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  1. By that end i feel liek Seu is looking for someone to macth him phiscally and sexually.
  2. So what hapened with Mark? Daniel finally understood he cant save him but what uf Mark could save himself somehow?
  3. I have questions on why Dwayne's transfiormation different than Danny's and i dont think that Dwayne has superpowers rather than he is excellent at reading people and knows how they are reacting to him. Danny is a softie despie his changes and he is willing to forgive Jack who turned out to be another secretely gay judgemental person. I cant wait to readwho is Ddwayne's opponet. Ut sound like a good moment to take things to another level
  4. this was so good now did he wish for that eternal msucle life or he made another wish.
  5. your stories are always fun to read. Thanks for this
  6. I read awhile ago a story about a guy that comes tow arn another about a huge muscle guy that comes to the building and find gys for him to fuck. In the story the muscle guy makes himself a cop so the other guy opens the door and he can keep him safe. you guys have read it?
  7. Oh Anna is powerhouse too. That's a nice adition.
  8. Here was i, i didnt find this story sooner? I hope you continue. It's well written and intresting. Tom starting to be a dominant man was a delight.I do hope we read something when he is with his husband and maybe a session where both Chris and husband are there to take care of him.
  9. time-historical

    Another tragic atatck hits teh worls. Man. we are fuck up. I wonder if it's possible to have the Iceland exchange student back. If he was big in high scholl. He most be a power beast now. One that Roger, Porthos and Henri would enjoy.
  10. This last chapter was great. Dwanye has gained confidence and now is a macho alpha.
  11. a great start for sure. Lrts see how it goes
  12. This was definetely anice twist.
  13. height

    Amazing end fir an amazing stoory. I would0ve love to have Ted be part of their final journey but this was not his story. It wa s abeautiful and well crafted story my friend. You did a tremendous job
  14. time-historical

    I love thois storues mt friend! keep o the good work