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    Toronto, Canada
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    Fitness, lifting, sports, and worshiping muscular guys
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    5'9" 160 lbs
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    Big, buff jocks to worship!
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    Muscle worship and muscle growth; gay worshiping straight

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  1. macaroni

    your muscle worship fantasy

    I've got my fetish for the straight bro type. Would love to be caught checking out a buff straight friend who lets me worship him because he gets a kick of how horny he can make me just by flexing a little here and there.
  2. macaroni

    Muscle Worship as Motivation

    Oh man, I would love to find someone to worship after his every workout! I go to the gym a lot too, but I train to stay flexible and fast for the sports I play. I'm a good cook, so i'd love to help out a growing muscle guy with his meals and back rubs

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