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  1. How sad it is that Daniel couldnt save Mark when they prepered for years to that moment. How many times can they go back till they can fix it and changed the events? Now Robert, Danil and Zeke rae bakc in teh facility. WHat are gonna be the changes now? but first GO FUCK THE HELL OUT OF EACH OTHER, GUYS!
  2. Oh Boys. I'm sure Tommy has a reward for your HARD work
  3. Ted is still getting shots but they are not working as good as they work on Chad. It makes me wonder if Ted's growth is on hold bcause he is not training to gain size but to be leaner and shredded. The Dr said Ted has reached aplace where his growth wont be as drastic as Chad but he will grow some more and so far he only gets more ripped. Chad and Ted's friendship is certainly unique. They rae each other's buddy soulmates. They lift each otehr spirit and they know what they can do together and what not. I like the scenario you'dve created where there is no jealosy but encouragment. Now it0s Jed's tur to get some actn. I dont care if it's a man or a woman. He needs to have some love too.
  4. What an incredible set up. I can noit wait to read the story between this two
  5. And here we were all thinking eh saw someone thatw as gonna harm him. lol This si going so good
  6. Man your stories are always a plesure to read. I hope to read more soon!
  7. No man. I was teh oen who got teh wording wrong. I understand it wasnt Roger. I forgot to put a "They" in front of that lol
  8. Oh gosh. Those are the best chapter so far in this story. Robert was bcoming too much for them to controlled and wanted Daniel to kill him but his friendship with Daiel is greater than anything those people could do and he could see what was real tho it's scary in a way how Daniel was so willing to kill his friend eventho he knows Robert cn help in the fight with the reaper and killing him could change things dramatically... Zeke went to warn his friend, somehow he knew what was gonna happen and that's makes me think he has something to do with the reaper. Daniel saw the reaper going in the same direction Robert and the stone was.... Curioser and curioser. Aw. It was so nice to read about Mark. I have a feeling both Mark and Robert like Daniel that's why Mark is so jealous of Robert but hey now that we're in teh past why not let these three enjoy themselve? Im sure Robert wont say no toa threesome lol. Going back in time by weeks changed things but now theyjumped years. They are 5 years old and both Robert and Mark has the knowledge of grown adults, they have that advantage that would help them trough teh basics of life and they can be more prepare to fight for their lves. I'm sure Daniel would make everything he can to save his friend Mark and now he has changed to. He is a different man than he was before and he knows they can do better. I realy love this story my friend. Thank you. Sorry if my english is not the best
  9. A really good and interesting start. You just gave us teh nessesary to keep us waiting
  10. I really love teh dinamic between Chad, Ted and Jed. Ted does not feel jealous at all of hs friend. He inspires Chad to be the best he can be and Chad does the same for him. Nex chapter is going to be interesting. Here im hoping Ted invited Chad for dinner and then they take things to the bedroom and he can show Chad that he is not as small as he think he is and Chad to give Ted and Vanessa a night they wont forget
  11. The scifi on this story si amazing. They are time travelers and everyone has adiferent reaction and a different goal. I found that pretty inetresting and how you explain things gets everything easier to understand. No Wonder Dan is worry about raveling, He travels to himself but is his mind that doing the traveling so that begs teh question he saw written. If one mind dies and travel, what would be left behind? Also i do wionder if hat they call "The Reaper" it's their friend Zeke. They gotta make him talk because those are clearly bad signs on whatever the jumps are doing to him.
  12. My friend. You as many writters here are a genoius. I like the slow burn of teh story and how you keep us ob the loop wondering what's the event they are training for and why Dan doesnt want to talk about what he does. Rob is a beast and he love every bit of it
  13. Your stoies are always wonderful my friend.
  14. I do wonder if teh Dr is giving Ted a serum just for him to get leaner without loosing weight gaining pure shreeded muscle and that's why he hasnt grown.
  15. The changes are starting and the confidence is grwing as ling as everything else.