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  1. Ha! This is getting better and better. The first were an introduction to the world and i love the slow build of it all.
  2. And he wanted to ditch the gy. Look at them now
  3. Oh it's this in the same unievrse as the muscle bros? The wishirite was mentioend there as well
  4. Woody needs to understand thatnot everyone thinks liek him. I liked what Luke it's saying it's his POV with all the situation but Woddy was very childshish in that final part like wanting to prove something to Luke that Luke doesnt even know what.
  5. Holy mother :v and he is not done yet
  6. Un buen comienzo y buenisimo que sea una historia en español. Hay muy pocas. Estare pendiente de ti hostoria
  7. Oh yess whata perfect follow up and it's inetresting that not everyobody is a match to use the growth serum wonder why it doesnt work on Jack and it does on hsi brother
  8. he is a big man that still gets insecure when it comes about love. He cares for Luke and it's scared something might happen to their friendship if its goes wrong
  9. man whata fabulous tale. I loved it
  10. Ro20316


    what a great set of new stories man
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