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    - Bodybuilders
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    - 176cm, 70kg, human weakling
    - You should be able to lift me up easily, I guess
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    - Stories, Role Play, Talk
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    - Superstrength on Earth (especially evil uses).
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    - Muscle Growth can be : myostatin, steroids, HGH, muscle-growth pills, and so.

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  1. I’d like to read more about Iraqis supermen !! ???
  2. Hey Nico! Found someone to have a good time with yet?


    1. TinyNico21


      I’m open to you my friend... I definitely enjoy this picture by the way !! HOT ???

    2. JohnnyD


      Hope you drop me a line then. Hope also that you have discord! I"ms ure we could have lots of muscle fun!

  3. Thank you so much for this new chapter @Florida20 Everything’s getting better and better chapter after chapter !! Damn I live these super soldiers ! Really can’t wait to see what’s next...
  4. God I love this teasing chapter !! Thank you @Hialmar I’m so excited to read what’s going to happen next... ?? @elysiumfields I like the fact that criminals are infected by this flu ??
  5. Please yes, @MuscleStrengthFreak My skype = heroeswanted21
  6. Wooaahh my godness !!! Ansolutely awesome... @elysiumfields did an amazing job with this story !!! ?? Men, does someone wanna try to make this SUPERFLU mutate and hit some preteens ? ?
  7. Oh my !! I love that kind of description @MrAlice I really enjoy the fact than humans are extremely weak and fragile... That’s a pure pleasure for any mutant muscle god to play rough with and destroy them !! One mutant being stronger than 4 or 5 men !!! (at least ! maybe more)
  8. @MuscleStrengthFreak we should have fun together... I wanna feel my bones crack as you have fun crushing me bare hands ! ??
  9. Hhmmm @MrAlice this is Hot as Hell !! I love that kind of snuff stuf !! ???
  10. WOOAAAHHH !!!! Oh God !!!! I wish we could read the scene where a group of SUPER FLU hit Teens have fun wrecking this car bare hands, tearing apart steel using their hypertrophied muscles and their immense strength !!! ?? And making them cum of arousement.
  11. Wonder...do you ever like being the superstrong one...being violent?

    1. TinyNico21


      Nope I exclusively like to be the regular/average one. ??

  12. Thank you so much @elysiumfields These stories are absolutely awesome !! I love reality shift ??
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