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  1. Crossfit Growth

    I say he should give theproper disclaimersaying it's not his stpry and i's only his take on what could've coms next. Hedoest want to take anthing away fom heoriginal author, he just got inspired by him and the story
  2. Dominating the dragon pt 1 by weiss.sean

    Thatis why he is geting wat he deserves
  3. Crossfit Growth

    but the story hasnt been update in months maybe he can write his take give the pertinent disclaimers and stuff
  4. Muscle Worshippers: Chapter 8 of 14

    Another great installment. The change in attitude is eviden and i wonder if all those sudden changes are because of the ebs and the Gym they are going....
  5. Muscle Worshippers: Chapter 7 of 14

    That was a nice twist coming froom Hakan. He is not gay but he likes getiing off. Interesting. Olly is getting huge
  6. The Car Salesman - Chapter 1

    If tis is a one shot.What ahell of amazing one man. This was pure muscle fantasy from beggining to end!!
  7. Grown Together

    pretty good start my friend.
  8. Muscle Worshippers: Chapter 6 of 14

    The stoies are slowly interwined. Olly and his new found pasión for muscle. Steve and his lust for it and The beast who is in The middle of it al. Al three visita The site, al three with different needs bit one pasión. I would lovefor achapter with The beast pov
  9. Muscle Worshippers: Chapter 5 of 14

    Things are start un to take shape. Its all so good.
  10. Muscle Worshippers: Chapter 3 of 14

    I love the way you tell the story. TOur man character inner strugle is so well done.
  11. The Company Chapter 2

    The fun he wil have now.... This is going great
  12. Office of the boss

    Mn the idea and teh story are great but you need somone to hlp you edit. I could unestand teh story but some people might not.
  13. Greed Demon Pt.3

    This is a great tale my man. I liekd al four character and i like teh slow build of it al. We have yet to know Lumia's tue intentions while Damon is getting too emotionaly attached to Landon.
  14. Muscle Worshippers: Chapter 2 of 14

    Oh man Nice twist. The beast and our main guy know each other. Now he has set up himself a goal and im sure he will reach it.
  15. Jeff College Roommate Part 6

    Im so glad you coninued teh story!can not wait for more