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  1. Such a perfect chapter. Trevor has come to term on what happened to him. Im sure his tiem for growth will come later in life maybe that regression actually helps him in the long run but nwo eh is happy with his size and happy for his friend. The three man have graduated now and the three are gonna be great on their respective works and as many suspected the Elongro not only helps them grow but it enhances their brain and like i said so many times the mental state of a person it's important for the drug to work. The girl are godesses themselves. They are a pair that anyone will envy and both are getting the man they need for them. I would love for Trevor to grow later in life but if not then Trevor will be happy and he will find someone that will make him happy as well. He is happy for his friends and he deserves happiness too. Brooke, Jack and Stacy took the power play so well. They know it's a fetish thing and the three like Seth get off on showing off their awesome bodies. The story it's ona point where everyone will follow a new path and chapter in their life bur Seth and Trevor will remain the best of friends, Im sure their new ride will be amazing
  2. Fantastic and the images are such a turn on
  3. They sure knwo how to enjoy their growing bodies. This is great man
  4. Ro20316


    I dfo hope he tries to vomit the drug. He doesnt want to eb agiant and it's gonna be so hard for him being the biggest and keep on his life, Now i hope if he cant get teh drug out of his system after he grows he goes and kick Dave's ass.
  5. Such an interesting that migth as well be in teh world of The "Unwilling" story that's been updated. I cant wait to read more
  6. Dont give up man. Writting it's your passion dont let the shit that happens everywhere take that passion away from you
  7. Ro20316


    I am just waiting the moment he drinks teh pills by accident and grows after all that's the tittle of this story. He is such a great man. He loves his art. It's his passion and he loves those closest to him. He has a great relationship with all.
  8. No soy fan del theft pero como esta en español no hay duda que la leere.
  9. His dad didnt know what was happening to him and it looks like it all started with Macy. My guess is that she can grow a man but she needs for said man to bring her pleasure that's why Matt was such a stud when they started going out and married but with the years the spark faded and eventho she loves Luke he cant bring her pleasure in a propper way. That entity that tells Matt be dominant comes from the growth and things will get crazier now with the three of them. Luke loves his wife and Macy loves Luke but she finds pleasure with Matt and Matt will only get bigger and dominant and Luke will be out in a second cause of it
  10. Best Friends by Londonboy should peak your interest too http://www.pridesites.com/omelissokomos/londonboy/best-friends-01.html
  11. Ro20316

    My New Job

    Thank god he didnt pass out lol. Something is coenctinmg them ina strange way. One's touch ignites the growth in the other. Both get off on it but the big guy just come off as too agressive. He needs to turn down a notch or two.
  12. Ro20316


    Oh Im shook. So his two giant friends are hot for ach otehr and they couldnt tell him? I need to knwo why they thought that also he has a giant admirer and Harold looks like a perfect man for him. Things are getting better and better with each chapter man.
  13. Ro20316


    This a great start my man! Dont be afraid to post your stories. We are all here for the fun
  14. Heath knows that whatever was done to Decclan affected his body and the SWAT foprce has their own "juice". He doesnt want Declan to inetrfere and that will cause a problem in the nearby future This was so damn sweet. They are perfect for each otehr but Gabriel needs to tell Declan the truth.
  15. I will keep going for Dan. There is something about him that i just like but Boy get that beard off your face
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