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    - Bodybuilders
    - Muscles
    - Strength
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    - 176cm, 70kg, human weakling
    - You should be able to lift me up easily, I guess
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    - Stories, Role Play, Talk
    - Fantasizing about my fetishes
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    Example of stories I like : The Hulk Pill (by Jaypat)
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    - Superstrength on Earth (especially evil uses).
    - Superhuman people (men, women, children)
    - Young Muscle : huge, massive, heavy, superstrong, cocky, dominant, (horny), (violent), (destructive)
    - Muscle Growth can be : born with muscles, myostatin, steroids, HGH, muscle-growth pills, and so.

    By the way, I have an F-list : https://www.f-list.net/c/tinynico

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  1. TinyNico21

    teenage destroyers or muscle snuff stories

    Please yes, @MuscleStrengthFreak My skype = heroeswanted21
  2. TinyNico21

    teenage destroyers or muscle snuff stories

    Oh men... I’m so into dark stories as well !! My ultimate fantasy : violent snuff stories involving muscular children !! Message me
  3. TinyNico21

    Incredible Hulk

    @TommiTommi Thanks for this ! I’m amazed at sight of these scenes. Hulk is so massively powerful, nothing and noone can stop him. I love the way he throw people away, and how much damages he can cause !! Hot as Hell
  4. TinyNico21

    Incredible Hulk

    Thank you so much !!!!!!! This was absolutely amazing !! Damn superhuman strength, I Love it so much
  5. TinyNico21

    Incredible Hulk

    @TommiTommi where can we see the metro scene ? Omg I Love destruction !
  6. TinyNico21

    Incredible Hulk

    Damn !! I Love Hulk superstrength : the way he plays with helicopter, the way he bursts through the house !!! #ALERT #BONER
  7. TinyNico21


    Oh my !! I love that kind of description @MrAlice I really enjoy the fact than humans are extremely weak and fragile... That’s a pure pleasure for any mutant muscle god to play rough with and destroy them !! One mutant being stronger than 4 or 5 men !!! (at least ! maybe more)
  8. TinyNico21


    @MuscleStrengthFreak we should have fun together... I wanna feel my bones crack as you have fun crushing me bare hands ! 😈🔥
  9. TinyNico21


    Hhmmm @MrAlice this is Hot as Hell !! I love that kind of snuff stuf !! 💪😈😜
  10. Wonder...do you ever like being the superstrong one...being violent?

    1. TinyNico21


      Nope I exclusively like to be the regular/average one. 🙏😇

  11. TinyNico21

    Hulk Hunter 2: Hulk Spawn

    OMG !! @SuperWaffle thank you so much for this 💪😍
  12. TinyNico21

    Hulk Hunter 2: Hulk Spawn

    Damn ! This is definitely mind blowing... Wooah my Godness ! @Jaypat you are the best writer of all !! I Love your style, the descriptions, the details, the story... Thank you so much for this. Everytime I read something from you my heart goes crazy !! 😋 Just one note, as you guys may know me now, I have to admit I secretly wish I could see Ollie's young brother Hulk-out... You said Ollie started to Hulk out at 12yo, weighing nothing less than 500 pounds of muscles, this is something I've always been dreaming for !! 💪😍 (if someone wanna talk about Kids Hulking out, message me please) 😇
  13. TinyNico21

    Rush Hour Muscle

    Thank you so much @elysiumfields These stories are absolutely awesome !! I love reality shift 💪😍
  14. TinyNico21

    Real muscle growth

    Hey si tu veux discuter, ajoutes-moi sur Kik ou Skype ou Discord