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  1. The changes are startin an d now his dream will come true
  2. As i see it Matt drove Michael away with his contant pushing. He jus wanted Michael when he wanted a good fuck and lil by little he was falling for it. I dont know if Mat was in love of dominating Michael or love him like a man. Michael realized that Tommyw as helping but does Tommy loves Michael? I'm sure teh ony one who will fight Michael for dominance is Tommy but why did Tommy's vody changed and Michel hasn't (yet). There is mor e to the story and i would love to know
  3. My guess is writetr has not summited stories so that's why they dont update
  4. this is getting betetr and better for sure one dominant musce guy will freak out everyone but it will be awesome
  5. What a Great story men. And the images are definetely a plus
  6. Googling i just found this one http://m.nifty.org/nifty/gay/authoritarian/new-man-of-the-house-revisited Dont now if the one you are looking for
  7. There is this rp by @Buff500 Thought you may like it. I knwo there is a story about a guy that grows when he comes but i dont remmeber the name. Gentle giant or something?.. I hope the guys on this Rp do anotehr one liek a prequel with the guy and teh cheerleader guys
  8. strength

    The Cardinal doesnt know when to give up. I will give him that. He's resilient. Now Chgarñles and Roger will ahve the greatest of time figthing agains each other
  9. theft

    I really seel sorry fir Brock and Tristan Brother. They might be the only good guys there
  10. I would lobve to see where this story goes and what will happen with our friend and if he regains his confidence back
  11. I think he hasnt updated the chapters here but in metabods there are 6 parts http://metabods.com/mbxx/php/fetch_story.php?story_ref=66
  12. aw sweet start. I like your characters lets see where this is going
  13. Oh Ryan is a cocky lil bastard and he loves it. Mike has a weakness for him he will enjoy that worship for as mucha s he can
  14. yeah when you click the play button the video should start... It depends on you internet speed to start playing. Here is another link http://www.myvidster.com/video/84596426/Gay69Biz_-__30MOT_Bringing_Back_Some_of_Our_Favorites_The_Indestructible_Derek_Pain
  15. really? look what i got.... do you have addblock?. Use it