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      To help raise funds I've introduced a monthly contribution option called Pateron. This service allows you to pledge a monthly contribution plus allows me to offer you some rewards for your contribution. If you have any questions you may PM me. If you'd like to make that contribution please click on the image below:      
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      NEWS: Discord Server & Clubs (aka Groups) are back!   08/19/17

      Hello everyone I'm back with a couple big updates! Firstly we now have a Discord server, this is a real-time chat messaging client you can run on your phone, desktop, or anywhere. It's a pretty powerful desktop application that enables people to chat together, and with multiple channels you can find people interested in what you're interested in. If you don't already have a Discord account it's pretty easy to get one, just click the following invite link to get started: https://discord.gg/Ahzu9jC Secondly I'm proud to announce the return of Groups, it's been renamed to Clubs and is now available here: https://muscle-growth.org/clubs/. This system is entirely user generated and allows users to create groups of their own based on any subject they want. Go ahead and try it now, visit the link above to get started if you want to create or join a group!   As always thank you to all of our donators and Patreon contributors who keep the forums going! 


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    - Bodybuilders
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    - 176cm, 70kg, human weakling
    - You should be able to lift me up easily, I guess
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    - Stories, Role Play, Talk
    - Fantasizing about my fetishes
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    Example of stories I like : The Hulk Pill (by Jaypat)
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    - Superstrength on Earth (especially evil uses).
    - Superhuman people (men, women, children)
    - Young Muscle : huge, massive, heavy, superstrong, cocky, dominant, (horny), (violent), (destructive)
    - Muscle Growth can be : born with muscles, myostatin, steroids, HGH, muscle-growth pills, and so.

    By the way, I have an F-list : https://www.f-list.net/c/tinynico

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  1. Real muscle growth

    Hey si tu veux discuter, ajoutes-moi sur Kik ou Skype ou Discord
  2. Hey man, so much into that kind of thing as well : super strength, inhuman strength, young muscle

  3. Hey man, I'm so much into these kinks : Crush play, muscle snuff, bone cracking, extreme strength

    1. MuscleStrengthFreak


      Cool.  Which role you like?

    2. TinyNico21


      I like being a regular man, in a world where superhumans are among us, using their superstrength to be rude, destructuve, gore and violent ! :wub:

    3. MuscleStrengthFreak


      very cool.  i'm a bit different. I prefer to know i'm muscled, but meet a superstrong beast who shocks my with his power and totally, and slowly, crushes and destroys me like a little toy. 

  4. hi Mr.TinyNico, how are you?

    1. TinyNico21


      I'm really fine, thank you my friend :)

      We need to catch each over on F-list Messenger !! :P

    2. fokka


      Yes I agree, but you're missing the f-list.

  5. Thank you so much for the 1st chapter of "Massive Children of the Apocalypse (ESS)" !! :wub:

  6. Hulk Hunter

    Absolutely awesome !!!!!!!!! Thank you so much Jaypat, you are so great...
  7. Hey Nico, when are you getting an avatar for your profile? You've been here a long time! 

    1. Scriptboy


      Much better looking for you, Nico!


  8. A Revenge Gone Horribly Wrong (SNUFF)

    Damn, that's a dream comes true : young men stronger than regular humans, and heavy SNUFF !!! I would have cum right in my pants if the kids were much YOUNGER !!! You guys know how much I do enjoy that. ;-) Hit me in DM or on Skype : heroeswanted21
  9. I love when superstrong characters are stronger than steel !!! (yet I prefer when the character is a MuscleKid) :-)
  10. Hi !! ^^

    Awesome gallery of morphed mini-hulks !! I really like that... Thanks. :-)

  11. hello, I am a young monstrously muscled boy looking for older men to be able to play with me.

  12. A pure pleasure to read !!