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    Washington Louisiana
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    real profile.
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    Bodybuilding, exhibitionism, wrestling, muscle worship and flexing. Muscle morph stories, videos, cartoons and pictures.Into hypnosis, pumping nips and cock to obscene exhibitionist size
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    5'11" 185 pounds, 11% BF 43" chest, 15.5" bi, 32" waist, 16.5 neck, 16.5 calves, 7.5" cut
  • What are you seeking?
    Like minded guys, preferably in Louisiana, to grow huge and freaky muscle with. Real time muscle sex and role plays with massive muscle growth freaks.Also into hypnosis and coaches thjat can help me grow. I totally love the idea of a coach turning me into an absolutely over the top muscle freak pumping and posing in public and private as a muscle sexbull
  • What are your dream stats?
    5'11" 255 pounds, 6% BF 58” chest 20.5 bi, 10.5 cut
  • Favorite Stories
    FanTCMan stories, LondonBoy AKA
  • Favorite Bodybuilders
    Branch Alexsi
  • Got Any Fetishes?
    Muscle worship, exhibitionism, wrestling, nipple play, pumping; Muscle growth; morph pics and videos; massive muscle Transformation, the HUN, Musk, Sweat, Hairy muscle guys, hyper Cock and nipple growth,hypnosis

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  1. Arthur C Clarke - Fractals - The Colors Of Infinity https://t.co/hN8Jb8tw3v via @YouTube

  2. I saw you like my stories. Thanks. I like your SN. Which of my stories are your favorites?


    1. gbody4boyz


      Perfect Revenge

      Ad Man

      Chris Olympus

      among others...very very good 

  3. 3 exercise mistakes you are probably making right now https://t.co/uq9BQQdks6

  4. Hope I can build muscle like you! ? ?? ?

  5. Thanks for the follow. 

  6. Love your goals...be your own best freak

  7. Great collection of muscle illustration

  8. I love your images, gbody4boyz.  And your fetishes turn me on.  You have good stats, too.  Hot.

  9. Realky love that profil pic of urs! Hope this is me one day!

  10. Growing into my next larger size...

    1. CanadianMoosle


      Good for you man!

    2. expandingmuscle


      How big is that? Sounds awesome!

  11. Growing HUGE with other muscle freaks

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