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  1. Ro20316

    Just Add Water

    oy have a lovely way towrite.Your one shots are an amazing thing to read
  2. Ro20316

    El novio de mi amiga

    Otra maravillosa y en español!! Me gusta mucho comoe scribes y comod etallas lascosas.Haces muy buen tranajo. Nopeudod ejar de pensar si el cambio q tuvo fue debido a su trabajo en la tesis. Preguntas..preguntas....
  3. Ro20316

    Aexn's Menagerie

    Im so glad you continue this, man! Awesome!
  4. Ro20316

    Alpha Aexn

    This was realy good.I hope you keep teh good work
  5. Ro20316

    Pay per Fran [ESPAÑOL]

    releyendolahistoria me di cuenta que nunca supimos como le fue con la lucha. Al final supongo q la tuvo que dejar pero me hubiese encantado leer el momento en que vio que lalucha no era lo suyo y como lo excitaba serel mas fuerte y como se llebaba a algunos d esos contrincantes al baño luego de un torneo.
  6. Ro20316

    Growth by Association (Now with Part 7)

    this story had quite an unique and unexpected plot twist. That's what i like about you you spin things around and surprise us every time
  7. Ro20316

    MASSIVE: A Muscle Encounter By JP71

    I think he erased his stories, they were on metabods and had a new one but i cant find the author now.
  8. Ro20316

    Pay per Fran [ESPAÑOL]

    Buenisima la historia. Se volvera todo un clasico. Va directo a mis favoritos y aun mejor porq esta en mi idioma. Espero sigas escribiendo mas. Me ha encantado
  9. Ro20316

    A Fine Bromance

    Their relationship was gold! This was amaxing
  10. Ro20316

    Quarantined - Chap 1

    Yass i just saw a puc of an incrediblehot man and i thought of this- I hope to read more soon
  11. Ro20316

    Full Moon Rising Part 1

    Yassssssssss! This was hot my man!
  12. Ro20316

    Birthday wish from a geek

    i know i have read that story.I think they two guys go on a trip to a mountain and one of them see a big three that makes him grow even more or something like that. It was all ancient stuffI know i¡¡
  13. Ro20316

    Big, Brawny and Blind

    Ok im a fan already! i can already imagine soem scenes here and there. The bkubd guy doesnt know how hot and strong he already is how amazing he looks and of course tehre gotta be a scene where the out dude thinks he is alone in teh room and starts jerking off but of course our main guy is there watchng but the thing is BD hasknow he was there and wanted to give a show
  14. Ro20316

    The Police Brute - Episodes I - III

    DUN DUN DUN!! Cliffhanger. Man keep it ip! this si great