his still growing body through the doorway and had ripped his sleeveless shirt down the middle like a vest and it exposed a deep valley between his monstrous pecs and the deep etchings of an 8-pack. Bryan noticed Ron staring at him as he entered the room and asked, "What? I'm still hungry." "You're beautiful," Ron blurted, "and huge!" Ron's family simply gaped anew at a Bryan that seemed to be twice as big as when he came in and even more handsome. None of them could help noticing that the bulge in Bryan's shorts was also bigger. "Yeah, still growing, but getting less thirsty now," replied Bryan, confident that he was slightly bigger than Ron now, but disappointed that his growth might be slowing. His eyes were drawn down to the blanket that covered Ron's lower body and the obvious tent that was forming. Bryan wondered if Ron could provide him with another dose of magical cream. He chugged half the pitcher and offered the other half to Ron. Ron accepted it and also wolfed down the bit of food left on Bryan's plate as he watched Bryan seductively shrug the fabric off his mountainous upper body and flex his unbelievably thick, rippling muscles. Ron's dick extended again and rose into a flag pole position beneath his makeshift skirt. Bryan leered at the potential source of another round of growth and seductively asked, "Where's your bedroom?" --- Tommy and Uther parked back at the Burger Hut that night after buying black t-shirts and jeans at the big-n-tall store. The new clothes were purchased both for stealth that night but also in baggy sizes that they anticipated growing into once they got another dose of that cream. They found the short industrial street barely lit by a few working street lamps and a couple plain baseball caps hid their faces, as well. Tommy took the lead down the street in the shadows opposite the fenced building and cut behind the neighboring building. A haze of light filtered across the desolate side yard and the fence that ran back into the cliff-like hillside. Tommy aimed himself at a particularly shadowed stretch of fence and with a running start barely got hold of the top rail. Uther held his breath as Tommy got a better grip as he hung from his powerful arms. True to Tommy's claim, his shoulders and triceps catapulted him into a flip over the fence and into a tumble on the ground inside the mysterious property. Tommy stood up and limped slightly over to the darker back of building where he brushed some of the dirt off of himself and felt his phone vibrate. "Alright?" queried a text from Uther. Tommy responded with a thumbs up emoji. He looked up at the back side of building and planned a route to climb up. He was thankful that his grip and fingertips had strengthened along with the rest of his arms and it wasn't long before he was on the roof and scaled around the building to a third story window that he had noticed was open earlier that day. It was just slightly propped open by a block of wood and the window was surprisingly heavy but still no match for Tommy's impressive guns. Once inside, Tommy used the dim glow of his phone to look around. Disappointingly, it looked abandoned on the inside, too. A small collection of tables, chairs, ropes, boxes, and planks of wood lay scattered around the large room. Tommy ventured down a rough set of stairs that were either unfinished or impressively deteriorated. The second floor was split into several rooms with closets and a pair of bathrooms, but looked similar to the top floor. A couple filing cabinets held documents that were half-faded. Tommy tried to make sense of the various bills and receipts, but some seemed related to plumbing, others car repair or car rental, one order was for 100 electrical fuses. Still determined, he headed down to the first floor. Tommy's phone buzzed again. "There's a truck coming!" read Uther's message. "Oh, shit!" Tommy swore aloud as he saw headlights sweep across the dirty windows and the sound of a gate in the fence opening up. "Where was there a gate?" Tommy wondered as he looked for a back exit but found it locked or sealed shut even when he threw his body at it. Most of the first floor was one large front room that looked like a bomb had gone off and cleared the center area. Furniture and debris were piled at the sides, and the ceiling had only a few tiles failing to cover the exposed beams and plumbing. Tommy climbed on top of an overturned desk and was able to use the exposed rough work as monkey bars to land behind another pile that included a cubicle partition and hopefully kept him well out of reach or sight of anyone who came in the door. Tommy's phone buzzed again and he quickly set it to silent before he heard voices and the "thunk" of a heavy bolt unlocking. Uther was freaking out and was stuck between wanting to run away to save himself and running into the building to try to safe Tommy. He resisted both instincts and crept over into the shadow of the neighboring warehouse and stared at the Guy Zao building, hoping to see Tommy sneak out. His imagination seemed to wander and he pictured Tommy swinging along the ceiling and dropping into a pile of trash before three guys entered the building and stood in the center of the room. Then, they climbed into the floor. One of them carried a box. Uther blinked his eyes and looked away. He looked back at the building and he could easily imagine the decrepit insides and see Tommy still hiding in the pile of garbage. Uther wondered, "Is this my imagination? Or am I looking into the building?" Somehow, he watched the men come back out of the floor and leave the building, but without the box. The truck drove away and a gate nearly seamlessly closed behind it. Uther took a few breaths waiting for Tommy to appear, but he heard the gate's mechanism work briefly and half-expected the truck to return before he checked his phone and found a message from Tommy, "come on in". Uther slowly crept around to the gate and saw the front door of the building open a crack. Tommy was waiting for him on the other side and pointed at the center of the room where the old but intact carpet was folded back to reveal a hatch in the floor. "It's in there," Tommy announced.
  13. Found some time today and done with next part ahead of schedule. Not a whole lot of growth in this part yet, but it's coming. Part 6: Secret Sources Bryan recognized the thirst; it was more than just a craving for refreshment. It was the sharp need caused by Studlee's Muscle Cream. Bryan took a few more handfuls of water from the sink faucet. Did Ron's cum reactivate his last application? Or did Ron just spew a gallon of fluid that is affecting him like the original lotion? Or is he about to suffer a different reaction? What if Ron's cum is now a toxic poison that will slowly melt him into a puddle of liquid flesh? His intensifying craving for another swallow of anything liquid cleared his head of the parade of questions and scenarios and he went back to his room to check on Ron after one more gulp of water. Ron was passed out and lightly snoring, looking no worse than a few minutes ago. As Bryan found himself some shorts to wear, he again marveled over Ron's body and the massive, dense muscles that bulged over every inch and foot and mile of it. Bryan wanted that. He needed it. Bryan remembers Ron saying, "I just drank and ate a lot." Bryan began to doubt that the cream's "unwanted side effects" were as negative as he had thought and he once again felt betrayed by his slow, cautious nature. His brother Tommy was always more carefree and impulsive and Bryan decided to try on that role for a bit. "Ron!" Bryan kicked at the slumbering giant and yelled, "what did you do yesterday after you put on the cream?" Ron stirred and barely opened his eyes. "Was really thirsty. Drank a lot of water, also a Drinkade or two, I guess. I could use one now, and do you have some food here? I'm feeling really sleepy but hungry, too." Ron rubbed at his eyes and stretched his massive arms before closing his eyes again. Bryan wondered if Ron's cravings meant that the cream was not done growing him into an even bigger monster. Or was Ron's sleepiness a sign that it was weakening him? The old Bryan would have taken care of Ron first and worried about the cream's effects on both of them, but instead he grabbed a box of supplement bars from his closet and ran downstairs to get a Drinkade and fill a pitcher of water. If Ron was going to grow again, Bryan wanted a good head start. --- Tommy texted his dad at work that he was with Uther and didn't need a ride home from the Y. As they got in Uther's mom's car, Uther found in his pocket the number for Studlee he had gotten from the nutrition store and shared that story with Tommy who asked to see the phone number. "It's not an 800 number," he remarked. "It's a local office. I wonder if they still have some of their products there. If only we had an address, then we could check it out." Uther paused before starting the car and said, "I could probably get that." Turns out that Uther's dad was a paralegal and did some private investigative work on the side. All it took was a quick stop to his dad's home office computer for Uther to get a name and address. "It belongs to a Guy Zao, but it's not a residential number," Uther added. Tommy looked at the address. "That's back near the Y, I think," he commented, before he and Uther were on their way. Their destination was halfway down a dead-end street with other warehouse-looking buildings that all looked boarded-up and mostly abandoned. Even though they grew up in the town, this small street tucked in the base of a hill right off a main road was completely virgin territory for them. A few buildings had old trucks in front, often missing a tire or two, a motorcycle missing an entire wheel laid beside another, and a layer of dirt covered every inch of the blighted scene. Tommy still insisted on getting out of the car and looking around, but a high fence stood between them and access to the building at Guy Zao's address. Uther stood by the car, watching Tommy walk in loops on the sidewalk and across the street before returning and getting back in the car. "Sorry, maybe this is where the number used to go," Uther apologized. "But I think this is it," replied Tommy. "Park at the Burger Hut around the corner." Between bites of his meal, Tommy explained that while the address looked like a lost cause at first, there were hidden clues. "First, the fence is too high-quality and strong, just like the windows and doors. But that's just suspicious or odd," he commented. "Then, unlike the other wrecked vehicles around there, the truck that sat behind Guy's building had tires intact and a license plate that was clean and legible. There's also the cameras on the side of the building. They didn't look turned on, but they could have been. That was why I was walking around a bit. Finally, a lot of the utility wires running down the street look ancient, but there were two cables that looked a lot newer and they ran into that building. If Studlee is there in secret, that's probably where they have some of their stuff, including the Muscle Cream." After a pause, Uther replied, "You'd get along with my dad. But it looked like nobody's there today. It might just be a satellite office with a phone that forwards calls to a bigger office. Besides, there's no way in." "Hey," Tommy countered, "if these freaky guns are good for anything, it's gotta be climbing like an acrobatic monkey. I did a one-arm handstand in the office just for fun and it was easy. I think I can get over that fence. We can go back tonight so it's dark. Want to be my lookout?" "What about just getting some of the cream from your brother?" Uther asked. "I don't want to wait that long. Bryan has all these rules about using just a little at a time with weeks in between. That's why he's growing so slowly. Lately, he's doing everything half-assed. If you want to really impress Leah and do it this weekend, get on Team Tommy, dude." "Do you have a plan?" Uther asked tentatively. Tommy smiled in reply. --- Bryan chugged half a pitcher of water and a bottle of Drinkade and he could almost feel the liquid flow out to bloat his muscles as the intense thirst persisted. He finished the pitcher as he felt the puffiness turn into firm bulges and he felt a painful pressure deep throughout his body. The thirst now mixed with hunger and he began raiding the fridge. It was nearly empty when Bryan took out some chicken to pan fry and Ron stumbled into the kitchen with a hand rubbing his head and not a stitch hiding his magnificent body. "There you are," Ron stated. "Are you cooking? I'm starved." Ron's other hand held a glass that he went to the sink to fill with water. "Ron," Bryan spoke trying to be clear but non-confrontational, "you're not wearing any clothes. Head back upstairs and I'll bring up some food..." Ron refilled his glass. "...and water," Bryan added. "Just stay up there, okay?" Ron looked over the wide mounds of his chest to the rest of his massive, naked body. "Oh, shit. I need clothes," he replied before rushing back upstairs. Bryan was reluctant to give Ron more fuel for growth, but he also wanted Ron to stay long enough to answer some other questions, too. He decided to save a smaller piece of chicken for Ron and resumed drinking from his refilled pitcher. Bryan could feel the slow growth as his body turned the food and fluid into size. He watched the muscles of his upper body swell larger and felt his legs fill out his shorts. It was a familiar feeling from his previous applications of the cream, but it seemed to happen much faster. He chugged the rest of the pitcher and felt his body swell further. His excitement was slightly tempered by the fact that he felt more bloated and puffy than hard and strong. He flexed a bicep and it looked soft but huge. It wasn't as big as Ron's, but maybe it was as big as Tommy's even after the cream's effect on him. The flexing felt good and he decided to do some push-ups while the chicken finished cooking. He planted his hands and felt his body respond to simply being in the plank position. Electricity seemed to fire up and down his body. He lowered himself down and pushed himself up with a squeeze than drove that tingling right into his pecs and along his tris. It felt good. He performed another push-up and it felt good, too. He started repping out 20, then 50, then 100, then kicked up into a handstand and felt his shoulders and back and abs struggle to balance him as the electric tingling spread and then he let his arms bend as his hair touched the floor and he pushed himself up and felt his shoulders and arms thicken to support his weight. He dropped his feet and jumped up and began to do body-weight squat jumps: 10, 20, 50, but then the smell of the chicken on the stove brought him back to that task. The exercise had turned his bloated muscle into hard, solid mass. He could feel his strength surge and veins began appear over the more defined muscle. He drank more water and ate most of the chicken before Ron came back into the kitchen. "Hey, save some for me!" Ron whined. Bryan turned to see Ron wearing a folded bed sheet wrapped around his waist and tied with a knot at his hip. "I tried a toga," Ron explained, "but it was either too short or not long enough." "Aren't those the same thing?" Bryan asked. "I mean in different ways," Ron explained. "I either couldn't get it around my chest enough, or there wasn't enough to cover my legs and junk. So I just did this." "You're still shirtless, but..." Bryan trailed off as Ron came over to grab a piece of chicken. Was Ron shrinking? Bryan thought as he realized they were closer in height. "Whaz rom?" Ron asked with a mouthful of chicken before he realized the same thing. "'id oo go?" Bryan looked back at the kitchen cabinets and counter that did seem several inches lower and was relieved to reply, "Yes, I grew. It just looked like you shrank." Ron half-choked on his chicken, but swallowed it down. "I shrank?" "No, it just looked like you did," Bryan explained, "because I grew. I didn't realize I got that much taller, because I'm definitely not any thinner." Bryan flexed an upper limb thick with muscle as evidence. Ron quickly flexed back an arm twice as thick. "Did you put it everywhere?" Ron asked, thinking Bryan's growth was the result of a reapplication of the cream and not from his own cum. "Oh, yeah," Bryan replied with a grin that Ron didn't see, and he decided to keep that truth secret. "It got everywhere." Ron opened up the refrigerator. "Man, you guys usually have a pretty full fridge. Usually the only place with a fuller fridge is my place." "Then, let's go. I'm ready for another meal," Bryan decided. "And over dinner I can help prove to your parents that you're you. I'm just gonna grab a shirt from my room and we can go." Once upstairs, Bryan grabbed a few gulps of water in the bathroom and was amazed as his weight: 238. That morning he barely broke 200 pounds, and he knew his growth wasn't done yet. He took off the shorts that had started to cling to his thickening ass and thighs and found a pair of XLs and a tank top that was only a bit loose. Downstairs, Ron was snoozing and Bryan took just a moment to wonder at what a stud his brother's dorky friend turned into, before they drove off to Ron's house. It was only a few minutes later that Uther pulled up and he and Tommy chowed down on a few takeout pizzas. Tommy was thankful that Bryan wasn't home so they could more easily talk and prepare for their shenanigans. Tommy was hoping that he would find his own tube of the Muscle Cream by the end of the night.
  14. Update: I'm slowly working on the next part and hope to post it by the end of next week.
  15. Part 5: Chain Reaction Ron walked down the hallway as a couple of kids gaped at his size and moved aside for him. Ron looked over at the gym area and saw a few people working out. He knew he was strong from how easy the bike ride was, but maybe he could give his strength a real test. He saw a big guy benching a weight that looked heavy, but as Ron approached he realized the guy wasn't big at all compared to him. Ron went to the bench next to his and decided to load up the same weight: two large plates on each side. As he moved the plates he was surprised that they each felt like they were made of cardboard. He laid down and prepared for the lift, but it was like benching a broomstick and he quickly repped out 20. He found enough plates to add a couple more to each side and this time he could feel his chest working. He slowed down by the time he hit 20 again as his shirt dug into him uncomfortably, but he knew he could handle even more weight. Ron sat up and he looked down at the chest stretching his t-shirt even more. He was getting a good pump and a satisfying squeeze of his pecs tore 2-inch openings at the seams of his sleeves. He caught the other guy staring for a second and realized a workout right now wouldn't help him with his clothing problem. His stomach growled also raising food as a priority. He put the weights back and caught a girl doing dumbbell presses for her shoulders staring at him. In typical Ron fashion, he acted before thinking and grabbed the heaviest dumbbells in the rack and did a set of presses, which ripped at the seams under his arms. He finished a quick set and gave himself a most muscular in the mirror that almost scared him and left his sleeves literally hanging by threads. He easily tore the sleeves off and tossed them in the trash. A cute guy on an elliptical gasped, "Oh my god," and nearly fell off. Ron smiled back and adjusted his package which was also getting excited. Daniel gave him a "Cya later, Ron. Looks good without the sleeves," but Ron didn't stop to respond. He didn't even stop to get on his bike. Yes, he was hungry and yes, he still didn't have shoes on, but he just started to run anyway, to where his hunger led him. --- Meanwhile, Uther was in a different part of town at a nutrition/health store in a small, local mall. Uther went to the counter to ask, "Hi, I returned a container of Tummy Tight here last week. Do you still have it?" "Hello. No, sorry," the woman replied dreamily. "Each day we send that stuff back to the company. Do you want their number?" Uther felt her stare at his face, like he had caught many people doing. He had checked a couple times for any further change but saw none. Still, he couldn't help but be self-conscious. "Well, I'm having a strange reaction to it and it affected my face." "Yes, of course," she replied with a broad smile. Uther backed up a step and spread his arms a bit. "My tummy is tight, but nothing else is." The woman looked down for the first time. "Oh, yeah, but looks like it really worked there, and your face is ... fine," and she leaned in with a softer voice, "it's actually gorgeous. I don't think it ruined anything about it." Uther's worries turned to revelation. People were staring at him because he was "gorgeous" not deformed or bizarre, unless that's what this woman was into. As he left the store with the phone number for Studlee, he smiled at a cute girl he recognized from school who smiled back then turned to her friends to giggle and point. He second-guessed his previous conclusion until they all turned to smile and a couple of them waved. Uther chuckled and wondered if those girls realized he was the goofy-looking guy they had ignored for years. With a new sense of power and heightened self-esteem, he walked around the shopping area smiling at people just to enjoy the positive attention he received back. Uther had thought earlier of skipping his workout with Tommy, but now he was curious to know his friend's reaction and those of a couple other regulars he knew at the Y. He had already put his gym stuff in the car, so he texted Tommy that he was heading there a bit early. --- Tommy was too distracted to notice Uther's text, however, since he was still reeling from meeting the new, amazingly built Ron. He cursed that he didn't use more of the lotion and was thinking of possible ways to get it back from Bryan. He now didn't care about Bryan's warnings, if it meant looking like Ron, or even bigger. He took some consolation in his massive arms but wanted desperately to grow the rest of himself. Eventually, he wondered again about Uther who only used the cream on his face and then saw the message that he was on his way. Tommy as in the hallway and thought he spotted Uther coming in, but almost didn't recognize him. He generally had the same shape except for losing several inches around his waist and Tommy recognized his clothing. Uther also lost the blubber in his face, Tommy thought, and then realized it was more than that. Wow, he looks like a movie star, Tommy thought. "Uther?" Uther beamed a broad, white smile that stunned Tommy and replied, "Yeah, it's me. I look good, right?" "Dude, you look amazing," Tommy confirmed, then continued in a whisper, "I was worried that the lotion fucked you up, but now I am definitely putting some on my face next time." "Oh! The lotion did this? Was it a Studlee cream?" Uther asked quietly as Tommy led him back to the staff only room. Tommy filled Uther in on the Muscle Cream, Ron's metamorphosis, and the rest, and Uther told him about the Tummy Tight he used to lose weight before it got recalled. "They must have interacted," Uther concluded before they decided to do a lower body workout and went out to the gym floor. Even though they didn't put cream anywhere near their legs, they found they were able to go a little heavier and harder than usual and had impressive pumps by the end. Tommy was motivated by memories of Ron's hyper-muscular body and imagined he already had a layer of lotion all over his body. In his excitement, he couldn't help posing and fantasizing about hulking out. He noticed that his shoulders looked like they had pumped up a lot during the deadlifts and looked huge, but somewhat disappointingly seemed to make his chest look smaller and highlight his body's imbalance even more. Several regulars they knew came up to them, complementing Tommy on his impressive shoulders and arms and wanting to introduce themselves to the newly handsome Uther. They both appreciated the attention, but Leah was the only person able to distract Uther from the workout. She had a toned, athletic body that was almost muscular, with beautiful eyes and lips, Uther thought. He usually tried to flirt with her and this time she flirted back, hard. Tommy did an extra set more than Uther a couple times while Uther and Leah set a date for the next weekend. Uther gave a big, wide grin before he told Tommy he wanted to meet with Bryan and ask to use the cream with him and Tommy. If he got anywhere close to Tommy's description of Ron, he'd be the complete package and hopefully irresistible to Leah. He also wanted to thank Bryan for the changes the lotion already made for him. --- That morning, Bryan received responses from his interviews and spent time answering questions and scheduling another set of interviews. He had a big breakfast and a couple protein bars before he arrived at his gym's private parking lot. He upgraded from the YMCA that he and Tommy used to go to avoid the distraction and attention of his younger brother and he also hoped to maybe make some business connections among the more corporate members. Over the past couple of weeks, he was stronger and stronger each visit as his muscles grew from the cream. His appetite was also more than usual on the couple days after an application and he had stocked up on supplement bars stored both in his closet at home and in the locker he rented at the gym. This locker also contained the tube of Muscle Cream that he resisted using again, continuing to follow its warnings seriously and enjoying the benefits from the cautious use. Bryan also found that he recovered very quickly since starting on the Muscle Cream and he spent less time resting between sets and worked several body parts in each workout and still had energy for some intense cardio at the end. By the end of his recent workouts he was pumped and drenched in sweat and he marveled in the mirror afterwards at the muscles that bulged larger and harder than before. By the end of the day the pump faded a bit, but not quite back to where he started that day. The next morning, he would weigh a few pounds more and look leaner, as well. And each workout was motivated by imagining that progress continue until he was bigger than his younger brother and then as big as his bodybuilder-sized fantasies. --- Ron could feel his legs pumping and swelling with blood and his massive chest rising and falling in deep, even breaths as he ran down the street like a well-oiled machine. His sleeves continued to stretch and tear down the sides, releasing some of his wide lats. Ron also felt his large package dance inside his shorts as blood pumped into that organ, as well. When he got home he immediately raided the fridge, scooping up leftover lasagna with a serving spoon and devouring a few chicken breasts by hand before working through a pint of ice cream as a couple frozen pizzas baked in the oven and eggs fried on the stove. About an hour later, he finally felt sated and noticed his belly was almost disturbingly distended. He was just finishing cleaning up when he heard his older sister come in and shout, "Ron, are you still home?" "Yeah, but something happened," Ron shouted back, realizing his sister was going to freak out if she saw him. Maybe she wouldn't even recognize him and call the police. He decided to bolt for the back yard and was surprised at how fast his large body could move. "Ron, your voice is different. Where'd you go?" she called out as she went into the kitchen and got a soda from the fridge. She continued to walk through the house and found Ron in the back yard, balled up and wrapped up in an old blanket, or was it a tablecloth? "What are you... no, I don't care. Are you okay? Mom wanted me to check on you. You haven't been answering your phone." "Oh, uh," Ron responded, wondering, Oh, yeah, where is my phone? "You left it in the kitchen," her sister offered to the questioning look on Ron's face before turning back into the house. "Call them." Ron waited as he heard the sounds of his sister grab something else from the fridge and leave the house. He stood up to put the old tablecloth back by the laundry room and noticed again how much taller he was now. Or was he taller than he was a few minutes ago? His belly had somehow receded to a rock-hard washboard of abs and he flexed a few muscles that felt harder and stronger. He returned to the kitchen for another meal that wasn't quite as big or rushed as the previous one, but was still more than he usually ate in a day. --- Bryan also headed home for a large meal after his workout. His parents were meeting with friends right after work, so they'd be home late, and Bryan was not looking forward to an awkward night with Tommy, who hopefully would be playing games all evening. Bryan was almost done eating when the doorbell rang. Bryan looked through the door's small window and recognized Ron's head, but he wondered, What is he standing on? He opened the door to reveal that Ron's head was on the body of a massive, ripped dream of powerful muscle that was barely contained by its clothes. "Hey, Bryan. What'd ya think?" Ron asked as he flexed a grapefruit-sized bicep. "Holy shit!" Bryan exclaimed. He realized the only possible explanation was that he also got hold of some Muscle Cream. "Did you use a whole tube?" . "No, just some of yours. Mind if I come in?" Ron asked as he easily pushed Bryan aside and ducked into the house. "I need help explaining this to my family and since you know more about what that lotion is and you've always been a smart guy, I came to you." "Ron, you're huge, fucking huge!" Bryan stammered. "Yeah, it's awesome except for maybe giving my dad a heart attack when he sees me. Any thoughts?" "You used my tube? But there wasn't that much missing. I thought just Tommy used some. How did you get so huge?" "Oh, Tommy didn't tell you about me and Uther? I should have guessed that. Yeah, we figured this was how you've been growing lately, but I guess I hit the jackpot somehow. I just drank and ate a lot. I grew even more after a little workout today." Ron explained as he sat on the couch and felt his strong, heavy back and massive legs press wide and hard against the cushions. "But that's not..." Bryan began, feeling betrayed by the directions he followed so carefully when he was looking at the amazing results of what not following them led Ron to become. He collapsed into a chair and Ron leaned forward, making the couch creak. "Don't be sad," Ron said comfortingly. "Just use the lotion like I did and we can be gods together. Do you have it here?" "No. It's at the gym," Bryan replied, still debating on whether to break his self-imposed rule to wait over a week more. "Are you sure you're okay? You feel alright? The tube's instructions had some pretty serious warnings." "Bryan, you can see the results for themselves," Ron said, standing and spreading his arms. "Even my dick is huge now," he added as he whipped out a few inches of a thick log of flesh. And I don't feel 'alright'. I feel amazingly powerful and I just realized there's something I've always wanted." Bryan didn't need to ask as Ron walked towards him with the head of his cock growing up along his abs. Ron lifted Bryan up from his seat like a child and suspended him up in the air with just his arms. "I always wanted to worship you," Ron began, "and even though you seem so much smaller, you're still hot. I've fantasized about you fucking me, but this tool of mine really wants to fuck someone. I'm not going to be a virgin much longer, and I'm hoping you can help me with that." Bryan looked down at Ron's expanding cock as a dribble of pre-cum fountained over it. He placed a hand on one of Ron's powerfully thick forearms and another farther up to Ron's mountainous arms. "Ron, you're so fucking huge and hard," Bryan gasped. Ron looked down to Bryan's pants and the growing tent there. "You're not bad yourself," Ron replied and he threw Bryan onto one of his massive shoulders and headed up to Bryan's room as the willing abductee felt over Ron's foot-thick, yard-wide back. Ron threw Bryan onto his bed and tried to pry his own shorts off, but the pump of carrying Bryan up the stairs made that impossible without breaking the waistband and tearing it apart. During Ron's brief struggle, Bryan forgot about the little, cute, pathetic Ron of the past and looked anew at Ron the muscle god who surpassed his own wildest fantasies. "Well, get naked. Or do you want me to rip your clothes off?" Ron asked, as Bryan quickly got his pants off and Ron helped him with the shirt before Bryan wrapped his mouth around Ron's leaking cock. "Oh, god!" Ron roared as Bryan sat up at the edge of the bed and applied suction to the head of his tool. Bryan slowly worked a few inches down, but it was huge and thick and quickly filled his mouth and tested his gag reflex. Ron began pumping and writhing his hips and Bryan grabbed the mason-jar-thick base of Ron's cock with one hand and felt Ron's orange-sized balls churning and dancing with the other. He looked up at Ron's brick wall of abs flexing hard and the massive overhang of Ron's pecs that rippled with thick mass as his arms and shoulders and forearms also flexed and writhed as his fists clenched tight. Bryan's hands explored Ron's barrel-like legs that struggled to keep Ron standing during this intense experience. Ron's dick pulsed even larger and Bryan's mouth could take no more. He gagged off the rigid hose and looked up at Ron's face. "I don't think this is going to fit anywhere inside me." Ron looked down over his humongous chest at the subject of so many of his fantasies fondling his obscenely large and sensitive dick. He felt his large balls swell and clench tight and a tsunami of an orgasm washed over him. His dick didn't just fire out shots of cum, it sprayed out a stream that caught Bryan off guard as it hit his neck and chest and forced him back onto the bed as Ron's balls continued to empty along Bryan's torso and onto his legs. Bryan scrambled away as he felt the hot cum tingle and burn on his skin. Ron leaned over and put a hand out, knocking Bryan onto his side and Bryan continued to squirm over onto his front and crawl out from under Ron as he fired a few more bursts onto Bryan's back. Bryan craned back to yell at Ron just as Ron stood back up, squeezed his balls and cock in his meaty paws and fired one last load right at Bryan's face before falling to a knee and sitting on the floor. Bryan felt burning hot cum over his whole body and in his squeezed-shut eyes. He half-blindly stumbled over to the bathroom as he felt the cum ooze down his body but by the time he got there he could open his eyes and see in the mirror that he barely had any cum on him and a gob on his chin was soaked into his skin before it had a chance to drip off. He washed his face anyway and swallowed a handful of water before he realized he was getting really thirsty.
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