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  1. Unit 246: Chapter Five

    So they ttaking them appart from other? will they still fight. I gues sthere will be testing first... so many questions
  2. Jon has met his match! Things will be interesting from here!! Thanks for continuing this
  3. Cambio de planes (cap1)

    Los q hablamos español aca en el foro somos pocos, no te desanimes, es raro ver una historia d muscle growth completa en nuestro idioma
  4. Unit 246: Chapter Four

    Of couse teh Ai wouldnt recognize gthe order. His vpice changed it was deeper.The Ai didnt recognized him
  5. Cambio de planes (cap1)

    Interesante y muy buen comienzo. Me gustaria que Joaqun mantuviera su cuerpo mientras q el otro se vuelve la bestia musculosa que era anteriormente
  6. Unit 246: Chapter Three

    So the seargent decided to go a¿gains everythign and usded teh serum on hismelf and Unit 243. Inetresting. What will teh changes be like now? will he still be able to control them?
  7. Mikey The Human Muscle Morph

    A q. Im happy Mike listened to the guy and had so much fun onn stage. I do love how Chuck is so happy for his bf and how he is having a great time too. Now Who will Tommy be?...
  8. Unit 246: Chapter Two

    Oh! but they were killing ciivilians? Does Bill reconise him?
  9. The American Musketeer REDUX

    If this is the end. It's trully beautiful. Roger has become what he most desired and now it's a god among men
  10. Professor Schnackenburg's mistake Chapter Four

    So all those men are suitable?. Nice! lets see how they will change this people
  11. Im loving this tbh. Jon is a beast.
  12. Work Muscle Buddy Part 14

    Their relationship si awesome. They want to share theit gifts with teh world
  13. Professor Schnackenburg's mistake Chapter Three

    A Sweet set up chapter. Lucien is still más for things that happening in the past but it's willing to forget but what will happening if the God change Chad and not him and Chad reverts to his old ways?
  14. He has become a beast now and he will not stop Tilly he gets what he want. The Dothraki dont even stand a chance