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  1. This is so good and interesting. I would really liek to knwo whatw as that al about
  2. oh Man. Roger is a powerfull beast.
  3. Congratz to everyone here! Yu deserve the best, guys!
  4. The thing is going to make Jesse a monters among s men too
  5. O do hope you continue this story, It0s a great oner and i want to know how Dylan got into th house ithout knowing but the gym
  6. I do wonder if Robert's desires ever gonna change because of what Margaret told them. If he will feel that he is big enough and would want to try to be a betetr figther to keep on Daniel or they can train together to be better.
  7. That was so good and intense.
  8. It's nice to see you retake the story. Seems like Eric found a good admirer
  9. The beast has found his pub
  10. You should do part two with the friends POV and how he was noticing his friend strange behaviour
  11. Jed is intimitated by his dad but at teh same time he is so proud of him. That JO session was intense and im sure Jed went to ebat off himself after that. Im gonna admit that im patienly waiting for Jed, Chad, Ted to hook up if it will ever happen lol
  12. I kinda fell bad fir Todd. Evan is making a slave out of him while the otehrs they treat a lot better
  13. It always seems like THe Reaper is playing with them. He is always a step up from them and no matter hat Daniel or Robert do, he walways overpowers them. The Reaper has said many tiems now that his real match is Daniel and this one tho he faces the Reaper eveytime he never gets a win. Both Fan and Robert forgot about Zeke and Margaret was right, Robert and Daniel were his friends but something happened that made them forget him and that was before the big hump when they sent Daniel to kill Robert, I do wonder tho why Margarey kills herself everytime and who saves her in time for her to jump , Is it the Reaper?
  14. Oh Yasssss. A prt two with the pizza guy is needed plaseee