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    Portland, Oregon
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    real profile.
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    gain muscle, lost fat, meet a guy that I can have a hot muscle worship session with once before I check out. I always end up being the aggressor. I want some muscle stud who wants to be worshiped to get off on me getting off on his muscles.
  • What are your stats?
    182 lbs, 5'6", 16” arms, 44” chest, 34” waist, ?% bodyfat
  • What are you seeking?
    friends, talk about muscle growth and training, maybe more
  • What are your dream stats?
    for me, 46" chest, 16.5" arms, 30" waist, 8% bodyfat or less
  • Favorite Bodybuilders
    Brock Cuniko, Phil Heath, Roelly Winklaar, Peter Mollnar
  • Got Any Fetishes?
    Big arms and pecs. I would love to have a guy flex his huge arms and pecs around my head while I lick his pecs.
    A night of passionate sex with a muscle beast who loves to flex is at the top of my bucket list.

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  1. hardbodor

    Elongro - Added Part 8 on 15-Feb-2019

    Wow, the comments are almost as engrossing as the story. To get your audience so riled up is the sign of a good writer...
  2. hardbodor

    Muscle Escort

    Wow, you are so hot that I bet you could have some fun with one of them without having to engage them professionally.
  3. hardbodor

    Non-obvious muscle

    I’m lucky in the calves area; alway been well developed. I’m trying to get my arms to be the same size as my calves. Most guys I see at my gym have arms that are much bigger than their calves.
  4. hardbodor

    Dane's Ghost (Part 23 added 02/20/19)

    What he said!
  5. hardbodor

    Dane's Ghost (Part 23 added 02/20/19)

    I love this story! Thanks for it.
  6. hardbodor

    Flexing and pumping

    Does flexing and pumping a muscle help to improve size and vascularity, or is it just temporary?
  7. Hi. Will you be posting any video of the Hercules Pro contest from Second Life?


    1. Loversneak


      i'm working on it. 2/3 are done but it take a loooooooooooooot more time than expected to sink the 2 cameras

    2. hardbodor


      Thanks for the update


  8. I’d like to see how big John can get his hyper pecs to grow!

  9. hardbodor

    Working out when you are sick.

    Thanks guys. My guts tell me to lay low, but I just needed the extra support.
  10. I’m sick with a bad cold right now, and I’m bummed out that I can’t go to the gym. I could probably push myself through it, but I know I’m still contagious, and I will heal faster if I rest. How do you guys feel about going to the gym when you are sick?
  11. Have you posted the video of the Hercules Pro contest yet?

  12. hardbodor

    Guy who keeps on cummimg

    That’s the one. Thanks!
  13. hardbodor

    Guy who keeps on cummimg

    I’m looking for a story I found in the past. A guy meets a guy in a department store and takes him home for “a few blowjobs”. The guy keeps cumming for several hours, leading up to a monster load at the end. I can’t seem to find it anywhere. Can anyone help?
  14. Want to meet that muscle beast who loves to flex for me. Top of my bucket list is a night of passionate sex with him.


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