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  1. Great story. Love to see more.
  2. This story just gets better and better. Love to see where this goes and maybe that worship session turns into a hot sex session
  3. Want to see how big and strong the general will get
  4. Love this story! Hope to see his dad come back bigger then ever making Mr Olympia look small.
  5. Love this story. Can't wait to see just how strong he is and show the Destroyer what he can do
  6. Damn hot story. would like to see if Nathan gets some strength and size from Jacobs cum. Damn Jacob want to see Jacob bend that beam.
  7. Incredibly hot chapter...let's see who ends up stronger and in control
  8. boardman

    m/m The Interview

    Great story. Maybe Markus can help the boss grow.
  9. Fantastic story. One of your best. Love to read more. Maybe he will always be devoted. And maybe his cum will affect the boss
  10. Both incredible but have to go with Regan
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