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    I like drawing and writing about muscle/size growth fantasies. And I do like to keep fit -- I'm never going to be a bodybuilder, but I want to be in good shape.
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    I'm 5'10", about 158lbs. I've put on about 15 lbs in the last few months, so that's good I guess, ha.

    I need to check my measurements again at some point.
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    In real life, I think I'd be very happy with another 30-40lbs of muscle!

    Fantasy-wise, well... like a lot of us, I'm not sure when I'd be satisfied, haha.
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    Bigness in just about any way possible. Muscle, height, gut, cock, whatever... just make them all grow!

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  1. This is definitely the kind of stuff I'd love to see more of! Awesome growth descriptions - and a character unable to resist giving in to more and more size and arousal is so hot!
  2. I have absolutely no idea how it's been over a year since I last added to this already. But anyway, not much in the way of growth in this one--mostly just talk of growth. Had to end it where I did though, because the next part will be a long scene with lots of growth, and I don't want to rush it. So hopefully this is worth something in the meantime - enjoy! Part 1: https://muscle-growth.org/topic/5612-fantasy-supplement/ Part 2: https://muscle-growth.org/topic/5760-fantasy-supplement-part-2/ Fantasy Supplement - Part 3 A dark blur of leaves, grass and mud wave by my squinted eyes. I close them again for a few seconds before a chill runs through me, jerking me awake. I sit up with a start, wet and shivering. Bits and pieces are coming back to me. Looking down at my body, it's the same one I remember from everything before the events of the last several hours. Everything's okay now! I'm back to normal! Except now I'm cold and naked – no, wait. One of my legs is warm and covered. Jake is sprawled out on the ground, curled up over me from my foot to a little above my knee. His presence is comforting, but... oh shit, he'd fallen asleep. Some leaves rustle in the distance, my eyes dart here and there in response. Just the wind... I hope. I can't imagine anyone would've seen us this far off the road. And such an infrequently used road at that. A few drops of rain chill my skin. It's gotten dark, and that storm is probably coming. I lean over and shake Jake's shoulder to rouse him, unable to help but laugh a bit at how crunchy his clothes were. “Hey man, time to get up. I need clothes and you need clothes that won't shatter,” I say to him with a smart-ass grin. Jake's eyes open a fraction of the way, and he smiles, retorting, “Well that's all your fault, isn't it?” His eyes widen, realizing where he is and what all's gone on, and he jolts upright. “Dammit, I must've passed out.” “It's alright. Doesn't seem to be anyone around. It was good of you to keep watch at all … and may I remind you, you're the one who started all this, really,” I tease him again. I can barely see him make an understanding smile in the darkness. He has obviously relented. “Yeah, yeah.” I stand up, taking Jake's hand to help him follow suit. Once he's fully upright, our eyes meet a little awkwardly. I happily sigh and my gaze averts nervously, but only for a moment. I reach up a hand to brush it through his dark hair. He leans forward and locks lips with me, breath rushing in through his nostrils in the rush of the kiss. Our mouths suck at one another, tongues grazing lightly. The kiss is enough to stir my dick, making it climb upward against Jake's leg. We part and Jake looks down knowingly at my half erection, quietly chuckling. He watches me and I observe myself, and then we both laugh a bit more when my body doesn't change. Jake says in a mix of relief and disappointment, “Guess it really is out of your system.” I bring my 2008 station wagon slowly up the driveway to pull into my spot outside the apartment building. The rain is pattering louder off the windshield as I shut the car off, the wipers stopping and the headlights dim. It's not a long walk up the path to the door, but there's still two flights of stairs to climb to my apartment, and I'm not about to chance running into one of my neighbors while I'm naked. I turn around in my seat and nudge Jake over a bit so I can reach back and grab a blanket I keep handy in case the car ever breaks down and strands me. “Well don't we look like a couple of weirdos,” Jake says with a grin. “You wrapped in a blanket, and me a disheveled mess.” I bring the blanket into my naked lap and give him a playful kiss on the cheek. “This really couldn't have worked out better, though. With it being late, dark and stormy, there's little chance of anybody seeing us, at least.” I give him an assuring smile and nod toward the cement path. “C'mon.” I make a burrito of myself with the blanket and plod up toward the door the best I can, Jake right behind me. The clouds have really opened up now, the rain slapping off the ground forcefully. Keep it up! I think to myself, hoping for a good, violent storm to help our plan. God, what were we thinking? But oh well... we'll cross that bridge when we come to it. The moment we get into my apartment, I puff out my breath as though I were holding it the entire climb up the stairs. And I just might've been. I shut the door and lock up. “It's not much, but it's a roof over my...,” I break mid-sentence and grin stupidly, knowing just hours ago, I took out Jake's roof. “It's got a shower though, doesn't it?” I watch him look around eagerly, and I motion toward the far left of the living room. “Yep, door on the left down that little hall there.” Jake dashes off almost before I can finish my sentence, tossing his grungy shirt comically in the air behind him. I chuckle to myself and unravel my blanket, dropping it to the floor. Poor Jake's going to need some clothes. Only fair that I help him out in that department however I can. I shuffle down to my bedroom and search through the dresser, trying to find some t-shirts. They'll have the best chance of stretching on his frame. And he'll probably have to live with khakis. The legs of my jeans would grab at his thighs too tight. Hell, I even have sweatpants. It'll all do for now. I can faintly hear the water from the shower running in its white-noise hiss, but then a Hey. I leave the ruffled clothes in the open drawers and poke my head around the corner. “Yeah?” I just see a hint of steam leaking out the partially closed door. “What're you waiting for?” says the unseen Jake. “You getting in here or what?” For whatever reason, without a growth supplement in play, I didn't expect such an invitation just yet. My stirring groin and a swoop of butterflies pull me down the hallway without hesitation. Sliding in past the door, I see Jake with the shower curtain pulled enough to reveal half of his wet, naked body. My eye travels down his firm, shapely thigh and calf, then back up past his shiny, meaty pec, only to be greeted warmly with those damn piercing eyes of his. I tremble a little, but it's probably only noticeable to me. After the show I'd put on for him today, and what we did, why would I feel nervous about this? My bare feet carry me across the tile floor toward him. Maybe it's because, without the growth fantasy, this is actually about just us. He takes my hand and tugs lightly guiding me in as I lift one foot at a time over the side of the tub. I close the curtain, and he pulls me up against him. Our faces close, our bodies pressed and sliding sensually against one another. My dick swells to half-mast, and I can feel his doing so in response. Our two cocks rising up together between us. I exhale loudly, enjoying the sensations, and glance down at the bloating erections, my mind wandering to hours ago when my dick was much, much larger. The thought pushing my erection to a straining hardness. The way it is now, he could get his mouth around it no problem... throb... but the way it was before, his entire arms barely got around it...thrrobbb. I take another heaving breath from the sharp rush, and I look back up at Jake. “Zach? What're you thinking about?” “Heh...,” I breathe out, a little embarrassed. “I was just thinking about how awesome it was to be fucking huge.” Jake smiles. “That was pretty awesome.” His hands run down my sides and cup my hips. “I was thinking how excited I am to get to be fucking huge, too.” His eyes squint mischievously. “For both of us, to be fucking,” he squeezes my groin hard against his to emphasize the last word, “...huge.” I moan and feel precum flow up and out of me, and my legs shake. I smile and nod slowly. “Oh fuck yeah....” I return the favor and squeeze him tight against me, our cocks rock hard and smashed between us. “That's what I'm thinking about now, too.” “So...,” he reaches for a bottle and squirts some soap into his hand. He suds it up and pushes me back the slightest bit to get a hand down between us, grabbing my throbbing dick with his slippery hand, sliding it up and down my length, maneuvering his fingers in a mild twisting motion. “Where do we do it?” My mind is all fuzzy with this stud in front of me slicking up my cock in his grasp. My breathing has gotten a bit choppy, and I begin to thrust my hips in rhythm with his hand. Some place to go... to grow really big, I think. Plenty of space... hidden from view... unnnnnh.... My cock tingles and continues to ooze pre. “Are there... mmmmf... any warehouses around? Something out of the way?” Jake begins to stroke me faster. I pump my hips faster and breathe harder. “Mmm, good idea. That's probably our best bet. Maybe a company is selling off buildings they're not using anymore. Somewhere where people aren't coming around... 'specially on a weekend.” His hand grabs me really hard, and speeds up. He playfully growls the rest. “We'll go and pop those pills. And we'll grow... And swell... And we'll get so big that our dicks and balls could crush a car. And then we'll grow even BIGGER!” “Rrgh!” The way he growled out that last word, I just can't control myself. I make jerky thrusting motions as spurt after spurt of my cum splashes out onto Jake's thigh. I pant and groan, leaking my seed until I lurch forward and my head rests heavily against his chest as I catch my breath, still dribbling out whatever I have left. Jake chuckles and holds me in place until my legs can support me again. He strokes my back as he hugs me and whispers. “Imagine how much more we'll shoot tomorrow.” My eyes flutter open. I reach up to rub the bleariness away, and try in vain to wet my dry lips. It takes a few seconds for my brain to warm up, but once it does, I look over next to me to see Jake under the covers, his black hair sticking out in true bed-head fashion. And I don't complain for an instant that he didn't take me up on any clothes to sleep in post-shower. My hands reach down beneath the covers and hit nothing but skin--apparently I didn't bother to put anything on either. Unable to help myself, I edge my body over against his and take in a deep breath. I could lie there in that position all morning if I weren't excited about what we found online last night. The pressure and warmth of my front against his back causes Jake to stir. He starts to roll over, but seems to hesitate momentarily as my now erect cock brushes against his firm ass. Jake's head tilts ahead of his body so he can kid me with an indignant expression before smiling and fully flipping over to hug me up close. “Good morning,” he says softly. “Today's a big day.” I groan and shake my head. “Sure is.” Our legs slide along each other. “Or at least it will be soon. Did you write down that address?” “Mhmm.” Jake motions vaguely to a room down the hall we can't possibly see from my bedroom. “I scribbled it on the notepad by your computer.” “Mm, great. I'll just pop that into my GPS and off we'll go. I can't believe how many auto factories are abandoned.” Jake shrugs lightly. “Some of them are being bought back up, but luckily, not all of them have been! Should be lots of space in this one, too, from what we saw. I think we'll need it.” Jake flashes me another eager smile. I give him a skewed grin in return, then buck my groin against his, and laugh. “I'll stop teasing. We'll save that for when we're packin' more.” I see Jake's smile widen, and I give his hip a light slap. “Well, then. Best get a move on!” After a drive past the city, and a long haul down a road that goes way out into the middle of nothing, my little, gray station wagon pulls up in an empty lot outside of a massive warehouse. It looks to be six stories tall and runs along for what I could only guess is about the length of a football field. I step out of my car and give a low whistle. Jake climbs out right after me, shuts the car door and nods, satisfied. “I think we picked the right place, Zach.” I lock the car without breaking my gaze at the big, abandoned building. We walk slowly up to it, Jake as lost in his perverse thoughts as I am in mine, I'm sure. The only thing that shakes me out of my reverie is realizing we need to figure out how to get in. At this point we may be desperate enough to just move on with things outside, and pray no one comes along. But I know I'd at least rather play safe than sorry. I start scanning along the side of the building and see some broken windows. Jake walks up to a door on the front end of the building to try and take a look inside. Eyeing it up, I think the windows may be reachable. We would just have to be careful not to cut ourselves climbing in. “Hey Jake, I think we can--” But I'm interrupted by the squeal of Jake opening the door. An unsettling combination of relief and concern wash over me. “That's weird,” I mutter. “If some companies are buying up these buildings, you'd think it'd be locked up.” “Well, lucky for us it's not!” Jake replies, dismissing any curiosity. Guess we'll just look around for...I dunno...squatters or anything before we start playing!” He swoops into the warehouse eagerly, but I'm still glancing around, not feeling totally settled. I gaze above the door and see a security camera. It doesn't look like it's as old as the rest of the building, but it is busted, regardless. Eh, whatever. I stumble in through the door to catch up with Jake. The inside of the building looks even more impressive as it stretches out and up in front of us. Jake cups his hands around his mouth and yells “HELLO!”, the call echoing a couple times. There are a few half-built cars off to one side. Some outdated assembly line machinery litters the place. A handful of dusty desks and chairs along the wall. But even that much left-behind stuff fills only a fraction of the old factory. Not really much for a hobo or someone to hide behind. And the lot was empty except for a broken down tractor trailer. Jake takes a long, distant once-over of anything he can survey from where he's standing, and he turns to me, rubbing his hands together. “I think we have the run of the place, Zach.” It dawns on me all over again what we're about to do. I can only think about how hot it felt to grow so big...I can't fathom what it'll feel like to watch someone getting bigger along with me! I wonder how far it could go without worrying about destroying a home. My brief daydream already has my blood pumping and my shorts slightly tenting. Jake's voice catches my attention, and I look up to see him holding two pills between his fingers, his eyes turned down toward my crotch. “Hmm, looks like you've already gotten started.” He grins that teasing grin of his, with his eyebrows raised. “Maybe you don't even need one of these?” He laughs as I reach out for the pill and he plays keep-away from me. “Like hell!” I yell out, smiling, elated as he lets me claim that little, magical pill. In grabbing for it, I sidled up against him. Our chests brush each other as we breathe deep, my breath shaking a bit in my throat. Jake steadies me with his free hand, gently clutching my shoulder. “Are you okay? Are you ready?” I just nod and smile reassuringly before mouthing a barely audible 'yeah'. We each pop and swallow our pill. No going back now. Jake's eyes dance, looking me up and down. His hands grasp at my hips, grinding his crotch to mine. Sliding his hands then to grope my ass, then to slide up the back of my shirt. It's as though he's overly eager to try every possibly stimulating thing to kickstart the reaction. He gives off a breathy laugh and shakes his head. “Sorry. Just too damn excited. I know what's supposed to happen, and I saw it happen to you. I'm just really wondering what it's going to feel like!” I smile, all too happy to return the enthusiasm and run my hands over his chest. “Oh, don't worry. It feels fucking amazing.” I massage his pecs and push my front into him, able to feel we're both sporting solid erections already. He keeps his hold on my lower back as we buck against each other. After another few moments of our dry humping, a strong pleasure rushes into our groins and our packages swell and begin to overstuff our shorts. “H-holy shit!!” Jake yells out, mouth left agape while he looks down at our amassing bulges. “And we're just getting started!”
  3. I think you're looking for this one: http://archive.muscle-growth.org/threads/30503-p1.html One of my all-time favorites, too. I wish it had continued!
  4. That was excellent! I'm with the others - it was so refreshing seeing a new growth method. Such a cool idea!
  5. Haha, you'll just have to wait and see I have a couple more parts already planned in my noggin'. And thank you! Glad you're enjoying it.
  6. Here's a link to Part 1: https://muscle-growth.org/topic/5612-fantasy-supplement/ Fantasy Supplement - Part 2 Over the last few minutes, Jake clicked and typed sporadically, mostly for show I figure, since I'm certain that shady website of his wouldn't have any answers laid out just for this situation. He'd pause his aimless searching for a moment whenever I gave off a moan as my body swelled larger. My shoulders had been starting to press into the ceiling, so I need to transition down to a kneeling position without wrecking the place. As I slowly crouch, I know not “wrecking the place” will gradually become impossible if I can't get myself under control. But my cock is so hard as it gets rubbed between my massive thighs until I finally thud onto my knees. Another pulse of size makes me shudder, so I take a deep breath and call over to Jake, perhaps a bit impatiently. “You can stop screwing around over there – I know you don't know what you're looking for!” Jake types for only another second or two with his back to me. He sighs and spins around in his chair, his face gives a fleeting startled expression as he hadn't been watching me grow even larger. He gets up and walks over to me, brushing against one of my bent legs. His hand caresses the huge quad next to him until he can bring himself to tilt his neck back and look me in the eye. “Zach, I'm sorry. I should've looked into this more before we jumped in.” I just grunt and twist my face in thought. I'm not really that mad at him. “It's okay, it's okay. I'm just freaked out! I just didn't think it would... rrnnnnGGGH! ...do this much.” Shit – that last throb was probably another foot taller. I'm running out of time. “Well, still. I talked you into it. But I mean... I'm not totally sorry we did this. I mean, look at you! You're huge, and so damn hot!” My cock twitches and bloats another couple inches, bringing its grand total to around sixteen now. “Not helping!” I yell, but with a nervous laugh. The whole situation is so bizarre that it is almost funny. And I am liking getting so fucking big. But I could enjoy it more if I weren't worried about destroying Jake's home! There's just no way I could've gotten out a door or anything by the time we figured out what was happening. And we've stalled too much to really minimize the damage. “Ha, sorry... sorry.” Jake grins briefly and then rubs at his forehead in thought. “Okay...what to do with you.” I moan and quiver, and my biceps balloon thicker, my back spreads outward. “God, this does feel so good. But I'm going to obliterate your home!” Jake thinks and thinks before snapping his fingers. “Alright, I think I know what we should do. But it'll involve us getting you as big as we can!” A smile spreads back across his handsome, and now once again, confident face. I can only look at him in utter confusion. “Why in the hell would we want to do that? Well... I mean, I know why we'd want to do that... but I mean, why in this case?” “Well, you're not getting out of here without doing some sort of damage – so you're going to help me recover from it,” he reasons. “How so?” I unconsciously rub at my rock-solid dick, making it slap into my wall of bulging abs. I quick shake my head and remove my hand from the bobbing cock as that's only accelerating my growth. My head brushes into the ceiling again, and I lean over further. “Insurance. There's supposed to be a storm overnight. Let's break you out of the house – and then we just need you big enough to bring down some trees onto the house to make it look like they did all the damage,” he says with a shrug. “Really? You're okay with us totally wrecking your place?” “Eh,” he mutters, “the place is too small, anyway. And I haven't been living here long. I'm not attached to it.” He gives me a reassuring gleaming-white smile. “With your help, I'll get to buy a better place! See? You're doing me a favor!” I hesitate for a moment. This is the most bizarre case of insurance fraud I've ever heard of. I can't think of another plan, though. And he's got a point – as long as we make it look convincing, how can somebody argue an act of nature? Even without a storm, how the hell would they explain the big trees out there getting toppled over without any sign of machinery? The plan is amusing me more as I mull it over. “Alright. We'll do this. But you need to take me up on letting you stay at my place until you get a new place to live.” I smile at the bonus, and am already fantasizing at the possibilities of having him in my home for a couple weeks. Getting to see him wandering around in his underwear would be a nice way to start my mornings.... I hold my large hand out toward him. “Deal?” He laughs at the size of the hand presented to him. He takes as much of it as he can in a handshake and echoes, “Deal. Now...” he sidles himself up to my package between my knelt legs, my cock about the length of his torso, “let's get you growing.” The moment he touches my heavy cock, it twitches violently, gobs of pre leaking down over his hand. He rubs the mess up and down the expansive surface of my dick and slicks it up, making me pant quick gasps of breath. I can feel my body getting warmer, especially now that I'm not trying my best to hold everything back. My chest rolls out thicker with more dense muscle. My hard nipples are pushed into pointing further downward as my massive pecs grow rounder. The room has become hot from all the body heat – inevitable with such a large person in a small enclosure! I run my hand over my thick chest and grunt in satisfaction, spreading my sweat over the rock-hard mounds. Jake grasps my cock with both of his hands, rubbing firmly, shifting the skin up and down. I'm sure he knows he's driving me wild with the slightest of efforts. Though that's not difficult given this drug is making me the horniest person in the world. But I'm not complaining! Jake's strong hands continue to encourage my body to pulse and expand. My wide back nudges into the ceiling now as I fully bend over in my knelt position. I keep my arms spread out due to my flaring lats that continue to demand more space. Of course, my triceps and biceps have been bloating into boulders all the while, and I inadvertently bash my left arm into the wall. “Oof! Heh, running a little low on room here.” My dick extends another three or four inches in Jake's grasp, swelling thicker, veins getting fatter. I can tell he's having difficulty wrestling with the beast with just his hands. He steps back, and reaches down to grasp the bottom of his cum-soaked t-shirt. My attention is locked. I watch him lift the fabric up over his head, revealing his beautiful torso. My mouth has been hanging open, so my throat is dry, and a breath gets caught in my throat. His strong core, with its six-pack, though not perfectly chiseled, it's deliciously thick. And right above are those well-developed pecs of his, which are always obvious through his clothes, but so much better in clear, naked view. The heavy slabs give away his favoritism toward them. A light coat of hair covering them, patterned with their voluminous shape. Even his biceps bunch up with every hint of movement. Again, neither of us were of bodybuilder stature, but Jake has carved out his body into an awe-inspiring form...at least in my eyes. But I may be biased. “It looks like it'll take more of me to tackle that cock of yours.” I stare, gasping in anticipation as he approaches my dick once again, and kneels in front of it, hugging it to him. His firm arms and sexy torso encompass its girth. My cock jolts with pleasure and swells larger, the head poking into my chest since I'm leaning over so much. I pant, feeling Jake's erection through his shorts pressed into my bloated sac. “Oh god... ohhhhh g-,” my words are cut off as I clench my teeth, only able to make grunts and growls. The warmth inside me is just about blowtorch level. “Rrrrnnnggh!” My whole musculature quivers, and bulks larger with each throb. The ceiling in the den is showing wear, cracks snaking out from where my broadening back is making contact. Jake rubs himself against my massive manhood, his whole front getting coated in streams of pre. My body throbs harder, and I get bigger, and bigger! The ceiling buckles and chunks start to fall in. I'm hunched over Jake, so hopefully nothing hits him. Even as my cock balloons with the rest of me, Jakes feels like he's hanging on. I'm too light-headed with euphoria and growth to be able to keep tabs on him! I bellow out moans as I go out of my mind. Another kind of wetness is running around my member. Mmmmmf... that bastard is licking my cock. The ceiling caves in as my enormous back breaches it entirely. Pieces of furniture slide as the floor under them drops out; the sofa, tables and chairs smashing onto the floor of the den below. I hear a loud groan below and worry something landed on Jake. But a few moans follow it and I'm reassured that he's fine... enjoying this as much as I am. My body bloats even bigger before I feel shuddering against my cock and hear Jake below, yelling out in ecstasy. A smile spreads across my face. I'm so huge that I just made this guy I'm so attracted to cum in his shorts by just dry-humping my dick! Now that's an ego-booster. My smile slides into a smirk as I figure this is a good time for a show. I reach down carefully to grab at the base of my cock once I feel Jake move away after finishing his orgasmic fits. “Let me show you how a big man blasts!” I pound away powerfully at the enormous meat with my clenched hand. Unsurprisingly, with all the sensations I've been undergoing, I can feel my climax approaching in no time. This time, the orgasm rushing up my length doesn't shock me as much – I'm more prepared. But I still roar out a mish-mash of curses and virtually go blind with pleasure. I'm pretty sure this one is hitting harder than the first! “Ah fuck! Motherf – rrrraaaaGGHH!!” Ropes of cum explode from my dick, making impact immediately with my massive chest that hovers above in my bent-over position. Each burst of seed splashing over my pecs and dripping down for a long descent until hitting the den floor. It's so hard to tell with how much the orgasm rocks my body, but I'm pretty sure I'm still swelling a bit larger as I continue to ejaculate hard against my chest. Blast... after blast... taking a long time until they finally ebb. My cock softening a little and now dribbling a stream of whatever's left. I slowly adjust myself until I rest onto my ass, in a more comfortable seated position. I look down between my bulging legs, my feet pressed into the walls across from my corner, and there's Jake sitting on the floor, completely awash with cum. I'm still working on catching my breath and wheeze out between gasps, “Are you okay down there?” Jake looks up at me, pretty roughed-up from everything that just went down. But he still flashes me a smile, even though he is panting hard after all the commotion. “Holy fuck, Zach.” he laughs and leans back onto his hands, almost sliding in a puddle of spunk, but he still looks too exhausted to stand up. I'm glad he didn't get hurt – I became a veritable wrecking ball. I bounce each of my monstrous pectorals and jostle my huge package with my hand, hefting it up to show its weight. “You like all this?” I give him a cocky grin. “Just a little bit.” He slowly gets up and runs his hand along the contours of my swollen left thigh, matting the body hair as he smears my cum along it. “Dear god, man.” He looks around his house, which he can pretty much see the whole inside of now with the main floor taken out. “Wonder how big you are...” I shrug. “Well...,” I try to see where my head is reaching, “I'm taking up a floor and a half sitting. Probably going to bust out when I stand up, so... heh, I think more than twenty feet.” “Damn,” Jake says in astonishment. “You're going to have to get in on this next time,” I tell him as I give my arm a flex for fun. I hadn't really done that yet during this spurt and I am more than pleased, watching the muscle well up into a giant, granite ball. “Mm, heh... seeing that just makes me want more!” “I want to see more, too,” Jake says enthusiastically, “and I want to feel what it's like!” He pats my legs and points up, “But we need to get you up and out of here for now and finish our plan here. Then, we need to get you back down to normal. If you get too much bigger, people will be able to see you breach the top of the trees!” I roll my head side to side, “Yeah, you're right. We'll need to come up with a better location next time.” He smirks mischievously, “Some big abandoned building. Somewhere with plenty of growing room!” “Can't wait for that!” I agree. “Oh, hey! Find my keys quick before I really make this place a mess. They were on the desk.” Jake walks over to the desk, it having a leg taken out, so everything on it had slid onto the floor. He crouches down and finds the keys, and just as importantly, the bottle of pills. “Can't forget these!” “Okay, here, let me get you out now.” I carefully lift him. He unintentionally yelps a whoa as I hold him up to the front door. He reaches out awkwardly and jostles the knob until he swings the door open. I help nudge him out and he disappears from my sight. “Alright, up and out!” I flatten my feet on the floor and excitedly, but slowly, stand up, more than ready to observe my full height! As my legs extend, my head bumps into the ceiling and I grunt. I lift my bloated arms and push at the ceiling. It gives way with fairly little effort and tumbles inward in pieces. I rise up until the bottom of my chest is level with the broken roof. I keep looking back and forth between my enormous form and the flimsy house. I bounce my monstrous chest with authority and lick at the side of my mouth. “Mmm... oh hell yeah.” I shake my head – what was I doing? Oh right.... Luckily, the house is built next to a steep hill, so I'm able to place my hands on it and heft myself up and out the way one climbs up out of a swimming pool. I'm trying to not completely obliterate the house. Maybe that'll help our half-baked scheme a little. I knock a couple smaller trees over just climbing out, but I don't do too much damage. Once I've climbed clear of the house, I rest on my haunches until I spot Jake. He calls out from the driveway. “Over here, Hercules!” he shouts through his cupped hands. I laugh and stand back up. “You don't have to shout too loud, ha ha.” I grin. “But if you don't grow with me the next time, we'll have to find you a bullhorn.” “Duly noted!” he yells, unassisted by his hands this time. “I guess you should push in a bunch of those trees there!” He points. “They'll fall closest to damage you did!” I brace myself against part of the hill and give each tree a powerful shove. They resist some, but I uproot them without too much effort. One tree after another crashes down into Jake's now ramshackled home. I brush my hands off each other. “Well... I guess that's that.” I playfully flex my arm again for Jake's amusement. I can see him applauding. I take a few steps into the woods and sit down with a thud. Jake comes running up the hill. “Alright – that's the best we can do,” Jake says as he sits down on the ground near me. I nod and peek down the hill at the mess of a house. I grin awkwardly down at him. “We'll be better prepared next time.” Jake laughs. “Yeah, we will.” He looks himself over and shakes his head. “God, I can't even go into town for anything for us. I'd be a sight, all covered in cum.” I kiddingly grimace. “You probably smell pretty funky, too.” He rolls his eyes and smiles for a moment before staring off in thought. “Well, guess nothing to do now but wait for you to shrink down.” “Yep. I'd say it's best you don't talk about how big I am, or touch me...hell, maybe stop even looking at me.” I chuckle, but don't continue with the joke as even that mild of a suggestion made my cock twitch. “It does feel like I'm cooling down.” I bend my knees and lean forward, wrapping my arms around them. “How much longer should the pill be in my system?” Jake shoves his hand into the pocket of his shorts. He can feel all the semen beginning to dry up a little. He pulls out his phone and activates the home screen. “Heh. About another five hours.” I give a low whistle. “Wow.” “Yeah... maybe the best thing would be for you to take a nap. I can keep watch,” Jake suggests. I readily agree. As fun as this is, all this growth and orgasming is still exhausting. “Good idea... whatever will make this go quicker!” I lie down, trying to avoid nudging my dick as much as possible. I just know the damn thing wants to jump back to attention at a moment's notice. I close my eyes, feeling the heat inside my body calming down more. I think I'm even starting to shrink down again slightly. Now we'll just wait and see how long it takes to lose fifteen feet of height and thousands of pounds of muscle....
  7. Yes, you're totally right. Impatience is a bitch with any lengthy form of project. My story was done over two days -- the break in the middle helped me refocus and edit/rewrite some of what I already had, and then finish the second half. But I'm sure that one more break might've been good for me to revise it a bit more - add some details and dialogue and reactions at the end. But the combo of losing stamina and wanting to share your story is brutal! haha. Something to work on.
  8. Thanks very much! I do plan to continue this story for at least another chapter or two. You'll have to forgive me though -- I don't work fast so it may be a while, haha.
  9. Hey there - yep, I'm "infydrachen" over on FA. I've done mostly art -- I have a thread of growing guy sketches over in the artwork section here. But this was my first foray into muscle/size growth stories with humans : ) Critiques are certainly welcome! And I agree with you, I think I rushed the ending somewhat. Hopefully it worked well as a setup for the next chapter at least, but I do need to work on the consistency (I have the same bad habit with drawings...tend to rush finishing touches, haha). Thanks for your feedback and glad you enjoyed it! : )
  10. I write a macro growth series on FA (which I unfortunately haven't made a new chapter of for a year), but I've been really wanting to write up something new! This is my first human growth story - and the first story I've ever posted on this forum. And I think I plan on writing more parts to this. Anywho - enjoy! ---------------------------------- Fantasy Supplement “But I mean, I don't want to get stuck that way.” My friend, Jake, shakes his head and holds up his hands to reassure me. “No, no. Don't worry. It's all based on your arousal. When your arousal goes away, it'll stop supporting your size, and you'll shrink back down.” Both Jake and I have the same fetish. We fantasize over the idea of growing larger. We've done chats about it, and god, nothing gets us revved up harder than talking about our bodies billowing larger and filling up an entire room with our musclebound bodies. Of course, that's all fantasy. We've tried what we can with reality. We know our heights won't change...we're in our early 30s, so growth spurts are long over. But we do hit the gym regularly. Neither of us quite has the time or the resources to reach the level we want with our lifting and gaining. So fantasy basically has to do. Jake claims he found a seller online, linked out from one of the growth forums we frequent. Someone who has developed a drug that can overhaul a person's system and amplify their testosterone and utilize some growth hormone cocktail to temporarily boost their body's size and musculature. I'm probably exhausting Jake with all my worries and questions about what this pill might do if it's a fraud. Hell, what might it do if it works? Is it safe? Will it hurt? But he doesn't seem worried. I think the excitement of this actually working is clouding his judgment. And I admit – if this didn't sound like the hottest thing I'd ever known, I would've said no instantly. We stand in the den of Jake's house, debating back and forth. We had decided if we were to go through with this, his place would be best, tucked away off the main road, partly into the woods. If we ended up making a lot of noise or commotion, it's unlikely anyone will hear. I'd only been to his home once or twice. We usually only meet up at the gym, or out at the bar. Otherwise, everything else we do together is online. I suppose this is only appropriate since we're here for the sort of thing we're always roleplaying online. I look down at my moderate build. Five foot ten and one hundred eighty pounds doesn't let one stand out from the crowd. And Jake is only a couple inches taller than me, and I think twenty to thirty pounds heavier. Brushing my hand over the front of my t-shirt, I try to imagine how the muscle underneath would feel if it were to just swell to unthinkable sizes. The thought zaps a chill through me, and I shuffle my legs to reposition my dick before it jumps up to attention. Jake runs his hand over his short, black spiky hair and shrugs. “It's up to you, man.” He lifts up the other hand, and rolls the little, oblong pill back and forth between his fingers. He looks me in the eye and raises his brow with a handsome smirk. I have always been awfully attracted to the bastard, making it even harder to say no to him. Glancing at his squared, stubbled jaw and his pale blue eyes almost has me forget what we were talking about. We've had some truly hot roleplays online, but in person, he's never declared wanting to actually be physical with me, so I've always kept my pining to myself. “But why me? Why am I the guinea pig? It's your find. You're the one who bought it.” He tilts his head and partially closes his eyelids, making a rougish expression that almost has me already going to grab the pill from his hand. “Because... I think it would be so HOT to see you get HUGE.” My earlier attempt to keep my crotch sedated was in vain as my cock rises up hard in my dark grey cargo shorts. I try to swallow, but my throat is too damn dry. “Yeah?” I reply after a moment. Jake steps forward, pushing up against me, lightly pressing me into the wall behind me. “Yeah,” he confirms. His eyes piercing right into mine as the ball of his nose is practically touching mine. I shudder as my shorts fill with a full erection, and he knows it. Dear god, I think, this is like two fantasies in one. Without moving away from me, he holds up his hand with the pill, and without breaking eye contact with him, I reach out and take it and place it on my tongue. I close my mouth and the supposed wonder drug enters my system with one gulp. Jake gives me a sexy smirk of approval. “How long does it stay in your system?” I ask. He glances upward in thought. “I think it was for about eight hours. But like I said, it's all arousal driven, so once you don't have the supply to maintain it, you'll get back to normal.” I nod and take a deep breath, and Jake grins again. I'm startled as he unexpectedly clutches my cock through my shorts, and I let out an awkward “Hoa!” He rolls it back and forth in his grasp and looks at me knowingly. “Well, did you want to see what happens or not?” I make a whisper of a laugh, and say “Yeah” under my breath. He gives me a smoldering look of approval, biting his lower lip and looking down at his hand as it grabs and gropes at my dick, sliding it down the underside and cupping and hefting my ball sac, shifting my shorts fabric around. My erection is throbbing so hard. I never thought I'd be standing here today with this guy I've lusted after, him groping me aggressively, promising me the sort of thing we've fantasized about. I'm losing myself in a fog of pleasure, and almost don't even notice him slide his hand back up the front of my shorts, only to unceremoniously shove it down inside the waistband and hunt down my package without the inconvenience of the fabric barrier. He works over the hot flesh, making my jaw slack open. As he glances back up to meet my gaze again, it feels as though he's looking for signs of any changes happening. When I reach forward and squeeze his firm ass cheeks and he doesn't resist, I almost forget that there is even an experiment going on here. I can feel my member pulse out a few spurts of precum. I almost stop mid-groan as Jake's face contorts slightly. But it seems to be a look more like curiosity or confusion. I feel my dick pulse again. And again. Jake's hand isn't getting any slicker though. That has to be what that throbbing is though. Jake smiles broadly. “Ha! Well, well... will ya look at that?” I tilt my head forward to see what he's talking about, and he carefully unzips my shorts halfway down to allow a better view. My dick is sticking a few inches up out of my underwear. “Whoa!” I can't help myself and stretch out the waistband of my underwear, the footlong meat bobbing outward. Seeing this now makes me leak out more pre. “Even if the pill only does this, I'd be happy!” I joke. “This is already a success as far as I'm concerned.” I honestly can't imagine ever having been harder my entire life. I reach down under the throbbing monster and caress my balls, confirming they're more than twice their usual volume, and I can swear I feel them bloat a bit right in my hand. My whole body quivers from this hot development. I assist Jake, who has gone back to stroking my cock, unable to resist rubbing over the beast. I can't stop moaning. “Ohhhhhmmmmm...mmmm...ohhh fuck yeah, I... nngh. Mmmph. OH god!” I can hear my shorts zipper slowly grind down the rest of its track as I feel a pleasurable pressure build up in my legs. My attention is finally torn away from cock only to see my thighs billow out thicker. “NNNNGH!” My leg muscles bulge again, slowly spreading my stance and stretching my shorts open. Jake is taken aback by the commotion I'm making, causing him to instantly recognize what's happening, too. “Holy shit!” he yells, seeing the mounds on my quads come more into relief. He stoops down, needing a closer look at what's happening. My throbbing cock rests against his cheek, but his attention is locked onto my thickening thighs. He runs his fingers along the warm stretching skin on my upper legs... and he continues upward until he lifts up the bottom of my shirt, finding a wall of abs faintly pushing outward. He smiles right up at me. “It's working, Zach! It really is working!” “I can't … believe it... it's... it's... unnnnnhhh!” The enjoyable sensation that hit my legs is running up through my torso, and sending my head spinning. The collar of my t-shirt is beginning to tear thread by thread as I notice my chest filling up with mass. I slap both hands to my shirt, palm flat against the rounding pecs that seem to throb another inch larger with each throb of my cock. My short sleeves begin to tear around my biceps next, the balled muscles having swelled to almost twice their previous size while my chest distracted me. Jake stands up and his hands join mine in running over each pec, feeling them grow out more against our touch until my shirt begins to tear right down the middle. He helps the tear along by shoving his hands inside the ripping garment so he can hungrily grope at the powerful mounds, to really feel their heat and mass. I laugh a bit in disbelief. “Oh fuck, man, my arms already don't even go down as far as they usually do!” My lats had been spreading out all this time, too. That is harder for me to have seen, of course, and since every muscle is growing simultaneous at this point, it's impossible to see all the progress as it happens. So I just give in and close my eyes, feeling my pectorals, back and shoulders swell in short bursts, a louder sound of shredding fabric each time until the shirt is basically decimated. The sensation of Jake's hands exploring my inflating physique is heightened with my eyes closed. I rub away at my cock, which my hand can no longer rap around, reveling in how my muscles just bump into each other with this simple motion while they all continue to bulk. How much must I weigh now? Two-forty? Two-eighty? I have no idea. But I do know it's only increasing. I stroke my cock faster. My balls must really be full now; I can feel them pushing out against my inner thighs. Or is that my thighs shoving into my balls? With how swollen everything is getting, I can't even tell! A pair of wet lips lock onto mine, surprising me, my eyes shooting open. I see Jake's closed eyes in front of me as he prods my mouth with his tongue and I readily welcome it in. His hot mouth is just as I'd imagined it. My tongue rolls over his and I hug my arms around him, pressing him into my expanding form. I hear a loud crack and a muffled ungh. I relax my hug immediately. “Are you all right?” “Haha. Yeah, man. You just cracked my bones – didn't break anything. Just remember you are getting stronger, y'know?” I smile at that statement. I am getting stronger. And thicker. And I love it. The euphoric feeling continues to weave its way throughout my body as our lips meet again. I can't help from looking at Jake's handsome face as I kiss him. I continue to hold him with my arms, but more carefully now. I part from the kiss for a moment as a shocking wave of pleasure has hit my system and I moan loudly. “Uhhhhhnnnn! Mmf! Fuck... this is so amazing.” “Wha-whoa, what?” Jake looks startled. “Mmf...ohhhhh... what? What is it?” It's then I can feel Jake's legs waving about, bumping into my huge dick. I quickly notice the hanging pictures and bookshelf aren't at the same height they were a moment ago. Looking down, I can see Jake's feet can't touch the floor. I blink twice, and realize it's because I'm holding him. Wait... “Holy shit!” The euphoria rocks my system again. Jake looks down at the floor and sees my sneakers beginning to burst around my feet. My legs lifting my monstrous torso up higher. And then some more. “Fuck, man! You're getting taller!” He's right. And each time I grow a few inches, that pleasure jolts my body again. I look up and see my head is only a couple feet from the ceiling. How high is this room, I wonder? I think about ten feet? “Shit, I must be about eight feet tall!” I moan again as the sensations don't let up. Jake's initial panic has passed. He watches the weak scraps of shorts and underwear fabric flutter to the floor. My shoes have completely burst off my now probably size-eighteen feet. Jake massages at the enormous chest in front of him that's almost as big as his own whole torso. “Um,” he looks up at the ceiling, “I think more like nine feet tall now. Wait... no... you're, oh man...” “Huh?” With another hefty throb, my body enlarges even more and my heads bumps the ceiling. That is the straw that broke the camel's back. Realizing I've grown as tall as the room, and who knows how heavy, I can't hold back my arousal anymore. I keep Jake held up with one arm, and feverishly stroke away at my cock with the other. My balls clench and there's a rush rocketing up my dick that almost frightens me that I'll explode and die right here. I scream out a gravelly yell as jets of cum stream up into the air between the two of us, splashing the ceiling and our faces, our hands, our hair. My seed fires out again and again, probably for a good twenty good ropes of jizz before it finally starts to trail off. But I still squeeze out every last bit I can, knowing I just experienced my most mind-blowing orgasm ever. No other one has come remotely close. I gasp for air and remember to breathe again, my throat had squeezed so much during the climax. Poor Jake's clothes are soaked with my cum. We look at each other...stupefied, really. There's another moment or two of gasping and staring before we both laugh at the insanity of what just happened. This couldn't have happened! I carefully place Jake back down on the floor, and I glance up at the ceiling that my head still brushes against. “Probably for the best you couldn't hold out anymore. You almost destroyed my house, man!” We both laugh some more. I fondle my sac, and it's still big, but matches my current size appropriately for someone who has just blown their load. “Yeah...you'll just have to clean the ceiling.” I chuckle, globs of semen still dripping down. “You'll have to clean it!” Jake responds with a cocky grin. I idly rub at my balls in a blissful state. I think that unusual pressure inside is starting to fade. My body must be starting to revert. Yes. My hair isn't touching the ceiling anymore. “I'm glad we tried this.” I utter. Jake nods. “And I'm glad that we... well... not just the pill, but that....” I stop talking when something feels amiss. The emptiness I was finally feeling from the pill's effects leaving isn't as obvious all of a sudden. I check the ceiling. I've only lowered about a foot. Jake looks down at my crotch and just says “Dude...” under his breath. I lean over a bit to see. My eyes bulge. “No way...” I watch as my balls are roiling and filling back up in my hand to where they were before I blew. Actually, they may have bulged even bigger. My cock that had started to droop down is fattening back up, rising in hardening, bobbing motions back to full mast. I'm compelled to grab my erection, as if testing that it's real. “I-I don't understand. It's been like...two minutes.” I mumble in confusion. “I can't be raring to go again already.” Jake shakes his head, having just been hypnotized by the reappearance of my weighty package. “I-uh, let me check something.” He stumbles over to his computer desk and jostles the mouse to wake up the monitor. He types a few things quick to bring up what looks to be an online store. “What're you looking for?” Jake leans in toward his monitor, scouring the page for information. “It's the page I ordered these pills from.” “Pills?” I ask. Not sure why I thought he'd only gotten one pill with this purchase. But he ignores my question. “Oh. I missed something when I read the effects. There's more in smaller print at the bottom here...” “What? What's going on?” Jake turned around in his computer chair looking at me sheepishly. “Well... the formula in the pill also speeds up the recovery process after an orgasm. I guess they really wanted to make sure people got the most bang for their buck,” he laughs weakly. “Oh fuck. That's not enough time to get me back to normal. At this size, I don't know how I could possibly not get hard!” I see my cock twitch and leak out some pre. I unintentionally moan. Jake is making a guilty face, as if he hasn't said everything. “And...” “And what?” I bellow. “And it bolsters your state of arousal. Basically, they put something like a super viagra in there.” My mouth drops open. Well this is a fine mess! I'd only agreed to this because I knew there'd be an easy stopping point. But now... but I can't think any further as I grunt and feel pressure building back up inside me. I can see my upper pecs rising up toward my chin, my chest shelf building itself even bigger. My legs shake and I can see my point of view changing as my head bumps into the ceiling again. “Ah, shit.”
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