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    Muscle in real life. Mine, other people's. Strength training.
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    Like-minded guys, especially those interested in meeting in person. Also people who like to chat, share pics, and flex.
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    240, 8%bf, biceps >20<br />
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    Jon Irizarry, Brad Castleberry, Zac Aynsley, Raciel Castro, Tristan Escolastico, Lind Walter
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    muscle, of course. Making hard lifts look easy. Lifting while someone feels me up, and feeling someone up when they lift. Let me spot you.

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  1. AlMacArthur

    Brunch and Lift? Or?

    Sweet! Sorry to be slow to respond... in job transition... probably more stable in a couple weeks. I could arrange things then, or if any of you wants to take the lead, I'd most likely be good to join.
  2. AlMacArthur

    Best Gay Gyms in NYC?

    TMPL would probably be the biggest one. Some Equinoxes and Crunches and NYSCs around HK and Chelsea will have pretty significant gay populations. You might get an UFIA in the sauna, if that's your thing. There's lots of DL messing around in some NYSC locations, I've been solicited at the NYSC on 125th... that spot's practically a brothel. MidCity is pretty gay-friendly, though any shenanigans are off-site.
  3. AlMacArthur

    Inch in a Day Arm Workout?

    It's just getting a sick pump. Your mileage may vary depending on genetics and how big it is already. I can gain an inch during a particularly good workout, and it doesn't take 5 hours. It's gone in a day or so.
  4. So we got 41 of us on this list. Who's up for a friendly hello? A brunch? A lift? A lift followed by a bite?
  5. AlMacArthur

    White Plains, July 7. NPC Northeast

    Whoops, new work schedule for me, so I won't make it.
  6. AlMacArthur

    Real Life Bullying in Gyms

    Would help to get more detail on the story. I've never seen this kind of situation in particular, but what I *DO* see a lot of, especially at shittier gyms crawling with trainers and would-be trainers, is the typical trainer MO, which is to talk shit about a person's routine, suggesting you should do theirs instead. I'd find it totally realistic for a couple of big guys who think they know better to see a fat guy show up to a gym and do some terrible routine, and badger him that what he's doing is a waste of time. Whenever I'm approached by a trainer, I could see things easily escalating in that direction, especially if I was less experienced and wasn't confident in telling them to stuff it.
  7. https://www.bevfrancis.com/npcnortheast/npc-northeast-summer-classic/ NPC Northeast Summer Classic. Saturday July 7th. Short walk from a Metro North station. Putting this out a month ahead... anyone want to make a trip out?
  8. AlMacArthur

    Where to find Muscle worship

    Grindr? The more muscle you have yourself, the easier it is to find. But ask for it specifically, lest you end up on a date with a big muscle guy who doesn't want to flex.
  9. AlMacArthur

    Any fellow Christians?

    I get it, but that's not QUITE what I was getting at, re benevolence and compassion. What I see a lot, especially in meditation circles, is a cultivation of some pureness of your own spirit, as a result of which you're more able to be awesome to everyone, from your self-contained have-achieved-peace enlightenment bubble. Perhaps this is more a Zen thing than Buddhism as a whole. But I get the impression that it's more out of a sense of obligation or "we should be nice" or dogmatic benevolence or perhaps a long drudging "builds character" discipline. Similarly in many Christian communities, being nice is seen as a "we're supposed to be nice because it's nice and wouldn't things be nice if everyone was nice". Or in Jewish frameworks where X percent in charity is expected (I'm being slightly facetious). It tends to come in a very "would-be enlightened" context from Buddhists, and "would-be pious" from Christians. Which completely disarms what could be a visceral transformative experience. Which is strange, because I've read that part of the whole foundation of Buddhism was to NOT just go off in your own bubble, but to embrace your among-other-beings-ness. And similarly in Christianity. The whole impetus, in the written work, is to do things in the context of helping and perhaps even baring your spirit to others, not because it's a nice thing to do or makes God happy, but because this is actually the very mechanism by which it "works." And if you actually DO the (very difficult to grasp because it necessitates turning your life on end) stuff that is prescribed, then you say "holy fuck this is amazing." But almost nobody does it. They do some portion of it, as much as is comfortable, and as much as they think is necessary for their heaven-hotel-keycard. Completely oblivious that an unconditional giving of yourself among others is the end, the THING, not the means to later blessings. I'm also of the opinion that the New Testament (the red words anyways) is a sort of debugging of the old testament. A followup. An "OK, we taught you all these laws, and groovy that you followed them. Now throw them all out the window." And said throwing your whole religious foundation out the window is the "meat" of it. I even have a personal theory that Christianity, especially the Pauline epistles, is intentionally filled with its own contradictions (e.g. love people unconditionally plus stone this person and that), such that the final step in a journey of Christianity is to reject the writings themselves, after having taken them to heart. I think a lot of these traditions are actually going for the same thing. Or perhaps are in different stages or aspects of some spiritual progression continuum. One dude (human or spiritual being) stumbles upon some amazing spiritual insight and shares it with his community in a way that makes cultural contextual sense. What I find extra fascinating is that one of the few communities today that actually regularly DOES go through at least some bit of the denying-of-self-and-embracing-a-new-way-of-being that I think probably both Buddhists and Christians are going for, is the gay community. Coming out. For some, it's an organic process that you grow into. But for many people, especially the long-closeted, coming out is completely obliterating your entire notion of yourself, as well as your entire social community's view of you, thrusting yourself into complete uncertainty and trusting the mercy and kindness of potentially frightening strangers that you may have considered "other". Like the people in maybe half of Jesus' parables. And this is also one of the few communities that's shunned by many major religions to some degree, especially Christianity. The very people who might be able to show you how to make your religion "work", are persona non grata. Regarding troubling legacies, I consider those to be "people being assholes and using religion as an excuse." I think many religions, at least the foundational texts, are trying to teach you some sort of spiritual, mental, or interpersonal "skills" that change how you interact with the world. In most cases, the awareness and maybe even the "knack" for it seems to be lost within a few generations (replaced by interpretations heavy in ritual, mystical awe, mythology, and codes of conduct and morality), but it's still there in the texts. Forgiveness, jihad, etc. Skills. Not "this belief system aligns with my worldview so I'll put my support behind it and attend the club meetings and brutally slaughter members of opposing clubs."
  10. AlMacArthur

    Any fellow Christians?

    If not "angry space wizard", many go for the "resort in the sky gatekeeper" interpretation. Be sufficiently good so that you get a hotel room in the sky rather than eternal fire. Father Guido Sarducci (Don Novello) had a brilliant comedy bit that exemplifies this. He says you're given a few dollars for every day you're on earth, and when you die, you pay for your sins. IN CASH. And if you have enough leftover, you're allowed into heaven. My main problem with Buddhism is how much it turns toward inner thought to try to solve the mysteries of spirituality, what a soul is, etc. To me, that's like the number 5 trying to do calculus. I'm of the opinion that it's one part of a much larger whole, and that's found by interacting with other people and things, rather than sitting in a room all alone in contemplation. It's done in the real world through action that can shape and change you. Which is why I really like Bourgeault's take. Many people consider the Bible to be an inspirational text on how to live a fulfilling life of love and peace and kindness (or perhaps asceticism and piety) and being cool to each other, largely through metaphor. I've become of the opinion, though, that the "red words" are actually an instruction manual meant to be taken quite literally. Things, difficult things, to actually DO, more than generally be nice to nice people or avoid being an asshole. Anyone who has not actually GIVEN UP ALL THEIR SHIT, I would call more a "Jesus fan" than someone who actually practices Christianity. Saint Francis got that.
  11. AlMacArthur

    Any fellow Christians?

    Hopefully you find some insight in it. My very Catholic mom sent me the book a couple years ago. It framed the whole of Christian teachings in ways that, for perhaps the first time, made real sense to me without the "do what the magical space wizard says or else" interpretation that is so popular in most denominations.
  12. AlMacArthur

    This Saturday?

    I use these two... https://www.bevfrancis.com/npcnortheast/2018-schedule/ http://www.naturalbodybuildingevents.com/events/category/new-york/
  13. AlMacArthur

    Any fellow Christians?

    Check out the book "Wisdom Jesus" by Cynthia Bourgeault.
  14. Damn!!! Im about 20 min from the County Center and didnt know about this show...

    1. AlMacArthur


      ah bummer. there's stuff there a couple times a year though.

    2. nycwrestlerguy


      anything u know of coming up??

  15. AlMacArthur

    This Saturday?

    Hehe, cool. Let's plan a bit more in advance for the next show, then.