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    Computer Science, Music, Languages, muscle
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    6'2'', 180 lbs
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    All things pecs, bodybuilders who want to flex on Skype
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    Now-game: Bigger arms, bigger (upper) chest, strengthening my core.
    End-game: The Chris Evans mid-Captain AmerIca look
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    A Pectacular Romance
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    Chul Soon, Sorin Sandor a.k.a "Big Xander" (Ultimate Fav), Dennis Beylotte, Alexey Lesukov, Brett Becker (displayed in profile photo), Sagi Kalev, Peter Molnar, Tom Katt, Ben Cohen, Ted Durban, Bruce Patterson, Eduardo Correa, Lex Attila, Joey Swoll, Adam Charlton, Armon Adibi, Sean Jones.

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  1. I love this story a lot! I can't wait to see more! You're a very talented writer.
  2. Great story! I hope there's more on the way!
  3. Loved the wordplay in the title, and just about died at the name Princess Kate
  4. Can you link Young Tony and Justin?
  5. This is an amazing story that I hope gets a continuation (which it probably won't).
  6. Oh, I misunderstood. Those are just continuations of the same story. I thought you meant a true sequel.
  7. I'm not sure how I just now found this.... Amazing story!
  8. Stories where people kill/harm people with their pecs?
  9. Please continue with the focus on pecs!
  10. You've probably read this one, but I love it all the same. http://www.metabods.com/mb/stories/The_biggest_dick.html
  11. Amazing!! So happy that this was continued.
  12. Bump? The story itself doesn't have to feature pecs (unless there's another one that does. if so, fantastic!!). If there's a story you know where pecs come up a lot please share it!
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