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  1. If you had read the first part you would have read that this leading upto a bigger story! Also in no way is this a roleplay. So yeah negative Nancy!
  2. No, you have to pick one!
  3. Right guys, once again for voting in the last round. Again it was a very very close vote. Regan won the side chest battle by 1 vote. So it's a point a piece going into the 3rd Round. So the pose we would like you to pick between for this round is the Front double biceps, as the name suggests the bicep is the star of this post, but it also showcases if the contenders have powerfull looking forearms and wide lats. Looking at the 2 pics we have chosen, I think this will be the toughest round yet! So here goes with round 3, first up Dan! DAN REGAN As I said this is going to be very close! Both Dan's and Regans pose showcases their awesome biceps, but also how powerful their lats are , and incredible tiny waists. Good luck with this vote!
  4. To late for this round JT
  5. Hey guys, thanks to everyone that voted in the first round which was Lat Spread, it was a very very close contest between our 2 gorgeous hunks, Dan shaved it by one vote! I've got a feeling this is going to be a very close contest overall! So now we come to one of my favourite poses, the side chest, both Dan and Regan have huge mass to show and these poses did not disappoint as you will see shortly. Pretty much every upper body muscle has chance to shine in this pose, balloon like pecs, thick boulder shoulders and incredible arms. Just to remind you , your voting for the guy you want to win the chance to be the guy who uses our new super growth serum. Again along with your choice please give an explanation as to why you chose either Dan or Regan. So here we go with Round 2: DAN We believe Dan has some of the best pecs on the planet, so this pic was an easy choice. The roundness and thickness is mindblowing! The pic also shows the quality of his delts and huge biceps. REGAN We chose this pic as it shows Regans incredible size, was nearly 300lb in this pic and still holding in to some decent definition. Big juicy pecs and colossal arms made this pic the perfect choice. So guys, get voting, who wins it for you, Dan or Regan?
  6. Hey guys, for those of you that read my stories in the now sadly departed unfiltered section, you'll be aware that I liked to experiment with my stories and not just do plain old stories , the story I'm now doing will firstly be split Into a few short parts , eventually leading to a much bigger final story later down the line. Your fictional or real replies will have some say towards the final story. So here goes............... So after weeks and weeks of auditions and many many photo shoots at competitions and at gyms we are now finally down to our last 2 Candidates and you the online audience are gonna help us decide which candidate we pick for our brand new growth serum, now as you have seen over the many weeks we haven't gone for your typical skinny guy wanting to get huge! We decided to pick guys who were already fucking huge and wanting to get even bigger! We all sorts of candidates of fitness models right upto competitive athletes and bodybuilders, some just came along for the ride but the bulk of them were deadly serious. It was that that made the decision even harder but I think we have chosen the right 2 people. So how are you going to help us pick the ONE? Well each week we are going to post a picture we took of the candidates doing various poses in different environments, now we know that each persons genetics are different, so we have tried our best to get each pose as similar as each other even though weights and heights maybe slightly different. All you need to do is pick your favourite based on the poses and leave your selection in the comments section with a little explanation as to why you picked that candidate. So without further ado let's meet our final 2. The first pose off you need to chose from is rear lat spread. Candidate 1: Regan , 24, Canadian. We chose this picture as it shows Regans impressive width and thickness off very well. We love the thick slabs of muscles last racking out of his sides and the thickness of his lower back too. Candidate 2, Dan, Romanian. I think it's quite clear why we chose Dan, we all think that back is freakishly impressive, the thickness and width is mindblowing and the definition is crazy for that mass! So, there you have it guys, Regan or Dan Pt 1 , it's over to you!
  7. Love your stories!

  8. Hey nice work bud

  9. Hey Guys, been a while since i last posted a story on here, so heres my newest entry. enjoy!! This is a story about Jack, Jack is no ordinary 19yr old……………. “COME ON ONE MORE!!!!” shouted Dean, Dean was jacks training partner. “ARRRGGGHHHHHH” grunted Jack as he lifted the last of his 12 reps on bench press on to the rack, jack stood up and looked in the mirror, staring back at him was a sight that drew gasps from both dean and others in the gym. Jack was a 6ft brick shit house. His chest was rippling with thick dense rock hard muscle, the vest he had on could not contain the sheer size of his pecs, they were so thick every time he breathed in the vest would ride up his torso And begin to tear under the sheer mass of his chest. “add another 25kg on each side mate” he asked dean Dean placed the weights onto the bar which was already loaded with 300kg, bringing it upto 350kg. Jack repped out another 12 reps like it was nothing, re racked the bar and got up again. “This is to easy, I need a real challenge! Whack another 100 on!” Dean added the required weight so that the bar had 450kg loaded on it. “ Man this is crazy shit jack, can’t believe what you’re doing, your pressing over 4x my body weight!!” “Well when you’re as big n strong as me there’s no room for light weights, its heavy as fuck or nothing at all, you don’t get pecs like these by lifting sissy weights!!” Jack bounced his enormous pecs, each bounce shifted his perilously frail vest close to breaking point. Jack laid down on the bench, got his tree trunk arms into position and with a mighty grunt lifted the bar from the rack, each rep was greeted with an almighty grunt, his pecs were bulging with blood pumping round his massive chest. Jack managed 8 reps before re racking. He stood up. “Arrrghhhhhh, im fucking pumped man, look at me? This is what u call pure beastly muscle!!” Jack was pumped, like nothing anyone had ever seen , he moved closer to the mirror, ripped off his vest to reveal the rest of his enormous body, his pecs still filled with blood and rippling from his bench press, sweat was dripping down to his stomach which resembled a block of marble which had had eight large chunks carved into it, his triceps were also rippling from the routine, his tri’s n bi’s were huge at least 35” round, veins snaking down to his beefed up forearms, his giant boulder shoulders looked strong enough to barge through brick walls, his meaty traps stretched up his thick bull neck and his lats were two thick slabs of rock jutting out of his sides. It truly was a sight to behold for everyone not at least dean who was trying so hard to hide his erection going on in his pants. “Jesus jack you look incredible, I’d hate to see a guy cross you!!” dean said with a hint of jealousy. “if they did, they would end up like this!” Jack picked up an olympic sized barbell with no weights on and began to bend it in half like it was made out of rubber, then tossed it aside. “anyway dean im 400lb of freaking huge muscle, I’d be surprised if anyone would cross me!!” Dean gave a laugh of a guy who was like ‘yeah I suppose so but really wanna see it’. “true enough, ok now its my go!!” Dean was inferior to Jack in height, weight and strength so before he could even start his lifting he had to take 400kg worth of weight of the bar. Dean was only 17 and had the physique of a track n field athlete, so he was fairly toned with a bit of size but that size looked skinny compared to Jacks mammoth size. So with 50kg left on the bar dean started his routine. Even though Jack and Dean were good friends jack always took the piss out of dean for his inferior showings, mostly to try and spur him on but also to show his superiority and dominance over him, dean could not help but feel intimidated by jack, he daren’t tell him to shut up or go away in slight trepidation of what jack might do. “ Come on you skinny git, call that heavy lifting I can’t even see your pecs there that small and feeble, if you don’t start tryin harder im gonna crush you, now LIFT!!!” jack’s booming shout reverberated around the gym. Dean finished his first set and sat up, “ Jesus jack im tryin alright!!” Dean bit back a little. “that’s not trying that’s playing safe, you wanna grow ? You want to lift heavy!!! That isn’t heavy look!” Jack then proceeded to lift the loaded bar of the rack with one hand and start repping some shoulder presses, after 20 reps he re racked the bar. “see!!” “alright jack stop showing off ya big headed freak!!” dean sarcastically replied. “Jealous you skinny fuck? Well you better be coz unlike you I wanna grow! I wanna get bigger and stronger than ever before.” “ well maybe you do mate but im an athlete, my sport does not require me to get big n bulky, so i maintain what I have!” Dean tried to hide the fact he actually likes jack being all dominant etc coz it makes him hard, and whether jack will like the fact that dean loves being with this muscle mammoth. After dean had finished his chest routine he and jack decided to hit some biceps. As Jack was so big and strong the dumbells the gym had were to light for him so jack had to curl using an Olympic bar and plates, he started of light by curling 100kg for 15 reps, “easy!! Whack another 250kg on dean.” Dean added the weight. Jack composed himself, lifted the bar off the ground and slowly started to curl the 350kg bar, with each curl his massive biceps ballooned to unprecedented sizes, thick veins popped and stretched with every move, after hitting 10 reps he placed the bar back on the floor, looked in the mirror and hit a double bi pose, his biceps bulged and formed a gargantuan mound of granite muscle that looked bigger than his head, he relaxed then hit it again this time managing to squeeze an extra inch on top of his already impressive bi’s. Dean had never seen jack hit a bi pose before, his cock was now so hard it was making an impression in his shorts. “ WOW jack they are awesome man fucking huge!! Im gobsmacked!” “I can see your impressed, I only have to look at your shorts to notice that, ya big gay, come over here?” Dean walked over to where jack was, the size comparison was breathtaking, next to jack dean looked like a twig. “take your top off” jack asked Dean didn’t dare disagree so he took his shirt off, his tight body glistened with sweat. “now stand infront of me and flex!” Dean flexed his biceps, moderate sized peaks appeared from his arms, they looked pretty cut but looked no bigger than 15”. To rub the salt in more jack then flexed his bi’s behind him, his bi’s clearly 3x the size of deans. Then without warning Jack picked dean up and started curling him, every curl took deans face to within cms of jacks biceps, jack curled dean 20 times before putting him down. “you like that gay boy, your cock sure did!!” Dean looked down and saw a dark grey wet patch were he had cummed, he looked up and said, “ that was awesome!!” Jack and Dean made their way to the changing room.
  10. Keep up the great work, on yourself and the stories!

  11. Hey guys if u have been following my two previous stories you will know who these characters are, if u haven't just enjoy anyway!! The first part involves no dom, its just the set up part. Let me introduce you to them. Alex: http://radiokida.deviantart.com/art/IM-POSING-Matt-Tribute-290775863 Leo:http://radiokida.deviantart.com/art/Muscle-Belt-Bigdudes-Tribute-181398324 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The first day of Alex and Leo's domination venture started of like every other day, repping a 2ton tractor like it was a feather! up and down it went for what seemed like hours and they didnt even break sweat. Alex and Leo were both skinny guys until they both took some magic potion and pills respectively to turn them into super freaky huge muscle beasts. Alex was the bigger of the two weighing in at a staggering 2000lb of freaky muscle, 200" biceps, thighs thicker and wider than 2 professional heavyweight bodybuilders put back to back, calves bigger than heads, pecs bigger than tractor wheels, back and lats wider than 2 door frames and shoulders thicker than bodybuilders thighs. Leo was not far behind, weighing a respectable 1850lb, 190" biceps, everything else was pretty much as described above. What made these two even more staggering is that they are both still in there teens, leo is 18 and alex is 19. The base for there business venture was a unused barn on the outskirts of town, doors wide enough to fit there huge frames through, and a roof high enough for all there super heavy lifting, which included the tractor and a huge combine harvester, along with 30cm thick iron bars for them to play with. Before they left there home town they put adverts on muscle forums and other muscle websites advertising their business, asking potential clients to ring them and book an appointment, they were looking for muscle lovers who loved being dominated by two huge young guys and also enjoyed being humiliated in various strength challenges and been tossed around like a rag doll, but they stressed that no sexual activities would take place, that it was all muscle and strength domination and they didn't put how big they were, wanting to keep it a big surprise. They would charge £500 an hour Alex finished repping the tractor, put it down and hit a monumental double bi pose in front of leo, all 200" his bulging gargantuan arm rocketed up his arm passed his fist and his head. " is there a better sight than this dude?" he asked Leo "no there aint!" replied leo with a disbelieving laugh, " but ive still got some growing to do so u better watch out!!!" Leo flexed his inhumane biceps the peak just falling short of the top of his head. Leos growth had not yet finished he still had 2 more of the russian pills to take, the plan was to ask a select client if they paid an extra £200 they would see Leo grow right before there eyes. "yeah only if the client coughs up the money kid, anyway look at the time our first client arrives in a hour, we need to set this place up!" alex replied. Alex and Leo started moving the tractor, combine harvester, the steel bars and hay bails around the barn to set positions, the hay bails will be used as soft landing areas for the clients. Their first client was a guy called Martin. Martin was a 25yr old football player (soccer), from playing regularly and working out martin had gotten himself a nice ripped body, similar to Cristiano Ronaldo's. But his fetish always lied with huge muscle and huge guys, so when he saw the duos advert he leaped at the chance too fulfil one of his dreams, he agreed to all the t's & c's that alex and leo had put in place, he made his appointment for 11am. Martin got off the bus at the stop closet to the barn which was a 5 min walk away, he walked up the pathway towards the seemingly derelict rusting barn, there was nothing on the outside stating it was in use, alex had simply told him it was the big barn on the old farm road and to use the small door on the left side of the barn. Martin walked up to the door, slightly shaking as he didn't know what to expect but also looking forward to his upcoming muscle fest. He walked in, looking round trying to find his two huge masters, spotting all the perfectly placed objects, which to him just seemed like a normal interior of a barn. " Er er er Hello, Alex,Leo, im martin your 11am appointment, Whe............." before he could finish his sentence he felt himself catapulting into the air and flying across the barn at a rate of knots landing on a hay bail 50 meters from where he stood. "Hello Boy!!"
  12. 27/4/14 Hey followers sorry its been two weeks since my last diary update, i have just been to engrossed in watching my body grow and grow and my strength rocket up. Over these 2 weeks i have amassed a staggering 300lb of soild muscle and added 30" to my muscles. So if your maths is all correct i currently weigh 440lb and have 57" biceps!!! If you have been reading my other blogs you would know that i was only meant to take 1 pill a day but i scrapped that and started taking 2 to 3 a day!!! Here are the results: Me from last blog: http://ectomorphworkout.org/wp-content/uploads/Ectomorph-Workout-Home.jpg Me Now!!!!: http://radiokida.deviantart.com/art/Gym-Muscle-266622872 As you can see guys there is a colossal difference over those two weeks and boy has it been noticed sadly for not all the right reasons!! Since my last blog my group of friends including buff dave have disowned me, they said they want nothing more to do with me as i have become a freak, they thought that i was just gonna grow a little and not become a monster like alex! i asked them what it had to do with them what i did with my own body, things got a little nasty i ended up knocking dave out, i hardly touched him too, shows what strength and power i have now, i didnt want to hurt anyone but rage was building inside me and it just happened. So now my only friend is the beast that is alex, who has grown even more since the last pic, here he is now!!! http://radiokida.deviantart.com/art/Buff-Muscle-Extreme-2-277080517 he's making me look skinny again with his new size. his biceps are over 90" now, siiiiick!!! As i put on my last blog,alex wants me to start a muscle domination duo with him, considering both our sizes its gonna be fun, were starting it next week, i will reveal details on my next blog. i told alex about my little fracas with dave and my old friends, he told me i was a god amongst insects and if anyone told me different i should destroy them!!! bit drastic don't you think lol, thankfully he only meant it in figure of speech terms but he did say to use my power if need be!!! In my last blog i had mentioned that Jack had gone away with his club for warm weather training, he returned yesterday, he got back while i was at the gym(more of which soon!!!), so he didnt see me until i got back in, and as you can imagine there was stunned silence and lots of WTF!!!!! Questions were asked about steroids, i told him i hadnt taken any, i confessed to him about the pills and wanting to get freaky huge, i couldn't lie to my cute as fuck older brother even though i was a good 240lb heavier than him and biceps bigger than his head!! He told me he was a disappointed that i had taken this road but i was his brother and he would support me in what ever i choose to do. Now the gym!!! Due to my super growth and strength, the weights at jacks club gym were now pathetically light, so i am now at a proper bodybuilding gym, im benching crazy weight like 500kg, curling 250, squatting 650!!! ive had to specifically order super heavy weight plates for me to use as i'll shortly be to strong for the weights the gym has. I have also jotted down a target size for me to achieve, all im saying is 440lb and 57" will be small compared to what i want!! Thats all for now folks.
  13. 12/4/13 Right first things first picture update so...... Me Yesterday http://www.purelifts.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/07/How-to-build-muscle-naturally-for-skinny-guys1.jpg Me Today http://ectomorphworkout.org/wp-content/uploads/Ectomorph-Workout-Home.jpg I have to confess guys i took 2 pills last night seeing what the effect would be and as you can see its had a great affect! NON of my clothes fit me now which was difficult for college this morning let me tell you, i struggled to put my t-shirt and when i eventually got it on the sleeves were up to my shoulders, and the bottom rose halfway up my abs, my trousers were just about clinging to my thighs for dear life any wrong movement and they would rip to shreds. Its safe to say when i arrived at college this morning, it wasnt only alex that was getting the stares, girls and guys were staring at me as though i was an alien, a few of the guys were fiddling with there packages! I caught up with buff dave and my mates i wasnt up to daves size yet but tomorrow i would definitely surpass it, like the rest of the school there faces were a picture, they asked me what the hell i had taken, even dave was purplexed by my new size, i just told them i had found these pills online to go with my supplements, obv i didn't give them the true story!!! Dave asked if i would like a bicep comparison, in my new state of confidence and physique i agreed, dave went first, he rolled up his sleeve, his arm looked bigger than before even before he flexed it,he flexed it and it swelled into a huge mound of muscle on his arm, he smiled and informed me it had reached 20", i told him i had no chance of beating that size, but i wanted to see what my new bigger arm looked like, it took me ages to roll my sleeve up as it was skin tight against my new size arms, i flexed my arm and a moderate sized lump appeared no were near the size of daves but it was way bigger than he had imagined, dave was impressed with my peak, he said it looked at least 16-17", i told him i would measure it when i got home and let him know tomorrow. I was walking down the corridor to leave to come home when i felt a huge hand clasp itself on my shoulder, the power of hand instantly stopped me in my tracks, it was obvious that is was the muscle freak that was alex, his huge hand swung me round and i was face to his obscenely gargantuan chest, for the first time since it first happened with jack i felt my bulge grow ever harder. Alex was suprised at my superfast growth and questioned what i had taken,i wasn't about to lie to this behemoth so i told him about the pills and what there effect was. Alex commented that i looked good and urged me to "unleash my inner beast". i told him i was a bit sceptical about taken the full lot, what he told me next defied belief. He told me that if i took the full lot or got to his size i should move in with him and start a muscle domination company!!!! A feeling inside me was one of do i really want to do this, but another feeling was one of who the hell would cross us or disobey us. I thought about it for a min and told..... ok!! As of yet i have not decided how big to get!!........... oh and i measured my bi's 17" hehehe Till the next time.
  14. wbjason and debate1 the pic of dave was the wrong pic i have now rectifed it so check it out
  15. * hey guys sorry for wait again, FYI the pics will not be of the same guy, just pulled random pics based on current and future physiques* 11/4/13 OMG OMG OMG OMG!!!!!!!! I can't explain how i look and feel right now, those pills god damn work, here's me last night: http://www.fitnessandpower.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/06/skinny1.jpg And me now: http://www.purelifts.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/07/How-to-build-muscle-naturally-for-skinny-guys1.jpg As you can see there has been a major change overnight and that was just 1 pill, imagine if i took 2 or 3 a night, hmmmmm. Anyway jack left for his training camp this morning, so i ended up going to the gym on my own, the workout clothes i had worn in previous weeks still fit but they were really tight on my new body, i had pecs now so they pressed tight against the t-shirt, the t-shirt also hugged my abs quite nicely, my bi's n tri's caressed the arms of the t-shirt without it being tight against them, my legs have gained some mass and definition, the joggers i have still fit properly but but slightly hugged my thighs and butt. I arrived at the gym and was greeted not by looks of total astonishment but looks of slight shock by seemingly rapid weight and muscle gain since yesterday. I went onto the gym floor with a slight air of confidence about myself knowing that i would be able to lift heavier than i had yesterday, now im not going to go through all the exercises that i did because there is other things i need you all to see but here is what i lifted today compared to first day: Bench - 1st day 5kg - Today 55kg Squat - 1st day 10kg - Today 60kg Deadlift - 1st day just bar - Today 60kg Pullups - 1st day not one - today 10 Dips - 1st day non - Today 15 Bicep Curls - 1st day 8kg - today 18kg As you can see guys there has been a major shift in strength just imagine wot i can lift in a few days!!! i went back into the locker room and looked in the mirror, wow oh wow, i had a epic pump going on, i couldn't resist flexing my bi's, my god they formed a decent size lump which stretched my sleeve to the limit, i didn't have a tape with me to measure but i measured them when i got in and they measured 15" when i first started i was lucky if they broke 7" so im fucking buzzing at mo. Im off college today but i feel as though i should share these next two pics with you, i got a text earlier from buff dave, it read TAKE A LOOK AT THESE, DAVE. The first pic is dave taking a topless selfie and my god he is buff n getting ripped. The second is the gargantuan Alex who according to dave kindly supplied him with a pic all im saying is HUUUUUUGE. http://sv6.postjung.com/picpost/data/254/254826-52becde0acf23.jpg http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-Ey6zXv2ObK8/UG0gPJuprqI/AAAAAAAAA1Q/OB9DDttEgUs/s640/394201_360658400674888_104173225_n.jpg As you can see there both pretty damn built in there own right!!! Day off gym tomorrow as at college all day, i intend to ask how dave was given a pic of alex so kindly supplied by him. Anyway i will update tomorrrow if i can if not it will be the next day
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