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    Hyper masculine male muscle growth
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    180cm tall,<br />
    105kg,<br />
    128cm chest,<br />
    83cm waist,<br />
    48cm arms,<br />
    68cm thighs
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    Hyper masculine male muscle growth
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    A lot bigger.
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    Any with hyper masculine male muscle growth
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    Any of the mass monsters
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  1. msclbldr

    Free Download of Saligiare on Kindle

    read it, not impressed
  2. msclbldr

    The Magnate and the Monster

    bump. more please
  3. msclbldr

    Match the Quote

    Personally, I would have added a few more stories in there from another great author called arpeejay
  4. msclbldr

    The Magnate and the Monster

    HOT!! please don't keep us waiting too long
  5. msclbldr

    Rugby Growth

    Pity England didn't even get out of the group stage. (said as an Irish man with an Australian passport)
  6. msclbldr

    Mathematical comparison of Biceps size

    Height, length, circumference etc increases linearly volume, and weight increases cubically, ie to the power of 3 (not exponentially) Therefore, for two men with exactly the same proportions but one is 160cm and the other is 180cm, the taller will be (180/160)^3 = 1.42 times the weight of the weight of the smaller one. So if the 160cm tall bodybuilder weighs 100kg, then the 180cm tall one will weigh 142kg
  7. msclbldr

    Grunt Forty-Eight : Chapter One

    I hope your friend is busy at the keyboard working on the next installment!

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