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    real profile.
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    Bisexual (Male Preference)
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    6ft 210++ bulking up
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    Young Men crazy for growing bigger, adiccted to the GYM!! Looking for Sponsoring to achive my Goals. Love to life that lifestyle the gym, food nutrition, pump! Bulking up now help me to turn me into a FREAK!
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    FUCKING HUGE - no limits!!!
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    Arnold, Aaron Curtis and Clark, Peter Molnar

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  1. hey come visit Dublin and I will sponsor!

  2. Hello you like giga giants macro stuff?

  3. TFT

    Muscle Cream

    so awsome !!! One of the best Stories out ther
  4. Realky love that profil pic of urs! Hope this is me one day!

  5. Iam ready to flex on cam! pm me for skype

  6. Need to get so much bigger here! Iam adiccted to grow, help me to get massive in real i wana be a true FREAK!!!!!

  7. I dont want to RP i want to grow fucking big in real life!!!

    1. Buffaj


      It's gym time for you ;)

    2. LondonMuscle
    3. Bigdave


      A worthy intention, so go for it!

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