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    Muscle in real life. Mine, other people's. Strength training.
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    6'3, 195, maybe 10%bf, biceps 17" pumped
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    Like-minded guys, especially those interested in meeting in person. Also people who like to chat, share pics, and flex.
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    240, 8%bf, biceps >20<br />
    Benching 225 for endless reps like it's nothing.
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    Jon Irizarry, Brad Castleberry, Zac Aynsley, Raciel Castro, Tristan Escolastico, Lind Walter
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    muscle, of course. Making hard lifts look easy. Lifting while someone feels me up, and feeling someone up when they lift. Let me spot you.

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  1. Lots of Indian lunch buffets. Clove at Amsterdam/140 is rather good. Some on the UWS as well.
  2. Hey all! Anyone up for a hello next weekend or the one after? Sept 8 or 9, or 15 or 16?
  3. I've seen two guys in the shower together at 125th, and one time a guy tried to give me a BJ (or at least, I think that's what his intention was when he poked his head out of a shower curtain at waist level with an inviting smile). People routinely enter the sauna in pairs. There are plenty of straight guys as well, but there's a LOT of shenanigans there.
  4. Sweet! Sorry to be slow to respond... in job transition... probably more stable in a couple weeks. I could arrange things then, or if any of you wants to take the lead, I'd most likely be good to join.
  5. TMPL would probably be the biggest one. Some Equinoxes and Crunches and NYSCs around HK and Chelsea will have pretty significant gay populations. You might get an UFIA in the sauna, if that's your thing. There's lots of DL messing around in some NYSC locations, I've been solicited at the NYSC on 125th... that spot's practically a brothel. MidCity is pretty gay-friendly, though any shenanigans are off-site.
  6. So we got 41 of us on this list. Who's up for a friendly hello? A brunch? A lift? A lift followed by a bite?
  7. Whoops, new work schedule for me, so I won't make it.
  8. https://www.bevfrancis.com/npcnortheast/npc-northeast-summer-classic/ NPC Northeast Summer Classic. Saturday July 7th. Short walk from a Metro North station. Putting this out a month ahead... anyone want to make a trip out?
  9. I use these two... https://www.bevfrancis.com/npcnortheast/2018-schedule/ http://www.naturalbodybuildingevents.com/events/category/new-york/
  10. Damn!!! Im about 20 min from the County Center and didnt know about this show...

    1. AlMacArthur


      ah bummer. there's stuff there a couple times a year though.

    2. nycwrestlerguy


      anything u know of coming up??

  11. Hehe, cool. Let's plan a bit more in advance for the next show, then.
  12. Hey guys! A bit last minute, but there are two events nearby this Saturday (May 19). Anyone interested in checking out either of these? 1) Powerlifting contest, Astral Fitness, Bronx http://www.astralfitness.net/big-apple-powerlifting-competition/ 2) IFBB New York Pro, White Plains. https://www.bevfrancis.com/npcnortheast/new-york-pro/
  13. Astral, up in the Bronx. Amazing vibe up there, it's all rough guys, mostly Latino, who actually train hard. Like MidCity without all the personal trainers and club music and blinding lights. Been there a few months. I got pissed off at MidCity (a hundred little things added up), so did NYSC for a while. My workouts got REALLY shit at NYSC, and I didn't realize how much until I started going to Astral. Gym atmosphere makes a HUGE difference for me. About 20% on lifts.
  14. Sweet! I used to train at MidCity. Probably saw each other there.
  15. Alex here. Been a bit absent for a while, am once again ready to mingle. Train at Astral in the Bronx most of the time, also have an NYSC membership. Also lifting for several years... results tend to come in spurts, but I keep at it regardless.
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