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  1. Ro20316

    Revenge of the Nerds -  The New Football Team

    I love this and i can not wait to read why the Coach did what he did
  2. Ro20316


    I like the slow pace of it all. I like we get too read how excietd he is for this new journey. He will grow huge
  3. Ro20316

    Revenge of the Nerds - The Debate Team

    This series is awesome. Thank you
  4. Ro20316


    Man you have a way with words. It's amazing
  5. Ro20316


    Fuck! This was amazing. There is need to be more parts of it
  6. Ro20316

    George and Aaron: A Love Story (Chapter 6)

    Oh man! This is awesome. Now Aaron can be with George and pleased hm in w ays they both would never imagine. Theuy found each other. Its so cute. I feel likeAaron wants to see George's dad getting it with other dude ir is it just me?
  7. Ro20316

    Elongro - Added Part 4 on 17-Jan-2019

    I feel Brooke really loves Trevor but he needs to step up his game. She willnnot b e around him if he is gonna be like that and Trevor loves her. Something trevor hasnt realizedis that e treated Seth the same way Seth is treating him now and that was exactly what drove Seth to grow and be together in the Elongro Journey now Trevor's ego is getting the best of hm and eventho he is trying, working out is a home gym it's not the same as working properly. Sth is a forrce and he knows it. He still tries t be with his friend bt they gotta talk notwith everyoen around but alone
  8. Ro20316


    He is gonna become thE best man he can be! Awesome
  9. Ro20316

    Revenge of the Nerds - The Lacrosse Team

    Phh cantw ait to read the enxt installment
  10. Ro20316


    Ohh tis is gonna be a nice journey and im sure gonna read all of it
  11. Ro20316

    Justin's question - final part now added

    He became a beast and his partner never altho a big man himself have to learn to let go. Amazing job.
  12. Tho i would've love for more life wrecking damage to Dean im glad he safe for now. Those guys didnt know who they were messing with and it's a shame. They were starting to be such great antagonist. Jake lost it and his powers are scary He is a god among men. Dean knows there is a dark side in Jake's power far more intense than he realised and now he is scared and anyone would be. Now if they want to be still together they need to learn to accept it
  13. Ro20316

    Handyman Muscle

    Oh Man what a mean cliffhanger. If the Doc's changed his body to a 275 pounds muscle monster in a month then Ruben for sure surpassed his dream to eb the biggest +50 years oldbodybuilder out there. I can not wait to read what's in store for Dino once he reaches the house
  14. Ro20316

    The Test - Chapter Four: Vengeance

    you have a way with words. It's simply great. i do wonder why the god ddint do anything to Elliott or at least hasnt done anything yet. Chaos believe she is more powrfull than the otehr but the god it's just playing with them
  15. Ro20316

    Five Percent (with Finale and Epilogue)

    I have no words to tell you how amazing this ride was. The supernatural element of the story made it great for me. The setting waswonderfulla Gym in new Orleans the magical city. I loved it. I hope there are more stories from you on this site

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