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  1. Lol I read this in "Gossip Girl" Voice. Man this went the predictable way.. Im dissapointed but im sure Luke and Woody will patch things up. Now im sure things will be hard on the competition if Deano is even allowed to participate
  2. YASSSSSSSSSSSSSSS Whata fantastic end for the story and a new beggining for the six of them Thanks man!
  3. Fran dio un cambio revolucionario. Ya no es mas ese chjico que entrenaba solo para la lucha. Me encanta
  4. Holy shit. Things had taken a dark turn. Logan had been transformed and had changed who he is. Im not gonna lie and i say i wasnt execting Logan tpo turn an evil bastard but the moments he started hagging put with redneck and going into shooting sessions I imagined something like this was gonna happen. Logan now has a license to kill and he will grow bigger along the way...
  5. My man. What achapetr. Whatever the prompt was affected not onmlñy the Dr but Harry as well. Why still have yet to read about what will hapen to the Dr nbut we read that whatver was written affecte dthe formula that was given to Harry. Really well done.
  6. Ro20316

    m/m Jack the Giver

    This was amazing byt he did sat he wanted to atract girls and GUYS attention
  7. Perfecta continuacion y a Nico le encanta ser mas grande que su amigo.
  8. Om not a big fan of feminization stories but the descriptions and how subtle "Dick" is changing Jerry it's really good
  9. All the people that come close to Jacob feel the urge and want to get huge. The principal is no slouch himself and he too wants to be bigger but Jason will always be a step ahead of everyone. Jason will tell Mark and Scott what happened and they will go nuts. I cantw ait to read what's next and if the five of them will eb together someday
  10. Oh man what a great way to come back but i feel sorry for Nate. He didnt get through it in teh end and now he gonna loose all his gains...
  11. I have a feeling thinsg will explode in that bodybuilding competition. Deano is hurt and that can either affect his performance or will take that hurt and train harder to win the competition while Woody's worry about Luke finding out what hapened will make him slack on the contest. Either way. It's gonna be a tough competition mentally for both guys. As far as we know they are the favorites from the first year and if they dont do things right they both might end up loosing. Which si something i secretely hope. It could be interesting to read how Woody and Deano lost and how they feel.
  12. What a nice start . Harry that¡s the result of a command without any especifics. YOu said " ‘I love working out in the gym?’" meaning Jacob could be in the gym for 10 hours a day for that matter. Keep this up man. It's really good
  13. Here i thought the gut was gonna find his teammates being all huge and make it an orgy but this was 1000 times better
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