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  1. Ro20316


    mmm deliciuos story as always ma friend
  2. he is a total muscle pig and i cantw ait to read about his journey and the many discoveries he will go through
  3. mm es este el principio de una serie de historias? buenisimo.
  4. Me encanta que mas personas se animen a escribir sus historias en español y sin duda alguna esta ha tenido un excelente comienzo. Ya quiero ver q sigue mi amigo
  5. I loved how you made a little shoutout to your toreis but i dont remmeber reading this one tho so i might need a link to do some research ... yk... Man. That change in the events got me thinking if the last part is real or not. Miller said Hank was the perfect guy for his fantasies and i think by the story end he was lost on his fantasy too... but on a second read... Miller and Hank are a couple and the fantasy it's that he doesnt know him...
  6. Dont think the stories are written already. Every writter brings something diffrent to their creation and u shoeuld feel proud of it. Im on for this ride dude
  7. im yor fan. Thank you for all this stories. Im glad Kyle is part of the story now cause (im not saying this in a wrong way) the story was getting a bit predictable and redundant. Lets see what Kyles brings up to the table
  8. Ro20316


    Man. You are a blessing. really.
  9. Ro20316

    m/m Wandering God

    This is giving me so many Sr Manhattan vibes. I live and breathe for it! Amazing
  10. well. i for onr would lovr to meet a stranger like that
  11. me encanta tu blog en español. Muchas gracias por estas historias
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