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  1. Ro20316

    Uncanny Sex-Men

    i can totaly see is extra testosterone helping get muscles adn of course the extra curricular activities he is bound to have will help too
  2. Ro20316

    Soldiers of M.E.N.

    This was pretty good my man. They stay as friends through it all.Live together tll the end
  3. Ro20316

    Adventures of an incredibly aesthetic muscle god?

    It was on METABODS but now it's gone same as the Author page It's sad when things like that happen an good stories are erased
  4. Ro20316


    who dis? What a nice man! Man , I loveyour stories. They are always great
  5. Ro20316

    Uncanny Sex-Men

    such a nice follow up. Man thanks
  6. Ro20316

    Uncanny Sex-Men

    Perfecto set up and lmao at what happened to him poor man.
  7. Ro20316

    Entire Body is a Cock

    It's @AKA
  8. Ro20316

    An updated index of the Old Story Archive

    Oh. Mqn this si so great. When look for a story that i know its on the old site i just filter the search on google and start from there
  9. Ro20316

    The Arab Prince

    Fantastic! Man, what a great first story. Thewanted him in tehre since the beggining. I loved that plot twist
  10. Ro20316

    Muscle Daddy - Chapter 1

    Oh man here i thought u guys gave upon this! Thksfoe the follow up. Things are getting heated in there
  11. Ro20316

    Father and son (part two)

    Woao. What will The son do once he realises he is getting bigger and bigger?
  12. Ro20316


    What an interesting concepto and set up. I would move to read more and how the virus will affect them
  13. Ro20316

    Ben and Roger

    Man thanksfor not droping this!
  14. Ethan's life changed when he met Joshua. Im sure gonna read exactly how much
  15. Ro20316

    Like Father Like Son

    the images are always a plus man. I love the letter like style if the story. amazing job

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